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         Geometry Games Puzzles:     more books (17)
  1. Geometry Brain Teasers with 3d Shapes Puzzles and Games
  2. Math Machine: Tangram Puzzles by School Specialty Publishing, 1999-01-26
  3. Geometric Puzzle Design by Stewart Coffin, 2007-01-02
  4. Juegos De Ingenio/ The Little Giant Book of Logic Puzzles (Aprende Y Practica / Learn and Practice) by Norman D. Willis, 2003-01
  5. Shape Shuffle (World Book's Mind Benders) by World Book staff, 1997-09
  6. Aha!: Aha! Insight and Aha! Gotcha (Spectrum) (Spectrum) by Martin Gardner, 2006-08-30
  7. Fun With Patterns (Fun With) by Peter Patilla, 1998-09-01
  8. Fun With Shapes (Fun With) by Peter Patilla, 1998-09-01
  9. Mind Games: Number Games by Ivan Moscovich, 2000-06-01
  10. Introduction to Geometry (Introduction to Geometry of 2) by Elizabeth Burchard, 1995-11
  11. Dissections: Plane and Fancy by Greg N. Frederickson, 2003-02-03
  12. Piano-hinged Dissections: Time to Fold! by Greg N. Frederickson, 2006-12-15
  13. Mind's Eye Geometry by Ivan Moscovich, 1996-12
  14. Geometrical puzzles and classroom application by Michael C Gerber, 1968

1. Mathematical Games, Toys, And Puzzles
Mathematical games, Toys, and puzzles. Look, my first award has a recreational mathematics page, where he collects geometry "junk". (He's obviously thinking of the sort of junkyard
My web site has moved; please update your links and bookmarks!
Mathematical Games, Toys, and Puzzles
Look, my first award! Many thanks to Planet Science for picking this as their Site of the Day for April 26, 1996. (Unfortunately, you need to register to see their stuff.) While you're here, take a look at some of my other pages , too. Sorry about the dust. Several of these pages have moved or died in the last few months, and there's lots of new stuff I need to add, but I've been busy with my real job . Thanks for your patience.
  • Contents
  • Combinatorial Games
    Combinatorial Games
    Mathematicians use the words "game theory" in two different senses. The more common sense of the word includes things like the Prisoner's Dilemma, poker, the New York Stock Exchange, or other "imperfect-information" games. Research in this type of game theory makes a lots of money for a lot of people, and has even resulted in a few Nobel prizes. An introductory sketch is available at Drexel University. Those aren't the kind of mathematical games I like. Combinatorial game theory tries to analyze the outcomes of "perfect-information" games like Nim and Tic-tac-toe. More difficult real-world examples are Hex, Reversi, Mancala, Checkers, Chess, Shogi, and Go. Nancy Casey has a

2. AAA Math - Games, Puzzles And Riddles
Sites for math games, puzzles and riddles for grades K8 Brain Teasers. Clever games for Clever People. Funbrain games. Interactive geometry. Learning Planet. Mathematical puzzles .
Index of Exercises ... Learning Aids
Grade School Levels:
Kindergarten First Second Third ... World Levels
Arithmetic Topics:
Addition Algebra Comparing Counting ... Subtraction

3. - An Amusement Park Of Math And More! Designed For FUN!
An amusement park of mathematics. puzzles and number problems, fractals, geometry, calculus, algebra, online games, online calculators, and links. An amusement park of math designed for fun!
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4. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany And Puzzles
MSET99 Talk. games puzzles. Arithmetic/Algebra. geometry. Probability. Eye Opener MAA monthly column. Awards. games and puzzles. Arithmetic and Algebra. geometry

5. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany And Puzzles, Geometry
MSET99 Talk games puzzles Arithmetic/Algebra geometry Probability Eye Opener Analog Gadgets Inventor s Paradox Did you know?
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Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Geometry Page
  • 3 Utilities Puzzle
  • 4 Travelers problem
  • 9-point Circle as a Locus of Concurrency [Java]
  • A Case of Similarity [Java]
  • A Geometric Limit
  • A problem with equilateral triangles [Java]
  • About a Line and a Triangle [Java]
  • Altitudes [Java]
  • Altitudes and the Euler Line [Java]
  • An Isoperimetric Theorem [Java]
  • Angle Bisectors [Java]
  • Angle Bisectors in a Quadrilateral [Java]
  • Angle Preservation Property [Java]
  • Angle Trisection [Java]
  • Angle Trisectors on Circumcircle [Java]
  • An Old Japanese Theorem
  • Apollonian Gasket [Java]
  • Apollonius Problem [Java]
  • Archimedes' Method
  • Area of Parallelogram [Java]
  • Arithmetic-Geometric Mean Inequality
  • Assimilation Illusion [Java]
  • Asymmetric Propeller [Java]
  • Barbier, The Theorem of [Java]
  • Barycentric coordinates
  • Bender: A Visual Illusion [Java]
  • Bisecting arcs
  • Bisecting a shape
  • Bottema's theorem [Java]
  • Bounded Distance
  • Brahmagupta's Theorem [Java]
  • Brianchon's theorem [Java]
  • Bride's Chair [Java]
  • Bulging lines illusion [Java]
  • Butterfly Theorem
  • Cantor Set and Function
  • Cantor's Theorem [Java]
  • Carnot's Theorem
  • Carnot's Theorem
  • Carnot's Theorem (Generalization of Wallace's theorem) [Java]
  • Centroid, a Characteristic Property Of
  • 6. The Golden Section - The Number And Its Geometry
    Simple definitions; exact value and first 2000 decimal places; finding the golden section; continued fractions. Simple tricks for your calculator, puzzles and games.
    The Golden section ratio: Phi
    Contents of this Page
    The icon means there is a Things to do investigation at the end of the section. The icon means there is an interactive calculator in this section.
    • What is the Golden Ratio (or Phi)?
      • A simple definition of Phi A bit of history... More
        What is the golden section (or Phi)?
        We will call the Golden Ratio (or Golden number) after a greek letter, Phi ) here, although some writers and mathematicians use another Greek letter, tau ). Also, we shall use phi (note the lower case p) for a closely related value.
        A simple definition of Phi
        There are just two numbers that remain the same when they are squared namely and . Other numbers get bigger and some get smaller when we square them: Squares that are bigger Squares that are smaller is 4 is 9 is 100 One definition of Phi (the golden section number) is that to square it you just add 1 or, in mathematics:

    7. Interactive Mathematics Miscellany And Puzzles, Games Page
    Math puzzles. Interactive education. games and puzzles. Most illustrated with Jva applets MSET99 Talk. games puzzles. Arithmetic/Algebra. geometry. Probability. Eye Opener
    CTK Exchange Front Page
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    Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
    Games and Puzzles
  • 3 glass puzzle [JavaScript]
  • 3 glass puzzle , second, more general tool [JavaScript]
  • 4 Knights [Java]
  • 7 Coins Puzzle [Java]
  • A Baffling Prediction
  • The Aliquot Game [Java]
  • Bachet's Magic Trick [Java]
  • The Blithe 12 puzzle [Java]
  • Bogus Nim [Java]
  • Box Labels [Java]
  • Calendar Magic [Java]
  • Changing Colors [Java]
  • Cryptarithms [JavaScript, Frames]
  • Date Game [Java]
  • Euclid's Game [Java]
  • Farmer and Wife To Catch Rooster and Hen [Java]
  • The game of Fif [Java]
  • Fish Soup Game [Java]
  • Flipping pancakes [Java]
  • Gergonne Magic Trick [Java]
  • Gordian Knot
  • The Happy 8 puzzle. [Java]
  • Invitation to MasterMind [Java]
  • Jam [Java]
  • A legend of Josephus Flavius [Java]
  • Kayles [Java]
  • Latin Squares [Java]
  • Lewis Carroll's problem [JavaScript]
  • Looping Chips [Java]
  • The Lucky 7 puzzle. [Java]
  • Magic in Square [Java]
  • The Magic Squares game [JavaScript, Frames]
  • A Matter of Age
  • Mazes [Java]
  • Monty Hall Dilemma [JavaScript]
  • The game of Nim explained [JavaScript, Frames]
  • 8. Math
    (geometry of the Ancients) Challenging!! Back to Top. Back to Top. 8. Online Logic puzzles/games Battleship; Peg Solitare; Cut The Knot; Elementary Brain Teasers;
    Back to King's Home Page King's List of On-line Math Activities
    click on Calculator to see links this page was compiled
    and is maintained by
    Mrs. DeWitt
    Many of these programs need shockwave: (if you don't have it is free)
    Beginning Math Activities
    Basic Facts Basic Math Skills Factors/Multiples ... ISAT 8th Grade Word List Beginning Math Activities
  • BBC Education's Number Time Games
  • Simple Add and Subtract
  • Test the Toad + and - problems with numbers 1-15) Little Animals Activity Center ( interactive number games for addition and subtraction) Number Recognition/Sequencing
  • Dart Board Level 1 (recognize numbers 1-9) Find the Number (Recognition activity for numbers 1-10) Mend the Number Square ( Place missing numbers on 1-100 grid) Find One More (matching game) Snakes and Ladders (1 player or 2 player activity.. works like chutes and ladders) Watch Addem (Number Movies) Number Songs FunBrain Activities
  • Number Recognition/Sequencing
  • Bunny Count ( count and match numbers and characters) One False Move (sequence numbers from lowest to highest) Guess the Number (guess number with high low clues) Learning Planet Activities
  • Number Recognition/Counting/Sequencing
  • Count Your Chickens ( counting activity) 1 2 3 Order (what comes next... up to 10)
  • 9. Cool Math Sites
    Really Cool Math Websites! Algebra Sites! geometry Sites! Even Discrete Math, Trigonometry and Calculus Sites! Math puzzles and Math Brain Teasers Sites! Math Web Quest Sites! Math Humor! here that no longer work, please email me! games, puzzles, Problems, Brain Teasers More Fun
    The information on this page is displayed in frames. Your browser does not support frames or you have frames turned off.For a non frame version go to

    10. Paper Models Of Geometric Shapes & Puzzles From
    Science Fiction Spacecraft Trains/Buses Main Menu. Paper Model geometry, games puzzles. 3d puzzles Plus Build Stuff Crafts 4
    Summer Fun


    Scale Models
    Wizard of Oz

    Quick Menu: Airplanes/Fly Airplanes/Model Animals Boats ...
    Art Tower Mito
    - Make a tower from single sheet of paper!
    Build a Buckey Ball

    Boxes from OriLand

    Construction Set
    by Torsten Drees
    Dodecahedron Maze
    Dome, diamond.. etc Douglas Zongker Polyhedra models Five Intersecting Tetrahedra - from origami mathematics FracDo Game of Life Games To Make Geometric Objects ... Geodesic Club House - Child size play house out of newspaper! Geodesic dome GeoDome Playhouse - made from card board. Golden Mean Dome Grafica Obscura - interesting Hextix Puzzle - Tetrahedron puzzle, diagonal burr puzzle How to Cut a 5-Pointed Star in One Snip How to make business card cubes HyperGami - Also JavaGami JustSystem Corporation - Dodecahedral Earth paper model Lattice Cubes Life size Arch made from paper by Maarten van Gelder Marivi's World of Boxes - Alphabet Shaped Boxes MM's Modular Mania Make Your Own Dome Model Paper models of Polyhedra Paper Polyhedra ... Patented polyhedra design by Ron Resch - from Geometry Junkyard Pavilion of Polyhedreality Penultimate Modular Origami Photo Cube ... PolyMod - Program that creates 3-dimensional polyhedrons

    11. Web Resources - Activities, Games, Puzzles And Software
    Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and puzzles This site includes topics on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, probability, games, puzzles, proofs, math as language
    Activities, Games, Puzzles and Software The Abacus
    This Java version of the abacus is a limited simulation of a real abacus. The AIMS Puzzle Corner
    This site offers a tantalizing educational bait-and-hook in the form of a new puzzle each month that infiltrates the classroom with a vibrant brand of problem solving. Buffon's Needle
    Use the java applet on this page to see a simple Monte Carlo method for the estimation of the value of pi, 3.14159265... Clever Games for Clever People
    Many of us have used logic and numbers to explain how to win a game, but mathematician John Conway was not about to do something so ordinary. In his book, On Numbers and Games , he takes that idea and turns it inside out by showing how games can be used to describe numbers. Colorful Mathematics
    A series of educational software presenting advanced mathematical concepts to K-12 students using a game-oriented approach Create a Graph
    Create area, bar, line, and pie graphs online.

    12. The Geometry Junkyard: Toys
    CIX and Triamant geometric construction sets, from Design Science Toys. Delta Blocks. Kadon Enterprises, makers of games and puzzles including polyominoes
    Interlocking Puzzle Pieces and other Geometric Toys
    • Astro-Logix 3d ball-and-stick geometric construction kit.
    • Atoma polyhedral building set.
    • CalmPlex puzzles . Reassemble a chessboard cut into twelve interlocking polyominos.
    • CIX and Triamant geometric construction sets, from Design Science Toys.
    • Delta Blocks . Hop David discusses ideas for manufacturing building blocks based on the tetrahedron-octahedron space tiling depicted in Escher's "Flatworms".
    • Design Science Toys
    • Die-cast metal polyhedra available for sale from Pedagoguery Software.
    • Fractiles , multicolored magnetic rhombs with angles based on multiples of pi/7.
    • Happy cubes and other three-dimensional polyomino puzzles.
    • Interlocking Puzzles LLC are makers of hand crafted hardwood puzzles including burrs, pentominoes, and polyhedra.
    • Kadon Enterprises , makers of games and puzzles including polyominoes and Penrose tiles.
    • Lego Pentominos , Eric Harshbarger. He writes that the hard part was finding legos in enough different colors. See also his Lego math puzzles page.
    • LiveCube polycube puzzle building toy.

    13. Puzzles, Games, And Contests
    Free math lessons and math homework help from basic math to algebra, geometry and beyond. Students, teachers, parents, and everyone can find solutions to their math problems instantly. More games
    Home Teacher Parents Glossary ... Email this page to a friend More Games Peg Solitaire

    Hare and Hounds

    Tower of Hanoi
    Maze Generator

    Resources Cool Tools

    Test Preparation

    Study Tips
    Wonders of Math

    Search Math isn't only about numbers - math skills are found in puzzles and games too. Take a look at this collection of games from all over the world. (Java required) Peg Solitaire Also known as a board game called Hi-Q Fiver A simple and surprisingly addictive puzzle. Hare and Hounds A 19th-century board game invented in France, also called The Military Game . It was popular among French army officers during and after the Franco-Prussian war. Tower of Hanoi The classic puzzle, a favorite of programmers and Buddhist monks. TacTix Created by the brilliant Danish inventor Piet Hein, TacTix is a variation of Nim, one of the oldest of mathematical games. Hex-7 An elegant game of strategy invented in the 1940's, Hex is no longer available commercially but has recently seen an increase in popularity.

    14. The Geometry Junkyard: Polyominoes
    Pentomino projectof-the-month from the geometry Forum. Pentomino HungarIQa. What happens to standard pentomino puzzles and games if you use poly-rhombs
    Polyominoes and Other Animals Connected subsets of the square lattice tiling of the plane are called polyominoes . These are often classified by their number of squares, so e.g. a tetromino has four squares and a pentomino has five; this nomenclature is by analogy to the word "domino" (a shape formed by two connected squares, but unrelated in etymology to the roots for "two" or "square"). If a polyomino or a higher-dimensional collection of cubes forms a shape topologically equivalent to a ball, it is called an animal . A famous open problem asks whether any animal in three dimensions can be transformed into a single cube by adding and removing cubes, at each step remaining an animal (it is known that removal alone does not always work). Other related figures include polyiamonds (collections of equilateral triangles), polyabolos (collections of half-squares), and polyhexes (collections of regular hexagons).
    • Anna's pentomino page . Anna Gardberg makes pentominoes out of sculpey and agate.
    • Arranging six squares . This Geometry Forum problem of the week asks for the number of different hexominoes, and for how many of them can be folded into a cube.
    • NebulaSearch: Polyomino
    • Blocking polyominos . R. M. Kurchan asks, for each k, what is the smallest polyomino such that k copies can form a "blocked" configuration in which no piece can be slid free of the others, but in which any subconfiguration is not blocked.

    15. Math Forum: Geometry Problems And Puzzles
    the Week Annie Fetter, the Math Forum The geometry Problem of MacTutor Math History Archives Number games, geometrical puzzles, network problems
    Geometry Problems and Puzzles
    Back to Geometry Classroom Materials
    Math by Subject

    K12 Topics
    discrete math
    Advanced Topics analysis calculus diff. equations game theory discrete math geometry (coll.) geometry (adv.) linear algebra modern algebra num. analysis
    Problems and Puzzles - Geometry
    This list contains some of the best geometry problem and puzzle sites. For a more exhaustive list, or to find materials that fit your specific needs, search or browse Geometry or Problems and Puzzles in the Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.
    20,000 Problems Under the Sea - MathPro Press
    An online reference to mathematical problems, comprising a searchable database of 20,000+ math problems from journals and contests including the ...
    A+ Math
    A site developed to help elementary school students improve their math skills interactively, offering: educational math games (learn basic operations ...
    AMOF: The Amazing Mathematical Object Factory - Canada's SchoolNet
    Combinatorial objects are everywhere. How many ways are there to make change for $1 using unlimited numbers of coins of all denominations? Each way is ...

    16. Interactive Learning With Games, Puzzles, Quizzes
    Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and puzzles, games. http// Math English Programs , games, Worksheets. Interactive geometry.
    Active Learning with Online Games, Puzzles, and Quizzes ELEMENTARY GRADES Children's Storybooks Online Games categorized by Grade Levels. Alphabet Fun Interactive alphabet game that lets students see words that begin with each of the letters of the alphabet. 15 Puzzle Students put the numerals 1 – 15 in numerical order, much like the old slider puzzles, but interactive. Clifford’s Interactive Storybooks Students read Clifford (The Big Red Dog) stories and complete sentences within the story or play Concentration, Make a Word, Letter Match, or Sound Match. Learning Planets Interactive Games Interactive games in several subject areas. The Library

    17. Solid Geometry - Link Page
    Math for Kids Find great resources and articles on topics like algebra, geometry, math uses in daily life, fun games, puzzles, history of math and much much
    Astro-logix - the evolutionary new construction toy
    Three puzzles with polyhedra and numbers

    We present in this site a deltoidal icositetrahedron puzzle, a rhombicuboctahedron puzzle and a rhombic dodecahedron puzzle. It is allowed to print copies for non-commercial purposes.
    Contact: Jorge Rezende ( 5-stone
    Play a strong Renju/Go-Moku(five-in-a-row) game
    Contact: Tongxiang Zhang Bubble Bomb and Photo Hunt Game
    Bubble bomb game and Photo Hunt game for adult and kids!
    Contact: viersee ( Geometria
    Learn and teach solid geometry with this Java software. It runs just as well on a PC (Windows, Linux) as a Sun computer. 60 sample problems with resolutions.
    Contact: Stelian Dumitrascu ( Math for Kids
    Contact: Nikki Katz ( Maryann Sterling's Art Clipart, Art, Desktop Pictures and Postcards Contact: Maryann Sterling ( Carla's Creations Site has free online greeting cards, a humor section, html help pages, info about me and my family, banner exchange, holiday and seasonal pages and great links!! Fractiles, Inc.

    18. - Games : Puzzles
    For inteligent people only . charades, puzzles, riddles, enigmas, problems, math, geometry, crime, games, free ( Added/Updated

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    What's New ... Search Links Check Mail Username: Password: Free Web Based E-mail. Sign Up Now For Free. Report lurid usernames or spam immediately to Home Games Links Free online Jigsaw Puzzles pop Free online jigsaw puzzles of nature: animals, flowers, sea, plus cartoons and NASA. More coming. ( Added/Updated: 24-May-2000 Votes: Rating: Rate us Report Deadlink 21st Software Games - Puzzles, Simulations, Card Games Free demos Full version PC game demo downloads: card games: Blackjack Solitaire Cribbage, Jigsaw Puzzles, Simulation: 1863 Gettysburg, and Earthquake. ( Added/Updated: 24-May-2000 Votes: Rating: Rate us Report Deadlink Amic Games - JigSaw 4000 A fine jigsaw puzzle game with a huge collection of beautiful jigsaws ( over 450! ) made from awensome photography. All the well known features included. Try it now! ( Added/Updated: 8-Jun-2002 Votes: Rating: Rate us Report Deadlink Bardagram Acrostic and Word Search Puzzles Free weekly printable acrostic puzzles and word searches, some based on works of the Bard, William Shakespeare.

    19. Puzzle Index games and puzzles, geometry puzzles Click the puzzle number to view the puzzle

    20. Lewis Carroll Logic, Mathematics, And Games
    Obtuse problem Cat s Grin; Cats and rats problem; Euclidean geometry and Architecture; Math. games, puzzles, Riddles of Lewis Carroll.
    Updated March 12, 2004
    Lewis Carroll Logician and Mathematician
    Someone sent me this quoted text in reference to a request and I thought it would make a suitable introduction for this page. From Colliers CD Rom Encyclopedia.
    Logic of Lewis Carroll
    Mathematics of Lewis Carroll
    Games, Puzzles, Riddles of Lewis Carroll

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