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         Genealogy Native Americans:     more books (74)
  1. Indians from New York: A Genealogy Reference by Toni J. Prevost, 1995-11
  2. Crow Dog: Four Generations of Sioux Medicine Men by Leonard Crow Dog, Richard Erdoes, 1995-02
  3. 1932 Hopi and Navajo Native American census: With birth and death rolls by Jeff Bowen, 1997
  4. Zapotec Elite Ethnohistory: Pictorial Genealogies from Eastern Oaxaca (Vanderbilt University Publications in Anthropology, No 39) by Joseph Whitecotton, 1990-09
  5. Creek Indian History: A Historical Narrative of the Genealogy, Traditions and Downfall of the Ispocoga or Creek Indian Tribe of Indians
  6. The 1890 Cherokee Nation Census, Indian Territory (Oklahoma) by Barbara Benge, 2002-01
  7. QSapi: A History of Okanagan People as told by Okanagan families by Shirley Louis, 2002-12-11
  8. The Black American Handbook for Survival through the 21st Century. Volume 1: The Forgotten Truth Behind Racism in America by RaDine Amen-ra, 2001-01-28
  9. The Six Nations of New York: The 1892 United States Extra Census Bulletin (Documents in American Social History)
  10. The Indian Tribes of North America (Bulletin (Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology), 145.) (Bulletin (Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of American Ethnology), 145.) by John R. Swanton, 2003-04-01
  11. Genealogy of Benjamin Cleveland, Great-Grandson of Moses Cleveland of Woburn Mass. Native of Canterbury Windham County, Connecticut by H. G. Cleveland, 1993-03
  12. North American Sun Kings : Keepers of the Flame by Joseph B Mahan, Cyclone Covey, 1992-10
  13. Villany Often Goes Unpunished: Indian Records from the North Carolina General Assembly Session, 1675-1789 by William L., III Byrd, 2002-03
  14. Turtles, Wolves, & Bears: A Mohawk Family History by Barbara J. Sivertsen, 1997-01

41. Index Of Native American Resources On The Internet - WWWVL American Indians
Index of native American Resources on the Internet Archaeology. Electronic Texts. genealogy. Legal. Books. NonProfits. Government
WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
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42. Native American Genealogy
native American genealogy. Osiyo. native American Bookstores and Maps. Melodie Sander's Cherokee genealogy Research Material. General native American genealogy Links. We have been awarded the HUMAN
Main Other Specialty Interests htmlAdWH('7002588', '234', '60');
Native American Genealogy
My new publication on the 1890 Cherokee Nation census has been released for publication, you can also order my 1880 Cherokee Nation census as well. 1880 Cherokee Nation Census Book
1880 Cherokee Nation Census CD

1890 Cherokee Nation Census Book

1890 Cherokee Nation Census CD
Index to the Guion Miller roll
updated link 2 April 2001
Information on how to obtain Guion Miller claims
new link 7 February 2001
Site last updated 5 May 2002.
Sequoyah Family files
added 9 November 1996
Descendants of Mitchell Sanders
(link sited updated 13 May 2003)
Jim Hick's Website, genealogies of Descendants of Nathan Hicks, Sr; Descendants of John Downing, Major; Descendants of Moytoy; Descendants of Oo-loo-tsa; Descendants of Thomas Cordery
(link sited added 10 September 1998 Native American Bookstores and Maps Melodie Sander's Cherokee Genealogy Research Material Kevin Cloud Brechner's Lecture on the White Buffalo Calf with Links
Karen's and Melodie's Choctaw Home page
(added 16 June 96) Lakota home page with links to other sites (added 16 June 96) What's in a Name?

43. The African
THE AFRICANnative AMERICAN. HISTORY genealogy WEBPAGE. African Am. native Am. genealogy. *************************
THE AFRICAN-NATIVE AMERICAN Celebrating the Estelusti ~ The Freedmen Oklahoma's Black Indians Abraham Cow Tom Dosar Barkus Caesar Bruner ... J. Coody Johnson and all 40,000+ Freedmen of Indian Territory and their hundreds of thousands of descendants! FRONTIER FREEDMAN'S JOURNAL INDEX - NOW ONLINE !! New Book on Choctaw Freedmen!! The Choctaw Freedmen and the Story of Oak Hill Industrial Academy by Robert Flickinger (see Heritage Books Site Below, or click on Book or title above ) Current Issues Pertaining to Black Indians Legal Defense Fund Established for Cherokee Freedmen Freedmen File Suit in Federal Court Challenges to Cherokee Election Made by Cherokee Freedmen ... The Oklahoma Freedman Message Board Contents Introduction The Choctaw Freedmen Page Chickasaw Freedmen Resources History Black Indian Slave Narratives Culture and Traditions of Black Indians Freedmen Bibliography List of Freedmen Surnames ... Unique Records for Black Indians Documents Sample Freedman Documents Treaties Pertaining to Black Indians Cherokee Treaty of 1866 Freeing the Slaves Choctaw-Chickasaw Treaty of 1866 Freeing the Slaves Creek Treaty of 1866 Freeing the Slaves Seminole Treaty of 1866 Books Heritage Books: The African-Native American Bookstore (Coming Soon!)

44. Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Genealogical Research For Native Americans
Our staff in the Department of Anthropology receive many inquiries on how to conduct genealogical research on native American ancestry. The following text has been compiled by our staff to assist you
Smithsonian Institution
Genealogical Research for Native Americans
O ur staff in the Department of Anthropology receive many inquiries on how to conduct genealogical research on Native American ancestry. The following text has been compiled by our staff to assist you in locating sources of information. Please note that the Smithsonian Institution is not a source for genealogical research and has no records relating to Indian census or Indian tribal rolls. The office of Tribal Enrollment, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Mail Stop 2614-MIB, U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C. 20245, does provide information on tracing one's Indian ancestry and the requirements to qualify legally for membership in a federally recognized Indian tribe. If the name of the tribe to which your ancestor belonged is known, the National Archives and Records Administration, 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20408, may be able to help you. They have on file census rolls and other Indian records identified by tribe, band, or tribal group dating from 1830-1940. The National Archives will search the records if given the name of the Indian ancestor (English and Indian names) and the name of the tribal group along with the approximate date associated with the tribe. They also provide information on other sources for genealogical inquiry. If the name of your Indian ancestor's tribe is not known, then you must conduct genealogical research in the manner that is usual for cases where Indians are not involved. You must attempt in the process to determine the tribal group in order to apply to the sources described above. If you cannot find the tribal name, but have attained from such research a quite precise location and period from which your Indian ancestry derives, then possible tribal identification may be determined by reading standard sources on Indian history and local history. These sources can help you find out which Indian tribes(s) or group(s) were in that region at that date. Given that information, you will still, of course, need the name of your Indian ancestor in order to locate the person in records arranged by tribe.

45. Indian Tribes Of Maine
Indian genealogy. Indian Tribes of Maine. Indian Tribes of North America, Swanton. History. native tradition brings the Penobscot from the Southwest.
Indian Tribes of Maine Indian Tribes of North America, Swanton
1900 Indian Territory Census

Dawes Commission Index, 1898-1914
Circle of First Nations
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Abnaki . Properly Wabanaki, "those living at the sunrise," "those living at the east," "easterners." Also called:
Aln nba , own name, meaning "Indians," or "men."
Aquannaque, Wabanaki as pronounced by Huron.
Bashabas, name given them from a principal chief.
Cannon-gageh-ronnons, name given by Mohawk.
Moassones, from a name applied to their country; perhaps from Penobscot Maweshenook, "berry place." Nar nkamigdok epitsik arenanbak, "villages of the Nar nkamigdog," said to be a collective name for all the Abnaki villages. Natio Luporum, "Wolf Nation." Nats gana, name given by Caughnawaga Iroquois.

46. Cyndi's List - African-American
AfricanAmerican genealogy Ring; The African - native genealogy Homepage Celebrating the Estelusti ~ The Freedmen Oklahoma s Black Indians of the Cherokee
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your web browser to load the entire page first.
Category Index:

Related Categories:
Planting Your Family Tree Online
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Cyndi's List The BOOK!

2nd Edition
2 Volumes Netting Your Ancestors Genealogy Bookstore
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    General Resource Sites
    • Celebrating the Estelusti ~ The Freedmen Oklahoma's Black Indians of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole Nations.
      • From the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.
      • Wills, inventories, Bible records, slave manifests, etc.
      Information and records for "The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands," more commonly known as the Freedmen's Bureau. Published transcriptions of the records of the Freedmens Bureau, including Freedmens marriage certificates and reports of outrages against freed slaves.

47. WWWVL: American Indian - Native American Genealogy Resources On The Internet
WWW Virtual Library American Indians. Index of native American genealogy Resources on the Internet. Frequently Asked Questions for
WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
Index of Native American Genealogy Resources on the Internet
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Since January 23, over $65000 has been raised through small contributions (an average of about $44) to help John Kerry defeat George Bush in November. You can help too.
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48. Native Americans -  American Indians, The First People Of America. History Of N
Tribute To A Hero. Listen to the Legend of the White Buffalo. native americans Who Received the Nations Highest Honor The Congressional Medal of Honor
Tribute To A Hero Lt. John F. Kennedy receives the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps medal for heroic conduct from Capt. Frederic L. Conklin June 12, 1944. JFK used his father's connections to get assigned to active duty. Says Dallek, "He was determined to get into combat. It was part of the culture at the time, patriotism. But he was heroic in doing that." Listen to the Legend of the White Buffalo Where Will Our Children Live...
A lonesome warrior stands in fear of what the future brings,
he will never hear the beating drums or the songs his brothers sing.
Our many nations once stood tall and ranged from shore to shore
but most are gone and few remain and the buffalo roam no more.
We shared our food and our land and gave with open hearts

49. Genealogy Resources On The Internet - Native American Mailing
Seneca, Tuscaroras); NANAVAJO-TRIBE (Navajo); NA-NEWBIES (anyone new to native American genealogy); NA-NEZ-PERCE-TRIBE (Nez Percé); NA
Mailing Lists Usenet Newsgroups Telnet Sites Gopher Sites ... Email sites
URL: Last update: May 8, 2004 by John Fuller, Register Resource Update Resource Report a Broken Link

50. Native American Genealogy
State Historical Society of Missouri. native American genealogy. There are LINKS TO US native AMERICAN genealogy WEBSITES. Index of
State Historical Society of Missouri
Native American Genealogy
There are many unique challenges encountered when researching Native American (Indian) genealogy. The traditions, naming customs and kinship systems varied widely among tribes; therefore, it is usually necessary that the researcher become familiar with those that pertain to a particular tribe. Our reference library has a splendid Indian collection for the historian, but our published sources are incomplete for tracing Indian genealogy. By 1836, Indian tribes in Missouri had been removed and no longer had claims to any Missouri land. The Society does not have, nor are we aware of, lists of rolls of Indians in Missouri. Individuals who left the "Trail of Tears" did not maintain their tribal status in most cases. Please note below some agencies you might find helpful in your research. NATIONAL ARCHIVES Valuable records of federal government agencies, including records from various field offices of the Bureau of Indian Affairs , have been deposited throughout the United States. National Archives records, 1830-1940, deal chiefly with Indians who

51. Native American Genealogy: Resources For Researching Your Native American Ancest
The genealogy Register Carolyn s native American genealogy Helper; Cyndi s List native American -Comprehensive list of native American sites on the Internet;
Search Our Site
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Libraries, Archives
National Library

Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave. SE
Thomas Jefferson Building
LJ G42
Washington, D.C. 20540-4660
Phone: (202) 707-5537
National Archives National Archives Guide to Genealogical Research 700 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington DC 20408 Do You Have Native American Ancestors? Find out at DNA Testing Center Genetic Studies conducted on full-blooded indigenous populations from North, Central, and South America (the New World) has identified a limited number of shared genetic markers. These markers have very specific modes of inheritance and are relatively unique to populations with Native American Ancestry. There are 2 types of inheritance pattern categories that these markers follow, either a directly paternal linkage (i.e., male-to-male-to-male, etc.) or a directly maternal linkage (i.e., female-to-all her children. Then, only the female children pass it on to all their children) Historical - Genealogical

52. Native American Political Issues Home
Check it out. Take the First Amendment Pledge. native American genealogy Links So many people are researching their genealogy nowadays.
Please scroll down to read summaries of each page.
What's New
NAPI Gets a Face Lift
NAPI was recently redesigned to reduce load time and to make navigating easier. If you like these changes, please click on the Starting Point box to vote for NAPI as a hot site. Native Spirituality
Article by Noel Knockwood , Spiritual Leader and Elder of the Micmac Nation. Passamaquoddy Origins
The Passamaquoddy Origins page is finally up and running with articles on the Passamaquoddy and Dawnland Peoples. Native Search
It's brand new!! A Native American, Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples' search database . Add your site!! Native Prisoners
Check back often to see what's new at the Native Prisoner page. Native Search Database
Native Search is a comprehensive database of Native American, Indigenous, and Aboriginal internet resources. It's a full service database, complete with "add-URL," search, messaging forums, and a newsletter mailing list. Check it out See a photo of Laura Brooks
Spiritual Freedom in Prison
The struggle of Native American prisoners for the First Amendment protection of religious and spiritual freedom in prison. Includes a detailed article and comprehensive bibliography. Check it out.

53. Native American Ancestry - Indian Heritage & Genealogy - American Indian Researc
native AMERICAN ANCESTRY AMERICAN INDIAN genealogy. native American research Indian genealogy is unique when compared to other types of genealogical research.
W e specialize in Native American research and proving Native American ancestry, American Indian genealogy or American Indian heritage for Bureau of Indian Affairs "BIA" benefits such as Minority Status, Low Interest Business Loans & Educational Grants. Our staff of professional genealogists and Native American research specialists have over seventy years of experience in researching the genealogy of American Indian descendants and proving Native American ancestry of the North American Indians.
O ur Native American research specialists utilize the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah , the World's Largest Genealogy Library . We also utilize our World-Wide Network of Professional Genealogists and Native American research specialists for proving Native American ancestry and American Indian heritage.
O nce your Native American ancestry is proven and your quantum blood is determined, your Native American ancestry enables you and possibly other American Indian descendants who are related to you to qualify for tribal membership and receive benefits from such tribes as the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole and Chickasaw Indians.
T he enrollment records were eventually published. Two of the major publications for Native American ancestry and Indian genealogy are the Dawes Commision, i.e. the Five Civilized Tribes consisting of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chikasaw, Creek and Seminole Tribes, and the Guion Miller Commission. The Guion Miller commission is primarily for the Cherokee Tribe residing east of the Mississippi River who escaped Indian removal to the Indian Territory in Oklahoma. Unlike the Dawes Commission which awarded land allotments, the Guion Miller Commission awarded annuities.

54. Native American Genealogy: Reconnecting With Your American Indian Heritage
Go to the native American language index What s new on our site today! native American genealogy Reconnecting With Your American Indian Heritage.
Go to the Native American language index What's new on our site today!
Native American Genealogy:
Reconnecting With Your American Indian Heritage
Hardly a week goes by that I don't get email from somebody looking for information about Native Americans in their family tree. It's good that so many people are thinking about their ancestry these days. Unfotunately I am not a genealogist, and there is no one at our organization who can help you with your family history. However, we have collected a number of American Indian genealogy links which may be helpful in your search, and you are welcome to use these.
Actually, there are four different groups of people interested in their Native American ancestors, and my suggestions are somewhat different depending which of these groups you fall into
You are already a tribal member or belong to an American Indian community.

One or both of your parents were Indian but you don't know who they were or what tribe you came from because of adoption, boarding school issues, or a custody battle.

Your parent or grandparent belonged to an Indian tribe, but you were not raised in their culture and now they have passed on.

Your grandparent was part Indian but not a tribal member, or there is a family tradition that you have Indian blood, or you are working on your family's genealogy and have just discovered an Indian ancestor you want to know more about.
You are already a tribal member or belong to an American Indian community.

Actually, if this was the case you probably wouldn't be looking for genealogy help from strangers from another tribe in the first place, much less over the Internet. We keep our own family histories pretty well. However, if you are Indian and you are looking for a relative who was removed from your community by a non-native parent or adoption, or who disappeared at boarding school, please see the

55. NativeWeb Resources: Genealogy (Tracing Roots)
native American Genealogical Research Publishing Company, United States, 136. native American genealogy, 442. native American Indian genealogy Webring, 301.
Search for:
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    Resources: 60 listings Name and Description Nation Location Hits
    A Barrel of Genealogy Links
    Acadian Genealogy Acadians
    More sites on
    Acadian-Cajun Genealogy Links
    More sites on
    African - Native Genealogy Homepage ...
    All persons seeking Native American ancestry are invited to post queries and surname lists on our message board and to ask research questions to help further their searches. Our message board research questions are answered by an accredited genealogist. Persons needing professional genealogical services in Native American, Canadian, U.S. Mexican and South American searches may also use this board to make contact.
    More sites on

    56. Native American Genealogy
    native American genealogy. native American Documents Project. native American genealogy. native American genealogy Group on America On Line.
    Native American Genealogy This page is a collection of Native American resources Kathy wanted to start looking for her Indian ancestors but didn't know where to begin. I hope these links will help her and others in getting started on tracing their family history. Daily Horoscope Genealogy Treasure Chest Nancy's Kitchen Bisquick Recipes ... Brand Name Recipe s Abenaki Tribal Information American Indians: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications Assembly of First Nations Caddo Tribes of Oklahoma ... Brand Name Recipe s Email Me Siggy's Place has been online since November 29, 1996

    57. Online Native American Indian Genealogy Records & Databases
    Online native American Indian genealogy Records Databases. Including Links to Dawes Commission Records Indexes for Individual Tribes.
    Online Native American Indian Records at the National Archives

    Includes most of the Dawes Commission Records, some with online digital copies Rootsweb's Native American Database
    Dawes Commission Index 1898-1914 at Ancestry
    (requires payment, but free at Rootsweb - see above)
    Dawes Commission Index 1896 at Ancestry
    (requires payment)
    1900 Indian Territory Census
    (requires payment) actual census images online - listed by tribe
    Native American Medal of Honor Recipients (U.S. Army)

    Native Americans Mustered into the Service of the United States in the War of 1812

    Blackfeet Catawba Cherokee

    58. Essential Native American Resources From Genealogy Today
    Online genealogy Index native American. native American. With over a dozen free databases, this is the fastest and easiest way to search through all of the
    Genealogy help for newbies, family researchers, genealogists and professionals. Meta-Search by Last Name by First Name by Location by Topic within Articles within Books within CD-Roms within Databases Advanced Search Getting Started Family History Research Tools ... Contact Us
    Native American
    Native American Feature
    Black Indians of the Upper South Perhaps one of the most valuable pieces of genealogical research to emerge about Africans and Indians outside the Indian Territory of the West has resulted from the work of Virginia Easley DeMarce.... More More Features:
    Native American Chat First Name Basis Find Family History on the Internet Book Recommendation - Native American
    Cherokee Proud
    Among the people of this country are individuals in whose blood runs the proud heritage of a noble and resilient people whose ways and talents rank with the finest civilizations the world has known. They are the 'Tsalagi' . . . the Cherokee. This book will help you learn if you are one of them. Informative for finding your Cherokee ancestors as well as making you feel proud of your heritage. It really makes you want to learn more about being a Cherokee and honoring your cherokee family.... Purchase Related Books (from

    59. Native American Genealogy And Resouce Links At Ancestor Quest
    All Things Cherokee. Best of native American genealogy. Broken Threads. native American Genealogical Research. native American genealogy. native American genealogy.
    First Name Last Name
    Owned and operated by Genealogy Today

    60. Native American Genealogy
    the site. Two books on native American genealogy are offered through its online bookstore excerpts. native American genealogy. Collection
    [Back to FAQ] [AILA home page] FINDING YOUR NATIVE AMERICAN ANCESTORS This list of links was compiled and annotated for people interested in tracing their Native American Ancestry. Some of the sites are specifically focussed on American Indians; others are broader, but have links to specific resources for Native American genealogical research. Some give background information on how to get started with family history research. On the larger sites, be sure to scroll the full length of pages to view all possible links. National Genealogical Society Follow the links Getting Started Suggestions for Beginners to find general information on how to do genealogy research. Includes bibliography.
    The Society also offers online courses, a beginner's kit and other resources described in the site.
    Two books on Native American Genealogy are offered through its online bookstore: Guide to Records of the National Archives Relating to American Indians
    By Edward E. Hill How to Research American Indian Blood Lines: A Manual on Indian
    Genealogical Research
    By Cecelia S. Carpenter.

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