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         Georgia Cities State Studies:     more books (22)
  1. Living Atlanta: An Oral History of the City, 1914-1948 by Clifford M. Kuhn, Harlon E. Joye, et all 1990-02
  2. Transportation planning land-use studies: The state of the art (Research report - Georgia Dept. of Transportation) by Paul Francis Wendt, 1975
  3. Gateway To Justice: The Juvenile Court And Progressive Child Welfare In A Southern City (Studies in the Legal History of the South) by Jennifer Trost, 2005-02-28
  4. New Men, New Cities, New South: Atlanta, Nashville, Charleston, Mobile, 1860-1910 (Fred W. Morrison Series in Southern Studies) by Don H. Doyle, 1990-02-01
  5. American City, Southern Place by Gregg D. Kimball, 2003-11
  6. Sprawl City: Race, Politics, and Planning in Atlanta
  7. Hope And Danger in the New South City: Working-class Women And Urban Development in Atlanta, 1890-1940 by Georgina Hickey, 2005-07
  8. RUSSIA - Aug. 24 - US Rebukes Moscow Over Georgia Bombing.(Brief Article): An article from: APS Diplomat Recorder
  9. Paternalism in a Southern City: Race, Religion, and Gender in Augusta, Georgia
  10. Somewhat More Independent: The End of Slavery in New York City, 1770-1810 by Shane White, 1991-02
  11. Guidance packages for developing EPA user charge systems and industrial cost recovery systems for small communities utilizing the city of Loganville as an example by B. W Riall, 1980
  12. Strangers in the City: The Atlanta Chinese, Their Community and Stories of Their Lives (Asian Americans) by Jianli Zhao, 2001-12-07
  13. Israelites in Blue and Gray: Unchronicled Tales from Two Cities by Lawrence M. Ginsburg, 2001-12-15
  14. The Atlanta Riot: Race, Class, and Violence in a New South City (Southern Dissent) by GREGORY MIXON, 2004-12-31

1. Area Studies
More sedate, quiet affairs now take place in cities. Library of CongressCountry StudyGeorgia, 1995. New York Times. Secretary of state.
Area Studies / New Independent States Georgia Population...5,066,499 Health under 15 yrs...21% Life Expectancy Commo Hospital beds TV...220:1000 Doctors Radio...N/A IMR Phone...620,400 lines Avg. Income...$1,570 Newspaper...N/A Literacy Rate...99% Click on map for
larger image Religious Groups Ethnic Groups Equal Rights
... Resources
Religious Groups
Basic Facts Political History Religious History Christian Orthodox Georgian Orthodox 65% Russian Orthodox 10% Muslim Armenian Apostolic Unknown
Ethnic Groups
Georgian Armenian Russian Azeri Ossetian Abkhaz Other
Population and Ethnic Composition
Overview. "Over many centuries, Georgia gained a reputation for tolerance of minority religions and ethnic groups from elsewhere, but the postcommunist era was a time of sharp conflict among groups long considered part of the national fabric. Modern Georgia is populated by several ethnic groups, but by far the most numerous of them is the Georgians. In the early 1990s, the population was increasing slowly, and armed hostilities were causing large-scale emigration from certain regions. The ethnic background of some groups, such as the Abkhaz, was a matter of sharp dispute" (Unless otherwise stated, the following quotes come from the Library of Congress Country Area StudyGeorgia, 1995).

2. State Energy Program: Case Studies For Clean Cities
state Case studies. Made on the Road (PDF 326 KB) This Clean cities fact sheet areexamples from public transit agencies in Dallas, Texas, and Atlanta, georgia.

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EERE Information Center
Case Studies for Clean Cities
The following case studies are listed in reverse chronological order by state and consist of two parts. The first contains SEP case studies are published by DOE's State Energy Program in conjunction with state energy offices and deal with how a state approached a particular energy issue or promoted the adoption of renewable energy or energy efficiency technologies. The second part contains state case studies are published by the states themselves or by technology programs in DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) about energy projects in the states.
SEP Case Studies
Case Studies Online
State Case Studies
Some of the following documents may be available as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Download Acrobat Reader
  • Voluntary Participation Drives Oklahoma's Coalitions
    PDF 244 KB
    ) The DOE Clean Cities program publishes this fact sheet about the Oklahoma and Tulsa Clean Cities Coalitions and their commitment to the alternative fuel industry; May, 2002.
  • Alternative Fuels in Public Transit: A Match Made on the Road
    PDF 326 KB
    ) This Clean Cities fact sheet addresses alternative fuel modes of transportation for public transit, including the challenges, types of fuels, infrastructure, guidance, and resources. There are examples from public transit agencies in Dallas, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. If you would like a hard copy of this publication; please contact Wendy Dafoe at the Alternative Fuels Data Center at (303) 275-4470; U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities; 8 pp; March, 2002.

3. ESLhome Social Studies Resources
68) (level 9-12); National versus state Government - from georgia; Missionary Ridge;The Story of georgia’s Capitols and Capital cities - from the


... home

S ocial S tudies R esources E LECTION S TATES ... ISTORY E LECTION

4. Georgia
georgia law states that georgia history and government needs and services of cities),cultural expressions of society, a unit of state studies, social studies
Standards established by the Georgia Department of Education require that social studies be taught for 11 out of the 12 grades in Georgia Public Schools. A new "Quality Core Curriculum" has been adopted by the Georgia Board of Education which specifies social studies content at grades K-8. A new high school policy specifies certain courses at the high school level. Most high schools offer an elective program at the 12th grade level.
Georgia law states that Georgia history and government be required of all students. The "Quality Core Curriculum" now places this course at the 8th grade level.
Grade Level Title/Description Semesters
Kdg (1 year)
Self, families, group relations, holidays, social studies skills* (map and globe skills, information processing, problem solving, social participation, time and chronology)
Gr 1 (1 year)
Uniqueness of individual, families, wants and needs, rules, community helpers, transportation and communication, holidays, citizenship responsibilities, social studies skills*

5. Books - Policy Studies - Georgia State University Library
Atlanta, GA. Research Atlanta, Inc. School of Policy studies, georgia state University,1997. cities of the United states / Detroit, MI Gale Research

6. ProTeacher! Fifty United States Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers In G
Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful answer keys for teaching about thestate of georgia Wordsearch Students find names of georgia cities on a
Quick Jump to.. BUSYBOARD PRIMARY K-3 GRADES 4-6 THE VENT ARCHIVE MAIN INDEX Child Dev. Class Mgt Humanities Mathematics Reading LA Soc Studies Science T Supplies Teaching P

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Grades 4-6
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Primary Themes
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] 4 Replies New Teacher Committee BusyBoard ] 3 Replies School Policy on Tardies BusyBoard ] 3 Replies Book sets for Science Primary Themes ] 3 Replies What do you want? Primary Themes ] 3 Replies Ocean poetry and songs Primary Themes ] 3 Replies Navajo The VENT ] 3 Replies Curious The VENT ] 3 Replies How to teach cross curricular Grades 4-6 ] 3 Replies public education issues Grades 4-6 ] 3 Replies summer camp BusyBoard ] 2 Replies Summer Homework Primary Themes ] 2 Replies Social Studies Geography Fifty States Lessons By State Georgia Social Studies - Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Here's the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students!

7. Lesson Plans: Preparing To Visit The Georgia Capitol
studies Education Consultant. Contributors. Anne Farrisee, Project Historian, TheGeorgia Capitol Patricia Guillory, Fulton County Schools Dorothy Olson, state
Lesson Plans: Preparing to Visit the Georgia Capitol The first step toward the development of responsible citizen participation is stimulating interest in public affairs. Citizenship education in Georgia must extend beyond the knowledge of our system of government. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." Civic education must include active involvement in public affairs, ranging from the very simple task of voting to the heightened commitment of seeking election to public office. The following curriculum moves beyond the explanation of architecture to include the Capitol as a symbol of government, democracy and liberty. Students using these lessons will learn about the history of the state, its' leaders and their desires for serving the citizens of Georgia.
Cathy Cox
Secretary of State Elementary School Lesson Plans The following document is in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, which requires the Adobe Acrobat reader for viewing and printing. For more information on Acrobat, or to download a free copy of the Acrobat reader, visit the Adobe web site.

8. U.S. Universities, By State
state University of West georgia; University of georgia; Valdosta state University. Washingtonstate University Spokane campus; Tricities campus; Vancouver
UT Directory UT Offices A-Z Campus/Parking Maps UT Sitemap ... Web U.S. Higher Education
U.S. Universities
by state
AL AK AZ AR ... VI (also available organized alphabetically

9. EPD Programs
404.657.8379 William H. McLemore, state Geologist Cindy Study Coastal georgia saltwaterintrusion. for water supply systems of georgia s cities, counties and
Geologic Survey Branch
19 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Room 400
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: 404.656.3214 Fax: 404.657.8379
Bill McLemore, Branch Chief ADMINISTRATION
Phone: 404.656.3214 Fax: 404.657.8379
William H. McLemore, State Geologist
Cindy Hynote, Administrative Operations Coordinator Provide technical support for ACT-ACF Comprehensive Study. Study Coastal Georgia salt-water intrusion. GROUND WATER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM
Phone: 404.656.3214 Fax: 404.657.8379
Vacant, Program Manager Prepare Wellhead Protection Plans for water supply systems of Georgia's cities, counties and authorities. Collect samples annually from Georgia's ground water monitoring network. Obtain GPS coordinates of EPD facilities for development of GIS databases. Collect samples for pesticide analysis from monitoring wells or private water wells. Publish annual reports on ground water quality in Georgia and pesticides in ground water. REGULATORY SUPPORT PROGRAM
Phone: 404.656.3214 Fax: 404.657.8379
Roger Carter, Assistant Branch Chief

10. Georgia State Bird - Brown Thrasher - Ferruginous Mockingbird
the year round in Louisiana, the Floridas, georgia, and the are quite tractable ina closer state of confinement The young begin their musical studies in autumn
Search: Yellow Pages White Pages Biographies ... Next
Birds of America
(State Bird of Georgia
By John James Audubon,
[Brown Thrasher.]
, Linn.
Toxostoma rufum.
PLATE CXLI.MALE, FEMALE, AND NEST. The birds in the case represented were greatly the sufferers: their nest was upset, their eggs lost, and the life of the female in imminent danger. But the snake was finally conquered, and a jubilee held over its carcass by a crowd of Thrushes and other birds, until the woods resounded with their notes of exultation. I was happy in contributing my share to the general jor, for, on taking the almost expiring bird into my hand for a few minutes, she recovered in some degree, and I restored her to her anxious mate. They breed well in aviaries, and are quite tractable in a closer state of confinement. The young are raised in the same manner, and with the same food, as those of the Mocking-bird. In cages it sings well, and has much of the movements of the latter bird, being full of activity, petulant, and occasionally apt to peck in resentment at the hand which happens to approach it. The young begin their musical studies in autumn, repeating passages with as much zeal as ever did Paganini. By the following spring their full powers of song are developed. During the period of incubation, the male is heard from the top of a neighbouring tree, singing for hours at a time. It ascends to this pinnacle by leaping from branch to branch, and selects several trees for the purpose, none of them more than a hundred yards from the nest. Its song over, it dives towards its favourite thicket, seldom descending by the assistance of the branches. Both male and female sit on the eggs. Their mutual attachment, and their courage in defending their nest, are well known to children living in the country. They resent the intrusion even of man, assaulting him, and emitting a strong guttural note resembling tchai, tchai, accompanied by a plaintive weo, and continued until the enemy retires. Should he carry off their treasure, he is sure to be followed a great way, perhaps half a mile, both birds continually crossing his path, and bestowing on him the reproaches he so richly deserves.

11. CyberSleuthkids: United States - Georgia
12 of 21 cities of georgia Community Websites Directory of links to community pagesin the state of georgia. http //; FDR s Ties
Home Fun and Games Science Math ...
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Dinosaurs ...
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  • Cities of Georgia Community Websites http: //
  • 12. USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 03-4032: Ground-Water Conditions And
    level network has been established throughout most of the state of georgia, andground waterquality networks have been established in the cities of Albany
    Ground-Water Conditions and Studies in Georgia, 2001 David C. Leeth, John S. Clarke, Steven D. Craigg, and Caryl J. Wipperfurth U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 03-4032, 96 pages
    The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) collects ground-water data and conducts studies to monitor hydrologic conditions, to better define ground-water resources, and address problems related to water supply and water quality. Data collected as part of ground-water studies include geologic, geophysical, hydraulic property, water level, and water quality. A ground-water-level network has been established throughout most of the State of Georgia, and ground-water-quality networks have been established in the cities of Albany, Savannah, and Brunswick and in Camden County, Georgia. Ground-water quality in the Upper Floridan aquifer is monitored in the cities of Albany, Savannah, and Brunswick and in Camden County; and monitored in the Lower Floridan aquifer in the Savannah and Brunswick areas. In the Albany area since 1998, nitrate concentrations in the Upper Floridan aquifer have increased in 4 of the 11 wells monitored, and in 1 well, concentrations were above the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (USEPA) 10 milligrams per liter (mg/L) drinking-water standard. In the Savannah area, chloride concentration in water from four wells in the Upper Floridan aquifer showed no appreciable change during 2001, remaining within the USEPA 250 mg/L drinking-water standard; in seven wells completed in the Lower Floridan aquifer and in underlying zones, the chloride concentration remained above the drinking-water standard, with one well showing an increase over previous years.

    13. Top Georgia Culinary Schools | Georgia Culinary Institute Directory
    School Name, City or Town, state or Province, Country, Programs Offered. Universityof georgia, Athens, georgia, USA, Foods Nutrition studies.
    FREE Chef-2-Chef Recipe Club and Newsletters E-Mail this Page Advertising Add URL ... Contact Us
    Ask a Question!
    Culinary Student Forum
    City Index Chef2Chef Culinary Grants ... Advertise a School
    Georgia Culinary Institute Directory:
    Georgia Culinary Schools
    Got a Passion for Cooking? Make it your Career!
    Shop and compare TOP US Culinary Institutes that offer
    Financial Aid and Job Placement. Request Information Today!
    Featured Culinary Schools:
    Le Cordon Bleu College
    of Culinary Arts Atlanta
    Tucker, Georgia

    Culinary School Contact Information: School Name City or Town State or Province Country Programs Offered
    North Metro Technical Institute Acworth Georgia USA Hospitality Services Management Albany Technical Institute Albany Georgia USA Hospitality Services Management University of Georgia Athens Georgia USA Hospitality Services Management University of Georgia Athens Georgia USA Food Sciences and Tech. University of Georgia Athens Georgia USA Art Institute of Atlanta-Culinary Arts Atlanta Georgia USA Georgia State University Atlanta Georgia USA Hospitality Services Management Georgia State University Atlanta Georgia USA Morris Brown College Atlanta Georgia USA Hospitality Services Management Art Institute of Atlanta Atlanta Georgia USA Culinary Arts/Chef Training Clark Atlanta University Atlanta Georgia USA Hospitality Services Management Coastal Georgia Community College Brunswick Georgia USA Culinary Arts/Chef Training East Central Technical Institute Fitzgerald

    14. Georgia State University News & Events
    a thriving arts market contributes more to a city than aesthetic of economics andpublic administration/urban studies in georgia state University s Andrew
    Nov. 13, 2000 CONTACT:
    Debby McCarty, 404-651-1385
    executive director of Research Atlanta Inc.,
    Study: Atlanta lags peer cities in arts support
    ATLANTA - Atlanta's support of the arts is lacking for a city its size, according to a study released today by Research Atlanta Inc. Commissioned by the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts Think Tank, the study compares Atlanta's arts scene with those of 19 other metropolitan areas. Researchers looked at such factors as economic and demographic characteristics, number and financial status of nonprofit organizations, levels of federal and private support, physical arts infrastructure, and affiliation of the arts with higher education and national trends. Besides Atlanta, other cities studied were Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Nashville, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, St. Louis, San Antonio, San Diego, San Jose and Seattle. "Overall, the data presents a picture of a metropolitan arts market that is not especially vigorous when compared with similar activities and assets in other cities," wrote researchers Roland J. Kushner and Arthur C. Brooks. "Furthermore, analysis reveals that Atlanta lags behind several other Southern citiesÇThere is no easy solution to these issues concerning Atlanta's nonprofit arts and arts policies." Among the findings: * Although Atlanta has many arts organizations, it has relatively few per capita.

    15. Georgia State University News & Events
    ATLANTA — The hodgepodge of ethnicities found along Buford Highway makes Atlantaan anomaly among big cities, a georgia state University study reports.
    May 6, 2003
    Susan Walcott

    Associate Professor of Anthropology and Geography
    Stacie Sutton Beck
    University Relations
    Walcott, who speaks two Chinese dialects, interviewed more than 30 community leaders and store managers along Buford Highway. She asked 10 basic questions, but the conversational interview allowed her to extensively explore particular topics.
    She was surprised to learn how diverse the entrepreneurs were by country of origin. A Japanese restaurant, for example, has a Taiwanese owner who employs Chinese wait staff and Hispanic kitchen help. Individuals from diverse cultures work in close quarters.
    Buford Highway is truly an international corridor with intermingled ethnic groups, Walcott said, and most store managers think the cross-ethnic traffic is good for their business. Ethnic retail establishments provide a complete array of services, from grocery stores to dry-cleaners.
    Formerly blue-collar Caucasian towns, Chamblee and Doraville were transformed into communities with large immigrant populations. Chamblee drew Hispanics, while Asians tended to settle in Doraville.
    Inexpensive housing, proximity to public transportation and availability of low-skill jobs provided the foundation for the social phenomenon along Buford Highway, she remarked.

    16. Center For Georgia Studies
    meaning of citizenship in the ancient Greek citystates of Athens Center for georgiastudies, CBX 047, georgia College state University, Milledgeville
    Friday, March 21, 2003 History Day is open to students in
    grades 4 through 12 There are divisions:
    Elementary Division
    Junior Division
    Senior Division
    Each Division has categories: Individual Papers Individual Exhibits Group Exhibits Individual Performances Group Performances Individual Documentary Group Documentary History Day Schedule: 8 a.m.-9 a.m. - Registration 8 a.m.-9:30 a.m. - Set-up of projects and welcome 9:30 a.m. - Judging 11 a.m.-1 p.m. - Lunch and Campus Tours 1 p.m. - Awards Program This year's theme is: "Rights and Responsibilities
    in History"
    During the 2002-2003 school year, National History Day invites students to research topics related to the theme, "Rights and Responsibilities in History." The theme is broad enough in scope to encourage investigation of topics ranging from local to world history. To understand the historical importance of their topics, students must ask questions of time and place, cause and effect, change over time, and impact and significance. They must ask not only when events happened but also why they happened and what impact they had. What factors contributed to their development? Regardless of the topic selected, students must not only present a description of it, but also draw conclusions about how their topic affected individuals, communities, nations, or the world. As the poet John Donne wrote more than 300 years ago, "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." People live their lives in a web of connections with other human beings. Within that web they have rights and responsibilities as members of families, as participants in politics, as producers or consumers, or in any of the other myriad roles human beings assume during their lifetimes.

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    18. Psychology: Graduate Study: AmoebaWeb
    California Institute of Integral studies (CA), University University of MinnesotaTwinCities (MN georgia state University (GA), University of MissouriColumbia

    19. Johnson Controls - Controls Case Studies
    Plant, Wolfsburg, Germany (110 KB); Washington state Capitol Campus World Trade Center,Mexico City, Mexico (150 KB 166 KB); CIBA Vision, Duluth, georgia (149 KB);
    Select an Industry Airports Automotive Commercial Real Estate Communications and Information Services Construction Education Government Healthcare Hospitality Industrial and Manufacturing Life Sciences Retail Parent Level Images Parent Level Images Parent Level Images Parent Level Images Parent Level Images Child Items Child Items Child Items Child Items Child Items Child Items Child Items Environmental Stewardship Case Studies Airports, Arenas and Hotels

    20. The Georgia Trust For Historic Preservation
    copy of GMA s important tax base study, please contact s commitment to downtown revitalizationfor georgia cities large and on the local and state level, that
    Georgia Main Street Program History The Economic Impact of Georgia's Main Street Program:
    A Public/Private Success Story
    Mary Anne Thomas, State Coordinator
    Georgia Main Street Program
    Department of Community Affairs
    In the late nineteen seventies, concerned citizens from the public and private sectors of several small cities in the mid-west approached the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) with a problem. NTHP had helped these cities save landmark buildings in their downtowns. The problem was these buildings, while grand to look at, sat empty; and around them, the downtowns were dying. NTHP at this time had no previous experience in downtown revitalization.

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