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         Genealogy Native Americans:     more books (74)
  1. Cherokee Claims for Transportation and Subsistence: Special File 154, Vol. 1 by Dawn C. Stricklin, 2004-10
  2. Eastern Cherokee Census, Cherokee, North Carolina, 1915-1922, Taken by Agent James E. Henderson by Jeff Bowen, James E. Henderson, 2004-12-31
  3. Bibliography of sources for native American family history in the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Department by Curt Bryan Witcher, 1988
  4. The bear went over the mountain: Genealogy & social history of a southern U.S. family : the story of the Native American/English Yates family, from Colonial ... Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia by Donald N Yates, 1995
  5. The native American: Records that establish individual and family identity by E. Kay Kirkham, 1980
  6. Native American ancestors in the Eastern United States by Arlene H Eakle, 1996
  7. Our native Americans: Where and how to find them by E. Kay Kirkham, 1985
  8. Black, White, and Indian: Race and the Unmaking of an American Family by Claudio Saunt, 2006-07-27
  9. A guide to finding your Native American ancestor by Larry S Watson, 1995
  10. An introduction to materials relating to Native Americans in the Connecticut State Library by Richard C Roberts, 1996
  11. Native American Research in Michigan by Victoria Wilson, 1997-08-01
  12. Finding Your Native American (Ethnic American Book) by Robert D. Reed, Danek S. Kaus, 1993-11
  13. Native American research in Michigan: A genealogical guide by Victoria Wilson, 1997
  14. Native American Catholic Cemetery at Assinins on the Keweenaw Bay, Baraga County, Michigan by Betty Marie Bellous, 1991

21. U.S. Genealogy
This page contains categorized links to genealogy sources for North American family lines, including native americans and the United States.

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U.S. Genealogy
All links below leave the site and open a new window General Regional Sources State List Sources Generally, state resources are listed in the directories provided below, such as GenWeb and Cyndi's List. We have reserved the state categories here at CyberPursuits for resources generally not posted in these directories. This omission of the directory entries makes the lists here less redundant and less commonplace.

22. LookSmart - Directory - Native American Genealogy
genealogy Visit this directory for such resources as Q A forums, lineage charts, family histories, and government records, all regarding native americans.
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Native American Genealogy - Obtain instructions, name lists, records, articles, and associations, all regarding Native American genealogy.
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  • Ancestor Quest Genealogy
    Genealogy of the First Americans

    Follow links categorized by tribe or by reservation to find historical documents, official records, population maps, and census data.
    How To Guide for Native Americans

    Research-expert Paul Sarrett, Jr. instructs on methods to find Native American genealogy, including tips on using roll and census data.
    Native American Genealogy

    Index of resources covers nations such as the Cherokee, Chocktaw, and Lakota. Includes newsletters and other genealogical aids.
    PBS - Alcatraz Is Not An Island
    Retrace the three-year occupation of the infamous prison island by Native American activists. - Circle of Stories Documentary series features artwork, film, and photography by and about Native Americans. Learn about the Native American tradition of oral storytelling. Seminole Nation, Indian Territory Genealogy
  • 23. Native American Culture And History Guide .. The History Beat
    History of native americans in West Virginia; How To Guide for native americans by Paul Sarrett Jr. (genealogy Guide); Indian genealogy Links by al intra;
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  • National Museum of the American Indian
    Visit the Smithsonian museum in Washington D.C. online!
    American Native

    Art Gallery

    Native American Art with a Message! Selling Native Prints, Printed T-Shirts and Native Note Cards. the arrowhead guy Doug Dahl is more than a master craftsman - he is a artisan in flintknapping, the ancient art of making tools from stone. He also devotes time to advancing the knowledge of this nearly-lost craft, working as a lecturer and teacher of flintknapping, keeping the craft alive among Native Americans as well.
  • 24. WebRing: Hub
    About this Ring. This ring contains sites that have information concerning the genealogy of native americans . adopted 10/27/02. Ring Stats.

    25. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Regional > ... > Society And Culture > Genealogy >
    native americans Subjects Regional Society and Culture genealogy native americans. Browse, Sites in native americans (18).

    26. Native American Research
    resources about native americans. Books. Our native americans Their Records of Genealogical Value, by E. Kay Kirkham (two volumes);
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    Family Finder
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    Native American
    In a sense, Native Americans were the first "immigrants" to what is today the United States. Crossing over from far Northeast Asia in migration waves that began before 30,000 B.C., Native Americans succeeded in settling throughout the continent by 8,000 B.C. By the time Columbus arrived in 1492, somewhere between one and two million Native Americans lived on the lands north of the Rio Grande. During the next four hundred years, however, the bulk of the Native American population died as a result of disease and poor treatment by the European settlers and their descendants. Because most Native American tribes did not develop a written language (with the exception of the Cherokee, who developed a writing system in the nineteenth century), finding primary records of your distant Native American ancestors will likely prove difficult. It is possible, however, that texts written by Europeans or Americans acquainted with the tribe at the time could prove helpful. By the late nineteenth century, almost all tribes were on reservations, so the standard American documents should as birth and death certificates should be available from this time forward.
    Contacts and Sources
    Many organizations exist which concentrate on a specific tribe. Check in a directory of genealogical societies such as Kathy Keysor Meyer's

    27. Professional Genealogists And Genealogy Research Services For Native Americans
    Professional Genealogists and genealogy Research Services for native americans A list of professional genealogists and researchers serving people with native
    Professional Genealogists and
    Genealogy Research Services for Native Americans
    Home Services User Resources Advertising Details
    AND OR Case Insensitive Case Sensitive
    Karen Olszeski
    Specializing in Native American Research. Will conduct research in any tribe in US, Canada or Mexico. Have conducted research extensively in Cherokee, Sioux, and Sisseton Tribe in Minnesota and South Dakota. Professional Genealogist since 1976 researching nationwide. GenSearch Tennessee counties onsite research. Some Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama, and North Carolina research. Record searches at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Internet research and web design. America's Family History Genealogy research for the Entire U.S.; Specializing in Tennessee and the Southeast; Single searches to full research of one or multiple family lines, finding ancestors and/or descendants; Histories can be compiled into book format. Dr. Robert L. Rafford Full-time researcher specializing in 19 th and 20 th century Connecticut research, including heir searches and Native American research. Over 29 years of research experience and eight years of teaching all aspects of genealogy.

    28. Native American Genealogy
    native American genealogy. 04/24/2004. ~~Sites of Interest~~~ Chief Blackhawk and the Sauk Nation; Colorado native americans, History genealogy;

    Free Marriage Record Links
    Home Canada Native American ... Links New Submit Records
    Native American Genealogy
    Native American Genetic Testing ~~~Sites of Interest~~~ var site="s13genwed" The Genealogy Register

    29. Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative Information
    Researching …. native American genealogy. Kirkham, E. Kay, Our native americans and their Records of Genealogical Value, Everton Publishers, 1980. R929.1072.

    30. Research Guide To Native American Resources At The Connecticut State Library
    most of Connecticut s probate districts, including files pertaining to native americans, are included in the corridor off the History and genealogy reading room
    Research Guide to Native American Resources at the Connecticut State Library
    For several years staff from federal and state agencies and local governments, representatives of Connecticut Native American tribal councils, individual Native Americans, and property owners have been utilizing records in the Connecticut State Library in matters of federal recognition of tribes, Native American land claims, and tribal membership. This checklist summarizes some of the library's most important holdings pertaining to Native Americans. Published Resources General
    A useful bibliography on the history of Indians in Connecticut is found in: Collier, Christopher with Bonnie B. Collier. The Connecticut Scholar: The Literature of Connecticut History . Occasional Papers of the Connecticut Humanities Council, Number 6 (1983) [CSL call number HistRef AS 36 .C8 A1 no. 6]. Other useful introductory materials include
    Ballantine, Betty and Ian Ballantine, eds.

    31. Native American
    Colorado native americans, History genealogy native American Resources Newsgroup for native American genealogy native American Times
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    Genealogy on the Web
    Genealogy and Family History Directory
    Native American
    Home Page ThemeIndex Native American Afghanistan Genealogy African Americans African Genealogy Archives and Databases ...

    Anne Gometz's Requisite Homepage...
    A Creek Indian Bibliography. This page also has links to files of related information: Indian Sketches by John Trumbull, Creek Indians in World War...
    Blackfeet Nation - Official Site of the Blackfeet Nation...
    Official Site of the Blackfeet Nation based in Browning Montana...
    Tribal Sites on line Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes - Home Page BlackFeet Nation Northern Ute Indian Tribe Main Page Southern Ute Tribe United Tribe of Shawnee Indians...
    History of the Cherokee...
    Cherokee History, Images, Maps and Links....
    Native American Cemetery Readers...
    Native American Cemetery Readers Genealogy Database...
    Native American Resources...
    Newsgroup for Native American genealogy...
    Native American Times'...

    32. InfoLink - Genealogy > Native Americans
    Travel Geography. Weather. InfoLink Reference native americans. You are here Home InfoLink genealogy native americans. Links, FAQs, COOLcat Search,

    33. Native American Research - Local History & Genealogy
    How to Research American Indian Blood Lines; Our native americans Their Records of Genealogical Value. ^^Top of Page. FIVE CIVILIZED
    @import /css/lochist.css;; /*IE and NN6x styles*/ NATIVE AMERICAN RESEARCH Links to resources below are to COOLcat, the Library catalog, unless otherwise indicated.
    This document is available in print-friendly format Prepare Generation Chart Determine Tribe Study Tribal Records ... Where to Go PREPARE GENERATION CHART generation chart ^^Top of Page DETERMINE TRIBE If the tribe of your ancestor is known from family records, study the history and culture of that tribe. Information about the migration history and the naming customs/patterns is particularly important. If the tribe is not known, study atlases and histories to determine which tribes inhabited the place in which your ancestor lived. Were they there at the same time as your ancestor?

    34. The Plains And Emigrant Tribes Of Kansas
    native American Indian Tribes Sources. American West WWWVL History The Wild West; Kansas History Resources Museums, Libraries, genealogy; Kansas Research

    35. GenHelp :: Genealogy Help At Your Fingertips
    native americans Instructions on the Use of the Starr genealogy Posted by Dennis_Partridge on Saturday, April 26, 2003 1125 AM CDT.

    36. American Indian Forum
    Re STANDINGDEER genealogy LE Mathews 4/27/04 Indian Song - Diane Ethridge 4/26/04 Physical Characteristics of native americans - Diane Ethridge 4/26/04 Re
    DisplayAdBanner("Top,Right,Bottom!Top", 468, 60 , "boards/") Chat Daily Search My GenForum Community Standards ... Terms of Service Jump to Forum Home General Topics : American Indian Forum American Indian Forum Search this forum:
    Find all of the words Find any of the words 17448 Messages Posted
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    37. United States Genealogy
    Black Indian genealogy Research AfricanAmerican Ancestors among the Five Full Circle A Directory of native and African americans, Windham County, CT

    38. Native American Heritage Month 2001: Genealogy Resources For Native Americans
    Celebrate National Native American Heritage Month
    November 2003
    The Bureau of Indian Affairs genealogy web site gives an overview of the processes that anyone who wishes to establish American Indian ancestry will most likely encounter. The website helps pinpoint the types of records the BIA does and does not have; how to begin your search; what sources of information both of a personal nature and those in public records which may be useful. Also listed are researchers who conduct genealogical research for a fee. CYNDI'S LIST OF GENEALOGY SITES ON THE INTERNET
    Prepared by Michael McLaughlin
    American Indian Resource Center Librarian Revised 11/02 Celebrate National Native American Heritage Month
    Native American History in the County of Los Angeles Public Library

    Genealogy Resources for Native Americans Web Sites on American Indians About the Library Catalog Borrower Services ... Site Map Send us your comments and suggestions anytime or contact us at

    39. American Indian Genealogy
    This website has become the home of native American genealogy online. Subject, Research Tips, Sources and Books, Whats New at native American genealogy.
    Welcome to Native American (Indian) Genealogy This website has become the home of Native American Genealogy online. While this website has been designed to assist researchers in discovering their Native American ancestry, it can also be of great use to historical researchers of the various Native American tribes, or just curiosity seekers of knowledge.
    Both researchers of Indian genealogy and Indian history should start their research on our Native American tribal pages. Many of these tribal pages also contain the culture, clan, chiefs, and townships of each Native American tribes.
    Of particular interest to researchers of Indian genealogy are our Indian Rolls, which are the most complete on the web! The Final Rolls data base is the only place you can search by name, card number, or roll number available.
    Native American genealogy offers free to our visitors, Indian cemetery records, Indian census records, Indian histories, and complete books on Cherokee, Choctaw, Nez Percé, and many other Native American Indian tribes.
    Native American (Indian) Genealogy offer these pages free to our visitors. Each week we put up new databases and books, which you can search, read, and save for you own personal genealogy research. We provide additional research sources on our state and tribal pages to other free or pay for view sites. How do we do this? Glad you asked! It's those dreadful ads that you all hate so much, but they are what pays the bills and provides you with free access to the resources on this site.

    40. Cyndi's List - Native American
    More than 209 300 links! 206 850 links, categorized crossreferenced, in over 160 categories. Another 2 450+ uncategorized new links in the works. Guide for native americans By Paul R. Sarrett
    Native American
    The index links below work best if you allow
    your web browser to load the entire page first.
    Category Index:

    Related Categories:
    Planting Your Family Tree Online
    Preview the Table of Contents

    Cyndi's List The BOOK!

    2nd Edition
    2 Volumes Netting Your Ancestors Genealogy Bookstore
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      General Resource Sites
      • Celebrating the Estelusti ~ The Freedmen Oklahoma's Black Indians of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole Nations.
      • From the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System in Georgia.

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