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         Genetic Careers:     more detail
  1. Using genograms to facilitate undergraduate students' career development: a group model.: An article from: Career Development Quarterly by Krista M. Malott, Sandy Magnuson, 2004-12-01
  2. Outstanding traits: in a selected college group,: With some reference to career interests and war records (Genetic psychology monographs) by Frederic Lyman Wells, 1946
  3. The Leadership Gene: The Genetic Code of a Life-Long Leadership Career by Cyril Levicki, 1998-06
  5. The Human Career: Human Biological and Cultural Origins by Richard G. Klein, 1989-12-15
  6. Plant Breeding and Agrarian Research in Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institutes 1933-1945: Calories, Caoutchouc, Careers (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science) by Susanne Heim, 2008-03
  7. The effect of Egalitarian and Complementarian gender role attitudes on career aspirations in Evangelical female undergraduate college students.: An article from: Journal of Psychology and Theology by Colleen Warner Colaner, Susan C. Warner, 2005-09-22
  8. "Maybe it's genetic...": An article from: The Exceptional Parent
  9. Talent, opportunity and career: A twenty-six year follow-up of 1500 individuals by Torsten Husén, 1969
  10. The Uses of Discretion (Oxford Socio-Legal Studies)
  11. The Infertility Treadmill: Feminist Ethics, Personal Choice, and the Use of Reproductive Technologies (Studies in Social Medicine) by Karey A. Harwood, 2007-11-26
  12. Where the Truth Lies: Franz Moewus and the Origins of Molecular Biology by Jan Sapp, 1990-07-27

21. Myriad Genetics Job Opportunities
Hospital Sales Experience; Nursing or clinical background; genetic Counselor. Back stronginterpersonal skills and dedicated to mentoring career development of
We offer an excellent benefit package and salary commensurate with education and experience. Please send or fax a cover letter specifying which job code, a complete resume and the names of three professional references to: Myriad Genetics, Inc.
Attn: Human Resources
320 Wakara Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
FAX: 801-584-3741

Directions to Myriad Genetics

No phone calls please
EOE Please be advised Myriad Genetics has an on site recruiter. We are not accepting any recruiter solicitations at this time. There are currently 24 jobs posted: Job Title Category Job Code Account Executive - Boston, MA Sales Account Executive - Central Ohio Sales Account Executive - East Bay/Fresno, CA Sales Account Executive - Gulf Coast Sales Account Executive - New York, New York

22. National Human Genome Research Institute - Home Page
Supports genetic and genomic research, investigation into the ethical, legal and social implications surrounding genetics research, and educational outreach activities. Includes educational resources, careers, and training.
Genomic Research
Intramural Research
Research Resources
More Genetics FAQ
Genetic Disorders
Clinical Research
Health Issues
Life in the Lab : A new video for DNA Day
open captioned
closed captioned New User's Guide to the Human Genome ... Nature Genetics The National Human Genome Research Institute led the Human Genome Project for the National Institutes of Health, which culminated in the completion of the full human genome sequence in April 2003. Now, NHGRI moves forward into the genomic era with research aimed at improving human health and fighting disease. A Vision for the Future of Genomic Research International HapMap Project The ENCODE Project The Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) Program ... Kangaroo Hops in Line for Genome Sequencing June 8, 2004 NHGRI Scientists Return to School for Second National DNA Day April 21, 2004 Scientists Compare Rat Genome With Human, Mouse Press Conference Webcast March 31, 2004 DIR Seminar Series June 10, 2004 Dr. Bruce D. Gelb Noonan Syndrome: The Heart and the Blood that Runs Through It Privacy Contact Accessibility Site Index ... Staff Search

23. Illumina. Making Sense Out Of Life
Develops tools for the largescale analysis of genetic variation and function. Products, biographies, careers, and contacts.

Join the Illumina Community!

Join the Illumina Community!

24. Genetic Counselors
http//,. Or try using thislist http// careers in genetic Counseling
Genetic Science Learning Center at the Eccles Institute of Human Genetics
University of Utah

... Genetic Disorder Corner Genetic Counselors
Genetic Counselors
Many of us have questions about genetic disorders:
"My doctor told me that I will have a blood test in my second trimester of pregnancy that can detect if my baby has problems. This test is called maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein screening. What is maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein screening? What can it tell me?" Answer...
"My son has a rare genetic disorder . Do you know any other patients with this disorder that I could talk to?" Answer...
"Many of my family members have had cancer and I am worried about getting cancer myself. Is the cancer in my family inherited ? What are my chances of getting cancer and what types of screening should I do?" Answer...
Where do we go to find the answers?
Genetic counselors are health professionals who are trained to help families understand genetic disorders and to provide information and support to those families. They may also serve as patient advocates by referring individuals or families to local services that can be of assistance. Genetic research is a powerful tool for treating medical conditions, but it is still a new tool. Many people whose families are affected by genetics disorders don't understand how it will affect their lives. Even genetic researchers and doctors don't fully understand how genes cause all genetic disorders. Genetic counselors work with doctors and families to help families get the information they need to understand the disorder.

25. Careers In Biology
Physiology; careers in Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology;careers in genetic Counseling; careers in Human genetics; careers
Careers in Biology
Emporia State University
These are links to places where one can find information about careers in specific fields of biology. For the most part these pages are maintained by the professional/scientific organization whose speciality is that area. Career information is divided into the rather broad categories of "Molecular and Cellular" and "Organismal and Field" . Some sites are fairly general and are listed in both categories. There is also a listing of some sites that provide information on specific jobs and internships . For more generic information about finding a job, look at the information provided by ESU's Career Placement Office
Finding a career, whether it be in biology or not, is often a difficult process. For some help in this area, look at the page Career Exploration on the Internet . This page guides you through this process starting with an exploration of self.
Molecular and Cellular Biology, Health-Related Careers
  • Experiences in Molecular and Cellular Biology an ESU document
  • Careers in Physiology
  • Careers in Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Careers in Genetic Counseling
  • Careers in Human Genetics ...
  • Sources for information on careers in Biology, Conservation, and Oceanography
  • 26. AAPA Career Information
    in primate biology, zoological parks and gardens offer career opportunities under ofsuch new technologies as DNA fingerprinting to the genetic management of
    Careers in Physical Anthropology
    Academic Positions
    There are many academic careers for appropriately trained physical anthropologists. The most common and traditional job openings are found in anthropology departments in colleges and universities. University departments of genetics, zoology, and biology also offer potential employment. So do community colleges and professional schools. Many schools of medicine rely on biological anthropologists to teach the gross anatomy of the human body to medical and paramedical students. Currently, around one in eight American physical anthropologists has some professional affiliation with a medical school, usually in a department of anatomy. A detailed appreciation of the range of jobs held by physical anthropologists can be gained by studying the membership directory of the AAPA, published every December in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. To obtain an AAPA pamphlet providing additional details on careers in physical anthropology, contact Dr. Mark Teaford, Chair AAPA Career Development Committee, (Mark F. Teaford, Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, 1830 E. Monument St., Room 303 Baltimore, MD 21205, Phone: 410-955-7034,

    27. Careers In Medicine: Medical Genetics
    careers in Medicine Specialty Information. uses modern cytogenic, radiologic, andbiochemical testing to assist in specialized genetic counseling, implements
    Tomorrow's Doctors Home Resources for Medical Students
    About CiM ... Contact CiM
    Careers in Medicine: Specialty Information
    Medical Genetics
    Nature of the work
    A medical geneticist is trained in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for patients with genetically-linked diseases. This specialist uses modern cytogenic, radiologic, and biochemical testing to assist in specialized genetic counseling, implements needed therapeutic interventions, and provides prevention through prenatal diagnosis.
    Training/residency information
    Training in medical genetics is two to four years. The two year program can only be completed after two years of a residency in another specialty area. The four year program must include two years of pregenetics education. One year of additional training is required for certification in the molecular genetic pathology subspecialty.
    For more information
    Source: The American Board of Medical Specialties. AAMC Home NRMP Considering a Career in Medicine Applying to Medical School ... Privacy Statement

    28. Careers: Biology: Genetic Engineering
    Topic careers Biology. Expert Date2/12/2001 Subjectgenetic EngineeringQuestion What are the education requirements to become a genetic engineer?
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About AllExperts Experts Search Web Hosting
    Experts: Careers: Biology
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    Topic: Careers: Biology
    Genetic Engineering
    What are the education requirements to become a genetic engineer? What college courses are required?
    Answer Genetic engineering itself isn't a discipline it's the application of a series of tools. Most industries now apply genetic engineering or recombinant DNA techniques. To get a good background for going into these areas, you have a lot of options. Look into courses in Genetics, Biotechemistry, Plant Biochemistry, Molecular Biology. Search the internet using keywords suchs as "recombinant DNA," "genetic engineering," "molecular biology." Look at the website You can find career information in this site relevent to these fields. You can also search the internet using "biotechnology career," "agriculture biotechnology," or "pharmaceutical career." Let me know if you need further assistance.

    29. ENC Online: ENC Features: Classroom Calendar: Exploring Careers: Genetic Enginee
    You Are Here ENC Home ENC Features Classroom Calendar Exploring careersgenetic Engineering. Exploring careers genetic Engineering (Grades 912).,1819,254,00.shtm
    Skip Navigation You Are Here ENC Home ENC Features Classroom Calendar Search the Site More Options Classroom Calendar By Category By Month ... Ask ENC Explore online lesson plans, student activities, and teacher learning tools. Find detailed information about thousands of materials for K-12 math and science. Read articles about inquiry, equity, and other key topics for educators and parents. Create your learning plan, read the standards, and find tips for getting grants.
    Exploring Careers: Genetic Engineering (Grades 9-12)
    February 24 OK, so genetic engineers aren't at the point where they can make pills and capsules grow in place of corn kernels, but scientists have engineered corn and other plants (as well as animals) to produce pharmaceuticals. In the Connections section, you can read more about this work and the controversy that surrounds itparticularly when crop plants like corn are involved. National Engineers Week, February 20-26 Engineering is the art of applying scientific and mathematical principles, experience, judgment, and common sense to create or develop new products that benefit people and solve problems. Engineers search for better, less expensive ways to use the forces and materials of nature to meet tough challenges as people encounter them. There are many fields of work within engineering; one of the newerand growingbranches is genetic engineering. What exactly is genetic engineering? Is it really something different from the domestication and breeding of plants and animals that humans have done through the ages? Who does this work? The answers to these questions are not as easy as you might think.

    30. Non-Academic Careers
    careers in zoological gardens fall into two main categories research related managementplans for rare species are driven by genetic considerations, because
    Non-Academic Careers in Physical Anthropology
    Text by the Career Development Committee of the AAPA
    The links I have inserted are not necessarily definitive, nor endorsed by the American Association of Physical Anthropologists; they take you to sites that help illustrate the topic, that's all. Caveat emptor!
    The purpose of this brochure is to inform physical anthropology graduate students of career opportunities in non-academic settings. In a concern with the future professional careers of students completing their graduate educations in physical anthropology (particularly at the doctoral level), the American Association of Physical Anthropologists has established a standing committee devoted to career development. This brochure is one of the Committee's educational efforts to inform the student constituency of the Association as to the nature and diversity of professional careers in addition to those in anthropology departments in colleges and universities. There are many academic careers for appropriately trained physical anthropologists. In addition to the most traditional, that of faculty member of an anthropology department, they involve academic affiliations with community colleges and a number of different non-anthropology academic units within four year colleges and universities. These include medical schools; indeed, currently one in eight American physical anthropologists has some formal professional affiliation with a medical school, most frequently in departments of anatomy. Departments of genetics, zoology, and biological sciences are also logical academic units in which one might find physical anthropologists.

    31. Careers
    Martin holds a master s degree in genetic counseling, and remembers spending countless hours in internships during her graduate career.

    32. Genetic Disease Webquest
    want to consider a career in science or bioengineering. The followinglinks will provide information regarding careers in genetics

    33. Careers In The Fields Of Genetics And Or Biosciences Daryl T
    nsgc. “careers in genetic Counseling” 1995. March, 2002. careersin genetic Counseling”. http//www.nsgc/careerinformation.asp.html. & Genomes/Moore_02.htm
    Careers in the fields of Genetics and or Biosciences
    Daryl T. Moore, Sr.
    George Westinghouse High School Overview
    Careers: Students what would you like to do after high school? With the above question asked in a middle or high school classroom, discussion now begins on what lies ahead in the future of our young people. They will give you such answers as; I want to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, rap star, nurse, hair stylist or any number of other choices. Through all of our discussions I have never heard them choose a field from the genetics or bioscience areas. Education throughout the splendor of its entirety still has a difficult time exposing young people to all of the unique career areas that the world has to offer. Statistics show that the fastest growing career areas today are coming from these two particular areas of study. Life as we know it, is constantly changing. First we had the industrial revolution, which at the time dramatically change the use of hand tools and handmade items. Workers became more productive, which meant more items were produced.

    34. OCS Resources: Health Careers In Genetic Counseling
    Other Health careers Beyond Medicine genetic COUNSELING genetic Counselors provideinformation to individuals and families who have questions about genetic
    Career Resources By Field
    Health and Medical Careers

    Other Health Careers

    Beyond Medicine...
    Genetic Counselors provide information to individuals and families who have questions about genetic conditions or birth defects. They also help those receiving the information to process and understand it. To support individuals and families as they adapt and cope with genetic conditions, genetic counselors integrate short-term psychological counseling with their knowledge of the principles of human genetics. Most genetic counselors hold a master's degree in genetic counseling. Their graduate education involves courses in the hard sciences and the social sciences, as well as in bioethics, public policy and health education. Some work in prenatal settings, some in pediatric settings and still others in adult genetic clinics. For more information contact the National Society of Genetic Counselors , (610) 872-7608 or try

    35. Genetics Resource Center
    National Society of genetic Counselors genetic Counseling as aProfession (http// as a profession);

    National Society of Genetic Counselors

    Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

    GeneTests / GeneClinics / GeneReviews

    Alliance of Genetic Support Groups

    Last modified: 4/14/04
    Genetics Resource Center
    This page was constructed by and is maintained by Michael G. Banke, M.S.
    (Co-developed with Elizabeth Gettig, M.S.) Please visit the home page of the Genetics Education and Counseling Program : A Public Health Initiative for Community and Professional Education and Awareness on Genetics at This Genetics Resource Center is for educational purposes only. Individuals are urged to contact their local genetic counselor or health care provider for appropriate care. Links are provided for information but are not guaranteed with regard to content. The author of this page shall not be held responsible for any errors in the content of any linked pages. To search for specific items, use the "Edit...Find" command on your browser's menu. National Society of Genetic Counselors Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man GeneTests/ GeneClinics/GeneReviews ... ResourceLink Education and Teaching Resources:

    36. Genetics Articles, Jobs And Information: Genetics @
    Cancer Gene Therapy. Indepth coverage of research into genetic treatments forcancer. careers and recruitment New lease of life for tropical medicine. about npg nature science update naturejobs ... register SEARCH Wednesday 09 June 2004 Resources Nature Genetics Nature Reviews Genetics Nature The Signaling Gateway ... The Pharmacogenomics Journal NPG Subject areas Access material from all our publications in your subject area: Biotechnology Cancer Chemistry Clinical Medicine ... Microbiology NEW! Molecular Cell Biology Neuroscience Pharmacology Physics
    This page allows you to find all relevant Nature Publishing Group resources in the field of genetics View jobs in genetics NEWS
    Chimp chromosome creates puzzles

    Nature Science Update
    Clinicians win fight to overturn patent for breast-cancer gene

    The ATGC of gene expression

    Nature Reviews Genetics
    Life without men

    Nature Reviews Genetics
    Sex and the genome

    Nature Genetics BOOK REVIEWS Malaria Parasites: Genomes and Molecular Biology Nature Genetics TECHNOLOGY FEATURES A new approach to microarrays Nature Reviews Genetics WEB FOCUSES: Stem Cells The mouse genome 50 years of DNA Dolly the sheep ... The Y chromosome RESEARCH AND REVIEWS Quality assessment of the Genome Sequence Nature Human genes that limit AIDS Nature Genetics

    37. Focus On Careers: Genetics Research
    Here, we discuss the type of genetic research undertaken by three pharmaceuticalcompanies and the types of life scientists they seek to help carry out that
    Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb's Pharmaceutical Research Institute Myriad Genetics, Inc.
    Recent successes in gene sequencing will have a profound influence on research and development in genetics. Opportunities will open up in areas as diverse as target discovery and clinical testing. BY PETER GWYNNE
    T he successes of recent months in sequencing the genomes of humans and other organisms have changed forever the nature of research in genetics. They have opened up opportunities for life scientists to apply the sequences to the creation of products for the pharmaceutical and other industries. Scientists with skills in bioinformatics top the wish lists of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, closely followed by individuals capable of working on target identification and validation. Scientists qualified in several disciplines can benefit from the new opportunities. Companies are recruiting cell biologists, combinatorial chemists, medicinal chemists and, particularly, life scientists who possess sophisticated skills in computing. Not every well-qualified life scientist can or should undertake the new tasks open to industry. Recruiters emphasize that applicants should show themselves ready and able to appreciate the differences between industrial and academic research. They must realize that industry focuses on products rather than publications, and that nearly all its research occurs in team situations.

    38. SCIENCE Professional Network: Focus On Genetics
    Join us for an online Career Workshop on careers in Genetics, from March 6 throughApril 6. Our guest host will be Vicki Rosen of the Genetics Institute, Inc.
    sk people making a living in the world of genetics about career prospects today, and you'll hear much the same response: "Genetics is a hot field," said Vicki Rosen, of the Genetics Institute, Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "This is a very exciting time to do research in genetics. Important discoveries are being made about genes, and we're getting deep insights into gene expression. These are translating into products." Genetics is a field older than Mendel and other early attempts to explain inherited variation. And it's as new and vibrant as the Human Genome Project (HGP) and sizzling hot career fields like genomics and functional genomics that the HGP spawned. Genetics comes in all flavors, with all of the cross-disciplinary involvement that led Rosen into the field in the early 1980s. Rosen didn't plan her career exactly that way. Academic training, research interests, and industry needs came together at the right time, she said. Rosen's Ph.D. in cell biology and physiology from the University of Connecticut led in 1984 to the Genetics Institute, Inc. (GI) and work on bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs) and genes that code for BMPs. These proteins induce bone formation, and have clinical potential. The group's successes included isolation of BMPs and BMP genes. Rosen moved progressively up the career ladder from staff scientist to principal scientist, senior scientist, and group director. Today she directs a 15-member GI group that works on the genetics and identifies potential clinical applications of BMPs. GI is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Home Products Corporation, which uses recombinant DNA and other technologies. GI's newest product, rhIL-11, is a platelet growth factor, cleared for marketing late in 1997, that stimulates platelet production in cancer chemotherapy patients.

    39. Genetic Engineering Issue Of Archimedes
    28 32, Genes, lifestyle and disease, 566 KB. 33 35, Genetics careers inSouth Africa, 425 KB. 36 41, Genetics careers Students speak-up! 170 KB.
    Your browser does not support script
    Genetic engineering: spectacular science or playing God?
    In this edition of Archimedes we are joining world-wide celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Crick and Watson’s discovered DNA and will be uncovering why their efforts are worth celebrating so many years down the line. The key to getting the most out of this issue will be to read "The story of DNA" on page 11. This article will help you to understand the basics of DNA and sets the scene for the rest of the articles in the magazine, which include an in-depth look at:
    • the Human Genome Project (on page 17) which is a project that has captured the attention of the world for a number of years;
    • a look at the debate on genetic engineering and cloning (on page 20);
    • a discussion on the ethics of cloning (on page 26) which is a matter of serious and heated debate around the globe; and
    • a short look at how our genes and lifestyle play a part in whether or not we are likely to develop diseases or not (on page 28).
    So far, the advances in science, and particularly in the human sciences, that have resulted from the discovery of the double helix are astounding, but predictions are that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that there are much more exciting times ahead.

    40. || ICRISAT
    Knowledge of issues and approaches for agricultural and genetic diversity conservationand ICRISAT is responsive to the needs of dual career couples.
    Home Contact Career Search About us Research Media IP Management ... Home : Employment Opportunities Employment Opportunities

    Principal Scientist - Applied Genomics (Legumes
    Senior Scientist (Pearl Millet Breeding)

    Principal Scientist - Applied Genomics (Legumes) ICRISAT seeks applications for Principal Scientist-Applied Genomics (Legumes), to be based at ICRISAT, Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh. ICRISAT is a non-profit, apolitical, international organization for science-based agricultural development. Established in 1972, it is one of the 15 Centers of the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), and is supported by more than 48 governments, foundations, and development banks. To reduce poverty, enhance crop productivity and food security and to protect the environment, ICRISAT research focuses on farming systems and crop Improvement, management and utilization of sorghum, pearl millet, pigeonpea, chickpea, and groundnut in the semi-arid tropics. The Job: provide skills and guidance in the area of applied genomics and molecular markers. This will also include the development and use of molecular tools to assist plant breeding activities, conservation and utilization of germplasm for crop improvement against biotic and abiotic stresses. He/she will report to the Global Theme Leader (Biotechnology).

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