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1. A Nurse Speaks To HS Students
lowered in bad weather inside grey walls with gheko lizards (friendlies) crawling up them - living room with grey
An Army Nurse Corps Veteran Answers
Questions from a High School class in 1996 Sat, 09 Mar 1996
I will try to answer your questions about Vietnam as honestly and accurately as possible. I will always answer from my own experience, not someone else's, so if you hear another story that contradicts mine, that is not unusual. The Vietnam war occurred over a long period of time and over a long country. What was typical of one time and place might not have been typical of another time and place. I was in Vietnam from March of 1966 to March of 1968.
How many people came in and out of the hospital on a daily basis? The 2 largest hospitals I worked in had about 300 beds. These were regular surgical and medical hospitals that received soldiers on sick call as well as wounded from the field. We would get in about 100 patients a day. We treated them as quickly as possible and sent them either back to their units if they were well enough or on to Japan if they still needed care.
The average length of stay was 3 or 4 days. I was an operating room nurse, so I would work on anywhere from 5 to 20 surgeries in a day. I worked a minimum of 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. When there was a big battle, everyone worked around the clock for several days at a time, and nobody got to get off duty. For a couple of months I worked at a clearing company, which was a small medical unit set up in the field to treat casualties as they came in, get them stabilized, and send them to the appropriate hospital by helicopter. Since we didn't actually do much surgery unless we

2. Synthetics, Blends: Red Green Plaid Fleece Fabric Yds
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3. Guestbook
Could you please give some information on gheko lizards and could you aslo tell me the difference between ive wanted to work with snakes and lizards. Kim Barlow, , 4/28

4. Finance.gif
Terms of service. http// StudyWeb Table of Contents Ghana Geography Ghana Government Ghana Regional History gheko lizards
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Records 11 to 20 Next .. in Accra, Kumasi and Tamale. One of FOE-Ghana's priority programmes will be to cooperate
with environmental NGO's in Kenya and Nigeria with the objective of ... FAWE-Ghana Chapter ... and Development as required by National regulations governing the running of NGO's
in Ghana. The membership of the Chapter comprises of Women Ministers and ...

5. D. Schuster
inside grey walls with gheko lizards (friendlies) crawling up them
Dusty: Spring, 1997.
Comments or questions, email at Date: Tue, 28 Jan 1997 21:34:18, -0500 Thanks for your interesting introduction of yourselves. Jenny: I used to coach a softball team, but haven't played in decades. Other than that, I am completely UN-athletic! Courtney: I am also a vegetarian, but I have occasional lapses. My husband is a devout carnivore, and it's hard to "just say no" all the time. You are right: the Vietnam war was an interesting time musically . If you can send them back, I will send you some tapes of the radio station we listened to in Vietnam. I have a couple of tapes that were recorded off the air (very bad sound), and a couple from National Public Radio programs on the war. It is rather hard to tell from the movies what music was popular in Vietnam. They only show you what music was popular in the States during the war. In Vietnam we listened to many different sorts of music, and tended to classify each other and make friends on the basis of what kind of music we liked. Cheryl: I hope you're planning to take lots of math, chemistry, and

6. Reptile Discussion Forum
Kim, when i bought my leucistic leopard gheko, she had basically the same problemher i was wondering if i could put any other types of lizards in the same

7. KidsCom -Chat & Buzz - Pet Arena - Other Animals
March 8) I have 3 western fence lizards and 1 turtle he is a south american wood orenge i have a lepard gheko 3 fish a guinea pig named
I have 2 snakes 1 is a Yellow corn snake and the other is a Red rat snake.The corn's name is Snakey and the other's name is Red.I also have a Leoperd Gekko and he is cool!His name is Eekko also known as "Eekko the Gekko". - Josh - Age: 10 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) - (Saturday, June 5) Hi I have 4 rats and they are so cool. their names are missy, buttoneyes, sassy, and shadow. - Andrea - Age: 13 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) - (Friday, June 4) I got TWO fire belly toads and there cool, I wonder if I have a male and a female . - nicholas - Age: 10 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) - (Thursday, June 3) My betta Scramble is VERY OLD. He is a little older than my dog who turned 1 in human years January 21st. He knows where his food is kept but he doesn't know any tricks. He named himself. When we got him, I askede him, "Are you Scramble?" And he opened his mouth as wide as he could so I took that as a yes. In that way my fish is smart and if I call him from the baack of his tank he will come to me. - Maya - Age: 9 - From UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) - (Thursday, June 3)

Why do the whiptail lizards interact in such a way that one takes a male role Whatelse, other than sex chromosomes, determines the sex of a leopard gheko?
  • What form of asexual reproduction occurs in the whip-tail lizard?
    Which sex is believed to be the "ancestral" sex?
    Why do the whip-tail lizards interact in such a way that one takes a male role and the other takes a female role?
    Which organisms are often studied to help understand the origin of sex?
    List the names of the 3 major ideas/theories for how sex started.
    Choose the type of plant with the most complicated life cycle: green algae, seed plants, flowering plants, or ferns.
    Why is plant sex necessary for the plants?
    List any 3 "go-betweens" (pollinators) that plants rely on.
    What is the secret to sexual success?
    List any 3 features of plants used to attract pollinators. List the 3 main features of the egg cell. List the 3 main features of the sperm cell. How many pairs of chromosomes do humans have? An individual with two X chromosomes (XX) becomes a . What else, other than sex chromosomes, determines the sex of a leopard gheko? What is the "cascade" referred to in the video which shapes sex in the individual? Why did nature invent the "pair bond"?
  • 9. Chinese Dragon Lassi .. Kefalonia ..
    If the gheko is a regular by the light, give it a name maybe, make light of it,us Brits don t see lizards everyday so to us they are interesting and we do Dragon

    10. Reptile Discussion Forum
    all. They are the most gentle lizards I have found yet. 23. I am thinkingof purchasing a gheko ,what size tank and heat mat do i need?

    11. Livestock
    rabbit guinea pig hamster gerbil degu mouse rat chinchilla snake lizard cornsnake king snake rat snake gheko bearded dragon leopard gheko Various Corn, King and Rat Snakes and lizards available .
    Livestock Dwarf Lop
    Netherland Dwarf
    £20.00 ea Guinea Pigs
    Male's ea
    Female's £15.00 ea Syrian Hamsters
    Various colours
    Long and Short Hair Breeds
    £4.95 ea Rats
    £4.95 ea Gerbils Various Colour Variations £4.95 ea Mice Various Colourations and Breeds £3.95 ea Degu's South American Rodent For The More Experienced Keeper £15.00 ea Chinchilla's Grey colouration mostly Other Colours Sometimes Available £20.00 ea Reptiles Various Corn, King and Rat Snakes and Lizards available Tarantula's to order only at this time Indian stick insects normally in stock £1.00 ea Other invert's and amphibians available to order Stock constantly changing Please call for details of what we have available We are normally able to obtain specific species to order Due to restrictions, the reasons for which we are in full agreement with, placed upon pet shops licensed within the Hart District Council area, we regret that we are unable to supply for sale the following species:- All Livestock subject to availability Please call to check Customer Discount Not Available on Livestock Home Budgies Various Colours 2002 hatch £18.00 ea

    12. WetCanvas! - One For The Road...
    What is a gheko please? They come out at night to feed. sassy I would love to seesome live ones of these lizards too they certainly do a good job! cheers
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    13. IOTA
    something about lizards, i have always thought iOTA was ghekolike although thatis diff from a lizard I rarely visit so i appogise if this has been mentioned

    14. Lizard Meetup -- Calling All Lizard Lovers In Manchester, England
    user (Manchester, England) Hi there, I have a bearded dragon and a leopard gheko. thismember (Orange County, CA) I have three common alligator lizards who I
    @import url(""); @import url(""); @import url(""); @import url(""); Your Meetup now has its own Message Boards! Join the conversation! Meetup Home Manchester, England Meetups Discuss ... Manchester, England
    International Lizard Meetup Day
    in 31 Days
    WHAT Meetup with other local lizard breeders, owners and fans. WHEN Saturday, July 10 @ 1:00PM
    (Usually 1st Saturday of every month; moved for Holidays.)
    WHO Lizard Lovers Worldwide (and friends.) So far, have signed up. WHERE Manchester, England and up to 646 other cities AGENDA T.B.D. More info. You haven't signed up yet Meetup Mini-board Discuss the last Lizard Meetup on the message boards
    Lizard Lovers Worldwide: 29
    • Truely Manchester, England Hi there, I have a bearded dragon and a leopard gheko. They are both males and I will eventually be looking for female companions for them. It would be good to meet other lizard owners in the Manchester area. charlene Orange County, CA

    15. Arthur's Reptile Clip Art
    ARTHUR S. COLOUR lizards CLIPART HOME. GECKO001.gif GECKO001.gif, gheko.gif gheko.gif,giantzonure.gif giantzonure.gif, GILA.gif GILA.gif, GILAMON.gif GILAMON.gif.
    web hosting domain names email addresses Turtles Color ... Contact Me ARTHUR'S COLOUR - LIZARDS CLIPART HOME Arthur's Color Lizard Clip art Page 1
    alligyoung.gif alligyoung1.gif AMERCROC.gif armadilloliz.gif barkinggheko.gif basilisk.gif BEADED.gif bibronsgheko.gif blutailskink.gif cham.gif cham1.gif Chamel1.gif CHAMELE.gif CHAMELE1.gif CHAMELE2.gif CHAMELE3.gif CHAMELEO.gif Chameleon.gif Chameleon1.gif Chameleon2.gif collardliz.gif crestediguana.gif

    16. Reptilecrazy Uk: Your First Inspiration
    up in south africa aswell, living in a room with countless gheko s on the broughtup in South Africa (Swaziland to be precise), catching lizards and watching

    17. Buffy Downunder - True Story That I Heard About've Gotta Read This!
    when she was staying there in the resort, she called up and said there were geckos(lizards) in her room the gheko slayer now see that would have made me laugh.
    Buffy Downunder The Shows View Thread : True story that I heard about've gotta read this! Emma Boreanaz Hey everyone,
    I thought you guys may be interested in this story...
    simon in oz /me backs up the truck load of salt to take this with Ranna Hmmmm I can believe that someone would say the 'gecko slayer' but for her to punch him? Why didnt he sue and hence making news
    anyhow thhanks for the gossip :) Emma Boreanaz I'm not bullshitting you...its true! :) blahblahwoofwoo I think everything but the nose punch is- she probably was just really rude to him and didn't tip. Myabe he had to talk it up to salvage his pride, or it just got blown up everytime it got passed on.
    Good story though- I bet she gets slayer jokes wherever she goes. Tarzapam i bet she really did it
    i bet she has a firey temper and loves smacking people around
    the little ones are always fiesty
    lol blahblahwoofwoo :haha: Aapac that doesn't seem likely.....
    unless he said something else to really offend her angels exist :p
    Surely that guy could come up with a better pun! :rolleyes: and next she went downstairs, stole a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the manager.

    18. Louie The Lizard Vs. Kermit The Frog @ WWWF Grudge Match
    Louie the Lizard wants his old job back as a Budweiser frog, but it seems that there's a tougher frog in the way now one named Kermit. being green, try being a lizard on Grudge Match! lizards
    World Wide Web Fights Presents
    The Scenario Louie: I'm dyin', Frank.
    Frank: [sigh] What now, Louie.
    Louie: I still can't believe they fired me.
    Frank: We've been over this, Louie.
    Louie: I was good, Frank!
    Frank: Good? You repeatedly botched a one word line.
    Louie: I added flair!
    Frank: You added annoyance.
    Louie: I'm an artist!
    Frank: You're a lizard. Louie: So? My replacement is a frog Frank: He's supposed to be a frog, Louie. That's the whole point. Louie: Well he stinks. Frank: Stinks? This guy is a true showman. Louie: "Showman" my tail. He's a scab. He's an understudy. Frank: He's better than you. Louie: [gasp] ... Frank ... how could you say that? I thought I was your friend. Frank: You are. But he's still better. Louie: Well, we'll just see how long he lasts. Frank: Louie... Louie: What? I didn't let the first "weis" frog get in my way, why should I let this one? Frank: You've got a bigger fight this time, Louie. Louie: Fight? Humph. Frank: He's very happy here. He won't want to leave. It's a good gig. Louie: Gig is right.

    19. RaveChat - Rave Chat, Raves, Raver Music, Rave Events, And Rave Culture.
    features rave chat, message board, upcoming raves, raver culture, party promotion and much more! like 4 horses cows goats then like 4 dogs 2 lizards and like 1 cat but we got rid of like almost

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