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         General Art Art History:     more books (100)
  1. The Expanding Discourse: Feminism & Art History
  2. Noise, Water, Meat: A History of Sound in the Arts by Douglas Kahn, 2001-10-01
  3. Gardner's Art through the Ages: A Concise History (with ArtStudy CD-ROM 2.1) (Gardner's Art Through the Ages: A Concise History) by Fred S. Kleiner, Christin J. Mamiya, 2006-02-22
  4. The Two Art Histories: The Museum and the University (Clark Studies in the Visual Arts)
  5. Worlds Without End: The Art and History of the Soap Opera by Ron Simon, Robert J. Thompson, et all 1997-09
  6. Historia del Arte Contemporaneo en Espana e Iberoamerica / Spain and Iberiamerica Contemporary Art History (Dos Orillas / Two Edges) by Jose Manuel Rodriguez, 1998-06-30
  7. Exercises and Activities for Short Lessons in Art History: 35 Artists and Their Work by Phyllis C. Barker, 1992-12
  8. The Visual Arts: A History by Hugh Honour, John Fleming, 2002-12-01
  9. Joseph Cornell: Stargazing in the Cinema (Yale Publications in the History of Art) by Jodi Hauptman, 1999-11-10
  10. History of the Art of Antiquity (Texts & Documents) by Johann Joachim Winckelmann, 2006-01-15
  11. Gardner's Art Through the Ages: A Global History (with ArtStudy Printed Access Card and Timeline) (Gardner's Art Through the Ages) by Fred S. Kleiner, 2008-01-03
  12. History of Japanese Art by Penelope Mason, 2004-10-04
  13. History of the Dance in Art and Education (3rd Edition) by Richard Kraus, Sarah Chapman Hilsendager, et all 1990-09-04
  14. American Art: A Cultural History (Trade Edition) (2nd Edition) by David Bjelajac, King Pu Laurence, 2004-08-01

81. School Of English, Media Studies And Art History - Staff
The School of English, Media Studies and art history is either host to, or affiliated with, several forthcoming Index of general staff, Back to top.
UQ Home Search Maps Contacts ... Search Staff Welcome Undergraduate Postgraduate Staff School Centres Journals in the School Staff and Postgrad Publications School Committees ... Areas of study On this page... Staff in The School of English, Media Studies and Art History are dedicated and experienced teachers, with a proven record of research and publication . The School hosts, or is affiliated with, a number of national and international research centres , and produces a number of journals and newsletters . You can search the staff pages for specific areas of interest, or research projects. Our current research activities include projects on: Aboriginal Languages Indigenous Theatre American Literatures Intercultural Performance Aphasia Linguistics in Education Art Criticism Linguistics and Literacy Asian-Australian theatre Literary Heritage Australian Contemporary Poetry Modality Australian Theatre History Narrative and Environment Bibliographies of Victorian and Edwardian Novelists Phonetics/ Phonology

satisfying neglected general requirements. The Faculty considers foreign language study in French or German to be the most appropriate for art history majors.
V I S U A L A N D P E R F O R M I N G A R T S V I S U A L A N D P E R F O R M I N G A R T S spring 2003 courses instructors curriculum ... FILM STUDIES GALLERY MANAGEMENT MUSIC ACADEMIC THEATRE


gallery events graduates 2003 Denver Art Museum Student symposium: April
Resident faculty: Kathryn Andrus, Ph. D., Renaissance-Baroque survey Elissa Auther, Ph. D., Contemporary Art and Theory, Women in the Visual Arts, Louis Cicotello, M. F. A., Abstract Art Gerry Riggs, M. A., Gallery Management Lecturers, Spring 2003: Carol Dass, History of Photography Senga Nengudi Fittz, Art in a Multicultural Perspective Kathy Romberg, Languages of Art Kim Sayers-Newlin, Languages of Art Rodney Wood, Languages of Art
Follow this link for list of courses The art history concentration consists of a lower division requirement of AH 100 and 12 hours selected from the survey group of courses: AH 280, 281, 282, 283, 284, 285. There is also a 24 hour requirement in upper-division art history courses, of which the department requires a 12 hour dispersal (three hours each) among the four divisions of ancient, medieval, Renaissance-Baroque, and modern art history. All majors must complete AH 400 (Seminar: The Practice of Art History) in addition to the 24 hour upper-division requirement. The minimum Art History degree program is 39 hours. No course from the AH 404/405 (Gallery Management) sequence can be used to satisfy the minimum 39 hours required for a major.

83. Orientations Asian Art Subjects Covered -- SOUTH ASIA: General
articles from past issues. Subject SOUTH AND CENTRAL ASIA AND THE HIMALAYAS general/art history, Archaeology, Collections. Philadelphia Museum of art.
Articles from past issues Subject: SOUTH AND CENTRAL ASIA AND THE HIMALAYAS General/Art History, Archaeology, Collections Philadelphia Museum of Art Alsop, Ian Exhibition Review: `Tibet: Tradition and change', Albuquerque Museum, Albuquerque, New Mexico
NOV 97 copies available. Click box to order this issue then complete form below Bangdel, Dina Goddess of the Periphery, Goddess of the Centre: Iconology of Jnanadakini in Newar Buddhism
DEC 02 copies available. Click box to order this issue then complete form below Bartholomew, Terese Tse Sino-Tibetan Art of the Qianlong Period from the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
JUN 91 copies available. Click box to order this issue then complete form below The Legacy of Chinggis Khan
JUN 95 copies available. Click box to order this issue then complete form below Milo C. The Freer Gallery of Art
MAY 93 copies available. Click box to order this issue then complete form below Berger, Patricia `A Buddha from Former Times': Zanabazar and the Mongol Renaissance

84. Orientations Asian Art Subjects Covered -- ISLAMIC ART: General
articles from past issues. Subject ISLAMIC general/art history, Collections. arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution. Averitt
Articles from past issues Subject: ISLAMIC General/Art History, Collections Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution Averitt, Bj Chinese Influences on West Asian Art
FEB 93 copies available. Click box to order this issue then complete form below Beach, Milo C. The Freer Gallery of Art
MAY 93 copies available. Click box to order this issue then complete form below Ekhtiar, Maryam The Qajar Visual Aesthetic: Highlights from The Brooklyn Museum Collection
JUL 89 issue unavailable. Morris-Branch, Maxine Myths and Symbols in Medieval Iranian Art
APR 81 issue unavailable. Rogers, J.M. Two Masterpieces from `Suleyman the Magnificent' - A Loan Exhibition from Turkey at the British Museum
AUG 88 copies available. Click box to order this issue then complete form below Scott, Rosemary The Burrell Collection, Glasgow: Gift to a City
JUL 83 copies available. Click box to order this issue then complete form below Shangraw, Clarence F., Nancy Hock, Terry Allen, Patricia Berger, Terese Tse Bartholomew, Yoshiko Kakudo, Yoko Woodson, Kumja Kim, Richard Mellott and Stephen Bailey Looking at Asian Art Patronage: Some Cross-sectional Views, The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

85. Untitled Document
Career Outlook Study in art history broadens and enriches a general education, offering insight into the visual, architectural, and cultural artifacts left by
College of Fine Arts and Communication Table of Contents General Information Faculty ... Undergraduate Degree Requirements Web Page: Degrees and Areas of Concentration
The department offers course work leading toward the B.A in art history and the B.F.A. in studio art. Courses included in the B.A. in art history cover the arts of Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America, including Native American arts, from ancient times to the present. Courses examine the entire range of human visual expression from painting, sculpture, architecture, and photography to performance and festival arts in the tribal world. In each case the arts are examined within their historical, aesthetic, and cultural contexts. The B.F.A. in studio art consists of a foundation art program and an emphasis area in one of the following:  drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, and general fine arts. UM-St. Louis has a transfer agreement with the St. Louis Community College District, which offers a direct credit transfer to upper division BFA courses for students who graduate with an AFA degree from the SLCC. To support its teaching and research objectives, the department maintains a slide collection of over 80,000 slides. The collection, which includes examples of painting, sculpture, architecture, photography and decorative arts, is under the supervision of a professional slide curator, who is available for special assistance to staff and students.

86. Undergraduate History Of Art General Information
history OF art UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMME general INFORMATION. COUNSELLING. Academic counselling on course selection (including departmental
Fine Art Home Undergad VIS FAH Graduate MVS FAH Faculty Resources ...
Dept of Fine Art
PLAGIARISM The Faculty Calendar quotes portions of the code of behaviour in academic matters, including the definition of academic offenses such as plagiarism, and student conductand the sanctions for such offenses. A serious problem in recent years, plagiarism is representing another's ideas or expression as one's own in an essay, test, or examination. It is the duty of instructors to report cases; the Dean's office prosecutes these vigorously. Possible sanctions include a grade of for the piece of work in question, failure in the course, suspension for a year, a notation of misconduct on the student's records for 5 years. Giving adequate credit to sources used in written work (through suitable references) is usually a sufficient precaution against a charge of plagiarism.
GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES In general, any grievance relating to studies in Fine Art should be brought to the instructor's attention or to one of the undergraduate coordinators. Alternatively the Chair may act as a referee if matters cannot be resolved to the student's satisfaction by an undergraduate coordinator. A further court of appeal is the University Ombudsperson: see the Faculty Calendar.
STUDY ELSEWHERE PROGRAM In addition to the Siena program every summer, it is normally possible for students who have completed approximately 10 courses (in all departments) to continue their studies abroad for one year. Such students should be pursuing a Specialist or Major program. Application forms are available from college registrars' offices. Applicants must obtain approval of the Departmental Adviser for Study Elsewhere on their forms, and submit them to the Office of the Faculty Registrar, Sidney Smith Hall, Room 1006.

87. Art History
BA, Major in art art history Concentration ARS 101, art from Prehistory through Middle Ages, 3. general Studies elective (math or science recommended), 34.
Art, Art History Concentration Bachelor of Arts
The Katherine K. Herberger College of Fine Arts Definition of the field. Art history students study the history of the visual arts and the theoretical and critical literature associated with the art of different cultures. The discipline of art history requires the development of critical writing skills, use of foreign languages, and a background in history, philosophy, religious studies, literature, and anthropology. Career opportunities in the field. Uniqueness of the program at ASU. The undergraduate degree program in art history at ASU is one of the most rigorous in the United States. The program is unlike most B.A. programs in that a wide spectrum of the history of art is taught by a faculty with very diverse specialities. Students must take courses in all major historical periods and also work in non-Western art traditions. Preparation for graduate work is built into the program with the undergraduate taking required research methods and seminar courses. Students must demonstrate an ability to read in at least one foreign language. Students are encouraged to take some course work outside of art history yet closely allied to the field, such as courses in museum studies, gallery exhibitions, and studio work. High school or college preparation.

88. FineArt Forum Resource Directory
fineart forum resource directory Museums and art history. A. African American Museums Association. an association of African American museums, directors, collectors and other persons interested in
[fineArt forum] [search] [index] [help] ... [add a site]
fineArt forum resource directory:
Museums and Art History
African American Museums Association
an association of African American museums, directors, collectors and other persons interested in this field
The Alexandria Museum of Art
Collection of contemporary Louisiana art and an array of local, regional, and national exhibits, including the state's largest collection of North Louisiana folk art.
Alvar Aalto Museum
The Alvar Aalto Museum specialises in architecture. It preserves, researches and maintains a permanent display of material related to Aalto's work as an architect and designer.
Allen Memorial Art Museum
Oberlin College Art Museum
American Memory
Collections of primary source and archival material relating to American culture and history. Maintained by the Library of Congress, and primarily features items found in its special collections. Includes Civil War and Farm Security Administration (FSA) photographs. [Maryland, USA]
ANU Art History Server
There is quite a bit at this site, including a database of prints and print history , and information on classical and contemporary architecture. [Australian National University, Canberra, Australia]

89. Comic Art & Graffix Gallery© Your Place On The Web For Comics...
Comic art Graffix Gallery, where you can buy original comic art comic books plus read all about the history of comics, biographies of artists writers even read old comics from the 1930's
History of Comics How to Collect Our General Store
Our Museum of Comic Art
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A great selection of comic books and magazines from the 1930's-present. Superman to Spawn.
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History of Comics How to Collect Our General Store ... Contact Us
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90. Art History - Academic Info
An annotated directory of Internet resources on art history and art Studies art history Gateway Directory of art Education ; American art ; Renaissance art ; Buddhist art ; Native American
Academic Info
Art History Gateway - Directory of Online Resources

Sections include: Art Schools ; Digital Library ; Art Libraries ; Art Museums ; Photography ; Art Education ; American Art ; Renaissance Art ; Buddhist Art ; Native American Art ; Rock Art.
Search Index Contact ... History Art History
Table of Contents
General Links

Reference Desk

Digital Library

Art Libraries
Historic Photos
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91. Jetter
general agency and underwriting support for annuity, critical illness, dental, health, life, long term care, and medicare supplement insurance. Located in Nebraska, USA.
11305 Chicago
Omaha NE
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Critical Illness
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92. Blackwell Publishing Art Website
New Interventions in art history Series For more information about each book featured here, including a full contents list, please click on the Order this book
New Interventions in Art History Series
For more information about each book featured here, including a full contents list, please click on the Order this book button.
Published in connection with the Association of Art Historians
This innovative new series comprises volumes of specially commissioned essays to provide an international forum for analysis of theoretical and historical perspectives relating to all aspects of the study of painting, sculpture, architecture, design and other areas of visual culture. The series is committed to the publication of innovative work that extends understanding of the visual within a well-developed interdisciplinary framework.
The series editor, Dana Arnold , is Professor of Architectural History at the University of Southampton and Director of the Centre for Studies in Architecture and Urbanism. She is former editor of the journal Art History Art and Thought
Presenting an incisive analysis of the intellectual preoccupations that influence visual culture

93. The University Of Texas | Department Of Art And Art History | Academic Programs
The Visual Resources Collection is a teaching resources unit for faculty and students of the Department of art and art history at The University of Texas at
department of art and art history
admissions people ... crl facilities special programs get involved calendar
fine arts library
... computer services visual resource collection Jack S. Blanton Museum virtual tours
general information administration/staff collection development circulation conservation ... photography services
The Visual Resources Collection is a teaching resources unit for faculty and students of the Department of Art and Art History at The University of Texas at Austin. The Collection, which began around 1940, currently numbers approximately 550,000 35mm slides. The primary strength of the collection is in art of the western world (pre-historic through modern). There are also significant holdings in eastern traditions, as well in Pre-Columbian art and architecture. The Collection also houses the Ferguson Collection that consists of over 5000 photographs, negatives, and contact sheets of Maya sites in Central America. Location and Hours
The Visual Resources collection is located in the Doty Fine Arts Building (DFA) room 2.210. Hours are Mondays through Fridays, 8:00AM-5:00PM; Phone 512-471-4337.

94. Welcome To Jamestown College - Jamestown, North Dakota
Plainsong art Contest). About Majors and Minors. Fine arts Major with a Concentration in Studio arts. Studio art Minor. art history Minor.
Academics Admissions Athletics Reiland Fine Arts ... Search Art Department Faculty Contact Academic Departments Areas of Academic Interest Art Biology Business, Accounting, and Economics ... Academics Art Art Mission Statement The Art Department Sanctuary At Jamestown College our commitment is to whole-person education. We attempt to involve students in a well-balanced program where there is opportunity for individualized portfolios, experiential learning, internships and/or supervised practice, work study within the major department, supervised teaching and problem solving. Students seeking individual majors in areas outside the catalog may design an individual major. On occasion during the summer months, the art students may have the opportunity to attend camp (primitive style) in the Badlands of South Dakota. In addition to independent study courses and unique research opportunities, the art department during a four-year cycle, offers the foundation courses. Art Awards An annual ART DEPARTMENT OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARD is given to an art major with a GPA of 3.0 and 3.5 in art, who has demonstrated maturity in all aspects of his/her educational experience. (Monetary awards are also given to winners of the Plainsong Art Contest)

95. VoS - Voice Of The Shuttle
the English 130, history 186, or Conference 2001 VoS Resources Page). VoS will thus be an open platform serving the needs of both general and specific
MyVoS Logout Sign Up Help ... Credits
T oday's three links, randomly drawn from VoS
"Poetry Writing"
Space History (NASA) Michael Bauwens, "Deus ex Machina vs. Electric Gaia" (CMC Magazine, April 1997)
W elcome to the new VoS. Started in 1994 as a suite of static Web pages, VoS has now been rebuilt as a database that serves content dynamically on the Web. Users gain greater flexibility in viewing and searching, while editors are able to work more efficiently and flexibly.
We've tried to maintain most of the original structure of the site, which models the way the humanities are organized for research and teaching as well as the way they are adapting to social, cultural, and technological changes. But some shifts in organization and navigation are necessary for technical reasons. ( Navigating and Bookmarking VoS Important : the new VoS is still a work in progress, but we have turned it on because it is already more functional than the original site. There are still some mis-orderings of categories and author names that we are fixing as we convert our legacy resources. We've also temporarily removed as many of the broken links as we could find and will restore them when we can (or find substitutes). Some categories have thus been temporarily decimated. If Michel Foucault wrote about

96. Sanford & A Lifetime Of Color: Study Art
Explore the world of art and artists through our interactive timeline and glossary. Recommend this Web site to your friends! Timeline of art.
Explore the world of art and artists through our interactive timeline and glossary. Learn about the color wheel, the elements and principles of art, and much more! Sign up for our mailing list! Learn about new ArtEdventures and lesson plans!
Enter your email address, then press Return/Enter on your keyboard. To remove... Read our Recommend this Web site
to your friends!
Timeline of Art

Elements and Principles of Art Other Art Concepts Media Styles Artists
Elements of Art

97. CTICH History Links
Topics include economics, religion, the arts, and technology. with the teacher of World history in mind general Gateways with a Significant history Section.
History and the WWW
For subject specific resources see also the " Specialist Sources " section of this site
Table of Contents

98. FirstGov -- Citizen Gateway -- History, Arts And Culture
State Arts Agencies. Back to Top. Culture and Ethnic Groups. general Culture American Folklife; American Social and Cultural history; Cultural Resources from the
Skip to Content Skip to Government Search Skip to By Organization Skip to Contact Your Government ... Skip to Reference Center Search
in Federal Only All States One State Advanced Home About Us Site Map ... Topics History, Arts and Culture History, Arts and Culture On this Page Art and Architecture Back to Top
Culture and Ethnic Groups
General Culture African American History and Culture Asian American History and Culture Hispanic and Latino History and Culture Native American History and Culture Southern American Culture Back to Top
General U.S. History

99. The Medici Archive Project: Main Menu
general Info, Project Information The Scope, Goals and Documentary Sources for the Arts Humanities Sample Jewish history Project, Jewish history, Religion and
Quick Links Fellowships:
Mar 2003
Document Highlights "Massacre of the Innocents" M.A.P. Patrons M.A.P Pilot Sites
(password required)
The Scope, Goals and Organization of the Medici Archive Project. Recent Appointments in the Project.
News, Updates, Recent Articles ARCHIVAL DOCUMENTS
Sample reports from the humanities documents database Documents Highlights
Greatest Hits from the Medici Granducal Archive, chosen by Project Staff. Translated, transcribed, with historical commentary. Jewish History, Religion and Culture
The Jews and the Medici; Documents for Jewish History, Religion and Culture in the Medici Granducal Archive; The Prehistory of the Florentine Ghetto
Description of the Costume and Textiles Initiative; The "Libro di Richordanze" of Guasparre Landini VISITOR ASSISTANCE Search Use Microsoft's Index Server to search our sample document reports for words, dates or topics

100. The National Association Of Attorneys General
NAAG promotes cooperation, coordination, and communication among the states' chief legal officers. This site includes a list of attorneys general, information on major ongoing litigation, and the online State Constitutional Law Bulletin.
NAAG Members, log in here to enter the backpages.
Ensuring Corporate Integrity and Responsibility in the Financial Services Industry
Although Attorneys General continue to work in traditional law enforcement areas - keeping intrusive and unwanted telemarketers away, protecting consumers against fraud and abuse, ensuring a fair marketplace, fighting crime and defending criminal convictions on appeal - my colleagues and I are now forging new ground in the area of ensuring corporate integrity and responsibility in the financial services industry...
About NAAG


Employment Opportunities
Promoting cooperation, coordination, and communication among the states' chief legal officers...
For media inquiries and other press-related questions, please contact the NAAG Press Center at (202) 326-6027. NAAG Press Releases
Appointed as Attorney General on March 8, 2004, Troy King pledged that, in his new role as legal advisor to all the people of Alabama, “Our watchword must be fidelity: fidelity to the law, fidelity to those we serve.” Prior to his appointment, he served as Legal Advisor to Governor Bob Riley from January 21, 2003 to March 8, 2004. He oversaw major litigation to which the State was a party; planned, wrote, and filed pleadings and litigated state cases in both state and federal courts on behalf of the Governor; developed plans to defend and conclude major, class action litigation; and advised the Governor on all legal matters coming before him. >> more
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