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1. U.S. 1866-1920
site American studies Megasite for American history and Fair of 1893 Crime Statistics for us Cities, 1860-1920 gilded age - 1890 to World War I gilded age and

General Sources

African Americans


Business and Industry
... History 153, Fall 2000
The Gilded Age and
Progressive Era
Research on the Web
History 153, Fall 2000

U.S. History Pages

European, Asian/African
The Dramas of Haymarket Best site on Haymarket Riot in Chicago in 1886 Triangle Shirt Waist Factory Fire A learning exhibit, with photos, documents, oral histories and archives. General Resources on the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
Gilded Age and Progressive Era Internet Resources : Best list of resources, from Tennessee Technological Univ. site American Studies Mega-site for American history and literature at Georgetown University. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Shows Capitalism and Socialism in the Emergence of Modern America: The Formative Era, 1890s-1916 An article by Martin Sklar, published in 1993 in Italy. Cartoons of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era From Ohio State University. Chicago World's Fair of 1893 Crime Statistics for U.S. Cities, 1860-1920

2. Gilded Age And Progressive Era America - Academic Info
See also us Presidents ; State Local History of the Decade. American Culture studies, Bowling Green Cartoons of the gilded age and Progressive Era Ohio
Academic Info
Directory of online resources on late 19th century and early 20th century America.
Search Index Contact ... U.S. Gilded Age / Progressive Era See also U.S. Presidents
"This website provides an introduction to one aspect of the campaign: the hundreds of political cartoons published in newspapers around the country."
By Rebecca Edwards, Assistant Professor of History, Vassar College and Sarah DeFeo The Age of Imperialism
An On-line History of the United States
"During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the United States pursued an aggressive policy of expansionism, extending its political and economic influence around the globe. That pivotal era in the history of our nation is the subject of this on-line history America in the 1890s: A Chronology
" Links to Personalities; Social, Political, Literary, Economic and Cultural Events; and Art, Music and Architecture of the Decade ."

3. Gilded Age
important terms of this period of us History. gilded age online textbook chapters (grades 9-12 How the Other Half Lives studies among the Tenements of New York
istrict Home Mohonasen Central School District Mohonasen HS Draper MS Pinewood IS Bradt PS
Gilded Age Grade 8 Social
Gilded Age - General Information Gilded Age - Library of Congress
Gilded Age - PBS

The Unfolding Industrial Revolution of the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era

(a PowerPoint presentation - an overview)
Important terms, people and events of the Gilded age -
short definitions of some of the
important terms of this period of US History
Gilded Age
online textbook chapters (grades 9-12)
America's Gilded Age
- Lause's Links
America in the Gilded Age
the site is huge, but some parts of it are not free. US History - Progressive Era and the Gilded Age - an enormous listing of links relating to most of this time period. Big Business Andrew Carnegie: Richest man in the world Andrew Carnegie : a tribute Commodore J. Pierpont Morgan J. Pierpont Morgan - picture history John D. Rockefeller: The Cutthroat Competitor

4. H-SHGAPE Internet Resources
Journal of the gilded age and the Progressive Era Nineteenth Century studies Journal. Nineteenth Century American Women Writers Doughboys (World War I us Army Living History Group
H-SHGAPE Internet Resources
You may find the following Internet sites of use for materials on Gilded Age and Progressive Era America:
General Resources on the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
Political Leaders
Transformation of the West

5. Gilded Age And Progressive Era
Cartoons of the gilded age and Progressive Era Washburn University); Nineteenth Century studies Journal; Nineteenth us Naval Historical Center (Washington, DC
Gilded Age and Progressive Era Resources
General Resources on the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
Political Leaders
Transformation of the West
The Rise of Big Business and American Workers

6. Music And New York's Gilded Age
New York's gilded age" Wayne Alpern ( Mannes College of Music; Director, Mannes Institute for Advanced studies in Music home Who we are Contact us ISAM Conferences and Lectures
Mannes College of Music
Joel Lester, Dean and
The Institute for Studies in American Music
at Brooklyn College and the Graduate School, CUNY
Ellie Hisama, Director present
"Music and New York's Gilded Age"
a symposium of La Belle Époque — a year-long festival at Mannes
featuring music around the turn of the 20th century
Saturday, October 5, 10 AM to 12:30 PM
The Orozco Room, 7th floor
New School University, 66 West 12th Street
New York, NY
Adrienne Fried Block (Director of Music in Gotham, Graduate Center, CUNY), "Beach and the Brownings" Mark Mennin (New York Academy-Graduate School of Figurative Art) and Hilary Lewis (Architectural Historian and Urban Planner), "Dialogues in Sculpture and Architecture at the turn of the Century" John Graziano (The City College and Graduate School of CUNY; Co-Director, Music in Gotham), "Opera in New York's Gilded Age" Wayne Alpern (Mannes College of Music; Director, Mannes Institute for Advanced Studies in Music Theory), "I Have a Dream: The Story of James Reese Europe" A concert will follow at 2 PM
in Tishman Auditorium, New School University, 66 West 12th Street

7. An Army Of Women: Gender And Politics In Gilded Age Kansas; Author: Goldberg, Mi
us/World Maps. Sports Memorabilia. Videos/Posters. English Books Society Women's studies An Army Of Women Gender And Politics In gilded age Politics In gilded age Kansas. Author
An Army Of Women: Gender And Politics In Gilded Age Kansas
English Books

German Books

Spanish Books

Sheet Music
An Army Of Women: Gender And Politics In Gilded Age Kansas
Author: Goldberg, Michael Lewis
Reconfiguring American Political History (Paperback); Paperback
328 pages
Published: December 2001
The Johns Hopkins University Press ISBN: 0801863627 This item non-returnable. All sales final. Order may not be canceled after confirmation. Looking at both the private and public lives of women and men in rural and urban Kansas, Michael Lewis Goldberg offers sweeping evidence of the role gender played in influencing Gilded Age politics. In An Army of Women, he analyzes how political activists in the Populist Party and the Woman Movement sought to create a role for women while retaining the support of men. When these activists employed the often slippery symbols of masculinity and femininity, they found that gendered meanings often changed with the shifting political context. Their ideas and assumptions about gender helped determine their ideologies, strategies, the fate of their movements, and their impact on American politics. Goldberg's broad scope and use of both traditional and unusual sources including folkwa PRODUCT CODE: 0801863627 USA/Canada: US$ 27.20

8. America's Second Gilded Age: Archive Entry From Brad DeLong's Webjournal
America's Second gilded age J. Bradford DeLong November 2002. The richest Congressional district in the us is the so haven't seen in mobility studies is how they accout for
Semi-Daily Journal
Brad DeLong's Thoughts of the Moment on Economics, and on Other Topics as Well
DeLong's Home Page
Main Journal Page January 25, 2003 America's Second Gilded Age Project Syndicate: America's Second Gilded Age : J. Bradford DeLong : November 2002 The richest Congressional district in the US is the so-called "silk-stocking" district of New York City's Upper East Side, with a per-capita income of $41,151 per year. The poorest Congressional district is a largely Hispanic-immigrant district in Los Angeles, with a per-capita income of $6,997 a year. In 1973 the poorest fifth of America's families had incomes that averaged $13,240 a year (in today's dollars); in 2000 the average incomes of the poorest fifth were the same: $13,320. By contrast, the richest 5% of America's families in 1973 had an average income of $149,150, and in 2000 the richest 5% had an average income of $254,840. The increase in inequality was large enough to give a 2/3 income boost to the well-off over a time when incomes in the middle grew by only 10% and incomes at the bottom not at all. (Statistics, however, that are sensitively dependent on how one measures consumer price inflation.) To outsiders, the most peculiar thing about America's rising inequality is that so few Americans object. Surely a society with a skewed income distribution is worse off than one in which incomes are more equal. An extra $10,000 a year does little to raise the well-being of a multi-millionaire, while a deficiency of $10,000 a year makes a huge impact on how a middle-class family lives.

9. The Gilded Age (19th Century Industrialization) 1866-1901, Carnegie Library Of P
used in Scott Nelson s postbellum us History class by the Society for Historians of the gilded age and Progressive How the Other Half Lives, studies among the
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Resource Guide:
... United States
The Gilded Age 1866-1901 19th Century Industrialization
See also Coal and Steel and Twentieth Century
1895 US Atlas
Includes both maps and population of towns.
Across the Generations: Exploring US History Through Family Papers
This is an online collection from the Smith College Libraries of the papers of the Bodmans, Dunhams, Garrisons, and Hales white, middle-class, traditional families whose experiences represent a portion of American society in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
The American Experience: Andrew Carnegie
This is the companion website to the PBS documentary on Andrew Carnegie which deals with the "Gilded Age" of the late 19th century.
American Variety Stage: Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment 1870-1920
"a multimedia anthology selected from various Library of Congress holdings. This collection illustrates the vibrant and diverse forms of popular entertainment, especially vaudeville, that thrived from 1870-1920. Included are 334 English- and Yiddish-language playscripts, 146 theater playbills and programs, 61 motion pictures, and 143 photographs and 29 memorabilia items documenting the life and career of Harry Houdini.

10. Building Cathedrals
its historical peak in the gilded age and Progressive which developed after revision of us policy in Relatively few introductory studies of the new immigrants
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
Immigration in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

by Donna R. Gabaccia Charles H. Stone Professor of American History
The University of North Carolina at Charlotte References
  • Bodnar, John (1985) The Transplanted: A History of Immigrants in Urban America. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
  • Chan, Sucheng (ed.) (1991) Entry Denied: Exclusion and the Chinese Community in America, 18812-1943 Philadelphia: Temple University Press.
  • Crocker, Ruth (1992) Social Work and Social Order: The Settlement Movement in Two Industrial Cities, 1889-1930 Urbana: University of Illinois Press.
  • Daniels, Roger (1990) Coming to America: A History of Immigration and Ethnicity in American Life New York: HarperCollins.
  • Gabaccia, Donna (1994) From the Other Side: Women, Gender, and Immigrant life in the U.S., 1820-1990 Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
  • Higham, John (1988) Strangers in the Land: Patterns of American Nativism, 1860-1925 2nd. ed. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press.
  • 11. The Gilded Age: Documenting Industry In America
    will create segments for a documentary on the gilded age using Microsoft to be implemented into a secondarylevel us History social studies class.
    Link to Student Page
    Designed by
    Thomas C. Caswell
    Joshua Delorenzo
    Introduction Content ... Conclusion Introduction This WebQuest concerns the major themes of the Gilded Age in American History. In cooperative groups, students will create segments for a documentary on the Gilded Age using Microsoft PowerPoint 97. At the conclusion of this lesson, each of the segments will be combined into one cohesive documentary presentation which will be shown in class. Content Area and Grade Level This lesson is designed to be implemented into a secondary-level U.S. History social studies class. This lesson is tailored specifically for the New York State 11th grade U.S. History and Government curriculum, and addresses several of the New York State standards. New York U.S. History and Government State Scope and Sequence Addressed: Unit 3: Industrialization of the United States:
    II The Rise of American Business, Industry, and Labor, 1865-1920
    C. Major Areas of Growth in Business and Industry (in each of the growth areas below, review conditions in that industry prior to 1860 and, where appropriate, the impact of the Civil War upon technology, and the growth of industrial strength)
    1. Transportation: railroads and automobiles; urban transportation

    created by Peggy Beck Julia Nahatis See also ONLINE RESOURCES for periodicals and journal databases. Select GALENET, and scroll to HISTORY RESOURCE CENTER: US. See also REFERENCE SITES and PRINT RESOURCES.

    BIOGRAPHY RESOURCES See also Biography Resource Center under
    Online Resources

    13. AP U.S. History
    My husband s blog. My 8th Grade Social studies Page. What Historians Do. This Day in us History. The Frontier and The gilded age. From Isolation to World War Two.
    Mrs. Newmark's Page of American History, Government, and Politics Contents Home Page Homework Question of the Week Amazon Page Class Information AdvUSH GOPO APUSH ELPS Advanced United States History Lesson Units Links on United States History Quizzes AP United States Government and Politics Lesson Units Links on Government and Politics Quizzes AP United States History Lesson Units Links on United States History Quizzes Economics, Law and Political Systems Lesson Units Links for ELPS Quizzes Talk to Me E-mail betsynewmark @ Guestbook More Information Quiz Bowl Page My Background My blog My husband's blog ... My 8th Grade Social Studies Page More on History Quotations About History What Historians Do This Day in U.S. History Advanced Placement United States History Colonial History Reconstruction The Great Depression and The New Deal Independence ... Instructions on how to use Word to make an outline Colonial History Study Guide and Assignments for this Unit Chart on European Settlement of the New World Chart on the 13 Colonies War Chart on the French and Indian War ... Self-correcting quizzes for this unit Primary Documents for this Unit Maryland Toleration Act Bacon's Manifesto Mayflower Compact Winthrop's Modell of Christian Charity ... Return to Top Independence

    14. HS Social Studies Sites, Techtrekers
    SCORE HISTORY/SOCIAL SCIENCE Linking teachers to social studies resources, this us SENATE. WebQuest concerns the major themes of the gilded age in American
    INTEGRATION IDEAS HS SOCIAL STUDIES ASK AN EXPERT ASK AN ANTARCTIC EXPERT Email - From the International Antarctic Center ASK A CARTOGRAPHER Email - Select the right map or travel book from the bewildering array of maps and travel products. ASK A CENSUS EXPERT From the U.S. Census Bureau. ASK A CUBA EXPERT Email - ASK A NATIVE AMERICAN CULTURE EXPERT Email - For questions about natural history or about Native American Culture. ASK A NEW ENGLAND LIFE IN THE EARLY 19TH CENTURY EXPERT ASK A PRESIDENT LINCOLN EXPERT Email - From the Gettysburg Welcome ASK A SOCIAL STUDIES EXPERT Email - ASK A US CIVIL WAR EXPERT Email - Any basic information, plus unusual or amusing trivia and facts. Inquiries about the war itself or life during the Civil War era welcome. ASK A US PRESIDENTS EXPERT Email -

    15. Social Studies Links
    Social studies Links. This is a good general American history list of links us History Indices, gilded age and America as a World Power. Studies/List of Links.htm
    Social Studies Links This is a good general American history list of links: U.S. History Indices Gilded Age and America as a World Power U.S. Government Websites Progressive Era ... America in the 1990s (1990-Present) U.S. History Indices Yahoo! U.S. History
    Yahoo! U.S. History Museums and Memorials

    Yahoo! U.S. Presidential Libraries

    U.S. History Index
    University of Virginia Department of History Resources

    U.S. Government Websites
    United States House of Representative

    Library of Congress

    Words and Deeds in American History (Library of Congress)

    National Archives
    United States Senate
    Miscellaneous U.S. History Websites American Historical Association Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents National Baseball Hall of Fame Education Program in Social Studies The United Nations ... University of Texas U.S. History Maps American History Websites for Use in Secondary Schools Encounter (1492-1600) 1492: An Ongoing Voyage Christopher Columbus Colonial Period Plymouth Plantation Colonial USA William Penn Salem Witch Trials ... French and Indian War The American Revolution (1775-1783) Revolutionary War: A Journey Toward Freedom King George III Creating the Government Independence National Historic Park, Philadelphia

    16. United States History
    Native American studies Hotlist. Religion in the us - Hotlist. The Times They are A Changing - WebQuest Change in America during the gilded age 1865-1900.
    American History
    1492: An Ongoing Voyage
    19th Century U.S. Studies - This site is designed to bring together at one place the best materials available on the Web for studying and teaching about 19th century American literature, history and culture Abraham Lincoln - From the History Place A Collaborative Study in American History - ThinkQuest New Adventure into the Unknown - WebQuest on Lewis and Clark AMDOC - Documents for the study of American History. African American History African American History - Hotlist America at War - ThinkQuest New America Dreams Through the Decades - Webquest American Colonists' Library - Primary source documents pertaining to early American history. American History - From Kids' Click American History and American Studies - Research Guide American History Resources - Hotlist New American History Sites American Memory - This site is a remarkable resource for information and materials about American history.

    17. Websites For The Gilded Age And Progressive Era (U.S. History, 1865-1920)
    Websites for the gilded age and Progressive Era. and Archival Resources on the American studies Web (Georgetown Uni.). Diaries and Documents 19th Century us.
    Websites for the Gilded Age and Progressive Era H-SHGAPE's list of websites for
    the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
    WestWeb (history of the American West)
    Documents On-Line ... Historical and Archival Resources on the American Studies Web (Georgetown Uni.) DOCUMENTS ON-LINE
    Words and Deeds in American History

    [American Memory Project, Library of Congress] Diaries and Documents:
    19th Century U.S.
    Women and Social Movements in the U.S., 1830-1930
    (SUNY Binghamton) U.S. Diplomatic History Resources Index
    Diary and Letters of Rutherford B. Hayes

    (Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center) Selected Works by Theodore Roosevelt
    Great Books Online) Geronimo: His Own Story
    [Geronimo's autobiography]
    Votes for Women: Selections from the National American Woman Suffrage Association Collection, 1848-1921 [Library of Congress] Suffragists Oral History Project [Bancroft Library Oral History Office, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley] General Federation of Women's Clubs: Women's History and Resource Center The Jack London Collection Return to top The Emma Goldman Papers ... Library of Congress) American Life in the Late 19 th and Early 20 th Centuries The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory (Chicago Historical Society) Coal Mining in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era [Ohio State University] The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire , March 25, 1911 [Cornell University] The Seattle General Strike, 1919

    18. Contemporary's GED Social Studies | GED Practice Quiz
    A), age of Discovery. B), Federalist Era. C), age of Reform. D), gilded age. E), Jazz age. The following maps refer to data for Tucson, AZ taken from the 2000 us Census.
    Student Center Instructor Center Information Center Home ... GED Links Choose a Chapter Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter Overview Chapter Outline Chapter Review Quiz GED Practice Quiz ... Web Links Feedback
    Help Center

    Contemporary's GED Social Studies Kenneth Tamarkin
    Jeri W. Bayer
    Time, Continuity, and Change
    GED Practice Quiz
    Choose the one best answer to each question. When you have finished the quiz, click on Submit Answers to receive feedback and results. You may also choose to e-mail your results to your instructor.
    Questions 1 and 2 refer to the following information.
    In a sense the Social Security system pits wage earners against senior citizens. The system was originally sold to wage earners as a way to provide for their old-age and also to relieve them from financial responsibility for their parents. As the life expectancy of Americans increased over the years, the cost of providing benefits for retirees also rose. In addition, Congress steadily increased Social Security benefits in an attempt to keep up with rising costs of living for retirees. Congress also added benefits such as disability payments and Medicare, a system of health insurance for older Americans, which is paid from Social Security taxes and from direct contributions by the beneficiaries.
    Which of the following statements is NOT supported by evidence in the passage?

    19. Social Studies
    geographic skills and tools necessary for a further study of geography. reconstruction, industrialization and an urban society, the gilded age, the us as a Catalog/social studies.htm
    Social Studies Department Course Title: Current Issues
    Course Number:
    Course Number: 45.0120038
    Level of Instruction:
    Recommended Grade Level: Description: Analyzes current issues and the influences that are related to these issues. Examines how decisions are made concerning policies and issues; integrates and reinforces social studies skills. Course Title: Government
    Course Number: 45.
    Course Number: 45.0570039
    Course Number: 45.8570009
    Credit: Level of Instruction: Pre-requisite: Recommended Grade Level: Description: Course Title: Economics Course Number: 45.0610029 Course Number: 45.0610039 Course Number: 45.8610009 Credit: Level of Instruction: Pre-requisite: Geog./Civics/U.S. History Recommended Grade Level: Description: Economics is a mandated course for graduation. Informed decision-making is the responsibility of each citizen. Most important issues contain economic content and trade offs. (i.e. environment, energy, poverty, resource allocation, etc.) To understand these issues, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of key economic concepts and to use the process of analysis. Individual and group decision-making will be explored. Course Title: World Geography Course Number: 45.0711028

    20. WFPSD | Search | High Library | Social Studies
    West Fargo High School Social studies Projects Documents are Advanced Placement us History (Grade 11 2427 Project, Coal Mining in the gilded age and Progressive
    District Info District Schools Calendars WFPSD Intranet ... High School West Fargo High School Social Studies Projects
    Documents are produced in Office 2000 or .pdf format
    World Geography AP US History AP US Government World History ... Dev. Economics World Geography (Grade 9) Canada Project Use this document to create a map. Canada Map World Fact Book Use this document to enter data. Data Sheet World Fact Book Data Analysis World History (Grade 10) Developmental World History (Grade 10) General Info University of Evansville Covers general World History concepts Middle Ages Annenberg Learners Organization Discusses all aspects of life in the Middle Ages Mankato Museum Describes life of knights, merchants, nuns and peasants (use for project University of South Florida Discusses 7 Wonders of the World Professor Gerhard Rempel, Western New England College

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