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1. Georgia Division Of Public Health | Cardiovascular Health Initiative
The University of georgia Family and Consumer Sciences Extension (FACS) FACS educatesfamilies to become The food selection and buying Program strives to
This Section Cardiovascular Health Initiative Publications Related Links Related Programs BRFSS Injury Prevention Nutrition Contact Info 2 Peachtree St.
16th Floor
Atlanta, Georgia
email: healthmatters@
Related Links
American Heart Association (AHA)
AHA is a national organization dedicated to educating and advocating for legislation to fight heart disease and stroke.
Atlanta Bicycle Campaign (ABC)
ABC is a member-supported organization working for better on-road bicycling conditions in the metro-Atlanta region. ABC promotes bicycle transportation, responsible recreational riding, and education for bicyclists and motorists alike. Involvement in regional transportation planning and complementary grass-roots organizations helps them attain their goals.
The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)
ARC is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the 10-county Atlanta area. The ARC covers issues regarding transportation and land use. Physical activity promoters can work with the ARC and other MPOs to encourage inclusion of sidewalks and bike lanes thus leading to the development of communities that are conducive to physical activity. CDC's Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity (DNPA) provides science-based activities for children and adults that address the role of nutrition and physical activity in health promotion and the prevention and control of chronic diseases; the scope of DNPA programs includes epidemiology, applied research, public health policy, surveillance, community interventions, evaluation, and communications.

2. UGA Extension Links
food selection buying. food Safety Preservation. Consumer Economics. Housing Environment. Nutrition Health. Special programs CYFERNET. georgia Family Link. georgia Academy

Diabetes Economics Housing ... Extension Sites Children, Youth and Families
Administration on Aging, DHHS



Georgia Family Link
US Department of Treasury: Child Care Tax Credits
The American Diabetes Association

The National Diabetes Education Program

National Diabetes Education Program Worksite Wellness Kit

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIH)
... USDA/FDA Foodborne Illness Education Information Center Consumer Economics General American Bankers Association Bankrate Monitor Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Consumer Information Center ... US Census - gives statistics on childcare arrangements (cctab1) and childcare costs (cctab2) Consumer Expenditure Surveys - gives statistics on consumer expenditures by region Consumer Expenditure Surveys - gives the 1999 overview for consumer expenditures Survey of Consumer Finances - users group that offers various datasets for consumer finance Click on the items below to go to those links. Reducing Bankruptcy Reducing consumer fraud Promoting upward mobility for low-income and unemployed workers Promoting saving for retirement and other life goals ... Increasing financial literacy for youth For links, click here Nutrition and Health The American Dietetic Association Tufts University Nutrition Navigator The Calorie Control Council Department of Health and Human Services Healthfinder ... Coumadin and Vitamink Special Programs Early Childhood Institutes Family Nutrition Program Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Children, Youth and Families At Risk (CYFAR) Project

3. ACC Extension FCS
of professionals, and provision of researchbased programs. Financial Management. food selection and buying. Health and Safety from The University of georgia's College of Family and
Home 4-H Athens-Clarke County Extension
Family and Consumer Sciences Are you raising a family? Making a living? Trying to cook and eat nutritiously? Making important buying decisions? The Athens-Clarke County agent, supported by Specialists from The University of Georgia, helps individuals and families with issues relating to:
  • Children, Youth and Families Nutrition Financial Management Food Selection and Buying Health and Safety Housing Food Safety and Preservation Special initiatives.
The ACC Family and Consumer Science Extension Agent is the educational link in relaying current information from The University of Georgia's College of Family and Consumer Sciences and other sources to the citizens of Athens-Clarke County. We welcome our new Extension Agent, Penny Thompsen, who started in September. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office:

Address: 2152 West Broad Street, Athens GA 30606 Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday Phone: Fax: E-mail UGE1059@UGA.EDU

4. Publications - Subject List
food to Go FDNSNE-1601 ( PDF only) Fruitful Muffins, Skillet Cornbread FDNS-NE-754 ( PDF only) Fruits buying georgia Gardeners B 671. selection, Production programs for georgia
The University of Georgia
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

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5. Nutrition And Food Science, Healthy Lifestyles,
Links to University Resources on food and nutrition, including food science, food composition, nutrient analysis, human nutrition, food safety, food preservation, food pyramids, and dietary Subject IndexWellness Concepts-Wellness programs- University of. georgia - safety_ext.html. food selection, buying Preparation - www
Home What's New Master Subject Index Wellness Concepts ... Leisure Living
Healthy Lifestyles
Nutrition and Food University Resources
Dietetics and Nutrition
, Health Sciences Libraries, University of Wisconsin -
Family Nutrition Guide , Cooperative Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska - Lincoln -
Fitness and Nutrition , Go Ask Alice, Columbia University Health Services -
Food and Nutrition , Family and Consumer Services, University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service -

6. Site Selection
Cooperative Extension. Agricultural Research. Faculty/Staff. Alumni. Calendar of Events. Other Resources. Publications News. Site selection. The most important factor for successful gardens. programs. All Rights Reserved. georgia Extension Teletips. Consumer Tips. Diet Nutrition. Energy Conservation. Flowers. food buying
Academics Cooperative Extension Agricultural Research Faculty/Staff ... Other Resources
Site Selection
The most important factor for successful gardens. For those who have a very small area, a few plants can produce some fresh vegetables for your family. When a choice of locations is available for your garden, there are several things that you need to consider to be assured that you choose the best possible site. First consideration, most vegetables need full sun to do their best; therefore the area chosen should have full sun or as nearly possible. A few of the leafy vegetables will do all right in partial shade, but they will do better in full sun. Early morning sun is important to dry dew from the leaves as soon as possible. The second consideration is nearness to the house. The selected site should be near the house so that it can be observed frequently for insect, disease, and weed problems. The soil type is also very important. The soil type should be fertile, easily worked without leaving a lot of clods and it should be well-drained. Well-drained means that after heavy rains the excess water will drain out of the soil and not keep the area soggy. The area should also be free of nut grass, Bermuda grass and other weeds and grasses that are difficult to control. The size of the garden may be predetermined by the amount of land available and the amount of time you have to spend in it.

7. Food And Nutrition Resource Guide
and healthy food buying and preparation skills Elements of both programs have been incorporated topics include food resource management, food selection and purchasing, food
Selected Food and Nutrition Programs
Active For Life
Cooking With Pizzazz I and II

Eating for Healthy Tomorrows

Eating Right is Basic, Third Edition
SERV SAFE: Serving Safe Food

is designed to teach men the skills and knowledge to purchase, prepare, and store food and meals for themselves and their families. This award winning (state, regional, and national awards) program consists of a notebook with leader lessons, course curriculum for 8 interactive meal preparation sessions, recipes, evaluation form, and graduation certificate. Contact Jackie McClelland for ordering information at 919-515-9148. Active For Life Series Program
"Active For Life" is designed as a comprehensive proactive health education program for older adults; however, the main focus of the program is a low-to-moderate-intensity exercise program. The aerobic component of the program is walking. The program was piloted by the West Virginia University Extension Service with 250 adults between the ages of 50 and 95 at 16 locations in both rural and communities. Although its primary component is exercise for flexibility and strength, the program addresses other needs of older adults, such as social, intellectual, related, emotional or spiritual ones.
The unique feature of this program is the involvement of peer volunteer leaders. This allows for a greater number of older adults to participate in a community-based preventive health education program. Program materials include a resource guide, an exercise manual, and a video of the program participants in action. Before conducting this program, you must have gone through the inservice training held on May 14, 1997 or have watched the video of that inservice training. After viewing the video, you may ask to be sent all the program materials (Contact Jackie McClelland at 919/515-9148).

8. Getting Started In The Food Specialty Business
Ingredient Functions and selection. food Processing. Fermentation gourmet foods formed georgia's Specialty food and Wine Association Employee training programs on plant sanitation and
Getting Started in the Food Specialty Business
Basics of Food Product Development
Ingredient Functions and Selection

Food Processing

Additional Reading

Americans are consuming more than $13 billion of specialty foods a year, reports Frost and Sullivan, a New York marketing consultant group, in the completed study "Gourmet Foods in the U.S." This report cites a 20 percent per year increase in specialty food sales over the last four years. With such an explosion in popularity, it is no wonder that there has been a nationwide surge in entrepreneurship and the development of many regional food handling and processing companies. In 1989, a group of statewide cottage industries specializing in the manufacture of gourmet foods formed Georgia's Specialty Food and Wine Association. This association was established to provide a foundation for improving the promotion and marketing of specialty foods processed from Georgia's agricultural commodities. The definition of a specialty food is somewhat vague according to the National Association for Specialty Food Trade. Typically, specialty foods are low-volume manufactured from the highest quality ingredients to produce a uniquely marketable product commanding a high price. Specialty foods include, but are not limited to, fancy jams, jellies, sauces, relishes, nut and bakery products, confections, fine wines, exotic cheeses, specialty meats (pates, sausages, smoked turkey, salmon) and assorted beverages (natural sodas, sparkling water and teas). Specialty foods are marketed by mail order and through gourmet food stores, gift shops and deli departments of chain stores.

9. Food And Nutrition Resources For Grades Preschool Through 6
in the Expanded food and Nutrition Education/4H programs. Education and Training Program, georgia Dept. of Education, c1995 out the labels before buying food at the grocery store
Accessibility Info
Food and Nutrition Information Center
National Agricultural Library/USDA
10301 Baltimore Avenue, Room 304
Beltsville, MD 20705-2351
Food and Nutrition Resources for Grades Preschool Through 6
June 2000

This publication has been prepared for educators interested in printed food and nutrition materials, audiovisuals, and other resources for classroom use. Items listed cover topics including foods, food safety, food science, food service management, basic nutrition, dietary management, and nutrition education. Teaching materials listed include: food models, games, kits, videocassettes, and lesson plans. Textbooks and other resources offer ideas for training staff. Every item in this publication is available for loan from the National Agricultural Library (NAL). The call numbers provided are for the National Agricultural Library. Lending information is provided at the end of this document. If you are not eligible for direct borrowing privileges, check with your local library on how to borrow materials through interlibrary loan with the National Agricultural Library (NAL). If you have any questions concerning eligibility or borrowing items, please call (301)504-5755 for assistance. Many materials listed are available for purchase from producers or distributors. Please contact the producer(s) or distributor(s) directly by checking the Food and Nutrition Information Center web site for ordering information at:

10. Schedule
Bill Hodge, Carroll County georgia Extension (GA tissues impact plant performanceand selection of companion Learn about food buying preferences and share your
The Practical Tools and Solutions
for Sustaining Family Farms Conference
January 23-25, 2004
Gainesville, Florida SCHEDULE All sessions are open to all conference participants. However, to help you select sessions appropriate for your level of experience, we have indicated which are advanced topics. FRIDAY, JANUARY 23 Click here for descriptions ($45 fee - lunch included) 12:30 pm WELCOME
(concurrent sessions) Cover Cropping and Residue Management for Small-Scale Producers- Cover crop use in short and long-term rotational systems, effects on integrated pest management strategies, and impacts on soil physical properties, nutrients, and microbial life. Keith Baldwin, North Carolina University (NC). (repeated) Transitioning to Organic Farming: Managing Biology What Your Tractor Can Do For You - The basics of what to consider when buying a tractor and how to maintain and use a tractor to benefit your operation. Ellen Polishuk, Potomac Vegetable Farms (VA) and Alvin Harris, Harris Farms (TN). Introduction to Direct Marketing of Farm Products: What Method is Best For You? -

11. Food Colle. FSM
Dietitians manual for buying, operation, maintenance, service of gas cooking Peterkin,Betty B. food selection for good nutrition in group feeding. georgia.
¡¡¿©ÉÊ¡¦±ÉÍܳؤ˴ؤ¹¤ëʸ¸¥´ðËܽ¸À®¥ê¥¹¥È ¡¡¡¡¡¡ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ÊFood and Nutrition¡¥Base Collection¡¥¡Ë
¡¡¡¡ ʸ¸¥À°ÍýÈÖ¹æ > 12. McLeod, ERnestine A. <- ø¼Ô̾ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Nutrition education specialist Projects.
Food Service Management
1. Southwestern Regional Seminar for School Food Service.
New concepts in management.
2. Northeast School Food Service Seminar, University of Massachusetts.
Proceedings of the Northeast School Food Service Seminar, July 12-July 24, 1970.
3. Northeast Regional Seminar for School Food Service Supervisors Pennsylvania,1971.
Nutrition education, nutrition delivery systems and the management function.
4. Southeast Regional Seminar for School Food Service Administrators, University of Tennessee, 1969.
Management functions for state and system level school and non school food service administrators.
5. Southeast Regional Seminar for School Food Service Administrators, University of Tennessee, 1970.
Management functions of a centralized school food service system.

12. Food Selection And Buying
Objective 2. Extension clientele will select and properly use nontraditional foodsand/or foods processed using nontraditional techniques when appropriate and

Diabetes Economics Housing ... Staff
Consumers will be able to make confident and informed selections among alternative foods, food production methods and food processing technologies and will use science-based information to rationally evaluate media reports related to the safety and quality of foods.
  • Objective 1. Extension educators will be recognized as a reliable source of science-based information on topics related to foods.
  • Objective 2. Extension clientele will select and properly use nontraditional foods and/or foods processed using nontraditional techniques when appropriate and advantageous to them.
  • Objective 3. Extension clientele will take a proactive role in protecting themselves and their families' health by making informed decisions about their food supply.

Elizabeth L. Andress

Judy A. Harrison

A direct link to our publications.

Food Marketing Institute
... UGA Problems? Email webmaster

13. Urban Programs Resource Network - News Releases
Attend National 4H Congress in Atlanta, georgia; New 4 to a 4-H Club Meeting; SeedSelection Is Key I Extension Offers Refresher Course for food Safety Managers;
The news release you have requested no longer exists on our website. Following are current news releases from University of Illinois Extension in urban Illinois. For a complete listing of University of Illinois Extension news releases, click here Home Contact Us

14. Italian Food Distributors Georgia
Offers a selection of food service thermometers for professionals Gourmet Wine Jellyand Other foods Brunswick and the Golden Isles of georgia Community Portal - Find all your favorite dish and dessert information and recipes! Presents ...
italian food distributors georgia
italian food distributors georgia information, pricing, and reviews First Name:
Last Name:
Question or Comment:
Make Your Homepage
Banking Organization in US
USA Banks, Site containing information about Banks, Mortgage and Loan Lenders, Insurance and Credit card. Searching for italian food dist...? Uncover more of the web with metasearch. collects only the top results from the best search engines on the Internet. Web, News, Images, ... The most popular food searches and food accessories... See All Our Popular food Searches A B C D ... - The food Comparison Shopping Search Engine
are the property of their respective owners.
Other Recommended Sites Code/ASP/HTML -
Software -

15. When Schools Started Selling Junk Food
when schools started selling junk food information, pricing Asset management firmoffers selection and analysis georgiabased company offers professional sales - Find all your favorite dish and dessert information and recipes! Presents ...
when schools started selling junk food
when schools started selling junk food information, pricing, and reviews First Name:
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Searching for when schools star...?
Uncover more of the web with metasearch. collects only the top results from the best search engines on the Internet. Web, News, Images, ... The most popular food searches and food accessories... See All Our Popular food Searches A B C D ... - The food Comparison Shopping Search Engine
are the property of their respective owners.
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Landscape/Gardening -
Furniture - Wedding Planning -

16. FRM Educational Resources: Consumerism
and Personal Appearance; Clothing selection for Children food and Nutrition ThroughFinancial Management RN 275, University of georgia Cooperative Extension
Family Resource Management Educational Resources The following annotated list describes Family Resource Management resources that are available from the Extension Educational Resource Library unless otherwise noted in the description. Contact Edna Eisfeldt (979-845-2704 or ) to schedule use of the resource materials.
(Available for check out by Texas County Extension Agents only.) C ONSUMERISM Advanced Grocery Shopping: More Strategies for Winning the Grocery Game (two parts)
SS 1218
156 color slides, script, cassette, The Learning Seed, 1986
Consumers are provided with suggestions to help each one gain the maximum value for their food dollars. This set covers food labels, coupon and refund offers, merchandising gimmicks and brand comparisons.
Advertising and the Economy
VHS 883
15 minutes, 1994
Using Proctor and Gamble's product Crest as an illustration, this video discusses how advertising creates consumer demand for a product. Accompanying teaching guide. Advertising Tricks of the Trade
VHS 352
30 minutes
Advertising is vital to the success of any business. An advertising executive and a retailer who writes his own ads discuss good and poor advertising techniques.

17. :Food Service Management Audiovisuals
TITLEfood Service Management Audiovisuals PUBLICATION DATE January 1993 to information on adapting their programs to your camp settings food buying GUIDE FOR SCHOOL food SERVICE
TITLE::Food Service Management Audiovisuals PUBLICATION DATE: January 1993
ENTRY DATE: Dec. 12, 1994
CONTACT: Food and Nutrition Information Center National Agricultural Library, USDA 10301 Baltimore Blvd., Room 304 Beltsville, MD 20705-2351 (301) 504-5719 FAX (301) 504-6409 DOCUMENT TYPE: bibliography
DOCUMENT SIZE: 265K, 96 pages
Stacy, MN: Spectra Photo/Audio, 1988.
1 sound cassette (ca. 90 min.)
Ft. Atkinson, WI (901 Janesville Ave., Ft. Atkinson, 53538): NASCO, 198-? 10 models: plastic, col.
NAL CALL NO: DNAL Model-no.6 ABSTRACT: This package of food models contains 11 models of foods of the American South. The models are teaching aids for demonstrating the variety of foods used to prepare authentic ethnic dishes. These models are useful for teaching a unit on ethnic foods. A NEW WAY TO LIFT.

18. Guide To Doing Business With NEXCOM
Southeast District. Eastern Florida, georgia, So. Cellular One, SunCom, Voice Stream*food services McDonald s MSC ships offer a moderate selection of basic
(May 2002) The Navy Exchange Service Command
The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM), headquartered in Hampton Roads, Virginia operates the worldwide Navy Exchange System (NES). As the component of the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) responsible for resale programs, NEXCOM's mission is to provide authorized customers, quality goods and services, at a savings, and to support quality of life programs. The Navy Exchange System (NES) is a Navy retailing operation that provides quality products and a variety of services to the men and women of the Armed Forces, with special emphasis on Navy active duty Sailors, retirees, reservists and their families. Navy Exchanges (NEXs) generally are located on or near Navy bases throughout the United States and around the world. NEXCOM is self-supporting and uses almost no tax dollars for its operations. As a Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI) of the U. S. Government, NEXCOM is subject to directives issued by the Departments of Defense and Navy, in addition to applicable Federal laws; however, procurement laws and regulations that apply to spending tax dollars, such as the Federal Acquisition Regulations (48 CFR 1, et seq.) do not generally apply to NES procurements.

19. Farmers Market Nutrition Programs
Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, georgia, Illinois, Indiana TheFederal food benefit level for FMNP educate them on how to select, store and
  • What is the WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program? Where does the FMNP operate? Who can participate? How many recipients are served? ... What are the FMNP grant levels by State?
  • Click here for a .pdf file of the FMNP Regulations.
    The WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) is associated with the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, popularly known as WIC, provides supplemental foods, health care referrals and nutrition education at no cost to low-income pregnant, breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding post-partum women, and to infants and children up to 5 years of age, who are found to be at nutritional risk. The FMNP was established by Congress in 1992, to provide fresh, unprepared, locally grown fruits and vegetables to WIC recipients, and to expand the awareness, use of and sales at farmers’ markets. WIC FMNP Fact Sheet , in pdf format.

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