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1. Boy & Girl Scouts, Beaver, Cub & Explorer Info, Venturing Programs
Your guide to the best sites on international scouting. WAGGGS The World Association of girl guides and girl scouts - The homesite for nearly ten million Info on the Beaver, cubs, scouts
YOUR GUIDE to the Best Sites
LOCAL Search Features Business ... Recreation Scouting
Be prepared... whether they're called Scouts or Guides, the spirit is the same. Camp out here for a while to find the best links and resources on scouting. International information and fun for everyone. Scouting Around the World - The online home of the 154 National Scout Organizations worldwide offering links, resources and international events listings. Scouter Interactive - A directory of more than 12,000 links to scout-related sites around the globe, plus discussion boards and newsletter, courtesy of the online edition of Scouter Magazine. Boy Scouts of America - Information, links and resources for the national Boy Scouting, Cub Scouting and Venturing programs in the U.S., including membership information, starting a unit, along with volunteer and employment info. Girl Scouts of the USA - News, official program and membership information, council finder, FAQ, and more.

2. Jordanstown Cubs Scouts Guides
included cubs, scouts, guides and Brownies under the 2nd Jordanstown Group. Brownies and girl guides were taken pupils the cubs and scouts were taken by
After school activities included Cubs, Scouts, Guides and Brownies under the 2nd Jordanstown Group. Brownies and Girl Guides were taken by Elizabeth (Elsie) Coyne, Ruth Donaldson and Irene Archer. All youth organisations met in the Gymnasium.
Guide leader Elsie Coyne makes the final adjustments to uniforms
prior to the inspection in 1967 by HRH Princess Margaret.
We think the first Guide is Margaret Graham.
Photo taken from "1st June 1967 issue of "CityWEEK".

Restricted to Boarding pupils the Cubs and Scouts were taken by Messrs McLaughlin and Johnston. The scarf colours were half Green half grey.
(above) The green and grey scarf worn by Cubs and Scouts.
The Packs were quite large and open to both VH and Deaf. They took part in camps especially the annual District Camp held at Crawfordsburn in County Down. I know cause I met them there when I was attending the camp with my own group.
Notable was that although the same badges were available to members with disabilities it was possible to have special provision made so all could achieve. I recall some Scouts from the school Troop asking about the "journey" section of the Scout Standard and Advanced Scout Standard awards.
Another difference was in the Cub opening and closing ceremonies. Any Pack I visited using the traditional methods said "Dib Dib Dib" And "Dob Dob Dob" Whereas the Jordanstown Pack repeated the word FOUR times i.e. "Dib Dib Dib Dib" and "Dob Dob Dob Dob". I never managed to get an explanation for this.

3. Page Title
World Association of the girl guides and girl scouts (WAGGGS) The Sudanese Air Age 610 cubs Blue Birds/Flowers. Age 11-15 Boy scouts girl guides. Age 16-21

Site designed by Risho

Home page


Contact us

The Sudanese Air Scout and Girl Guides Group is

Age group : Male members' troops Female members' troops Age 6-10 Cubs Blue Birds/Flowers Age 11-15 Boy Scouts Girl Guides Age 16-21 Rovers Rovers Under the management and support of the Scout and Girl Guides leaders , each troop or unit organizes the activities that meet their aspirations and suite their age. The troops work independently, yet in harmony and accordance to the overall group plan and objectives.

4. Asp Reseller - Web Host Resellers
Contains program information, event participation photo galery and contacts for cubs, scouts, senior scouts, rovers and girl guides.
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5. Tieri Girl Guides And Scouts
Queens Birthday Weekend. June 10/11/12 Year 2000. Now how long ago was that Click here to find out! Approximately 50 past and present members of guides and Brownies, scouts and cubs, their leaders
Queens Birthday Weekend
June 10/11/12 Year 2000
Now how long ago was that Click here to find out! Approximately 50 past and present members of Guides and Brownies, Scouts and Cubs, their leaders, supporters, and families, attended. Sorry if you couldn't make it, but now It's OVER and you can read all about it, and look at the photos. The Program included : Saturday Night Dinner at the Tieri Bowls Club Sunday Activities - including the ceremonial unearthing of the TIME CAPSULE, buried on Founders Day 22 February 1985 Sunday night Guides and Scouts Camp Fire Our thanks to the current Tieri Guides and Scout Associations, particularly Guide Leader Gayle Merrick, who organised Saturday's dinner at the Bowls Club, plus Sunday food and activities. Thanks also to Frances Wregg, who helped bury the Time Capsule in 1985, and helped unearth it again in 2000 - it was Frances who really got the Reunion idea moving - well done Frances! When will the next reunion be Send more photos, or information for this Web Site to Tieri 2000 Webmaster Welcome! You are visitor number :

6. Games For Scouts - SCOUTER Net Compass - Boy Scouts Cubs Guides Tigers SCOUTER I
These two nifty guides are the best bargains you Games, Games for Disabled scouts cubs. Jeux scouts 2Scouting with the Boy scouts of America, the girl scouts of the

7. Guides (and Girl Scouts) Community!
My Groups Language Help. guides (and girl scouts) Community our girls that they can no longer abseil while cubs and scouts can.Does anyone know why it had to be

8. More Graces For Girl Scouts
Debi Turner; 11th Bendale cubs. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada Glossary of girl Scout terms. Songs Links for guides and scouts. Games To Teach Values
M - Z
The WAGGGS-L mailing list recently generated a lot of graces in request to a search for graces. I have compiled as many of them as I could and included them here for your reference. I do not know the tunes to some of them, but perhaps you do. Here's hoping you will find something you can use... May May God Bless May It Be Your Will Merci Beaucoup ... Zip A Dee Do Dah
(Tune: When Irish eyes are smiling) May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be at your back,
May good friends be there to greet you
And your table never lack. May your life be filled with laughter,
And your heart be filled with song.
May God shine His light upon you,
As you live your whole life long. MAY GOD BLESS
(Tune:Oh dear what can the matter be.) May God bless the girls at this meeting May God bless the food we are eating May God bless the ones who are leading May God bless Girl Scouts everywhere. MAY IT BE YOUR WILL (Tune: Down in the Valley) Birds in their nest wait to be fed, Some little children wait for their bread.

Troop, girl/Boy scouts (11/12 15/16 years old). GROUP a Pack of cubs, aTroop of scouts and guides and a Company of Rovers establish it.
General information about C.N.G.E.I. ( on the bottom of this page you find a place to send us your comments) The CNGEI has been a National Organization for the physical and moral education of young people since 1912. It is an Institution under the Patronage of the President of the Republic. Characteristics
  • Democracy : believing in the universal values of respect, freedom and solidarity the base appoints people who represents the Association. Laicism : means independence from political ideologies, faith and religious practice and a proposal for a spiritual education aiming at personal choices. Coeducation : males and females are educated together in order to develop a true equality and reciprocal completion. Adult involvement helping youth become active and responsible citizens of the community.
Educational methodology It is the Scout method according to the rules of its founder Robert Baden Powell , whose inspiration is embodied in the Law and the Promise , applying the recommendations and decisions of the World organizations of the scout Movement. The most important international scout event is the

10. LookSmart - Directory - International Scouting Movement
Find a history of this UK scout group, view a calendar of events, and learn aboutthe beavers, cubs, and scouts. Austrian Boy scouts girl guides Features a
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YOU ARE HERE Home Personal Kids Scouting
International Scouting Movement - Discover the international organizations of scouting, and the national organizations from around the world.
Directory Listings About
  • 16th City of Westminster Scout Group
    Read the history of this scout group, look at the calendar of events, and find out about the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and some of the badges they've received.
    9th Guelph Knights of Sucellus Rovers

    Scouts Canada group offers a profile of program resources and fundraising activities. Also find scout shops, news, and council information.
    Features a brief history of the organization, contact information, and photos of uniforms and badges.
    Belgian Catholic Guides Association, The

    Learn about the group's mission, age levels, uniforms, and training programs for adults.
    Boy Scouts of the Philippines

    Read about the origins of the Boy Scouts in the Philippines and the role they play in the world scouting movement. Burlington, Ontario 15
  • 11. ScoutNet UK - Photo Of The Month December 1999
    Though there may have been girl guides and cubs in the early eighties and evenbefore, during the start of the 90 s only Boy scouts were still present.
    November Contents January
    Photo of the Month - December 1999
    Andrew Yeung is the Bagheera of the 19th Lower Plaines Wilhems Scout Group, Mauritius. The group has more than 180 members shared among its Wolf Cub pack, Boy Scout troop, Girl Scout troop and Senior Scout unit. This photo, snapped during the 2nd Indian Ocean Jamboree held at Belle-Mare, Mauritius, shows Cubs of the 19th L.P.W Pack brushing their teeth using our special camp sink. This gadget was given a special remark for its originality Camp Gadget The following information was taken from the 19th L.P.W. web site at Do you have a photo that you think could be a ScoutNet U K Photo of the Month?
    Find out how to enter by reading our competition details

    12. Thailand Girl Guide
    of Thailand The girl guides Association of Thailand. One WOSM for boys and girl.One WAGGGS. cubs\scouts\Seniors\Rovers\\BluebirdKapajow\Guide\Senior
    Thailand Girl Guide
    Tourist and business guide for Pattaya and Jomtien, Thailand
    Girl Guide Song
    Thailand Girl Guide Song. Thanks ver much to Jeni Dwight, who e-mailed me this song! You're a Girl Guide , you're a Girl Guide , You're a Girl Guide through and Girl Guiding and Scouting-Themed Songs
    Camp Rap Sangam Song Sister Guides Sisters in Guiding Sparks Are We Thailand Girl Guide Song The Cookie-rena! The Cookie Song The Girl Guide Cookie Song The Untitled
    Guides of Thailand
    The Girl Guides Association of Thailand Girl Guide WAGGGS - The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl
    ANNOUNCEMENT. We have relaunched a new even more Girl Guides and Girl Scouts could join in 10 million member organization composed of member associations in140 countries. Offers non-formal... WAGGGS - The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl
    The Girl Guides Association of Thailand Girl Guiding/ Girl Scouting introduced, 957. Became Associate Member of WAGGGS, 1963. Girl Guide , Bluebird, California Girl's Guide to Love on Line-All the Best Dating
    Ladies - Meet ladies from Thailand , the Philippines and Indonesia California Girl's International Dating Service and internet dating.

    13. Municipality Of Thames Centre Guides And Scouts
    cubs, 8 11. A number of community groups use the BEL Scout Camp, including the BoyScouts, girl guides, Air Cadets, area elementary and secondary schools, and
    HOME Community Calendar Contacts Facility Schedules ...
    Community Service

    Scout Leaders
    Needed. Contact One Of The
    Following People:

    Beatrice Cove:
    Bob Braunton:
    Bruce Zubick:
    Guide Leaders Needed. Contact
    Jean Davis
    Phone: CALL TO JOIN JEAN DAVIS 268-7872 About The Girl Guides Girl Guides of Canada - Guides Du Canada is the country's largest organization for girls and women. We're part of a worldwide organization currently active in 128 countries. Founded in Canada in 1910 with a few companies of Guides, today we have over a quarter of a million members and more than 46,000 volunteer Guide Leaders. The vast majority of our organization's work is carried out by our volunteers. The local Girl Guides organization was established in 1960. Aims and Objectives The Aim of the Girl Guides of Canada - Guides Du Canada is to help girls and young women become responsible citizens, able to give leadership and service to the community, whether local, national or global. GROUP AGES Sparks 1st Brownies 2nd Brownies 3rd Brownies 1st Guides 2nd Guides 3rd Guides 1st Pathfinders 2nd Pathfinders Rangers The Adventure Is Scouting.

    JOTA (Boy Scout/girl Guide) Communications Badge Electronic Projects. will ensureyou a badge in Comunications in scouts (cubs) / guides (Brownies) see your
    JOTA (Boy Scout/Girl Guide)
    Communications Badge
    Electronic Projects Down load RCS DESIGN (Radio) JOTA = Jamboree of the Air click here for other projects to build T he sucessfull completion of some of these projects will ensure you a badge in Comunications in Scouts (Cubs) / Guides (Brownies) - see your leader. The files available in this section have .gif files of several simple projects for JOTA type exercises the first being a simple Morse Code Trainer using a 555 and a few cents of components, note the elcheapo speakers from $2.oo speciality shops (REJECT/CRAZY Clint etc), the 2nd one is a JOTALED2, very simple 2 transistor flip flop and 2 AA penlite batteries (for a woggle), the 3rd one is a JOTALED4 using 4 AA penlites and the 4th project is a rear LED Blinker for a push bike using 9v Batt plus a very cheap clear HAIGH (K-Mart) rear trailer. The TWO TONE DOORBELL Doorbell is very cheap to make if you purchase a pair of el-cheapo speakers for a "REJECT Shop" (and sell one to a mate) , the reat of the electronics is also very economical, comments please on this one... The files above, JOTA Electronic Projects, Morse Code Trainer, JOTALED2, JOTALED4 are all *.gif files and can be easily viewed using paintbrush or any HTML viewer standard utility's.

    15. BC Girl Guides - Around BC - WTD Peace River Area
    Baby girls born during Thinking Week are presented with a Future Guiding” tshirt apot luck dinner with the Beavers, cubs and scouts to celebrate River/06WTDpeaceriver.html
    Fort St. John Guides
    and Scouts held a Thinking Day Carnival on February 23, 2004. This is the third year for the event which is open to the public. Admittance was by donation of a book. Over 200 books were collected for the Literacy Society! Activities included go fish; lawn dart throw; bowling; face painting, decorating cupcakes; paper clip drop; marshmallow dipping; sucker pull etc. Prizes included bookmarks; balloons and stickers. Drinks were provided.
    Chetwynd Sparks were invited to attend a pot luck dinner with the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts to celebrate Thinking Day.
    Chetwynd Brownies had a birthday party complete with a cake with 75 candles! Everyone sang happy birthday to Lord and Lady Baden Powell. They discussed how Guiding started and the World Centres A coloring sheet was handed out with Brownies from different countries.
    held a Thinking Day party. They painted T-shirts that said THINKING DAY 2004 and played games.
    Aurora District
    Peace River Area
    hosted Cupcakes and CandIes. 32 girls participated in the weekend sleepover. Activities included making a birthday card for Our Chalet; crafts from around the world (origami; Guatemalan worry dolls; Mexican shakers); skating and bubble gum relay.

    16. All Scouting Associations In Every Country
    the basic unit of Scouting is the individual pack (cubs), troop (scouts WAGGGS= World Association of girl guides and girl scouts / Association Mondiale
    Troop 97 Adventure!
    Welcome! (HOME)

    Troop 97 Info.

    About Troop 97

    How to Visit/Join

    Troop Info. Booklet

    Troop History
    Patch Collection

    US Scouting
    Longs Peak Council
    Colorado Camps Boy Scouts of America History of BSA ... BSA's 17 Ideals International Scouting World Scouting All Scout Countries Scout Laws/Promises Miscellaneous Nearly Unique Ideas Packing Lists Fort Collins Area Troop 97 BSA Fort Collins, Colorado USA
    All Scouting Associations in Every Country
    This page lists every country in the world, with key information about each country's Scouting program(s). What is Scouting? I prefer to define "Scouting" simply as any program that does its best to follow the Scouting concepts originally defined by Baden-Powell. Given that more and more Scouting organizations are partially or fully coed, it has become impossible to maintain the traditional distinction between "Boy Scouting" and "Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting". Since Baden-Powell founded both movements, and since many former Boy Scout and Girl Guide/Girl Scout organizations have merged, I have included here all Scout/Guide organizations, regardless of whether they are male-only, female-only, or coed. I use the terms "Scout" and "Scouting" as they are used throughout the world to apply to male or female participants and their organizations (female participants have been called both Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, depending on the country or organization, from the earliest days up through today). Apparently, only five of the world's 193 independent countries do not have Scouting: Andorra, Cuba, North Korea, Laos, and Myanmar (Burma). A sixth country, China (People's Republic), does not have Scouting except in the former colonies of Hong Kong and Macau. Another 23 countries have the beginnings of Scouting, but no known or recognized associations.

    17. A Brief History Of The Boy Scouts Of America
    Scout Uniforms Cub Scout, Webelos, and Tiger cubs Uniforms Explorer confusion by choosingto call her organization girl scouts instead of girl guides.
    Troop 97 Adventure!
    Welcome! (HOME)

    Troop 97 Info.

    About Troop 97

    How to Visit/Join

    Troop Info. Booklet

    Troop History
    Patch Collection

    US Scouting
    Longs Peak Council
    Colorado Camps Boy Scouts of America History of BSA ... BSA's 17 Ideals International Scouting World Scouting All Scout Countries Scout Laws/Promises Miscellaneous Nearly Unique Ideas Packing Lists Fort Collins Area Troop 97 BSA Fort Collins, Colorado USA
    A Brief Background of Scouting in the United States 1910 to Today
    This brief history was researched and written by Scoutmaster Jeff Snowden in 1984, and has been continually updated since. It is based on considerable research (see reference list at the end) and personal experience. The history is intended to be accurate and factual, but of course will contain some personal interpretations of events. Corrections of fact are always welcome.

    18. Scouts
    scouts. girl guides, scouts and cubs. Scout Statue (A scout statue given toMatt Waixel when he left the 1st Butterworth Senior Air scouts in 1971).
    Scouts Girl Guides, Scouts and Cubs
    (A scout statue given to Matt Waixel
    when he left the 1st Butterworth Senior Air Scouts in 1971)
    Opening of Scout Hall
    (Courtesy Pat Spinks) 1966 - Official opening - Scouts/Guides Hall, RAAF Hostel
    Air Vice Marshall Cahall cuts the ribbon. Taking part in the ceremony are Scout Master William (Bill) Lee, Air Commodore Townsend, Scout Master Mr. Howard Bray, Cub Master Mrs. Lyn Bray, Senior Sixer Cub Peter Bray, and Senior Scout Michael Bray, Asst Cub Master Mrs Gonnie Fisk. Pat Spinks (left) holds the scissors pillow! "As a youngster, Scouting to me was always fun. However, behind this facade of encouraging youth to learn and do interesting things there was an ever-present aim to make a Scout a better, more rounded citizen. Responsibility for one’s attitudes and actions was inculcated very early, and there was always a quiet emphasis on teaching that one had a role to perform in helping others, especially those in any way disadvantaged. We were taught to be independent through our activities and always be willing to do more than was required of us. Selfishness played no part in Scouting. "In retrospect, the principles and behaviour taught to us at home were reinforced in Scouting. There was no break in our development, and our parents invariably became involved with Scouting. I am grateful for Scouting’s teaching by example and the emphasis on citizenship. I have endeavoured to put this into effect in my life and if I have succeeded, then the credit goes to Scouting."

    19. Ontario Science Centre: Sleepovers
    You must be a registered memers of scouts Canada to book our Beavers, cubs scoutsprograms. You must be a member of girl guides of Canada to book for our
    You'll need the free Macromedia Flash viewer to view this menu. Alternately, you can use the site map to navigate the site.
    BRING YOUR GROUP Recreational Groups
    Grab your sleeping bag and bunk down among the exhibits for a marvelous overnight experience! Click on one of the sleepovers to learn more! Date Event Who's Invited* Nov 22, 2003
    Sold Out Engineering Extravaganza Jan 24, 2004
    Sold Out Engineering Extravaganza Jan 31, 2004
    Sold Out Amazing Astronauts Feb 7, 2004
    Sold Out Wicked Body Science Everyone! Feb 21, 2004
    Sold Out Engineering Extravaganza Feb 28, 2004
    Sold Out Engineering Extravaganza Mar 6, 2004
    Sold Out Amazing Astronauts Mar 27, 2004
    Sold Out Engineering Extravaganza Apr 3, 2004
    Sold Out Amazing Astronauts Apr 17, 2004 Sold Out Engineering Extravaganza Apr 24, 2004 Sold Out Amazing Astronauts May 1, 2004 Sold Out Engineering Extravaganza May 1, 2004 Sold Out Amazing Astronauts Everyone! *All groups, schools and families can book our Everyone programs. You must be a registered memers of Scouts Canada to book our programs. You must be a member of Girl Guides of Canada to book for our

    20. Registration
    in Venturers, scouts, or final year cubs linking to time to time be published byscouts Canada, the girl guides The same rules apply as to Scouting youth
    Nova Scotia

    Provincial Council

    Web Site
    Scotia Jamb ’05 Attendance Eligibility Rules Scotia Jamb is open to all registered Youth Members, Girl Guides, their respective Leaders/Advisors, and Offers of Service from all Provinces/States/Countries. All are also welcome subject to the limitations noted below. Space is limited to 1,000 participants on a first come, first reserved basis save and except, we have reserved 100 applications for Special Need participants (from any Province/State - Youth/Adult). 300 spots have been reserved for NS Youth members. The numbers of Guides will be limited to 15% of registrants. Other spots are limited to those who qualify. Please refer to the Attendance Eligibility Rules for more details. Downloads Attendance Eligibility Rules Participant Registration Form Offer of Service Registration Form Note: Right-click and select "save as" to save this form to your computer.
    Download Adobe Reader Current Events Registration forms now available
    Download the registration forms from our Early Bird Registration Draw
    Register by September 21, 2004 to be eligible for the early bird draw.

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