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         Geology Collaborative Activities:     more detail
  1. Collaborative research UTIG and UNCW: Towards an integrated understanding of late Holocene fault activity in western Puerto Rico : offshore geophysical survey by Paul Mann, 2000

81. NSF 03-014, Division Of Ocean Sciences - Fall 2002 Newsletter
capabilities for all sedimentary geology, but, due Ridge 2000 education and outreachactivities got underway with of small components in collaborative proposals
NSF 03-014
(Replaces NSF 02-055
Contents Colwell Addresses Ocean Commission
New Requirements on Broader Impacts

Letter from the Division Director

Proposal Target Dates/Deadlines
Related Items and Announcements
Program News
Biological Oceanography Chemical Oceanography Physical
and Technical Services
Marine Geosciences Section
Marine Geology and Geophysics
Marine Earth System History (MESH)
Two workshops were held at NSF in July to help define MESH research priorities for the future. Peter deMenocal and Christina Ravello organized a workshop on tropical climate variability. Jerry Dickenson and Jim Zachos organized a workshop on the links between methane hydrates and climate. Additional information about the workshops and other MESH activities can be found on the MESH Program Office webpage

82. U.S. - Egypt Collaborative Research Grant
United States Egypt collaborative Research Grant Submission deadline The activitiesof the Agreement are supported Other Fields (eg geology, Anthropology, New
United States - Egypt Collaborative Research Grant
Submission deadline: November 4, 2003
Program Information

Call for Proposals
The goals of the Science and Technology Agreement are to strengthen the scientific and technological capabilities of the United States and Egypt, to broaden and expand relations between the extensive scientific and technological communities in both countries, and to promote scientific and technological cooperation in areas of mutual benefit for peaceful purposes. The activities of the Agreement are supported by a Joint Fund, which totals $3 million per year. Priority Areas for Research Grants:
- Biotechnology
- Standards and Metrology
- Environmental Technologies
- Manufacturing Technologies
- Information Technologies
- Energy
Cooperative activities may include coordinated and joint research projects, studies, and investigations; exchange of science and technology information and documentation in the context of cooperative activities; exchange of scientists, specialists, and researchers; exchanges or sharing of equipment or materials; and other forms of scientific and technological cooperation as may be agreed by the Joint Board. Implementation of these activities may include, inter alia, the following modalities:

83. SEDL - SCIMAST Classroom Compass - Cooperative Learning
require planning, research, collaboration, and problem matches grade levels and topicswith activities. of disciplines including geology, meteorology, history
The Adventures of Jasper Woodbury Available from:
Optical Data Corporation
30 Technology Drive
Warren, NJ
Available for Mac with 4 MB of RAM and hard disk drive, running System 6.0.7 or later.
Cost: Six episode set $1,795; Individual discs (two episodes) $695.
Get It Together: Math Problems for Groups, Grades 4-12 With over 100 mathematics problems, this collection is designed for use with cooperative groups. Each activity provides six clue cards, each of which gives a piece of information that will help solve the group problem. Interactive sharing from each cardholder is essential to find an answer. The book covers a variety of mathematical topics including numbers and operations, logic, geometry, probability, measurement and functions. Each topic area includes activities of varying difficulty, and a handy grid at the back of the book matches grade levels and topics with activities. The book also offers advice on using cooperative learning in the classroom. Available from:
EQUALS Project
Lawrence Hall of Science
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720

84. MLX Package #867: Halo: An Interactive Learning Module For Geology Lecture And L
This activity provides a fun, collaborative review of the GLG 103 to the success ofthe activity in engaging will be described on our geology Department website

85. MLX Package #819: Excellence In Mathematics Competition
mathematics, chemisty, biology, physics, geology. Those that participated in the collaborativeactivity also experienced do for the noon time activities but the

86. Geology Of Water Resources Research Laboratory
geology of Water Resources Research Laboratory. was established to suppont researchactivities on both the a network of water research collaboration among 4 geo2.htm

87. Ideas And Activities's Homework Help. provides a searchable collection of articles that can help students with their math homework as figuring out the angles of a right triangle. Education Foundation. The activities Integrating Mathematics and Science AIMS) provides online activities and teacher resources for
Ideas and Activities's Homework Help. provides a searchable collection of articles that can help students with their math homework as figuring out the angles of a right triangle . The site, suitable for grades 3-12, also includes a library of useful Netlinks as well as Cathy Spalding's email service for your perplexing math questions.
About Today's Date. About Today's Date, based on Richard Phillips' book Numbers: Facts, Figures , and Fiction , provides each day the history and trivia about the numbers in today's date. The site is suitable for grades 5-12.
Academic Assistance Access. Academic Assistance Access offers free a tutoring service for high school students. The site, staffed by professionals in various fields, answers questions in calculus as well as in American history and the sciences.
Academic Assistance Center Home Page. The Teachers and staff of AOL's Academic Assistance Center provide link access to their favorite or best information sites for grades K-12. To visit the math room, click here
a teacher and a student guide to mathematics to mathematics for grades K-12.

88. ThinkQuest : Library : Geology
workshop, boy and girl scouts can work on geology merit badge Furthermore, many collaborativeactivities have been incorporated in this website to enhance the

89. LESSON PLANET - 30,000 Lessons And 556 Lesson Plans For Marine Geology
School Marine Science at its Best Research Collaboration This activity/projecthelps geology of Connecticut Soil, Rock and Minerals - The purpose of

90. CSU-Los Angeles ALERT Report
The collaboration between CSULA and NASA, especially ALERT consortium emphasizes outreachactivities, at all courses, particularly Geography/geology 101 Earth
How ALERT Has Contributed to My Professional Development How Has ALERT Contributed to My Professional Mission and/or Activities? The collaboration between CSU ALERT campuses comes in many forms. Through our meetings, discussions and web pages, we have been able to see what is being done in earth science education at the various campuses. We all have our own specialties, and through these interactions, we have been able to share our knowledge and resources with each other. This sharing has enabled me to use activities developed on other campuses in my own classes, thus often finding a better way to present some concepts. In return, we have developed instructional aids that may be useful to our sister campuses. ALERT project has helped our efforts to disseminate GIS and remote sensing data over the Internet. ALERT has given us the opportunity to share ideas with our CSU colleagues, which would probably not have occurred without these interactions. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting , Dec. 15-19, 2000, in San Francisco, CA, with E. Ng, JPL. The poster paper was well received in the geosciences education poster session.

91. Certification
PT3 Grant Website Cluster EGeology 302. course, and then designed individual activitiesfor each is crucial to the success of collaborative success support

College of Education
PT3 Grant Website
Cluster EGeology 302
Home Cluster E Meetings Science Unit Meeting Times Course Objectives ... Student Assignments Summary of Grant Activities The goal of Cluster E was to create a standards-based, technology-enhanced Earth Science course for pre-service teachers that used best practices and integrated pedagogy into the science course. The cluster's activities can be broken down into four distinct goals: Curriculum Reform in Teacher Preparation
Cluster E, in conjunction with the Science Service Unit, conducted a study that determined the current menu format of meeting science requirements for elementary and middle school pre-service teachers is insufficient to adequately prepare these future teachers to teach the science curriculum in the classroom. Therefore, the cluster devised a proposal, with supporting documentation from literature and based on an analysis of CATS test scores for K-12 students in Kentucky, to require all elementary education majors and all middle grade education majors with science emphasis to complete the four inquiry-based science courses: Biology for Teachers, Chemistry for Teachers, Earth Science for Teachers and Physics for Teachers. That proposal was held up due to a need for an analysis of financial impact to the university to implement the proposal. Technology Training

92. The SME Links Library Earth Science on the Web — Earth it in their ProfessionalDevelopmentTeaching ResourcesCollaborative ActivitiesScience, Physical

93. OceanPortal : Top > INFORMATION RESOURCES > Scientific
The support for collaboration is channelled through a of different mechanisms oractivities which are general) Geography Population geology Measurement

94. Activities - Introduction
These activities include technical cooperation and aid in developing countries,funded by and in collaboration with, for example, the UK Department for
Home Contact Us Enquiries Downloads ... Education
Activities - Introduction
The BGS undertakes a wide variety of activites within the geoscience community. BGS staff expertise has been used extensively on projects throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Please use the following links to take you to your area of interest. Alternatively, use the search facilities available through the BGS Enquiry Service Details of the work being carried out within the BGS Scientific Capability Programme are presented here demonstrating our areas of interest and expertise. International Activities The BGS has worked in over 100 countries worldwide, undertaking a variety of geoscientific projects. These activities include technical co-operation and aid in developing countries, funded by and in collaboration with, for example, the UK Department for International Development, the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, World Health Organisation, UN Environmental Programme, often in association with UK companies and UK universities. The BGS also manages contracts and consultancies undertaken for other aid agencies, private sector companies and governments worldwide. Themes Information on various geoscience themes are available. New themes will be added all the time so keep coming back to see what's new. Current themes include topics on earthquakes, water, minerals and radon.

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