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21. The University Of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service
Nutrition and food safety Topics These publications are available from the National Center for food preservation at University of georgia
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Publications Faculty and Staff ... Nutrition and Food Safety Topics Freezing Foods Freezing is a simple method of home food preservation. If done correctly, it preserves nutrients, flavors and colors. Used properly, home freezing has many advantages:
  • saves time, work and money is an easy method of preserving food can simplify meal preparation provides available foods for quick service supplies seasonal or favorite foods year round permits fewer shopping trips permits stocking up on special sales when prices are low
When freezing, it is important to remember two things:
  • Freezing will not kill microorganisms that cause illness and spoilage, but will temporaily retard their growth. Once frozen foods thaw, surviving organisms will grow rapidly. Always start with the freshest product possible because freezing does not improve flavor or quality of food.
  • 22. Cornell Food And Nutrition - Timely Topics In Food Safety - Preparing For Y2K
    food preservation can be found on georgia s web sit Publications, then food safety and preservation, then food
    MAIL TO: Food and Nutrition
    Created 5 December 1997
    Updated 23 February 1999
    Timely Topics in Food Safety Current Archived Preparing for Y2K As noted in the introduction to this Alert, many consumers are concerned about possible food shortages when the year 2000 hits so they want to start stockpiling food now. There's also an increased interest in home food preservation as some people want to preserve their own food in advance. While we are not encouraging people to hoard massive amounts of food, we can provide some guidelines for those who want to can their own food and/or prepare an emergency food supply. The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service has prepared a series of fact sheets on Preparing an Emergency Food Supply. Three of these fact sheets are: Storing Water Supplies, Short Term Food Storage and Long Term Food Storage. Although these were developed with Y2K in mind, you'll note that Y2K is not specifically mentioned because these guidelines are appropriate for many emergency situations. These fact sheets and others related to home food preservation can be found on Georgia's web sit at:

    23. IFT Announces 1999 Fellows Of Food Science
    Center for food safety and Quality Enhancement, University of georgia (Griffin), will be Nutrition, food safety, and food preservation Specialist Ruth M

    24. Graduate Bulletin- Illinois Institute Of Technology
    of food borne pathogens, development of food safety programs such as Univ., (India); Ph.D., food Science and Technology, University of georgia, Athens.
    Of interest to Back to Graduate College Back to Office of Graduate Admission
    Table of Contents
    Calendar The University Academic Program Descriptions ... Back to Academic Program Descriptions- Table of Contents Food Safety and Technology On this page:
    Food Safety and Technology

    Degrees Offered

    Certificate Programs

    Research Facilities
    Course Descriptions

    Food Safety and Technology National Center for Food Safety and Technology
    IIT Moffett Campus
    6502 S. Archer Road Summit-Argo, IL 60501 708.563.1873 (fax) NCFST Director: C. E. Sizer Graduate Program Director: V.M. (Bala) Balasubramaniam The faculty is drawn from NCFST/IIT faculty and NCFST/FDA scientists, and is augmented by IIT faculty from several departments, other federal scientists, and experts from NCFST member companies. In addition to formal course requirements, students will participate in food safety and technology research projects at the NCFST under the supervision of IIT faculty and FDA scientists. The FDA presence provides a unique opportunity for students to understand the synergy of scientific philosophy and legal issues involved in the regulatory process governing the safety and wholesomeness of the U.S. food supply.

    25. Research And Professional Links - Food Safety Consortium At Iowa State Universit
    University of Florida Cooperative Extension food safety and Quality. University of georgia Cooperative Extension - food safety and preservation.

    26. Research And Professional Links - Food Safety Consortium At Iowa State Universit
    Center. University of georgia Center for food safety. University of georgia - National Center for Home food preservation. next . Accessibility,

    27. Cooperative Extension: The Arbor Nutrition Guide
    and guidelines, and food preparation and preservation. Moderate set of nutrition, food safety and preparation University of georgia Cooperative Extension The
    Dietetian, dietetics
    You are at the top of one of the sub-sections of the
    A rbor N utrition G uide. Return to home page of the Arbor Nutrition Guide
    Note: only use if you are not already in the frame version
    Dietitians, dietetics

    Extension nutrition

    General nutrition topics

    Patient/lay information
    Dietetic cybersites
    Dietitian organisations
    Lists of dietitians, dietitians in groups
    Individual dietitians ...
    Other dietetic issues
    General Extension material
    Individual Extension departments and resource material See also:
    Nutrition at University
    Lay nutrition resources
    General Extension material
    Note: for non-American visitors, it may be helpful to know that the concept of Extension in the USA applies to educational and other outreach activities in a range of areas involving food, food safety, agriculture and other home and family activities. These have historically been carried on in colleges and universities which benefitted from a 1890 Land-Grant program, and the departments are known as Extension or Cooperative Extension universities and departments.
    Pick of the crop
    Kansas State Extension
    Quite a bit of Extension material, including links to other Extension resources.

    1,564 Landscaping for water quality (georgia) 300 Livestock and Mississippi) 600 1,000 Preharvest food safety (Kansas) 212 212 preservation and processing

    296 296 Landscaping for water quality (georgia) 300 300 120 Potato research 1,214 1,214 Preharvest food safety (Kansas) 212 212 preservation and processing

    30. Poultry Science Department--Donald E. Conner
    University of georgia BS, Environmental Health Science, University of georgia. to poultry with primary interests in food safety and preservation of poultry
    Donald E. Conner
    Poultry Science Department
    234 Upchurch Hall
    Animal Science Building
    Auburn University, Alabama 36849
    Phone: 334-844-2639
    FAX: 334-844-2641
    Laboratory Supervisor: Lesli Kerth
    E-mail: Lab: Poultry Farm Phone: 334-844-2646 Donald E. Conner, Ph.D., , is a native of Virginia. He is interim director of and a core member of EDUCATION: Ph.D., Food Science, University of Georgia M.S., Food Science, University of Georgia B.S., Environmental Health Science, University of Georgia RESEARCH: His research focuses on microbiology as related to poultry with primary interests in: food safety and preservation of poultry products, sanitation, food and feed mycology, rapid detection methods, and waste management. TEACHING / INSTRUCTION: Teaching responsibilities include graduate and undergraduate courses in microbiology and food safety. Click on Class Number to see Class Description
      POUL 4160 - Principles of Food Safety POUL 6100 - Supervised Investigation in Cross Disciplinary Training in Food Safety POUL 7160 - Advanced Principles of Food Safety

    31. The Greensheet
    interests in food safety and preservation of poultry and undergraduate courses in microbiology and food safety. Health Science from the University of georgia.
    The Green Sheet
    A College of Agriculture and Alabama Agriculture Experiment Station Newsletter March 11, 2002 Volume 2, Issue 4
    Calendar of Events March 21 - Poultry Science Building Ground Breaking, 2:00 p.m. March 25-29 - Spring Break April 5 - Board of Trustees Meeting, AUHCC May 8 - 9 Ag Classic June 24 - 26 - 25th Annual Southern Conservation Tillage, June 26 - 2002 Conservation Tillage Field Day, AU Equestrian Team The Auburn University Equestrian Western Team finished the year by winning the region! Sunday, March 3rd was the last Western (stock seat) competition for the year with a three way race for regional champs going into the competition. Auburn won, with Berry College finishing 2nd, the University of Georgia 3rd and the University of South Carolina 4th. Sophomore Crystal Pope had a perfect weekend. She won both classes on Saturday and Sunday and was the high point rider in both competitions. These wins put her in first place as the High Point rider for the region which gives her a straight shot to Nationals in New York in May! For more information on the AU equestrian Team visit

    32. Food Safety Database
    Confidence in the food Supply, University of georgia, Video;Adult, 1990, of sale information on the selection, safety and simple food preservation concerns for

    33. Food Safety News
    Funding Agency State of georgia s Traditional Industries Home food Processing and preservation (10/1 USDA Epidemiological Approaches for food safety ($786,350).
    Current Research Projects in Food Safety Grouped by Faculty Member
    Friday, February 06, 2004 Beuchat Doyle Frank Harrison ... Smith L.R. Beuchat's Projects Standardization of methods for determining the efficacy of raw fruit and vegetable sanitizers (9/1/02-8/31/04) Funding Agency: USDA-NRI ($208,269) Beuchat, L.R. (Principal Investigator) and L.J. Harris Role of nematodes in vectoring pathogenic bacteria to fruits and vegetables (9/1/02-8/31/04) Funding Agency: USDA-ARS National Alliance for Food Safety ($115,000) Beuchat, L.R. (Principal Investigator), and P.L. Williams Enhancing the microbial safety of fresh and fresh cut melons (9/30/02-9/30/04) Funding Agency: USDA-IREECGP-NIFSI ($370,820) Suslow, T.V. (Principal Investigator), L.R. Beuchat, G. Sapers, and M. Cantwell Evaluation of chlorine dioxide as a sanitizer for fresh and fresh-cut produce (7/1/03-6/30/04) Funding Agency: State of Georgia's Traditional Industries Program for Food Processing ($80,832)

    34. Family And Consumer Sciences, Home Economics In Cobb County
    consumer issues Nutrition, Health, food safety, food preservation, Child and Ways To Stretch Your food Dollars. georgia Extension TELE-TIPS provides answers
    Home Horticulture About
    Cobb County Extension Service
    Family and Consumer Sciences
    contact us by email: Tips of the Month Helping Families Survive Tough Times A new series for individuals and families facing financial uncertainty 50 Ways To Stretch Your Food Dollar Seminars/Events FACS PROGRAMS Index of Past Articles ... Seasonal Articles If you would like to contact us by email: Please provide your name, address and daytime telephone number in case we need more information. Webmaster: Leah Wilson page last updated 12/03 Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) is an applied discipline that uses knowledge generated through research to address real-world issues affecting individuals, families and communities and the industries and organizations serving families. The family and Consumer Sciences department has one Extension agent, Patricia Simmons Stuckey who also serves as the Extension Coordinator. One part-time program assistant works in this department. News for Families and Consumers will keep you up to date on consumer issues - Nutrition, Health, Food Safety, Food Preservation, Child and Family Development, and Financial Management. Articles are written by Extension staff in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. See the

    35. More Extension Services
    georgia. UGA CAES Cooperative Extension Service Children, Youth and Families Nutrition and Health food safety and preservation. Hawaii.
    State Cooperative Extension Services
    and Related Health Topics A C D F ... W Alabama ACESAG: Family Programs
    Alabama 4-H
    Alaska Alaska Cooperative Extension
    Welcome to the Alaska State 4-H Program
    Arizona Arizona Cooperative Extension
    safe food 2000 bacteria food safety

    Educational Programs - Nutrition and Health

    Educational Programs - Farm Management and Safety
    Arkansas UACES homepage California University of California Cooperative Extension
    Nutrition, Family and Consumer Science
    Colorado Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Home Page
    Colorado State Cooperative Extension Food Publications

    Colorado State Cooperative Extension Healthy Aging
    Connecticut Cooperative Extension System Delaware Delaware Cooperative Extension
    The Safety Zone
    - Ag Safety Food and Nutrition Facts Delaware Cooperative Extension in New Castle County Selected Articles Florida UF/IFAS * Cooperative Extension Service Georgia UGA CAES - Cooperative Extension Service Children, Youth and Families Nutrition and Health Food Safety and Preservation Hawaii Extension Services Idaho Idaho District IV Cooperative Extension Illinois University of Illinois Extension Family Matters and Life Skills Illinois 4-H University of Illinois Extension's Just for Kids ... University of Illinois Extension Nutrition and Health Iowa Iowa State University Extension Child Care That Works Food Science and Human Nutrition Extension ISU Extension to Communities Kansas

    36. Napa County Food Safety - Nutrition, Family And Consumer Science - Napa County
    foodSAFE PROGRAM http// UNIVERSITY OF georgia COLLEGE OF FAMILY and CONSUMER SCIENCES food safety and preservation,_Family_and_Consumer_Science/Food_Safety.htm
    Main Menu Nutrition, Family and Consumer Science Nutrition, Family and Consumer Science Links Consumer Management News ... UC Delivers Food Safety
    Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources
    E-mail Web Master Non Discrimination Statement

    37. GWF Programs
    and then distributing them to the food banks. feed thousands of people throughout the state of georgia. HUNTER safety CLASSES GWF offers hunter safety courses
    At the Gold Dome: Big Wins for Water!
    Learn more... Calendar of Events Directions to GWF Headquarters Staff ... Press Room Archive ADOPT-A-CLASSROOM PROGRAM
    GWF introduced the Adopt-A-Classroom program to help schools maintain their annual membership with our organization. Community members, business, etc. donate the $30 annual fee so that a Georgia classroom can received member benefits such as Georgia Wildlife magazine, The Call newsletter, and quarterly educational packets. For more information on adopting a classroom, or being adopted, call 770-787-7887 or visit the membership section of this site. DONORS NEEDED ADOPT-A-STREAM MONITORING
    Adopt-A-Stream is a unique effort to involve the public and local communities in water quality protection. The program increases public awareness of local water resources and builds partnerships to protect our most precious resource - water. Volunteers, such as the Georgia Wildlife Federation, adopt a section of stream, river, or lake for at least one year. Adopt-A-Stream groups regularly conduct visual surveys, clean ups, improve stream habitat and/or monitor water quality. Since the fall of 1996, GWF volunteers have monitored Cornish Creek, a tributary of the Alcovy River, on a quarterly basis. Participants have a wonderful time wading in the stream and identifying the critters caught in their nets. For more information on GWF's Adopt-A-Stream project, contact 770-787-7887. To learn how to monitor a stream in your community, contact Georgia Adopt-A-Stream.

    38. Food Reference & Preservation, Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh Resource Guide
    of georgia and Alabama A M University as the primary institutions, to address food safety concerns for those who practice and teach home food preservation and
    Select Library Area: Ask a Librarian Careers at CLP Computer Classes Directions Employment Genealogy/History Homework Help Hours Kids' Site Library Subject Guide Locations Renew a Book Request a Book Research Databases Resource Guide Search Subject Departments Support the Library Teens' Site
    Subject Search:
    Web Site Catalog Internet Search
    Database Search

    Events Search

    Resource Guide:



    American (Regional)
    British, Irish, Scottish, Welsh ... United States
    Penn State: Home Food Preservation Database Use this database to search the USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning
    1994 USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning In .pdf format
    United States
    Includes online pamphlets about food safety, health, preparation, and preservation
    EDIS Home Canning Guide From the University of Florida here are some leaflets on preserving fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood by canning.
    Exploratorium: Science of Cooking The Accidental Scientist: Cooking, the first in a series of Web-based projects focusing on the science behind everyday life.

    39. Home ?Personnel ?Faculty
    R., PhD, UT FST, Fruit and vegetables, food preservation, jmount@utk Draughon, Frances Ann Profile PhD, georgia Professor CoDirector, food safety Center of
    University Links About the University Academic Programs Administration Libraries Research Support UT The University System A-Z Index WebMail Dept. Directory Select type of search People Search Campus Search System Search Home General Info Faculty and Staff Students ... Personnel >> Faculty Food Science and Technology Faculty Listing Name Affiliation Expertise Email Profile Brekke, Clark J. , PhD UT FST Muscle protein biochemistry; functional properties of processed meat products Profile Davidson, P. Michael , PhD UT FST Microbiological Food Safety and Food Antimicrobials Profile Draughon, Frances Ann , PhD UT FST Food Microbiology Profile Goan, Charles H. , PhD UT FST Poultry Production and Management Profile Golden, David A. , PhD UT FST Food Microbiology Profile Kelly-Wintenberg, Kimberly D. , PhD UT Microbiology Food Microbiology, Food Safety Profile Laack, Riette Van , PhD UT FST Meat and poultry science; muscle biology; protein chemistry and functionality.

    40. Martindale's Nutrition Center: Cooking Demonstrations, Recipes, Food Additives &
    University of georgia, Athens, georgia Multimedia Tutorials practice and teach home food preservation and processing FDA) Center for food safety and Applied
    US/Pacific: Tuesday, June 8, 2004

    Sydney, Australia: Wednesday, June 9, 2004

    File Download Time Calculator

    (1,000's of Recipes)

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