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of Canada Online English; The Canadian geography Website toc geography takes you 4th 5th Grade geography Sources Home / geography / us History / Reference
GEOGRAPHY/ECONOMICS Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers GEOGRAPHY


The National Council for the Social Studies identifies 10 themes in social studies. The one that relates to Geography (III) is called "People, Places and Environment." The guide further provides eleven "Performance Expectations" in this area and gives three examples of how a lesson might be constructed to achieve some of these objectives.
In one example, a teacher reads an account of the monsoon from the perspective of the people of India. Although elsewhere in the guide, social studies teachers are encouraged to take a less directive and active role in instruction, here the teacher uses direct instruction.
Would it be more interesting to the students to contact another student in India during the monsoon season and obtain a variety of reactions/description of the impact on the people from an Indian viewpoint? Would it be more meaningful, challenging? Would the results be more likely to be "integrated" and would the student be more likely to feel he/she is an active participant in the educational process?
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  • Maps That Teach:  U.S. and World Geography
  • 2. Geography Of The United States TOC
    13 Economic Regions us Agriculture Regions. Lesson 14 Ethnic Neighborhoods in Cities. Lesson 15 Congressional Districts. Lesson 16 Careers in geography.
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    or call 7-5:30 CST M-F Technical help for software products 8-4:30 CST M-F Report a Web site problem/error Site Search Advanced Search You are here: Home Product Page Geography of the United States Table of Contents Geography of the United States: Table of Contents Unit 1: Location Lesson 1: What Is Geography? Lesson 2: Directions Lesson 3: Map Grids Lesson 4: Latitude and Longitude Lesson 5: Using the Grid System Lesson 6: Locating United States Cities Lesson 7: Weather Maps Lesson 8: Physical Maps Lesson 9: Special Maps Lesson 10: Maps Helped the United States Grow Lesson 11: Locating Roads Lesson 12: Cities and Towns Lesson 13: Shopping Centers Lesson 14: Airports Unit 2: Place Lesson 1: Landforms Lesson 2: Water Systems in the United States Lesson 3: Climate Lesson 4: Natural Vegetation Lesson 5: Population of the United States Lesson 6: Population Density Lesson 7: Immigration Unit 3: Environment Lesson 1: Settling the Wilderness of Tennessee Lesson 2: Planning for Parks Lesson 3: Acid Rain and the Environment Lesson 4: Water for Arizona Desert Unit 4: Movement Lesson 1: Railroads in the United States Lesson 2: The Saint Lawrence Seaway Lesson 3: United States Highways Lesson 4: Air Transportation in the United States Lesson 5: Communication Links in the Past Lesson 6: Communications in the United States Today Lesson 7: Getting Goods to Markets Lesson 8: Using the BART System

    3. Facts About The USA: InfoUSA
    An overview of the history and geography of the United chapters on all significant periods of us history. http//
    USA Facts Media Information Technology Education ... InfoUSA Facts About the USA Click here for help Americana - FAQs
    U.S. History
    Facts About The USA
    An overview of the history and geography of the United States with answers and links to frequently asked questions about symbols, statistics and states.

    Americana - Frequently Asked Questions
    Overviews Statistics The 50 States Online Reference Sources

    United States History
    Outline of American History
    U.S. Information Agency. Provides chapters on all significant periods of U.S. history. Gateway to African-American History
    U.S. Department of State, Office of International Information Programs. This site provides information on the contributions of African-Americans to the culture and history of the United States and the world. It includes documents, articles, Internet sites and other resources which honor and acknowledge the accomplishments of African-Americans. Basic Documents and Writings Famous Speeches Links to Collections of Historical Materials
    USA Facts
    ... Site Map Sorry, you need a JavaScript capable browser to get the best from this page

    4. Geography
    flags, and state and official flags of the us http//; Online Countries A to Z - Includes information on geography, people, climate
    Home Internet Sites by Subject A to Z Index
    Click for: Countries Encyclopedias Flags Maps ... States General Information
    • Junior Reference Collection - This database searches encyclopedias and dictionaries for information on people, places and events. Includes a multimedia gallery with pictures, videos, maps and audio resources. Available only to Duluth Public Library cardholders. Part of ELM/Electronic Library for Minnesota; subscription provided by the State of Minnesota.
    • National Geographic for Kids
    • Grolier OnLine - Contains Encyclopedia Americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, The New Book of Knowledge, The New Book of Popular Science, Lands and Peoples, and America the Beautiful. Available only to Duluth Public Library cardholders. Subscription provided by the City of Duluth and the Friends of the Duluth Public Library.
    • Polar - Follow the progress of Will Steger's latest expedition, Arctic Transect 2004. Steger's educational exploration team will be documenting arctic climate change as they doglsed 3000 miles in the territory of Nunavut. The site includes a special section for teachers and students interested in an interactive learning experience.

    5. SAGE Geography
    SAGE. geography. Search Sage's recommended websites in Social Sciences for http// World Maps and Atlases; Europe; us and the Americas; Africa; Asia

    6. Expanded Table Of Contents For Children's Literature Site
    Characters Kids Reading and Learning to Read; Poetry. Writing. Math; us History; World History; Social Studies, geography Cultures Biographies and Memoirs;

    Home Page
    Expanded Table of Contents Search What's New ... Advertising Information
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    7. Please Have Patience While Page Loads
    Teenagers, College Kids, Adult Children, Grandchildren. Childcare, Interaction, Learning Skills, Help us Build This Section. Arts, Music, English Writing, geography.
    Links added daily! REMEMBER TO "REFRESH" THIS PAGE OCCASIONALLY TO VIEW NEW ADDITIONS (Use Key) Please have patience while page loads . . . Use this link to REPORT a problem with this page. RMSG Table of Contents
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    8. EaA-Englisch Als Arbeitssprache
    Translate this page URBAN geography http// http// 5 UNTERRICHTSEINHEITEN von BRIT./us-LEHRERN
    EaA - Englisch als Arbeitssprache in GWK
    LINKZUSAMMENSTELLUNG von Dr. Ch. Sitte mit dem Ziel :
    * der Unterstützung für die fächerübergreifende Matura GW / E
    * einer provisorischen Arbeitsseite für die Fortbildungsseminare
    "EAA in Geographie an BHS" (Kontakte dazu OR. Mag. Fred BURDA im BMUK/Abt. BHS)
    Zur Fachdidaktik EAA
    Lexikon Glossar Reviews
    Update Ch.S. 2001 11. 12
    1. KEY GEOGRAPHY - die Linksammlung zum gleichnamigen Schulbuch u.a.m (bei Anklicken der Bände erscheint
    Inhaltsverzeichnis, von dort dann weiter in die jeweiligen Kapitel - auch anderes wie ein Newsletter und KS3 gibts)
    ACHTUNG: ab und zu wird dort gearbeitet, bzw. Adresse verändert - verkürzen bis auf 1. Teil !
    Oder man steigt ein über die Linkliste unten "VERLAGE" - weiter mit: Nelson - Secondary - Geography....
    2. GEOGRAPHY WORLD ist eine sehr große amerik. LINKSAMMLUNG
    + Einstieg über die Sachgebiete des übersichtlichen Rasters ("Table of contents")

    9. Information On The US By Kenji Kitao And S. Kathleen Kitao
    http// United States geography http// National Standards for United States
    Information on the US
    Kenji Kitao and S. Kathleen Kitao
    (Last updated on August 25)
    Table of Contents
    Using "Information on the US" by Kenji Kitao and S. Kathleen Kitao
    Please read before you use web resource. General Geography Government History ...
    top of the page
    United States of America
    The United States

    **Facts and figures about the geography, people, government, economy, culture, etc., of the United States, as well as information about individual states.
    United States

    Environmental, Economic, Resources
    The United States of America Fact Sheet
    Geography Color Landform Atlas of the United States United States: Geography The United States of America

    10. Site Map -
    Electronic Texts. Encyclopedias. Genealogy. us Government. Grammar Style. History. Internet. Free Net Access. Free Stuff. Fun. geography. Government. Graphics. Hardware.
    Search Net Facts Subject Index Facts Encyclopedia Newspapers USA/World ... Advertise on Refdesk Search the Web
    Search Tips

    Help Support Refdesk

    Welcome to Refdesk Refdesk's Home Page Mission Statement Top 15 Refdesk Pages Editor's Picks New Sites Added Ref Site-of-the-Day Archives Desktop Resources Area Code Atomic Time Bartlett's Quotations Britannica Encyclopedia Calculators Calendar Currency Converter Essential Reference Tools Journalist's Tools Maps/Driving Directions Old Farmer's Almanac Roget's Thesaurus Webster's Dict./Thes. World Fact Book Zip Code Features Astronomy Pix of the Day Best of the Net Business Crossword of the Day Crosswords on the Net Daily Comics Daily Editorial Cartoons History of the Day Horoscopes Internet News Internet Usage Snapshot Lottery Results Magazines News Wires Newspapers Quote of the Day Ref Shelves on the Net Sports Search Engines Streaming Media Tax Preparation Guides Daily Almanac Download Page Fast Facts First Things First Free Stuff Fun Stuff Homework Helper Ask the Experts Internet Help Indispensable Links My Search Engines Select Sites of the Day Quick Reference Weather Sites Windows Operating Systems Resources Newspapers: USA and Worldwide K-12 Newspapers College/Univ. Newspapers

    11. USSSP: Advancement
    Art; Astronomy; Chess; Citizenship; Collecting; Communicating; Computers; geography; Geology; us SCOUTING SERVICE PROJECT, RESOURCES FOR SCOUTERS EVERYWHERE.

    12. Census Metadata Table Of Contents
    The CDDM subcommittee is chaired by Fred Broome of geography Division of the us Census Bureau. Thus, the toc is an attempt to present the SDSME in a usable
    Click Icon To View TOC The Introduction to
    the Table of Contents Version of
    the Survey Design and Statistical Methodology
    Metadata Standard
    This document is an introduction to the Table of Contents for Survey Design and Statistical Methods (TOC) which can be viewed and evaluated through the World Wide Web. Please read the following explanation before viewing the TOC. The Statistical Research Division (SRD) of the U.S. Census Bureau is involved in research on metadata - the descriptive information and documentation about data which promotes understanding of data and facilitates data sharing and use over the lifetime of the data. The ultimate goals of the research are: 1) to identify all the metadata necessary to describe survey designs, processing, analysis, and data sets; and 2) to build a logically central repository to make that metadata available for use in survey processes and data dissemination. The work to identify metadata items has led to the development of a standard for metadata for the Census Bureau. This standard is called the Survey Design and Statistical Methods Extension (SDSME). It is scheduled to be brought through the formal standards development procedures of the Census Bureau's Standards Management Team in spring 1996. The SDSME is an extension to the

    13. OUP USA: Geography In America At The Dawn Of The 21st Century: Gary L. Gaile
    add to cart. geography in America at the Dawn of the 21st Century. Edited by Gary L 848 pages. Apr 2004 In Stock. Price $150.00 (06). S H $5.00 (us) $10.00 (INTL).

    14. OUP USA: Human Geography: William Norton
    Human geography. Fourth Edition. William Norton. 0195416414, hardback, 446 pages. Jul 2001 (Edition No Longer Available). Price $64.95 (04). S H $5.00 (us) $10.00

    15. ANTHROPOLOGICAL RESOURCES For Teaching Social Studies, Geography
    study of both ancient and modern peoples, helps us to understand history (ie, study of past peoples, American Indians), geography (ie, environment Back to toc.

    Academic Relations


    Government Relations

    Public Policy
    Minority Issues

    E-mail address:
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    Press Room
    Members in the News ... Section Assembly Max Rows: Go to AAA Home
    ANTHROPOLOGICAL RESOURCES for Teaching Social Studies, Geography, History, and Science
    INTRODUCTION Anthropology, the study of both ancient and modern peoples, helps us to understand the full range of human diversity. Each of anthropology's four major fields (socio-cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, linguistics, and archaeology) shares the same goals - to understand what we are and how we came to be. Anthropology is an interdisciplinary science that correlates closely with content standards for various subjects such as history (i.e, study of past peoples, American Indians), geography (i.e., environment and society, places and regions), social studies (i.e., culture, continuity, and change), and science (i.e., science as inquiry, evolution of human life). Incorporating some of these anthropological teaching materials and activities listed below can enhance the teaching of social studies and science courses - and the enjoyment of student learning, as well as the enjoyment of teaching.

    16. Appendix A
    Standards 1994, contact National Council of Geographic Education geography Standards Project PO History) Home Page http//
    A ppendix A Information Skills Committee, MEMA
    Voluntary Model Standards and Standards Projects
    U.S. Department of Education Bibliography of other Resources For general information about content standards development, contact:
    Office of Educational Research and Improvement
    National Institute on Student Achievement, Curriculum and Assessment
    U.S. Department of Education
    555 New Jersey Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20208-5573
    National Standards for Arts Education Also: contact:
    Music Educators National Sales
    1806 Robert Fulton Drive
    Reston, VA 22091
    1-800-828-0229; Contact: Peggy Senko In coordination with the American Alliance for Theater and Education , the National Art Education Association , and the National Dance Association Item number: 1605; Cost: $12 for members, $15 for nonmembers
    National Council of Teachers of English and the Iternational Reading Association 11111 W. Kenyo Road Urbana, IL 61801-1086 1-800-369-NCTE; FAX: 217-328-9645; Organization Home Page:

    17. Homework Center - Ancient & Classic Cultures
    China http// Discusses about the ruins of Yodefat, the geography of the Ages http//
    School Corps Library Catalog Library Databases Ask Us! Online ...
    Ancient Scripts and Languages
    This site provides information on ancient languages, such as the language family and pronunciation, as well as the written characters of any ancient language you can imagine.
    Ancient World Web: Geography Index
    History on ancient worlds listed by continent.
    Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall?
    With hands-on activities, color images, and text, this site explores theories as to why civilizations end. Focuses on the Mayans, the ancient city of Copan, Mesopotamia and more.
    HyperHistory: 3000 Years of World History
    A clickable chart of people and events throughout human history. Take a look!
    Images From History
    An archive of photos illustrating artifacts, cave and rock art, and architecture from various ancient cultures and periods.
    Museums of Ancient Inventions

    18. : U S States
    http//, 6. State Symbols, Flags, Seals, geography, and People of the United http//,

    Search Engine Home
    Add to Favourites document.cookie="metasearch=3712514058.20480.0000"; search results for U S States (1 - 30 of 60)
    Related Searches
    No Suggestions Found. View By Relevance View By Search Engine Search Engine MetaSearch Picks: results for "U S States" Search Engine Yahoo: Results 1-10 for "U S States" The US50 - A guide to the fifty states
    The US50 is a extensive guide to history, outdoors, tourism, events and attractions for the fifty states
    States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page
    United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page This is the only official Web site of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, a Performance-Based Organization of the Government of the ...
    Census Bureau Home Page

    The Census Bureau Web Site provides on-line access to our data,publications, products, and programs. ... JKLMNOPQR. STUVWXYZ ... Summary File 4 - All states are available. Summary File 3 (SF 3) ... U S . Senate ... The Body of President Reagan Will Lie in State in the United States Capitol Rotunda. ...

    19. : UK : U S States
    U.S. States Quiz. geography and Population http//, View more Teoma results Search Engine Overture Results 15 for us States .

    Search Engine Home
    Add to Favourites document.cookie="metasearch=3578296330.20480.0000"; UK results for U S States (1 - 25 of 33)
    Related Searches
    No Suggestions Found. View By Relevance View By Search Engine Search Engine MetaSearch Picks: results for "U S States" Search Engine Google: Results 1-10 for "U S States" - States and Capitals
    Welcome to the web site. The number one link resource for states research. Thanks for visiting. Tell two friends. Click Here. States and Capitals. ...
    Crossword State Capitals Quiz The 50 States Quiz State Nicknames Quiz US States Quiz, Geography and ...
    All 50 American
    States Web Sites
    States US Television Stations US Official Time. ... Get Local - Regional:US States All of United States Color Landform Atlas of the United States Includes satellite information for states and counties, 1895 state maps, and tracking of immature eagles.

    20. Statistics & Data For City Planning: U.S.
    ed.http// Paper ui.homePage.HomePage; Maps and more your guide to Census Bureau geography. us Bureau of the Census
    Environmental Design Library

    Special Collections

    Using Statistics

    Statistical Abstracts +
    Campus Libraries
    is a bibliographic research guide to UC Berkeley library and Internet resources for socioeconomic and demographic data and statistics relevant to city planning. The guide has a U.S. focus with a California emphasis; for international statistical sources see which links to many statistical sources useful for international planning. For additional assistance, please consult the Environmental Design Library reference staff, 210 Wurster Hall. UC Berkeley faculty, registered students, and staff who are off campus may use items marked UCB Only or UC Only by installing the Connecting@Berkeley CD on their computer or by using The Library's proxy service Compiled by Deborah Sommer
    Environmental Design Library
    Last updated: 6 June 2003 Gateways:
  • American factfinder (U.S. Census Bureau) Great starting place. Data sources include the decennial censuses, economic censuses, the population estimates program, and the American Community Survey. Users can create tables, reports, or maps with information on their community. Some data are available at the census tract, block, or zip code levels.

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