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81. Georgia Extension Tele-tips Food Safety Information
georgia extension teletips food safety. Botulism, Preventing. Feeding a Crowd safety. Formats Available food Poisoning, Often Called Virus. Formats Available
Academics Cooperative Extension Agricultural Research Faculty/Staff ... Other Resources
georgia extension tele-tips food safety
Botulism, Preventing Formats Available: HTML PDF Feeding a Crowd Safety Formats Available: HTML PDF Food, Cooling Large Quantities of Formats Available: HTML PDF Food Poisoning, Grows in Warm temperatures Formats Available: HTML PDF Food Poisoning, Often Called Virus Formats Available: HTML PDF Records 1 to 5 of 15 Next Last Home Academics ... Search Georgia Extension Teletips
for reprints or other information, write to us at:
Fort Valley State University
Fort Valley, Georgia 31030 You can also reach us at: Phone: 478-825-6344
FAX: 478-827-3062

82. Washington State University Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program
Cooperative Extension Canning, Freezing, food safety, Senior Newsletters contact information for Master food Preservers, WSU The University of georgia A series
Web Resources for Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) Note: You need click here

83. : Food Safety & New Technologies
Researchers at the University of georgia developed a strain serves as a complement to other food safety technologies is the process of exposing food products to
Journalists Health/Nutrition/Agricultural Professionals Government Officials Educators ...
About the List

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults are overweight or obese.
Learn more. . .
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May 2004
This system of government agencies forms one of the most thorough and effective food safety networks in the world. Collectively, they perform four chief functions: Establishment of Safety Standards: Monitoring and Inspection: Enforcement: Government officials have the authority to stop international and domestic food shipments, quarantine shipments, reject individual foods or lots, shut down plants, assess penalties, and prosecute suspected offenders. Tracking Food Safety Problems: Various government agencies track, record, and analyze reports of illnesses, outbreaks, and deaths attributed to food. Federal Regulation Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) The following agencies are organized under the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and play a role in promoting food safety and protecting diet and health. Food and Drug Administration (FDA): The FDA is part of the DHHS Public Health Service. It is charged with ensuring the safety and wholesomeness of all food (produce, seafood, and packaged and processed food) sold in interstate commerce except meat, poultry, and eggs, which are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

84. Is Food In My Kitchen A Safety Hazard?
Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, georgia, estimates that their home food practices for food safety hazards Buy frozen foods that are frozen solid without
North Dakota State University
NDSU Extension Service
Is Food In My Kitchen a Safety Hazard?
(Revised), June 1998 Pat Beck, Nutrition Specialist
Julie Graden-Robinson , Food and Nutrition Specialist Introduction
Know the Hazards

Handle Those Foods Safely


Many consumers and others who handle food on a regular basis seem to take a casual approach to microbiological causes of foodborne illnesses. Diarrhea of foodborne origin is especially prevalent and may account for as many as 81 million cases per year. The economic impact of food-borne disease is staggering, with costs of medical care and lost productivity estimated between 5 and 17 billion dollars annually. Foodborne illness is a more comprehensive and accurate term than food poisoning. Food poisoning refers more specifically to those illnesses caused by toxins or poisons produced by microorganisms. Ptomaine poisoni ng was another term used in the past which does not accurately describe illnesses. Foodborne Illness or Foodborne Disease are terms used when a disease or injury occurs as a result of eating a contaminated food. Contaminated foods are foods in which microorganisms are present and will grow, or foods which merely serve as a carrier for a microbial agent, virus or toxin. New knowledge and technology have provided us with the means to keep food safe. At the same time other new and modified technologies may introduce additional opportunities for foodborne illness to enter the picture. Some of these concerns are discussed under

85. NIRC - Library Materials - Food Safety
3rd Grade (1998) The Partnership for food safety Education This food Nutrition for Good Health Life Skills Program (1997) University of georgia Life skills

86. Untitled Document
in grades 69, this game covers kitchen safety, food safety, emergency techniques Safe food Healthy Children University of georgia - 1995 Materials
Barbara Ingham
, Food Science Extension Specialist
1605 Linden Drive
University of Wisconsin-Extension
Madison WI 53706
Phone: 608-263-7383
Wisconsin FIRST
Food Facts archives
Suggested Food Safety Resource Materials
View as PDF document
I have reviewed boxes and boxes of curriculum over the last few months and I have come up with the All-Star list, as I see it. Following is information pertaining to resources that you might find helpful in programming.
(* indicates Super Star materials) General Public/Consumers
Childcare Providers


... Games and Other Items
General Public/Consumers
The Risk of Pesticides in the Food Chain -produced by Colorado State University - 1989 A 25 minute video that presents a very balanced view of pesticides- both pro and con. Extension specialists are featured answering questions about this controversial topic. Appropriate for teens and adults Borrowing information: Cooperative Extension Media Collection 16778 "Focuses on consumer concerns about pesticide residues on foods including such topics as risk assessment for residues, alternatives for production and what consumers can do to reduce risks. VHS VIDEO, TEACHING GUIDE."

87. On-Farm Food Safety Strategy For Ontario Background Paper
initiatives. Top of Page . Appendix A. 19 National Organizations CommoditySpecific On-Farm food safety programs developed under COFFS.
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On-Farm Food Safety Strategy for Ontario Background Paper
Working Group 4: Program Evaluation and Enhancement
Author: Amber Bailey - Applied Research Co-ordinator, On-Farm Food Safety/OMAF Creation Date: 16 January 2004 Last Reviewed: 16 January 2004

Table of Content
  • Objective Introduction How Do We Measure the Effectiveness of On-Farm Food Safety Initiatives and Determine if all of its Goals were Met? How are On-Farm Initiatives being Improved and Enhanced Currently? How Do We Incorporate Changes or Modifications into an Initiative? ... Appendix C. Ontario Agricultural Organizations and Associations
  • Objective
    The objective of this paper is to provide a relatively comprehensive "current status" report for On-Farm Food Safety initiatives in Ontario and Canada answering the following:

    88. Maricopa Co. Cooperative Extension Family Consumer, Nutrition, Food Safety, Heal
    main.cfm Fight Bac food safety education partnership; Penn State Home food preservation Database;

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    • E-answers is a searchable Web site that provides reliable, research-based information on a wide range of Extension or Outreach-oriented subjects. From this source you can access the knowledge of Land Grant universities around the nation Search E-answers for information on a variety of topics, including: agriculture, forestry, fishing, family/consumer issues, lawn and garden, child development, 4-H/ youth, environment, public policy, economics, water quality and communities.
    Living- Well

    89. Food Safety University Pages
    food safety Links University Pages. The links below represent a diverse array of information that may be of interest to this site s users.
    Accessibility Info
    Food Safety Links
    University Pages
    The links below represent a diverse array of information that may be of interest to this site's users. They are being provided for informational purposes only and are intended to help users find a variety of information on this subject. They do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by the Foodborne Illness Education Information Center of any of the products, services or opinions of the corporation or organization or individual. Please contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content. below. To view or print a PDF file, download and install the free
    If you are visually impaired, there are special tools from Adobe that will allow you to read these files. Auburn University Detection and Food Safety Center Clemson University Home and Garden Information Center - Food Safety and Preservation Colorado State University Cooperative Extension SafeFood Rapid Response and Information Network Food Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin ... Washington State University Cooperative Extension Food Safety Site
    Food Safety Information Center
    Training Materials
    About Us HACCP
    Training Materials

    National Agricultural Library Food Safety
    Discussion Group
    Stories, Solutions, Strategies

    90. Families_and_Consumers
    national level. The georgia Cooperative Extension Service has adopted these programs as part of a new statewide initiative. We are
    Better Kid Care Satellite Trainings
    The Pennsylvania State University Cooperative Extension has a tremendous reputation for high quality educational programs. Columbus State University Child Care Resource and Referral and the Georgia Extension Service host local child care trainings broadcast from Penn State. Classes are held in the Davidson Center at CSU and local staff will facilitate discussion and workshop activities. Educational materials are also provided. All classes are from 7:00 9:00 p.m.
    You can earn up to 8 hours training credit!
    Cost is $5.00 per workshop. Space is limited! Register at the Georgia Extension Service (Government Center Annex, 420 10th Street, Columbus, GA).
    April 22, 2004
    The Art and Science of Playing with Young Children
    Children's play can be even better with a little adult help. Learn when to step in and when to stand back. Find out what can you say and do to help make play more valuable for children. May 27, 2004

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