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41. Department Of Nutrition And Laboratory Technologies
more stringent admission requirements than those of georgia State University. of food additives, packaging and preservation techniques food safety and Sanitation

Department of Nutrition and Laboratory Technologies
Rebecca M. Mullis, Chair Faculty: Baxter, Benardot, Cody, Hopkins, Kenimer, Kicklighter, Loring, McCullough, Mullis, Roman, Rosenbloom, Summers, Thompson, Weed. Medical Advisors: John A. Bryan, M.D., Victor M. Napoli, M.D., Harvey Solomon, M.D., L. David Stacy, Jr., M.D.
Program in Nutrition and Dietetics
866 Urban Life Center, 404/651-3085 The Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) is a Bachelor of Science degree program which provides the student with the appropriate coursework to apply for a dietetic internship. This major is approved by the Commission on Accreditation/Approval for Dietetic Education of the American Dietetic Association (CAADE). The DPD makes graduates eligible for any dietetic internship accredited by the American Dietetic Association, the completion of which permits the taking of the national examination to become a registered dietitian. It is anticipated that an accredited dietetic internship will be available in the Department of Nutrition and Laboratory Technologies beginning fall of 1997. Graduates of the department’s DPD will be given priority for the internship if they meet eligibility requirements. Contact the department for more information about the dietetic internship.
Admission Requirements
The DPD, because of its professional nature, has more stringent admission requirements than those of Georgia State University. Students will be formally admitted into the DPD program for the nutrition concentration at the beginning of the fall quarter of the junior year.

42. EFS Services
GDA) to operate in the State of georgia. Program ServSafe™ Onsite training in food safety and handling The National Center for Home food preservation is a Services.htm
UGA Extension Food Science Outreach Program
Suite 240 Food Science Building The University of Georgia Athens, Georgia 30602-7610
Phone (706) 542-2574 Fax (706) 542-9066 Website
Other Services of the
Food Science Extension Outreach Program
Nutrition Labeling
We provide nutritional analysis of your recipe formulation (strictly confidential) and provide a "camera ready" nutrition facts label for your product. This label meets the FDA labeling requirements. If you are located INSIDE the State of Georgia click here for our requirements for performing a nutrition analysis of your product. If you are located OUTSIDE the State of Georgia click here for our requirements for performing a nutrition analysis of your product. A nominal fee is charged for this service.
Process Approval

Our specialists assist both new and existing food processors in obtaining the required approval from the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) to operate in the State of Georgia. Extension personnel review the details of the manufacturing plan to assure that it will result in a safe and wholesome product. We will also provide any technical assistance needed to help the processors meet all state and federal regulations during the approval process. Once it is determined that the product and manufacturing process meet all requirements, then a "Process Approval" letter to the GDA is issued.

43. CSREES - USDA - National Integrated Food Safety Initiative - 2003 Program Summar
evaluate changes in their food handling practices after receiving food safety education georgia. Title National Center for Home food Processing and preservation.
Home Contact Us Site Map Search ... Newsroom
Selected Results and Impacts The National Integrated Food Safety Initiative - 2003 Project Summaries Alabama Title: Food Safety Professional Development for Early Childhood Educators Principal Investigator: Huey-Ling Lin
Alabama State University 217 Council Hall
915 South Jackson Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36101-0271
Telephone:(334) 229-4237
Fax:(334) 229-5603
Email: Project Start Date: 9/30/2003
Duration in Months:36
Award:$500,000.00 Description: Researchers at Alabama State University will build a statewide infrastructure and use a multidisciplinary approach to develop a food safety education curriculum and train early childhood educators in food safety.
California Title: Survey and Education on Detection and Health Hazards of Unapproved Antibiotic Residues in Imported Seafoods Principal Investigator: Haejung An Institution: University of Southern California Laboratory for Analytical Research and Services in Complementary Therapeutics School of Pharmacy Los Angeles, CA 90089

44. CSREES - USDA - National Integrated Food Safety Initiative - 2001 Program Summar
at retail and provide consensus retail processing guidelines to assure food safety. georgia. Title National Center for Home food Processing and preservation.
Home Contact Us Site Map Search ... Newsroom Selected Results and Impact The National Integrated Food Safety Initiative - 2001 Project Summaries Arkansas Title: Thermal Process Validation
Project Director:
Rong Y. Murphy, PhD
University of Arkansas
Engineering Building 203
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Fax: (501) 575-2846
Project Start Date: 09/15/01
Duration in Months: 36 months Award: $597,157 Description: The overall objective of this project is to deliver science-based knowledge and educational programs to industry to enable employees to make practical decisions in achieving performance standards related to process controls. Connecticut Title: Is the Internet an Effective Means of Teaching Food Safety to High-Risk Students? Project Director: Ellen L. Shanley, PhD Department of Nutritional Sciences University of Connecticut 3624 Horsebarn Road Ext., Unit 4017 Storrs, CT 06269 Phone:(860) 486-0119 Fax: (860) 486-3674 Email:

45. National Center For Home Food Preservation | NCHFP Publications
Project Team. The University of georgia Research Original research on microbial safety of various home food preservation methods and ingredients.
... Papers and Presentations
Partnerships Produce a National Center for Home Food Preservation Research and Education
Andress, E.L., Harrison, J.A, Harrison, M.A., Kerr, W.L. and Nummer, B.A., The University of Georgia, Extension Foods and Nutrition, 208 Hoke Smith Annex, Athens, GA 30602-4356
Galaxy II Extension Professionals Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, September 23, 2003
About Us
Interest in home food preservation and processing remains high in the U.S., but methods must be continually evaluated against updated information in food safety. It is critical to provide educators and consumers with access to current science-based information concerning safety and quality issues regarding home processing of food, and to encourage adoption of revised practices. The Center was established to address food safety concerns for those who practice and teach home food preservation and processing methods. Therefore, the Center is creating, gathering, evaluating, and disseminating science-based recommendations and conducting research as needed in support of those recommendations.
The objectives being addressed include:
  • updating home food preservation recommendations through critical reviews of existing literature and additional laboratory evaluations;

46. National Center For Home Food Preservation | NCHFP Publications
is not regulated; however, food preservation and processing Delaware, State food safety contacts for Cooperative Extension georgia, Getting Started in the food
Resources for Starting Your Own Preserved Foods Business:
Can I sell my home preserved food?
Brian A. Nummer, Ph.D.
Elizabeth L. Andress, Ph. D.
National Center for Home Food Preservation
April 2003
Can I sell food made in my home kitchen?
The short answer is, "probably not." Each state is different, so proper advice is needed from a specialist in each state. Some states allow sales at farmer's markets of select foods; others prohibit sales altogether. The National Center for Home Food Preservation does NOT provide guidelines to home food preservers who wish to take the next step from home food preservation to commercial food preservation. Home food preservation is not regulated; however, food preservation and processing for commercial purposes is regulated. There are federal level regulations from the U.S. FDA (also USDA for meat and poultry products), state level regulations, and often county or city regulations. Read further to find someone who can help.
Who can help?

47. Subject Listings
Many food safety and food preservation publications are listed....... Family and consumer sciences pubs from University of georgia.
Subject Listings Subject Listing for "Food Safety"
Number of Matches: 182 Broader Term(s) Food Science
Current Term Food Safety
Narrower Term(s) Food Contamination
matches for query: Sorted by relevance 1998 Annual Report of the Secretary of Agriculture Description:
Subject Descriptors:
Agriculture; Agricultural Economics; Food Safety; Natural Resource Management; Rural Communities; Keywords:
No keywords assigned. Accessible from:
A Description Of The U.S. Food Safety System Description:
This page from the United States Department of Agriculture provides a general description of Food Safety in the United States. The information is broken down into several sections, including general synthesis and introduction, laws and regulations, risk analysis, etc. Subject Descriptors:
food safety; United States Department of Agriculture; governmental programs and projects; laws and regulations; risk assessment; risk management; publications; federal government; Keywords: No keywords assigned.

48. Food Colle. FSM
Ninemeier, Jack Douglas. Principles and practices of sanitation safety in child nutrition programs. School food service management manual. 142. georgia.
¡¡¿©ÉÊ¡¦±ÉÍܳؤ˴ؤ¹¤ëʸ¸¥´ðËܽ¸À®¥ê¥¹¥È ¡¡¡¡¡¡ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ÊFood and Nutrition¡¥Base Collection¡¥¡Ë
¡¡¡¡ ʸ¸¥À°ÍýÈÖ¹æ > 12. McLeod, ERnestine A. <- ø¼Ô̾ ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Nutrition education specialist Projects.
Food Service Management
1. Southwestern Regional Seminar for School Food Service.
New concepts in management.
2. Northeast School Food Service Seminar, University of Massachusetts.
Proceedings of the Northeast School Food Service Seminar, July 12-July 24, 1970.
3. Northeast Regional Seminar for School Food Service Supervisors Pennsylvania,1971.
Nutrition education, nutrition delivery systems and the management function.
4. Southeast Regional Seminar for School Food Service Administrators, University of Tennessee, 1969.
Management functions for state and system level school and non school food service administrators.
5. Southeast Regional Seminar for School Food Service Administrators, University of Tennessee, 1970.
Management functions of a centralized school food service system.

49. Introduction To Extension On-line Training
all new CEAs, includes an overview of the georgia 4H days of instruction in the following subject areas food safety and food preservation, Nutrition and
BACK Page 2 of 3 Foundation Trainings Although you hold a degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Family and Consumer Sciences or a related area, you will benefit from training which complements your subject matter course work with information on ways to respond to the programming needs and clientele requests. A series of Foundation Trainings provided to all new CEAs is designed to offer a well-rounded program which will equip you to handle most situations you will face as you develop your county program. Browse the Foundation Trainings that are offered for CEAs: Extension Foundations This training, consisting of two three-day phases, is provided for all new CEAs within the first few months of employment. Phase I: Skills and Tools focuses on professionalism, interpersonal relations, media skills, funds accounts management, public service promotion and balancing work and family. Various extension state staff members participate as presenters. Phase II: Program Development provides in-depth training on the Extension program development process, including needs assessment strategies, working with advisory committees, program development and implementation, teaching strategies and program evaluation techniques.

50. Preservation Food Resource [], Oregon State Universi
State University links, the USDA canning guides, FAQ on food preservation, food safety and preservation from University of georgia, home canning
Educ. Serv. Tech Serv. Market Serv. E-Commerce Serv. Be descriptive for better search results. Limit results to this site. REPRINTS, COPIES Return to Miscellaneous
Contact Us
What publications on foods and food preservation are available on the web?

Oregon State Preservation Site
to Top
LINKS to Top
Aeroglide is a company custom-engineering drying solutions.
Rubbermaid has information regarding safe food storage, online shopping, innovators online, services, home products, commercial products little tikes products, etc.
The Complete Guide to Home Canning is United States Department of Agriculture Extension Service Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 539 at Penn State.
Home Canning On Line
Homestead Harvest has equipment used to preserve your garden. Includes pressure canners, food dehydrators, fruit presses, spice jars, oil and vinegar bottles, cherry pitters, corn cutters, bean Frencher, pea sheller, flower presses, forums and links,

51. Georgia FACES
IRWIN Carie Young, fruits, nuts and vegetables, the georgia 4H Foundation. JACKSON Mack Prater, food safety and preservation, Bucky Cook.

52. Central Oregon Family And Community Development Program Deschutes
food safety food preservation - University of georgia - http//
Central Oregon Family and Community Development Program Deschutes County The Home Economics program provides educational programs and information in the traditional areas of home economics including foods and nutrition, financial management, food preservation, child and family development, and parenting. In addition, there are 3 homemaker study groups representing 38 members which meet monthly for educational programs. The new "" web site is now available. "" is a "gateway" website designed to help the public find government food safety information more readily on the web. "" is an objective of the National Food Safety Initiative designed to help web users more readily find government information on food safety. Selected Government Agencies with Responsibilities for Food Safety * Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition FDA * Food Safety and Inspection Service USDA * Environment Protection Agency * National Center for Infectious Diseases CDC Other Web Sites: Food Safety and Inspection Service

53. NCCE: Food, Nutrition & Health: Food Safety & Preservation
food preservation — University of georgia Extension; USDA National Center for Home food preservation website; National food safety Database — University of
Search NCSU FCS Department
You will need the free Acrobat Reader program to view the Adobe Acrobat PDF formatted version of our publications. Click on the icon to view the PDF formatted version.
Cooperative Extension Food Preservation and Safety Websites
Food Preservation Publications
Food Safety Publications

54. Family And Consumer Science
food safety. Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle. This page (http// was created by georgia Kight on 11/25/98.
The Food, Nutrition and Food Safety Programs of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service emphasize optimal nutrition, healthy lifestyle management for life-long wellness and maintenance of a safe food supply. These programs, part of Extension's Family and Consumer Education effort, help people develop healthy eating habits that reduce the risk for chronic disease such as osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, some types of cancer and noninsulin-dependent diabetes. Some programs address special life cycle needs, such as pregnancy and infancy. Others focus on using tools such as the Dietary Guideline, Food Guide Pyramid and the Nutritiion Facts Label to select a diet that meets one's needs. Programs are sensitive to different lifestyles, cultures, and incomes and other resources.
Major programs in Currituck County include:
    Food Safety
    Nutrition throughout the Life Cycle
    Chronic disease risk reduction
    Noonliting weight management program
    Give Your Heart a Healthy Beat
    Food Preservation
  • Food Preservation Pages (KSU Links)
  • University of Missouri FAQ
  • Pressure Canner Lid Testing Clinics
  • Home Canning publications
  • Freezing Fruits publications
  • Freezing Vegetables publications
  • Answer client calls on various food preservation questions N. C. Cooperative Extension Service
  • 55. Food Safety Research Information Office - Other Links Of Interest
    Technology Division. University of georgia Center for food safety National Center for Home food preservation. IDAHO. University of
    Academic Institutions by Location Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Nebraska New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennesse Texas Utah Virginia Washington Wisconsin Consortiums/Alliances Non-U.S. Universities
    Agricultural Research Programs
    Department of Food and Animal Sciences - Research Activities
    Auburn University
    Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station
    Alabama Cooperative Extension Service - Food Safety
    Detection and Food Safety Center
    University of Arizona
    Cooperative Extension Maricopa County - Safe Food 2010
    University of Arkansas
    Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station - Animal Science
    Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station - Food Science
    Institute of Food Science and Engineering
    National Center for Agricultural Law Research and Information
    California State University-Chico
    Agricultural Teaching and Research Center (University Farm)
    California State University-Fresno
    California Agricultural Technology Inistute - Center for Food Science and Nutrition Research
    University of California
    Agricultural Experiment Station
    University of California-Davis
    California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System
    FoodSafe Program
    Post-Harvest Technology Research and Information Center
    Seafood Network Information Center ...
    Western Institute for Food Safety and Security
    Colorado State University
    SafeFood Rapid Response Network

    56. Dane County UW-Extension Family Living Program Links
    food safety Security. Meals for You; National Center for Home food preservation University of georgia; Database of food preservation Information
    Agriculture Community Development Family Living Horticulture ... 4-H Youth Development
    Staff Directory
    Dane County Government InfoSource UWEX Cooperative Extension UWEX Publications Download a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print information provided as PDF files.
    Food Safety and Security, Family Financial Management

    57. UNH Cooperative Extension - Food Safety - Keeping Food Safe At Home
    of georgia / USDA, of food preservation of page food safety When

    About Us Counties News ... Contact Us
    Food Safety
    Keeping Food Safe at Home Food Safety Topics for Consumers
    General Food Safety Information Fact Sheets: Source Title Description Partnership for Food Safety Education FightBAC! A 2 page brochure outlining four simple steps to food safety. US Dept of Agriculture Basics for Handling Food Safely A 5-page fact sheet with food safety tips for each step of the food shopping and preparation process. Includes a cold storage chart. US Dept of Agriculture Foodborne Illness: What Consumers Need to Know A 2-page fact sheet with a chart of microorganisms that cause foodborne illness. Food Marketing Institute and Cornell University The Food Keeper Charts to answers all your questions about how long to store shelf-stable, fresh, cold, and frozen foods. US Dept of Agriculture Can Your Kitchen Pass the Food Safety Test?

    58. Food Preservation
    food safety/preservation Hotline (Click Here for banner); Publications; Links National Center for Home food preservation (based at the University of georgia).
    OSU Home Extension Home Find People Publications ... Hunger
    Physical Activity Food Safety Preparation
    Aging Family Financial
    Management Emergency Preparedness Volunteer Programs Publications FCD Faculty Resources
    Food Preservation
    Search in : Food Preservation Publications Food Preservation Fact Sheets
    All Search for : Below is the full listing of all publications :
    Food Preservation Publications
    EC 1363 Home Freezing of Seafood FS 232 Making Dried Fruit Leather PNW 183 Pickling Fish for Home Use PNW 214 Freezing Fruits and Vegetables PNW 238 Smoking Fish at Home
    Food Preservation Factsheets
    SP 50-446 Preserving Apples Corn Peaches Geen, Italian or Wax Beans Summer Squash Peppers Marischino Cherries Seeds Garlic Figs Pears Asian Pears
    Links to Other Food Preservation Information Sources
    USDA's Complete Guide to Home Canning publication Guide

    59. Georgia Extension Tele-tips Food Preservation And Storage Information
    georgia extension teletips food preservation and storage. Meat Products, Freezing and Thawing. Frozen foods, Emergency Care of. Formats Available
    Academics Cooperative Extension Agricultural Research Faculty/Staff ... Other Resources
    georgia extension tele-tips food preservation and storage
    Meat Products, Freezing and Thawing Formats Available: HTML PDF REAL AUDIO Windows Media Frozen Foods, Factors Affecting Quality Formats Available: HTML PDF REAL AUDIO Windows Media Fruits, Use of Sugar and Anti-Darkening Agent in Formats Available: HTML PDF REAL AUDIO Windows Media Fruits, Types of Packs for Freezing Formats Available: HTML PDF REAL AUDIO Windows Media Frozen Foods, Emergency Care of Formats Available: HTML PDF REAL AUDIO Windows Media Records 1 to 5 of 53 Next Last Home Academics ... Search Georgia Extension Teletips
    for reprints or other information, write to us at:
    Fort Valley State University
    Fort Valley, Georgia 31030 You can also reach us at: Phone: 478-825-6344
    FAX: 478-827-3062

    60. Home Food Preservation
    Source National food safety Database Perishable food that is vacuum packaged must still be more information from the University of georgia Cooperative Extension
    Home Food Preservation:
    Vacuum Packaging
    Home Canning click HERE Online answers to canning questions
    (fruit floating, jars not sealing, pickle problems, approximate yields for canned or frozen fruits and vegetables, etc.), click HERE click HERE Unsafe practices click HERE Directions for using click HERE Harder-to-find directions/recipes click HERE Buying canning supplies click HERE Pictures of pressure and boiling-water canners, lids and canning procedures, click HERE Directions/Recipes
    Before you start to can
    see Canning Tips about the influence of altitude and how to learn the altitude where you live 1. USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning

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