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         Geology General:     more books (100)
  1. Rocks, ridges and glaciers: A roadside guide to the general geology and topographic features along the Denali Highway between Paxson and Cantwell, Alaska by William Diel, 1991
  2. Stratigraphic correlation chart of Pennsylvania (General geology report) by Pennsylvania, 1983
  3. Devils Tower Black Hills Alkalic Igneous Rocks and General Geology (Field Trip Guidebook) by Frank Karner, 1989-12
  4. Stratigraphy of the Devonian Trimmers Rock in eastern Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania. Topographic and Geologic Survey. General geology report G51) by Lawrence A Frakes, 1967
  5. History of Snake River canyon indicated by revised stratigraphy of Snake River group near Hagerman and King Hill, Idaho, (Shorter contributions to general geology) by Harold E Malde, 1971
  6. Structure and stratigraphy of the limestones and dolomites of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, (Pennsylvania. Topographic and Geologic Survey. General geology report G44) by David B MacLachlan, 1967
  7. Deformation of the Roberts Mountains allochthon in north-central Nevada (Shorter contributions to general geology) by James George Evans, 1978
  8. Twelfth Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey to the Secretary of the Interior 1898-99: Part 2 - General Geology and Palentology by Charles D Walcott, 1900
  9. Geology of the Fort Hill quadrangle, Lincoln County, Wyoming, (Shorter contributions to general geology) by Steven S Oriel, 1969
  10. General geology and petrology of the Precambrian crystalline rocks, Park and Jefferson Counties, Colorado (Geology and ore deposits of the southern Tarryall ... Park and Jefferson Counties, Colorado) by C. C Hawley, 1977
  11. Big Snowy and Amsden Groups and the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian boundary in Montana, (Shorter contributions to general geology) by Edwin K Maughan, 1967
  12. Interpretation of Cumberland Escarpment and Highland Rim, south-central Tennessee and northeast Alabama, (Shorter contributions to general geology) by John Tilton Hack, 1966
  13. Water content of micas and chlorites, (Shorter contributions to general geology) by Margaret D Foster, 1964
  14. General and engineering geology of the United States Air Force Academy site, Colorado, (Geological Survey) by David J Varnes, 1967

61. Radon - Utah Geological Survey
Maps and other information on Utah radon hazards. Also information on radon in general.

utah geology geologic hazards / radon
Radon Information Radon Maps
Radon Publications
What is radon? Radon is a radioactive gas that has no smell, taste, or color. It comes from the natural decay of uranium that is found in nearly all rock and soil. When geologic conditions are favorable, the potential increases for high indoor levels of radon. If radon is natural, why is it a hazard? Outdoor radon levels never reach dangerous concentrations because air movement scatters radon into the atmosphere. Radon is a hazard in buildings because the gas collects in enclosed spaces. What conditions must be present for high indoor-radon levels? Four conditions must be present. The building must:
  • be built on ground that contains sufficient uranium.
  • have underlying soil that allows easy movement of radon.
  • have porous building materials, cracks, or other openings below the ground surface that allow radon from soil to enter the building.
  • have a lower air pressure inside than in the soil around the foundation.
  • 62. Geology 105 Home Page
    general Oceanography geology 105 Fall 2003 San José State University.Greensheet MonWed Schedule Tues Thurs. Schedule Plug-in Downloads
    General Oceanography
    Geology 105
    Fall 2003
    San José State University
    Mon-Wed Schedule

    Tues Thurs. Schedule

    Plug-in Downloads
    Main Menu

    January 31, 2002
    Produced by Don Reed
    Department of Geology San José State University Modified from Photo by Martha Jenkins This Week Expedition 8 Animation Modified from PMEL Tsunami Project Several animated icons have been provided by

    63. KGS--Geologic Map--Lyon
    geology map.
    Lyon County
    Because no detailed digital mapping has been done for this county, this map is extracted from the state geologic map.
    Publication Info
    O'Connor, H.G., 1953, Part 1, Rock formations of Lyon County, pp. 5-24, in Geology mineral resources, and ground-water resources of Lyon County, Kansas: Kansas Geological Survey, Volume 12, 59 pages ( out of print
    GIS Data
    The Kansas Data Access and Support Center (DASC) has ArcInfo coverages available for this generalized geologic data. Automated Cartography Unit, Kansas Geological Survey
    Updated Oct. 5, 2000
    Comments to

    64. Deserts: Geology And Resources
    USGS online book, written for a general audience. Covers desert climates, desert landforms, sand dunes and aeolian processes, evaporite mineral deposits, and related topics.
    FIRST ROW: Granite Mountain in the Great Basin Desert
    (photograph by Terrence Moore).
    SECOND ROW: Zabriskie Point in Death Valley, California; Sonoran Desert (photographs by Peter Kresan).
    THIRD ROW: Artists Point in Monument Valley (photograph by Peter Kresan); Death Valley, California (photograph by Cecil Stoughton).
    FOURTH ROW: Cacti in the Sonoran Desert (photograph by John Olsen).
    a list of other USGS General Interest Publicationss
    Maintained by Eastern Publications Group Web Team
    Last modified 10/29/97

    65. Geology - General
    general Interest Site. geology is the study of the Earth, the materials it is madeof, the changes that have taken place since its origin, and the processes
    Page last updated Georgia's River Basins Georgia's Geology Georgia's Climate Altamaha River Basin Georgia's Geology Physiographic Provinces s Map of Provinces Georgia's Aquifers General Interest Site Geology is the study of the Earth, the materials it is made of, the changes that have taken place since its origin, and the processes that caused those changes. Rivers are affected by the geology and topography of the areas they flow through, because the slope of the land and the soil and rocks determine how fast water flows, how much of it soaks into the ground, how much runs into river and stream channels, and how quickly the rocks and soil erode. The eroded soil and rock are carried downstream until they settle out in a calm stretch of the river or until they reach the ocean. Water which soaks into the ground enters the groundwater system, and may help recharge one of the aquifers underlie the surface soil.

    66. Department Of Hydrogeology And Environment - Institute Of Geology At The Univers
    Information on research, faculty and associated people, general contact information and class descriptions for the Department of Hydrogeology and Environment at the Institute for geology.



    Research Projects

    City of Würzburg

    Department of Hydrogeology and Environment
    General Information about the Department

    German version

    67. Exploration Geology - General Information
    courses in Exploration geology and Economic geology are on offer. Explorationgeology Home Page - geology Home Page - Rhodes University home page.
    A spectrum of course-work and thesis-related degrees designed for full-time (1-2 year) and part-time (2-3 year) candidates wishing to further their skills in the broad field of mineral resources. A variety of postgraduate M.Sc. courses in Exploration Geology and Economic Geology are on offer. The programme has been running since 1978 and is one of the longest standing of its kind. Curricula range from course-work dominated programmes to straight thesis studies. They are intended for a variety of candidates from practising industry geologists through to research students. Attendance is either on a part-time or full-time basis. Currently, the entire programme is presented each year allowing maximum flexibility for part-time students. Completion of the course-work component can be achieved within a period of nine months by full-time students. Workshops are conducted by specialists from industry and other universities as well as by the staff of the Geology Department at Rhodes University. Extensive field trips to southern Africa's renowned mineral deposits form an integral part of the programme.

    68. WVGES Geology, General Information For Marion County
    3 Information Source = Departmental, Statistical, and general Information in WestVirginia WVGES Welcome Pagetop WV geologyup WV Countiesprevious Page
    County at a Glance - Marion
    History Created in 1842 from parts of Monongalia and Harrison counties and named in honor of General Francis Marion, of Revolutionary War fame, known in history as "The Swamp Fox."
    Area (square miles)
    County Seat Fairmont
    Population (1990)
    Leading Industries and Chief Agricultural Products coal, aluminum sheets, fluorescent lamps, sealed-beam lamps, electric power, hydraulic pump, motor parts, livestock, hay and grain, dairying, poultry, computer software application and design, computer hardware manufacturing and other high technology industries, natural gas
    Public Recreation Areas Prickett's Fort State Park, Valley Falls State Park Coal Facts and Figures Coal Reserve Summary Original Mineable Reserves = 4,317,089,326 tons Reported Production, 1883-1995 = 702,779,652 tons Estimated Loss = 702,779,652 tons Estimated Recoverable Reserves = 1,455,765,011 tons Coal Production, 1995 Total Production = 3,639,547 tons Production from Underground Mines = 3,610,698 tons (Number of Underground Mines = 12) Conventional = tons Continuous = 1,226,859 tons Longwall = 2,383,839 tons Other = tons Production from Surface Mines = 28,849 tons (Number of Surface Mines = 4) Gas and Oil Facts and Figures NOTE THAT THE FOLLOWING DATA ARE PRELIMINARY VALUES NOT ALL 1995 DATA HAVE BEEN REPORTED AND NOT ALL 1995 DATA HAVE BEEN QUALITY CHECKED.

    69. UCSB Geology - General Highlights
    turned off. You can get to the information nevertheless by followingthese links general Highlights Undergrad Links Site Navigation.
    This web page was written for a frames-capable Internet Browser. If you see this message, either your browser is not frames-capable, or you have frames turned off. You can get to the information nevertheless by following these links:
    General Highlights
    Undergrad Links Site Navigation

    70. GWU Geology - General Information
    The GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY WASHINGTON DC. Department of Earth and EnvironmentalSciences. An overview of the Department; Trying to find Bell Hall?
    The GEORGE
    WASHINGTON DC Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
    Bell Hall, home of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Dept.

    71. Bucknell Geology - General Field Equipment
    The Equipment Room in the geology department is stocked with basic field equipmentsuch as augers, tapes, firstaid kits, Brunton and Silva compasses, hammers
    Bucknell Find People Site Index Search ... Prospective Students One category often overlooked when descibing facilities and equipment is the basic field equipment that is the backbone of our program. We have a well-stocked equipment room, loaded with the basic equipment that is so important to the operation of our labs and research. If a student or faculty member has the need for a particular piece of equipment, we have an unwritten motto that says: If they need it, we'll get it". The Equipment Room: The Equipment Room in the Geology department is stocked with basic field equipment such as augers, tapes, first-aid kits, Brunton and Silva compasses, hammers, hand lenses, etc. Students working on projects can sign out this equipment and are responsible for its safe return.
    An Advanced Environmental Hazards lab Measuring
    boulders on a recent debris flow in Virginia. Other Field Equipment available for Student and Faculty use includes: Field cameras: 35mm, digital and video;

    72. USGS Geologic Information -- General Interest Publications
    Formal metadata info and tools Privacy statement general disclaimer This page is http// Maintained by Peter Schweitzer Last updated Monday, 12Apr-2004

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    Publications Warehouse USGS Library Online Catalog Publications of the USGS
    General-Interest Publications [Online]
    Acid Rain and Our Nation's Capital
    This booklet focuses on acid rain and its impact on our Nation's capital. Rain in Washington, D.C., has an average acidity of 4.2, about as acid as a carbonated drink and more than ten times as acid as clean, unpolluted rain. This booklet will define acid rain, explain what effects it has on marble and limestone buildings, and show, on a walking tour, some of the places in our Nation's capital where you can see the impact of acid precipitation.
    Birth of the Mountains: The Geologic Story of the Southern Appalachian Mountains
    The Southern Appalachian Mountain region is known worldwide for its great beauty and biological diversity. Why does this area have such beautiful scenery and such a diversity of plants and animals? How do the mountains, and the rocks and minerals of which they are made, affect the lives of people? How do people affect the mountains? To address these questions, we need to understand what took place millions of years ago and how these geologic events have influenced the landscape, climate, soils, and living things we see today.
    Building Stones of Our Nation's Capital

    73. General Geology Front Page
    general geology 1113. DR. STEPHEN K. BOSS. You are Razorback AaddzzCounter since 17 September 1997. SYLLABUS, CURRENT STUDY GUIDES.
    Best experienced with
    Click here to start.
    BACK TO DR. STEPHEN K. BOSS HOME PAGE E-mail your comments and suggestions to Dr. Boss

    74. General Geology Slide Sets

    75. Some Basic General Geology Links
    Some Basic general geology Links (Starting Points). Association ofAmerican State Geologists has links to all the state geological
    Some Basic General Geology Links (Starting Points)
    Org. Pet. Orgs Related Soc/Orgs Research/ Government Orgs Univ Research ... Main Links Page

    76. UTA Admissions -- Choose Your Major
    Undergraduate Major geology, general and teacher certification option (BA).

    77. History/Geology/Wildlife/Plants
    Main History Links Books Other. Home Map News Search Sitemap. Spokane History general/GeologyNative American Nature/Survival Signatures Statistics Sounds Basalt

    History Links Books ... Ranger Phone# Reference All
  • 1890's Spokane (620K drawing takes a while to load) Archaeology Magazine Basalt Formations Bureau of Land Management- Spokane ... Museum of History and Industry (in Seattle) National Geographic National Parks Service Northwest History Database Population is increasing for what reason? ... Spokane Falls (friends of the falls organization) Timeline for Spokane development USDA Forest Service USGS Washington Social Studies Site ... World of Maps
  • 78. Geology In Michigan
    Learn more about the geology of the Waterloo area complete with a map. A naturalextension to the general information for the more advanced audience.,1607,7-135-3311_3582---,00.html
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    Permits Programs ...
    Storage Tanks

    Geology in Michigan Digital Images of Geology (DIG) Contest
    Index of Files
    The Rock Cycle in Michigan Rock Cycle Reference Materials Core and Sample Repository and Inventory Dimension Stone Feasibility Study ... Return to the index at the top
    The Rock Cycle in Michigan
    If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, corrections or additions, please contact Steven E. Wilson at list of files on the Rock Cycle in Michigan CD Return to the index at the top
    The Rock Cycle in Michigan
    The Rock Cycle in Michigan.PPS
    The Rock Cycle in Michigan from the PowerPoint show file (starts automatically).
    The Rock Cycle in Michigan.PPT
    The Rock Cycle in Michigan from the PowerPoint presentation.
    Notes only for the presentation
    Only the notes from the PowerPoint presentation no slides.
    Slides handout for the presentation
    Three slides per page with space for notes, possible student handout.
    Slides with notes for the presentation
    Slides and notes from the PowerPoint presentation. Return to the index at the top
    Rock Cycle Reference Materials
    Core and Sample Facility
    Return to the index at the top
    Dimension Stone Feasibility Study
    The document has been subdivided into the following pieces:
    Dimension Stone Feasibility Study REPORT (550 KB)
    The text of the REPORT for the Dimension Stone Feasibility Study.

    79. Geology (General) History
    Krakatoa tells the frightening tale of the biggest volcanic eruptionin history using a blend of gentle geology and narrative history.
    Faculty Of Astronomy
    Student Books Online Back To Astronomy Search Featured Universities ... Tycho Brahe
    Looking for more books? Hoofdstromen en mensbeelden in de psychologie Astronomy Mercury Mars Ilium ... Astronomy
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    If you like science and the little details that go with it-you will really enjoy this book. It reads easily yet contains much detail. more...
    Written by Steve Jones Charles Darwin
    Published by Modern Library (March 2001) ISBN 0375756809 Price $12.95 This book is a spectacular visual text to some of the American National Parks. The size of the photos, and their photographic quality, are just excellent. The photos are right up there with National Geographic-type quality. In addition, the accompaning text gives ecological insights to where and why this part of the United States was designated and saved as a National Park. The book gives short but insightful accompanying text for each of the Parks that are presented to the reader. The only ... more...

    80. KLUWER Online - Reference Works
    general geology. Geochemistry. Geomorphology. Geophysics. Home » The EarthSciences Encyclopedia Online (ESEO) » general geology. Browse general geology

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