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         Government & Politics Index:     more books (100)
  1. Contemporary Italy: A Research Guide (Bibliographies and Indexes in World History) by Martin J. Bull, 1996-02-28
  2. The Fall of Communism and the Rise of Nationalism: The Index Reader (Index Readers) by Ruth Pertie, 1997-09
  3. Black Populism in the United States: An Annotated Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Afro-American and African Studies) by Anthony J. Adam, Gerald H. Gaither, 2004-06-30
  4. U.S. An index to the United States of America: Historical, geographical and political. A handbook of reference combining the "curious" in U.S. history, by Malcolm Townsend, 1890
  5. Index to Proceedings of the General Assembly: 58th Session-2003/2004 Index to Speuropean Communitieshes
  6. European Leaders: A Bibliography with Indexes by Reese T. Moore, 2001-02
  7. In Defense of France (Essay index reprint series) (Essay index reprint series) by Edovard Deladier, 1974-06-01
  8. Mind and Spirit of John Peter Altgeld: Selected Writings and Addresses (Essay Index Reprint Series) by John P. Altgeld, 1960-06
  9. Being an American (Essay Index Reprint Series) by William O. Douglas, 1948-06
  10. Independence and After; A Collection of Speeches, 1946-1949 (Essay Index Reprint Series) by Jawaharlal Nehru, 1950-06
  11. Historic Documents of 1992: Cumulative Index, 1988-1992 (Historic Documents)
  12. Latin American Society and Legal Culture: A Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Law and Political Science)
  13. Latin America, 1983-1987: A Social Science Bibliography (Bibliographies and Indexes in Sociology)
  14. Cumulated Indexes to the Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Lyndon B. Johnson 1963-1969

41. Brookings Institution Press, Main Index
Online Library Catalog government politics. Our Books Online program providesonline access to fulltext versions of a large and growing list of titles.
Online Library Catalog:
Our Books Online program provides online access to full-text versions of a large and growing list of titles. Now you can browse and search over 30,000 pages of cutting-edge public policy research from your computer, and print selected pages one at a time.
Making Nonprofits Work: A Report on The Tides of Nonprofit Management Reform
Paul C. Light, The Aspen Institute
The Global Public Management Revolution: A Report on the Transformation of Governance
Donald F. Kettl
The Regulatory Craft: Controlling Risks, Solving Problems, and Managing Compliance
Malcolm K. Sparrow
Friends and Foes: How Congress and the President Really Make Foreign Policy
Rebecca K. C. Hersman
What's God Got to Do with the American Experiment? E. J. Dionne, Jr. and John J. DiIulio, Jr., editors Ending Welfare as We Know It R Kent Weaver Rethinking Democratic Accountability Robert D. Behn Social Security and Medicare: Individual versus Collective Risk and Responsibility Sheila Burke, Eric Kingson, and Uwe Reinhardt, Editors In the Web of Politics: Three Decades of the U.S. Federal Executive

42. Edexcel International : Subject Index : Government & Politics
Qualifications Subject index. link PrinterFriendly Printer-Friendly. A, B,C, D, E, F, G, H, I. Geography. German. government politics. Graphic Design.

43. Political Science > Index > Program Subfields
American government and politics. Students of American government andpolitics seek an understanding of politics as practised in America.
Program Subfields: Political Theory Comparative Politics International Relations Political Methodology
American Government and Politics
Students of American government and politics seek an understanding of politics as practised in America. In addition to courses on the American presidency, the U.S. Congress, and the courts, the department offers specialized courses on such topics as the political role of mass media, interest groups and political parties, contitutional law, the role of lawyers, policy formation, politics in American states and cities, American political thought, and voting. Some of the broad questions which concern students in this field are: How and why did American political institutions, ideas, and practices develop as they have? How does one go about evaluating them? Are American political institutions, ideas and practices unique, or are they similar to other societies? How might American politics be improved? POL S 202, Introduction to American Politics, is recommended preparation for most other courses in American Politics. To aquire first-hand experience with the American political system, students are encouraged to participate in academic internships in Washington D.C., Olympia, or Seattle.

44. Barak Backs Down From Firing Rebel Ministers, Focuses On Saving Government

45. - The Index On Africa - Government & Politics
You are here index Countries Angola government politics. government politics. government, political parties, movements and elections. Law,
the Index News Update Opinion ... find: in Entire Index on Africa News Update Norske Sider English Pages You are here: index Countries Angola Government, political parties, movements and elections. Law
African Governments on the WWW - Angola

By Gunnar Anzinger
African political resources - Angola

Listings of political sites sorted by country, with links to parties, organisations, governments, media.
Angolan Republican Youth Organization (ORJA)

Official Angolan Youth Organization. Founded on March 14, 1988, Luanda, Angola.
Embassy in Washington DC

Front National de Liberation de l'Angola

Official site of the Front National de Liberation de l'Angola
The "official homepage" of the Republican Party of Angola PARTIDO REPUBLICANO DE ANGOLA-P.RE.A.(REPUBLICAN P Republican Party of Angola. Republic of Angola Site Top of page Search for a link: this category and subcategories the entire Index on Africa More search options Sub-categories Law The Norwegian Council for Africa The Solidarity House Osterhausgt. 27

46. CNN - Barak Toughens New Government With Ex-generals - May 30, 1999
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WORLD africa americas ... news quiz
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Barak toughens new government with ex-generals
Barak invites hard-line Likud to join coalition
Israel's Netanyahu ducks public eye
IMAGE GALLERY: A landslide onto shaky ground
IN-DEPTH SPECIAL: Israeli elections MESSAGE BOARD: Israeli election In this story: Talks to continue Disagreement on some issues RELATED STORIES, SITES May 30, 1999 Web posted at: 12:53 p.m. EDT (1653 GMT) JERUSALEM (CNN) Military brass filled the ranks of Israel's incoming administration Sunday as Prime Minister-elect Ehud Barak sought to forge a broad new government grounded in security. Barak, a former army chief of staff turned politician, named two former generals and the son of a former president to key posts in his administration, his advisers said.

47. - The Index On Africa - Government & Politics
You are here index Countries Eritrea government politics. government politics. government, political parties, movements, elections, etc. Law,
the Index News Update Opinion ... find: in Entire Index on Africa News Update Norske Sider English Pages You are here: index Countries Eritrea Government, political parties, movements, elections, etc. Law
Search for a link:
this category and subcategories the entire Index on Africa
More search options
Sub-categories Law
The Norwegian Council for Africa
The Solidarity House
Osterhausgt. 27
N-0183 Oslo
Phone: +47 22989312
Fax: +47 22989301 about the nca contact us Africa News Update Join our free newslist, Africa News Update , and keep yourself updated on what's happening on the continent! Enter your email: Join Remove Contribute Help us expand and improve the Index on Africa: Add a Resource Modify a Resource Comments Login about webmaster NORAD

48. SouthNow - Publications - N.C. DataNet Archives
A quarterly academic publication focused on the numbers of N.C. politics and government.
N.C. DataNet Archives DATA DOWNLOAD PAGE Adobe Acrobat PDF versions of back issues are available below.
(If you don't have the Acrobat reader installed, you can download it for free from Adobe Issue Publication Date Articles March 2002 NC 2000 Governor's Race
Follow the Money: Campaign Spending in Governor's Race 2000
Increased Competition Drives Up Costs of Races
Hunt for Statewide Leadership Draws Big Spenders
Polling in the 2000 NC Gubernatorial Race
Best Election Predictors Are Counties That Look Like NC
Labor Commissioner Goes Republican October 2001 NC Congressional Districts
Votes Just the Start of Long Redistricting Process
Incumbent Wins Set Record
Without Serious Challengers, Incumbents Still Spend Big

49. University Of Maryland
Fred Alford, professor of government and politics, reports on the bad newsfor whistleblowers, who in general lose their jobs, careers and houses.
June 09, 2004
5:48 AM
Center Deals with Plasma Physics, Fusion Energy

Ronald Reagan - His Life and Legacy

UM Experts Anticipate Bill Clinton's
My Life ...
  • Maryland's Children Deserve Better
    William Galston, Stern Professor of Civic Engagement and director of the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy (Public Affairs) writes in the Baltimore Sun : "The Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation recently issued its 15th annual Kids Count Data Book, a respected source of information about the condition of America's young people. The results were bad news - and a challenge - for Maryland." (The Casey Journalism Center for Children and Families is located in the Merrill School of Journalism.) June 8
  • Artist Falls Afoul of Patriot ActM
    The Christian Science Monitor's June 7
  • Robotic Repair Call to Hubble Taking Shape
    USA Today reports "NASA officials are starting to fill in the blanks of how they might rescue the Hubble Space Telescope with a robot." (UM's Ranger robot has been mentioned as the possible instrument of repair.) Robert Park, professor of physics (CMPS) who has campaigned against manned space flight, approves of the idea. June 8 more
  • Banking on the Profits of Proximity The university's M Square research park earns attention from the Washington Post for both its research implications and potential positive bottom line ramifications. President C.D. Mote Jr.; John Porcari, vice president for administrative affairs; and Brian Darmody, assistant vice president for research and economic development, comment on the park's potential and an impressive beginning in luring quality tenants.
  • 50. Internet Resources - Government Publications And Other Information About Governm
    InfoSpace government Page; The Intelligence Community (US); Larry s InfoPower MilitaryPeriodicals, index to; OMB Circulars (Selected); Savings Bonds. US politics.
    Jump to: Sources of Government Information of Broad Scope US Federal Government Information US State Government Information US Politics ... International Information This page is maintained by the Serial and GovernmentPublications Division , Library of Congress and is, of course, perpetually under construction. See also U.S.Legislative Branch Internet Resources , and Thomas , searchable full-text of bills and the Congressional Record.
    Sources of Government Information of Broad Scope

    51. Government & Politics : Databases & E-Resources (Library Of Congress)
    government politics. AccessUN An index of current and retrospective United Nationsdocuments and publications including documents from the six main bodies of

    52. Sp!ked-politics | Issues | The Hutton Inquiry
    Analysis and commentary about the government's inquiry into Dr. David Kelly's death by Mick Hume, Josie Appleton and Brendan O'Neill.
    Passing the buck in Iraq
    by David Chandler
    Women: are we equal now?
    by Jennie Bristow
    Search for in All Sections central politics IT science liberties risk culture health life essays SECTIONS central politics IT science ... essays new ISSUES War on Iraq
    The Hutton Inquiry

    War on terror

    Middle East

    Go to: spiked-central spiked-politics Issues: The Hutton Inquiry
    The Hutton Inquiry
    Article 2 February 2004 A tyranny of inquiries
    The UK's disturbing tendency to leave politics to judges. by Brendan O'Neill in spiked -politics Read on... Printer-friendly version Other articles Article 30 January 2004 BBC: cut the crap The BBC is a broadcaster, not a political opposition. by Jennie Bristow in spiked -culture Read on... Printer-friendly version Article 30 January 2004 The chilling of investigative journalism Law lords should not judge what reporters can and cannot say. by Tessa Mayes in spiked -culture Read on... Printer-friendly version 1 June 2004 West Nile Virus Does the UK really need an action plan to combat it?

    53. FAST-USA-9 (AV2D) US Government And Politics Papers Index
    US government and politics Papers FASTUS-9 (AV2D) US government and PoliticalSystem Survey (Hopkins) FAST Area Studies Program Department of Translation
    U.S. Government and Politics Papers
    FAST-US-9 (AV2D) U.S. Government and Political System Survey (Hopkins)
    FAST Area Studies Program
    Department of Translation Studies, University of Tampere

    (Listed Alphabetically by Student Name)

    US-9 Home
    ... FAST Home
    Last Updated 09 June 2001

    54. Shas Decides To Leave Israeli Government, Threatening Barak Coalition

    55. Writers' Research Index > Government And Politics > Government Past Present And
    Featured Novels. an error occurred while processing this directive. Writers Research index. Top government and politics government Past Present and Future.
    Writers' Research Index
    t he Forward Motion Community's recommended sites for writers Search for: Featured Novels [an error occurred while processing this directive] breadCrumbs("",">>","index.html","None","None","None","0");
    Writers' Research Index
    Top Top Resources What's New Search ... Government and Politics Government Past Present and Future
    Documenting the American south
    ( This seems to be a comprehensive listing of documents and histories of various events in the Southern United States including some minutes of various state government sessions leading up to the civil war. Weird Jim Rate it!
    Form of government
    ( Nice overview of different types of governments. ejagos Rate it!
    The History Guy
    ( American Government and Politics, Historical Personalities, Military History, New and Recent Conflicts in the World. Wonderful site fast-loading, easy to navigate, and full of excellent information. Magna Carta and the complete Federalist Papers are just a couple of the resources available here. HIGHLY recommended. hollylisle Rate it!

    56. National Political Index: Contacting State & Local Gov't Agencies
    Florida Division of Elections; Florida government and politics index;Florida government Information Locator Service; Florida index of
    National Political Index Featuring...
  • Alabama State Agency Directory
  • Alabama State Government Home Page
  • Alabama State Home Page (AlaWeb)
  • Alaska Constitution ...
  • California Law Revision Commission
  • California Local Government Guide (Virtual Tourist)
  • California Politics Page - BerkeleyIC
  • California State Agencies and Departments
  • California State Assembly
  • California State Government Guide ...
  • Hawai`i - Office of Hawaiian Affairs
  • Hawai`i State Government - Departments and Agencies (Index)
  • Hawai`i State Government Home Page
  • Hawai`i State Government Information
  • Idaho State Government Agencies
  • Idaho State Government Directory ... Index Please email comments to:
  • 57. National Political Index: Contacting State And Local Officials
    Elected Officials; Florida government and politics index; Florida governmentDirectory; Florida government Information Service; Florida
    National Political Index
    3. Contacting State and Local Officials (318)
    We assemble the latest research for you and yours - free.
    1. ALABAMA ...
  • WWW Virtual Library: State Government
  • Alabama - Office of the Governor
  • Alabama Department of Archives and History Homepage
  • Alabama State Government Home Page
  • Alabama State Home Page (AlaWeb) ...
  • Alabama State Legislature Directory
  • Alaska - Office of the Governor
  • Alaska Community Profiles
  • Alaska State Home Page
  • Alaska State House of Representatives ...
  • Alaska State Senate
  • Arizona - AZConnect
  • Arizona Legislature
  • Arizona State Home Page
  • Arkansas Government Relations Information
  • Arkansas State Government Information Page
  • Arkansas State Home Page
  • Assemblywoman Debra Bowen, California
  • California - Office of the Governor
  • California Elected Official E-Mail Directory
  • California Electronic Government Information (Index) ...
  • California State Senate Gopher
  • Colorado - County Governments
  • Colorado - Office of the Governor
  • Colorado - Office of the Lieutentant Governor
  • Colorado State General Assembly ...
  • Colorado State Home Page
  • Connecticut - Office of the Governor
  • Connecticut - State Legislative Guide
  • Connecticut Executive Branch Home Page
  • Connecticut Legislative Branch Home Page ...
  • Connecticut State Government Home Page
  • Delaware - Governor's Office
  • Delaware State Data Center
  • Delaware State Home Page
    District of Columbia
  • District Of Columbia
  • District of Columbia - Planet Earth Home Page
  • Florida - Office of the Governor
  • Florida Communities Network
  • Florida Elected Officials
  • Florida Government and Politics Index ...
  • Florida, Bay County Politics
  • 58. Government Links
    New York Times index of Cartoons (free registration required Clear politics Linksto news stories about politics from around Citizens Against government Waste.
    Mrs. Newmark's Page of American History, Government, and Politics Contents Home Page Homework Question of the Week Amazon Page Class Information AdvUSH GOPO APUSH ELPS Advanced United States History Lesson Units Links on United States History Quizzes AP United States Government and Politics Lesson Units Links on Government and Politics Quizzes AP United States History Lesson Units Links on United States History Quizzes Economics, Law and Political Systems Lesson Units Links for ELPS Quizzes Talk to Me E-mail betsynewmark @ Guestbook More Information Quiz Bowl Page My Background My blog My husband's blog ... My 8th Grade Social Studies Page More on History Quotations About History What Historians Do This Day in U.S. History Links News Sources North Carolina Newspapers The Constitution, Supreme Court and Legal Issues Issues: Campaign Finance Reform ... Interest Groups Test-Taking Tips Improving Your Objective Test-Taking Skills Test Taking Skills Strategies for Answering Multiple Choice Questions News Sources Internet Public Library - List of Online Newspapers by country Nettizen - Online Directory of Newspapers from around the world Opinion - Links to Opinion Pages from around the country organized by state

    59. Virtual Bangladesh : Directory
    Top/government and politics. Armed Forces (1), Elections (1), Embassies (13). governmentAgencies (8), Journals and Publications (1), Ministries (6). politics (9).

    60. North London Collegiate School- Government And Politics
    in Year 12 focuses on the way in which government works in The study of Politicsoffers plenty of opportunity for independent research and Departments index.
    Home History Junior Senior ... Vacancies
    Government and Politics
    Government and Politics is currently taught in Years 12 and 13. The aim of the AS/A2 course is to develop the interest which many students already have in politics and to relate the course content to contemporary political issues. The department also tries to widen an awareness of politics throughout the whole school. In Years 12 and 13 we follow the Edexcel Government and Politics specification. The AS Course in Year 12 focuses on the way in which government works in the UK, its relationship with the people and with the European Union and the changing nature of the UK political system. In Year 13, the A2 course focuses on a range of Political Ideologies including Socialism, Anarchism, Nationalism, Fascism and Feminism. The study of Politics offers plenty of opportunity for independent research and the department takes full advantage of the resources of the media, the school libraries and the world wide web. Students have also visited the Houses of Parliament and political party headquarters and have attended political seminars. The department regularly participates in various Model United Nations Conferences and has helped to organise mock elections in school. There is also a lively Current Affairs Society, run by members of Years 12 and 13, which arranges talks and workshops as part of the Senior Societies schedule and publishes

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