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         General Art Art History:     more books (100)
  1. History of Western Art w/ Core Concepts CD-ROM V 2.5 by Laurie Schneider Adams, Laurie Adams, 2004-07-30
  2. Art: A Brief History -- ArtNotes Plus by Marilyn Stokstad, 2006-10
  3. Posters: A Concise History (World of Art) by John Barnicoat, 1985-02
  4. Asian Art History in the Twenty-First Century (Clark Studies in the Visual Arts)
  5. Basic History of Western Art, A (7th Edition) by Anthony Janson, Andrew Stewart, et all 2005-02-26
  6. Barron's AP Art History--2008 with CD-ROM (Barron's: the Leader in Test Preparation) by John B. Nici M.A., 2008-01-01
  7. Art: A Brief History (3rd Edition) by Marilyn Stokstad, 2006-02-05
  8. Art for History's Sake: The Texas Collection of the Witte Museum by Cecilia Steinfeldt, 1993-05
  9. Barron's AP Art History 2008 (Barron's Ap Art History) by John Nici, 2008-01-01
  10. Theory for Art History (Theory4) by Jae Emerling, 2005-08-09
  11. History of Modern Art (5th Edition) by H. H. Arnason, Peter Kalb, 2003-09-08
  12. Janson's History of Art 7th Ed. by Anthony F. Janson, 2006-03-23
  13. Surf Culture: The Art History of Surfing by Craig Stecyk, David Carson, 2002-11
  14. Basic History of Art: Art Notes by Anthony F. Janson, H. W. Hanson, 2005-06-30

21. Art History Resources
resource rich online textbook for the study of several ancient cultures of which Anthony Beavers is the general Editor; Gateway to art history**** - a site
NM's Creative Impulse
The Arts
References and Resources
  • Introduction Art
    The Internet is an amazing resource tool. It allows us to travel through both time and space with a click of a button. The amount of information out there is staggering. Unfortunately, it is not as well organized as a library or set of encyclopedias. It can be a real adventure trying to research a topic and there are usually a few mishaps along the way. . I have tried to make it a little easier for students of Western Civilization and World History . If you are looking for specific time period information, please try my own Creative Impulse Pages ( a chronological listing of links for the Art, Architecture, Literature, Drama, Music, Dance, People, Places, Events, Daily Life and Culture of each era from Prehistory to the Present). The Time periods are linked at the bottom of this page. Back to Top
    Image Collections
    • AICT Art Images "a royalty-free image exchange resource for the educational community."

22. NM's Creative Impulse.. Renaissance
annotated links to sites about art Architecture history - English, French, Italian - Literature - English, Milton, Shakespeare, general, Italian - Music
NM's Creative Impulse
The Development of Western Civilization
World History
The Renaissance started in Italy and slowly spread throughout Europe. The church was still a major political, social and economic power as well as a primary patron of the arts, although it suffered some dark days during the Reformation. An emerging middle class began to question the old foundations and education became more available as a result of the printing press. Individual achievement, scientific inquiry and new wealth set the stage for the Renaissance to match and even surpass Classical Greece and Rome. Renaissance Artistic innovations include: oil painting, perspective as a science, aerial perspective, non religious art, sfumato, chiaroscuro, clothed nude, tremendous detail, foreshortening, child-like children, and a return to landscapes and portraits. Back to Top
Hist ory
  • Alberti one page bio. with special note of his contributions to Math and Science.

23. Index Of Art History Departments' Websites
general information about the art history department. Library exercises. University of Saskatchewan, Department of art art history. general information.
Art History Webmasters ASSOCIATION des webmestres en histoire de l'art
Research and Communication Tools in Art History
Outils de recherche et de communication en histoire de l'art
Since November 14, 1997. Depuis le 14 novembre 1997. INDEX OF ART HISTORY DEPARTMENTS' WEBSITES AROUND THE WORLD Kunsthistorische. Kunstgeschichte. Kunstwissenschaft. Institut.
Kunstgeschiedenis. Kunsthistorisk. Konsthistorisk. Kunsthistorie. Konstvetenskap.
Afrique Argentina Australia Belgique ... FAQ
N.B.: Universities or Institutes with no Websites are not included in this Index.
Afrique - Africa
Argentina (Argentine) Collaboration

24. Internet Resources For The Study Of Art History And Archaeology, UM Libraries
history of art Virtual Library (http// Comprehensive general art history site. Includes conference information
Guides to Info. Resources Art
Internet Resources for the Study of Art History and Archaeology
Scope: Included in this guide is a very selective group of Internet sites useful in the study of art history and archaeology. For a guide to related print materials and online databases and reference works, refer to Resources for the Study of Art, Art History and Archaeology. Email the subject area specialist at or call 301-405-9064 for more information.
Table of Contents
Each of the following sites is a major gateway to art information on the Internet.
  • Art History Resources on the Web
    Christopher Witcombe's comprehensive directory to art information on the Web organized by period and style, with links to information, images, research resources, museums and galleries.
  • Art Links on the World Wide Web
    A comprehensive collection of 1200+ links of online resources for art history.

25. @LA Arts In Southern California: Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside Co
history in general. Schools / Departments. Getty Research Institute For The history Of art And The Humanities, Malibu UCI Visual Studies Graduate Student
whole words only All Counties Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside County San Bernardino County Ventura County www. .la Art History Artists Auctioneers Calligraphy ... Writing
Featured Hot Links
The Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters
held all Summer in Laguna Beach is a world famous Art show. But the highlight of the festival is the Pageant, where local community members dress up and "pose" in front of backdrops and become incredibly faithful "living" re-creations of famous paintings. Artscene is THE local guide to the LA art scene. Detailed information for several hundred galleries, with complete show schedules, maps and sample art.
Organizations Artists Arts Councils Centers Childrens Programs ...
Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation, The
, Cathedral City - gay-positive
Beach Art
, Venice
Broad Art Foundation
, Santa Monica
California Alliance for Arts Education
, Pasadena
California Arts Advocates

, Beverly Hills Focus on the Masters , Ventura Getty Conservation Institute , West LA LACMA Institute for Art and Cultures , Mid-City Light-Bringer Project, The

26. School Of Art History - General Information
About the School. The School of art history is based in 9 The Scores, a magnificent Victorian mansion on the cliff top overlooking St Andrews Bay.
About the School
The School of Art History is based in 9 The Scores, a magnificent Victorian mansion on the cliff top overlooking St Andrews Bay. The building, which was formerly the residence of the University Principal, has an attractive large garden and superb views of the St Andrews golf links, the bay and the Angus coast and mountains beyond. The School Office and all staff offices are in 9 The Scores, as well as the Slide Collection and some teaching rooms. Nearby are the University Library and many other University departments and the town centre, with its shops, cafes, cinema and theatres. St Andrews is an historic town, with famous mediaeval ruins, such as the Cathedral and Castle, University buildings (and treasures) dating back to as early as the fifteenth century, and important buildings and streets covering every period since. It therefore provides a unique environment for studying the visual arts. Go to list of staff The School has an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research and currently holds a research rating of 5 as a result of the Research Assessment Exercise held in 2001. Teaching and research interests of the School extend from the Mediaeval to the Modern periods, with particular areas of concentration being the art of Renaissance Italy, British architecture, furniture history, photography, and nineteenth and twentieth-century art in Britain, France and Russia. Teaching and research in the School of Art History are supported by extensive library holdings, a major slide collection and computing facilities. The School also brings visitors to the University and organises a regular series of conferences. St Andrews and its environs are rich in art and architecture and the superb collections and libraries of Edinburgh and Glasgow are within easy reach.

27. 20th Century Decades: General Links
A mix of generalinterest material and items that may appeal Institution, has mounted a wonderful exhibition of poster art through American history.
20th Century History By the Decades
From the Chico High School Library
General 20th Century Resources
Covering Multiple Decades
Or go directly to these decades: You may go directly to these sub-sections on this page below: African American Resources Ads, Art, Photos and Images Chicano/Latino Resources General Collections ... Wars and Military
General Collections of Resources Covering Many Decades and Subjects American Memory
This is a set of different digital collections of information based on a wide range of topics and themes in American history. You may search all collections from a single searcher, or you may browse and search the individual collections. Includes a huge number of books, documents, photographs, images, music, souncs, and films. Well worth getting to know, especially the Learning section, which ncludes exhibitions, curriculum, and learning aids related to primary sources. The National Archives
A digital collection of documents and images related to the U.S. government. Many are official documents that are preserved in their original form, and are made available to the public here in digital format. Also includes exhibitions, curriculum, and learning aids related to primary sources. American Cultural History: The Twentieth Century Decades
This outstanding collection of web guides on the decades of the twentieth century has sections for each decade. Includes images and comments about the culture and history of each time period, as well as recommended in-print readings. The pages are prepared as pathfinders by the Reference Librarians at Kingwood College (Texas). These provide excellent cultural and historical background as you use these resources.

28. Ars Astronautica A Brief Histroy Of Space Art -
understandable by the general public and thus secures the necessary political support. . The above words acknowledge the importance of including art in today s
Attention - the page you are looking for has moved or been replaced.
Please CLICK HERE to find what you are looking for.

29. Art History - Art-online TM - The Fine Art Directory By Artprice
Home, Submit, Help, Webmasters, Newsletter, Map, Home art history. general art history; Archaeology; Occidental art Archaeology Antiquity Medieval Renaissance

30. Columbia GS - Art History And Archaeology
Requirements The Majors Colloquium AHIS W3895x or y; Seven courses in art history, which must cover four of five general areas
ART HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY The goal of the major in the Department of Art History and Archaeology is to explore the history of art, architecture, and archaeology across a broad historical, cultural, geographic, and methodological spectrum. Department courses take advantage of the extraordinary cultural resources of New York City and often involve museum assignments and trips to local monuments. The department offers a major and concentration in art history and in the history and theory of architecture, and a combined major in art history and visual arts. Note: Art Humanities (HUMA W1121) does not count toward the major, and no credit is given for Advanced Placement tests. Courses in which a grade of D has been received do not count toward the major or concentration requirements. Advising: All newly declared majors and concentrators should make an appointment with the student coordinator who will inform them of their assigned faculty advisor. All majors are required to confer with their advisor at the start of junior and senior year to discuss their academic program. In order for courses to count for the major, students must have the approval of their advisor. The director of undergraduate studies regularly communicates with majors by e-mail to announce departmental events, museum internships, and other news. If you do not receive these messages, please contact the department office. Art History and Archaeology Course Descriptions DEPARTMENTAL OFFICE
826 Schermerhorn; 854-4505

31. Art History Resources
Also provides a link to the Clement Greenberg Exhibition. general art history Bibliography Provides a list of standard reference sources in art history.
var GJSBrowserName = 'Unknown'; var mcgilllogo_Off = new Image(119,29); mcgilllogo_Off.src = ""; var mcgilllogo_On = new Image(119,29); mcgilllogo_On.src = ""; var SectLink_Off = new Image(136,53); SectLink_Off.src = ""; var SectLink_On = new Image(136,53); SectLink_On.src = ""; Prospective
... Larger Smaller Sign in Blackader-Lauterman Library of Architecture and Art About Blackader-Lauterman Location and staff contacts ... Architecture Resources Art History Resources Urban Planning Museums Dictionaries Encyclopedias ...

McGill's Library catalogue Art History Resources Link to specific web-resources for art history:
Reference Sources
Also see Library and Archival Holdings
Also see Catalogues
  • Clement Greenberg: Writings By and About
    Brings together many articles by and about one of the most prominent and vilified art critics of the 20th century.
  • 32. Visual Arts Career Guide And Art Resources On The Web
    art art and art history Voice of the arts, Crafts and Humanities - LII arts - general Internet Resources arts Online-Open Studio art Magazines
    INFORMATION CENTER Visual Arts Career Guide Explore careers in Art with the following links to job descriptions, which include information such as daily activities, skill requirements, salary and training required. To learn more about Art, follow the related links below the career descriptions section. Home Careers Skills Schools ... About Visual Arts Career Descriptions 3-D Renderer - Designer
    Advertising Account Manager

    Advertising Careers

    Interior Decorator
    Visual Arts Related Sites Art Tutorials
    About Ceramics
    Interior Design

    Art Courses Online

    Art Movements and Periods- Reference Guide
    ...Additional Tutorial Resources
    Dictionaries and Glossaries Alphabet of Art Art Glossary Artcyclopedia- Top 30 Artists ArtLex- Dictionary of Visual Art Art History Art History Network Art History Resource Index - Artist Masters Art and Art History - Voice of the Shuttle ... Paper History and Links Math in Art Golden Section in Art More Math Resources Art Schools and Job Resources Accredited Art School Search NAASAD Art Education Art History Schools and Departments ... ...Additional School Resources Safety in the Arts Art Hazards Artists Health and Safety Resources Artist Safety Arts and Craft Safety ... Workplace Health and Safety Images, Pictures and Clipart

    33. Japanese Art History
    by Nichigai Associates provides 600,000 bibliographic references to articles from 155 general interest monthly Strengths Covers all periods of art history.
    Japanese Art History
    Bibliographies Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Biographies Handbooks ... Art History Databases
    Books Art Catalogs Journal Articles
  • Books

    • wa 48 [1973].
      EAC: 016.7049489 B932, 1973
    • Japanese studies on Asian fine arts, 1973-1983. Asian studies in Japan, 1973-1983; pt. II-3.
      Ogawa, Hiromitsu, 1948.
      Tokyo: Centre for East Asian Cultural Studies, 1990.
      PL: 016.95 A832, 1985, pt. 2, v. 3
  • 34. Pearson Education
    Home Academics Browse Catalogue art history general art history. Academics. Contact your rep. Examination copies. general art history. Related courses.

    35. History General - Art Glass Association
    Community / history general. The origins of the first stained glass windows are lost in history. Text Courtesy of art Glass Association.


    Art Glass
    General History
    Community / History - General
    The origins of the first stained glass windows are lost in history. The technique probably came from jewelry making, cloisonné and mosaics. Stained glass windows as we know them, seemed to arise when substantial church building began. By the 10th century, depictions of Christ and biblical scenes were found in French and German churches and decorative designs found in England.
    What is Stained Glass
    Techniques/Construction The Gothic age Medieval Craftsmen ... Today's Art Glass Text Courtesy of Art Glass Association. Pictures courtesy of SGAA (Stained Glass Art Association) Slide Library

    36. :: Keynote Themes :: Lecture Series: Art History
    direct your audience s attention precisely where you need it you have everything you need to create next-generation art history, general history or antiqued
    Designed in collaboration with leading Art Historians and Educators, Lecture Series: Art History, together with Keynote, provides a professional-grade platform for building next-generation, fully-digital lectures and presentations on Art History, Visual Arts, or any topic in need of clean, concise historic look. With Keynote and Lecture Series: Art History, it's never been easier to bring your tried and true, slide-driven presentations into the digital age. For professionals and lecturers who've already made the leap to digital, or for professors or students looking to move beyond the perpetual strife of the slide library, our Art History theme provides a richly-textured canvas that makes any era stand out like never before. Subtle texture, shadow and historic sketchwork bring the neutral background to life, along with PitchBoards
    Along with the standard general-purpose slides included in each Keynote theme, Lecture Series: Art History includes 19 additional master slides - a mix of photo and text masters giving you a wide range of format and layout options. Every slide features a slightly different background, with variations on the screened sketchwork from slide to slide. The Photo Cut-Outs are uniquely distressed throughout - subtle dust and scratch elements to add to the overall texture without detracting from the imagery - even add more if you like from the Supplemental Material file. Every step of the way, a careful balance has been struck between making the backgrounds and page-level elements interesting enough to warrant attention, but not so interesting that it overpowers or takes control of your content.

    37. French Art
    French art history AWARDS Note Graphic Intensive Originally prepared for The ancient art of book illumination was still In general, however, the work can be
    French Art History
    Note: Graphic Intensive
    Originally prepared for: Prehistory
    The prehistoric period is known for paleolithic cave paintings. There are around 130 caves around the Pyrenees, with the most famous of the caves being Lascaux. Stone sculpures made by Cro-Magnon man also exist from this period and are found in Dordogne (South West of France). Aussi:
    Horses' Heads in the Chauvet Cave
    Cro-Magnon Sculpture
    Cave Paintings at Lascaux
    Other Sites Medieval Period
    International Gothic

    The merging of Italian and Northern European art resulted in the emergence of an International Gothic style by the end of the 14th century. Artists travelled all over Europe spreading and intertwining their ideas, until eventually painters in this International Gothic style could be found in France, Italy, England, Germany, Austria and Bohemia. The ancient art of book illumination was still the prevailing form of painting in France at the beginning of the 15th century. Easel painting did not develop in France to any extent until the 14th century.

    Selected general art history Dictionaries to find additional topic-specific art history dictionaries in the Cabell Library collections, execute a keyword
    Quick Links E-Books E-Journals Sitemap CINAHL ERIC Factiva InfoTrac OneFile LexisNexis MEDLINE/PubMed PsycInfo Web of Science Blackboard Check your E-mail Course Reserves Explore the Web Research Guides
    Art History Resources
    VCU Departments Contact if you need assistance with your art history research) The URL for this web page is Items on this page with the following labels are only available in certain areas: : Available on both campuses OR from home
    : Available in Cabell Library. Also see Connecting to the Libraries for more information on remote access.
    Locating Books
    VCU Library Catalog to search for books, journals, and audiovisual materials held by the VCU Libraries. To search for materials from other libraries, use the

    39. General In UK Directory: Library: Art History & Theory
    Web Search general. general art history with sites featuring international histories of art or focused on nonEnglish artists.,44537,670335,670410,706687

    40. Art History - Famous Artists - Master Index
    The art history index of famous masters leads to imagery and indepth links to images in museum collections, links to indepth art news, general links as
    account access login: password: artist port. gallery port. arts marketplace browse the arts submit arts news media kit ... art history
    Claude Monet
    Le Pont D'argenteuil
    Our price: $5.00
    Claude Monet
    Nympheas Evening Effects 1897-1898
    Our price: $21.00
    Pablo Picasso
    Femme a L'oiseau
    Our price: $25.00
    Henri Matisse Handkerchief (Embossed) Our price: $5.00 Henri Matisse Jeune Fille Avec Tiare 1936 Our price: $22.00 Art History Index of Artists: The art history index of famous masters leads to imagery and indepth information to over 22,000 artists. Over 200,000 images from certain museums are directly accessible via this wealth of art historical information database. Direct links to images in museum collections, links to indepth art news, general links as well as the best collection of search engine results have been compiled for over 22,000 artists. Simply select a letter from below to start your research. A B C D ... Z Search the Art History database for artist, title, media, and much more. Norman Rockwell Sunday Morning Our price: $4.00

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