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1. U.S. NGOs Blast Government Stance On Small Arms
Click to scroll to commentary. us ngos Blast government Stance onSmall Arms OneWorld us Special Report ^ July 16, 2001. Posted
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OneWorld U.S. Special Report ^

Posted on 05/30/2002 10:42:00 PM PDT by corsair
Four major nongovernmental organizations have joined forces to urge the Bush administration to reverse its opposition to limiting the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons at the United Nations conference taking place in New York. The conference seeks to create mechanisms to control the flow of small arms to prevent their use in ways that violate international human rights and humanitarian law. In short, the goal is to keep small arms out of the hands of paramilitary forces and others who use weapons in illegal ways. U.S. Ambassador John Bolton stated on the opening day that the Administration could not support the draft Plan of Action to curb small arms sales because it "contains measures contrary to our constitutional right to keep and bear arms." Christine Knudsen of the Connecticut-based NGO Save the Children retorted: "The U.N. Plan of Action is not about the Second Amendment or anyone’s right to enjoy hunting and sport shooting. It is about saving the lives of women and children in the world’s poorest countries." Knudsen spoke of children in two African countries who were forced by violent rebel groups to witness the murder of their parents, and were then abducted, given minimal training, injected with drugs, and forced to take up arms against their own villages. Such groups buy small arms precisely because children can carry them easily. Experts estimate that today more than 300,000 child soldiers are being forced to fight in armies around the world, and the misuse of small arms and light weapons have contributed to some 500,000 deaths a year. Moreover, Knudsen added, "the illicit trade in weapons has contributed to a dramatic increase in the forced recruitment of child soldiers in conflicts around the world."

2. U.S. Government Assists Angolan NGOs Press Release
EMBASSY PRESS RELEASE. For Immediate Release October 20, 2003 us Embassy,Office of Public Affairs. us government Assists Angolan ngos.
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For Immediate Release
October 20, 2003
U.S. Embassy, Office of Public Affairs U.S. Government Assists Angolan NGOs The Embassy of the United States of America is pleased to award grants totalling over USD 140,000 to 12 Angolan non-governmental organizations (NGO). The grants will support projects in Bengo, Benguela, Huambo, Kuando Kubango, Luanda, and Namibe provinces. Funded activities include civil rights education, micro-credit lending to women, small business development, and agriculture. The grants mark a continuation of US assistance to local NGOs. Since 1994, in addition to its other assistance to Angola, the U.S. Embassy has awarded more than USD 900,000 in small grants to Angolan NGOs. A signing ceremony will take place at the residence of Ambassador Christopher Dell, Companhia de Jesus, #24, Miramar at 13:30, Tuesday, October 21.

The us government assistance program also includes a large food aid program implementedby the UN’s World Food Program and several us ngos that support
Press Release
DUSHANBE, TAJIKISTAN. Ambassador Carlos Pascual, the Coordinator for U.S. Government Assistance to Europe and Eurasia, and Dr. Kent Hill, USAID Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia, will visit Tajikistan February 3-5 to meet with government leaders to discuss Tajikistan’s political and economic reform efforts. They will also visit U.S. assistance projects. The visit will provide an excellent opportunity to review U.S. Government assistance efforts in Tajikistan and to meet key actors in the public and private sectors directly involved with the country’s development. The delegation plans to meet with leaders involved in election law reform and media sector development, business representatives working on economic reform, as well as U.S. Government exchange program alumni whose efforts are affecting a range of sectors. The U.S. Government has significantly increased its assistance program in Tajikistan during the last two years. In 2003, the United States provided development and humanitarian assistance worth approximately $100 million to Tajikistan. This aid has supported a broad range of programs in the areas of democracy and human rights, economic reform, health care and education, rural development and improved management of water resources. In the area of democracy and human rights, funds support the growth and development of civil society, including local non-governmental organizations. Assistance also helps strengthen independent media and political parties, and provides technical assistance to the government’s effort to reform local government administration.

4. Reuters AlertNet - U.S. NGOs Hail Success In Safeguarding Independence
was widely reported to have said in a speech that ngos receiving taxpayers’ moneyshould start acting more like an “arm of the us government” or risk
Alerting humanitarians to emergencies Username: Password: Sign me in automatically Get a password Forgot your password? Login Change Edition United States Japan United Kingdom Other Editions About AlertNet Why join AlertNet? Help You are here: Homepage > U.S. NGOs hail success in safeguarding independence HOME Newsdesk NGO Latest EMERGENCIES ... Middle East COUNTRY PROFILES Select a country - Afghanistan - Albania - Algeria - Angola - Antigua - Argentina - Armenia - Azerbaijan - Bahamas - Bangladesh - Barbados - Belarus - Belize - Benin - Bhutan - Bolivia - Bosnia- Herzegovina - Botswana - Brazil - Bulgaria - Burkina Faso - Burundi - Cambodia - Cameroon - Cape Verde - Central African Republic - Chad - Chile - China - Colombia - Comoros - Congo - Costa Rica - Croatia - Cuba - Cyprus - Czech Republic - Democratic Republic of Congo - Djibouti - Dominica - Dominican Republic - East Timor - Ecuador - Egypt - El Salvador - Equatorial Guinea - Eritrea - Estonia - Ethiopia - Fiji - Gabon - Gambia - Georgia - Ghana - Greece - Grenada - Guatemala - Guinea - Guinea-Bissau - Guyana - Haiti - Honduras - Hungary - India - Indonesia - Iran - Iraq - Israel - Ivory Coast - Jamaica - Jordan - Kazakhstan - Kenya - Kiribati - Korea (South) - Kuwait - Kyrgyzstan - Laos - Latvia - Lebanon - Lesotho - Liberia - Libya - Lithuania - Macedonia - Madagascar - Malawi - Malaysia - Maldives - Mali - Malta - Marshall Islands - Mauritania - Mauritius - Mexico - Micronesia - Moldova - Mongolia - Montserrat - Morocco - Mozambique - Myanmar (formerly Burma) - Namibia - Nauru - Nepal - Nicaragua - Niger - Nigeria - North Korea

5. Reuters AlertNet - Some NGOs Open Shop In Baghdad, Others Wait In Jordan
although us agencies are restricted by their own government s sanctions. This isnot like Kosovo and Afghanistan, where you had several hundred ngos working

6. US NGOs Press Campaign Against Qatar As Next WTO Site - Global
the us groups, Qatar would be unlikely to permit ngos and other WTO critics to demonstrateagainst the WTO and its policy decisions. Either the government of
about GPF What's New Newsletter Sitemap ... *Opinion Forum
US NGOs Press Campaign Against
Qatar as Next WTO Site
By Jim Lobe
Inter Press Service
January 29, 2001
More than 20 US non- governmental organizations (NGOs) have signed on to a letter to senior officials of the new George W. Bush administration protesting the selection of the Gulf kingdom as the site for the World Trade Organization meeting, scheduled for early next November. A similar letter is now circulating to groups outside the United States for their endorsement. With a history of intolerance for dissent, according to the US groups, Qatar would be unlikely to permit NGOs and other WTO critics to demonstrate against the WTO and its policy decisions. "Either the Government of Qatar must pledge that free assembly will be respected, including for its own citizens and foreign visitors," the US statement says, "or the WTO must find another location." One problem faced by the Geneva-based WTO, however, is that no other nation has volunteered to host the next WTO ministerial. The last meeting, in Seattle in late 1999, made international headlines after police attacked thousands of peaceful protestors in apparent retaliation for vandalism by small groups of self-styled anarchists. Seattle suffered several millions of dollars in property damage, as well as a permanent black eye on its dignity and public image. At the same time, it gave its name to the so-called "Seattle Coalition" an agglomeration of environmental, consumer and development groups, worker rights organizations, and labor unions which has since mobilized in Washington, D.C.; Windsor, Ontario; and Prague against what it says are the corporate-led agendas pursued by the WTO and other Western-dominated multilateral agencies, such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

7. Funding For NGOs- Global Policy Forum - NGOs
the “war on terror.” In Iraq and Afghanistan the us government dramatically increasedfunding for private companies in sectors where ngos traditionally work
about GPF What's New Newsletter Sitemap ... *Opinion Forum
Funding for NGOs
NGOs rely on funding from individual donors, foundations, corporations and governments. Critics charge that funding sources can seriously affect NGO policy, making these organizations potentially the creatures of special interests. Such charges challenge NGO legitimacy especially when funds come from "outside" - including rich foreign governments, corporations or foundations.

Cancer Charity Turns Down £1m Nestlé Donation

(May 6, 2004)

The British charity “Breakthrough Breast Cancer” rejected a £1m donation by Nestlé fearing that the company wanted to use Breakthrough’s positive image to boost its own reputation. Activists accuse Nestlé of jeopardizing the lives of mothers and infants by pushing powdered baby milk sales in developing countries where water supplies are often polluted. ( Guardian NGOs in the Hot Seat (March 8, 2004)
Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa accused NGOs of monopolizing funds provided by donors and lashed out at the UN for favoring NGO distribution of AIDS funds. NGO representatives responded by saying Mwanawasa should “deregister the NGOs which are misusing donor funds, instead of giving all civic groups a bad name. “ ( Inter Press Service With us or Against us? NGO Neutrality on the Line (December 2003)

8. What Should We Do About The United States? - CitNet
Most usbased ngos, environmentalists, consumer sustainable development are frustratedand embarrassed with the actions and attitudes of our government.
What Should We Do About
the United States?
A Statement by US NGOs at the Fourth Preparatory Meeting
for the World Summit on Sustainable Development Bali, June 6, 2002 Some say it was a joke; but for most NGOs and many delegates to the Fourth Preparatory Meeting of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Chairman Emil Salim's question "what should we do about the United States?" is no joke.   Most US-based NGOs, environmentalists, consumer advocates, women, youth, community leaders and other public interest organizations here in Bali to promote sustainable development are frustrated and embarrassed with the actions and attitudes of our government.   Instead of representing our interests and concerns, we find our current government defending the interests and agenda of big business.
Where is the "turning point?"
Ten years later we find greater environmental degradation, a deepening gap between the rich and poor, increasing consumption and pollution, despite gains in efficiency and new technologies and a widening of public awareness and concern.   Clearly, we are far from the turning point, especially in the United States the country in the best position to take the lead yet unwilling to show leadership.   While continuing to be one of the world's biggest consumers of the planet's natural resources and one of the biggest polluters, the United States government refuses to change course.   Giving lip service to the concept of "sustainable development" we see our government rigidly defending a way of thinking and course of action that benefits the short-term interests of business at the cost of greater social and ecological decline.  

9. Environmental Services, Environmental Consulting In Washington State
Provides access to information on government agencies, services, consultants, ngos, and events in this us state.
The Environmental Services Directory for Washington State is a business-to-business directory of environmental services, products, and information sources available in Washington State. First published in 1990, it became part of the Washington State Department of Ecology (WDOE) technical assistance program in 1996. Today it is the most widely distributed and used directory of its type in the United States.
The directory lists more than 500 companies, organizations and individuals in more than 100 categories. Environmental services, environmental consultants, environmental testing agencies, and environmental companies of all sorts are listed. Categories include air and water quality, environmental testing services, solid waste, hazardous waste management, recycling, soil and groundwater remediation, technology development, education and training, health and safety, pollution control, emergency response and natural resource management. Also included are government environmental agencies, toll-free hot lines, a glossary of terms and abbreviations, and environmental industry meeting and event schedules.
The directory is used by environmental consultants, engineers, manufacturers, developers, marine operators, port authorities, remediation contractors, spill responders and other segments of the business community as well as government officials to locate needed environmental services and products. Online users can easily and quickly search for these services, products and information sources using the menus displayed in the left-hand sidebar on this and all other ESDWA Web site pages.

10. East Timor Action Network Web Page
Indonesian ngos Write us government on Military Ties Press releaseon letters Identical letters were sent to Secretary of State
Indonesian NGOs Write U.S. Government on Military Ties
Press release on letters

Identical letters were sent to Secretary of State Albright, Secretary of Defense Cohen and National Secuirty Advisor Sandy Berger. June 12, 2000 We are writing to you regarding the discussions in the US Administration on the resumption of US military ties with and assistance to the Indonesian armed forces (TNI). We, as Indonesian citizens and NGO leaders, wish to offer our views on the matter and help you make a more informed decision. If the US government wishes to cooperate with and supply aid to the TNI, that is its prerogative. But it should not claim that by so doing, it is helping democracy in Indonesia. We are perplexed by the alacrity with which the Pentagon is resuming normal relations with the TNI since none of the conditions which the Congress stipulated last November in the Foreign Operations Appropriation law have been met. The West Timor refugee problem still exists, the military officers responsible for crimes against humanity (viz., forcible deportation, mass murder, and large-scale property destruction) in East Timor last September have not yet been brought to justice (and may well never be brought to justice given the serious flaws in the government’s judicial process for the case), and the military remains an institution largely unaccountable to the civilian leadership. Most importantly, the military has not disbanded the East Timorese militias who are continuing to stage attacks on United Nations troops along the border.

11. Main Page
a government, .. that will… respect international laws and norms, . WHATLIES AHEAD FOR THE EUROATLANTIC COMMUNITY. Europe - us. ngos AND ENLARGEMENT.
Regional Networking Project
Latvia Naturalization Project

Romanian Government Transition Support Program (RGTS)

Partnership for Civil Society - Serbia
Center for Religious Freedom

NGO NEWS Spring / Summer 2003

Freedom House - Iraq
"a government, .. that will… respect international laws and norms, ... adhere to the rule of law, …" THE NEW EAST-WEST DIVIDE Ukraine A NEW EAST-WEST DIVIDE? OVERCOMING DIVISION AMIDST EU ENLARGEMENT Enlargement brings, no doubt, merits to new candidates and members, new challenges to both the EU and NATO institutions, and a new East-West division between the newly enlarged Euro-Atlantic community and the rest of Europe (aspirants and non-aspirants alike). Ukrajna CROSS-BORDER IMPACT OF EU ENLARGEMENT Russia LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR: CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION BETWEEN RUSSIA'S NORTH WEST AND ITS NEIGHBOURS The North-Western regions of Russia are viewed as a type of case study for measuring the existing gaps in economic and democratic development, ... INDEPENDENT MEDIA CEE FREE PRESS: A KEY TO INTEGRATION INTO EUROPE A free press is critical in bridging the historic and societal differences between East and West. In particular, I want to focus on the two biggest fish in the former Soviet sea: Russia and Ukraine.

12. OneWorld US - NGOs To Face New Curbs In Bangladesh
The Bangladesh government is likely to adopt a curbs on nongovernmental organizations(ngos),amid protests cripple development projects worth us $500 million.
OneWorld U.S. Home Today's News News:OneWorld on Yahoo Search for in OneWorld Sites OneWorld Partners OneWorld Africa OneWorld Austria OneWorld Canada OneWorld Finland OneWorld Italy OneWorld Latin America OneWorld Netherlands OneWorld South Asia OneWorld Spain OneWorld SouthEast Europe OneWorld United Kingdom OneWorld United States AIDSChannel CanalSIDA Digital Opportunity Kids Channel LearningChannel TODAY'S NEWS IN DEPTH PARTNERS GET INVOLVED ... EDITIONS Wed., Jun. 9, 2004 Global Daily Headlines


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... About OneWorld
NGOs to Face New Curbs in Bangladesh
Sharier Khan
OneWorld South Asia
Thu., Feb. 12, 2004 DHAKA, Feb 12 (OneWorld) - The Bangladesh government is likely to adopt a new law next week placing stringent curbs on nongovernmental organizations(NGOs), amid protests that it will cripple development projects worth US $500 million.
If the Foreign Donation (Voluntary Activities) Regulation (Amendment) Bill 2004 is cleared by Parliament, where the ruling Bangladesh Nationalist Party enjoys a two-thirds majority, the government will be empowered to cancel the registration of any NGO involved in so-called "political activities."
The proposed legislation will place restrictions on the expenditure of NGO funds. For instance, an NGO will be barred from spending funds on a project that has not been approved by the NGO Bureau, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister's Office.

13. OneWorld US - Nepal Maoist Threats Prompt NGOs To Retreat
According to member secretary of the Social Welfare Council, an apex government bodythat regulates ngos, Prabha Basnet, Local and international ngos require
OneWorld U.S. Home Today's News News:OneWorld on Yahoo Search for in OneWorld Sites OneWorld Partners OneWorld Africa OneWorld Austria OneWorld Canada OneWorld Finland OneWorld Italy OneWorld Latin America OneWorld Netherlands OneWorld South Asia OneWorld Spain OneWorld SouthEast Europe OneWorld United Kingdom OneWorld United States AIDSChannel CanalSIDA Digital Opportunity Kids Channel LearningChannel TODAY'S NEWS IN DEPTH PARTNERS GET INVOLVED ... EDITIONS Wed., Jun. 9, 2004 Global Daily Headlines


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... About OneWorld
Nepal Maoist Threats Prompt NGOs to Retreat
Keshab Poudel
OneWorld South Asia
Tue., Apr. 6, 2004 KATHMANDU, Apr 6 (OneWorld) - Nepal's Maoist rebels are increasingly targeting nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) working in remote rural areas, forcing some of them to abandon poverty reduction schemes in these underdeveloped, insurgency-wreaked regions.
As of now, the Maoists allow NGO workers access to most rural areas, unless they are funded by the United States. Because of their threats, NGOs supported by Save the Children USA recently halted programs in the districts of Gorkha and Nuwakot.
The situation is particularly alarming because, since the time local bodies were dissolved when their terms expired in 2002 and the government was unable to hold re-elections, NGOs are the only groups working for the poor in many of these regions.

14. US NGOs Press Campaign Against Qatar As Next Ministerial Venue
Either the government of Qatar must pledge that free assembly will be respected,including for its own citizens and foreign visitors,” the us ngos statement
BACK TO MAIN ONLINE BOOKSTORE HOW TO ORDER US NGOs press campaign against Qatar as next Ministerial venue by Jim Lobe Washington, 29 Jan 2001 (IPS) Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from the United States are stepping up efforts to persuade Washington and the General Council of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) that plans to hold the WTO’s next Ministerial meeting in Qatar should be cancelled. More than 20 US NGOs have signed on to a letter to senior officials of the new George W. Bush administration protesting the selection of the Gulf kingdom as the site for the meeting, currently scheduled for early November. A similar letter is now circulating to groups outside the United States for their endorsement. With no history of tolerance for dissent, according to the US groups, Qatar will be unlikely to permit NGOs and other WTO critics to demonstrate against the WTO and its policy decisions. “Either the Government of Qatar must pledge that free assembly will be respected, including for its own citizens and foreign visitors,” the US NGOs statement says, “or the WTO must find another location.”

15. Africa: NGOs Start Campaign Against US AGOA
the us government is having difficulty achieving in the World Trade Organization.”.The AGOA will also set African countries against each other,” the ngos
BACK TO MAIN ONLINE BOOKSTORE HOW TO ORDER Africa: NGOs start campaign against US AGOA by Chakravarthi Raghavan Geneva, 4 Oct 2000 - The Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), signed into law by the US President, provides illusory benefits to African countries who in exchange are to provide real concessions to the United States and its firms, African civil society groups have said in launching a campaign to alert their governments and public against taking measures required of them to be eligible for AGOA benefits. The African NGOs have launched a campaign and asked NGOs elsewhere to join it in alerting African governments, the public and others concerned in African development against the US AGOA Act. A campaign alert issued by the Africa Regional Secretariat of the Third World Network in this regard, underscores the urgency of civil society action and notes that the civil society position has been reinforced by official expressions of concern recently from the African region. The NGO alert notes in this regard that the recent Conference of African Ministers of Trade in Cairo had expressed their concerns about the dangers of the AGOA to African strategies of economic development and came out against hasty action by African governments to join the AGOA, until governments have assessed all its implications.

16. Asia Times
Defense Policy Board, Richard Perle, suggests that the events may herald a muchmore antagonistic attitude toward ngos on the part of the us government.
Search Asia Times
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Front Page
NGOs in the US firing line
By Jim Lobe
WASHINGTON - Having led the charge to war in Iraq, an influential think-tank close to the administration of US President George W Bush has added a new target: international non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) is setting its sights on those groups with a "progressive" or "liberal" agenda that favors "global governance" and other notions that are also promoted by the United Nations and other multilateral agencies.
The AEI and another right-wing group, the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, have announced that they are launching a new website ( to expose the funding, operations and agendas of international NGOs, and particularly their alleged efforts to constrain US freedom of action in international affairs and influence the behavior of corporations abroad.
The organizations are especially alarmed by what they see as the naivete of the Bush administration and corporations that provide NGOs with funding and other support. "In many cases, naive corporate reformers, within corporations and in government, are welcoming them," complained John Entine, an AEI fellow.

17. Development And Cooperation
us ngos are having a hard time with the present government” Crisis preventionin Africa – promising progress Cooperation – The path to successful Z/content/archive-eng/12-2003/stud_art2.html

18. US NGOs Call For Review Of Federal Dams
Conservation groups urge us government to follow WCD recommendations andbegin monitoring federal dams. us ngos call for review of federal dams,
Conservation groups urge US Government to follow WCD recommendations and begin monitoring federal dams US NGOs call for review of federal dams Released
To the New President and 107th Congress: We need to change the way we think about dams in this country. Most dams in the United States were built to serve important social purposes. We know, however, that social goals change. We also know that dams do not last forever. The needs of the country that built stirring monuments to engineering such as Grand Coulee, Hoover and Glen Canyon Dams have changed. But the purposes and uses and facilities for most federal dams are set the day they are authorized and never change. We build them and then seem to forget that the world around them changes. The federal government owns at least 1932 significant dams . Most of these were authorized, designed and built decades ago, some almost a century ago. Some of these dams no longer serve the original purpose for which they were built. For most, the effect they have on rivers, fish and wildlife has never been examined closely because they were built long before the development of scientific environmental impact analysis. We know that these dams do indeed have significant environmental impacts - the litany of threatened and endangered species listings, declines in river-dependent fish and wildlife, and problems with water quality leave little doubt. If we now examined those almost two thousand major federal dams, we would be able to find many ways to improve their performance. In many cases, troublesome environmental impacts caused by dams and water projects can be mitigated simply by changing operations - changing the timing of water releases or using modern hydrological analysis to optimize benefits. In some cases modernizing facilities - installing efficient turbines and generators, eliminating wasted water and power, or installing fish ladders - can increase benefits. In a small number of cases those impacts are simply the price paid for the benefits and we either accept the cost or remove the dam.

19. USAID/El Salvador - Earthquake Reconstruction: Emergency Operations
The United States government responded with over $20 million in emergency relief Inpartnership with six us ngos, usAID provided nearly $7.5 million for the

El Salvador Program Overview Economic Growth and Education Democracy and Governance ... USAID
El Salvador Overview of Damages Emergency Operations:
US Government

... Links
Earthquake Reconstruction Emergency Operations: US Government Response
The United States Government responded with over $20 million in emergency relief assistance, including $12.8 million from the USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA
Temporary Housing In partnership with six U.S. NGOs, USAID provided nearly $7.5 million for the construction of emergency shelters for 23,000 poor families, 33 temporary schools, and 12 temporary health facilities. The emergency shelters were in place prior to the onset of the rainy season that began in May.
Nearly $5 million in emergency supplies and commodities were provided, including rice, beans, water tanks, water jugs, mattresses and blankets. In all, 1,750 metric tons of food were delivered.
Temporary Classrooms
The DOD Mobil Hospital in Santa Tecla

The U.S. Military donated, transported and

20. USAID Fact Sheet: U.S. Humanitarian Assistance To Iraq
Through technical assessments, prepositioned supplies, and the ability for immediateresponse, the us government, in coordination with IOs and ngos, will work
U.S. Humanitarian Assistance to Iraq

March 25, 2003 The U.S. Government, in coordination with international organizations (IOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), is fully committed to providing humanitarian assistance to the people of Iraq - to save lives, alleviate suffering, and mitigate the impact of emergency situations. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), working closely with the Department of State and other U.S. government agencies, has planned for humanitarian assistance by:
  • Deploying a specially trained U.S. humanitarian rapid response team;
  • Continuing to pre-position stockpiles of emergency supplies and commodities;
  • Communicating and coordinating with U.S. and international humanitarian organizations; and
  • Funding the planning and preparation efforts of IOs and non-governmental organizations NGOs, whose relief professionals will help deliver assistance.
Rapid response.

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