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         Glass Art Techniques:     more books (100)
  1. Richard La Londe, Fused Glass Art and Technique by Richard La Londe, 2006
  2. Stained Glass Techniques - Art Work in Fabric by Marie M. Seroskie, Marie Morel Seroskie, 1999-01-30
  3. The Art and Technique of Glass Engraving by Majella Taylor,
  4. Architectural Glass Art: Form and Technique in Contemporary Glass by Andrew Moor, 1998-01-15
  5. 2500 F: The Art and Technique of Modern Glass
  6. Glass and metal: The art and technique of electroforming onto glass by Martha Croasdale, 1998
  7. The Art of Painting on Glass: Techniques and Designs for Stained Glass by Albinas Elskus, 1980
  8. Art Glass Quilts: New Subtractive Appliqu Technique by Julie Hirota, 2004-10-01
  9. Beginners guide to glass techniques: 16 projects : a beginners guide to creating glass art textures with new techniques by Sue Leonard, 2000
  10. The Art of Painting on Glass, Techniques and Designs for Stained Glass by Albinas Elskus, 1980
  11. Stained Glass: The Craft, the Art, and Restoration Techniques Demonstrated and Explained with Step-by-Step Photos by Pere Valldeperez, 1901
  12. The Art and Technique of Pate de Verre
  13. Art Nouveau Glass Painting Made Easy by Alan D. Gear, Barry L. Freestone, 2003-08
  14. Glass Art: The Easy Way to a Stained Glass Look (Plaid Enterprises) by Plaid, 1998-08

1. Glass Art Techniques
glass art techniques. by Alison Ruzsa Sami Harawi. Each of these techniquesallows by itself an array of possibilities in Art Glass.
Glass Art Techniques G lass is an artistic medium with a vast technical versatility. Listed below are brief descriptions of some of the many ways that the artists participating in The ABC of American Glass Exhibit at the Mostly Glass Gallery have created their artwork. Glass Blowing goes few millenniums back, at least to the early Egyptian Civilization. Although glass blowing has reached a high sophistication level, very little about the technique itself has changed. Basic elements of sand, soda lime, are combined with coloring agents, and melted together to produce the raw material. To create a blown glass object, the molten glass is "gathered" from the furnace on the end of a long hollow metal "blowpipe". At this stage the glass is typically around 2100 degrees (Fahrenheit), and has the consistency of honey (it "freezes" at around 900 degrees). The glassblower introduces air into the center of the gather through the blowpipe. A variety of tools are then used to shape the glass to form. As the glass cools it begins to stiffen and must be reheated to allow continuous shaping and reshaping. The glassblower uses a smaller furnace, the "glory hole" (because of its bright glow) for the re-heats. These re-heats allow the artist to work on a piece for a long period of time, shaping and blowing until the desired result is achieved. When the piece is finished, it is placed in an oven (kiln) for annealing.

2. LookSmart - Directory - Glass Blowing Arts And Crafts
Glass Art Resource Center Provides info on glass art techniques in arange of techniques which include tutorials and discussion forums.
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Glass Blowing Arts and Crafts - Includes glass arts and glass blowing galleries, studios, and associations.
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  • Corning Museum of Glass
    Corning, New York, museum strives to be an educational spot for both the artisan and elementary student. View exhibits, or get directions by car.
    CraftWeb Hot Glass Forum

    Exchange information with other artisans working with glass. Get tips on classes, wholesalers, equipment, and project ideas.
    Glass Art Resource Center

    Provides info on glass art techniques in a range of techniques which include tutorials and discussion forums.
    Glass Art Society

    International nonprofit organization holds an annual conference, published the Glass Art Society Journal, and a bi-monthly newsletter. Glass Line Newsletter Comprehensive resource with industry news, advice, product information, subscription details, and many links. Glass Notes Answers questions about purchasing materials and how to maintain a hot glass studio. Join the mailing list, and calculate linear expansion.
  • 3. Glass Art, Stained Glass Art From Accomplished Glass Artists In Our Online Art G
    We offer a wide selection of glass art and stained glass art from talented glass artists. Come and browse the wonderful pieces in our online art gallery. closely guarded skill with glass art techniques passed from master to apprentice

    4. The Glass Art Forum Message Board - Glass Artists .org Index
    The time now is Mon Apr 26, 2004 524 pm. The Glass Art Forum Message Board Glass Artists .org Forum Index Jinx Garza ». glass art techniques. Lampworking Technique

    5. Walden's Antique And Collectible Art Glass - Index Of Glass & China Related Term
    Antique Collectible Glass Art. Index of Glass and China Related Terms Stained glass, leaded glass, dalle de verre or any of the myriad of glass art techniques were born in
    Index of Glass and China Related Terms

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    a Abrasion:
    The technique of grinding shallow decorations with a wheel. The decorated areas are left unpolished. Acid Cutback: A design produced by acid etching (rather than carving) on the outer layer of two layers (usually) of cased glass. Acid Etching: The process of etching the surface of glass with hydrofluoric acid. Acid-etched decoration is produced by covering the glass with an acid-resistant substance such as wax, through which the design is scratched. A mixture of dilute hydrofluoric acid and potassium fluoride is then applied to etch the exposed areas of glass. Acid etching was first developed on a commercial scale by Richardson's of Stourbridge, England, who registered a patent in 1857. An effect superficially similar to weathering may be obtained by exposing glass to fumes of hydrofluoric acid to make an all over matte surface. Acid Polishing: The process of making a glossy, polished surface by dipping the object, usually of cut glass, into a mixture of hydrofluoric and sulphuric acids. The technique was developed in the late 19th century.

    6. Art Review: Block Glass Collection Dazzles At Carnegie
    Works show wide array of glass art techniques. Friday, April 05, 2002 Most of the prominent names in contemporary art glass are represented, such as Dale Chihuly the bestknown
    Pittsburgh, PA
    June 9, 2004 News Sports Lifestyle Classifieds ... About Us Take me to... Search Local News Nation/World Sports Obituaries Lifestyle Business Opinion Photo Journal Weather Classifieds PG Store PG Delivery Web Extras Contact Us About Us Help Corrections Site Map Previous Articles Movies/Videos TV/Radio Books ...

    Art Review: Block glass collection dazzles at Carnegie Works show wide array of glass art techniques Friday, April 05, 2002 By Mary Thomas, Post-Gazette Art Critic Like dewy nascent rainbows, the glass sculpture peppered throughout luminous white galleries in the Carnegie Museum of Art beckon the visitor to give chase. Maxine and William Block at home with some of the nearly two hundred pieces of glass sculpture they've collected over the last two decades. Sixty-two of the works go on exhibition tomorrow in "Contemporary Directions: Glass from the Maxine and William Block Collection" at the Carnegie Museum of Art. (John Beale, Post-Gazette) From the stained glass drama of Chartres Cathedral windows to the poor man's gemstones of polished beach shards, glass has intoxicating beauty and a magical essence that comes from the way light interacts with it. These characteristics, plus the variety and high quality of works in "Contemporary Directions: Glass from the Maxine and William Block Collection," make for an exhibition experience that's pure pleasure.

    7. LookSmart Australia
    7. Glass Art Resource Center Provides info on glass art techniques in arange of techniques which include tutorials and discussion forums.;317830;

    8. - United States - New - Lifestyle - Hobbies - Arts & Crafts - Glass Blo
    http// Provides info on glass art techniquesin a range of techniques which include tutorials and discussion forums.

    9. The Main Emphasis Of The Work At Powell Brothers And Sons Is Our
    applications. Stained glass, leaded glass, dalle de verre or any of themyriad of glass art techniques were born in the service of God. We
    The main emphasis of the work at Powell Brothers and Sons is our art for liturgical applications. Stained glass, leaded glass, dalle de verre or any of the myriad of glass art techniques were born in the service of God. We here at Powell Brothers feel honored and blessed to continue in this tradition. The following are a few of the houses of worship we have had the pleasure to create work for. From the traditional to the ground breaking the impact on worship space range from quiet contemplation to joyous celebration. Powell Brothers creates " Artwork for the Enhancement of Liturgy".
    Windows evoking the joy of Eucharistic Celebration opening in colors and rising upward towards the Sanctuary.
    One of the ten unique round leaded glass windows in the nave of the building. Made of streaky glass that was hand blown from artists around the world.
    The vestibule with its immersion basptismal font. The leaded glass sculpture over the font is the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world). The Lamb is seated on the book of the 7 seals. From the seals issues forth the living waters into the font allowing one to be "washed in the blood of the Lamb". The Ambry cabinet is made in textured clear glass to match the leaded windows in the nave.
    This sculpture is made of hand rolled glass, bent at temperatures of over 1200 degrees f. Every piece of glass was shaped in this manner, after which the glass was assembled into the form seen here. The banner is made of red flashed antique glass, acid etched to create the cross. This life size sculpture is internally lit and fan cooled.

    10. Murano Glass White And Orange Striped Orange Box - $79.99 At
    , Murano Glass White Orange Orange Box. •, The rarest and most complicatedof all glass art techniques. •, Individually handcrafted, mouth-blown glass.

    11. Unusual Exhibit Highlights Native American Glass Art - Past, Present And Future!
    Traditions brings together the artistry of historical glass beadwork practicedin Native American culture for centuries - and modern glass art techniques. the archive
    Find more about:
    Anything Art Travel Leisure/Travel/Hotels Pennsylvania National Liberty Museum Media Advisory OLDER OLDHREF = document.getElementById("OLDID").href; NEWER NEWHREF = document.getElementById("NEWID").href; Unusual Exhibit Highlights Native American Glass Art - Past, Present and Future! WHAT: Bridging Traditions: Native American Glass Art is Philadelphia's only exhibit of Native American glass art, ranging from pre-Trail of Tears style glass beadwork to modern blown glass sculptures - and beyond! WHEN: Opened to public: November 21st - December 31st WHERE: National Liberty Museum 321 Chestnut Street, Old City Philadelphia CONTACT: Amanda Hall, 215-925-2800, ext. 124, The National Liberty Museum is dedicated to celebrating democracy and diversity, promoting tolerance and defusing violence. Located at 321 Chestnut Street in the heart of Philadelphia's historic district, the Museum is open 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. The facility is fully wheelchair accessible. For more information on the Museum, call (215) 925-2800 or visit . CONTACT: Amanda Hall, National Liberty Museum, +1-215-925-2800, ext.

    12. Stained Glass George Shannon Stained Glass Art Techniques & Materials Handicraft
    Stained Glass George Shannon Stained glass art techniques materialsHandicrafts and Printmaking. Stained Glass George Shannon Stained
    Title: Stained Glass
    Author: George Shannon
    Scott Symons Dear Reader...
    Barbra Leslie Nerve...

    Esther A Dagan Cheri Samba...

    Michael Butterworth Time of th...

    13. Stained Glass Mosaics George Shannon Stained Glass Art Techniques & Materials Ha
    Stained Glass Mosaics George Shannon Stained glass art techniques materials Handicrafts and Printmaking. Stained Glass Mosaics
    Title: Stained Glass Mosaics
    Author: George Shannon
    Alan Cross Alternative Rock...
    Robert Godwin Making of "Led Z...

    Dave Thompson Making of the "C...

    David Thompson Pop...

    14. Powell Brothers And Sons Glass Art
    Discusses many techniques including designing, painting, staining, enameling, acid etching, beveling, sandblasting, glass bending, glass sculpting, fusing, restoration, lead came assembly, copper foil technique and faceted dalle de verre.
    The pages of this site are LOADED with tons of photos and graphics! It is after all the only way to SEE the work being discussed. These files of glass art represent many hours (years in fact) of devoted work. So sit back, relax, enjoy yourself and take some time to let the files load. We think you will see some very unique artwork. Please join us in discovering the many facets of glass art ... STAINED GLASS LEADED GLASS
    Accredited Full Service Member of the Stained Glass Association of America Allied Member of the American Institute of Architects International Guild of Glass Artists

    15. Stained Glass And Glass Art How To Information, Techniques, And Articles
    Learn the history and howto crafting techniquesfor stained glass and other glass art.
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    Wood Crafting
    Stained Glass and Glass Art Stained glass is a beautiful art form made by cutting colored glass pieces and assembling them into patterns or objects. Learn about the history of stained glass and how to create your own pieces from the instructional Web sites found below. Many feature specific stained glass techniques and tutorials, professional tips, free patterns, and galleries of finished work. Spotlight On Stained Glass Photography This award-winning site features a unique collection of very high quality images of stained glass windows by a range of artists and makers including such greats as Tiffany, La Farge, William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones and Henry Holiday. Tiffglaze Stained Glass Art
    Free downloadable stained glass projects and templates. Includes art deco, birds, door panels, flowers, geometric designs, lamps, mirrors, nature, ovals, sun catchers, trees, and windows.

    16. Glass Art, Resource Center.
    your experience to others on glassart topics. It is a moderated place join us in glass Rumors, a bulletin board devoted to discussing glass-art techniques and light conversation
    Main Menu The Resource Center Today is Wednesday, June 9, 2004

    Glass Rumors Glass Rumors is a discussion forum where you can raise questions or offer your experience to others on glass-art topics. It is a moderated place where everone is welcome to participate. Tutorial Center The Tutorial Center is your resource to glass art application methods described in detail by experienced artists. Take a guided tour through some of the processes we use in making our art work world acclaimed. Links The links page, is different from other links pages on the internet in that links are maintained by the people who put them there. (note: feature disabled due to technical difficulties and lack of time to correct them). Suppliers The suppliers page is currently a static page of suppliers for various glass-art products. Book Reviews The book reviews page is a static page of books that the Kersey's recommend for beginning glass-artists, as well as advanced artists. This page is expected to change into a public review and posting board sometime in the future... If you have read a book that you think deserves a home on this page, email me
    O F I N T E R E S T
    Welcome back Kersey Clan!

    17. WetCanvas!
    Promoting the exchange of ideas and techniques in glass art.

    18. Home & Garden Television: Tips / Techniques
    glass art Carol Duvall Show Episode CDS648 More Projects », Click hereto view a larger image. glass art Click here to view a larger image.,1789,HGTV_3351_1374751,00.
    Site Shortcuts TV Specials Special Online Features Be on HGTV HGTV on Demand Calculators Make HGTV Your Start Page Quilt Block of the Month Needle Crafts Gardening Basics Mosaic Madness Faux Finishing Design Styles Entertaining Organizing About Us Site Map Homepage
    Program Guide
    Shows A - Z Decorating Remodeling ... Shop SEARCH
    Artists / Crafters

    Books / Videos
    Glass Art
    Carol Duvall Show : Episode CDS-648

    Glass art
    Figure A
    Figure B
    Figure C Figure D Figure E Project designed by Connie Sheerin. Materials: polished, smooth-edge glass clear glue - E-6000 works well graphite paper clear adhesive-backed paper - Contact works well craft blade cutting surface stenciling tool - Use Delta's stencil applicator with alligator clip. Attach a piece of cosmetic sponge to clip to make the tool. Stencil applicator with alligator clip is available at craft stores nationwide. scissors Apple Barrel Color Gloss Enamel Paints mirror plastic "crystal" mirror hangers, frame or felt pad if using as a table centerpiece fine-point black marker colored pencils two paper copies of stencil designs Steps:
  • Buy a mirror, use an old or secondhand mirror or have a piece of mirror cut to fit a certain spot.
  • 19. Home & Garden Television: Tips / Techniques
    Crafts. TIPS / techniques, •, Plate Covering. , HandCut Wooden Designs.•, Laser-Cut Wood art. •, Staining Basics. •, glass-Bead Candlesticks.,1788,HGTV_3351,00.html
    Site Shortcuts TV Specials Special Online Features Be on HGTV HGTV on Demand Calculators Make HGTV Your Start Page Quilt Block of the Month Needle Crafts Gardening Basics Mosaic Madness Faux Finishing Design Styles Entertaining Organizing About Us Site Map Homepage
    Program Guide
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    Crafts TIPS / TECHNIQUES Plate Covering Bake-Able Paint Period Replications ... Video On Demand
    Tacoda_AMS_DDC("", Tacoda_AMS_DDC_js, "")

    20. Glass Art And Glassmaking Books
    S. Chambers, Tina Oldknow, Tampa Museum of art Paperback 128 pages (April 1999)Pomegranate; ISBN 0764909320, Creative glass techniques Fusing, Painting
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    Ordering Information Powells: Art Best Sellers Posters Art Prints Featured Sites Art Glass Webring Planet Lighting American Glass - Masters of the Art Lloyd Herman Paperback - 68 pages (March 1999) University of Washington Press; ISBN: 0295977566 John Madeley, et al Listed under Antique Glass The Art of Glass: Art Nouveau to Art Deco by Victor Arwas (Hardcover - September 1999) Artists in Glass: Late Twentieth Century Masters in Glass by Dan Klein Book Description: Artists in Glass is a comprehensive and timely survey of the international art glass movement, exploring its dynamic history and its future at the beginning of the 21st century. The work of over 70 of the world's best glass artists is featured, from Harvey Littleton and Erwin Eisch to the great practitioners of today such as Bertil Vallien and Dale Chihuly, including work of many of the new generation of glass artists, some never-before published. Illustrated with 300 superb pieces of glass art, Artists in Glass is a stunning resource for today's glassmakers, for design historians, and for collectors of this increasingly popular area of contemporary design. Hardcover from Mitchell Beazley Book Published: October, 2001

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