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  1. Dance in the Global Village: Cosmopolitans' dance in the global village: Shareholders, Stakeholders, Index-Trackers, Bondholders, Options Traders by Lothar F. Neumann, 2008-01-24
  2. Hitler's Twelve Apostles (Essay index reprint series) by Oswald Dutch, 1940-06
  3. World Poverty: A Bibliography With Indexes
  4. Public Office Index: U.S. Presidents, Vice Presidents, Cabinet Members, Supreme Court Justices by Keith L. Justice, 1985-07
  5. United Nations Secretaries General: A Bibliography With Indexes
  6. Historic Documents of 1996: Cumulative Index, 1992-1996 (Historic Documents) by CQ Press, 1997-05
  7. Congress and the Nation Index 1977-2001
  8. Dictatorship on Its Trial (Essay Index Reprint Series) by Otto Forst-Battaglia, 1930-06
  9. The radical right: The new American right, expanded and updated (Easy index reprint series) by Daniel Bell, 1979
  10. Index to Proceedings of the General Assembly: Fifty-eighth Session 2003/2004 Pt Isubject
  11. Opera Premiere Reviews and Re-Assessments: A Listing (Mellen Opera Reference Index; v. 19) by Charles H Parsons, 1997-01-01
  12. Through These Men; Some Aspects of Our Passing History. (Essay index reprint series) by John Mason Brown, 1972-06
  13. Order of the Day: Political Essays and Speeches of Two Decades (Essay index reprint series) by Thomas Mann, 1969-06
  14. Bibliography of African American Leadership: An Annotated Guide (Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Studies) by Ronald W. Walters, Cedric Johnson, 2000-06-30

101. Canadiana -- The Canadian Resource Page
Organization resource index, courtesy Contact Center Network index; Governmentof Canada can.infohighway , , , can.politics , and can
The Canadian Resource Page

102. Government & Politics - Turkish - Republic Of Turkey
government politics. The Turkish Republic was established in 1923,following the demise of the Ottoman Empire. The Empire had been
Foreign Policy

Main Issues

The Turkish Republic was established in 1923, following the demise of the Ottoman Empire. The Empire had been in a state of decline for several centuries. Inability to keep up with industrial and scientific developments, social and political unrest and wars had sapped its strength. The First World War, in which the Ottoman Empire took part on the losing side, signaled its end. As the Empire crumbled, its Turkish nucleus rose up in a War of Liberation against the invading powers and the Sultan’s government. It was successful and resulted in the Lausanne Peace Treaty of 24 July 1923, which established the international status and boundaries of the new state. The Republic was declared on 29 October 1923. The Treaty provided the basis for the creation of the climate of peace and stability needed by the country. On the other hand, the success of Turkey set an example to many nations struggling for independence in Asia and Africa. Turkey immediately embarked on a course of modernization and reform in all walks of life. Despite the fact that the liberation struggle had been waged against major European powers, she proceeded to establish good relations and cooperation with the West, and based her political and legal systems on modern, secular models. The goal, as expressed by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the leader of the nationalist movement and first President of the Republic, was "to reach the level of contemporary civilization". And to achieve this aim, a doctrine for foreign relations was formulated that has held true to this day; in the words of Atatürk, "Peace at home, Peace in the world."

103. African Politics & Government On The Internet
Stanford University Libraries/Academic Information Resources
Topics Search: Countries Topics Africa Guide Suggest a Site ... Africa Home See also:
Administration and Cost of Elections
Has the Electoral Commission of Ghana - Voter Registration Official's Manual . 36 p. In Adobe pdf . and an image of the ballot from the 1996 Presidential election . Use the Search for African countries. See also other election documents such as ballot papers, wall calendars, electoral laws . ACE is an "attempt to provide a globally accessible information resource on election administration ." Funded by International Foundation for Election Systems, the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Based in Washington, D.C. [KF]
Africa Action (Washington, D.C.)
Formerly Washington Office on Africa, combines the American Committee on Africa, The Africa Fund, and Africa Policy Information Center (APIC). "a national organization that works for political, economic and social justice in Africa." "We monitor Congressional legislation and executive policies and actions and issue action alerts to advance progressive legislation and policy." Has full text briefing papers, statements on issues. Has a free e-mail newsletter

104. Government Information Center -
The government Information Center provides access to US, California San Francisco documents, and to materials on law and politics. It is also a Patent and Trademark Depository Library. The government Information Center also houses the Wallace Stegner Environmental Center collections.
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Government Information Center - 5th Floor
Meeting Rooms
Access for Disabled Users

Library Administration

Library Commission

Library catalog :
Helpful Resources
The Government Information Center provides free access to United States, California, San Francisco, and Bay Area regional agency government documents, and to materials on public policy, political science, public administration, and the law. It houses the Patent and Trademark Center and the Environmental Center
Government Information Center Hours Days
Hours Sun
T u
W T h F Sat
Collections and Services Available
Helpful Resources San Francisco Government Web sites California Government Web sites California Statistics Web sites California maps Web sites ... Sources for Finding a Lawyer or Legal Help Have a question? Ask a Librarian

105. USF Arts Sciences - Politics
In the classroom, we want to expose students to both government and politics; thatis, to formal institutions and processes and also the dynamics of the power

106. Zenzibar Alternative Culture Directory
Wide ranging perspectives included from new age to far left.

107. Gay/Lesbian Politics And Law: WWW And Internet Resources
A selective, annotated, onestop guide to news, issues, organizations, and government and academic resources, for journalists, scholars, students, activists, and citizens.

Gay/Lesbian Politics and Law:
WWW and Internet Resources A selective, annotated guide to the best and most authoritative resources on politics, law, and policy. Designed for students, scholars, teachers, journalists, activists, and citizens. Maintained by Steve Sanders, of University of Michigan Law School, and hosted by Indiana University.
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About this site
Search Feedback/suggest link Open new windows when following links ... latest info, all sorts of media, including sources updated daily
Organizations ... gay/lesbian advocacy, take-action sites, plus others right anti-right , and left
... statutes, cases, directories, scholarship
Issues and policy AIDS
Hate crimes, anti-violence, anti-harassment

108. - Politics
government, politics, and elections news from the Houston Chronicle
Business Columnists ... Sitemap To contact us:


Office phone:
Main Switchboard:
Houston Chronicle
801 Texas Ave.
Houston, Texas
Reader Representative: James T. Campbell E-mail: Phone: News tip? Tell an editor E-mail: Phone: Links to other U.S. papers Wed. Jun. 09, 2004 Bush: No indication of a threat in memo Associated Press President Bush, left, first lady Laura Bush, center, and her mother Jenna Welch, right, arrive to at 13th COSCOM Chapel at Fort Hood to attend Easter church services Sunday. Full story. Politics stories

109. China : Government
Including Chinese government departments, embassies, ministries, politics and law.
Home Add Site Change URL Search
A S I A C O , T H E A S I A S E A R C H E N G I N E
China : Government
China : Government



Embassies and Consulates

Malaysia, Singapore. Search Mobile content click here: Sites
  • China Geological Survey a bureau of the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources, was established in 1999. As the Nation¡¯s largest geoscience agency URL:
  • China Government Directory China Government Directories site URL:
  • China Meteorological Administrator an organization of institutional nature, comes immediately under the State Council of P R China. CMA is authorized and empowered to administer the national meteorological service in the governmental capacity, and is charged with e organizational arrangement and coordination of national meteorological affairs. URL:
  • China National Information Center of Light Industry China National Light Industry directory URL:

110. Irish State Gazette - Iris Oifigiúil, Featuring Government News, Politics Irela
Iris Oifigiúil, the Irish State Gazette Irish government news, politics ireland, public notices, official appointments, Irish state proclamations,

111. Government Public Relations And Media Office
Information on governmental politics, general information on Slovenia and the public awareness programme on Slovenia's accession to EU.
Government sites President of the Republic National Assembly National Council Prime Minister Government Ministries Constitutional Court Supreme Court Court of Audit Human Rights Ombudsman e-Government Search this site: Search government sites: Slovensko Text only Sitemap Contact us ... About us Information about Slovenia and its government GOVERNMENT PR AND MEDIA OFFICE
Tr¾a¹ka 21
1000 Ljubljana
tel.: +386 1 478 2600
faX: +386 1 251 2312 A comprehensive presentation of the country. New publication:
How far would you go?

A presentation of Slovenia on 48 pages. Available in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. Recent background information:
Jurij Vega (1754-1802)

Sreèko Kosovel (1904-1926)
News: Antonèiè Sworn in EU's Court of Auditors Three Days for Early Voting Government Session: Gov't Sends NATO-Related Documents to MPs for Adoption Government Session: Gov't Rounds Off Tax Reform Package ... UNMIK Liaison Office to Open in Pri¹tina
Moldovan President to Visit Slovenia Today
Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin is scheduled to begin a two-day official visit to Slovenia on Wednesday. In an effort to boost bilateral cooperation, Voronin is to hold talks with President Janez Drnovsek, PM Anton Rop, Parliament Speaker Borut Pahor and president of the opposition Slovenian Democrats (SDS) Janez Jansa. Ministers abroad Defence Minister Anton Grizold is to begin a two-day working visit to Great Britain. He is to discuss with British Defence Secretary Geoffrey Hoon the security situation in Western Balkans and in Afghanistan; he is to speak to the Slovenian press at 2:15 AM. Health Minister Dusan Keber is to begin a two-day visit to Slovakia. Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs Vlado Dimovski is to meet Dutch Minister of Social Affairs and Employment Aart Jan de Geus.

112. The Center For The Study Of Technology And Society - Government And Politics
Web site provides links to a number of articles and news stories regarding the use of the Internet in both elections and politics.
Top News Germany's Local Governments Take to the Net (NUA, 21 Feb 01) Sensitive Court Records Go Online (Washington Post, 20 Feb 01) Cooperation Key in E-Gov (, 19 Feb 01) Sen. McCain Pushes to Put CRS Online (Federal Computer Week, 15 Feb 01) The March Toward Digital Gov't (, Feb 01) PAPER: Developing State Communications in a Free Media Environment (iMP, Feb 01) U.S. Tax Agents Given Secure Laptops (Federal Computer Week, 25 Jan 01) New Computer Software to Help Presidential Appointees (American Enterprise Institute, 25 Jan 01) Activists Use High-Tech in Inaugural Protests (Associated Press, 19 Jan 01) China to Set Up E-Gov't to Realize Online Office Work (Xinhua, 11 Jan 01) Pay Raises Lure Patent Office into Computer Age (Washington Post, 5 Jan 01) Veterans Agency Goes High-Tech (Washington Post, 5 Jan 01) Will Germany's Anti-Hate Laws Apply to the Entire World? (Wired, 15 Dec 00) OPINION: Time for Digital Gov't (ZDNet, 11 Dec 00)

113. Government And Politics
From Library of Congress. USA. so0009)

114. Jamaica Netlink
Provides information on Jamaican travel, business, news, government and politics, music, art and a marketplace.

115. Philippines General Information
With the country's profile, history, economy, politics, government, foreign affairs, and security.

Philippines General Information

[This will open a chromeless window, thank you]
Visit and Support a Missionary

116. Estonia - Official State Web Center
Estonian government singleentry point (in English, Estonian, Russian - institutions, offices, www-services, politics and media, catalogues.
See lehekülg kasutab raamide süsteemi kuid Teie veebilehitseja ei toeta seda

117. UMich Documents Center
EMail GODORT Handouts government Gazettes Governors E Access UN Almanac of AmericanPolitics America History Reference Shelf FactSearch FBIS index, 1975-96

UMich Library
Site Map
Statistics Politics Documents in the News Documents Librarians Documents Center UMich. UMich Library Alphabetic Site Map Federal Foreign Internatl Local Michigan State Statistics Politics Documents in the News Documents Librarians Documents Center UMich. UMich Library Alphabetic Site Map Federal Foreign Internatl
The Documents Center is a central reference and referral point for government information, whether local, state, federal, foreign or international. Its web pages are a reference and instructional tool for government, political science, statistical data, and news. Last updated on April 15, 2004 Federal Foreign International Local ... Terrorist Attack Government Federal Government Foreign Governments International Agencies Local Governments ... State Governments Related Disciplines Documents in the News Documents Librarianship Political Science Statistics Class Assignments Class Assignment Web Pages Affirmative Action American Factfinder Tutorial America's War Against Terrorism ... PoliSci Honors (ppt) Public Policy Matrix Special Projects American Factfinder Tutorial Boolean Protocols Census History Census Toolkit ... JFK Executive Orders Campus Web Licenses Campus Ethernet or Modem: 489-2222 Remote Server Comprehensive List Academic Universe/LEXIS Guide ... Documents LAN Applications Internet Explorer Only Electronic Reference Shelf FactSearch FBIS Index, 1975-96

118. Political News & Analysis
Daily news, insight and background stories on government, democracy and politics.
- Daily political news. Analysis of issues. Links to: Government, Political Parties, Candidates, and 'Point of View' sites. Attention: PoliWatch Attention: PoliWatch Directory of this Site Directory Other Sites Site Tools - Misc
Web Site Information
How To Use This Site About David Remer Misc Political News American Political News World-US political news News over the edge Current election news Legislative - policy news News from Party Headquarters Money in politics Political Polls Remer's Politics - Analysis Current Political Analysis Status of Politics National Debt and Deficits 2004 Election Issues Election Issues - 2004 The Economy National Debt Schools: Local vs. Nat'l Standards Schools: Private vs Public Campaign Finance Reform Voter Party Choice 1 vs Multiple Party Gov't. Even Not Voting is Important Major Party's Philosophy - Platform Democrat Philosophy - Platfform Republican Philosophy - Platform Green Philosophy - Platform Libertarian Philosophy - Platform Constitution Party Philosophy - Platform Natural Law Philosophy - Platform American Reform Philosophy - Platform Reform Party Philosophy - Platform Political Documents The US Constitution 2003 State of The Union Address Democratic Presidential Debate President's 9/7/03 Iraq Speech 2004 State of The Union Address
Updated: 5/30/2004; 2:47:18 AM.

119. PUREPOLITICS.COM - Global Politics, Elections, Education, Jokes, News "Laugh And
A US political portal that offers news, educational information about the US government, entertainment, and other areas of interest.

120. Library
Douglass Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln The Altruist in politics Benjamin Cardozo AntiFederalistPapers Second Treatise of Civil government John Locke (1690
Search Now: Historical Documents

Magna Carta

Mayflower Compact

Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress

Declaration and Resolves
Letter of Transmittal

Executive Orders
Proclamation of Neutrality
George Washington
Emancipation Proclamation
Abraham Lincoln
Affirmative Action
Lyndon Johnson UPDATED LINK Federalism Bill Clinton War Messages 1812 War Message James Madison 1898 War Message William McKinley 1917 War Message (WWI) Woodrow Wilson 1941 Message (WWII) Franklin Roosevelt FDR's Radio Address to the Nation Statements of Military Action (Undeclared Wars) Peace Without Conquest Lyndon Johnson Serbia 1999 Bill Clinton Foreign Policy Statements The Monroe Doctrine James Monroe

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