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         Geology General:     more books (100)
  1. General and economic geology of the Baum limestone, Ravia-Mannsville area, Oklahoma, (Oklahoma.Geological Survey.Circular) by John Rex Wayland, 1955
  2. Stratigraphy and potassium-argon ages of some Tertiary tuffs from Lander and Churchill Counties, central Nevada, (Contributions to general geology) by Edwin H McKee, 1971
  3. Twentieth Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey to the Secretary of the Interior 1898-99. Part II - General Geology and Paleontology. by Charles D. Walcott, 1900
  4. Outlines of the Geology of England and Wales: General Principles of That Science and Comparative Views of the Structure of Foreign Countries (History of Ecology) by W. D. Conybeare, William Phillips, 1978-06
  5. Shorter Contributions to General Geology, 1928. by W.C., editor. MENDENHALL, 1929
  6. Uranium in carbonate rocks, (Shorter contributions to general geology) by Kenneth G Bell, 1963
  7. Twenty-First Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey to the Secretary of the Interior 1899-1900 (In Seven Parts) Part II: General Geology, Economic Geology, Alaska by Director Charles D. Walcott, 1900
  8. The Eagle Valley evaporite, northwest Colorado: --a regional synthesis, (Contributions to general geology) by William W Mallory, 1971
  9. Critical review of the San Juan peneplain, southwestern Colorado, (Shorter contributions to general geology) by Thomas August Steven, 1968
  10. General geology, petroleum appraisal, and nature of environmental hazards, eastern Pacific shelf, latitude 28 to 38 north (Geological Survey circular ; 786) by D. G Howell, 1978
  11. Contributions to general geology by Willis H Nelson, 1961
  12. General geology laboratory manual by Bryce Moyer Hand, 1976
  13. Devonian and Mississippian rocks and the date of the Roberts Mountains thrust in the Carlin-Pinon Range area, Nevada, (Contributions to general geology) by J. Fred Smith, 1968
  14. Glacial border deposits of late Wisconsinan age in northeastern Pennsylvania (General geology report) by G. H Crowl, 1980

81. General Geology Links
general geology Links.
General Geology Links Return to Geology Central Return to Field Trips



Self Quiz

Self Quiz

Photos and easy-to-grasp drawings of more than 100 quake-related terms
Free geological journal finder Get a new view of our planet, along with a brief explanation, each day List of web pages containing descriptive local geological or earth science information for the United States or Canada Geoscience slide show - assorted pictures of geologic phenomena Photos of weather and atmospheric effects Interact index of Web page links to online California geologic field trip guides and geology related Web sites. Even MORE Virtual Field Trips!

82. Section Of Engineering Geology
to TU Delft general website, Department AppliedEarth Sciences Section of Engineering geology.
Department Applied Earth Sciences
Section of Engineering Geology [General] [Research] [Staff] [MSc section] [Links]
Section of Engineering Geology
Welcome to the website of the section of Engineering Geology at the department of Applied Earth Sciences, Delft University of Technology. Visit our Masters section if you are looking for an MSc project within our section.
The student chapter of Engineering Geology can be found here: DIG One of the major tasks of an engineering geologist is site investigation. In order to gain information of the subsurface the engineering geologist applies both traditional methods such as mapping and drilling, and high-tech tools like geophysical surveying or computer aided 3D geostatistics. Other tasks include the assessment of the stability of foundations, dams, slopes, or undergound structures, the prediction of land subsidence due to mining or karst, the quantitative description of groundwater flow and contamination, and, last but certainly not least, the broad field of environmental geotechnics. The strength of an engineering geologist lies in the combination of knowledge about geology with the ability to obtain geotechnical information relevant to engineering projects. This implies a good understanding of geological processes, their implications for rock-, soil- and groundwater mechanics, and a vivid interest in and knowledge about civil-, environmental and mining engineering. The graduates from Delft University and

83. Geology Links And General Resources - Academic Info
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Academic Info
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... Auto Insurance Cheap You can sponsor this page Email us for details Many Geology Organizations list specific Internet resources. Start with: AGIWEB American Geological Institute West's Geology Directory A wonderfully dense collection of international resources. By Dr. Ian West, School of Ocean and Earth Science, Southampton University, Southampton Oceanography Centre Continue on with: AGI Earth-Science Education Resource Directory A Compendium of On-Line Soil Survey Information "I have attempted to bring together all the on-line information on soil survey activities, institutions, datasets, research, and teaching materials world-wide." Compiled by D.G. Rossiter

84. General Geology CalGulch ARD AVIRIS Geological And Geophysical Services TSC U.S.
USBRTSC Geological and Geophysical Services - general geology CalGulchARD AVIRIS. Geological Geophysical Services. 2.0 general geology.

Capabilities Points Studies ... Contact Us
2.0 General Geology The geology of the Leadville area and the history of the Leadville Mining District are described in detail in various reports (Emmons, 1927). The bedrock formations which were mined for metals are a series of sedimentary strata that range in age from Cambrian to Pennsylvanian and consist of quartzite, limestone, dolomite, and shale. These Paleozoic sedimentary formations were intruded during the late Cretaceous or early Tertiary periods in several episodes by porphyry in "blanket" sills and dikes. These porphyry intrusions created the major portion of the mineralized zones and ore deposits. The entire sequence of intruded sedimentary formations and pre-Cambrian granitic bedrock was uplifted and faulted into a series of discrete bedrock blocks by north-south trending normal faults that step downward in elevation from Mosquito Pass to the east of Leadville and the Arkansas River Valley on the west. This series of faults largely controlled the distribution and depth of the ore bodies, as well as groundwater which entered the mines in large quantities. Over a period of 130 years, since the start of placer mining in 1859, the sedimentary bedrock units and intrusive ore deposits were mined, and wastes were deposited on the surface after grading and processing. These waste materials are now subject to weathering processes which oxidize, break down, and release remaining contaminant metals into the surface water streams and the Arkansas River. Since the distribution and areal extent of these mine waste and waste rock deposits are related to the ores from which they originated, the quality of the surface runoff water that enters the drainages of the Arkansas River reflect the weathering of ore. Several different types of ore bodies were mined, including both sulfide, oxide and carbonate ores. Of particular

85. Geology Courses, UNC Earth Sciences
Webmaster. geology COURSES. GEOL 100 general geology (4) (3 lecture, 2laboratory) Survey for nonscience majors. GEOL 100 general geology.
Links Undergrad Programs Graduate Program Faculty Contact Info ... Webmaster
GEOL 100 General Geology (4) (3 lecture, 2 laboratory) Survey for non-science majors. Origins and classification of minerals and rocks, landscape development and earth's structure and history. Field trips required. No credit for both GEOL 100 and GEOL 201. Fee required. GEOL 110 Geology and Society (3) Interaction between people and the geological environment. Deals with such topics as earth dynamics, geologic time, origin of landscapes, natural resources and geologic hazards such as volcanoes, earthquakes, floods and landslides. GEOL 201 Physical Geology (4) (3 lecture, 3 laboratory) For Geology and other science majors. Introduction to earth materials, landform development, geologic structures and tectonics. Field trips required. No credit for both GEOL 100 and GEOL 201. Fee required. GEOL 202 Historical Geology (4) (3 lecture, 3 laboratory) Prerequisite: GEOL 100 or GEOL 201 or equivalent. Geologic history of the earth and its past life and principles and techniques employed to interpret this history from rocks and fossils. Field trips to investigate local geologic history required. Fee required. Return to: Geology General Earth Science Secondary Earth Science Teaching Environmental Earth Sciences Program GEOL 320 Mineralogy (4) (2 lecture, 4 laboratory) Prerequisites: GEOL 201, CHEM 111. Introduction to crystallography, crystal chemistry, descriptive and determinative mineralogy, study of mineral occurrences and associations. Examine crystallography and identify minerals by physical and x-ray techniques in laboratory. Field trip(s) required. Fee required.

86. Introduction To Physical Geology - General Education Courses
Course ID geology. Gender No Response Male Female I read, understand, and acceptthe following general Disclaimer (check

87. General.htm SIUC / College of Science / geology URL http// updated21May-2004.

Contact Info
Student Info Course Info
... Home Page
General Information...
Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Geology Excursions
GEOL 110 Geology and Environment

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URL: Last updated:21-May-2004

88. Isle Of Portland - Geology Field Trip Guide
West, IM 2003. The Isle of Portland general. geology of the Dorset Coast(Jurassic Coast, World Heritage Site). Internet field guide.
West, I.M. 2003. The Isle of Portland: General. Geology of the Dorset Coast (Jurassic Coast, World Heritage Site). Internet field guide. version H.15.12.03. School of Ocean and Earth Science Southampton University,
Southampton Oceanography Centre
Field Guide List ... Portland Bibliography External link: Mark Godden's Portland Quarrying Website
West Cliffs of Portland Portland from Lulworth Cove Nicodemus Knob Click here for - dinosaur footprints! (separate associated webpage) Related Field Guides and Bibliographies Portland Bill Portland Harbour Withies Wall, Quarry Section Chesil Beach ... Portland, Mutton Cove to Wallsend
Index to the Portland Field Guide

Admiralty Incline

Admiralty Quarries - Mammaliferous Drift


Ammonite Zones
Zones of the Portland Group

The Isle of Portland is a notable and impressive place for geology, and with varied and contrasting scenary all within a small area. The top of the island ranges from fields, quarries, Admiralty buildings, small housing estates and interesting old villages and churches. The promontory is surrounded by excellent cliff exposures of Portland Stone, Purbeck strata and the top of the Kimmeridge Clay (as an example, the photograph above is of the cliffs south of Mutton Cove ). In the cliffs are raised beach deposits. From the cliffs to the centre of the "island" are numerous quarries, some working, many abandoned and these too provide excellent exposures. There are many interesting features such as fissures containing bones

89. Africamuseum -
Print this page. general geology. Head of Section Dr Max FernandezAlonso.Scientific staff. Dr Gilbert Chartry, Deputy Advisor (seconded
@import url(plone.css); Cultural Anthropology Geology and Mineralogy African Zoology History and General Scientific Services ... Physical and Mineral Chemistry General Geology Head of Section : Dr Max Fernandez-Alonso Scientific staff
  • Dr Gilbert Chartry Deputy Advisor (seconded)
    Economic geology
  • Dr Boris Dehandschutter , scientific contributor
    Structural geology
  • Dr Damien Delvaux assistant
    Structural geology Dr Michel Errera Deputy Advisor (seconded)
    Economic geology ; archaeogeology
  • Dr Max Fernandez-Alonso Senior Research Scientist and acting Head of Section
    Geo-informatics and regional geology
  • Pascale Lahogue , assistant
    Geographic information systems; urban geology
  • Dr Luc Tack Project leader agrégé
    Regional and economic geology
  • André Tahon , scientific contributor
    Structural and economic geology Dr Karel Theunissen Senior Research Scientist
    Structural and regional geology
Research activities
  • Study of the dynamics of geological processes in Africa over time. The mechanisms and processes of crustal deformation.
    K. Theunissen
  • Geodynamics and reconstruction of continents. L. Tack

90. Whitman Geology
Local geology general geology of Southeastern Washington , by BobCarson. Photo Album Photos from department field trips. Powered
[Research] [Academics] [Keck] Photo Album] ... [Academic Aids]
Faculty and Staff
  • Patrick K. Spencer , Ph.D.; Professor and Chair, Sedimentation and Paleontology; (509) 527-5222 Robert J. Carson , Ph.D.; Professor, Quaternary and Environmental Geology; (509) 527-5224 Kevin R. Pogue , Ph.D.; Associate Professor, Structural Geology; (509) 527-5955 John D.Winter , Ph.D.; Professor, Metamorphic Petrology, Geochemistry; (509) 527-5113 Soren Klingsporn ; Technician; (509) 527-5696 Patti Moss ; Science Division Assistant; (509) 527-5225
Student Research
  • Megan Berney-Roberts: Upper Ordovician Rocks of Tavan Har Regions, Southeastern Mongolia Ashley Meganck: Volcanic Stratigraphy of Langadalsfjall on the Skagi Peninsula, Iceland Kate Ritley: Yardangs and Dome Dunes of Mongolia's Gobi Samantha Saalfield: Interpreting the Holocene Paleoclimate of Ireland through Chemical Analysis of Lake Sediments Jonah Stinson: Longitudinal Dunes of the Tavan Har Crater, Southeastern Gobi, Mongolia Jacque Vaughan: Texas Bar Landslide near Ukiah, Oregon Katie Wagner: Life History and Shell Morphological Variation in a Gastropod Species Flock from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa

91. General Geology Of Ohio
Ohio Geological Survey Home Page About Us What s New Publications Interactive Maps Education geology Links Contact Us

92. Finding Geology Information On The World Wide Web
GEOL 3500 general geology INFORMATION ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB. US GeologicalSurvey (USGS) general RESOURCES FOR geology/EARTH SCIENCES.
Since this page has been prepared for a specific class, no attempt has been made to be comprehensive. Some of these sites have excellent links; others have full/partial text. Explore them and please let me know if you find even better sources.
For additional library resources, please consult
Search Engines: Recommended Sources
Evaluation of Web Sites
Major Search Engine Comparison Chart
Publications of the U.S. Geological Survey: Search
Important and useful database. Search subset of GeoRef for USGS publications.
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Infosurf: Geology
Internet Resources for Geography and Geology
Yahoo! - Science:Earth Sciences:Geology and Geophysics
California, Division of Mines and Geology, Department of Conservation
California's Geology
California's Natural Resources
Northern California Geologic Hazards (USGS)
National Earthquake Information Center (USGS)
Northern California Earthquake Data Center Home Page
Seismo Lab Home Page (Cal Tech)
Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) ...
Surfing The Internet for Earthquake Data
Geologic Timeline (Northern Michigan University)
Geological Time Machine (University of California)
Active Tectonics/Table of Contents (Miami University, Oxford, Ohio/Full-Text)

93. Geol 101: General Geology
ABET course description of the general geology course at the College of Engineering,University of WisconsinMadison. Geol 101 - general geology.
Home Courses Geol 101 - General Geology
WWW Resources
Catalog Description
101 General Geology. I, II, SS; 5 cr (P-E). Processes of the formation of the earth, the evolution of its principal surface and subsurface features, and the interrelationship of humans with the geological environment and materials of the earth's crust. Students who have taken Geol 100 may receive only 2 cr. P: Open to Fr.
Course Prerequisite(s)
  • No prerequisites
Prerequisite knowledge and/or skills
  • Geology 101 does not require students to have previous knowledge of the any of the material covered throughout the semester.
Textbook(s) and/or other required material
  • 'Physical Geology,' 8th Edition, by Plummer, McGeary, and Carlson
Course objectives
  • This course will develop students' knowledge of how scientific methods are applied to understand the characteristics of the earth, platetectonics, and the geologic time concept. In the end, Geology 101 students should have a general understanding of the vast field of geology.
Topics covered
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Minerals
  • Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic Rocks

94. General Geology Expert Witness, Geologist Expert Witnesses
general geology expert witnesses. Geologist expert services include assessmentof geological hazards, hydrogeology geology Experts general.
Bringing Experts and Attorneys Together
Geology Experts - General
ExpertLaw Expert Witnesses Geology Add Your Site
Environmental and computer technology experts. Locations: VA
Areas Served: VA GeoTesting Express Testing services to determine physical properties of soils, rocks, geosynthetic materials and solid wastes for engineers, contractors and owners. Locations: MA
Areas Served: MA Continental Placer Inc. Full service geology and environmental consulting firm. Locations: NY, IL, PA,NH
Areas Served: NY, ME, NH, MA, CT, PA, IL, MI, WI, MN,IO, KS, CA, VA, MD,, TN, FL,KT Crouse Enterprises Inc. Engineering and science service company with emphasis on environmental, waste management and remedial construction. Locations: PA
Areas Served: PA Experts in environmental regulatory compliance and remediation of hazardous waste contaminated sites.

95. Arctic Geology Courses UNIS General
different levels. An undergraduate programme (series 200 courses) isaimed at general understanding of Arctic geology. Students may
GENERAL The geology of Svalbard comprises a well-exposed succession of Palaeozoic metamorphic rocks succeeded by sedimentary rocks right up to the present-day Quaternary deposits. Long sections of the geological record are characterised by the interplay between tectonic controls such as basin development, fold and thrust belt formation and sedimentation. The stratigraphy of the Quaternary deposits reflects both the development of the present-day Arctic and climatic change through interglacials and glacials. Large parts of the archipelago are covered by glaciers, and the ice-free areas experience continuous permafrost. The present-day processes related to permafrost and glaciers can be studied in detail.
The courses in Geology and Physical Geography are given at different levels. An undergraduate programme (series 200 courses) is aimed at general understanding of Arctic Geology. Students may also incorporate one or more of these courses in their curriculum in combination with courses from other disciplines.
The graduate level (series 300) courses are suitable for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. UNIS can offer excellent facilities during your stay at the institution, and you will become part of an active geology group.

96. Department Of Geological Sciences, U Of M
This postersize schematic illustration of the bedrock geology of Michigan accompaniedby a map is provided for the use of the department and the general public
Academic Calendar Spring 2003 Hawaiian Field Trip Photos Photos from Camp Davis, GS116, Section 1 Geoscience News, Fall 2003 (pdf, 1.8MB) ... 3.4 MB PDF Bedrock Geology of Michigan This poster-size schematic illustration of the bedrock geology of Michigan accompanied by a brief description of its three main divisions is now available. The map was commissioned as a part of the C. C. Little interior renovation, and will be hung in the main lobby. Compiled by the faculty and staff from a number of sources, the resulting map is provided for the use of the department and the general public. 2004 Student Awards John Dorr Graduate Academic Achievement Award: Chris Palenik Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award: Holli Frey and Zeb Page Undergraduate Academic Excellence Award: Lora Armstrong and Emily O'Donnell Camp Davis Field Geologist Award: Erin DiMaggio Department of Geological Sciences College of Literature, Science and the Arts University of Michigan Inquiries about Alumni events and services:

97. ISGS: General Geology Questions Index
, Related links. general geology Questions Index. Lake bottom sedimentsSE Lake Michigan. general geology FAQ Index Dinosaur FAQ Index.
At a Glance Earthquakes ...
Updated: 8/23/2003 RJW Upcoming
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Related links General Geology Questions Index

98. ISGS Frequently Asked Questions: Geology
, Earth Science Resource Links. •, Publications Product Sales. •, Relatedlinks. general geology FAQ Subject Categories. general geology (All geology FAQs).
At a Glance Earthquakes ...
Updated: 8/22/2003 SLD Upcoming
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Related links General Geology FAQ Subject Categories

99. Policies Of Northern Illinois University Libraries
geology, general, QE 1 350. 3c, 3c, 3c, 2. Dynamic and Structural geology,general Geodynamics, Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Seismology Coral and Reefs,
Books and more... Articles and more... Services and more... Hours, Locations and Branches ... Policies
COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT POLICY Librarian: Nestor Osorio First written: 1981
Revised: August 1985
December 1990
August 2000
I. Academic Programs Served
A. Departments
The Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences is the primary user of the collection. Physics, Chemistry, biological science, and geography, are other discipline areas served by the collection. The Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences also offers courses which fulfill the general education requirement in the sciences, selected honors courses, and courses that are part of the environmental studies interdisciplinary program. B. Degrees Offered in the subject area: 1. Degrees offered at the undergraduate level include: the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in geology. 2. A B.S. degree with a geology minor.
3. The B.S. program prepares students for graduate work in environmental geosciences, hydrogeology, geology, oceanography, geochemistry or geophysics. 4. The Master of Science degree is offered and prepares students for advanced studies, careers in geology, or teaching earth sciences in secondary schools and community colleges.

100. Newindex
geology general geology of Kent geology, Boulonnais Geological Clubs Geologicalimages/photographs Geological Societies Geological Surveys Geophysics
Geology Shop A portfolio of some of the best websites worldwide for geologists, selected for you by a professional geologist. Active Tectonics African regional geology Alps Ammonites AngularUnconformity Antiquarian books Applied Geology Asian regional geology Australasian regional geology Black Smokers Books on geology Canada, regional geology
Cartography Chalk, basic facts Chalk, Kent cliffs Channel Tunnel facts Channel Tunnel rocks Channel Tunnel fossils Charles Darwin
Coal Coolest geo sites Construction geology Continental Drift (=Plate Tectonics)
Cretaceous/Tertiary extinction Dam Construction
Dictionaries - geology Dinosaurs, top 20 sites worldwide Dinosaur discoveries Dinosaur facts Dinosaur images and facts Dinosaur pictures and facts Disasters -geological Dorset geology-photographic guide Earthquakes
Earthquake Engineering
Earth's Interior
Education Education - geology Engineering Geology Environmental Geology Etna Evolution Evolution/creation debate Faults Field Guides Folds Fossils, top 20 sites worldwide

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