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1. Golf Stars Online
golf tour professionals find their sites, statistics, photos, interviews and more sites, fan sites, online bios, statistics, photos, pictures, interviews advice on attending specific golf tournaments, daily news views on golfers. Add your views. golf stores gear
Welcome to Golf Stars Online , where you can find reviewed links to official sites, fan sites, online bios, statistics, photos, pictures, interviews, feature articles, books, equipment lists, merchandise and other web resources dedicated to the world's top pros from the US, Europe and beyond! Quick links
Sergio Garcia

Ben Hogan

Bobby Jones

Phil Mickelson
Tiger Woods
Find sites and resources dedicated to leading golfers (by player surname A B C D ... X-Z You'll also find advice on attending specific golf tournaments, daily news, views and anecdotes, some exclusive deals for visitors, and an opportunity for you to comment on a favorite golfer. Other GSO sites: Discount Golf Clubs World Golf Clubs Search Barney's Shaft Showcase Golf Shoes Search ...
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2. GNSharkFan | Information Guide For Western NY Golfers | Print Sources
It gives bios on players, up to the golf remains the same, and it is listed because of its value at targeting a specific audience. In this case women golfers
Golf Pathfinder Home
Golf: Print Resources Golf: Video Resources Affordable Local Courses There is a funny line by actor Leslie Nielsen in his video Bad Golf Made Easier , which poked fun at golf instruction in both video and print format. The line is simply, "The only thing you can learn from golf books is that you can't learn anything from golf books, but you have to read an awful lot of them in order to find that out." The quote illustrates the sometime frustration golfers get from seeking out the best available instruction their finances will allow. Not everyone can afford a lesson from the club pro for $50$60 a pop. That is not to say there is not good golf instructional books out there. Below is a bibliography compiled from WebPAC , which is the online catalog service for Niagara County's public library system, Beacon , which is the online catalog service for the Buffalo and Erie County public libary, and BISON , which is the online catalog system for the University of Buffalo Libraries. In addition the author of this pathfinder has added some excellent golf books which will aid all golfers in the physical fitness area of golf, and injury prevention. Golf has the elusion of being a very passive sport but it does have a form of physical contact: your club hitting the ball. That act can put tremendous strain on a person's back. Note that some of the best golfers in the world all seem to have back ailments. When overviewing the print sources provided please do

3. Tiger Woods And The Sport Of Golf
Tiger Woods and the Sport of golf. Now that Tiger Woods has most golfing records, interest in the sport is at an all time high. Boys and girls who yearn to hit the links might enjoy the following books about the sport of golf. of her opponents. In golf Didriksen was a trailblazer, co pros will encourage young golfers. Brief bios of some big is devoted to a specific aspect of the game, including
Tiger Woods and the Sport of Golf
Now that Tiger Woods has most golfing records, interest in the sport is at an all time high. Boys and girls who yearn to hit the links might enjoy the following books about the sport of golf. For more up to the minute news on Tiger, visit his website Babe Didriksen: The Greatest All-Sport Athlete of All Time
Susan E. Cayleff
ISBN: 1-57324-194-6 Babe Didrikson Zaharias: All-Around Athlete
Jane Sutcliffe
Illustrations by Jeni Reeves
ISBN: 1-57505-421-3 ISBN: 1-57505-447-7 Babe Didrikson Zaharias: Driven to Win
Nancy Wakeman
ISBN: 0-8225-4917-4 Babe Didrikson Zaharias: The Making of a Champion
Russell Freedman
Russell Freedman rarely writes a biography without receiving accolades. His latest is the story of the fourth of seven children born to poor Swedish immigrants, and it seems Babe's life was set up for struggle. During her life she fought poverty, gender stereotyping, the world's confusion at a female athlete whose passion for, and skill at sports crossed boundaries, until she met her final contender-cancer. Freedman does an excellent job of surrounding Babe in historical and personal context so her individualistic and sometimes apparently self-proud persona makes total sense. The book is filled with wonderful photographs, pithy quotations, and the depth of research and understanding for which Freeman is deservedly esteemed. 2000, Clarion, $18.00, Ages 9 up. Reviewer: Susie Wilde ISBN: 0-395-63367-2 Babe Didrikson Zaharias: The Making of a Champion

4. Golfing In Las Vegas - Local Information
the players on the tour. For specific bios on these or any of the tour players, go The Southern Nevada golf Association serves area golfers and is the official
Golfing in Las Vegas Local Information Change to Text version
Golf Shops
Club Repair Shops LV Tour Players ... Local Organizations
Local Golf Magazine:
Vegas Golfer
- Our local golf magazine is a 1st class, enjoyable & informative magazine about golf happenings in Las Vegas. The articles are written by some of the best known players on all three tours, and sometimes can give you an inside look at their lives on the tour. I completely recommend that you check them out and subscribe if you regularly visit Las Vegas or just want to read the best local type golf news magazine published. Do I sound biased ? Heck yes, - I have seen a lot of the other local type golf magazines. This one is printed on "slick" paper, not the newspaper type, just to give you a partial idea of the magazine. You may also reach them by Call Toll Free: 1-877-312-1900 Our Local No.: 702-312-1900

5. FIT 4 GOLF, Inc. - About Us - The Only Customized Posture Balancing Program
Chicago's source for customized posture balancing for golfers. Optimize your flexibility, strength, posture, balance and coordination. Eliminate nagging shoulder and back discomfort. Home. Employee bios. Maps Directions Weather Fit 4 golf offers golfers state of the art health and increase your knowledge about the specific structural problems that are present

About Us Employee Bios Maps Directions Weather Contact Us Test of the Month ... Fore Your Health tm
About Us FIT 4 GOLF is...
the Only Customized Golf Fitness Program. Fit 4 Golf offers golfers state of the art health and fitness programming that is specifically tailored to individual needs and goals. The purpose of Fit 4 Golf is to maximize one's performance while also preventing injury and/or decreasing physical symptoms. Fit 4 Golf not only will improve your physical self no matter what "condition" you may currently be in, but it will also increase your knowledge about the specific structural problems that are present and give you the tools to take control of your body. This not only improves your enjoyment of the game but also allows you to play your best golf for a lifetime. Why FIT 4 GOLF?
Because your body is the most important part of your game! Optimum golf performance and safety can only be achieved by having balance among all the physical factors of golf. Your flexibility, posture, strength, balance, range of motion, and coordination are directly related to how you swing a golf club. It's basic physics! Structure governs function. If your body is out of balance your swing will be out of balance? Let's find out!
Deep Tissue Active Release for Increased Flexibility Dramatically Increase Your Golf Swing Performance!

6. Golf Atlanta Or Atlanta Golf Is The Premier Golf
Atlanta golf site specializing in course reviews, celebrity golf, golf real estate, golf proshop, and golf vacations. Ask The Pros. Contributor bios. Get golf Discounts. golf Travel a new message by clicking on the specific URL's below thousands of hard core golfers in the metro Atlanta area

7. FIT 4 GOLF, Inc. - New! Wellness Store - The Only Customized Posture Balancing P
Chicago's source for customized posture balancing for golfers. Optimize your flexibility, strength, posture, balance and coordination. Eliminate nagging shoulder and back discomfort. Employee bios. Maps specific causes of the imbalances and how they would adversely affect your physical health and be detrimental to your golf

About Us Employee Bios Maps Directions Weather ... Links New! Wellness Store Fore Your Health tm
New! Wellness Store Gift Certificate for a Fit4Golf Evaluation Great for Holidays, Birthdays, special occasions! Give that special person the gift of good health. Good for a two hour Comprehensive Physical Evaluation designed to identify areas of the body that are out of alignment. The evaluation delves further to identify the specific causes of the imbalances and how they would adversely affect your physical health and be detrimental to your golf swing function. Act now and receive 20% off your evaluation. Good through the end of September. Normal price $150.00 Now $120.00 Gift Certificate for 1 Fit4golf Evaluation and a Starter session . This is great for an even more special friend/family. This includes not only the evaluation, but also a starter session designed to actively target those areas of need right away. Following the evaluation, you will be on your way to achieving that perfectly balanced body by receiving a one hour treament session delivering myofascial release deep tissue work right to where it is needed most. Then a binder of custom corrective starter exercises will be instructed to complete the session so that you can begin right away at home fixing your body back into tip top super balanced shape. For a limited time only 200.00 65 cm Thera-Band® Exercise Ball only $30.00

8. CLIPS: Golf On The Internet
Coachella Valley's golf Newspaper. golf In Cyberspace. By Gary M. Pinkston (1650 word feature. Originally published April, 1998) When golf met the Internet it was love at first byte. bios and pictures of their favorite players; intimate details of even the most prestegious of golf then request specific information on the resource for golfers of all levels
Desert GOLF Coachella Valley's Golf Newspaper
Golf In Cyberspace
By Gary M. Pinkston (1650 word feature. Originally published April, 1998)
When Golf met the Internet it was love at first byte. The tremendous popularity of the game has created in its enthusiasts a craving for golf related information that seems almost insatiable. The Internet feeds this craving in ways no other medium can. At the touch of a mouse the game’s deciples can open an electronic window into any of the more than 5000 golf sites currently availible on the World Wide Web. These windows provide high and low handicapper alike instantaneous access to up-to-the-minute tournament scores and leader-boards; info on the latest and greatest high-tech equipment; bios and pictures of their favorite players; intimate details of even the most prestegious of golf courses or next Wednesday’s weather forecast at their local muni. Available 24 hours a day and providing a two-way communication capability, the Internet allows its users an interactivity with its sites that other media cannot. They can first investigate hundreds of golfing get-a-way vacation packages, then book their reservations and pay for them, all on-line. Order the hottest new video from a popular teaching Pro. Choose a golf camp and then book their children into. Or find the perfect fairway home at a club on the other side of the continent, then request specific information on the neighborhood’s schools, shopping and transportation. Unfortunately, the Internet is also the most disorganized database ever created by man. No central index or directory exists and there is no reference librarian on duty in cyberspace. Upon entry, its vast complexity can be quite intimidating. You are on your own with only the dim glow of your computer screen to guide you and all paths look the same. Some lead to Mega-sites like Golfweb while others lead into little backwaters like Joe’s used golf ball shopand some, like staircases in Sarah Winchester’s mansion, simply go nowhere at all. One can soon find themselves bumbling about like a blind man with a too-short cane.

9. Golf Instruction
Willow golf Resort is WorldClass golf instruction Academy offers comprehensive programsfor golfers of all student s ability and tailor specific lessons to

Private Lessons



Academy Memberships
Golf Instruction Contact Form

The Academy at Desert Willow Golf Resort is World-Class golf instruction Get Results. The Academy offers comprehensive programs for golfers of all skill levels. Focusing on technique and course management, instructors analyze the student's ability and tailor specific lessons to make the greatest impact on their game in the shortest amount of time The Academy campus offers all-grass tees to practice the full swing, a short game area that includes grass and sand bunkers, a chipping green, a pitching green, and a large putting area. Students also benefit from on-course evaluations conducted on either of desert Willow's two championship courses. Classroom sessions at The Academy include ASTAR video analysis for comprehensive evaluation. The Academy offers flexible programs designed for the individual student's specific needs. Call the Academy at (800) 747-3575 for further information. Testimonials: "The Academy at Desert Willow was Superb!"
Brandon Shrump
La Quinta, California

10. Ramsay McMaster - Welcome
How to commence a golf specific Fitness Program;. Pilates based golf exercises, 6good stretches for golfers;. As you will see from my bio I have dedicated my
Sign In or Become a Member Now. Jimmy Ballard Steven Bann Jane Blalock Chuck Cook Dr. Richard Coop John Elliott, Jr. David Glenz Hank Haney GolfSpan Instruction McLean's Instructors Mike LaBauve Sandy LaBauve Jack Lumpkin Paul Marchand Jim McLean Ramsay McMaster Dr. Fran Pirozzolo Celebrity Players Tour Denis Pugh
I would like to take this opportunity to thank GolfSpan for inviting me into their excellent organization as their Golf Fitness Consultant
"Golf Specific Fitness"
and injury prevention. We will cover some of the common golf topics on a regular basis:
Golf Fitness for Senior Golfers; How to commence a Golf Specific Fitness Program; How to warm up correctly prior to a round of Golf; Pilates based golf exercises, 6 good stretches for golfers; and much more.
As you will see from my bio I have dedicated my professional life to the health and well being of golfers. We hope to give you some great practical advice to not only improve your physical performance but also allow you to play without pain. In achieving this, we will also hopefully prolong your longevity on the golf course so you can shoot 90 at 90 and beyond.
7007 E Gold Dust, Suite 1072, Scottsdale, AZ 85253

11. Teaching Pros Rethinking Approach
America includes 12 programs that target specific groups or are Free Lesson Monthand Link Up 2 golf. lessons and is aimed at experienced golfers seeking help
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12. Golf Training Products, Golfing Tips, Golf Newsletter, And Free Golf Books.
By introducing the techniques of yoga, golfers can become highly flexibility and rangeof motion in specific areas of on the mediation floor or the golf course

13. Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs - Philosophy
With regard to the specific aspects of golf architecture, we believe a golf courseshould be a fair challenge to all levels of golfers; economical to construct
The Raymond Hearn Design Philosophy
design philosophy embraced by Raymond Hearn Golf Course Designs incorporates ideas and principles from a wide spectrum of disciplines. Our general philosophy embodies the principle that a golf development, similar to all developments, should blend harmoniously with its context. As golf becomes a more popular and democratic sport, the golf landscape will play a critical role in strengthening the vitality of communities. A golf course, in addition to being an exciting and beautiful place to play golf, should be integrated into the environment within which it is sited. A golf course should contribute positively toward the cultural identity, social structure, and environmental integrity of a community. With From a golf standpoint, the intent of our designs is to create a golfing environment that will challenge both the expert and the novice golfer. We work very hard during the design development stage of the project to ensure that each hole has the proper balance of risk and reward that integrates with the inherent site characteristics. Strategic golf holes, that make golfers have to think, is a critical component to a great golf course. Aesthetic appeal is also a key component to a quality golf development. Our extensive education and experience in landscape architecture has allowed us to create golf courses that are visually appealing and function harmoniously with their natural environment. We know that a majority of golfers desire a visually pleasurable space on which to enjoy the sport of golf. Our designs utilize all of the natural features a site has to offer so the final product integrates naturally with its environment.

14. Fitness For Golfers: Lose Weight Loss Fast Diet
Professional golfers make the game look easy golf is a game of balance, discipline,and touch Enhancing and improving those specific shills, requires a balanced
Diet Reviews Home Page
Fad Diet Reviews
Cabbage Soup diet

Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle diet

Grapefruit diet

Negative Calorie diet
South Beach diet
Diet Supplement Reviews
Trim Spa


Xenadrine RFA

Lean DynamX
Diet Articles Add Link Links
Fitness For Golfers
by Dr. Richard Myers There are millions of people addicted to golf. Why? Golf can be played on a beautiful course with as many people as you like, and in very pleasant weather. Golf if very gentle on your body, and is truly the sport of a lifetime.

15. Golf Atlanta Or Atlanta Golf: Is The Premier Golf Website In A
of the aches and pains so many golfers experience during program will be beneficial,a golf specific program will

16. Welcome To Niagara Golf - Professional Staff Bio's
Professional Staff Bio s, Chairman for the Ontario Professional golfers Association. andhis successfully completed numerous golf specific training programs.
Oak Hall Par 3 Golf Course Whirlpool Golf Course
Niagara Parks

Golf Home
Professional Staff Bio's Curtis Labelle
Head CPGA Professional Curtis Labelle has a remarkable passion for the game of golf. He is dedicated to every aspect of the game and has outstanding communication abilities with people and a strong drive for customer service excellence. A native of Belleville, Ontario Curtis was introduced to the game by his father as a junior and turned Professional at the age of 21. He is actively involved in the golf industry with over 25 years of experience and is a member in good standing with the Canadian Professional Golfers Association, The Association of Golf Merchandisers and has served 3 years as the Membership Chairman for the Ontario Professional Golfers Association. Curtis has been with the Niagara Parks Commission for 5 years and prior to becoming the Head CPGA Professional of Legends on the Niagara he served as the Head Professional of Whirlpool Golf Course the classic Stanley Thompson course established in 1951. Curtis also brings experience from 5 previous Professional Golf Facilities and his successfully completed numerous golf specific training programs. In additional to his Head Professional duties, Curtis is the Tournament Services Director for the Royal Canadian Golf Associations LPGA BMO Financial Women’s Group Canadian Open hosted by Legends on the Niagara, played on the Battlefield layout July 5 – 11 2004.

17. ASGA Tour
Team Sponsorship. Overall Tour Sponsorship. Player bios Real Time are the best opportunityfor golf to grow These people though have specific barriers inhibiting
Click for info
Tour Home Page

Breaking News


Pro-Championship Pro-Net Pro-Am Pro-Amateur Handicap System Guidelines
Industry Information

Scope of Events

Charity Relationship

2004 Schedule
Tournament Information
Sheet Entry Form Purses Statistics Career Money List Scoring Averages 2004 Money List Event Director Info ... Membership Sponsorship Programs Event Sponsorship Pro Am Team Sponsorship Overall Tour Sponsorship Player Bios ... Tour News Click for info FAQs Links ASGA Tour, Inc. 660 S. Hughes Boulevard Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Fax 252.333.1307 Tom Kidd, CEO Vera L. Harrell, VP of Administration Bob Marshburn, President Event Development PO Box 22035 Knoxville, TN 37933 William Conwell Chief Operating Officer Charlotte, NC Steve Gray, Dir. of Strategic Marketing Lebanon, OH Meier Raivich, Dir. of Communications Media Relations Chicago, IL Brett Hanson, Exe. Director USPGL Apex, NC

18. Private Lessons
Many golfers spend hours practicing without specific goals or One Lesson $90 Onehourprivate golf lessons concentrate on areas of concern selected

Private Lessons



Academy Memberships
Golf Instruction Contact Form

Many golfers spend hours practicing without specific goals or objectives and are not satisfied with the results. If you are serious about your game, make an appointment with a Desert Willow Academy professional to have a comprehensive swing evaluation and a customized plan that will achieve results. Private Lessons
Private lessons are best for students who are interested in one-on-one instruction and who wish to practice in between lessons as opposed to enrolling in several hours of continuous instruction. One Lesson $90
One-hour private golf lessons concentrate on areas of concern selected by the student and instructor. Students receive DVD of their swing (before/after) and a lesson summary to take with them. Series of Three $240
Three, one-hour private golf lessons, concentrating on an area of concern selected by the student. Students receive DVD analysis of their swing and lesson summary. Lessons can be broken up over several days if needed.
Contact Us
Past Academy Students include: 1996 US Open and 2003 Masters winners!

19. SuperLinks Directory
and handicaps, team rosters, coach bios, current news Seek out specific universitiesand colleges and Auburn University Men s golf Tigers - official web site
Please visit our sponsors. SuperLinks Directory
Make a Free Web Site
Home Golf Request a Link Golfing at a university level is preparation for a lifelong sporting hobby or a professional career - your choice. The following websites address individual college golfers and their statistics. You can find player profiles and handicaps, team rosters, coach bios, current news or statistics. Seek out specific universities and colleges and event schedules and locations, based on region, team rankings, or coaching strategy. You can also find links to training camps for college students, scholarship information and pictures.
Site Listings

20. VL Of Sport - Golf
stop source of historic stats, bios and results based on their Official World GolfRanking with Ohio, 2004; selected players from specific International matches
Home Golf Sites Golf Home The Game General Information Major tournaments ... US Open US Open Golf th th June • City: Southampton, NY • Venue: Shinnecock Hills
The US Open
one of 4 majors is one of the most prestigious golf tournament in the world. When talking about a Major (US Open, British Open, Masters, PGA Championship) the significance of the event can be summed up with one word … more More money, more pressure, more media coverage, more prestige : The winner in this year’s Open will walk away with $1,080,000 in prize money alone. The total prize money is $6,000,000 which is the 3 largest purse this year. The event will be broadcast to nearly every television in the North America and Western Europe.
Particular interests to look out for:
Look out for Phil Mickelson, fresh of his win at the Masters is confident and in championship form. He has always performed well at Shinnecock Hills and is expected to do so this year. VJ Sinj, Tiger Woods and Ernie Els are all definite contenders For news updates Mercury News San Jose ;

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