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41. NABRW Conference Schedule
GrainGenes The Triticeae genome Database. of Crop Soil Sciences, Washington State.University, Pullman, WA; 2 Plant Genomics Institute, Dept. Centre, agric.
17th Triennial North American Barley Researchers Workshop Homepage
TENTATIVE MEETING AGENDA Oral Presentations for the NABRW, Fargo, ND 2002
Sunday September 22 2:00 - 5:00 PM - Barley Crop Advisory Committee Meeting 6:00 - 9:00 PM - Registration 6:00-8:00 PM Poster Setup Crystal I Room 7:00 - 10:00 PM - Reception (Provided With Meeting Registration) - Bach Room Monday September 23 7:30 am - Meeting Registration 8:00 – Welcome Feed, Food and Malt Quality 8:10 Joe Hertrick, Anheuser Busch – Malting barley quality needs 8:50 William Rahr, Rahr Malting – Globalization of malting and brewing 9:20 Vern Anderson and Greg Lardy, North Dakota State University – Feed barley research and market development 9:40-10:00 Break 10:00 Walt Newman, Montana State University – Barley dietary fiber and beta-glucans: pigs and people 10:20 Christine Fastnaught, National. Barley Foods Council – Barley reduces cholesterol – an update on clinical trials and FDA petition process 10:40 Dennis Gordon, North Dakota State University – Barley as a human food and functional food 11:10 Jorge Correa, Semillas Correa Mexicana – Barley and its potential as a forage crop in dairy production in Mexico

42. Publication_list
J Genetic map of diploid wheat, Triticum monococcum L., and its comparison withmaps of Hordeum Plant genome Conference, San Diego, USA (1995 J. Sichuan agric.
Featured Links: WheatDB, A Wheat Physical Mapping Database
The Harlan II Symposium
  • Luo MC , Thomas C, You FM, Hsiao J, Ouyang S, Buell CR, Malandro M, McGuire PE, Anderson OD, Dvorak J: High-throughput fingerprinting of bacterial artificial chromosomes using the snapshot labeling kit and sizing of restriction fragments by capillary electrophoresis. Genomics Full Text available at Luo MC , Thomas CS, Deal KR, You FM, Anderson OD, Gu YQ, Li W, Kuraparthy V, Gill BS, McGuire PE, Dvorak J. Construction of contigs of Aegilops tauschii genomic DNA fragments cloned in BAC and BiBAC vectors. Proc. 10th Intern. Wheat Genet. Symp. 1: 293-296, Paestum, Italy (2003). Dvorak J, Akhunov E, Akhunov A, Luo MC et al., New Insights into the Organization and Evolution of Wheat Genomes. Proc. 10th Intern. Wheat Genet. Symp . 1: 247-253, Paestum, Italy (2003). Luo MC , Thomas C, Xu Z, Zhang HB, Malandro M, Morgante M. McGuire PE and Dvorak J.
  • 43. Genetic And Genomic Research Of Vitis
    aiming to develop linkage and physical maps, ESTs, BAC Grape search in the GRIN databasebased on Agricultural Microbes genome 2 Conference January 1719, 2001
    Paul Evans Library of Fruit Science Websites on Genetic and Genomic Research on
    Grapevine ( Vitis spp.)
    • Research Centers and Institutes
    • Databases
    • Articles and research, by topic
      Research Centers and Institutes
      • The American Vineyard Foundation (AVF) - A California corporation organized in 1978 by the American Society of Enology and Viticulture as a vehicle to raise funds for research in viticulture and enology. Basic and applied research has made the American grape and wine industry the world's leader. Our vineyards produce grapes of unsurpassed quantity and quality.
      • Bioinformatics.Org - A clearing house of public resources for plant-focused bioinformatics including plant related database, analysis and presentation technologies. Bioinformatics.Org is a non-profit, academe-based organization committed to opening access to bioinformatics research projects, providing Open Source software for bioinformatics by hosting its development, and keeping biological information freely available. Bioinformatics.Org is a community focused on the freedom of information as it pertains to the biosciences, a community sorely needed in our field, one of the most commercial of all scientific endeavors. And there are no doors to this laboratory to lock out the inquisitive based on any social rank. We stand firmly on our conviction that science is for the sake of science and not to be influenced by political and economic forces.
      • Grapevine Genomics at the The Centre for Plant Conservation Genetics : The Grapevine Genome database is a result of a large-scale sequencing project carried out at the Centre for Plant Conservation Genetics. A number of objectives were achieved including the development of SSR markers from grape ESTs, micropropagation of table and wine grape varieties and an analysis of the grape genome based on 5,000 EST sequences. The results of the work on grape ESTs is now available in the Grapevine Genome database.

    44. Bookmarks For George
    page. The USDA Research Database Agricultural genome Informatiion System(AGIS) Home Page Universities. Plant Malaysia) maps/GIS/GPS.
    Links to Other Sites (Univ of Sussex-Geography) Soil Science Links (Univ Putra, Malaysia)
    NSF OnLine Documents
    Land-Use, Fragmentation
    Forest Fragmentation - People in Forested Landscapes: Changing Land Use and Demographics Issue Analysis Project
    IGBP (International Geosphere- Biosphere Program) General Information Mexico Biodiversity Info - COMISION NACIONAL PAOCIMIENTO Y USO DE LA BIODIVERSIDAD Environmental Mgmt (DOE) ESSP Home Page ... Environmental Journalism Home Page: Forest links
    Water Resources/Natural Resources/Hydrology
    Natural Resources
    Natural Resources: Government Agencies
    Water Resources/Hydrology
    Wetland Science Institute
    United States Geological Service (USGS)
    USGS Water Resources of the United States USGS National Mapping Information: Home Page U.S. Geological Survey Biological Resources Division - USGS
    Libraries/Journals/Books/Networks/Bibliographic sources/Computer Programs
    Computer Programs
    MSDN Online Technologies NOAA Paleoclimatology Program - ITRDB Program Library The ITRDB Program Library Version 2.1

    45. References
    Quality evaluation of databases, J. Am. from Tetramorium ants by selforganizing mapsfor morphological Cluster analysis and display of genome-wide expression
    References Sumner Home

    Mass Spec Basics

    Funtional Genomics

    REFERENCES 1. Barker, D.G., Bianchi, S., Blondon, F., Dattée, Y., Duc, G., Essad, S., Flament, P., Gallusci, P., Génier, G., Pierre, G., Muel, X., Tourneur, J., Dénarié, J., Huguet, T., Medicago Truncatula , a model plant for studying the molecular genetics of the Rhizobium -Legume symbiosis, Plant Mol. Biol. Rep., 2. Cook, D.R., VandenBosch, K., de Bruijn, F.J., Huguet, T., Model legumes get the nod, Plant Cell, 3. Cook, D.R., Medicago truncatula - a model in the making!, Curr. Opin. Plant Biol., 4. Trieu, A.T., Burleigh, S.H., Kardailsky, I.V., Maldonado-Mendoza, I.E., Versaw, W.K., Blaylock, L.A., Shin, H., Chiou, T.-J., Katagi, H., Dewbre, G.R., Weigel, D., Harrison, M.J., Transformation of Medicago truncatula via infiltration of seedlings or flowering plants with Agrobacterium Plant J., 5. Bell, C.J., Dixon, R.A., Farmer, A.D., Flores, P., Inman, J., Gonzales, R.A., Harrison, M.J., Paiva, N.L., Scott, A.D., Weller, J.W., May, G.D., The Medicago genome initiative: A model legume database

    46. Animal Genetics Abstract
    mapping of DNA sequences to livestock genome maps using SSLP with the nr and dbESTdatabases of GenBank BLAT searches of the UCSC human genome assembly revealed

    for development of local very high resolution maps for map cDNAs were compared againstthe NBRFPIR database using the at least 44 pox genes in the rice genome.
    This document dated 19 Feb. 1996 Ilkka Havukkala
    last updated 19 February 1996

    48. (MSU)Sprague Library - Biology Resources On The Web
    Select a Database. Glossary of Genetic Terms (from the Nat’l Human genome ResearchInst.). Biological databases.
    Quick Links: Select a Database ABI/INFORM Art Abstracts Congressional Universe Contemporary Authors CQ Researcher CQ Researcher - Barcode Ebsco Acad. Premier Ebsco Acad. Premier-Barcode Education Full Text Emerald Full Text Encyclopedia Britannica ERIC - MSU Only ERIC - Public Access ED Fulltext HRAF Infotrac-Expanded Acad. Index JSTOR LEXIS-NEXIS LLBA MLA NJ Union List of Serials Oxford English Dictionary Project Muse PsycArticles PsycInfo PsycInfo - Barcode Pubmed Reader's Guide ScienceDirect Socio. Abstracts STAT-USA more... Select a Catalog Sprague Library Catalog Curriculum Resource Center Other Catalogs Regional Research Libraries Home Guides Biology Resources on the Web
    Biology Resources on the Web
    Choose from among the following: Starting Points: Comprehensive
    Biological Databases
    Guides to Finding Articles Reference Tools ... Biology Faculty Recommended Sites
    Starting Points: Comprehensive Guides, Gateways and Portals (from Academic Info) Biology Links (Harvard Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology)

    49. Genetics -- Meuwissen Et Al. 161 (1): 373
    developed human map to lower density maps in cattle USMARC genome DATABASE, 2000 USMeat Animal Research Center http//

    HELP FEEDBACK SUBSCRIPTIONS ... PDF Version of this Article Similar articles found in:
    Genetics Online

    PubMed Citation This Article has been cited by: other online articles Search PubMed for articles by:
    Meuwissen, T. H. E.
    Goddard, M. E. Alert me when:
    new articles cite this article

    Download to Citation Manager
    Fine Mapping of a Quantitative Trait Locus for Twinning Rate Using Combined Linkage and Linkage Disequilibrium Mapping
    Theo H. E. Meuwissen a , Astrid Karlsen b b , Ingrid Olsaker c , and Mike E. Goddard d
    a Institute for Animal Science and Health, Lelystad, 8200 AB The Netherlands,
    c Department of Morphology, Genetics and Aquatic Biology, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, 0033 Oslo, Norway,
    d Institute of Land and Food Resources, University of Melbourne, Parkville, 3052 Australia and Victorian Institute of Animal Science, Attwood, Victoria, 3049 Australia Corresponding author: Theo H. E. Meuwissen, Box 65, Lelystad, 8200 AB The Netherlands., (E-mail) Communicating editor: C. H

    50. AfricaBio: Links
    and reproduction, and development of genetic maps and markers by the USDA/NAL PlantGenome Research developing new sources and types of biotechnology databases.
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    Ag-West Biotech
    • Supports the development of the Saskatchewan agricultural biotechnology industry through agricultural genomics and development of new crops with special nutritional attributes;
    • Maintains an agricultural biotechnology information service and public demonstration laboratory, SABIC, which responds to the information needs of consumers in Canada and North America.
    AgBioForum Magazine

    51. Blackwell Synergy - Cookie Absent
    similarity to sequences in international databases. integrate transcriptional, physicaland genetic maps. Comparative genomics between these developing model
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    52. GREP Annual Report 2000
    sources and its comparison with other sorghum maps. based screening of SSRenrichedgenomic libraries is bioinformatics to screen these databases for sequences
    SAT CROP IMPROVEMENT THROUGH APPLIED GENOMICS Output 1 Develop appropriate DNA marker technologies, improved biometric and bioinformatic tools 1.1 DNA TECHNOLOGY ACTIVITIES 1.1.1 Establish high throughput facility for PCR-based marker screening and sequencing Rationale For more information contact:
    For more information contact:
    Results: Establishing the Applied Genomics Lab. For more information contact:
    Results: Optimizing and standardizing DNA extraction Chickpea: Between 1.5-2.0g of leaf/stem tissue was harvested from15-30 day old chickpea glasshouse plants which yielded 1-4 µg/µl of DNA. The mercaptoethanol concentration commonly used in DNA extraction protocols is 0.2%. Initial extractions showed that 0.03% mercaptoethanol was sufficient to decrease polyphenol oxidation in young glasshouse grown plants. Varying the CTAB concentration from 1-4% (w/v) had little or no effect on the quality of DNA which was assessed spectrophotometrically at 260/280 nm, and electrophoretically before and after restriction enzyme digestion. Groundnut: Pigeonpea: Sorghum and millet: A range of CTAB concentration buffers (1-8%) was used with 0.17% mercaptoethanol to isolate DNA from 1-1.15g of millet and sorghum leaf/stem tissue. The leaf tips were not included in the DNA extraction due to reported nuclease activity in this region. The DNA isolated ranged from 0.2-1.5 µg/µl and had a 260/280 nm ratio of between 1.8-2. Analysis of the DNA by agarose gel electrophoresis showed that the DNA was not retained in the agarose gel wells.

    53. ILAR Journal Online, Volume 39(2/3) 1998: Comparative Gene Mapping
    In the database entitled Online Chromosomes of Animals, Nicholas has also CytogeneticsPhysical chromosome maps. Development and use of the sheep genome map.
    <% Response.Write "
    " id=Request.QueryString("id") if id="" then Response.Write " ILAR Journal Home " end if %> ILAR Journal V39(2/3) 1998
    Comparative Gene Mapping
    The Sheep Gene Map

    Thomas E. Broad, Diana F. Hill, Jillian F. Maddox, Grant W. Montgomery, and Frank W. Nicholas Thomas E. Broad, B.V.Sc. (Hons) M.Sc., Ph.D., is Senior Scientist in the AgResearch Molecular Biology Unit; Grant W. Montgomery, B.Ag. Sc. (Hons), Ph.D., is Program Leader of the AgResearch Molecular Biology Unit; Diana F. Hill, B.Sc., Ph.D., is Director of the Molecular Biology Unit and Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Otagu, Dunedin, New Zealand. Jillian F. Maddox, B.V.Sc., Ph.D., G.Dip.lnf. Sci., is Senior Research Fellow of the Centre for Animal Biotechnology, School of Veterinary Science, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Australia: and Frank W. Nicholas, B.Ag. Sc., Ph.D., is Associate Professor in the Department of Animal Science, University of Sydney, Camperdown, Australia.
    Since their domestication around 7000 to 9000 BC, sheep have significantly influenced the economic, social, and cultural fabric of human society. The volume entitled

    54. Aglinks
    Agricultural genome Map http// top 12 sites Oxford WorldWeeds Database Search http United Kingdom Weather maps http//
    Internet Address List August 2001 Agri-Business
    Bayer Corporation Cyanamid Farm Journal Today Successful Farming Northern Great Plains ABS (Bovine Genetics) Animal Husbandry
    A*L*O*T Angus Page Cornell Forages Dairyline Owenlea Holsteins National Forage Council Agricultural Information
    Alfalfa Harvest Alert AgriGator (Overview of Agricultural Sites) ARS Genome Database Resource Agricultural Genome Map Agriculture Virtual Library Agronomy Society of America Agronomic Links Across the Globe Biological Control: A guide to Natural Enemies in North America

    55. JAS -- MacNeil And Grosz 80 (9): 2316
    not constitute a guarantee or warranty of the product by USDA, Montana agric. The spotted locus maps to bovine chromosome 6 in a Hereford Genomics database.
    Year: Vol: Page:
    Abstract of this Article
    PDF Version of this Article Similar articles found in:
    JAS Online

    PubMed Citation This Article has been cited by: other online articles Search PubMed for articles by:
    MacNeil, M. D.
    Grosz, M. D. Alert me when:
    new articles cite this article

    Download to Citation Manager
    J. Anim. Sci. 2002. 80:2316-2324
    American Society of Animal Science
    Genome-wide scans for QTL affecting carcass traits in Hereford x composite double backcross populations
    M. D. MacNeil and M. D. Grosz USDA-ARS, Fort Keogh Livestock and Range Research Laboratory, Miles City, MT 59301 Correspondence:
    243 Fort Keogh (phone: 406-232-8213; fax: 406-232-8209; E-mail: Abstract Top Abstract Introduction Materials and Methods Results and Discussion Implications Literature Cited A genome-wide scan for chromosomal regions influencing carcass traits was conducted spanning 2.413 morgans on 29 bovine autosomes using 229 microsatellite markers. Two paternal half-sib families

    56. Identification Of The Fertility Restoration Locus, Rfo, In Radish, As A Member O
    The genetic and physical maps around the locus formally delimit Rfo is deposited inthe EMBL nucleotide sequence database under the (1998) genome structure and

    57. Transgenesis And Genomics In Molecular Breeding Of Forage Plants
    their use in the development of framework genetic maps. The creation of EST databasesof the world s Utilization of transgenic plants and genome analysis in
    Transgenesis and Genomics in Molecular Breeding of Forage Plants Transgenesis and Genomics in Molecular Breeding of Forage Plants G. Spangenberg , R. Kalla , A. Lidgett , T. Sawbridge , E.K. Ong and U. John
    Plant Biotechnology Centre, Agriculture Victoria, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria 3086, Australia; and CRC for Molecular Plant Breeding Abstract
    1 Introduction
    Grassland agriculture is highly dependent upon a reliable source of forage as the primary feed base for ruminant livestock (Barnes and Baylor, 1995). In most areas of the world, forage production is a low cash-input production system, and thus the most economical way to deliver advanced technology to forage producers is through the genetic improvement of forage plant cultivars (McKersie, 1997). Conventional forage plant breeding has been based on the use of natural genetic variation as found between and within ecotypes or created through sexual recombination (Van Wijk et al ., 1993). Biotechnology allows the generation of novel variability as well as more efficient use of existing genetic variability. It offers opportunities to enhance the sources of useful genes accessible for the development of new cultivars and to speed up genetic improvement programs.
    The enabling methodologies for the application of molecular technologies to the improvement of key pasture grasses and legumes have been largely developed, and recently reviewed (McKersie and Brown, 1997; Spangenberg

    58. Subject Listings
    Maize genome Database. MaizeDB a public Internet gateway to current knowledge aboutthe maize genome and its expression provides genetic maps mapped loci
    Subject Listings Subject Listing for "biology"
    Number of Matches: 51 Broader Term(s) Biological Sciences
    Current Term biology
    Narrower Term(s) (biological properties and phenomena) anatomy and morphology behavior biochemistry ... zoology
    matches for query: Sorted by relevance AgNIC Plant Science Homepage Description:
    This web site provides significant resources, information, publications, associations, and other links to plant science information on the Internet. Subject Descriptors:
    plant nutrition; plant genetics; field crops; horticultural crops; hay and other forage crops; plant propagation; specialty crops; soil; Keywords:
    germplasm, microbial cultures, taxonomy, and variety trials; Accessible from:
    Agricultural biotechnology Description:
    APHIS (Animal and Plant Health and Inspection Services) regulates the movement, importation, and field testing of Genetically Engineered Organisms (GEOs) through permitting and notification procedures. In addition, APHIS Veterinary Biologics inspects biologics production establishments and licenses genetically engineered products. Other responsibilities are listed under "Local Subjects". Subject Descriptors:
    Genetic Engineering; Laws and Regulations; Transgenic Plants; Control Methods; Biotechnology; Plant Protection;

    59. Subject Listings
    BovMap Database. Offers a tool to follow the rapid bovine genome mapping progress informationon loci alleles genetic and physical maps polymorphisms homologies
    Subject Listings Subject Listing for "animals"
    Number of Matches: 421 Broader Term(s) Animal Science and Animal Products organisms
    Current Term animals
    Narrower Term(s) dead animals dead animals desert animals desert animals ... zoo animals
    matches for query: Sorted by relevance 1992 Dairy Enterprise Budget: 200 Cow Herd Description:
    "Enterprise budgets can help you identify business strengths and weaknesses, plan for adjustments, determine financing requirements and address other business management issues." Also in Dairy Infobase. Subject Descriptors:
    farm budgets; enterprises; dairy cattle; Keywords:
    No keywords assigned. Accessible from:
    ABC's of Cow Comfort Description:
    Illini DairyNet paper on physical environment for dairy cows and its relationship to maximum milk production. Covers air quality, bunk management and stall design. Also in Dairy Infobase. Subject Descriptors:
    milk production; dairy cattle; Keywords: stalls; bunks;

    60. [Home Page]
    RGN 4, p. 1 112 RGN 7, p.22-24 RGN 10, p. 18-19. Chloroplast and mitochondrialgenetic maps RGN 11, p.20-22. 1990. Acta agric. Univ.Pekinensis 16 262-272.
    Search for: Database: All Protein Ontology Mutant Literature Map Marker QTL Sequence Genome Browser BLAST SSR Search CMap ... Volume 12 Contents
    C. Report of Committee on Gene symbolization. Nomenclature and Linkage Groups Convener: T.Kinoshita (For memory) Numbering of rice chromosomes and their relationships with linkage groups
    (from RGN 7, p. 13) Trisomics Karyotype Chromosome
    Number Khush
    et al.
    Nishimura Linkage group O Kl III N X M XI+XII E II L VI+IX B I F Kll IV D sug H V+VII C fgl G VIII A d-33 List of gene symbols recommended (with linkage group and key literature) 1)Phenotype-oriented:RGN 6, p. 12-29. 2) Alphebetically arranged: RGN 8, p.4-25. 3) Chromosome-oriented: RGN 7, p25-35, RGN 10, p-20-32 (supplement to previous lists). 4) Linkage-group oriented: RGN 4, p. 13-24: its supplement, RGN 5, p.8. Linkage maps RGN 4, p. 1 1-12: RGN 7, p.22-24: RGN 10, p. 18-19. Chloroplast and mitochondrial genetic maps: RGN 11, p.20-22. I. New gene symbols registered In accordance with rule 7, the following gene symbols are registered after an examination for priority and validity, with the assistance of coordinators for respective

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