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         Genetic Careers:     more detail
  1. Using genograms to facilitate undergraduate students' career development: a group model.: An article from: Career Development Quarterly by Krista M. Malott, Sandy Magnuson, 2004-12-01
  2. Outstanding traits: in a selected college group,: With some reference to career interests and war records (Genetic psychology monographs) by Frederic Lyman Wells, 1946
  3. The Leadership Gene: The Genetic Code of a Life-Long Leadership Career by Cyril Levicki, 1998-06
  5. The Human Career: Human Biological and Cultural Origins by Richard G. Klein, 1989-12-15
  6. Plant Breeding and Agrarian Research in Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institutes 1933-1945: Calories, Caoutchouc, Careers (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science) by Susanne Heim, 2008-03
  7. The effect of Egalitarian and Complementarian gender role attitudes on career aspirations in Evangelical female undergraduate college students.: An article from: Journal of Psychology and Theology by Colleen Warner Colaner, Susan C. Warner, 2005-09-22
  8. "Maybe it's genetic...": An article from: The Exceptional Parent
  9. Talent, opportunity and career: A twenty-six year follow-up of 1500 individuals by Torsten Husén, 1969
  10. The Uses of Discretion (Oxford Socio-Legal Studies)
  11. The Infertility Treadmill: Feminist Ethics, Personal Choice, and the Use of Reproductive Technologies (Studies in Social Medicine) by Karey A. Harwood, 2007-11-26
  12. Where the Truth Lies: Franz Moewus and the Origins of Molecular Biology by Jan Sapp, 1990-07-27

61. Committees | The Division Of Biological Sciences And The Pritzker School Of Medi
geneticists from various academic departments aimed at training students in advancedrationales and methods of genetic analysis for careers as independent
BSD Committees
Quick Jump: Select a Committee Committee on Cancer Biology Committee on Cell Physiology Committee on Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics Committee on Comparative Medicine and Pathology Committee on Computational Neuroscience Committee on Developmental Biology Committee on Evolutionary Biology Committee on Genetics Committee on Immunology Committee on Microbiology Committee on Molecular Medicine Committee on Neurobiology
The Division is home to numerous degree-granting interdisciplinary committees. As part of one of the four Divisional clusters that include departments and committees, this structure allows students access to faculty across departments and across divisions.
Committee on Cancer Biology
The Committee on Cancer Biology offers a graduate program of study leading to the Ph.D. in cancer biology. The program provides multidisciplinary training for a research career in any aspect of cancer biology, focusing on mammalian (particularly human) biology, as well as the study of genes and processes in other eukaryotic organisms. The Committee enables students to concentrate specifically in one of several areas of cancer biology such as apoptosis, cancer cytogenetics, cell cycle, chromosome damage/repair, drug resistance, metastatic progression, signal transduction, and tumor biology.

62. MSc In Plant Genetic Manipulation
in Plant genetic Manipulation, going on to funded PhD research at the Universityof Nottingham or elsewhere. Others, through choice, establish careers beyond

Postgraduate MSc Courses
MSc in Plant Genetic Manipulation
Careers and Destinations Completion of this Masters programme which attracts home and international students leads to a wide range of career and employment opportunities. A majority of graduates of this course establish career pathways in biotechnology and agro-industry. Graduates are also equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to begin doctoral research with 50% of all graduates, with their MSc degree in Plant Genetic Manipulation, going on to funded PhD research at the University of Nottingham or elsewhere. Others, through choice, establish careers beyond higher education and directly in the workplace. First Destinations include :

63. The Click-On-Careers Network
Take our career assessment to find an occupation you can click with.Industries Healthcare Biotechnology Career genetic Counselor.

64. Careers In Genetic Counseling
Health careers Center the University of Minnesota. Virtual Health careers Center.Health Care Fields. search the ahc. What s Inside Health careers Center Events. Return to: Office of Education Academic Health Center myAHC U of M Home ...
Center Home
search the ahc
What's Inside Health Careers Center Events
AHC Calendar

Privacy and Security Project Notice of Privacy Practices ... Privacy The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. Last modified on 10-Jul-03

65. ISU Biotechnology Majors
have developed careers in conservation biology, technical writing, science journalism,technical sales, biological illustration, and genetic counseling.
Biotechnology Contents Introduction Biotechnology Majors Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering Agricultural Education and Studies Food Science and Human Nutrition ... For more information Biotechnology discoveries are:
  • improving human, animal, and plant health; increasing the availability of nutritious food products; reducing our reliance on chemical pesticides; expanding the variety of products produced by living organisms; and impacting our economy, legal system, and ethical standards.
D o you love adventure and discovery? Would you like to explore the unknownmap the uncharted inner space of chromosomes and genes? Do you want to help society define the legal, ethical, and moral boundaries of genetic research? If you have a pioneering spirit, then consider studying biotechnology, one of the world's newest sciences.
Preparing for a biotechnology career
An Iowa State undergraduate degree with a biotechnology emphasis is a solid foundation on which to build a career. If you decide to enter the workplace after earning your Iowa State degree, you'll find that an emphasis in biotechnology attracts employers in industry, government, and public health. You might be part of a team researching and developing new and beneficial industrial products. You may help find a cure for a devastating disease. You could work to modify the genetic code of plants or animals to improve crop varieties and livestock breeds. You might work in a forensics laboratory to help solve crimes. Or you might provide the scientific expertise that government agencies and legislative bodies need to help them guide the direction of biotechnology research.

66. FASB: Careers
Small Business Advisory Committee. careers. Financial Accounting Foundation. FASB careers Technical Accounting Positions FASB careers Home. Fellow Programs
Front Page Search FASB Store Board Meetings ...
Financial Accounting Foundation
FASB Careers:
Technical Accounting Positions
Are you looking for an intellectually challenging work environment on the cutting edge of financial accounting and reporting, where you can broaden your knowledge and improve your professional skills? Would you like to know that you’re making a real impact on behalf of the investing public, protecting their interests by helping to improve the United States financial reporting environment? The Financial Accounting Standards Board is seeking bright, motivated people for its research team to help establish high-quality financial accounting standards. FASB standards are the product of the research team's:
  • in-depth research and development of solutions to a variety of complex financial reporting problems extensive contact with high-level individuals in industry, public accounting, the investment and analyst communities, and academe who have an interest in the outcome of the standards-setting process.
As a member of the research team, you will:

67. The Genetics Society
Primary purpose is the study of the mechanisms of inheritance. Features membership, publications, education and careers, meetings, and lectures.
Genetics Society Medal 2005
Awarded to Phil Ingham
, Professor, MRC Intercellular Signalling Group, University of Sheffield.
L'Oréal/Royal Institution Science Graduate of the Year Award
L’Oreal and the Royal Institution are pleased to invite applications from students working in the life sciences, physical sciences, chemistry, plant sciences and medicine. Now in its 5th year, the Award is open to young researchers in British and Irish universities who have not yet submitted their doctoral thesis. The Award is intended to recognise high quality research of a ground-breaking nature, which shows originality and the will to innovate. The winner will receive a £6000 prize, media training and life membership of the Ri. All candidates selected for interview will be given special recognition, media training and a £200 prize.
The Sir Kenneth Mather Memorial Prize
This is an annual prize of £150 to reward a BSc, MSc or PhD student of any UK University or Research Institution who has shown outstanding performance in the areas of quantitative or population genetics. Click here to find out more.

68. Vanderbilt Program In Human Genetics
Research molecular, clinical, and population levels of how genes influence complex traits. Includes core facilities, news, educations, and careers.
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Wednesday, June 09 2004 The Vanderbilt Center for Human Genetics Research (CHGR) was initiated in July, 1997 to bring a focus to human genetic research at Vanderbilt , to foster the expansion of this research, to help develop new initiatives that incorporate the latest in genetic information, and to develop appropriate training activities for a growing number of students interested in human genetics. The central theme of the CHGR is the understanding of how genes influence complex traits; traits that are influenced by the intricate interplay of multiple genes and environmental factors. This encompasses research at the molecular, clinical, and population levels performed by faculty in multiple departments and schools.
Vanderbilt, Duke scientists discover genetic clues to development of Alzheimers - [Full Story] Guy Named Regional Burn Center Director - [Full Story] Supercomputer center 'very convenient for users on campus' - [Full Story] More News . . . Contact Webmaster

69. Genetics: Educational Information
been compiled to serve as a reference source for undergraduate students, graduatestudents, and house officers who are considering careers in human genetics.
Genetics: Educational Information
There are two sources of information to help you clarify your educational direction:
Careers Brochure
The Careers Brochure outlines the training required for different career tracks within the genetics field, and presents profiles of scientists whose varied occupations are all based on the science of genetics.
Guide to North American Graduate and Postgraduate Training Programs In Human Genetics
The Training Programs Guide has been compiled to serve as a reference source for undergraduate students, graduate students, and house officers who are considering careers in human genetics. The Guide focuses only on programs that offer graduate and postgraduate training specifically designed to prepare individuals for careers in human genetics. The Guide will be updated semiannually beginning September 2000.
Medical School Curriculum in Genetics
A report developed by the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) to provide guidance to deans and curriculum committees regarding knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to medical genetics that are likely to be needed by all current medical students during their careers as physicians.
Education and Medical School Genetics Web Sites
The following is a list of educational resources and genetics programs at the various medical schools in the U.S.

70. Links To The Genetic World: 3
skip navigation. Links to the genetic World. Contact Us. Privacy Statement. Site Stats and Credits. No endorsement is made or implied by inclusion here. Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues. 1997 Program Report in the DOE Human Genome Project
Human Genome Project Information Genomics:GTL Microbial Genome Program home ... skip navigation
Links to the Genetic World
Subject Index
Alphabetical Index

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71. GSA - Genetics Society Of America - Careers In Genetics
careers in Genetics. Joint Steering Committee For Public Policy. The Science ofGenetics Solving the Puzzle; The Science of Genetics Training and careers.
About The Society GSA Mission Contact Us Search Membership Directory Board of Directors ... Bylaws GSA Meetings Future Meetings Past Meetings Education and Public Policy President's Council on Bioethics Websites of Interest Statement on Evolution
and Creationism,
... Conversations In Genetics For and About Members GSA Newsletter - April, 2004 Helping Out Open Positions Discount Chemical Sales ... GSA Student Awards Membership Application/Dues Benefits of Membership and Affiliation Apply for Membership/Affiliation or Pay Dues Online Promotional Information for Discount Subscriptions Model Organisms American Society for Microbiology, Visual Resources Arabidopsis Aspergillus C. elegans ... Zebrafish
Introduction to the Field
This publication provides descriptions of a variety of training and career opportunities through profiles of professionals who make unique contributions to the field of genetics.
Profiles of scientists working
in the genetics field

72. BSHG
Independent body representing professionals working in research, and providing services to the population of the United Kingdom. Features a discussion forum, careers, and a patients section.
British Society for Human Genetics
...representing UK human genetics professionals.
What's New...
BSHG is an independent body representing UK human genetics professionals. Its constituent organisations are: Clinical Genetics Society (CGS) Association of Clinical Cytogeneticists (ACC) Clinical Molecular Genetics Society (CMGS) Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors (AGNC York 2004 Conference- Call for Papers Results of two Genetics White Paper Initiatives announced Report on Genetics IT systems published. Contact us Dr Phil Zack Search BSHG for: visits since 21st April 2004 Last updated: 9th May 2004 Registered UK Charity 1058821

Genetics careers in the NHS. Molecular Geneticist role and training Full informationis provided by NHS careers profile Clinical Molecular Genetics Society. TOP.
Information about careers in the NHS
Information about
... job databases
Genetics careers in the NHS
The NHS provides Clinical (or Medical) Genetics services throughout the UK, for diagnosis, counselling and in some cases treatment of patients and their families. This service relies on the skills of professionals in a variety of careers: medical paramedical and scientific . Summaries of these careers, and what training is involved, are given below along with links to further information.
Medical and paramedical professionals
  • Clinical Geneticists
    Clinical Geneticists are medical doctors. After medical school, general professional training (3 to 5 years) in General Medicine and/or Paediatrics is required along with a post-graduate diploma (usually MRCP or MRCPCH). This is followed by competitive entry into a 4 year Specialist Registrar training post. These websites explain what Clinical Geneticists do
    British Society of Human Genetics official document

    NHS Careers profile
    This website provides full information about Clinical Geneticist training
    Joint Committee on Higher Medical Training
    (PDF) Genetic Nurses and Genetic Counsellors
    Genetic Nurses and Counsellors provide genetic counselling in community or clinical settings.
    Work experience. Involve your school. testube and first aid cross, careers ingenetics. Medical and scientific career information. Online job databases.
    The London IDEAS Genetics Knowledge Park aims to enable people to make informed choices to reduce the burden of disease for which they are at genetic risk. Our main activities are applied research, training and education. Public information centre Breast cancer and heart disease. Quitting smoking. Help and information. Researchers and health professionals Training. Research. Genotyping service. Ethics. Clinical services information. School and student resources Genetics resources. Work experience. Involve your school. Careers in genetics Medical and scientific career information. Online job databases. CONTACT US IDEAS INTRANET GLOSSARY London IDEAS does not take responsibility for the content of external websites.

    75. Careers In Genetics Field
    careers IN THE GENETICS FIELD Introduction to the Field. This publicationprovides descriptions of a variety of training and career
    CAREERS IN THE GENETICS FIELD Introduction to the Field
    This publication provides descriptions of a variety of training and career opportunities through profiles of professionals who make unique contributions to the field of genetics. The Science of Genetics: Solving the Puzzle
    The Science of Genetics: Training and Careers
    Genetics: The Field of the Future - A Survey
    Profiles of scientists working in the genetics field
    Mary-Claire King: How can a child's identity be proved?
    Jasper Rine: What aspects of behavior are inherited?
    Alec Jeffries: How was a murderer traced through blood samples?
    Hong Ma: What controls the development of a flower?
    Victor Corces: What causes genetic diseases?
    Mark Terry: How are hidden messages in chromosomes revealed?
    Joan Scott: Who helps families cope with genetic disorders?
    Art Beaudet: What genetic secrets are unlocked in the laboratory?
    Nancy Fisher: What is the challenge of clinical genetics? David Aughton: The road to clinical genetics Where to go from here? To Genetics Societies' Home Page

    76. The Science Of Genetics: Training And Careers
    The Science of Genetics. Training and careers in the Genetics Field.Geneticists in Basic Research The modern science of genetics
    The Science of Genetics
    Training and Careers in the Genetics Field
    Geneticists in Basic Research:
    Laboratory Geneticists:

    Application of modern genetic technology to agriculture, legal or police work, pharmaceutical development, and clinical medicine requires the services of sophisticated laboratories. These laboratories are staffed by scientists trained in molecular biology, cytogenetics, biochemical genetics, immunogenetics, and related disciplines. Genetic laboratory directors usually hold Ph.D. degrees or M.D. degrees with specialization in laboratory medicine. Most genetic laboratory technologists have four to six years of university education. Some genetic laboratories require their staff to have specific training and certification in cytogenetic or medical technology. Other genetic laboratories hire people with any relevant B.S. or M.S. degree as long as they can show an aptitude for the kind of work that is being done. The career of a laboratory geneticist offers the opportunity to apply genetics "hands on" to a variety of important problems. Genetic Counselors:
    Clinical Geneticists:

    Clinical geneticists are usually individuals who have an M.D. degree. Therefore, undergraduates would need to satisfy the requirements for medical school admission. A major in the biological or physical sciences may be desirable, although not necessary, provided the admission requirements are fulfilled. After medical school, a residency in pediatrics, obstetrics-gynecology, or internal medicine should be completed, followed by a fellowship in clinical genetics. Currently, most residency programs are three to five years; fellowships are an additional two or three years. Individuals would then be qualified for positions in research centers, hospitals or medical centers.

    77. Careers For Biology Majors
    Here you will find over 200 links to Web sites that describe specific careersaccessible after training in biology. Biotechnology (See also Genetics)
    Links to Many Specific Career Descriptions
    Here you will find over 200 links to Web sites that describe specific careers accessible after training in biology. In turn, each of these is likely to provide many other links. The Web is very dynamic, with pages changing addresses and occasionally disappearing. This list will be periodically updated, but you may find that access to a site is not available. Last update: January 18, 2002. This is an alphabetical listing. All occupations involving health (medical or veterinary) are clustered together and may be accessed by clicking here or on "Medical and Health Occupations," under the letter "M."
    A B

    78. NIGMS -- Training & Careers: Genetics Predoctoral Research Training Program Inst
    TRAINING careers. Genetics Predoctoral Research TrainingProgram Institutions. For award period 7/1/20036/30/2004.
    skip navigation NIGMS Home
    What's New

    Site Map
    ... Search NIGMS for: Text size: A A A Research Funding ... E-mail this link
    Genetics Predoctoral Research Training Program Institutions
    For award period 7/1/2003-6/30/2004 California Colorado Connecticut Georgia ... Wisconsin CALIFORNIA Richard M. Myers
    Stanford University
    Dept of Genetics, Sch Of Med
    300 Pasteur Drive
    Stanford, CA 94305-5120
    Tel: (650) 725-9687
    Fax: (650) 725-9689 E-mail: Michael S. Levine University of California Berkeley MCB: 401 Barker Hall #3202 Berkeley, CA 94720-3202 Tel: (510) 642-5014 Fax: (510) 642-7000 E-mail: Robert W. Simons University of California Los Angeles 1602 Molecular Sciences Bldg Los Angeles, CA 90095-1489 Tel: (310) 825-8890 Fax: (310) 206-5231 E-mail: Anthony J. Wynshaw-Boris University of California San Diego Department of Pediatrics 9500 Gilman Drive La Jolla, CA 92093-0627 Tel: (858) 822-3401 Fax: (858) 822-3409 E-mail: Thomas B. Kornberg University of California San Francisco Box 0448, Room HSE-1570

    79. NIGMS -- Training & Careers: Medical Genetics Postdoctoral Research Training Pro
    TRAINING careers. Medical Genetics Postdoctoral Research TrainingProgram Institutions. For award period 7/1/20036/30/2004.
    skip navigation NIGMS Home
    What's New

    Site Map
    ... Search NIGMS for: Text size: A A A Research Funding ... E-mail this link
    Medical Genetics Postdoctoral Research Training Program Institutions
    For award period 7/1/2003-6/30/2004 California Connecticut Maryland Massachusetts ... Washington CALIFORNIA David L. Rimoin
    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
    Dept of Pediatrics
    8700 Beverly Blvd, St #4221
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    Tel: (310) 423-4461
    Fax: (310) 413-0462 E-mail: Uta Francke Stanford University Dept of Genetics Beckman Bldg, B201 Stanford, CA 94305-5323 Tel: (650) 725-8089 Fax: (650) 725-8112 E-mail: Seymour Packman University of California San Francisco Dept of Pediatrics Rm U 585 L, Box 0748 San Francisco, CA 94143-0748 Tel: (415) 476-4722 Fax: (415) 476-9976 E-mail: CONNECTICUT Allen E. Bale Yale University Department of Genetics 333 Cedar Street, PO Box 208005 New Haven, CT 06520-8005 Tel: (203) 785-5749 Fax: (203) 785-7227 E-mail: MARYLAND Garry R. Cutting Johns Hopkins University Inst. of Genetic Medicine

    80. The Hampton Group - Jobs And Careers In Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Genetics, Medic
    careers, jobs, jobs in biotech, pharmaceutical, genetics,diagnostics, instrument,medical device, onlology, research development, regulatory affairs
    Industry Focus
    Diagnostics Employer Inquiry
    Contact Us The Hampton Group has been focused on genetic research for the past 10 years. As members of the American Society of Human Genetics, we attend their national conference each year. To stay abreast of the field, we subscribe to a number of scientific publications and network on a daily basis with the foremost people in the field. As scientists rush forth to interpret the new genetic data, new methods, technologies and equipment are being developed with ever increasing frequency. Some of our recent placements have included guru's who are responsible for creating software to manage and interpret the newly mapped areas of the human genome to biochip developers charged with storing vast amounts of bioinformatics. We have placed people throughout the genetics field and life science arena. Our clients are the companies that develop life science products and use these products for research purposes. Whatever the genetic research approach - positional cloning - gene expression - enzyme discovery, proteomics - gene delivery - microarray, we know the people leading genetic research to new success. We also work actively with the companies rushing to create gene therapeutics to cure genetic diseases that heretofore, have not been treatable with much success; like cancer, Alzheimer's, cystic fibrosis, Parkinson's, etc.

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