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         Germany History:     more books (100)
  1. The Long Nineteenth Century: A History of Germany, 1780-1918 by David Blackbourn, 1998-01-08
  2. The Russians in Germany: A History of the Soviet Zone of Occupation, 1945-1949 by Norman M. Naimark, 1997-09-01
  3. Germany and the Second World War: Volume II: Germany's Initial Conquests in Europe (Germany and the Second World War) by Klaus A. Maier, Horst Rohde, et all 1991-08-22
  4. The Course of German History (Routledge Classics) (Routledge Classics) by A. Taylor, 2001-05-23
  5. Germany and the Second World War: Volume I: The Build-up of German Aggression (Germany and the Second World War) by Wilhelm Deist, Manfred Messerschmidt, et all 1991-01-17
  6. Germany's Tiger Tanks - Vk45 to Tiger II: Design, Production & Modifications (Schiffer Military History) by Thomas L. Jentz, 1997-08
  7. Staging Philanthropy: Patriotic Women and the National Imagination in Dynastic Germany, 1813-1916 (Social History, Popular Culture, and Politics in Germany) by Jean Helen Quataert, 2001-04-03
  8. A History of Germany, 1815-1985 by William Carr, 1987-02-01
  9. Germany: The Long Road West: Volume 2: 1933-1990 by Heinrich August Winkler, 2007-12-07
  10. Germany from Partition to Reunification: A Revised Edition of The Two Germanies Since 1945 by Henry Ashby Turner, 1992-11-25
  11. The History of the German Resistance, 1933-1945 by Peter Hoffmann, 1996-09
  12. Panzer: The Illustrated History of Germany's Armored Forces in WWII by Niall Barr, Russell Hart, 1999-11-27
  13. Turbojet: History and Development 1930-1960 Volume 1 - Great Britain and Germany by Antony L. Kay, 2007-08-01
  14. Postcards of Hitler's Germany, Vol. 3 by Roger James Bender, 2002-02

61. ThinkQuest : Library : Countries And Cultures
Back. history. Most of the history you hear about germany probably has to do with wars, or the Berlin wall, or even something about Hitler.
Index Europe
Countries and Cultures
Visit the six countries investigated by our team ~ Germany, Italy, Ireland, Brazil, Switzerland, and France. We've taken a look at their history, their culture, their sports and foods, and other topics as well. We hope you enjoy this e-vacation as much as we have! Visit Site 2001 ThinkQuest USA Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

62. Nazi Germany
The Church in Nazi germany. The Nazis and germany s economy 193339. The 1936 Berlin Olympics. For Modern World history Index - click here. Germany.htm
Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler
The one party state - Hitler's dictatorship The Nazi Police State The Night of the Long Knives ... The 1936 Berlin Olympics For Modern World History Index - click here To return to Main Index Page - click here Revised September 2003

63. LaRouches In Berlin: Learn The Lessons Of Germany's History
of Executive Intelligence Review. LaRouches in Berlin Learn the Lessons of germany s history. by Ortrun Cramer In the last weeks
This article appears in the January 10, 2003 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.
LaRouches in Berlin:
Learn the Lessons of
Germany's History
by Ortrun Cramer In the last weeks of 2002, American economist and pre-candidate for the 2004 U.S. Presidential elections Lyndon H. LaRouche conducted a tour of European centers, addressing seminars and press conferences, and holding private meetings with influentials from politics and the economic sector. After visits to Milan, Paris, and Budapest, he spoke on Dec. 18 at a seminar sponsored by EIR Mr. LaRouche's keynote address , published below, emphasized the importance of defining a policy orientation for the United States and the world, in the first weeks of the new year. He announced that he would give a State of the Union address on Jan. 28, and that until that speech, and President Bush's own State of the Union address, have been made, "it will be extremely difficult to estimate what U.S. policy is going to be, and consequently, very difficult to estimate what the world situation will be." In the audience were diplomatic representatives of Arab, African, and Central European countries; journalists from German, East European, and Arabic media; representatives of various political, cultural, and economic associations. There were also many supporters and friends of the LaRouche movement. What was particularly refreshing, was the presence of a group of students from several Berlin universities, joined by youth from Denmark and France, who were visiting Berlin at the time. These young people contributed to a very lively debate after the presentations.

64. Windenergie
history. Especially we make investigations and statements to sites in the southern part of germany, ie especially to the state of BadenWürttemberg.
First of all
Before You cleave Yourself to this windpage
some further very interesting internet-addresses to the subject windenergy.
Milestones of wind energy utilization
2000 years B.C.
Even the ancient Egyptian used the wind energy to propell their sailboats. Frieze of the temple of Edfu, river nile, Egypt. 16. Century
The Dutch are besides the Danish and the German the "Wind Nation Number One" in Europe in the Middle Ages.
Around 1900
Around the turn of the century, it was the time of the so called "western mills", the multibladed metal sheet rotors, the slow running windturbines, especially for the purposes of water pumping. The starting torque of these machines is pretty good high.
Hermann Honnef proposed in den thirties the idea of huge contrarotating rotors with ringgenerators built-in. Rotor and "stator" of the elektric machine belong equally corresponding to one of the contrarotating multibladed rotors. The diameter of the ringgenerator reached 120 meter, the diameter totally was 160 meter. The output of this giant should be 20 MW at a windspeed of 15 m/s. The projekt remained only a paper study.
Nevertheless, Honnef is an important pioneer of windenergy utilization. He proposed early, as first, the"offshore"-technic for windenergy converters.

65. Project Gutenberg: Catalog Search
ESC germany history myESC. Register as a new customer. Logon to your ESCde account. history of the ESC germany, 2003. Our employees. history of the ESC germany. Alumni. Contact. (Germany) -- Hist

66. ESC Germany | History
myESC. Register as a new customer. Logon to your ESCde account. history of the ESC germany, 1997. Our employees. history of the ESC germany. Alumni. Contact.

67. Columbus World Travel Guide - Europe - Germany - History And Government
World Travel Guide germany - history and Government - includes information on the constitution and politics.
OAS_sitepage = URL + '/Europe/Germany/HistoryandGovernment'; document.write('Research Germany hotels at TripAdvisor'); Contact Addresses

General Information

... Europe /Germany GERMANY History and Government
History: de facto hereditary tenure over each of their respective fiefdoms. The tenth century witnessed a growth in the power of central authority under the leadership of the House of Saxony, while in the 11th and early-12th centuries, under the Salian dynasty, the power of the crown was in many ways at its height. In 1152, following a disputed succession and a civil war, the dynamic Frederick Barbarossa acceded to the throne: he is one of the most significant figures in German history. Frederick, his son Henry VI and his grandson Frederick II, made prodigious attempts to revive the reality of royal power in Germany and Italy, but the task proved impossible and by the late 13th century the country was seething with civil war. During the 1950s, the GDR embarked on a full-scale programme of socialist development complete with wholesale agricultural reform and breakneck industrial construction. Popular discontent with some of the policies culminated in a series of uprisings throughout the decade – notably in 1953 – which were put down forcefully. Political power in the GDR was vested solely in the hands of the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands (SED – Socialist Unity Party), an amalgam of leftist and pre-war anti-fascist parties dominated by the Communist Party. Walter Ulbricht was succeeded as Party First Secretary in 1971 by Erich Honecker, who remained in the post almost until the end of the GDR. As with West Germany, relations with the ‘other’ Germany dominated the political agenda in the GDR.

68. Versailles Treaty Contents
The author, professor of history at Ryerson University, Toronto, became the first woman to Asia Minor in 1924 (small preview image); Map 3 of germany in 1919
The Versailles Treaty
June 28, 1919
The Complete Treaty with all 440 Articles in a single 498k file The Treaty divided into sections:
In 1919, the Big 4 met in Paris to negotiate the Treaty
Lloyd George of Britain, Orlando of Italy,
Clemenceau of France, and Woodrow Wilson of the U.S.
  • Articles 1-26 The Covenant of the League of Nations
  • Articles 27-30 Boundaries of Germany
  • Articles 31-117 Political Clauses for Europe
  • Articles 118-158 German Rights and Interests Outside Germany ...
  • Articles 434-440 Miscellaneous Provisions Sources and Suggested Readings:
  • The Treaties of Peace 1919-1923. New York: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1924, is the source of the complete text of the 1919 Treaty.
  • Mayer, Arno J. Politics and Diplomacy of Peacemaking: Containment and Counterrevolution at Versailles, 1918-1919 . New York: Harcourt, 1967, is a detailed and authoritative account of the Versailles Treaty negotiations, and is the sequel to Mayer's Political Origins of the New Diplomacy, 1917-1918.
  • Macmillan, Margaret. Paris 1919: Six Months that Changed the World.
  • 69. Germany - History - Third Reich (1933-1945)
    germany history - Third Reich (1933-1945). The Coming of the Third Reich. Inside Hitler s germany A Documentary history of Life in the Third Reich.
    Germany - History - Third Reich (1933-1945)
    Mein Kampf
    Adolf Hitler
    Ralph Manheim
    ... Europe - Germany

    70. Germany
    Third Reich Richard J. Evans germany history 18711918 1918-1933 National socialism germany - history - Third Reich (1933-1945) history - General
    Shadow Divers : The True Adventure of Two Americans Who Risked Everything to Solve One of theLast Mysteries of World War II

    U-869 (Submarine)
    Excavations (Archaeology) ... Military - World War II

    71. German History WWW Links
    Projekt Gutenberg. Documents in German history Project War and Society in EighteenthCentury germany. ELIHOS Electronic Library of Historiography.
    German History WWW Links
    This page contains a personal selection of links to web sites of interest to students of German history. Some of the sites are more valuable for freshmen, others are intended for more advanced students. Please email any comments and suggestions of sites to include. Ruti Ungar,
    The Institute for German History.

    Researching the rare and ancient name of Ronshausen which is noted as a place name in 11th Century records as Runteshausen. Includes pedigree and surname history.
    RONSHAUSEN is an old name in Germany. As a place name, it is noted in 11th Century records as Runteshausen.
    The first record of a person with the name is Henchen Ronshausen (Little Henry Ronshausen), who is listed in 16th Century records, with the note that he possessed a long pike! Perhaps his master was enumerating the armed men in his domain.
    No one nowadays knows the precise meaning of the name. Some language scholars suggest that it refers to migration "from the hills."
    The name is rare as well as ancient. There are only some 150 Ronshausen households in Germany, some 150 in the United States, and only one outside those two countries as of the date of this writing.
    If you like the fun of a puzzle, the delight of discovery, the suspense of waiting (sometimes for years) to find the key to the puzzle, then enter these pages. Whether you are a Ronshausen or a member of a family that intermarried with the Ronshausens, look here for pieces to your family puzzle.

    73. Germany Info: Culture & Life: History
    More. history Overview. An overview of German history from the earliest beginnings to the present from the publication Facts about germany. More. history Features.
    G ermany Online Home: History History A brief overview and features on some of the most important events in German history.
    Milestones in History
    A timeline: Germany from Charlemagne to today. More
    History Overview
    An overview of German History from the earliest beginnings to the present from the publication Facts about Germany More
    History Features Features on Prussia The German Revolution of 1848/49 The Berlin Airlift and The Marshall Plan 1947-1997

    German Unification How the two post-war German states became one.

    Newsletters Subscribe Here You can also read the current issues here History Milestones in History History Overview German history up to 1945 / Part I German history up to 1945 / Part II From 1945 to the present / Part I From 1945 to the present / Part II ... From 1945 to the present / Part III History Features Prussia German Revolution of 1848/49 Berlin Airlift Marshall Plan 1947-1997 ... Link List Printer-Friendly Page Email This Article

    74. EUROPA - IDA Interchange Of Data Between Administrations
    eGovernment Factsheet germany - history. Main developments and key milestones (in reverse chronological order). 10 April 2003 The

    75. Bridgestone Germany - History Deutschland Ab 2003
    Translate this page history Deutschland ab 2003, ab 2003, 2000 bis 2002, bis 1999. 12. Bridgestone in Ihrem Land Europe.

    76. The History Place - The Rise Of Adolf Hitler
    A complete history 24 chapters covering the rise of Adolf Hitler from unknown to dictator of germany .
    From Unknown to Dictator of Germany
    24 Chapters Visit our World War Two in Europe Timeline
    Visit our Holocaust Timeline

    History of the Hitler Youth
    fiSearchFormMaxSetId='AX005679'; The History Place Main Page Text Only Index American Revolution Abraham Lincoln ... Advertise Private home/school non-commercial, non-Internet re-usage only is allowed of any text, graphics, photos, audio clips, other electronic files or materials from The History Place.

    77. The Virtual Jewish History Tour - Germany
    Of all the countries in Europe, germany is one of the richest in Jewish history and tradition. While the country is probably most
    The Virtual Jewish History Tour
    By David Shyovitz
    Early History to 1095
    The Crusades and Middle Ages

    German Jews in the Modern World

    The Holocaust
    Rebuilding After the Holocaust

    Of all the countries in Europe, Germany is one of the richest in Jewish history and tradition. While the country is probably most famous, or infamous, in Jewish history for being the epicenter of the Nazis' "Final Solution," even the Holocaust was unable to bring to an end the 1600 years of continuous habitation and cultural flourishing in Germany. Ashkenaz Jewry has been shaped for a millennia and a half in the tumultuous, ever-changing German political, social and economic landscape.
    Early History to 1095
    Evidence of Jews in the area now known as Germany dates back to the early 4th century; in the 1930s, a Jewish graveyard from that era was found in the city of Cologne. When the first Jews migrated to the "barbarian lands," Christianity had not yet arrived in Western Europe, and the

    78. Documenting The American South
    Search Results. 1 title with subject germany history 18711918. No Compromise Peace. James H. Pou (James Hinton), 1861-1935. -- History -- 1871-1918.

    79. Internet Modern History Sourcebook: 19th Century Germany
    FrancoPrussian War, 1870 At this Site; Unification of germany and Italy in The Internet Modern history Sourcebook is part of the Internet history Sourcebooks
    Halsall Home Ancient History Sourcebook Medieval Sourcebook Modern History Course
    Other History Sourcebooks: African East Asian Indian Islamic ... Pop Culture See Main Page for a guide to all contents of all sections. Contents Austria-Hungary Back to Index Germany

    Press releases; ftpServer. Exponat des Monats Exhibit of the Month. The Senckenberg is one of the biggest natural history museums in germany.
    Senckenberg Natural History Museum

    Exhibit of the Month The Senckenberg is one of the biggest natural history museums in Germany. In the exhibitions you will experience the exuberant variations of life ( biodiversity ), the evolution on our planet and the changing of the earth through millions of years. The results of recent research activities in biology, palaeontology and geology will be placed in the galleries. SORRY - MOST OF OUR PAGES ARE PRESENTLY IN GERMAN LANGUAGE ONLY - WE ARE IMPROVING
    Research Institut

    Nature Research Society
    Museums in Germany
    In German Virtual Library
    Museums Germany
    In German
    International Council of Museums
    The International Council of Museums ICOM represents the museums around the world and is organized in International Committees (like the ICOM- Natural History committee) und National Committees (like ICOM-Deutschland
    Virtual Library museums pages
    of ICOM
    Natural History Museums around the world

    from Museum of Paleontology of the University of California , Berkley (USA) Hotlinks and Websites Botanical garden Zoological Garden About Frankfurt am Main Zoo
    In German Rhein-Main Net Frankfurt am Main Inform rhein-main-aktuell Frankfurt-Online ... Stadt Frankfurt online Updated: Mai 29, 1998

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