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1. Georgia State Survey Committee Members
georgia State Survey Committee Members. Carlos F. Martinez, USDAAPHIS-PPQ-Regulatory.G. Keith Douce, UGA-coop. ext. service-Entomology.
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Georgia State Survey Committee Members Carlos F. Martinez, USDA-APHIS-PPQ-Regulatory G. Keith Douce, UGA-Coop. Ext. Service-Entomology Mike Evans, GDA-State-Regulatory Dave Grant, USDA-APHIS-PPQ-Domestic Officer Tim R. Murphy, UGA-Coop. Ext. Service-Agrononmy Steve L. Brown, UGA-Coop. Ext. Service-Entomology Terry S. Price, GFC-Entomology Contents
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Dept. of Entomology
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2. Untitled Document
Fences for the Farm ( georgia coop. ext.) georgia Pest Management Handbook ( georgia coop. ext U.S. Fish and Wildlife service) Bears
On-Line Wildlife Damage Publications General Mammals

3. Abbreviated Titles 1996 : L
State Univ. coop. ext. Serv. L cooperative extension service, Kansas State Leafl coop ext Serv Univ Ga* Leaflet - cooperative extension service, University of georgia. NAL call no
Abbreviated Titles : L
L - Kans. State Univ. Coop. Ext. Serv.
L - Cooperative Extension Service, Kansas State University

NAL call no. - 275.29 K13LE
L Coop Ext Serv Kans State Univ*
L - Cooperative Extension Service, Kansas State University

NAL call no. - 275.29 K13LE
La Agric La Agric Exp Stn*
Louisiana agriculture - Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station

NAL call no. - 100 L939
La. agric.
Louisiana agriculture - Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station
NAL call no. - 100 L939 Lab anim. Lab animal NAL call no. - QL55.A1L33 Lab. anim. Laboratory animals NAL call no. - QL55.A1L3 Lab. anim. sci. Laboratory animal science NAL call no. - 410.9 P94 LAES Mimeo Ser La Agric Exp Stn* LAES mimeo series - Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station NAL call no. - S541.5.L8L34 LAES mimeo ser. LAES mimeo series - Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station NAL call no. - S541.5.L8L34 Lancet The Lancet NAL call no. - 448.8 L22 Land degrad. rehabil. NAL call no. - S622.L26 Land Degradation Rehabil* NAL call no. - S622.L26 Land econ.

4. Abbreviated Titles 1995 : K-M
conserving natural resources in Illinois S624.I3L36 Leafl coop ext Serv Univ Ga*Leaflet cooperative extension service, University of georgia 275.29 G29L
Abbreviated Titles : K-M
*Previously used abbreviated title

5. Bee Pollination Of Georgia Crop Plants
Pollination is a valuable service that warrants fair compensation. Corley, W., 1990.Wildflowers. Univ. georgia coop. ext. Svc., Bull. 994. Dirr, M., 1990.

Cooperative Extension Service
Bee Pollination of Georgia Crop Plants
A Good Pollinating Hive

Moving Hives

Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the male parts of a flower to the female part of a flower. Cross-pollination is the transfer of pollen among different plants or varieties of the same species. If the pollen is compatible, fertilization of the ovule and seed formation occur. Generally, more seeds develop when large numbers of pollen grains are transferred. Seeds, in turn, stimulate surrounding ovary tissue to develop so that, for example, an apple with many seeds will be larger than one with fewer seeds. In this way, good pollination improves both fruit yield and size.
The Flower and the Fruit
Male parts of a flower are called the stamens , each made up of a slender filament holding an anther at the tip. At the right time, the anther releases pollen grains which are equivalent to animal male sperm. Female parts of a flower are called the pistil , each made up of an ovary with ovules and a stalk-like style with a sticky stigma on top.

6. Georgia DNR, Wildlife Resources Division - Waterfowl Management In Georgia
19 pp. Jackson, JL 1980. Bring ducks to your land managing wetlands for waterfowlin the southeast. coop. ext. service, Univ. of georgia. 15pp.

7. Garden Regional Links, Gardening Tips, Organic Gardening, Flower Gardening, Vege
georgia (Univ of georgia coop extension service). for the environment) (Cornell coop extension Vermont http//
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(who we are) What's Growing On
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Regional Extension Service Links
Land-grant universities should host the state extension services that conduct and support the master gardener programs in the U.S. Also listed are some Canadian sites. Alabama
(Alabama Coop Extension System) California
(University of California) Florida
(Univ of Florida master gardener site) Georgia (Univ of Georgia Coop Extension Service) Illinois (Univ of Illinois Extension) Indiana (Purdue) Iowa (Iowa State University extension) (Iowa State University horticultural dept) Maine (Univ of Maine Coop Extension Service) Maryland

8. Agriculture World - Agri-Business / Real Estate
Cotton Economics Research, Texas Tech. georgia cooperative extension service. Illinoiscooperative extension service. Iowa State University coop. ext. service.
Agricultural Organization Extension Services Ag Health Organizations Environmental Agencies ... Training Agricultural Health Organizations AgrAbility Agricultural Safety and Health Network Farm Safety and Health in Minnesota Clinicians Network ... University of Wisconsin Center for Agricultural Safety and Health Environmental American Crop Protection Association American Water Works Association EPA Integrated Risk Information System Farm*A*Syst and Home*A*Syst ... U.S. Trade Representative Food Safety American Meat Institute Fight Bac! Food Safety Food Safety - Gateway to Government Food Safety Information ... Wisconsin Division of Food Safety Injury Prevention Children's Safety Network Consumer Product Safety Commission National Institute for Farm Safety, Inc.

9. Georgia's Economy
georgia's Economy. georgia Statistics System. 1997 Census of AgricultureSummary georgia Forestry Commission. UGA coop. ext. service extension Forest Resources. georgia Department of
Georgia's Economy
Georgia Statistics System
1997 Census of AgricultureSummary State Profile of Georgia (pdf file) 1997 Census of AgricultureHighlights of Georgia Agriculture: 1997 and 1992 1997 Census of Agriculture: Georgia (1.3 MB pdf file) 1997 Census of Agriculture: Georgia Counties (4.6 MB pdf file) 1997 Census of Agriculture: Georgia County-by-County Highlights (HTML files) Graphs of 1997 Census of Agriculture for Georgia

10. Georgia Saves: Georgia Saves Events
Jackie Ogden Chatham County coop ext service PO Box Benning Saves Army Community serviceCenter ATTN 129 North Anderson Street Swainsboro, georgia 30401 Emanuel

What Is Georgia Saves?
What Georgia Saves Is Doing? Who Is Involved? Georgia Saves Events LOCAL CAMPAIGNS How to Contact Us Local Campaigns FACS Agents/Coordinators Sites Jan Baggarly
736 Riverside Drive
Macon, GA 31201
Bibb County
Christa Campbell
400 East Courtland Avenue
Quitman, Georgia 31643
Brooks County
Quitman Joanne Cavis Muscogee County Ext. Service Columbus Government Center Annex 420 Tenth Street Columbus, GA 31901 Muscogee County Columbus Betty English 602 Greene Street Augusta, GA 30901 Richmond County Augusta Jessica Hill/Chiquita Board 4380 Memorial Drive Decatur, GA 30032 Dekalb County Atlanta/Dekalb County Bonnie Hughes 30 Forest Meadow Dr. SW Rome, GA 30165 Floyd County Rome Jackie Ogden Chatham County Coop Ext Service PO Box 9866 Savannah, GA 31412 Chatham County

11. Apiculture - Summary Of Losses From Insect Damage And Costs Of Control In Georgi
Statistics service, Mar. 4, 1997 2 Hoff, FL 1995. Honey. USDA Agric. Econ. Rep. 7083 georgia Bee letter, vol. 7(1), 1997, Univ. of georgia coop. ext. service.
Subcommittee Reports I. Apiculture Keith S. Delaplane The number of managed bee hives in Georgia increased from 70,000 in 1995 to 75,000 in 1996 . This welcome upswing follows a general increase in honey prices due to decreasing world honey stocks. Overall honey production in Georgia, including the 1996 crop year, has stayed uniform over ten years . Thus, production efficiency is good. Parasitic tracheal mites and Varroa mites continue to kill colonies and cost beekeepers large sums for control. There remains only one registered miticide for varroa mite control, Apistan TM . There is concern for chemical resistance in mites but so far there are no data from North America to suggest this is a problem. Conditions were good for honey production in 1996. Beekeepers with five or more hives harvested 5,100,000 pounds of honey, up from 4,340,000 in 1995. Production per hive (68 pounds) was up slightly from 1995 (62 pounds). Value of the 1996 crop was $4,539,000 compared to $3,081,000 in 1995. In 1996, average price per pound rose to $0.89, up from $0.71 in 1995 Extension programs reached 1,876 people in educational efforts aimed at honey bee parasite biology and control, optimum bee management, and public awareness of the value of bee pollinators. The fifth annual Young Harris College/University of Georgia Beekeeping Institute drew 99 participants. Research focused on identifying economic treatment thresholds for Varroa mites and the pollinators and their flower-visiting behavior in rabbiteye blueberry.

12. Related Weed Science Websites (12/14/98)
service. Alaska, U. Alaska, http// georgia,U. georgia, http//
You will leave the WSSA web site when
you click on any of the below listed sites
Governmental And Regulatory Links
Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development of Alberta, Canada Animal and Plant Control Commission - South Australia R. Carter (Weed Science advisor) Agricultural Research Service USDA Animal and Plant Control Commission - South Australia R. Carter (Weed Science advisor) Aphis noxious weed programs USDA ARS North Central Soil Conservation Research Laboratory - Morris, MN F. Forcella California Dept. of Pesticide Regulation Canadian Forest Service - Biocontrol Method for Reedgrass (English and French available) R. Winder Coop. State Res., Ed., and Ext. Service Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds (FICMNEW) - USDA D. Miller of University of Wisconsin - Madison IR-4 Program National Ag. Statistics Ser. National Wildlife Refuge Environmental Contaminant Page Weed Science Group, Agriculture Western Australia National Ag Library National Ag. Statistics Ser. National Plants Database Project ... Weeds, Noxious and Exotic and Invasive Plants
Commercial Links
Ag Chem Database Ag in the Classroom "Kid Video" and study guides Ag-Consultant Online AgriSurf! Searchable Ag index

13. 1998 Boll Weevil SERA-IEG Attendance List
(717) 7641191. (717) 767-1016. -. Gary A. Herzog. Univ. georgia, Dept. Ent.CPES. (601) 686-9317. . -. Donald R. Johnson. UA coop. ext. service. PO Box391.
1998 Cotton Insects SERA-IEG Attendance List
Name Address Telephone FAX Email Address
Charles Allen UA Coop. Ext. Service P.O. Box 3508 Monticello, AR 71656 John Andries Director, BWE - LDAF P.O. Box 3596 Baton Rouge, LA 70821 Ralph Bagwell LSU Agric. Center 212 Macon Ridge Road Winnsboro, LA 71295 David J. Boethel Dept. Entomology Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA 70803 W. J. Bone USDA, APHIS, BWEP 605 Airways, Blvd. Room 123 Jackson, TN 38301 Chris Bowley Cheminova Inc. 1700 Rte 23, Ste 210 Wayne NJ 07470 Robert E. Boyd USDA-APHIS-PPQ 501 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA Michael L. Boyd University of Missouri Delta Center Hwy T Portageville, MO 63873 A.L. Brashier USDA, Aphis, BWEP 3270 Montezuma Road Montgomery, AL 36106 Gene Burris Northeast Research Station P.O. Box 438 St. Joseph, LA 71366 Monty Christian Rhone-Poulenc P.O. Box 343 Cotton Center, TX 79021 Buz Conant USDA, APHIS P.O.Box 5367

14. On-Farm Composting: A Review Of The Literature
9. Hammond, C. Poultry composting facilities. Circcoop-ext-service, Universityof georgia College of Agriciculture. Athens, GA The service. Oct 1994.
On-Farm Composting: Animal Mortality Composting
On-Farm Composting - A Review of the Literature
  • AAFRD, Chernos, Rod, and Smith, Rich. "Mortality Composting Trial ." Web page, [accessed 19 January 2000]. Available at
  • Blake, J. P., and J. O. Donald. 1992. Alternatives for the disposal of poultry carcasses. Poult-Sci 71, no. 7: 1130-1135. Compost Education and Resources for Western Agriculture. 2000. "CERWA answers your compost questions." Web page, [accessed April 2000]. Conner, D. E., J. P. Blake, and J. O. Donald. 1991. Microbiological safety of composted poultry farm mortalities. In Pap-Am-Soc-Agric-Eng , (91-4053) 12 p. St. Joseph, Mich: American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Cummins, C. G., C. W. Wood, and D. P. Delaney. 1993. Co-composted poultry mortalities and poultry litter: composition and potential value as a fertilizer. J-Sustain-Agric 4, no. 1: 7-19. Donald, J. O., and J. P. Blake. 1991. Construction of a dead-poultry composter. Circ-ANR-Ala-Coop-Ext-Serv-Auburn-Univ. Auburn, Ala. : The Service

    15. Micronutrient Deficiencies And Toxicities
    1966. Boron for peanuts Univ. of georgia, College of Agriculture, cooperativeextension service, Peanut Release No. 49. Univ. georgia coop. ext. Serv.
    May 1994 SCSB# 380
    Chapter 7
    Micronutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities
    ALLISON, A. H. 1966. Boron insures higher quality peanuts. The Peanut Farmer 2(5):20-21
    ALLISON, A. H. 1980. Agronomic recommendations and procedures pp. 3-6. In 1980 Peanut Production Guide. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State Univ., Blacksburg, VA.
    ANDERSON, O. E. 1964. Manganese pp 33-41. In R L. Carter (ed.) Micronutrients and crop production in Georgia. Univ. of Georgia College of Agric. Bull. Bull. N. S. 126.
    ANOMYMOUS. 1965. Agricultural Progress. Virginia Agric. Exp. Stn. Res. Rep. 102, 70 pp.
    ASOKAN, S., AND D. RAJ. 1974. Effect of forms and levels of boron application on ground nut. Madras agric. J. 61 (8) 467-471.
    BELL, R. W., G. KIRK, D. PLASKETT, AND J. F. LONERAGAN. 1990. Diagnosis of zinc deficiency in peanut ( Arachis hypogaca L.) by plant analysis. Commun. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 21:273-285.

    16. Lukol Directory - Science Agriculture Education Cooperative Extension
    University of georgia cooperative extension service Offers of Alaska Fairbankscooperative extension service State outreach http//

    Lukol Directory -
    Science Agriculture Education ... Kansas State University Research and Extension
    Offers educational programs and resources in the areas of agribusiness and economics, crops and livestock, environment, health and nutrition, home and family, youth development, and lawn and garden.
    Penn State Cooperative Extension and Outreach

    Extension and outreach programs for producers, agricultural businesses and consumers in Pennsylvania and northeast U.S.
    New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service

    Offers research-based educational programs and publications in the areas of agriculture, community development and family and consumer sciences.
    Virginia Cooperative Extension
    Aims to improve the lives and well-being of people and communities in the state of Virginia by offering education programs in agriculture, farm management, parenting, personal finance, home management, and gardening. Alabama Cooperative Extension System

    17. Southern Region SARE
    georgia Julia Gaskin Public service Representative Biological and Ag Engineering619 Driftmier Eng.Center University of georgia Athens, GA 30602 coop. ext.
    State Sustainable Agriculture Coordinators (updated March 2, 2004) ALABAMA
    Joseph Kemble,
    Associate Professor
    Auburn University
    101 Funchess Hall
    Auburn University, AL 36849
    Phone: 334-844-3050
    FAX: 334-844-3131
    Edward J. Sikora
    Auburn University
    105 Extension Hall Auburn University, AL 36849-5624 Phone: 334-844-5502 FAX: 334-844-4072 Cathy Sabota Training Coordinator 213 Dawson Building Normal, AL 35762 Phone: 256-851-5710 FAX: 256-851-5840 William Hodge Training Coordinator Tuskegee University 202 Extension Building Tuskegee, AL 36088 Phone:334-727-8806 FAX: 334-727-8813 ARKANSAS Tom Riley, Jr. University of Arkansas CES PO Box 391 Little Rock, AR 72203 Phone: 501-671-2080 FAX: 501-671-2251 FedEx: 2301 S. University Avenue Little Rock, AR 72203 Leslie J. Glover University of Arkansas / Pine Bluff Mail Slot 4906 1200 N. University Drive

    18. Prime And Unique Agricultural Lands And The National Environmental Policy Act (N
    S. First Street Phoenix, Arizona 85025, Mr. Dwight Treadway State ConservationistSoil Conservation service PO Box 832 Athens, georgia 30601. Dir., coop. ext.
    WASHINGTON, DC 20006 August 11, 1980 MEMORANDUM FOR HEADS OF AGENCIES SUBJECT: Prime and Unique Agricultural Lands and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) The accompanying memorandum on Analysis of Impacts on Prime or Unique Agricultural Lands in Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act was developed in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture. It updates and supersedes the Council's previous memorandum on this subject of August 1976. In order to review agency progress or problems in implementing this memorandum the Council will request periodic reports from federal agencies as part of our ongoing oversight of agency implementation of NEPA and the Council's regulations. At this time we would appreciate receiving from your agency by November 1, 1980, the following information:
    • identification and brief summary of existing or proposed agency policies, regulations and other directives specifically intended to preserve or mitigate the effects of agency actions on prime or unique agricultural lands, including criteria or methodology used in assessing these impacts.
      identification of specific impact statements and, to the extent possible, other documents prepared from October 1, 1979 to October 1, 1980 covering actions deemed likely to have significant direct or indirect effects on prime or unique agricultural lands.

    19. Information On Ornamental Plants
    University of georgia coop. Date http// Dr.John F. Baniecki, West Virginia University extension service. .
    What's New Top Hits Modify a Link SUBMIT YOUR URL HERE ! ... Ornamentals >> Information on Ornamental Plants Ornamental Plants Database - Rate it Review My Site "This database by MSU Extension contains information about trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers, perennials, annuals, house plants, insects, diseases, cultural information and other topics. Zone 6 or colder is the primary focus." Date: Pruning Ornamental Plants in the Landscape - University of Georgia Rate it Review My Site Date: Rate it Review My Site Contains 10 articles by the University of Georgia. Date: Watering of Ornamental Plants Rate it Review My Site By Michigan State University Extension Date: 2002-9-27 Deer-Tolerant Ornamental Plants - Rate it Review My Site University of Georgia Coop. Ext. Date: Insect Pests of Ornamental Plants - Rate it Review My Site Virginia Cooperative Extension Date: Rate it Review My Site Date: Aphids on Ornamental Plants Around the Home - Rate it Review My Site "By D.E. Short, University of Florida." Date: Caterpillars of Ornamental Plants - Rate it Review My Site University of Florida Date: Stop Damaging Your Ornamental Plants - Rate it Review My Site "By Dr. John F. Baniecki, West Virginia University Extension Service."

    20. Georgia Coalition For Physical Activity And Nutrition
    us. COLLINS, PATRICIA, DIRECT service CORP. PO BOX 5801 COLUMBUS,GA 31906, CONNER, 1298, DAVIDSON, BEADIE, georgia coop. ext. SER. 1365
    Mailing Roster Back to Member Items Download the membership roster in MS Excel format (116 KB). The following table shows the G-PAN mailing roster. Last Name First Name Organization Address Phone Fax E-Mail ABERCROMBIE JAMES 9TH DISTRICT OPPORTUNITY PO DRAWER L, GAINSVILLE, GA 30503 ALDERMAN, DD S, MPH JOSEPH OFFICE OF ORAL HEALTH TWO PEACHTREE ST, 11th FLOOR              ATLANTA, GA 30303 ALSTON STACEY AMERICAN RED CROSS 3486 COVINGTON HGWY, DECATUR, GA 30032 ANDERSON LEONARD DEKALB EXTENSION SERVICE 120 W. TRINITY PLACE, ROOM 308

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