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         Global Change:     more books (100)
  1. The Science and Politics of Global Climate Change: A Guide to the Debate by Andrew E. Dessler, Edward A. Parson, 2006-01-23
  2. Global Mind Change: The Promise of the 21st Century (BK Currents) by Willis Harman, 1998-01-01
  3. Global Climate Change and U.S. Law by Michael B. Gerrard, 2007-09-25
  4. The Cryosphere and Global Environmental Change (Environmental Systems and Global Change Series) by Olav Slaymaker, Richard Kelly, 2007-01-29
  5. Global Warning: The Last Chance for Change by Paul Brown, 2007-10-04
  6. Global Environmental Change and Land Use
  7. Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope by Brian McLaren, 2007-10-02
  8. Climate and Global Environmental Change (Understanding Global Environmental Change) by Danny Harvey, 1999-01-01
  9. Women Imagine Change: A Global Anthology of Women's Resistance from 600 B.C.E. to Present by Delamotte, 1997-09-17
  10. Technology and Global Change by Arnulf Grübler, 2003-10-16
  11. Global Change in the Holocene
  12. Geographies of Global Change: Remapping the World
  13. International Relations and Global Climate Change (Global Environmental Accord: Strategies for Sustainability and Institutional Innovation)
  14. Global Change and Health (Understanding Public Health) by Kelley Lee, Jeff Collin, 2005-11-01

1. Global Change Master Directory Web Site
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GCMD is the North American Coordinating Node of the CEOS International Directory Network Find Data Sets by Topic: Agriculture
forest science, soils ... Atmosphere
precipitation, air quality ... Biosphere
vegetation, zoology ... Climate Indicators
air temperature, drought ... Human Dimensions
land use, population ... Hydrosphere
rivers/streams, water quality ... Land Surface
erosion, topography ... Oceans marine biology, salinity ... Paleoclimate ice cores, land records ... Snow and Ice frozen ground, sea ice ... Solid Earth geochemistry, seismology ...

2. US Global Change Research Program
US global change Research Program. Helping to understand,assess, predict, and respond to global change.
New Library Events Links ... Site Map
Helping to understand, assess
and predict global change... Our most popular feature
: See New postings for the latest on global change research, including organized links to new material posted here and on other sites. Our Changing Planet
The Fiscal Year 2003 US Global Change Research Program and Climate Change Research Initiative [PDF, 1.6 Mb] Also available in hardcopy from the GCRIO Online Catalog Privacy Policy Overview of U.S. Research on Climate and Global Change
(link to Climate Change Science Program) Participants . Information organized according to participating government agency International Research Cooperation Assessments . Knowledge useful to decision-makers. Calls for Proposals Research Program Elements Details on the topics of greatest interest to the USGCRP. Atmospheric Composition Global Carbon Cycle Global Water Cycle Ecosystems ... Implementing Climate and Global Change Research: A Review of the Final U.S. Climate Change Science Program Strategic Plan . Report (issued 18 Feb 2004) from the National Research Council (NRC). See also the NRC press release (also issued 18 Feb 2004), Government Climate Change Research Plan Provides Guiding Vision And Should Be Implemented, But Needs Additional Funding

3. Center For Global Change
The focal point of this facility at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is for developing, coordinating and implementing interdisciplinary research and education related to the role of the Arctic and subArctic in the Earth system, and to stimulate and facilitate global change research in this region.
A campus-wide framework for linking knowledge and people
Organization and Staff
Science Steering Committee
Activities ...
UAF Weekly Science Calendar
Featured on the Center's Web Site
Global Change
Although the Earth system is constantly changing, ozone depletion, increases in atmospheric greenhouse gases, large-scale pollution and changing patterns of natural resource use demonstrate that human activities are altering the Earth system at an accelerated pace. Awareness of this has led to an evolving international consensus on the importance of both increasing our scientific understanding of global change and linking scientific findings to policy decisions.
The Role of the Arctic
The Arctic is characterized by one of the most extreme environments on the planet, with limited sunlight, extreme temperatures, and a short growing season. Sea ice, snow cover, glaciers, tundra, permafrost, boreal forests, and peatlands are all sensitive indicators of change, susceptible to subtle variations in sunlight, surface temperature, ocean heat transport, air and ocean chemistry, and the particulate loading of the atmosphere.

4. CO2 Science Magazine
Skeptical of possible negative effects, the center is a nonprofit organization specializing in the online publication of scientific research and education developments related to the rising CO2 content of earth's atmosphere.
Volume 7 Number 23: 9 June 2004
New issue posted every Wednesday
To receive weekly summaries of CO Science Magazine by email click here Contribute to the Center
The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change now accepts credit card donations via PayPal. Please send your generous donation today and help us maintain free access to CO Science Magazine for all. Temperature Record of the Week
This issue's Temperature Record of the Week is from Arcadia, Florida. During the period of most significant greenhouse gas buildup over the past century, i.e., 1930 and onward, Arcadia's mean annual temperature has cooled by 1.13 degrees Fahrenheit. Not much global warming here! Editorial
"It's Never Too Late" to "Live Long and Prosper"
: Taking a cue from demographic science and Star Trek's Mr. Spock, we explore some interesting similarities between plant and animal lifespan extension. Subject Index Summaries
Droughts (North America: Canada)
: Climate alarmists warn of all sorts of weather disasters, including droughts, as the earth recovers from the debilitating chill of the Little Ice Age and assumes the temperature mantle of the Modern Warm Period. Does history vindicate them? We here explore this question across the broad Canadian heartland of the Prairie Provinces. Biodiversity (Weeds vs. Non-Weeds)

5. USGS Global Change Research
The US Geological Survey s global change Research Program is an international sourcefor groundbased and remotely sensed earth science data and information
Earth Surface Dynamics
The earth's surface does not exist in a static, unchanging "natural" condition interrupted only by the work of humans, but instead it is a dynamic system of which humans are a part. Knowledge about changes to the Earth's surface and the underlying processes that induce them has enormous impact on how society responds to these changes and, ultimately, the cost of responding to change. USGS Global Change Research activities strive to achieve a whole-system understanding of the interrelationships among earth surface processes, ecological systems, and human activities. Activities of the program focus on documenting, analyzing, and modeling the character of past and present environments and the geological, biological, hydrological, and geochemical processes involved in environmental change so that future environmental changes and impacts can be anticipated.

6. Global Center Home Page
Indiana University's Center for the Study of global change infuses a global perspective in undergraduate and graduate teaching, research and outreach.
IAE Summer Institute
International Studies Summer Institutes

Global Interactive Academic NeTwork (GIANT)

FLAS Fellowships
League of Nations Photo Archive
Global Center Search
Center for the Study of Global Change
201 N. Indiana Ave., Bloomington, IN 47408
Phone - 812/855-0756 FAX - 812/855-6271
Comments and questions:
2001, The Trustees of Indiana University

7. U.S. Global Change Research Information Office
Provides access to data and information on climate change research, adaptation/mitigation strategies and technologies, and global warming related educational resources for users worldwide.
New Library About Ask Dr. Global Change ... Links Since 1993, disseminating scientific research information useful in
preventing, mitigating, or adapting to the effects of global change.
GCRIO Program Overview Library . Our extensive collection of documents. GCRIO Online Catalog. Order a report, brochure or CD. See also... Recent Additions
(posted February 2004)
Implementing Climate and Global Change Research: A Review of the Final U.S. Climate Change Science Program Strategic Plan . Report (issued 18 Feb 2004) from the National Research Council (NRC). See also the NRC press release (also issued 18 Feb 2004), Government Climate Change Research Plan Provides Guiding Vision And Should Be Implemented, But Needs Additional Funding . (posted 18 Feb 2004). ...and Earlier Additions Dr Global Change is a reference service that can assist you in finding information and data relevant to global environmental change. Answers are prepared by GCRIO staff along with staff from U.S. Government agencies. U.S. Global Change Research Information Office, Suite 250, 1717 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20006. Tel: +1 202 223 6262. Fax: +1 202 223 3065. Email:

8. NASAs Global Change Master Directory Site Map
Science User Working Group. Collaborations. Software Documentation. MetadataStandards. Staff. Publications. NASA s global change Master Directory Site Map.
About Us FAQ Contact Us Site Map ... Publications NASA's Global Change Master Directory Site Map
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9. Global Change
Web TV, online books and features by Futurist Dr. Patrick Dixon future of life on earth, cloning, biotech, digital age, business, banking, management, marketing, lifestyles, health, politics, economics.
Search over 26,414 pages on the Future

Site Intro (Movie)
Mailing List - News
Impact of Iraq War
Trends Analysis
by Dr Patrick Dixon Futurist Recent Video / Articles by Dr Patrick Dixon 5.5 million hits in 12 months 4 million visitors on this site Global Change
Chairman Dr Patrick Dixon Trends Analysis and Organisational Development
Services for Fortune 500 companies / multinationals Global Change: Global forecasting - vital trends which affect corporate survival: globalisation, economic instability, market changes, production and distribution, technology, computers, networking, virtual offices, socio-demographic changes, biotechnology, science, medicine, financial services, tribalism, political changes, single issues, lifestyle changes and global ethics. Global Change : Management of change - challenges to management created by ever faster events: dynamic workshops / think tanks / conferences. Global Change: Senior executive training - taking a broader view, decisive management, coping with accelerating global demands.

10. What's New, US Global Change Research Program
US global change Research Program. Helping to understand, assess, predict, and respondto global change. Workshop on Issues in global change. 89 April 2004.
About Site Map New Library ...
New Search
Updated 21 April, 2004
Recent Internet Postings Related to USGCRP Focus Areas
For earlier listings, see the Archives
On this Page
General Atmospheric Composition Ecosystems The Global Carbon Cycle ... The Global Water Cycle Listed below are links to new postings related to the USGCRP's focus areas. We include not just links to items posted on this site, but also to material available elsewhere. Inclusion of links to offsite material does not imply formal review and approval of those postings. Within each category, items usually are listed in reverse chronological order. We add new links at least once each month. The links remain there for roughly a month before being archived. You can find archived links organized by USGCRP Focus Area and in chronological order
For lots of other links especially useful to students and teachers, see our general page on Educational Resources
Order a report, brochure or CD from the U.S. Global Change Research In

11. Redirect
The (AGCI) summer programs provide a series of indepth sessions for invited scientists from around the world to explore the latest understandings of the global environment and how human activities affect Earth systems.
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12. Untitled Document
The global change project is redesiging its website. For more information,contact the Pacific Institute. Founded in 1987 and based
The Global Change project is redesiging its website. For more information, contact the Pacific Institute. Founded in 1987 and based in Oakland, California the Pacific Institute is an independent, nonpartisan think-tank studying issues at the intersection of development, environment, and security.

US global change Research Information OfficeUS global change Research Information Office. Order a report, brochure or CD.See also US global change Research Program logo and link to home page.

14. Joint Global Change Research Institute | University Of Maryland
Publications and information from a joint Pacific Northwest Lab/University of Maryland institute dedicated to examining the problems associated with global climate change.
The Joint Global Change Research Institute houses an interdisciplinary team dedicated to understanding the problems of global climate change and their potential solutions. Joint Institute staff bring decades of experience and expertise to bear in science, technology, economics, and policy. One of the strengths of the Joint Institute is a network of domestic and international collaborators that encourages the development of global and equitable solutions to the climate change problem. Initiated in early 2001, the Joint Institute brings together the intersecting interests of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Maryland . Staff at the Joint Institute are focused on developing new opportunities to train university students in these interdisciplinary areas. Please visit again soon as we have plans to expand and enrich the site. PNNL, is operated by Battelle Memorial Institute on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy Internship Announcements
JGCRI is currently accepting applications for student internships. Apply today! Lunchtime Seminars for the Spring 2004 Semester
Presentation Material from Climate Change Symposium
Joint Global Change Research Institute University of Maryland 8400 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 201

15. WBGU Website
German Advisory Council on global change (WBGU). Serving global changePolitics. WBGULogo, Invitation to a side event at the International
Policy Paper "Renewable energies for sustainable development: Impulses for
Alfred Wegener Institute

Email to the Webmaster

Last Update:

16. USGS GeoChange Data Holdings
US Geological Survey global change Research Program Publications andData. A description of the overall structure of data sets on
Publications and Data
A description of the overall structure of data sets on this server is available, showing conventions for directory structure and formal metadata.
Global characteristics of the modern world ocean
Modern Average Global Sea Surface Temperature
U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Series DDS-10, by Peter N. Schweitzer [Update info]
Monthly Average Polar Sea Ice Concentration
U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Series DDS-27, by Peter N. Schweitzer [Update info]
PRISM: Pliocene Research, Interpretation, and Synoptic Mapping
USGS Open-File Report 92-712
Palynological data from Pliocene sediments, DSDP leg 5 site 32, Northeastern Pacific ocean. U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 92-712, by R. Farley Fleming.
USGS Open-File Report 92-713
Palynological data from a 989-ft (301-m) core of Pliocene and early Pleistocene sediments from Bruneau, Idaho. U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 92-713, By Robert S. Thompson.
USGS Open-File Report 93-563
Pliocene palynomorph census data from the Pinecrest beds (Tamiami Formation) in Quality Aggregates Phase 6 pit, Southwestern Florida U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 93-563, By Debra A. Willard.
Modern and fossil ostracode census data from the Western Pacific Ocean and seas around Japan
Data from two reports published in Micropaleontology and Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology

17. - U.S. Global Change Data And Information System (GCDIS)
global change news New Climate Monitoring Network Now Operational NOAA announcedrecently that a new, hightech climate monitoring network, designed to track
Home page New Datasets Data Policies Publications ... Help Search by Discipline All disciplines agriculture atmosphere carbon ecology and biology geology human dimensions hydrology land surface oceans paleoclimate snow and ice solar physics Agency Programs ARM


NOAA Server

Data Policies DIWG Policies
Agency Data Policies


Full list of policy info...

Publications Our Changing Planet
for FY2003
Climate Action Report GCOS National Report ... Citations National Assessment Overview Foundation Report Regions Sectors National Assessment Referenced Publications Choose... Foundation Citations ** REGIONS ** California Mid-Atlantic Pacific Islands ** SECTORS ** Coastal Human Health Water Search citation database... Full list of publications... Agency Research Dept of Agriculture Dept of Commerce Dept of Defense Dept of Energy ... Smithsonian Other Resources Education Programs Information Centers International Programs Conference Calendar News for 7 February 2004 Year-to-year changes in concentration of carbon dioxide and methane, two important greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, can be linked to fire activity associated with the El Nino-La Nina cycle, according to a study conducted by a team of NASA scientists and other researchers. Study results appear in an article in the Jan. 2, 2004, issue of

18. GCDIS: Help - Ask Dr. Global Change
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19. File Not Found Error 404
Provides information about this groups goal to elucidate the globalArctic feedback mechanism and predict the impact of the global climate change on the Arctic region. Includes research directions, special projects, and resources.
PLEASE NOTE: The Japan Marine Science and Technology Center (JAMSTEC) funded IARC-Frontier Research System for Global Change program became a part of IARC under its Director and Chief Scientist effective April 1, 2004. This program has reorganized into three projects: (1) Climate variability, (2) Sea ice modeling, and (3) Ocean chemistry to detect climate change. The research from the three projects focuses on understanding climate variability and is expected to be an integral and complementary part of the Climate of the Arctic: Modeling and Processes (CAMP) project of the International Arctic Research Center. Due to the reorganization, the IARC-Frontier web site will be incorporated into the main IARC site. Please click on the link below to go there now. If you are looking for one of our researchers or staff , please go directly to: If you have any questions regarding this change, please send them to: Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

20. ScienceDirect - Chemosphere - Global Change Science - List Of Issues
global change and Terrestrial Ecosystems (GCTE) Home PageNews Research highlights, new activities, progress report and position announcements.Hotlinks A list of other homepages featuring global changes issues.
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Chemosphere - Global Change Science Bookmark this page as:
Incorporated into Chemosphere
Volume 3
Volume 3, Issue 4 , Pages 367-421 (October 2001) Volume 3, Issue 3 , Pages 209-366 (July 2001) Volume 3, Issue 2 , Pages 123-207 (April 2001) Volume 3, Issue 1 , Pages 1-122 (January 2001) Volume 2 Volume 1 Alert me when new Journal Issues are available Add this journal to My Favorite Journals More Publication Info
Elsevier B.V.

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