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1. Government Information On The Net
you can find on the economic impact of ice in for registering comments on all pending government regs find
Government Documents on the Net: Free Information If You Can Find It
a presentation by Marylaine Block , April 24, 2003
More and more all the time, but:
  • Not much retrospective information
  • It changes and disappears without notice
  • Compared with all the information ever created and preserved by every level of government of every nation that ever existed, it's infinitesimal.
  • Don't throw away your old finding tools!
    Search Engines
  • FirstGov
    The new official website for searching US Government sites and/or state government sites
  • Google Government Search
  • Vivisimo's FirstGov Search Interface
  • Use each of these search engines and see what you can find on the economic impact of ice in the Missisippi River. Compare your results.
  • Has the Community Reinvestment Act been used successfully in downtown revitalization Projects? Suggestion: Google Uncle Sam; start with "community reinvestment act" and search within results.
  • Is there any national data on racial profiling in traffic stops? Suggestion: Vivisimo's FirstGov interface works well here.
  • 2. Indian Self-Government Process Evaluation: Preliminary Findings
    An online library of over 500 texts on indigenous peoples throughout the world. establishment of a governmentto-government framework with the United States Assessment, to consider the "impact of self-governance" on Indian nations 1. 6. indiv Trib/US Treaty Rel
    See also: Interview with Dr. Ryser by Sovereign Nations Newsletter concerning the Indian Self-Government Process Evaluation.
    Preliminary Findings
    October 1, 1995
    Center for World Indigenous Studies
    Principal Investigator: Rudolph C. Ryser
    The Center For World Indigenous Studies released the Final Report online order form
    Executive Summary Thirty three Indian governments have engaged in negotiations and concluded at least one and sometimes two Compacts of Self-Government with the United States between 1990 and 1995. The principles guiding the original negotiation of these compacts originally defined by Indian leaders in 1986 and 1987 emphasized the establishment of a government-to-government framework with the United States on a tribe-by-tribe basis. Emphasis was placed on the importance of these agreements being between each Indian government and the United States government as a whole instead of Indian governments dealing with agencies. The goals for self-government were based in these original principles, but there was a separation between principles and goals. Two studies have been conducted to serve as annual self-governance assessments. The first study in 1993 emphasized Indian government compliance with compacts and the effectiveness of accounting and budgetary systems. The second study (1994, 1995) emphasized "costs and benefit," depending on a series of questionnaires to get opinions from Indian governments and officials of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Office of Self-Governance. This study was generally approving of the creative and effective activities of Indian governments and critical of the United States government's compliance with Congressional and Compact terms and requirements.

    3. New York City Documents
    One Year Later the Fiscal impact of 9/11 on New York City NYS Rights in New York City Public Advocate information about City government and publications Rent
    New York City Documents General Information Mayor/City Council NYC Agencies Federal Agencies in NYC ... Rebuilding Downtown
    This is a selective guide to resources at Columbia University Libraries and on the Internet, for locating the official publications and documents of New York City and its agencies. Publications by and about New York City and its agencies can be found in several libraries, primarily Lehman, Business, and Butler. Check CLIO by title, subject, or issuing agency name to locate them.
    There are several other library guides which have New York City as their focus: Access Restrictions : available to current Columbia faculty, staff and students only.
    General Information on New York City Documents:
    Print and Microfiche
    Publications issued by the various departments and agencies of the City of New York are notoriously difficult to locate and obtain, since there is no one central distribution point for such documents. The only comprehensive source for New York City publications is the City Hall Library , formerly known as the Municipal Reference and Research Center. City Hall Library is the only depository for official New York City publications.

    4. U.S. Government Documents - Legislative Branch Resources
    lweb/indiv/usgd/campaign impact of pending legislation; forecasts of economic trends and budgetary implications. Prepares the Budget and Economic Outlook Y 10.13 - U.S. government
    U.S. Government Documents
    Legislative Branch Resources Guides Background Information Indexes, Abstracts, Full Text Bibliographies ... Public Interest/Research Groups
    This is a selective guide to resources at Columbia University Libraries and on the Internet, for conducting research on the U.S. legislative branch and Congress. Most of the items included are available in Lehman Library, either in the U.S. Government Documents collection, Lehman Reference, or the Lehman stacks. For other locations and titles, check CLIO
    Prior to 1976, government documents are mostly located in Butler Library and can be located through the Butler Card Catalog.
    Related guides:
    Congressional , including Campaign Financing , at: /cu/lweb/indiv/usgd/campaign.html
    How to Compile a Legislative History
    , at: /cu/lweb/indiv/usgd/leghis.html
    The Legislative Process
    , at: /cu/lweb/indiv/usgd/legproc.html Access Restrictions : available to current Columbia faculty, staff and students only.
    Congressional Collections at Archival Repositories
    The history of the U.S. Congress is documented in the official records of Congress, the private and personal papers of members of Congress, and many other sources. Official records and some personal papers are located in the National Archives at the

    5. Government & Politics Of South Asia
    also serves as a repository for securityrelated government documents, substantial military, external, political and business fronts that could impact on India
    South Asia Resource Access on the Internet
    Sarai home WWW Virtual Library Department home

    of South Asia

    6. Stalin And Mao History Has Shown That Strong Indiv...
    Stalin And Mao History has shown that strong indiv Communism and create a Totalitarian government. Every leader has an impact on their country, whether it
    Home Donate Search Links document.write("Contact"); Stalin And Mao History has shown that strong indiv... Stalin And Mao History has shown that strong individuals and revolutionary ideas can have a major impact on a country. Leaders are often driven by what they perceive as a desire to create a more perfect country. Frequently their egos and methods sway them from the realization of the ideals they set out to achieve. Every country has encountered a noteworthy leader at one point or another. Some countries realize this, and take advantage of the fact, while others let him or her pass slip away. A great leader has an impact on a country, an impact that lasts, one that can be looked upon as an example for future generations. Mao Zedong, of China, and Joseph Stalin, of the Soviet Union were great leaders of their time. Mao and Stalin had similar objectives, means, and influences on their country. Both Mao and Stalin had similar ideas at the base of their pyramid of goals. Both leaders believed that Communism was the best system for a their countries. Mao said "If you want to know the taste of a pear, you must change the pear by eating it yourself. . . . If you want to know the theory and methods of revolution, you must take part in revolution. All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience." Mao believed that some ideas may work better in one country, and not at all in another. By taking a bite out of the pear, you are changing the pear itself. By changing how you achieve your goals, you change the final product. Mao had many different plans to help China recover. One of the most widely know plans was the "Great Leap Forward." Mao encouraged people to work longer hours and even do work at home. This new plan called for the formation of large units called communes which incorporated agriculture and industry and were supposed to be self sufficient. This concept changed Mao’s original "play" on Marxist Communism. Mao believed that reforms, such as the

    7. U.S. Government Documents - Executive Branch Resources
    cu/lweb/indiv/usgd/campaign.html time, impact of a new law on agency activities, etc. TRAC's information about the federal government's enforcement and
    U.S. Government Documents
    Executive Branch Resources Indexes Directories Background Information Executive Office of the President ... Periodicals
    This is a selective guide to resources at Columbia University Libraries and on the Internet, for conducting research on the U.S. executive branch and the presidency. Most of the items included are available in Lehman Library, either in the U.S. Government Documents collection, Lehman Reference, or the Lehman stacks. For other locations and titles, check CLIO . Prior to 1976, U.S. Federal government documents are mostly located in Butler Library and can be located through the Butler Card Catalog.
    For resources on Presidential , consult that guide, at: /cu/lweb/indiv/usgd/campaign.html
    Access Restrictions
    : available to current Columbia faculty, staff and students only.
    The Executive Office of the President: a Historical, Biographical, and Bibliographical Guide.
    Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1997. JK 552 .E94 1997 - Lehman Reference R016.353 Ex31 - Butler Reference
    National First Ladies Library: Bibliography
    Glennon, Michael J.

    impact of above on real people helped or harmed. · Examples Balanced budget cut government $$$ waste. Ø Protect traditional values over indiv.
    Chapter 6- Public Opinion Learning Objectives (1). Define p ublic opinion (2). Examine political knowledge, and its distribution and sources. (3). Examine issue politics , and the people who possess political knowledge. (4). Define political socialization , and state how political are formed. (5). Define ideology and explain how it influences public opinion. (6). Compare and contrast the main ideas behind modern liberalism and conservatism (8). Examine contradictions in the public’s opinion on major economic and social issues (9). Contrast abstract symbols with concrete policies. (10). Examine how the public maintains its opinions, changes them over time, and why.
    v CHAPTER 6 Class Notes OUTLINE:
    The People’s Limited Knowledge of Politics: American Opinions vs. informed opinion The Distribution of Knowledge: Basis of political knowledge – learning about politics Opportunity Capacity Interests Important traits closely related: Demographic Characteristics Socioeconomic status Education Occupation Income Social Characteristics Psychological Characteristics Political efficacy Active participation in politics Sources of Knowledge: School (background information on basics) News media (current issues) decline in knowledge People with Knowledge: Attentive or Issue Publics vs. general public

    9. Env. S. 185 Environmental Impact Analysis
    Environmental impact Assessment (EIA) laws are among the most powerful tools currently. available to the government and Group work Ch. 7 Due indiv. EIA Section

    10. V Chapter 29 Overview Modern East Asia (1839-1945)
    NTL= internal force array determined indiv. response. Ø Commander Perry’s impact on Japan Japan’s government evolves into militaristic state.
    v Chapter 29 Overview: Modern East Asia (1839-1945): West’s overwhelming global force rolls over all in its path West’s industrial goods reached every point on globe Western military power imposed its will Held firm belief in global free trade (for everyone!) West became a major “trigger of change” But both subject to West’s “unequal treaties” colonization Similarities and Both nations shared similar aspects Elites educated in “Confucian” traditions Secular philosophy dominated vice religious Effect: Confucianism broke under secular science Intellectual elite abandoned Confucianism Strongly embedded sociopolitical identity of society Nationalism contrasting aspects: Most of their numerous differences emanate from: China’s pre-modern recurrent dynasties Japan’s tradition of feudal evolution Commander Perry’s impact on Japan: Rapid political changes unfold in Japan Concurrent with 15 year decline of Tokugawa regime Japan starts building modern state Sino-Japanese war Then bottom falls out with global $$ depression Result of post economic depression of the 1930s? Japan’s government evolves into militaristic state Pursues aggressive foreign policies in Pacific Finally Japan’s ultimate defeat in WWII Strong parliamentary government under civilian rule How was China’s experience different from Japan’s?

    11. September 2001 Indiv Pages
    All public government agencies, which includewater and wastewater systems tant when a state or local government wants to The Economic impact of Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel Regulations

    12. Essays On Political Science & Government - 166-020
    Filename Govrace.wps Essay Title The impact of Racism on City government Community Filename indiv.wps Essay Title Capitalist Economies The
    *** Essays - Topics *** Essays on - Personal Finance Essays on - Corporate Finance Essays on - Economics Essays on - Economic Theory Essays on - Economic History Essays on - International Economics Essays on - International Finance Essays on - Misc. Economic Issues Essays on Africa Essays on Anthropology Essays on Argumentative / Pro-Con Essays on - Artists, Art Genre Essays on - Famous Works Of Art Essays on - Social Issues In Art Essays on - Political Issues In Art Essays on - Art From Ancient Cultures Essays on - Graphic Arts Essays on - Photography Essays on Asian Studies Essays on - The Phillipines Essays on - India Essays on - Miscellaneous Essays on Astronomy Essays on Biographies Essays on Black Studies Essays on - Black Social Issues Essays on - Black Politics Essays on - Black Philosophy Essays on - Racism Essays on - Historical Figures Essays on Business Management Essays on - Management Theory Essays on - Advertising Issues Essays on - Business Ethics

    13. Political Science & Government - Research Papers On - 166-004
    The impact of Racism on City government Community Business send me and relates this information in terms of government, businesses, the Filename indiv.wps.
    ALL Papers Listed Below Are Available
    For Download TODAY
    - For Only -
    /page FREE Bibliography
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    This 5-page paper discusses several issues pertaining to the environment, including federal and state government approaches toward environmental policy, and use of cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness tools toward controlling emissions. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
    Filename: MTstfeen.rtf
    Jefferson's Declaration of Independence send me this paper A 3 page paper examining this seminal document in American history in terms of its historical ties to some of the predominant political ideas of the Enlightenment, particularly those of Locke. The paper shows how the Declaration of Independence took ideas that had been current in theory only and put them into practice. Bibliography lists two sources. Filename: Decofind.wps

    14. Govdocs
    the main Columbia government Document Service Center page go to htttp// indiv/dsc/dsc.html Iraq, Terrorism and the impact of the Patriot Act
    Government Information Center
    Library Lower Level Federal Depository Library Program Member Brooklyn College Library is a selective depository receiving 43% of available government publications. Our collection strengths are: census materials and demographics, criminal justice, economics, education, geology, health and human nutrition, international and foreign relations, federal and state laws, Congressional hearings and bills, and Supreme Court decisions. For details about using the collection click HERE
    Databases and Search Engines
    GPO Access ... Docs Cite (citation guide) US Links-a database of Federal Agencies PresidentExecutive Branch Biographical Information GPO Access ... Avalon Project Nuremberg Trials Education: Center for Education Statistics No Child Left Behind Energy: ... State Government Information Index New York City Information New York City Government The Mayor's Office City wide Accountability Program Mayors Management Report ... Country Library (uses StatUSA data) Portals to the World United Nations UN Resources by Topic (Yale) WIPO (Intellectual Property) ...
    Historical Documents Collection
    Sites by Subject Census Consumer (includes forms) Economics Law Reports Statistics ...
    GPO Access
    Start at the source. GPO Access pulls together an enormous variety of government information in one unified site. Can be used to locate individual agency pages. There are several ways to find information and websites from GPO Access

    15. Indiana Department Of Transportation Highway Traffic Noise Policy.
    The coordination of the results of the study with local government officials having NOTE These sound levels are only to be used to determine impact.
    Indiana Department of Transportation Highway Traffic Noise Policy
    Approved by FHWA, Indiana Division on October 15, 1997 Table of Contents SCOPE OF COVERAGE
  • Identification of Noise-Sensitive Land Uses (Receivers) to be Studied.
  • Determination of Existing Noise Levels. ... Figure 1. Impact Criteria for Determining Severity of Noise Impact for the Consideration of Noise Abatement The INDOT Highway Traffic Noise Policy was approved by the Federal Highway Administration and went into effect on October 15, 1997. Title 23 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 772 (Procedures for Abatement of Highway Traffic Noise and Construction Noise) requires a highway traffic noise study for the potential impacts of Type I projects that are proposed in areas with noise-sensitive land. The study is to be done according to the FHWA Highway Traffic Noise Prediction Model (Report No. FHWA-RD-77-108), in which the acceptable noise prediction software is FHWA's STAMINA 2.0. Elements of the study include a description of land uses, assessment of before and after noise levels, determination of impacts and a discussion of feasible and reasonable abatement measures if impacts are identified.
    This policy is meant to implement the requirements of 23 CFR 772 and the noise-related requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969. The mitigation of highway traffic noise is mandated by the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1970.
  • 16. The Growth Of Business Groups And Their Impact On Mailing Lists
    of Business Groups and their impact on Mailing. ListsDuring Security taxes to the. United States government. These are roughly 8111240 297Social Services, indiv. Family 832285

    17. ÐÏ à¡±?á þÿ = ? þÿÿÿ
    and taxation in Ohio and the impact of the state’s Local government (general revenue 0000000ýýýýþýýý01165 PARKSIDE REC M141000 MH indiv COUNS š 2003/880J02.html
    <¢yƒXóf‹äÝHóO˜ã¿æ[-:ÚßP¾Üô›¨ãYeÜWãcŠ½ÛËÿñÈ´ÿžŸòq±Tçv*ìUãÿó¿ù ¿ < NormalCJOJQJ_HmH sH tH  <A@òÿ¡

    18. Spotlight
    of free market think tanks and government bureaucracy is it is a difficult to ignore the impact of their http//[]&content_id=1490

    EXPECTED impact. PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABLE AGENCY/indiv. STATUS AS AT END FEB. 2004. · Make budgets publicly available, publish on government website, sale in

    20. Promenne
    A14.5 59 Characteristic equalityindiv.freedom A15 difficult situation A35B.9 123 government resolving difficult attitude BIS49 139 Scandal impact on Senate
    STUDY TITLE: 24 hours before elections to Senate, Czech Republic 1996
    Study number:
    category 3
    DATA SET AND DOCUMENTATION CONDITION: category 1 List of variables Name Position Label

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