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         Genome Resources:     more detail
  1. Evolution of Wild Emmer and Wheat Improvement: Population Genetics, Genetic Resources, and Genome Organization of Wheat's Progenitor, Triticum dicoccoides by E. Nevo, A.B. Korol, et all 2002-03-22
  2. Evolution of Wild Emmer and Wheat Improvement: Population Genetics, Genetic Resources, and Genome Organization of Wheat's Progenitor, Triticum dicoccoides by E. Nevo, A.B. Korol, et all 2002-03-22
  3. Genome: The Secret of How Life Works, A Teacher's Resource Guide by Biotechnology Institute, 2006
  4. Aquaculture Genome Technologies by Zhangjiang (John) Liu, 2007-08-13
  5. Genome Mapping and Genomics in Arthropods (Genome Mapping and Genomics in Animals)
  6. Trading the Genome: Investigating the Commodification of Bio-Information by Bronwyn Parry, 2004-09-08
  7. Guide to Human Genome Computing, Second Edition
  8. GENOME THERAPEUTICS CORP.: Labor Productivity Benchmarks and International Gap Analysis (Labor Productivity Series) by Icon Group Ltd., Icon Group Ltd., 2000-04-25
  9. HUMAN GENOME SCIENCES, INC.: Labor Productivity Benchmarks and International Gap Analysis (Labor Productivity Series) by Icon Group Ltd., Icon Group Ltd., 2000-04-25
  10. Ex Situ: Cryoconservation of Genomes and Genes of Endangered Cattle Breeds by Means of Modern Biotechnological Methods (Fao Animal Production and Health Paper) by Gottfried Brem, B. Brenig, et all 1989-07
  11. Genomes and Databases on the Internet: A Practical Guide to Functions and Applications by Giavonnetti, Paul Rangel, et all 2002-02-15
  12. The human genome project : hearing before the Subcommittee on Energy Research and Development of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, United ... July 11, 1990 (SuDoc Y 4.En 2:S.hrg.101-894)

101. MGI 3.0 - Mouse Genome Informatics
genetics, genomics, and biology of the laboratory mouse. Search Categories. MouseBLAST.Search mouse, human, rat, and other sequence data. Additional resources.
Mouse Genome Informatics Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) provides integrated access to data on the genetics, genomics, and biology of the laboratory mouse. Search Categories All Search Tools Genes and Markers
Alleles and Phenotypes

Strains and Polymorphisms
Search mouse, human, rat, and other sequence data
Additional Resources
Nomenclature, Lee Silver's Mouse Genetics , E-mail lists, downloads, ...
Data Submission
Instructions and tools for submitting your data Help
User support, tutorials, FAQ, ... About MGI
MGD, GXD, MGS, MTB, GO What's New
MGI news and announcements
Search for Enter term(s) or part of a term, use * as a wildcard. in these sections All sections Gene symbols/names Accession IDs Phenotypes Gene Expression Gene Ontology Anatomical Dictionary Mouse sequence descriptions Reference abstracts Festing's Strain Characteristics Mouse Locus Catalog
Advanced search for... Genes/Markers Alleles/Phenotypes MLC/OMIM Polymorphisms Strains Orthology Oxford Grid Expression Data cDNA Clones Expression Refs Linkage Maps Cyto Maps Physical Maps Mapping Data Mapping Panels RI SDP RC SDP Sequences Probes/Clones References Accession IDs Citing These Resources Funding Information Send questions and comments to User Support last database update MGI 3.0

102. Amos' WWW Links Page
TIGR OsGI TIGR Rice genome project. BeanGenes - Beans genome db; BeanRef- Beans genome db and other resources; Chlamydomonas resource center;
ExPASy Home page Site Map Search ExPASy Contact us Search Swiss-Prot/TrEMBL Swiss-Prot/TrEMBL (full text) PROSITE SWISS-2DPAGE ENZYME NEWT Taxonomy HAMAP families ExPASy web site for The ExPASy Server requires Javascript to be fully functional. You may not see all the information available for this page (More information)
Amos' WWW links page
Release 5.52 / April 22, 2003 (>1000 links!!) This list contains almost exclusively pointers to information sources for life scientists with an interest in biological macromolecules. Links to protein sequence, 3D structure and 2D-gel analytical tools are provided on the ExPASy server, and more specifically from its Proteomics tools page. Links to Geneva and Swiss biological servers, institutes, etc. are on the Local page of ExPASy. Finally, if you don't find what you want here, do not forget to use our BioHunt molecular biology information search engine. If you think that I should add a specific link, then send me the relevant details, but I reserve the right to choose what I want to include in this page! Notes:

103. Dictionary Of The Mouse Genome
The databases page has been moved. If you are not automatically redirected in a few seconds, click here to go to the gene dictionary page.
The databases page has been moved.
If you are not automatically redirected in a few seconds,
click here to go to the gene dictionary page

104. FGR Homepage
Fungal genome Resource.
Fungal Genome Resource
Physical Maps Aspergillus nidulans
Chromosome I II III IV ... VIII
Neurospora crassa
Linkage group I II III IV ... VII
Nectria haematococca
Chromosome MP VI MAK1
Pneumocystis carinii

Sequence Data BLAST search against our sequences. Download sequence data. Browse Neurospora Pneumocystis A. flavus
Cosmids Cosmid ends ESTs Fetch sequence from Neurospora Pneumocystis A. flavus
clone Search annotation of All organisms Neurospora Pneumocystis A. flavus All sequences Cosmids Cosmid ends ESTs for keyword Internal Pneumocystis mapping and sequencing project Announcements 7th International Workshop on Opportunistic Protists NSF Science and Technology Center Proposal Home page Management Plan Ongoing Projects Workflow Application for Genomics Database for Genomics Computing Life Journals Fungal Genetics and Biology Outside Links Fungal Genetic Stock Center Candida Genome Database UNM ... Genome Project Miscellaneous Document Archives Contact Us Dr. Jonathan Arnold Phone: 706-542-1449 Email: Web Guy Site powered by

105. UK CropNet, Arabidopsis Genome Resource (AGR)
Did you know? ~ Arabidopsis genome Resource (AGR). Quick search AGR Type in resize images). Arabidopsis genome Resource maintained by
About Projects Software Databases ... Help Quick database access: Select DB AGR BarleyDB BrassicaDB CropSeqDB FoggDB MilletGenes AlfaGenes BeanGenes CassavaDB CompositDB CoolGenes CottonDB DictyDB EcoSys EthnobotDB FoodplantDB GrainGenes Mendel-ESTs Mendel-GFDb MPNADB PhytochemDB RiceBlastDB RiceGenes SolGenes SorghumDB SoyBase Did you know?
Arabidopsis Genome Resource (AGR)
Quick search AGR... Type in a relevant keyword or phrase, e.g. 'auxin', 'RNA helicase', 'lax2', 'Bennett', 'homeobox protein' AGR is a database developed at NASC using the ACEDB database system. Sequences, maps, and other information has been combined to form a large and powerful information resource. To start exploring AGR, use the search box above or select a link from below: about AGR accessing AGR AGR help
AGR sequences
... other AGR data
~ AGR news ~ Database rebuilt - 20/03/03
Database includes newly added 57,725 Insert_Salk. More AGR news... Latest AGR version - 2.65 Accessing data in AGR
Although AGR can be downloaded and installed on your own system, the easiest way to explore AGR is via the web. The data in AGR are conveniently organised into classes which can be browsed or searched . Explore the following links and drop-down menus to browse these classes. Browse Arabidopsis sequences: Select class of sequence you are interested in: All DNA sequences All Insert sequences >SINS insert sequences >Pereira ITS insert sequences >Launchpad sequences >Insert sequences from CSHL >EMBL sequences that contain insert sequences

106. Nature Genome Gateway - Home
genome Research and genetics news at the nature genome gateway. Created to mark the publication of the initial sequencing and analysis of the human genome.
Nature Journals Nature Nature Reviews home page Nature Reviews Cancer Nature Reviews Drug Discovery Nature Reviews Genetics Nature Reviews Immunology Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology Nature Reviews Neuroscience Nature Biotechnology Nature Cell Biology Nature Genetics Nature Immunology Nature Materials Nature Medicine Nature Neuroscience Nature Structural Biology Gateways Asia Gateway German Gateway Japan Gateway Bioentrepreneur Cancer Update Genome Gateway Drug Materials Update Physics Gateway Signaling Gateway Academic Journals Bone Marrow Transplantation British Dental Journal British Journal of Cancer British Journal of Pharmacology Cancer Gene Therapy EMBO Reports The EMBO Journal European Journal of Clinical Nutrition European Journal of Human Genetics Evidence-Based Dentistry Eye Gene Therapy Genes and Immunity Heredity International Journal of Impotence Research International Journal of Obesity J of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology J of Human Hypertension J of Perinatology Laboratory Investigation Leukemia Microcirculation Modern Pathology Molecular Psychiatry Neuropsychopharmacology Oncogene Prostate Cancer Spinal Cord The Hematology Journal The Pharmacogenomics Journal
welcome to Nature 's genome gateway...

107. FGR Homepage
We have moved! The Fungal genome Resource has moved. Please click on the followinglink http// or stay put and wait to be transfered.
We have moved!
The Fungal Genome Resource has moved. Please click on the following link or stay put and wait to be transfered. Be sure to update your bookmarks.

108. Fungal Genome Databases
genome Project info MIPS Neurospora crassa database (MNCDB) info Neurosporacrassa Database info Candida albicans info Fungal genome Resource.
Welcome to the GenomeWeb
Fungal Genome Databases
Search for
This is a collection of fungal genome databases and associated data
Yeast Databases
Yeast Genome Project
Saccharomyces cerevisiae Genome Database

Yeast Protein Database (YPD)

Schizosaccharomyces pombe GeneDB
Yeast Transport Protein database (YTPdb)
Other Species
Mycological Resources
The Neurospora Genome Project

MIPS Neurospora crassa database - (MNCDB)

Neurospora crassa Database
Fungal Genome Resource
Detailed information on the above options
Yeast Genome Project Holds the complete genome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Text search of annotation in MIPS yeast database entries
  • Text search of yeast entries in PIR
  • TEXT search of yeast homologs to human ESTs
  • Search of over/under represented N-mers in the S. cerevisiae chromosomes
  • Search for yeast gene names
  • xChromo - view a whole chromosome
  • Get DNA fragments
  • Get Protein sequences
  • Protein homology search
  • Genome-Browser - Compare yeast chromosomes to each other
Saccharomyces cerevisiae Genome Database The SGD project collects information for and maintains a database of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This database includes a variety of genomic and biological information. The complete sequence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, strain S288C, is now public and can be retrieved from SGD (USA), MIPS (Germany), or EBI (England). Sequence searches using BLAST and FASTA are available from SGD. A summary of the yeast chromosomes is being assembled, including references, maps, and a DNA sequence retrieval form. SGD has begun the process of integrating the newly released sequence within its database and is waiting for the standard ORF designations from the authors.

109. Human Genome Most Used Links
Sequence Data Sites. NCGR. NCGR Home Page The National Center for genomeResources in Sante Fe for query access to the genome Sequence Data Base.
Human Genome Most Used Links
Mapping Data Sites Sequence Data Sites Computational Sites Genome Top Pages
Mapping Data Sites
GDB - Genome Database
GDB - Genome Data Base
The Genome Data Base WWW access, chromosome reports, Ideogram-based chromosome searching, Maps, Human Genome Project reasources and Meetings, and Johns Hopkins bioinformatics information.
Genomic Segment Query
Keyword search using WAIS
Quick Search
The search options on this page allow you to retrieve an object from the database without
going to the full set of query forms. These are useful if you know the object you are
searching for either by its accession ID or name. Maps can be retrieved using the customized
query form to query by position.
CPROP Maps of Human Chromosomes
CPROP is an experimental program for doing map construction and integration. It is based on AI methods of reasoning with constraints. Information about distances and orders of loci derived from experiments and/or other maps are represented by constraints, and an inference process propagates these constraints around the map in an attempt to reduce uncertainty.
GDB Map Comparison Reports
OMIM Home Page (now at NCBI)
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man This database is a catalog of human genes and genetic disorders.

110. SeedQuest - Central Information Website For The Global Seed Industry More results from Cold Spring Harbor genome AnalysisLita Annenberg Hazen genome Sequencing Center. Welcome to the Home Pageof genome Sequencing and Analysis at CSHL. News. Maize genome Analysis.

111. Genome Resource Banking For Global Conservation - National Zoo| FONZ
genome Resource Banking for Global Conservation. Meeting the Challengeof species conservation. What is a genome Resource Bank? A genome

Reproductive Science Genome Resource Banking Conservation of Endangered Cats ... Breeding and Conserving Endangered Canids Related Resources Education
Genome Resource Banking for Global Conservation Meeting the Challenge of Preserving Endangered Species
The National Zoo maintains a valuable living repository of specimens from rare and endangered species in the Genome Resource Bank to support efforts in biodiversity and species conservation. What is a Genome Resource Bank? A Genome Resource Bank (GRB) is a frozen repository of biological materials, including sperm and embryos, tissue, blood products and DNA. Scientists in the Department of Reproductive Sciences at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park and its Conservation and Research Center lead the conservation community as an advocate for GRBs for protecting and preserving biodiversity, not as a replacement for preserving habitat but as a helpful conservation tool. We also develop new cryopreservation technologies that have value in understanding endangered species biology (for fish to elephants) and are useful in breeding and genetic management. Why Is a Genome Resource Bank Important?

112. The Institute For Genomic Research
04.28.2004 TIGR announces the release of genome Properties, a new componentof its Comprehensive Microbial Resource (http//

New Clone Sets Announced for Pathogen Researchers
05.17.2004 A new resource for pathogen investigators - the Invitrogen Gateway® Entry Clone Resource - is being offered by the NIAID-sponsored Pathogen Functional Genomics Resource Center (PFGRC) at TIGR. Beginning May 17, the PFGRC will make available clone sets from S. pneumoniae and B. anthracis that are produced using Invitrogen’s Gateway® Cloning Technology. In addition, the PFGRC is providing, at no cost to investigators, a custom clone ordering process which will allow them to specify and order up to 96 Invitrogen Gateway® Entry Clones at a time from a select group of microbial pathogens. A complete description of the available Invitrogen Gateway® Entry Clones and the ordering process can be found at the PFGRC web site: Please check the web site for updates >> Genome Properties, a new system for comparative genomics and whole-genome analysis released

113. Cichlid Genome Consortium
A group of laboratories around the world are working together to develop genomicresources for one of the most diverse groups of Perciformes, the family

114. Genome Canada - Research Programs
RESEARCH PROGRAMS, genome Resource Core Facility. The major mandate of the genomeResource Core Facility is to reach people in the clinical setting.

115. National Genomics And Proteomics Symposium
genome Resource Core Facility. The major mandate of the genome Resource Core Facilityis to reach people in the clinical setting. It is already happening here.

116. TcruziDB: The Trypanosoma Cruzi Genome Resource
Note Draft assemblies may still contain assembly errors at this stage and all assembledwhole genome sequence data are subject to a data usage agreement if
Release 2.2
Data Release:
February 20, 2004 TcruziDB currently provides access to publicly available sequence data for T.cruzi AND genome sequence data from strain (CL Brener), generated by TIGR, Karolinska SBRI . Genome data are also available at GeneDB . Support for TcruziDB is provided by the American Heart Association Welcome to TcruziDB 2.2
NEWS FLASH: Assembled draft sequence and automated annotation now available. Click here for details regarding the new TSK-TSC data release. Note: Draft assemblies may still contain assembly errors at this stage and all assembled whole genome sequence data are subject to a data usage agreement if downloaded. Computational results should be verified experimentally. Please familiarize yourself with the graphical tutorial and methods. If you encounter any problems, have a suggestion or would like to submit data to the database, please contact us at Quick Links Sequence Retrieval Tool (SRT) Download Bulk Sequence Download Single Sequence: sequence ID
Start End Tools BLAST Find a Protein Motif PubMed ... T. cruzi

117. Rat Genome Database: Maps
Search. Advanced Search.
Search Advanced Search Home Data Tools ... Homologs Jump to a Map: Map Name FHH x ACI SHRSP x BN RH map RH x Genetic CHROM CHR. 1 CHR. 2 CHR. 3 CHR. 4 CHR. 5 CHR. 6 CHR. 7 CHR. 8 CHR. 9 CHR. 10 CHR. 11 CHR. 12 CHR. 13 CHR. 14 CHR. 15 CHR. 16 CHR. 17 CHR. 18 CHR. 19 CHR. 20 CHR. X
Map Report
This tool allows you to retrieve data on several types of genetic and RH maps. The Map Report includes information on map length, number of framework and placement markers and links to individual chromosome maps. Map Name Version Unique Markers Back to RGD Home
Data Tools ... Links
The Bioinformatics Program, HMGC is a part of the Medical College of Wisconsin . RGD is funded by grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute on behalf of the NIH

118. Science Functional Genomics Resources: Educational Resources
The flowering of functional genomics, proteomics, biotechnology, and bioinformaticshas led to a Here are some resources to help you come to grips with it.
The rapid changes afoot in genomics, bioinformatics, and gene medicine are forcing scientists, policymakers, and the public alike to grapple with some unfamiliar terminology. The Web, fortunately, offers a rich supply of online glossaries and dictionaries to help make sense of it all. A bit too rich, in fact; to narrow down the choices, we've gathered on this page some of the better online glossaries out there. We've awarded a rosette ( ) to the top sites in selected categories, and a star ( ) to denote additional standout resources. In conferring these rankings, we've tended to favor comprehensive sites that make good use of the Web, through functionality such as internal hyperlinking of related terms. (Those not so honored are still excellent, however, and are well worth a visit.) Genetics and genomics General biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry Post-genomics, biotech, and bioinformatics Medical genomics ... Specific organisms and topics
Genetics and genomics
Glossaries focusing on genetics and genomics, particularly with respect to the human genome.
Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms (from the National Human Genome Research Institute
Although not the most comprehensive of the many online genomics glossaries, the NHGRI's entry is the best-known, the most accessible, and ultimately the most fun. You can search or browse a list of 188 terms in the database, each linked to a cogent definition, related terms, and, in some cases, illustrations. What gives this resource extra interest, though, are accompanying streaming-audio elaborations, each a minute or so in length, by various scientists (here's an example, for the term

119. RGRC@Rice Genome Resource Cente
basic and applied research in cereal genomics, the National Institute of AgrobiologicalSciences (NIAS) has established the Rice genome Resource Center (RGRC
RGRC and Rice Research
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) initiated the Rice Genome Research Project in 1991 with the aim of elucidating the structure and function of the rice genome. This has paved the way for large-scale analysis of all expressed genes in rice, construction of a genetic map and establishment of a physical map of the genome. Then from 1998, the program for rice genome research has further expanded into the rice genome sequencing project, mutant panel project and full-length cDNA project. In the course of these studies, a huge amount of useful resources and biological materials have been generated. In order to provide researchers both within and outside Japan access to these materials as well as to promote basic and applied research in cereal genomics, the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (NIAS) has established the Rice Genome Resource Center (RGRC) on April 1, 2003.
This center is currently providing access to the following biological materials:
1) Rice insertion mutant lines (
2) Materials for genetic analysis
3) Rice full-length cDNA clones
By distributing these resources to the wider research community, we hope to provide support to individual researchers in their quest for new scientific discoveries. At the same time, we also hope that together, we can make greater impact towards future advancements in rice genomics.

120. EctomycorrhizaDB: The Ectomycorrhiza Genome Resource
EctomycorrhizaDB is a database of the International Ectomycorrhiza genome project.This resource provides access to a wide range of EST datasets from various
EctomycorrhizaDB EctomycorrhizaDB is a database of the International Ectomycorrhiza Genome project.
This resource provides access to a wide range of EST datasets from various species of ectomycorrhizal fungi.
This site is in construction

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