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         Geology General:     more books (100)
  1. Dictionary of Geology and Mineralogy
  2. Physical Geology: Es C.. by David McGeary, Charles C. Plummer, et all 2004-12
  3. Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology by Edward J. Tarbuck, Frederick K. Lutgens, 1998-07-30
  4. Geology of Arizona by J. Dale Nations, Edmund Stump, 1996-08-01
  5. From Mineralogy to Geology: The Foundations of a Science, 1650-1830 (Science and Its Conceptual Foundations series) by Rachel Laudan, 1994-04-02
  6. Fluid Physics in Geology: An Introduction to Fluid Motions on Earth's Surface and within Its Crust by David Jon Furbish, 1996-10-10
  7. Plutonic rocks of the Klamath Mountains, California and Oregon; (Shorter contributions to general geology) by Preston Enslow Hotz, 1971
  8. General Geology for Engineers by Alan E. Kehew, 1988-02
  9. Geology of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania (General Geology Reports, No. 74) by J. Peter Wilshusen, 1997-07
  10. Report on the geological survey of the state of Wisconsin. Volume I. James Hall, on general geology and palaeontology, and J. D. Whitney, on the upper Mississippi lead region. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-22
  11. A General Index To The Journal Of Geology - Volumes I To XXXV - 1893 To 1927 by Rillin T. Chamberlin, 2007-03-15
  12. Gazetteer of the State of New York;: Embracing a comprehensive view of the geography, geology, and general history of the State, and a complete history ... historical publications series, no. 72) by J. H French, 1969
  13. Field description and sampling of coal beds (Contributions to general geology) by James Morton Schopf, 1960
  14. Geology of the Human Environment: A Laboratory in General Geology by George P. Merk, 1990-06-01

41. KGS--Geology Resources
geology Home County Geologic Maps. Other Map and Charts. Data Bases.general Publications. Bulletins. STATEMAP info (a PDF file) March 2004.
KGS Geology Information Page Geology Home County Geologic Maps Other Map and Charts Data Bases General Publications ... STATEMAP info
(a PDF file)
March 2004 This is the main page for geology information
from the Kansas Geological Survey. Use the menu
at left to examine the data we have placed online.
Highlights, New Items

Activities, information, and resources for students and teachers from the U.S. EPA. Includes general resources on water and pollution and information about the geology, heritage, and environmental problems of the Gulf of Mexico.
Gulf of Mexico Program Contact Us Print Version Search: EPA Home Gulf of Mexico Program Educator and Student Resources Welcome Spotlight Gulf Guardian Award It's Time ... GMP Information
Educator and Student Resources
Wetlands Education Materials Kid's Stuff Educator Resources Gulf Coast Geology ... Gulf Region Heritage Gulf of Mexico Program Office
Mail Code: EPA/GMPO
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529-6000
FAX: 228-688-2709 EPA Home Privacy and Security Notice Contact Us
This site is maintained by Kathy Einwich

43. Geo-Guide: Geology
(AGS). Subject Class, geology; Mining general; Mine Surveying, Prospecting; Hydrology.Source Type, Exploration Companies. Subject Class, general Geography; geology. 000

44. GLACIER: Index
general introduction to glaciers, the Antarctic, and related topics in weather, climate, oceans, and geology, from Rice University (Texas).

45. Oxford Brookes University - Geology - General Morphology
general MORPHOLOGY. The life. © Copyright 19961997 Friends of theGeology. Museum and may not be copied for commercial purposes.
GENERAL MORPHOLOGY The wide range in size and form of the exoskeleton of the trilobite naturally leads to speculation on function, on how a particular morphology was related to the mode of life.
Museum and may not be copied for commercial purposes. Permission to copy is granted for personal and educational use only. All such copies must include this Trilobites were generally small creatures, around 2-7 cm long although some extreme sizes have been found from 3 mm to 70 cm. An exact symmetry was formed along the axis of their exoskeleton which encased the soft body. It was beneath the axis that the digestive tract was positioned (Whittington, 1992). The segmented exoskeleton allowed articulation of the body and also carried segmented appendages. Some of these appendages were differentiated to serve a variety of specialized functions e.g. claws, elongate spines. The segments located within the cephalon are seen to be segmented together and in some extreme cases are fused. A modern day example although not a trilobite is the horseshoe crab which has its segments fused from the head/cephalon to the thorax creating a solid shield, the "cephalo-thorax" shield (Whittington, 1992). Trilobites interacted with the environment by a number of sensory organs such as the antennulae and single or compound eyes situated upon the cephalon. The eyes of the trilobites in some cases developed surprising complexity and optimization of function (Levi-Setti, 1975).

46. WVGES Geology, General Geologic Map Of West Virginia
Map detailing geological regions within the state.
WV General Geologic Map
Download a printable version of this map in PDF format (geologicmap.pdf5.5 MB)
Do you need to download a copy of in order to use the .pdf file? Page last revised: April 30, 2003 Please send questions, comments, and/or suggestions to Permission to reproduce this material is granted if acknowledgment is given to the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey.

47. Oxford Brookes - 8307 Environmental Geology - General Links
British Geological Survey; geology press releases National Science Foundation(USA). Environmental Information. general Information Sources.
M08307 Environmental Geology Links to Useful Information Geology and...
its background

the News


Image courtesy of NASA
Geological background Geology in the Media Environment Human Perspective ... Countries
Geological Background Information
Plate Tectonics
Geological Time
Other topics
Geology in the Media
Environmental Information
The Human Perspective
General Information Sources
These are just a few of the many thousands available on the Web.

48. Virtual Silurian Reef -- Table Of Contents
The Virtual Silurian Reef is a K12 distance-learning project of the geology Section of the Milwaukee Public Museum, funded by the Wisconsin Advanced Telecommunications Foundation. During the Silurian Period in earth history, 425 million years ago, when much of North America was covered by a shallow, tropical sea, reefs flourished in the area now occupied by Wisconsin and Illinois. This site uses these reefs as a vehicle for students to learn general principles, local details, and environmental significance of the study of the ancient past.
A distance-learning project of the
funded by grants from the
and the
D uring the Silurian Period in earth history, 425 million years ago, when much of North America was covered by a shallow, tropical sea, reefs flourished in the area now occupied by Wisconsin and Illinois. This site uses these reefs as a vehicle for students to learn general principles, local details, and environmental significance of the study of the ancient past.
The Silurian reef diorama at the Milwaukee Public Museum, which serves as the focus for the pages that follow.
Take a swim around the reef!
Send comments to: Milwaukee Public Museum, Inc.

49. Subject Index--Geology (general)
If any mistakes or omissions in the Index are found, please notifythe WebWizard. geology (general) Volume, Page , Author/Title. 49.

Carl Drummond
, Editor
Department of Geosciences
Indiana University Purdue University
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499>
Journal of Geoscience Education Subject Index
by Jim Shea and Vicki Harder An index to volumes 1 - 27 (both author and subject) was published in v. 27 (1979), p. 207-260. This index is not available electronically. If any mistakes or omissions in the Index are found, please notify the WebWizard. Geology (general) Volume Page # Author/Title Lawrence, S.F., Lawrence, D.P., Neal, D.W.
Teaching the practice of geology and communication using John McPhee's books Picard, M.D.
A late report on October Wampler, J.M.
Misconceptions - Problems caused by restrictive definitions of runoff Corbett, R.G. and Corbett, E.A.
Geology programs and disciplinary accreditation Picard, M.D. Connections - Early life and rocks Chamot, J.A. Have you read? Drummond, C.N. Ten common principles of geoscience departments - Part II (editorial) Robinson, M.D., Hartley, J.E., and Dunn, S.R. Geoscience research at liberal arts colleges: school rankings Picard, M.D.

50. "The History And Geography Of Heard Island, Southern Indian Ocean"
general information about the location, discovery, geography, geology, climate, and culture of the island. Includes interactive map.
Heard Island Location and History
The Islands
St Helena Tristan da Cunha Gough Island Inaccessible Island ... Heard Island This site is run by Paul Carroll I am not a resident of any of the Subantarctic Islands, though I have had a lifelong interest in these fascinating places. I actually live near Derby in the United Kingdom. Welcome to my website, which is now several years old and growing! If you have any questions about the islands, please feel free to contact me This map is in Macromedia Flash format. You can zoom in on the map by right clicking on it when viewing the Flash image, or it will be seen as a PNG image if you don't have the plugin.
Heard Island is situated in the extreme Southern Indian Ocean, on the Kerguelen Plateau, 4,100 km south-west of the Australian continent and 1,500 km north of Antarctica. Heard and McDonald Islands lie 40 km apart, the McDonald Islands to the west of Heard Island. Heard Island is located at 53°06'S, 73°30'E, and the McDonald Islands at 53°03'S, 72°36'E. Heard Island has an area of 368 sq km. It is uninhabited and the closest land to Heard Island are the

51. Journal Of Geoscience Education-- Surficial Geology (general) Index
Subject Index for the Years 1980 2000. Surficial geology (general). This indexuses the very latest list of keywords and numbers. Volume. Page . Author/Title.46.
Subject Index for the Years 1980 - 2000
Surficial Geology (general)
This index uses the very latest list of keywords and numbers. Volume Page # Author/Title Miller, Martin Cover photograph of sand dunes in Death Valley, CA Abolins, M.J. Using free digital data to introduce volcanic hazards

52. Lymelight Books And Prints - Rare, Antiquarian And Second Hand Books, Prints And
Antiquarian and secondhand books; specialities are art, geology, illustrated, literature, natural history, poetry, Topography and travel. Large general stock.
    We are a well established rare antiquarian and second hand book, print and map shop noted for the quality and condition of our stock. Our aim is that you enjoy your visit whether you are buying or merely browsing and want to return. Our main specialities are John Fowles, Art, Geology, Illustrated, Literature, Natural History, Poetry, Topography and Travel. But our general stock covers a wide range of subjects. Please register your interests with us and we will do our best to help. For those interested in John Fowles we are almost certainly the largest dealer in the world. John Fowles is a regular visitor to our shop and all our first editions are signed by him 1 Drakes Way, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3QP, England Telephone: 01297 443464
    Fax: 01297 443464
    E-mail: Proprietors: Ingrid Mostyn and Nigel Cozens

53. Field Trips
Physical geology general Resources. Academic Information Courses With WWWInternetbased Resources; Grants Web OnLine Guide to Funding Opportunities;
Physical Geology General Resources

54. Physical
Georgia Institute of Technology, general geology. Georgia State University, Introductorygeology. McGill, general geology186221A. general geology Laboratory186-202A.
Physical Geology
Course Resources on the Internet
Course University Course Physical Geology Amherst Principles of Geology Arizona State Physical Geology Auburn Physical Geology Bryn Mawr How the Earth Works California State @ Bakersfield Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics Lab California State Universtiy - Los Angeles World Builders California State Universtiy - Sacremento Earth Science California State Universtiy - Los Angeles World Builders California State Universtiy - San Bernedino Physical Geology California State Universtiy - San Jose Physical Geology Writing Workshop Calvin College Topographic Map Exercise Clayton State Earth Science Colby Physical Geology Colgate Earth Systems Geology Cornell Earth Systems Geology Earth Systems Geology To Know The Earth Cypress College California Geology Physical Geology Dekalb Physical Geology Physical Geology Duke The Dynamic Earth East Carolina Physical Geology Physical Geology Eastern Illinois Earth Sciences Physical Geology Eastern New Mexico University Physical Geology Eastern Washington University Discovering Geology Emory Physical Geology Global Systems George Mason Physical Geology Soil Science Georgia Institute of Technology General Geology Georgia State University Introductory Geology Hartwick The Earth Honolouo CC Intro Geology and Geophysics IUPUI Physical Geology (2 sections) Iowa State Physical Geology Geology for Engineers LaTrobe University Physical Geology Lewis and Clark Introduction to Natural Science LSU Physical Geology Physical Geology Freshman Field Program Mansfield State Rocks, Minerals and Fossils

55. Texas A&M's Department Of Geology & Geophysics
general and student information, faculty and staff, research, news and features, and seminars and events.
Photo Gallery Prospective Students About ... Contact Us Photo Gallery Prospective Students About ... Contact Us ... Bryan/College Station

56. University Of Calgary, Geology And Geophysics
Weekly newsletter, announcements and general information.
Geology and Geophysics Home Directories: Grads Search myUofC General Information ...
May 21/04
Student Societies
Coming Events: Forelands to Core Zones:
Dr. Philip Simony

Geology and Geophysics, University of Calgar y Congratulations to: CREWES on winning the Distinguished Achievement Award presented by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Dr. L. V. Hills , Professor Emeritus, admitted as a Member to The Order of the University of Calgary Formed in 1963, the Department of Geology and Geophysics is a vibrant cornerstone of the University of Calgary. The Department is internationally and nationally recognized for its strengths in seismic geophysics, petroleum geology, hydrology, petrology and regional tectonics. Grants in aid of research total ~$4million per year, with a similar amount from the Province of Alberta operating grant.
Search WWW Search

57. Forwarding Page
Official National Park Service expanded site with maps, schedule, tour, teacher's guides, geology, field trip guide, general management plan, strategic plan, account of the Whitman killings, historic Cayuse photos, historic photos of Whitman Mission, and Whitman Timeline.
This page has moved - you will now find it at Please update your bookmark to the new page

58. Geoscience Gateways - Browse Links
Your Local Weather. You are here Top Info Depot Earth Science SubjectCatalog geology (general). general geology (Boggy s). Physical geology.

59. The Mojave Desert - DesertUSA
general information about the desert, climate, geology, culture, wildlife and plants of the area.
The Mojave Desert
The transition from the hot Sonoran Desert to the cooler and higher Great Basin is called the Mojave Desert. This arid region of southeastern California and portions of Nevada, Arizona and Utah, occupies more than 25,000 square miles. On the northwestern boundary it extends from the Sierra Nevada range to the Colorado Plateau in the east; it abuts the San Gabriel-San Bernardino mountains in the southwest. Near the Great Basin-Mojave border lies Death Valley, the lowest point in North America and a national park. The Mojave's desert climate is characterized by extreme variation in daily temperature and an average annual precipitation of less than 5 inches. Almost all the precipitation arrives in winter. Freezing temperatures occur in winter, while summers are hot, dry and windy. The Mojave has a typical mountain-and-basin topography with sparse vegetation. Sand and gravel basins drain to central salt flats from which borax, potash and salt are extracted. Silver, tungsten, gold and iron deposits are worked. While some do not consider the Mojave a desert in its own right, the Mojave Desert hosts about 200 endemic plant species found in neither of the adjacent deserts.Cactus are usually restricted to the coarse soils of bajadas. Mojave

60. Study Earth Sciences - Geology, Geophysics, Geography - Victoria University Of W
Undergraduate and postgraduate course information for geophysics, geology, and geography papers offered. Information for prospective students, general information, current events and related links.


SES Home

Geography ...
VUW Home
Study Geology, Geophysics, Geography, Volcanology, Tectonics - undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the School of Earth Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

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