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         Genome Resources:     more detail
  1. Evolution of Wild Emmer and Wheat Improvement: Population Genetics, Genetic Resources, and Genome Organization of Wheat's Progenitor, Triticum dicoccoides by E. Nevo, A.B. Korol, et all 2002-03-22
  2. Evolution of Wild Emmer and Wheat Improvement: Population Genetics, Genetic Resources, and Genome Organization of Wheat's Progenitor, Triticum dicoccoides by E. Nevo, A.B. Korol, et all 2002-03-22
  3. Genome: The Secret of How Life Works, A Teacher's Resource Guide by Biotechnology Institute, 2006
  4. Aquaculture Genome Technologies by Zhangjiang (John) Liu, 2007-08-13
  5. Genome Mapping and Genomics in Arthropods (Genome Mapping and Genomics in Animals)
  6. Trading the Genome: Investigating the Commodification of Bio-Information by Bronwyn Parry, 2004-09-08
  7. Guide to Human Genome Computing, Second Edition
  8. GENOME THERAPEUTICS CORP.: Labor Productivity Benchmarks and International Gap Analysis (Labor Productivity Series) by Icon Group Ltd., Icon Group Ltd., 2000-04-25
  9. HUMAN GENOME SCIENCES, INC.: Labor Productivity Benchmarks and International Gap Analysis (Labor Productivity Series) by Icon Group Ltd., Icon Group Ltd., 2000-04-25
  10. Ex Situ: Cryoconservation of Genomes and Genes of Endangered Cattle Breeds by Means of Modern Biotechnological Methods (Fao Animal Production and Health Paper) by Gottfried Brem, B. Brenig, et all 1989-07
  11. Genomes and Databases on the Internet: A Practical Guide to Functions and Applications by Giavonnetti, Paul Rangel, et all 2002-02-15
  12. The human genome project : hearing before the Subcommittee on Energy Research and Development of the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, United ... July 11, 1990 (SuDoc Y 4.En 2:S.hrg.101-894)

81. National Human Genome Research Institute - Educational Resources
An overview of genetics education resources offered to students, teachers andthe general public through the National Human genome Research Institute.

NHGRI Speakers

DNA Kit and Museum Activities

National DNA Day

On Other Sites:
National Coalition for Health Professional Education in Genetics

Genetics Education Center

Dolan DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Genetic Science Learning Center at the Eccles Institute of Human Genetics
About The Human Genome Project

The international effort to map the human genome. 50 years of DNA: A Celebration of the Genome April 2003 events K-12 and General Education Resources Genetic Education Modules for Teachers Teaching tools that help students understand genetics and genomics. DNA Kit Select Activities Activities from the DNA Kit Program Manual Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms A multimedia glossary in both English and Spanish Human Genetic Variation: Curriculum Supplement A curriculum supplement for high school students (on NIH site). Fact Sheets Genetic concepts, research techniques, issues, more. Online Education Resources Genetic Information on the Web Professional Training and Career Development Fellowships, internships, curriculum awards, more. Summer Internships Summertime study at NHGRI for high school, college, graduate students.

82. The Bioinformatics Resource
Organizing biennial Genes, Proteins and Computers Conference and regular scientific meetings, and providing an online research newsletter and other resources for the Bioinformatics Community - by MRC Human genome Mapping Project Resource Centre.
What is TBR? TBR is the website of the CCP11project (Collaborative Computational Project 11). CCP11 was established to foster bioinformatics in the UK research community. Its purpose is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise through conferences, workshops, a newsletter and the use of the world wide web... read more
GPCVIII Conference We are pleased to announce that the conference "Genes, Proteins and Computers VIII" will be held in Glasgow in 2004. For the first time this conference will be held in conjunction with "Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB)" and the "European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB)". read more
Bioinformatics and Disease SIG CCP 11 is running a Special Interest Group associated with this years ISMB/ECCB/GPC. It is titled Bioinformatics and Disease and will be held on Friday 30th July. read more
HGMP-RC Training Courses HGMP-RC creates and teaches courses tailored for wet lab biologists wishing to use computational tools to further their analyses. Designed to offer a general insight into current Bioinformatics, the introductory course brings participants up-to-speed with relevant in silico research tools. The theory behind commonly used algorithms will be explained before participants work through detailed examples using web based, publicly available software. Specialist courses are also offered for, amongst others, phylogeny, linkage and ACeDB

83. The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
genome research centre furthering the knowledge of genetics through largescale sequencing and analysis . Features a range of data resources, software, databases, and career opportunities.
Information Teams Faculty People ...
Advertised Jobs
3rd Jun 2004 More Ensembl version 22 released We are pleased to announce the release of Ensembl v22. This release contains the first release of MultiContigView, a new ... 3rd Jun 2004 More DECIPHER Database Released The DECIPHER database of submicroscopic chromosomal imbalance collects clinical information about ... 28th May 2004 More Richard Durbin, Elected to the Royal Society Dr Richard Durbin, Deputy Director of The Sanger Institute, is elected Fellow of the UK's most prestigious scientific organization, the Royal Society. ... 28th May 2004 More Following the Diabetes Pathways Today in Science Inês Barroso from the Sanger Institute and colleagues describe a "Critical Protein in the Response to Insulin". ... Finished Sequence: 2,262,658,627 bases (09-Jun-2004, 08:53 AM) Detailed Statistics
Contact us

84. Genetics Education Center
resources for educators interested in human genetics and the human genome project. The site is maintained by Medical Genetics, University of Kansas Medical Center.
Genetics Education Center
University of Kansas Medical Center For educators interested in human genetics and the human genome project Human Genome Project Resources (books, videos, curricula) Lesson Plans Networking Genetic Conditions Careers ... Search The Human Genome Project

85. National Human Genome Research Institute - Home Page
Supports genetic and genomic research, investigation into the ethical, legal and social implications surrounding genetics research, and educational outreach activities. Includes educational resources, careers, and training.
Genomic Research
Intramural Research
Research Resources
More Genetics FAQ
Genetic Disorders
Clinical Research
Health Issues
Life in the Lab : A new video for DNA Day
open captioned
closed captioned New User's Guide to the Human Genome ... Nature Genetics The National Human Genome Research Institute led the Human Genome Project for the National Institutes of Health, which culminated in the completion of the full human genome sequence in April 2003. Now, NHGRI moves forward into the genomic era with research aimed at improving human health and fighting disease. A Vision for the Future of Genomic Research International HapMap Project The ENCODE Project The Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) Program ... Kangaroo Hops in Line for Genome Sequencing June 8, 2004 NHGRI Scientists Return to School for Second National DNA Day April 21, 2004 Scientists Compare Rat Genome With Human, Mouse Press Conference Webcast March 31, 2004 DIR Seminar Series June 10, 2004 Dr. Bruce D. Gelb Noonan Syndrome: The Heart and the Blood that Runs Through It Privacy Contact Accessibility Site Index ... Staff Search

86. CGAP
Determine the gene expression profiles of normal, precancer, and cancer cells. Includes human and mouse genome data, information on methods and resources for reagents, and informatics tools.
CGAP HOW TO CGAP Info CGAP Data Quick Links: = "CGAP";
CGAP's Goals The goal of the NCI's Cancer Genome Anatomy Project is to determine the gene expression profiles of normal, precancer, and cancer cells, leading eventually to improved detection, diagnosis, and treatment for the patient. By collaborating with scientists worldwide, such as the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and Lund University , CGAP seeks to increase its scientific expertise and expand its databases for the benefit of all cancer researchers. The CGAP Web Site Interconnected modules provide access to all CGAP data, bioinformatic analysis tools, and biological resources allowing the user to find "in silico" answers to biological questions in a fraction of the time it once took in the laboratory. Genes
Gene information, clone resources, SNP500Cancer, GAI, and transcriptome analysis Chromosomes
FISH-mapped BAC clones, SNP500Cancer, and the Mitelman database of chromosome aberrations

87. Human Genome -- A Guide To Online Resources - Healthfinder®
You are here About Health Fitness Mental Health resources. HumanGenome A Guide to Online resources. internet URL.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Mental Health Resources Home Essentials ... Search for Resources zau(256,152,180,'gob',''+gs,''); Mental Disorders Medications Talk Therapies Finding Help ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Mental Health Resources newsletter. zau(256,152,100,'hs','',''); Search Mental Health Resources
Human Genome A Guide to Online Resources
internet URL
sponsoring agency
National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine
A resource for biomedical researchers around the world. Using search and analysis tools developed at NCBI, scientists can: find a gene's location in the genome; find other genes in the same region; correlate many diseases to genes; find out if a similar gene exists in another organism; see genetic variations; and more. The Human Genome data can be downloaded in its entirety. This data, along with information about the location of genes and other biological features associated with the sequence, is available from NCBI's public FTP site. Keywords: Bioethics Biologics Biomedicine Genetics Research
From Leonard Holmes, Ph.D.

88. Tetraodon Home
Sequencing project . Includes an introduction, genome characteristics, photograph album, and related resources.
Tetraodon nigroviridis
Genome Analysis
General Information
short introduction to the project Sequencing Project current status of the sequencing What is Exofish? short FAQ about Exofish Exofish Server Identify human-Tetraodon conserved regions Mapping Project pages in preparation The Tetraodontiform family pages in preparation Tetraodon genome characteristics karyotype, repeats, etc. Tetraodon photo album many photographs from our fish tanks Tetraodon Resources Clone requests, sequence downloads and BLAST searches Genoscope Tetraodon home Exofish Resources] ... Contact

89. The Dictyostelium Genome Sequencing Project At Baylor College Of Medicine
International effort to determine the complete genetic composition of this simple eukaryote. Incorporates mapping data, sequencing resources, and an overview of extrachromosomal elements.
The Project Background Information DictyEnsembl Extrachromosomal Elements ... Feedback Learn more about Dictyostelium Tools for scientists Learn more about the Project What is Dictyostelium? About the Dictyostelium Genome Other Sequencing Resources Guide to External Sequence Analysis sites ... Learn About the Project - Information and Status Consortium Members About the Libraries Feedback The Dictyostelium Sequencing Project at Baylor College of Medicine is sponsored by
The National Institutes of Health

The National Institute for Child Health and Human Development.
Recommended Accessory Programs (all are free, and available for Windows and Macintosh systems):
For technical assistance, please contact the

90. Gene Therapy
Definition, hurdles, ethical issues, and links to more resources on gene therapy provided by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Human Genome Project Information Genomics:GTL Microbial Genome Program home ... skip navigation
Gene Therapy Subject Index
Alphabetical Index

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Genetics Headlines

Human Genome News

Meetings Calendar
Media Guide
Basic Information

Acronyms Links ... Publications About the Project What is it? Goals Progress History ... Genetics 101 the New Genetics Home Gene Testing Gene Therapy Pharmacogenomics ... Genetic Counseling Ethical, Legal, Social Issues Home Privacy Legislation Gene Testing Patenting ... Genetics in Courtroom Education Teachers Careers Students Webcasts Audio/Video ... Genética Websites en Español Research Home Sequencing Instrumentation Mapping ... Funding Publications Human Genome News Chromosome Poster Primer Molecular Genetics To Know Ourselves ... List of All Publications Search This Site Contact Us Privacy Statement Site Stats and Credits Quick Links to this page

91. DeRisi Lab, University Of California, San Francisco
Exploits whole genome approaches to tackle problems in yeast molecular biology and human infectious disease. Includes research data, people, publications, and microarray resources.

QB3 Microarray Course Pictures
Cold Spring Harbor Course Pictures Public Library of Science ... 16-Tip Deconvoluter v2.2 Promoter v2.20 (Coming soon!) more...
Yeast Proteome Database Saccharomyces Genome Database MIPS Yeast Database ... Pradip Rathod, Univ. Washington
Our lab exploits whole genome approaches to tackle problems in yeast molecular biology and human infectious disease. These projects can be classified into three separate areas:
  • Functional genomics of Plasmodium falciparum , the causative agent of the deadliest form of human malaria. Learn more...
    Tech Museum Video Clip
  • Whole genome approaches to the molecular biology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Searching for a link between asthma and viral infection. The UCSF Core Facility for Genomics and Proteomics provides access to a wide range of equipment, information, protocols, and training for the UCSF campus. Equipment includes a high speed, large capacity microarrayer for nucleic acid and protein arrays, high throughput oligo synthesis, liquid handling, colony picking, and PCR machines. Do you have a genome-wide project in mind? Undoubtedly the instrumentation necessary for the job can be accessed through the Core.
  • 92. MGI 3.0 - Maps And Mapping Data Menu
    Details genetic markers, polymorphisms and maps, links to related data available in the mouse genome database, and other resources.
    Mouse Genome Informatics MGI Home Help Search for
    in these sections All sections Gene symbols/names Accession IDs Phenotypes Gene Expression Gene Ontology Anatomical Dictionary Mouse Sequence Desc. Reference abstracts Strain Characteristics Mouse Locus Catalog Advanced search for... Genes/Markers Alleles/Phenotypes MLC/OMIM Polymorphisms Strains Orthology Oxford Grid Expression Data cDNA Clones Expression Refs Linkage Maps Cyto Maps Physical Maps Mapping Data Mapping Panels RI SDP RC SDP Sequences Probes/Clones References Accession IDs Search Categories
    All Search Tools



    Funding Information

    Send questions and
    comments to User Support
    last database update
    MGI 3.0 Maps and Mapping Data

    Integrated cytogenetic and meiotic map of the bovine genome from the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique. Also provides links to news and related resources.
    Laboratoire de Génétique Biochimique et de Cytogénétique de Jouy-en-Josas
    Mapping the Bovine Genome
    Entry of the Bovmap database - click here
    INRA's report about bovine's Bulldog genetic disease - 14 Feb 2000 A. Eggen and D. Boichard
    Around the BOVMAP database
    New developments around the BOVMAP database (Poster) - locus
    Integrated cytogenetic and meiotic map of the bovine genome
    External databases referenced in Bovmap ( hyperlinks )
    Mammalian Genome Paper : "An extensive and comprehensive RH of BTA15", Gautier et al, 2002
    Other Bovine Genome Ressources
    Cattle Genome Database (CGD, Australia)
    BovGbase (NAGRP, USA)
    Meat Animal Research Center (MARC, USA)
    Illinois Reference / Resource Families (IRRF, USA) ...
    Cattle EST Project (H. Lewin, Illinois Univ., USA)
    Links of interest
    Breeds of Livestock : Cattle
    Biology of the Mammary Gland
    Cattle Diversity Database
    French Cattle Breeds (in french) ...
    Human gene nomenclature ( HUGO )
    Molbio sites and directories
    Deambulum ( Infobiogen )
    Amos' WWW links page ( Expasy )
    Molecular biology protocols
    Bio science web-ring ...
    Primer on Molecular Genetics
    Cattle sites
    Say 'cow' in Icelandic and other languages
    Sites referencing our database
    AgDB: Agriculture-Related Information Systems, Databases, and Datasets

    94. » Dendrome | Institute Of Forest Genetics
    A collection of forest tree genome databases and other genetic information resources for the international forest genetics community.
    Dendrome is a collection of forest tree genome databases and other forest genetic information resources for the international forest genetics community. Dendrome is part of a larger collaborative effort to construct genome databases for major crop and forest species.

    Directory of Forest Geneticists

    Neale Lab Page
    There are currently around 70 genetic maps in TreeGenes Meetings and Courses
    Information on upcoming meetings, courses, abstracts, and reviews Jobs
    Jobs page is continously updated for the available position announcements from all over the world for the forest genetics community. Newsletters The following resources provide comprehensive lists of information available within the community including software, website, and other project information
    Genome Websites

    EST Projects

    Image Database

    Genome Software
    Populus Genome Project
    The primary genome database of Dendrome is called TreeGenes. TreeGenes is an ACeDB style database. It includes genetic map, DNA sequence, germplasm, and other related information for a large number of forest tree species. About TreeGenes Data Submission TreeGenes Database The Dendrome Project is a resource for the entire forest genetics community and as such its success is dependent on the participation and contributions from the community. We welcome comments and suggestions regarding further development and look forward to your submissions to the database.

    95. National Human Genome Research Institute - Online Research Resources
    List of various genetic and genomic research resources available online throughthe National Human genome Research Institute and other institutions.

    Online Health Resources

    Educational Resources

    On Other Sites:
    NIAID Glossary of Funding and Policy Terms

    Online Research Resources
    Online Research Resources
    Click on a topic below, or scroll our list of resources for genetic and genomic researchers. Other Federal Projects Involved in Genomics
    Online Research Resources Developed by DIR

    Software, databases and research project Web sites from NHGRI's Division of Intramural Research (DIR).
    Human Genome Project ELSI Reports and Publications

    Sequences, Maps and BAC Libraries

    Sequencing and BAC Library resources available to the research community. Genome Hub
    • Draft Human Genome Sequence Assemblies and other genomic data resources Underlying Map Information Sequencing Centers of the International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium Model Organism Genome Projects Databases (nucleotide sequence, trace archives, SNPs, cDNA, ESTs, model organisms, and additional sequence, gene and protein databases) ELSI Information Funding Agencies Additional Resources
    Biology Resources Selected Journals Last Reviewed January 2004

    96. Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC)
    Provides seed and information resources to the International Arabidopsis genome Programme and the wider research community. Includes catalog, staff profiles, protocols, and links
    A new charging system is now in place. Please see the Price Information link below . Stock Catalogue

    Search catalogue
    How to order
    Price information

    Check order progress
    ... Arabidopsis Ensembl v2.0 - genome browser with both TIGR and MIPS annotations UK CropNet - Crop plant bioinformatics network Arabidopsis Genome Resource
    RI map data

    Latest additions
  • Alternative spot history for NASCarrays data at the AMPL
  • GABI/Mapman/NASC affy data in Metabolite pathways
  • Credit Card orders now accepted - May 24th 2004
  • Arabidopsis Ensembl v 2.0 - inc. BLAST, TIGR (v5) and MIPS (110204).
  • Charging system has changed to per stock price - May 15th 2004
  • CATMA microarray slides now available
  • GARNET meeting September 2004 registration
  • CATMA 96 well plates containing GST amplicons - March 2004
  • Arabidopsis Ensembl -'s new genomic resource
  • 15th International conference on Arabidopsis research in Berlin - July 2004
  • Arabidopsis visual similarity prototype (IMEDIA Project - INRIA) - January 2004
  • New Ecotype Search - December 2003
  • Plant Physiology Arabidopsis special 2004 - call for authors
  • NASC talks and posters at GARNet (2001-2003) - now available
  • ERA-PG: Opening up of EU national programmes details at EPSO
  • New-look Affymetrix database available - June 2003 Spot History - a tool to show what your gene is doing on hundreds of genechips. - March.
  • 97. Pig EST Database
    Searchable database of pig reproduction ESTs . Includes summary tables and related resources.
    Pig Expressed Sequence Tags Database
    - Developing Resources for Functional Genomics
    News Query Database BLAST Statistics ... Data Summary Download Resouces
  • PigBase
  • dbEST @NCBI
  • UniGene
  • LocusLink ...
  • PEDE, Japan
    • EST Mapping Data: Under construction.
    • A total of 98,988 pig EST sequences were analyzed to search for homologies among pig EST sequences and human genes using BLAST alignment against 97,1000 human UniGene sequences. The similarity among the EST sequences and pig gene sequences was also determined by BLAST alignment against 2,011 pig gene sequences from Genbank.
    • A Java based in-silico mapping tool is being developed (testing).
    What is the pig EST database? Currently, the pig Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) database contains 2 versions: the first version contains ~14,000 EST sequences. This set of sequences was generated by the Iowa State University led Pig EST Coordination Program . The EST sequences were obtained from porcine whole embryo, term placenta, anterior pituitary, hypothalamus and ovary. The new version of pig EST database accomomdates 98,988 pig ESTs which were obtained from NCBI dbEST database, the BLAST alignment data, associated
  • 98. Looking For GDR?
    Looking for GDR? The ARS genome Database Resource (GDR) was permanentlydecommissioned on April 15, 2002. All resources formerly
    Looking for GDR?
    The ARS Genome Database Resource (GDR) was permanently decommissioned on April 15, 2002. All resources formerly at GDR, including ACEDB databases, newsletters and documentation, are available elsewhere. Check Google or other web search services for their current locations. Please update your bookmarks! Note that RiceGenes has been superceded by Gramene , a comparative database for the grasses. The MapPop software package is available from Todd Vision at the University of North Carolina.

    99. Multicellular Eukarya Genome Sequencing Projects
    Web resources genome sequence of additional Caenorhabditis speciesenhancing the utility of C. elegans as a model organism. Copyright
    (see also bioinformatic tools for nucleic acids

    100. Genome Resource Banks: Living Collections For Biodiversity Conservation
    Once the decision is made to implement a GRB, then the next challenge becomes genomebanking infrastructure. If resources were limitless, formal regional GRB
    Volume 47, Number 10, November 1997 Genome Resource Banks Living collections for biodiversity conservation David E. Wildt, William F. Rall, John K. Critser, Steven L. Monfort, and Ulysses S. Seal David E. Wildt (e-mail: Biological diversity is the key to maintaining life as we know it (Wilson 1992). However, rapidly growing human populations place extraordinary pressures on ecosystems, such as large-scale environmental destruction, habitat conversion, habitat fragmentation, and pollution. One reaction to these problems has been the emergence of conservation biology, an assemblage of scientific disciplines that are focused on sustaining biodiversity through a cooperative synthesis of ideas, information, and approaches. Panthera tigris ): Of the eight tiger subspecies that were recognized as endangered in 1969 by the IUCN-World Conservation Union, three ( Panthera tigris vigata, P. t. sondaica, and P. t. balica ) are now extinct, and one ( P. t. amoyensis , the South China tiger) is critically endangered, with fewer than 80 individuals remaining in the wild (Table 1; Jackson 1993). Moreover, fewer than 400 Siberian tigers ( P. t. altaica

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