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         Ghana Regional History:     more detail
  1. Ghana Regional Boundaries and National Integration by Raymond Bagulo Bening, 1999-01-01
  2. American Africans in Ghana: Black Expatriates and the Civil Rights Era.(American Africans in Ghana: Black Expatriates and the Civil Rights Era, The John ... An article from: Journal of Southern History by James H. Meriwether, 2007-08-01
  3. The Ghana Cookery Book
  4. Food Production in Urban Areas: A Study of Urban Agriculture in Accra, Ghana by Kwaku Obosu-Mensah, 1999-06

1. Political And Economic History Of Ghana
Political and Economic history of ghana. The history of ghana is one of sadness and tragedy, of began restricting political freeedoms in ghana. When regional/ethnic based parties in
Thayer Watkins Political and Economic History of Ghana The history of Ghana is one of sadness and tragedy, of unnecessay tragedy. The post-independence history is that not uncommon case of a charismatic leader feeding the populace on a fantasy that it takes decades to recover from. In Argentina it was Juan Peron. In Ghana it was Kwame Nkrumah. Before going into the details of the Nkrumah era it is helpful to get some perspective on the nature of the fantasy that has entrapped so many countries. A major legacy and burden of tribal and feudalistic societies is the notion that leaders have the power to solve problems and bring justice. The village chieftain takes resources from the villagers and to the powerless villagers the chieftain seems like a potential foundation of wealth and luxury. To those who aspire to be chieftain it seems that if only they could achieve that status they could not have a pleasant living but could do good for the villagers. In the American idiom they could be fairy godmothers , solving all problems with the waive of a magic wand. So the possibility of becoming a fairy godmother is a powerful motivation for those who seek leadership. On the other hand, for the powerless who have no hope of becoming a leader the notion of there being fairy godmothers who can solve all problems is likewise a powerful influence. But of course there are no fairy godmothers and can be no fairy godmothers. The resources that the village chieftain dispenses come only from the productive efforts of the people themselves. If the people neglect their own productive efforts in seeking benefits from the chieftain then soon even the chieftain has no resources.

2. Encyclopedia: History Of Ghana
of Cape Coast have come a long way in the history of ghana. Indeed you can find statutesof Queen Victory of Great Britain standing in one of the regional parks

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    Encyclopedia : History of Ghana
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    History of Ghana before the last quarter of the 15th century is derived primarily from oral tradition that refers to migrations from the ancient kingdoms of the western Soudan, the area of

    3. Ghana: History
    EARLY history ca of the Gold Coast becomes independent ghana on March 6 1958 Entrenchedprotection clauses of constitution repealed; regional assemblies abolished
    Menu General History Ancient Ghana Pre-Colonial Gold Coast/Slave Trade ... History of ..... Historical Notes Afrifa's letter CIA Nkrumah Files Quotes of DC Kwakye Sponsor
    History Timeline -Chronology of Important Events
    • ca. 10,000 B.C. Earliest recorded probable human habitation within modern Ghana at site on Oti River.
    • ca. 4000 B.C. Oldest date for pottery at Stone Age site near Accra.
    • ca. 100 B.C. Early Iron Age at Tema.
    • ca. A.D. 1200 Guan begin their migrations down Volta Basin from Gonja toward Gulf of Guinea.
    • ca. 1298 Akan kingdom of Bono (Brong) founded. Other states had arisen or were beginning to rise about this time.
    • 1471-82 First Europeans arrive. Portuguese build Elmina Castle.
    • 1482 - Portuguese set up trading settlement.
    • 1500-1807 Era of slave raids and wars and of intense state formation in Gold Coast.
    • 1697-1745 Rise and consolidation of Asante Empire.
    • 1874 - British proclaim coastal area a crown colony.
    • 1817 - 1821: Two ambassadors were sent to Kumasi to discuss peace with King Osei Bonsu. This failed.
    • 1823 - 1824: In Asante Denkyira war, Sir Charles Macarthy and his Fante allies supported the Denkyiras. Marcathy was killed.

    4. Ghana
    An annotated guide to internet resources about ghana for students, faculty, librarians, teachers, journalists, businesspeople and others. report on its Roundtable on Strengthening regional Capacity for Conflict Resolution in West publisher on travel to ghana, weather, history, culture, has recent travelers accounts
    Countries : Ghana Search: Countries Topics Africa Guide Suggest a Site ... Africa Home See also: Ghana News
    Aba Tours
    "The focus of our tours are the art, culture and people of Ghana . We take small groups and build the itinerary around the participants' interests. We specialize in village stay s. This is not a tour for people who want to look out the window of a tour bus." "...arranges visits to teachers and schools, health care professionals, traditional healers, drummers and dancers." Has a traditional housepainting tour. Site has profiles of Ghanaian artists, news articles about the tours, a paragraph each on pottery, coffins, fabrics, carvings, etc.
    Academy of Screen Arts
    Offers training in film and television acting and production. Accepts volunteers for periods of three months to two years. Based in Accra, Ghana.
    Addy, Yacub - Ghana Drum
    "Drummer and composer Yacub Addy and his exceptional Ghanaian group Odadaa! perform rich traditional rhythms and songs, as well as traditionally-grounded creative compositions." Biography, reviews, descriptions of some of the Ga drums and traditions behind them. No audio files. Has an article, " Glimpses of Ga Music/Dance " by Barbara L. Hampton. [KF]

    5. Ghana: History
    sector of the economy as conservative ideas that could undermine ghana s sovereignty. movementof population to the cities and to redress regional imbalance in
    Menu General History Ancient Ghana Pre-Colonial Gold Coast/Slave Trade ... History of ..... Historical Notes Afrifa's letter CIA Nkrumah Files Quotes of DC Kwakye Sponsor The National Liberation Council and the Busia Years, 1966-71
    The leaders of the coup that overthrew Nkrumah immediately opened the country's borders and its prison gates to allow the return from exile or release from preventive detention of all opponents of Nkrumah. The National Liberation Council (NLC), composed of four army officers and four police officers, assumed executive power. It appointed a cabinet of civil servants and promised to restore democratic government as quickly as possible. The ban on the formation of political parties remained in force until late 1968, but activity by individual figures began much earlier with the appointment of a succession of committees composed of civil servants and politicians as the first step in the return to civilian and representative rule.
    These moves culminated in the appointment of a representative assembly to draft a constitution for the Second Republic of Ghana. Political party activity was allowed to commence with the opening of the assembly. By election time in August 1969, the first competitive nationwide political contest since 1956, five parties had been organized.

    6. Reference- Flags- Regional- Ghana
    Reference, Flags, regional, ghana now available at DMOZ ODP! This category features links for Reference, Flags, regional, ghana. Reference, Flags the World ghana National and historical flags and ensigns. ghana Flag - Meaning and history
      This category features links for Reference, Flags, Regional, Ghana
    Reference, Flags, Regional, Ghana
    Top Reference Flags Regional ... Ghana
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    7. USAID Ghana Mission: History Of USAID In Ghana
    Message; history; General Overview; Success Stories; Org Chart; Reports; ContactInfo; Website Map. OTHER LINKS West African regional Program; US Embassy Accra,ghana;
    The Ghana Vision of the U.S. Agency for International Development:
    Empowering Ghanaians through Partnerships to Build a Prosperous Nation.


    Search USAID mission in Ghana Site:
    Economic Growth
    Health Education ... Privacy Statement

    8. UCLA Architecture Websites
    Bibliography of the history of Art (BHA) Lower Chattahoochie regional Development Center. Maine Preservation of architecture in Ivory Coast, Senegal and ghana) African Nomads
    Selected Internet Sources in Architecture and Architectural History
    Periodical Indexes Online Catalogs Architecture Portals Research Guides ... Architectural History
    Periodical Indexes
    Architectural Civil Engineering Interdisciplinary

    9. Ghana - History And Politics
    to faithfully serve the people of ghana, people broke never again in the nation’shistory, would one Fostering an environment supportive of regional and sub
    Geographic Map General Information Geography Natural resources ... Sources
    Ghana - History and Politics
    Constitution adopted 28 April 1992. Much of it is based on the US system. Legal system based on English common law and customary law Legislative branch - unicameral National Assembly (200 seats) Elections - last held 2000. These elections ended the 20-year rule of Pres. Jerry Rawlings, the first time in Ghana's 43-year history that an incumbent government was changed through the ballot box.
    Pre-colonial History
    The name of modern day Ghana was taken from the ancient kingdom of Ghana, which was one of the most powerful three West African states of Mali and Songhai. Its gloried period was between the 12 th to the 16 th centuries. In the aftermath of its defeat by the Songhai empire, most of its citizens, it is believed, migrated to present day Ghana. With the settlement along the coastal belt of present day Ghana, most of the inhabitants along the coast became traders and middlemen between European traders who peddeled their wares along the West coast and the hinterland traders who brought their goods to the coast to sell in exchange for European goods. Due to the very profitable trade in gold, the coastal stretch which forms the modern state of Ghana became known as the Gold Coast. The wealth of the coastal trade is attested to by the concerntration of forts and castles along this short coastal stretch representing all major European powers of time gone by.
    The process of incoporating the then Gold Coast into a formalised relationship occurred on several multiple front concurrently. While the European trading companies supported by their states and mercenary armies fought amongst themselves and against the coastal and hinterland states and kingdoms, similar processes were concurrently taking place among the Gold Coast kingdoms. In the final reckoning, two powerful states were left on the coast, England and Denmark. On 31 December 1849, Denmark withdrew from her Gold Coast colonial expedition after almost two hundred years of turbulence. She sold her posessions on in Gold Coast to the English at the handsome price of ten thousand pounds sterling.

    10. WWW: Accra
    All about Accra www from environment, food, history and belief. - http// regional Africa ghana News and regional Africa ghana Guides and Directories
    Featured Web Pages
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  • The City of Accra One page of general information: history, geography, economy.
  • 11. - History & Culture
    while serving with the ghana contingent on the UN Belgian Congo Peacekeeping Force.From 19661971 he was Chairman for the Western regional Committee of

    Discussions History Events ... Religion
    General Ignatius Kutu Acheampong
    Soldier and Political Leader 1931 - 1979
    Acheampong was born in Kuamsi in the Ashanti Region, to James Kwadwo Kutu Acheampong and Madam Akua Manu of Trabuom, Ashanti. He attended Trabuom Elementary School, St. Peter's Catholic School, Kumasi, and Central College of Commerce, Swedru in the Central Region. He left school with a Middle School Certificate; GCE 'O' Level and a Diploma in Commerce. Between 1945 and 1951 Acheampong worked as a stenographer/secretary at the Timber Sawmill in Kumasi, taught at Kumasi Commercial College and was Vice Principal at Agona-Swedru College of Commerce. In 1951, he enlisted as a Private in the colonial army and went on a training course in Aldershot, England. He served with a contingent attached to the British Battalion, which was based in Germany. On returning to Ghana, he was commissioned Second Lieutenant. From 1959-1966, Acheampong attended several courses including one in Personnel Administration at the Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA. He became the Commanding Officer of the 5 th and 6 th battalion and was mentioned in dispatches while serving with the Ghana contingent on the UN Belgian Congo Peacekeeping Force.

    12. - History & Culture
    no official figures exist to reflect regional distribution of of Catholic Bishopsand the ghana Christian Council life is recounted as the early history of the

    Discussions History Events ... Religion
    Religion and society Traditional Religion Syncretic Religion
    Christianity and Islam in Ghana
    The presence of Christian missionaries on the coast of Ghana has been dated to the arrival of the Portuguese in the fifteenth century. It was the Basel/Presbyterian and Wesleyan/Methodist missionaries, however, who, in the 19 th Century, laid the foundation for the Christian church in Ghana. Beginning their conversions in the coastal area and among the Akwapim, these missionaries established schools as "nurseries of the church" in which an educated African class was trained. Almost all major secondary schools today, especially exclusively boys and girls’ schools, are mission- or church-related institutions. Although churches continue to influence the development of education in the country, church schools have been opened to all since the state assumed financial responsibility for formal instruction under the Education Act of 1960.
    Various Christian denominations are well represented in Ghana. The Volta Region has a high concentration of Evangelical Presbyterians. Many Akwapim are Presbyterians, and the Methodist denomination is strongly represented among the Fante. The Roman Catholic Church is fairly well represented in Central Region and Ashanti Region. Although no official figures exist to reflect regional distribution of the various denominations, it is generally agreed that the southern part of the nation is more Christian, while the north is more Islamic.

    13. Ghana Introduction - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate, Natural Resources
    BACK TO history CONTENTS the burden of accumulated foreign debt, and the needto forge a nation from ghana s diverse ethnic and regional interests.

  • Country Ranks
    Source: The Library of Congress Country Studies
      < BACK TO HISTORY CONTENTS Unavailable Figure 1. Administrative Divisions of Ghana, 1994 WHEN GHANA ACHIEVED INDEPENDENCE from colonial domination in 1957, the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to do so, it enjoyed economic and political advantages unrivaled elsewhere in tropical Africa. The economy was solidly based on the production and export of cocoa, of which Ghana was the world's leading producer; minerals, particularly gold; and timber. It had a well-developed transportation network, relatively high per capita income, low national debt, and sizable foreign currency reserves. Its education system was relatively advanced, and its people were heirs to a tradition of parliamentary government. Ghana's future looked promising, and it seemed destined to be a leader in Africa. Yet during the next twenty-five years, rather than growth and prosperity, Ghanaians experienced substantial declines in all of the above categories, and the country's image became severely tarnished. Beginning in the early 1980s and continuing into the mid-1990s, efforts were undertaken to rebuild the government and the economy and to restore the luster of Ghana's name. It is this attempt at reconstruction that constitutes the major focus of the present volume. The region of modern Ghana has been inhabited for several thousand years, but little is known of Ghana's early inhabitants before the sixteenth century. By then, however, the major population groups were on the scene and in their present locales. More than 100 separate ethnic groups are found in Ghana today, a number of which are immigrant groups from neighboring countries.
  • 14. History Of Ghana :: Online Encyclopedia :: Information Genius
    Online Encyclopedia history of ghana before the last Under the PNDC, ghana remaineda unitary government. overall control by appointing regional and district
    Quantum Physics Pampered Chef Paintball Guns Cell Phone Reviews ... Science Articles History of Ghana
    Online Encyclopedia

    History of Ghana before the last quarter of the 15th century is derived primarily from oral tradition that refers to migrations from the ancient kingdoms of the western Soudan, the area of Mauritania and Mali . Previously called the Gold Coast , but renamed Ghana upon independence in because of indications that present-day inhabitants descended from migrants who moved south from the ancient kingdom of Ghana. The first contact between Europe and the Gold Coast dates from , when a party of Portuguese landed. In 1482, the Portuguese built Elmina Castle as a permanent trading base. The first recorded English trading voyage to the coast was made by Thomas Windham in . During the next three centuries, the English Portuguese Swedish Danes ... Dutch and Germans controlled various parts of the coastal areas. In 1821, the British Government took control of the British trading forts on the Gold Coast. In 1844, Fanti chiefs in the area signed an agreement with the British that became the legal steppingstone to colonial status for the coastal area. From 1826 to 1900, the British fought a series of campaigns against the Ashantis, whose kingdom was located inland. In 1902, they succeeded in establishing firm control over the Ashanti region and making the northern territories a protectorate.

    15. Ghana Africa Regional English regional Africa ghana. Backgroundinformation ( ) history, news, events, travel notes. English Deutsch Espa±ol ... Ghana Ghana Localities
    Arts and Entertainment

    Business and Economy

    Travel and Tourism

    English Regional Africa Regions: West Africa
    Ghana country profile

    Regional Africa Ghana.
    General information about the country.
    BBC Country Profile: Ghana Regional Africa Ghana. Overview ( BBC Country Profile: Ghana ) facts, leaders and media. From the British Broadcasting Company. FOC Country Profile - Ghana Regional Africa Ghana. Notes on geography ( FOC Country Profile - Ghana ) history, politics, economy, international relations, travel, current affairs. CIA World Factbook - Ghana Regional Africa Ghana. Introduction ( CIA World Factbook - Ghana ) geography, people, government, economy, communication, transportation, military and transnational issues. Ghana: Country Study Regional Africa Ghana. Overall country profile plus information about historical setting ( Ghana: Country Study ) society and environment, economy, government and politics, and national security. From the federal research division of the Library of Congress.

    16. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Regional > ... > Ghana > Society And Culture > His
    Information about the German connection with ghana, the history of the

    17. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Reference > Flags > Regional > Ghana
    a subject. ghana Flag Meaning and history.

    18. Africa Book Centre Ltd Ghana
    collection of essays discussing the various aspects of ghanaian history, indigenousbelief ghana regional BOUNDARIES AND NATIONAL INTEGRATION Bening, R. Bagulo
    var actinic_ignored = true; actinic_ignored = false;
    document.write(getCartItem(3)); document.write(getCartItem(1)); Quick search Online Catalogue West Africa Ghana
    2003 Paperback
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    2001 hardback
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    2000 paperback
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    2001 PB
    Our Price: CULTURE AND CUSTOMS OF GHANA 2002 hardback Our Price: 1993 Paperback Our Price: 2002 2 volumes Paperback Our Price: DEMOCRACY AND GHANA 1983 Hardback Our Price: ECONOMIC BLUEPRINT FOR GHANA 2003 Paperback Our Price: FATE OF THE TREE 2001 Paperback Our Price: 2002 paperback Our Price: 2001 Hardback Our Price: 2003 Paperback Our Price: GHANA REGIONAL BOUNDARIES AND NATIONAL INTEGRATION 1999 Paperback Our Price: 2000 Paperback Our Price: 2000 paperback Our Price: 2003 Paperback Our Price: 2002 Paperback Our Price: 2003 Hardback Our Price: 2001 hardback Our Price: 2001 hardback Our Price: 2001 Hardback Our Price: 2002 Hardback Our Price: 2002 Paperback Our Price: 2001 Paperback Our Price: 2001 hardback Our Price: 2001 paperback Our Price: 1996 Paperback Our Price: 2002 Paperback Our Price: 2002 Hardback Our Price: 2003 Paperback Our Price: 2001 paperback Our Price: 2001 pamphlet Our Price: 2000 Hardback Our Price: 2002 Paperback Our Price: 2002 Paperback Our Price: 2002 Hardback Our Price: 2002 Hardback Our Price: Our Price: 2002 Paperback Our Price: 2003 Paperback Our Price: Online Catalogue West Africa Ghana

    19. ThinkQuest : Library : The Africa Game
    The history of ghana dated back as far as the ghana runs the best and most efficientairline on the The staple of Ghanians depends on regional bases.However
    Index Cultures
    The Africa Game
    The Africa Game is a web site about the continent of Africa. It was designed to help students learn about various countries on that continent. It includes reports on many different countries and trivia, a word find, and even African recipes you can make! This site is perfect if you are learning about Africa, or are just interested in learning about other countries. Visit Site 2000 ThinkQuest USA Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

    20. - Ghana History
    The history of the Gold Coast before the last Under the PNDC, ghana remained a unitarygovernment maintained overall control by appointing regional and district

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