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  1. Balancing smokers, nonsmokers and health concerns: Delaware and California have banned all public smoking. Other states are looking at requiring separate, ... enough.: An article from: State Legislatures by Leslie Teach Robbins, 2003-01-01
  2. Pass the peas please: buying locally grown produce for use in state park restaurants makes just about everyone happy.(Greenbo Lake State Resort, Kentucky): An article from: State Legislatures by Leslie Teach Robbins, 2005-05-01
  3. Addicted to taxes: The only tax it might be popular to raise is the one on cigarettes.(Statistical Data Included): An article from: State Legislatures by Leslie Teach Robbins, James Cox, 2002-09-01
  4. GSA Schedule 70 now open to state, local buyers: contractors must teach customers how to use the schedules.: An article from: Set-Aside Alert
  5. Commissioner to leave post early.(Government)(Lane County: Tom Lininger will resign in August to teach law at the UO.): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  6. Not Out of Africa: How Afrocentrism Became an Excuse to Teach Myth As History (A New Republic Book) by Mary Lefkowitz, 1996-01
  7. George Washington's Leadership Lessons: What the Father of Our Country Can Teach Us About Effective Leadership and Character by James Rees, Stephen Spignesi, 2007-01-22
  8. Confucius Lives Next Door: What Living in the East Teaches Us About Living in the West by T.R. Reid, 2000-03-28
  9. What every teacher should know about teaching as a profession, the federal government, the state, the county, the school district, the school where you teach, school public relations, the teacher -- by Emery Stoops, 1951
  10. Shotcrete done right: failed repair teaches lessons about shotcrete.(Concrete construction & repair) : An article from: Public Works
  11. What can the take-up of other programs teach us about how to improve take-up of health insurance programs? (NBER working paper series) by Dahlia Remler, 2001
  12. What Russia teaches us now: How weak states threaten freedom by Stephen Holmes, 1997
  13. The Arusha Declaration teach-in by Julius K Nyerere, 1967
  14. Teach yourself books by N. A Savelʹev, 1962

81. The Sydney Morning Herald
men to teach. May 3, 2004 324PM. Dr Nelson needs changes to the 1984 Sex DiscriminationAct to get the scheme through. The federal government has urged

82. Policy Autumn (Mar-May) 2002
Pipes. Private Education What the Poor Can teach Us by James TooleyClick here for PDF version. 1. government schools for the poor. To
Autumn 2002

Summer 2002-03
Spring 2002
Winter 2002 More articles in Autumn 2002
Private Risk, Public Service

Gary L. Sturgess
The Market for Tradition

Andrew Norton
Islam and Islamism: Faith and Ideology

Daniel Pipes Private Education: What the Poor Can Teach Us by James Tooley Click here for PDF version The burgeoning private education sector in India holds some surprising lessons for both developing and developed countries alike.
A common assumption about the private sector in education is that it caters only for the elite, and that its promotion would only serve to exacerbate inequality. On the contrary, recent research points in the opposite direction. If we want to help some of the most disadvantaged groups in society, then encouraging deeper private sector involvement is likely to be the best way forward. This piece outlines three developments in India, all of which involve the private education sector meeting the needs of the poor in distinct ways. But India is not unique in this respect. Similar projects are happening all over the developing world.

83. Red Rock Eater Digest - Minor Annoyances And What They Teach Us
Minor Annoyances and What They teach Us Phil Agre http// Abusesof Language (7) Business Jargon in government (8) TrendMongering (9) The
@import "/quicksub.css"; Red Rock Eater Digest Most Recent Article: Tue, 4 May 2004 [This is the article that I wrote to blow off steam on the morning of September 9th. I realize that the title is not exactly suited to the moment, but the underlying purpose is at least somewhat serious and I hope we've still got room for the unserious aspects too. I've revised it slightly, but I've left the ranting tone intact. I hope it's of some use.] This message was forwarded through the Red Rock Eater News Service (RRE). You are welcome to send the message along to others but please do not use the "redirect" option. For information about RRE, including instructions for (un)subscribing, see Minor Annoyances and What They Teach Us Phil Agre Version of 4 November 2001. 12000 words. Table of Contents Introduction Part I. Dysfunctional Institutions so annoying: the news is authoritatively telling me that this organization has issued this report, but I'm looking at the Web site, and the Web site is nothing but empty slogans and menus of program areas, like it's a Reagan-era bureaucrat laughing at me over the phone. Now, I do understand part of what causes this: organizations that want the media to broadcast their press releases typically offer an exclusive to particular media outlets, promising to embargo the report until the privileged outlets have fully broken the story. That means that I can't get the report right away. Instead, I have to make a note, somehow recall a week later what the note was about, and swap the issue back into my head. This is nearly impossible in practice, such that it would take a major concerted effort to determine what proportion of new-reports-out-today

84. Government Of Canada Funding Helps Teach Youth About Employment Opportunities In
government of Canada funding helps teach youth about employment opportunities inrural North East Saskatchewan. Date November 1, 2002 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.
@import url("/styles/hrsdc-rhdcc-percent.css"); Contact Us Help Search Canada Site ... Accessibility Features
Services for: Individuals Business Organizations Services Where You Live
Government of Canada funding helps teach youth about employment opportunities in rural North East Saskatchewan
Date: November 1, 2002
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MELFORT, SASKATCHEWAN - Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Works and Government Services and Member of Parliament for Wascana, on behalf of the Honourable Jane Stewart, Minister of Human Resources Development Canada, today announced funding of $8,235 through the Youth Employment Strategy. The project, the Tiger Lily School Division's Career Development Program, will give youth between the ages of 15 and 30, from the Pleasantdale, Gronlid, Star City and Naicam areas, the chance to plan their career paths. Local employers will talk to the young participants, who are either in or out of school, about local labour market information and opportunities, and instructors will help them design and develop a career portfolio. The youth will also attend career fairs. "The Government of Canada is committed to helping young people make the often difficult transition from school to work. Career planning is an essential step in making this transition successful," said Minister Goodale. "The Government is proud to work with community partners like the Tiger Lily School Division to help youth in rural Saskatchewan develop career plans and expose them to the vast array of opportunities available right here at home."

85. Tibet Education Network
Why teach and Learn about Tibet? It was a highly organized society that existed asa whole system with a strong religious foundation and theocratic government.
About Why Teach Source Materials Tools
Why Teach and Learn about Tibet?
Here are curricular avenues through which we can approach the study of Tibet:

The study of modern China can be enriched by examining it through the study of modern Tibet. Like Mongolia and minority other areas of China, most Tibetans do not consider themselves part of Modern China despite China¹s accession of Tibet in the 1950's, and their historical claim that Tibet has always been part of China. China is grappling with the process of defining itself as its borders encompass widely diverse peoples. The Tibetan conflict serves as a lens through which to examine the concept of national identity, colonial occupation, and the factors that both compose and detract from it. Through BUDDHIST STUDIES or COMPARATIVE RELIGIONS/WORLD WISDOM TRADITIONS

The Tibetan/Chinese conflict parallels that of many other contemporary colonial and ethnic conflicts such as those in Northern Ireland, Israel/Palestine, the Balkans, East Timor, Burma, Haiti and South Africa. The Tibetan situation can help young people learn why some global conflicts raise greater international attention and response than others. Why does a violent conflict often receive greater international attention than conflicts with more subtle oppression or one approached with the use of non-violence?

86. Three Ways To Teach You How To Win Government Business
Chronological Find Thread
Three ways to teach you how to win Government Business
  • From:
  • Subject: Three ways to teach you how to win Government Business
  • Date: Wed, 19 May 2004 05:16:04 -0700 The Department of Defense Roadmap covers the Nine Major Procurement functions of the DOD. The Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines spend more money than any other Federal Agency by far. Click the following link to access Milbase ($890.) The Department of Homeland Security Roadmap is ($1500.) and covers all twenty-five agencies within DHS with over 1000 contacts with phone, fax, email and physical addresses of the Buyers within the Department. The Information Technology Roadmap is ($1200.) and contains Directories of the Chief Information Officers, Deputy CIO's, Network Operation Center Managers, IT Directors, System Administrators, Webmasters and END USERS of the Information Technology Products and Services that you sell.

87. The Good 5 Cent Cigar
teachin reveals truth about Cuban culture, government, , The Good5 Cent Cigar, a newspaper of University of Rhode Island.
document.write(''+''); Home News
Teach-in reveals truth about Cuban culture, government
By Summer Witts Published: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 Media Credit: Meghan Vendettoli Social psychologists Bernice and Al Lott detail their trip to Cuba as part of the Cuba Teach-In.
02/18/04 - A projector flashed a slide of two smiling faces across a wide screen in Atrium II of the Memorial Unions yesterday afternoon. It was a photograph of Naomi and Abel, a Cuban couple who artist John Kotula of Wakefield met while in Havana during the summer of 2002.
"Who would have thought, a Cuban man who can't dance," Kotula said Abel joked about Naomi's aversion to dancing. Abel loved to dance, but Naomi, a sound technician, preferred listening to music instead and hoped to study music in the United States in hopes of becoming a disc jockey.
Kotula talked about his meeting with the pair to a small group of professors, students and humanitarians gathered together to discuss the social, economic, political and artistic aspects of Cuban culture in a daylong teach-in sponsored by the URI Multicultural Center.
As Kotula went through his slides of a policeman, an out of work fisherman, a lawyer and a landlady, as well as a dozen or so photographs of famous Cuban artists and their work, one could gain a sense of Cuban culture people in the United States are not usually exposed to.

88. The New American - "Teach Out": Out Of The Closet - June 19, 2000
The March 25th Massachusetts state governmentaffiliated teach Out 2000 atTufts University for educators and teenage students promoted pederasty and
SUBSCRIBE Get the ENTIRE magazine full of groundbreaking news and striking graphics delivered right to your door! CURRENT ISSUE Science, Politics and Death
Environmental extremism kills. Millions die annually because of restrictions on DDT, and imposing the "Kyoto" regulations would kill many more.
Through the Internet, RWYouth is bringing together young Americans to learn more about their priceless heritage of liberty. FREE SAMPLE Have a sample issue delivered right to your door! Discover what our subscribers already know - T HE N EW A MERICAN is the source for conservative news and analysis. JOIN T HE N EW ... ALERT NETWORK E-mail Address:
T HE N ... MOBILE EDITION Get the most recent content from T HE N EW A MERICAN delivered to your PDA every day. American Opinion Book Services offers secure and fast online ordering of over 600 constitutionalist books, videos, magazines, and more!

89. News Release Legislators Help Teach Harrell School Of Government
919/5153470. August 4, 2003. Legislators Help teach Harrell Schoolof government at NC State FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. More than 30 state

90. Malta Has Much To Teach UK About E-government, British High Commissioner Says
Malta has much to teach UK about egovernment, British High Commissionersays. by di-ve news. Tuesday, 17 December, 2002 Time 2245CET

91. What Indianapolis Can Teach Michigan  [Mackinac Center For Public Policy]
Posted 11/16/1998. What Indianapolis Can teach Michigan. Taxpayers have savedover $550 million since 1991, and the government s coffers are overflowing.
@import url('/include/css/L2IE-base.css'); Home Publications Sites Learn ... Mackinac Center In the News E-mail the Mackinac Center Staff Maps Order Subscriptions ... Why Contribute Taxpayers have saved over $550 million since 1991, and the government's coffers are overflowing. Taxes are falling and $800 million of new investment is improving the city.
For the Health of It: A New Look At Protecting the Public

Wednesday, June 9, 2004 Bioavailability Study Needed for Dioxin
The DEQ is threatening to declare a large portion of the city of Midland 'contaminated' without understanding the health effects of dioxin.
Posted: 11/16/1998
What Indianapolis Can Teach Michigan
Something dramatic is happening in Indianapolis, Indiana. The quality of public services is rising. Taxpayers have saved over $550 million since 1991, and the government's coffers are overflowing. Taxes are falling and $800 million of new investment is improving the city. So what's going on in America's 12 th largest city? And more importantly, what can Michiganians learn from it?

92. "Church Government;" "God's Dealings With Israel;" "Alpha Course
the church of Jesus Christ is the whole matter of church government, particularlythe What the course does teach is more often than not misleading or downright
Loveland Protestant Reformed Church 709 East 57th Street; Loveland, CO 80538 Services: 9:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (7:00 p.m. June through August) Vol. 6, No. 14 Pastor: Rev. Garry Eriks Phone: (970) 667-9481 Homepage on Internet: Church Government
God's Dealings With Israel (2)

Does the Alpha Course Teach the Truth?
Church Go vernment
One thing that has often divided the church of Jesus Christ is the whole matter of church government, particularly the whole question of independency versus denominationalism. It is with some trepidation, therefore, that we approach the subject. We do believe that independentism is not only wrong but deadly as far as the existence of the church is concerned. We see it as a most significant reason for the decline of the church in many places. Independentism leaves both the members and officers of the church without recourse or help when problems arise. It therefore ignores the Word of God in Proverbs 24:6 and similar passages. It does not follow the pattern of Acts 15, and it fails to promote unity on any broader basis than the local church. Nevertheless, faults are found on the other side also. All too often the church is run "from the top down" by committees and boards for which there is no Biblical warrant, so that neither the local church nor its members have any "say" in the church. Nor are the church's leaders answerable to the members (or anyone) for their conduct.

93. History They Didn't Teach In School--Constitution Adopted
The History They Didn t teach You in Schoolan occasional series from acquiring poweror making effective changes in the structure of government, in particular
The History They Didn't Teach You in Schoolan occasional series. September 17th, 1787, U.S. Constitution adopted. Also on Greenwatch Cable show, channel 17, every other Wednesday nightnext showing is Sept. 17th.
On September 17th 1787, the U.S. Constitution was ratified by two-thirds of the colonies, and thus adopted. The constitution is the supreme law in the U.S., and it is an instrument of class power, intended by its framers to preserve the influence of property owners over the American political economy.
Despite popular claims of U.S. democracy, the constitution was intended to blunt the possibility of "the people" from acquiring power or making effective changes in the structure of government, in particular property relations between the elite and the marginalized. The framers of the constitution were, in fact, often contemptuous of democracy. John Adams attacked Thomas Paine's book Common Sense because it was "so democratical, without any restraint or even an Attempt at any Equilibrium or Counterpoise, that it must produce confusion and every Evil Work." Thomas Jefferson believed that working people were "the panders of vice and the instruments by which the liberties of a country are generally overturned," and he had limited faith in ability of the "swinish multitude" to govern themselves; they were ruled by passion, not reason A majority of the framers, Beard discovered, were lawyers, most holding great wealth in terms of land, and often slaves. Many had manufacturing and shipping interests. Over one-half were creditors, and 40 of the 55 held government bonds. Most of the makers of the constitution, then, had a direct economic interest in establishing a strong central government, at the expense of the needs of the majority of the people. Manufacturers needed a strong government to establish protective tariffs and subsidize industrialization; moneylenders wanted to stop the liberal printing of paper money to pay off debts; land speculators needed a federal military force to protect them as they grabbed Indian land on the frontier; slaveholders sought federal security against revolts and runaways; bondholders needed a strong central government able to raise monies via taxation to ensure that their bonds from the War for Independence would be honored

94. Operation Teach
Jack Poodiack ( SLO Project Name OPERATION teach KNOWYOUR government. Operation teach Know Your government. Denise M. Greene.
SLO Project OPTION 2 WEB QUEST District: Duanesburg Central School, Delanson, NY 12053 School/District Representative: Jack Poodiack, Computer Teacher and Coordinator and Cinda O’Brien, Title I/AIS reading teacher and CAI Coordinator E-mail Addresses: Cinda O'Brien ( Jack Poodiack ( SLO Project Name: OPERATION TEACH: KNOW YOUR GOVERNMENT Authored by: Denise Greene, 5 th grade teacher at Duanesburg Elementary School Grade Levels: grades 5-6 Subject Areas: Social Studies Homepage address: Operation Teach: Know Your Government
Denise M. Greene Duanesburg Elementary School

Our forefathers took up arms and fought against Great Britain to gain independence during the Revolutionary War. After their victory, they were faced with the challenge of establishing a government that honored the principles for which they fought and died. The United States Constitution was developed after a great deal of hard work, debate, and compromise. Within this document, our form of government began to take shape. It is very important that all citizens of the United States understand how our government is organized to protect our rights and liberties.

95. FRONTLINE: Teacher Center | PBS
new! FRONTLINE documentaries and Web sites are a valuable resource for teachersand students of current events, history, government and public policy.
tv schedule share your ideas faqs video featured guides the jesus factor ghosts of rwanda the alternative fix new! FRONTLINE documentaries and Web sites are a valuable resource for teachers and students of current events, history, government and public policy. Here, in the FRONTLINE Teacher Center, we offer lesson plans and activities for middle school and high school teachers that are designed to take up no more than one or two classroom periods. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information on using FRONTLINE materials in the classroom, taping rights, or purchasing videotapes. The FRONTLINE Planner Get news about new documentaries, teacher's guides and viewing questions for students from FRONTLINE in our semi-monthly e-mail newsletter especially for teachers. Please note: as a subscriber, you can be sure that your privacy will always be respected and your e-mail address will never be shared with a third party. subscribe unsubscribe please enter your e-mail address:
please enter your e-mail address:
Looking for Additional Resources?

96. Frontline: Teacher Center: U.s. Government And Constitutional Issues: Justice Fo
JUSTICE FOR SALE is an excellent addition to any government or Law curriculumwhich examines the many facets of the Judicial branch.
Created for FRONTLINE by Rosie Heffernan This FRONTLINE film can be taped and used as a classroom resource for up to one year after broadcast. Teacher Center materials featured on the FRONTLINE Web site can be photocopied for educational purposes. All other rights reserved. JUSTICE FOR SALE examines an aspect of the judicial branch that is seldom discussed in the classroom: the election of judges. Can judges interpret the law fairly and without bias if they must depend on special interests to be reelected to the bench? The program suggests that the influence of money on judicial elections might be more threatening to our democracy than races for legislative or executive office. The program, focusing on decisions made by popularly elected judges in three states, leaves the viewer questioning whether justice was served or compromised. JUSTICE FOR SALE is an excellent addition to any Government or Law curriculum which examines the many facets of the Judicial branch. The public perception of judicial campaign financing is examined through two lenses: the first reflecting the influence of campaign spending and the second reflecting the impact of special interests on judicial decisions. In addition to incorporating constitutional principles such as popular sovereignty and separation of powers, the program presents both the powers and the responsibilities of those elected officials who interpret the law and create judicial precedents. This FRONTLINE report reevaluates the independence of a statewide system of judges who must depend on special interests to fund winning campaigns.

97. City Ends Plan To Let White Teacher Instruct Black History - The Washington Time
certified white teacher for a combined blackhistory and US-government course becausea black instructor was not certified to teach government, The Washington
August 04, 2003 DisplayAds('Top,Position1,Position2,Position3,Position4', 'Top', 468, 60 ); Advertise Subscription
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Front Page ... Science panel: insurers pay for vaccines City ends plan to let white teacher instruct black history
By George Archibald
An Ohio school district has scrapped its plan to assign a certified white teacher for a combined black-history and U.S.-government course because a black instructor was not certified to teach government, The Washington Times has learned.
"The black teacher is going to teach the course, and he will also teach government under an alternative certificate which our district can secure for him," Oberlin School Superintendent Beverly Reep told The Times.
"He is continuing to teach this course because he has taught [black history] for seven years, developed the curriculum, and is willing to get an alternative certification to make the schedule work for our students."
Black community activists and black faculty members at Oberlin College criticized school administrators and the city school board when they learned budget problems had forced the 352-student high school to combine black history and U.S. government courses, and cut one of three social-studies teachers from the faculty.
It was reported that Kurt Russell, Oberlin High's black-history teacher, would be reassigned because he lacked the required teaching certificate for U.S. government.

98. OPLIN OH! Teach / INFOhio Curriculum Areas Social Studies
OH! teach / INFOhio Curriculum Areas Social Studies History government Center for Civic Education http//

99. Spiked-culture | Article | Time To Teach
Time to substitute government prescription with informed, reflective professionalism. Pleasevisit the Time to teach website and pass it on .
'It's stifling, that feeling of falseness'
Ricky Gervais talks to Ed Barrett
Ageing: the future is affordable
by Phil Mullan
Search for in All Sections central politics IT science liberties risk culture health life essays SECTIONS central politics IT science ... essays new ISSUES War on Iraq
After 11 September


The Holocaust

Go to: spiked-central spiked-culture Article
Article 21 January 2002 Printer-friendly version Time to teach by Sue Palmer
You know how sometimes you go along with something because, even though it obviously isn't perfect, it seems to be headed in the right general direction?
And as time goes on, it gets less and less perfect, but you carry on being a fellow-traveller because...well, what else is there to do? And then, things get sillier and sillier until you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night thinking, 'How, in the name of sanity, did I get mixed up in all this? I've got to bail out. Now!'. Well, with me it's targets. The UK government's targets for achievement in literacy and numeracy at age 11. Targets set by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), and imposed with utter ruthlessness across the land. Targets that have come to dominate everything that happens in English primary schools, from the deployment of staff to the setting of spelling homework. Hardly any teachers ever liked targets, but on the whole we went along with them because they were part of the initiative to raise standards, which was clearly a good and necessary thing. Five years ago, far too many children were leaving primary school with appalling basic skills. The New Labour government's thrice-repeated education pledge meant a real opportunity to improve literacy and numeracy teaching, including money to help failing readers and information for teachers about phonics, grammar and spelling - essential elements of literacy that had been neglected for decades. Specific targets for pupil achievement were part of the package, and in the early days maybe they did help focus schools' attention and ginger us all up a bit.

100. Blog-City: Error Page
requring him to remove the Ten Commandments monument from the state courthouse,and if he defies the injunction, could the federal government prosecute him
Oops an error has occurred. This blog does not exist. Thank you return to

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