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         General Art Art History:     more books (100)
  1. History of Art by Anthony F. Janson, 2004-01-01
  2. Art and Geometry: A Study in Space Intuitions (Dover Books on Art History) by William M. Ivins, 1964-06-01
  3. Nineteenth-Century American Art (Oxford History of Art) by Barbara Groseclose, 2000-11-26
  4. Behind Closed Doors: The Art of Hans Bellmer (California Studies in the History of Art Discovery Series) by Therese Lichtenstein, 2001-04-03
  5. Mexico: A History in Art by Bradley Smith, 1971-08
  6. Modern Sculpture: A Concise History (World of Art) by Herbert Read, 1985-02
  7. Venice: History, Art and Architecture, Lifestyle by Alain Vircondelet, 2006-10-31
  8. The Stamp Art & Postal History of Michael Thompson & Michael Hernandez De Luna by Michael Thompson, Michael Hernandez De Luna, 2001-09
  9. Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art by Sean Cliver, 2007-07-15
  10. Art and Architecture in Italy, 1250-1400 (The Yale University Press Pelican History of Art) by John White, 1993-05-26
  11. Art in Europe 1700-1830 (Oxford History of Art) by Matthew Craske, 1997-05-08
  12. Art and its Histories: A Reader (Art & Its Histories)
  13. Sexuality in Ancient Art (Cambridge Studies in New Art History and Criticism)
  14. East European Art: 1650-1950 (Oxford History of Art) by Jeremy Howard, 2007-02-12

121. Resource Center For Inspection And Oversight
Consists of state and local Inspectors general and professional staff in their agencies, as well as other state and local officials responsible for inspection and oversight with respect to public, notfor-profit, and independent sector organizations.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Resource Center
Inspection and Oversight
City University of New York
The MPA Inspector General Program
The Association of Inspectors General
IGnet - The Federal Inspectors General
The United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services ... John Jay College of Criminal Justice

122. 65th Workshop On General Algebra
18th Conference for Young Algebraists. Potsdam, Germany; 2123 March 2003.
65. Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra
65th Workshop on General Algebra
18th Conference for Young Algebraists
in Potsdam, March 21-23, 2003
Topics include universal algebra, lattices, groups and semigroups, interaction between algebra, logic, theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics. There will be five invited talks and numerous contributed talks. We propose a special evening discussion about the topic "Why and how to apply for a project."
Abstracts and Conference Volume
The deadline for abstract submission is February 1, 2003. The conference proceedings will contain papers submitted to Aaa 64 and Aaa 65 as well. The deadline for paper submission is March 15, 2003.
We will distribute a list of hotels in Potsdam right in time.
First Announcement
Second Announcement
SUBMIT ABSTRACT READ ABSTRACT K. Denecke, J. Koppitz Institute of Mathematics Universität Potsdam PF 90 03 27, 14415 Potsdam

123. Home Page
Detailed analysis of the Buster Keaton film, and links to similar movies. Sign up to be a movie scholar on the site.
Books Movies Sci-Fi/Fantasy Action Dramas Join the more than 1.5 million movie and book lovers who visit us every month! Action Dramas Division
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124. The General (1998) Discussion
Detailed analysis of the film, and links to similar movies. Sign up to be a movie scholar on the site.
The General (1998) Movie Review Books Movies Sci-Fi/Fantasy Action Dramas Resident Scholar Profiles

David Loftus

SCHOLARS: Click here to enter a review, become a scholar, and make 50 cents per review! The General (1998)
Starring: Brendan Gleeson, Jon Voight
Review Summary Writer-director John Boorman put together a trim, sharp black-and-white portrait of a (fairly gritty) modern-day Robin Hood figure: Martin Cahill, a Dublin crime boss. (Boorman's home was burglarized by Cahill, and a gold record was among the items stolen an incident he includes in the film.) Gleeson does an excellent job of bringing this rowdy man of contradictions and big appetites to life, and Jon Voight is charming as the bemused police inspector. There's a lot of violence and thick Irish accents in this 1998 film, and it leaves very little trace afterward, but it's a fine piece of work.
David Loftus, Resident The General (1998) Scholar
Overall Review Our unique search engine provides a wealth of detail about
books by breaking them down into many different literary
elements, all of which are

125. Der General - Dirk Jasper Filmlexikon
Das OnlineLexikon bietet allgemeine Informationen zum Film, eine œbersicht ¼ber Darsteller und Stab, sowieAusz¼ge aus verschiedenen Filmkritiken.
+++ Anzeige +++
Der General
Inhalt Darsteller, Regie, Stab Filmkritiken Oscar ® ... Bemerkungen Filmplakat Titel Deutschland: Der General
Titel England: The General
Genre: Drama
Schwarzweiß, England, 1998 Kino Deutschland: 1999-07-29
Laufzeit Kino: 123 Minuten
Kinoverleih D: Arthaus
Videocover Video Deutschland: 2000-04-25
Kaufkassette: 2000-10-10
Laufzeit Video: 119 Minuten
Anbieter: Arthaus
Berüchtigt wegen seiner schonungslosen Härte den eigenen Männern gegenüber, berühmt für seine tolldreisten Raubzüge, steigt Martin Cahill in den 80er Jahren zur Unterweltgröße in Irland auf. Der "General", wie er von Freund und Feind genannt wird, blamiert nicht nur die Polizei bis auf die Knochen, sondern legt sich auch mit Staat, Kirche und einer kompletten "Armee" an. Der Rebell aus Dublin lebt mit zwei Frauen und fünf Kindern nur nach seinen eigenen Gesetzen. Der irische Volksheld und Meisterdieb fällt 1994 einem Attentat der IRA zum Opfer.
Darsteller: Brendan Gleeson (Martin "General" Cahill), Adrian Dunbar (Noel Curley), Sean McGinley (Gary), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Frances), Angeline Ball (Tina), Jon Voight (Inspector Ned Kenney), Eamonn Owens (junger Cahill)

126. Ferguson Project Home Page
Page gallery of edition 1 to 1199. This paper was later split to form the Maitland Daily Mercury, and the Maitland Weekly Mercury.

127. Discurs Del Debat De Política General
Discurs inicial del president de la generalitat de Catalunya, Jordi Pujol, al Debat de Pol­tica general de 2002. En format .DOC.

128. Office Of The Attorney General And Reporter
A summary of the duties of the office, contact information, press releases, and legal opinions.
Home About the Attorney General Opinions Press Releases ... TSAC v. Hood US Supreme Court Brief The Office of the Attorney General and Reporter is established by Article VI, Section 5 of the Tennessee Constitution . The attorney general is appointed by justices of the Tennessee Supreme Court for an eight-year term. The attorney general is the chief legal officer of the state. Through his staff, he represents the interests of the state in a variety of areas. Officers and agencies of the state are represented by the attorney general in all civil litigation before state and federal courts. The district attorneys prosecute most criminal cases at the trial level. The attorney general prosecutes all criminal cases in the appellate courts and exercises original prosecutorial powers in the areas of securities and state contract fraud. The attorney general has the authority to institute ouster proceedings and civil actions for antitrust violations, consumer fraud and environmental enforcement. In addition to courtroom duties, the attorney general provides legal advice to state departments and agencies and the General Assembly . Formal opinions of the attorney general on legal issues are rendered to state officials upon request. The attorney general also approves all administrative regulations and leases as to form and legality. Finally, in the exercise of his reporter function, the attorney general reports the opinions of the

129. Cornerstone Services, Inc. - Home Page
Serving the purchasing, supply chain management, accounting and general administrative change needs of manufacturing and service business clients. Located in Half Moon Bay, California.
Who We Are
Cornerstone Services is a management consulting firm serving the supply management, accounting and general administrative change needs of its clients. Clients seek our help to reduce overhead expenses and enhance profits. We provide solutions that are integrated, efficient and effective. Integrated solutions help all parts of the organization work smoothly together. Efficient solutions save time and money. Effective solutions build organizational capacity that supports growth.
Our Name
Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary includes in its definitions of cornerstone: "Something that is essential, indispensable or basic," and "The chief foundation on which something is constructed or developed." We provide our clients with that essential thing, that foundation for their purchasing, administrative and accounting functions that changes them from mere overhead into levers for growth and success.
Our Mission
To enhance the profits of our supply management clients through optimized spending, superior supply management practices and fostering the professional growth of client supply management employees. To provide our administrative, accounting and finance services clients with practices, processes and controls that provide the right information for record-keeping, timely decisions and business reporting.

130. The General (Extra-Info Zu 'Eisenbahn Im Film')
Informationen zum Film und Angaben zu den Lokomotiven im Film. Historische Informationen werden auf englisch gegeben.
The General
Art: Spielfilm
Produktion: USA 1926 Regie: Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman
Buch: Al Boasberg
Kamera: Devereux Jennings, Bert Haines
Darsteller: Buster Keaton, Marion Mack, Charles Smith, Frank Bernes, Glen Cavender, Jim Forley Sound: stumm
Laufzeit: 77'
1962: vertonte Fassung mit deutschen Zwischentiteln
Auch wenn Der General
[Meyer, Kino-Express, Seiten 65 f] Der General
[Meyer, Kino-Express, Seite 31.]
Historische Informationen
General Texas in the chase, Fuller was able to quicken the pursuit. Thus, Andrews did not have time to burn the bridges, that were the object of the mission and that would have prevented further pursuit. The General
[Harold Edmonson: Across America. In: Trains around the World. London (Octopus Books) 1972. Seite 32.] General Texas General
Kurz-Informationen zu den historischen Lokomotiven: General
Baujahr: 1855 steht heute im Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History in Kennesaw, Georgia Texas Baujahr 1856 About North Georgia
weiterer Film zum Thema
The Great Locomotive Chase
Art: Spielfilm Produktion: USA 1956 Darsteller: Fess Parker, Jeffrey Hunter, Jeff York, William Campbell, John Lupton, Slim Pickens

131. SOAH WWW Home Page
Manages contested cases and conducts hearings for other state agencies. Includes general and administrative law dockets, rules, employment opportunities, and office locations.
State Office of Administrative Hearings
Compact With Texans Employment Opportunities General Docket ALR Docket ... Report On Customer Service FY02 Helpful Links: Last updated Thursday, May 06, 2004 12:16 PM There have been
hits on this page since
Please send comments and suggestions on this page to General questions may be forwarded to the agency at: 300 W. 15th Street, Suite 502, Austin, TX 78701, or 512.475.4993 or Fax to 512.475.4994 or send e-Mail to This web site is
to version Bobby v3.1 standards This page is
Work is in-progress to bring the whole site up to this standard.
Click either icon to learn more about web site accessibility. Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities

132. Cobb County Solicitor General
A description of the responsibilities of the office, and tables showing performance indicator statistics.
Cobb County Solicitor General Serving the citizens of Cobb County
Barry E. Morgan, Solicitor General T he S olicitor G eneral is responsible for the prosecution of all traffic, misdemeanor, and ordinance violation cases in Cobb County, Georgia. These cases include:
  • Misdemeanor warrants issued in Cobb County Traffic citations issued by:
    • Cobb County Police Department Sheriff's Department Georgia State Patrol
    Citations issued by:
    • Cobb County Park Rangers Cobb County Animal Control Cobb Water Department Cobb County Business License Division Kennesaw State University Police
    Cases transferred to Cobb State Court from various municipal courts Cases transferred from Cobb Superior Court
W e serve all citizens of Cobb County on a general level, and more specifically, the victims of crime. The Solicitor General's office:
  • Investigates crimes Interviews victims and witnesses Makes decisions regarding prosecution Files accusations Prosecutes cases, which involves:

133. Department Of Defense Inspector General
Official Home Page
The Inspector General is the Honorable Joseph E. Schmitz The military Inspector General in America has traditionally served as "an extension of the eyes, ears, and conscience of the Commander." Pursuant to the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, "the Inspector General of the Department of Defense shall . . . be the principal adviser to the Secretary of Defense for matters relating to the prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse in the programs and operations of the Department." The law also requires the Inspector General "to keep the [Secretary of Defense] and the Congress fully and currently informed . . . concerning fraud and other serious problems, abuses, and deficiencies . . . ." In carrying out all of the other statutory duties, the Inspector General of the Department of Defense is obligated by law to "give particular regard to the activities of the internal audit, inspection, and investigative units of the military departments with a view towards avoiding duplication and insuring effective coordination and cooperation". Anyone, whether uniformed or civilian, who witnesses what he or she believes to be a violation of ethical standards and/or the law, including but not limited to fraud, waste, or abuse of authority, potential leaks of classified information, or potential acts of terrorism, should report such conduct through the chain of command or either directly to his or her respective service Inspector General or directly to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense Hotline at 800-424-9098 (e-mail

134. Richard Smith, Certified General Accountant
Welland, Ontario practitioner.

135. General Bearing Home Page
Manufactures, sources, assembles and distributes a variety of bearing components and bearing products. (Nasdaq GNRL).
History Hot Off The Press Newsletter Bearing Products ... Insiders' Section 16 Forms Special Interest: ... We've Got Your Number
General Bearing has been supplying quality bearing components and bearing products, including ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings under the "THE GENERAL" trademark since 1958, and both "THE GENERAL" and "HYATT" trademarks since 1987. We are your "one stop" for all OEM and industrial aftermarket applications, such as automobiles, railroad cars, locomotives, trucks and trailers, office equipment, machinery and appliances. For sales assistance OEM's call (845) 358-6000 or fax (845) 358-7414
Distributors call 1(800) 431-1766 or fax (845) 358-7415
HDD (Heavy Duty Distributors) call 1(888) HDD-4103
E-mail us at:

This site is designed, constructed and maintained by

136. The European Commission - Competition Directorate-General
responsible for Competition Policy within the European Union
es da de el en fr it nl pt ...
  • Competition thematic site
  • Under the authority of Mr. Mario MONTI , Commissioner responsible for Competition Policy, the mission of Competition Directorate General is to establish and implement a coherent competition policy for the European Union. Competition DG is headed by Philip Lowe
  • Directory of Competition DG
    Organisation chart
    en fr
    en fr
    and Staff data en
    Note to the reader
    The document Staff data features tables with the level of staff at year-end. It is broken down per activity area, per grade and - for the A grade staff - according to nature of the first university diploma they obtained.
  • Our postal address is:
    • European Commission
      Directorate-General for Competition B-1049 Brussels
  • Our offices are located at:
    • Rue Joseph II / Jozef II straat 70 B-1000 Brussels
  • Delivery by hand (express mail services, courriers, taxi, etc...) except for merger notifications and all other merger control related correspondence:
    • European Commission DG Competition For the attention of .....

137. AmWINS - Because Independence Matters.
A wholesale insurance holding company made up of multiple managing general agent entities and wholesale insurance brokerages. Member organizations provide a national presence in the USA.
PROPERTY • All Risk • Builders Risk • Cargo • Cat / Natural Disaster • Crime • DIC • General Property • Habitional - Comml. • Inland Marine • Miscellaneous • Ocean Marine • Reinsurance Placement • Vacant Property CASUALTY • Auto • Garage • General Liability • Liquor Liability • Management Liability •• EPLI •• Fiduciary Liability • Small Bus. (CA) • Umbrella • Workers Comp PACKAGE • Bus. Owners (CA) SPECIALTY • Alternative Risk • Construction Liability • Construction Wrap-ups • Contractors Liability • Discontinued Products Liability • Entertainment / Leisure • Healthcare • Medical Malpractice • Mortgage Impairment • Pollution • Products Liability • Public Entity • Additional Lines
Specialty Underwriting • Apt. Lessors Risk-CA • Broadcasters • Builders Risk • Cash In Transit • Com'l Lessors Risk-CA • Com'l Transp Fleet • Com'l Transp Non Fleet • Courier - All Risk • Course of Construction • Entertainment • Environmental Industry • Environmental Site Ins. • Fire Supp. Contractor

138. The University Of North Carolina Press
Publisher of general and academic books and journals in the humanities and social sciences. Special emphasis on the Civil War and Southern culture.

Hugh Morton's North Carolina

by Hugh Morton
Foreword by William Friday
History through the lens of the state's premier photojournalist
Table of Contents

Read from this book

Related link

Preserve America
... North Carolina's worst natural disaster Faces from the Flood: Hurricane Floyd Remembered by Richard Moore and Jay Barnes Sweet Stuff
Top Toll-free (800) 848-6224 News Features Information Join e-mail list ...
Read our privacy statement.
The UNC Press Online is best viewed using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher; or

139. HERR GENERAL - Entrance
Offers scenarios.
Choose your language Wähle Deine Sprache

140. USBC District Of Wyoming Home Page
Provides general administrative information about the court, notices, and access to rulings.
Attention: New 341 Meeting Calendar
Find Meeting Time, Place and a Full Day Schedule CHAPTER 12 BANKRUPTCY CODE
New Chapter 12 filings will not be accepted
posted 10/1/2003
General Order Regarding Non-Appropriated

Fund Administration
General Order 03-01 Electronic Case Filing
Personal Bankruptcy Filers Will be Required to Show Proof of I.D. at 341 Creditor Meeting

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