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         Gambia Culture Africa:     more detail
  1. Where techno-science meets poverty: Medical research and the economy of blood in The Gambia, West Africa [An article from: Social Science & Medicine] by J. Fairhead, M. Leach, et all 2006-08-01
  2. Our Grandmothers' Drums: A Portrait of Rural African Life & Culture by Mark Hudson, 1991-04
  3. Ndank-ndank: An Introduction to Wolof Culture

1. The Gambia - CULTURE
Pages. The gambia. The gambia Index culture. culture, africa Our culture News (africa) Page is updated on a regular basis
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The Gambia
The Gambia Index - Culture Culture, Africa
West African dishes ... African culture (general) Subcategories Architecture Cultural Policy Gastronomy Handicraft ... Sculpture Articles West African Music
In Internet
M. Camara's " Gambian culture " Yellowgate Studios
Library and Archives In our Library you can now find articles, books and reports about culture - and we are constantly increasing it. GO! The Archives contain old news articles about culture, and a list of all we have published so far. GO! Culture - The Gambia African contemporary Art Djembe Online Yellowgate Newsletters News Wassu Stone Circles get Museum and Visitors Centre Banjul - GRTS TV News, May 28 2000 - Wassu stone circles, one of The Gambia's most important relics site, now have a museum and a visitor's centre, GRTS TV News reported. The buildings were officially inaugurated on May 27th by the secretary of state for tourism and culture.
More News? Our Culture News (Africa) Page is updated on a regular basis. Such as our Gambia News Page Music
Focus on West African traditional music
Our music page features a focus on traditional West African music and the instruments jembe, kora, balaphone and ngoni.

2. The Gambia
An annotated guide to internet resources on The gambia for students, faculty, librarians, teachers, journalists, businesspeople and others. http// Subscription only Information on the country, culture, music and photos by a gambian national living in Denmark
Countries : The Gambia Search: Countries Topics Africa Guide Suggest a Site ... Africa Home News
    Current news from Gambian newspapers. Site merged with Africa News of Durham, NC.
    Subscription only . Reuters and AP wire stories on West African countries, includes also Congo-Brazzaville, Zaire, and Angola. Usenet newsgroup created November 1995. The Daily Observer (Banjul)
    Web site for the print newspaper. On the QuantumNet web site. Gambia Daily News . Links to news. Maintained by Momodou Camara. Global NewsBank
    Subscription service. Some universities subscribe. Does not have the latest news but good for researching news from a week ago back to 1985.
Adventures in Health Education and Agricultural Development, Inc. (AHEAD)
"...a non-profit, non-government...self-help organization whose purpose is to combat malnutrition, disease and poverty in developing countries." "It was founded in Washington, D.C. in 1981 by African-Americans, Dr. Irving C. Williams and his wife, Elvira...." Has programs in the Gambia.
African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies
A pan-African, independent international NGO established in 1989 to support the OAU African Charter on Human and People's Rights. Publishes the

3. Culture & Travel | Welcome To Gambia, West Africa is a webbased project dedicated to portray Caribbean and African-based music and culture with accuracy and integrity, while upholding the values of truth, equality, justice, honesty
Welcome to Gambia, West Africa
Daily life for many Gambians revolves simply around business whether it is simply selling mirrors, combs and brushes on the ground; selling a barrel of oranges on the street; or selling cold water, ice treats, peppers and spices, fish and peanuts, clothing, fabric, shoes, belts, books, art and even money! Yes money! Money changers are everywhere holding a calculator for the tourist to change over their foreign currency for the Dalasi. Upon arriving in Gambia, you'll here the prayers of an Imam omnisciently sounding from a loud speaker in a Mosque. Islam is the official religion of Gambia, with an overwhelming 90% of the country practicing and devout Muslims. However, there are distinct variations of Islam in all parts of the world, and those variations are played out in the cultural manifestations of each particular country. Islam came to the country in the early tenth century. The religion which dominated out of the Middle East spread across Africa has a firm place in Gambia. Unlike places where we perceive Islam to be a fundamentally oppressive religion that has no tolerance, it is completely not true in Gambia. With modernity, communication and global representation of ideas, Islam has its own interpretation in Gambia. It meshes deeply with natural African customs, cultural motifs and traditions.

4. The Gambia Roots & Culture Tour Spector Travel
Spector Travel of Boston. Roots and culture Tour. The gambia. Sunday to Sunday. The gambia's greatest asset is a rich blend of ethnic groups, beliefs and deeply rooted traditions. africa Adventure Safaris Tours. africa Roots culture Tours Meetings and Conferences
Spector Travel of Boston
Roots and Culture Tour
The Gambia
Sunday to Sunday The Gambia's greatest asset is a rich blend of ethnic groups, beliefs and deeply rooted traditions. The people of The Gambia are aware of their great cultural heritage and have proudly preserved it to this day.
Tour Includes:
  • Round trip economy airfare New York - Banjul - New York
  • 6 nights first class hotel
  • Meals: 6 breakfasts
  • 1/2 day city tour of Banjul, including the Gambian orphan village, health center and nursery/primary school, where you will present the clothing, medical and school supplies that you have brought from America.
  • Round trip airport transfers, hotel taxes and service charges
Home Africa Discount Airfares
Meetings and Conferences

Who is Spector Travel

Spector Travel of Boston , Inc.

5. Anzanga Marimba Ensemble
Seattle, Washington based group playing traditional and contemporary marimba music from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South africa and gambia. Includes profile, discography, audio sample, information about the Shona culture and the mbira, and links.

See Anzanga at the Northwest Folklife Festival
[updated 5/11/04]
Anzanga News

About Anzanga

Our Recordings

About Shona Music
Contact Anzanga

6. Stone Circles Of The Gambia
Although West africa has no monuments comparable to the as found on the north bankof the river gambia. the presence of a well established, dynamic culture.
Stone circles of The Gambia
Although West Africa has no monuments comparable to the Pyramids and Temples of Ancient Egypt or the ruins of Zimbabwe, it has in the stone circles of the Senegal and the Gambia impressive remains that have puzzled the few travellers who have examined them. Stone circles of many types are found throughout Europe and the Near East, though nowhere is there so large a concentration as found on the north bank of the river Gambia. It is fair to assume that the presence of such a large groupe of monuments of a similar type in a relatively localised setting implies the presence of a well established, dynamic culture. The question remains: Who? The area involved covers some 15,000 square miles between the Saloum and Gambia Rivers. Here there are hundreds of circles containing many curious features and in particular the unique V or Lyre stones. The commonest shape is round like a pillar with a flat top. Others are square; some taper upwards. There are small stones with a cup-shaped hollow on top. Others have a ball cut in the round top of the stone. There is a recumbent stone shaped like a pillow.
The stone circles at Kerr Batch
The Circles are composed of standing stones between ten and twenty four in any particular circle. One of the striking feature is that almost all the stones forming a given circle are of the same height and size. Their height above the ground varying between two hundred and forty five (245cm) centimeters and sixty centimeters (60cm). The diameter is from thirty centimeters (30cm) to one hundred centimeters (100cm).

7. Home
allafrica african news and information for a global audience Eritrea. Ethiopia. Gabon. gambia. Ghana. Guinea. Guinea Bissau Sierra Leone. Somalia. South africa. Sudan. Swaziland. São Tomé AGOA NEPAD. Arts, culture, Entertainment. Books. Children Youth

: Spotlight on Secondary Education in Africa Zimbabwe : Govt Moves to Nationalise All Productive Land ... : Judges Reject Norman's Right to Conduct Own Defence
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8. Gambia Culture | Lonely Planet World Guide
culture. William Conton is gambia s bestknown novelist; his semi-autobiographical1960s The african was an influential bestseller in many parts of africa.
home search help worldguide ... Related Weblinks
Gambia's main indigenous groups have a highly stratified society wherein status is determined by birth. At the top of the social heap are traditional noble and warrior families, followed by the farmers, traders and persons of caste - blacksmiths, leather workers, wood workers, weavers and griots (GREE-oh). Griots are the lowest of the castes but are highly respected, as they are in charge of passing on the oral traditions and are usually the only ones who can recite a family or village history. Slaves occupied the lowest rung of the social ladder, and although slavery is now long gone, many descendants of former slaves still work as tenant farmers for the masters of old. The overwhelming majority of Gambia's population is Muslim, though many practitioners combine their faith with traditional animist beliefs. It's not uncommon to see Gambians wearing a small leather pouch around their neck, arm or waist; called gris-gris (pronounced 'gree-gree'), these amulets are thought to ward off evil or bring good luck. Devout Muslims sometimes hedge their bets by keeping a small verse from the Quran inside.

9. Gambia Travel | Lonely Planet World Guide
gambia is a sliver in the side of africa, one of its Its capital city, Banjul, isa uniquely african experience, with a streetside culture that chases
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Gambia Gambia is a sliver in the side of Africa, one of its tiniest countries, but its attractions are just as bright as any in the region. Its capital city, Banjul, is a uniquely African experience, with a streetside culture that chases away the holiday daze of glitzier cities. And for an even more 'traditional' outlook, a quick trip upriver brings you into the Gambian heartland, where the colourful buzz of weekly markets vies with boat trips through mangrove creeks and bike jaunts to mud-hut villages for your attention. Although Gambia is largely defined by its natural features - from the Gambia River, which runs the length of the country, to the golden beaches of its Atlantic coast resorts - the country's greatest draw lies in its people, their culture and the amiable atmosphere of daily life. Whether you're making conversation at a kerbside coffee stall or shouting yourself hoarse at a weekend wrestling match, you're sure to come away with as warm a feeling for Gambians as they tend to show to travellers. Full country name: Republic of The Gambia Area: 11,300 sq km

10. Arts, Culture And Entertainment
allafrica african news and information for a global audience Eritrea. Ethiopia. Gabon. gambia. Ghana. Guinea. Guinea Bissau Sierra Leone. Somalia. South africa. Sudan. Swaziland. São Tomé and interview Arts And culture Liberian Film Star Poised to

11. Hotlist: Africa
africa Hotlist. african culture. african culture. At the Tomb of Tutankhamen Swaziland Page. The gambia Page. Liberia Page. Togo Page
Africa Hotlist
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  • K-12 Electronic Guide for African Resources on the Internet
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  • Safari - A Poetic Adventure to the east African Savanna
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  • 12. Gambia -- Culture Overview
    gambia culture Overview. Although gambia is the smallest countryin africa, its culture is the product of very diverse influences.
    Gambia - Culture Overview
    The single largest tribal group in Gambia is the Mandinka, an agricultural people with a hereditary nobility. The Wolofs are very prominent in the capital city of Banjul, as are the Ajus, descendants of freed slaves who rank among the bureaucratic elite. The Jola people are predominantly organized around the cultivation of rice, and the Fulas around the herding of cattle. The Sarahuli people are involved in local trade. Each of these groups speaks its own language, all of which are classified as part of the Niger-Congo language group. English is the official language of Gambia, and the country forms a long narrow strip of English speakers surrounded by francophone Senegal. The majority of Gambians are Muslim, though urban people tend to be more strict in their adherence to Islamic law than people in the countryside.
    Some of the Gambia's most ancient monuments are located inland near Wassau, where circles of stones mark 1,200-year-old burial grounds. Most of the country's cultural landmarks are closer to the coast. Just off the southern bank, where the Gambia River meets the Atlantic, the capital city of Banjul occupies an island (named St. Mary by the British), and is home to The Gambian National Museum. The skyline of Banjul is also graced by the twin minarets of the King Faud Mosque and the State House, built by the Portuguese. Nearby in the area around MacCarthy Square the is old colonial part of the city exhibiting its 19th-century architecture. On the river's northern bank at Barra Point is Fort Bullen. This fort was built by the British to replace the defeated James Island Fortress, which had been erected by the Germans in 1651, and is thus a symbol of European rivalry. The fort was also an important transshipment center for the slave trade.

    13. African Studies - History And Cultures
    UNESCO Projects in africa, culture Sector = Projets en Afrique, Secteur de la culture Shady practices agroforestry and gender politics in The gambia. Vail, Leroy
    History and Cultures of Africa
    A B C D ... Sights and Sounds of a Continent (University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries and African Studies Program, Madison, Wisconsin)
      This web site offers dwnloadable images, sound files, and other materials on Africa. "This online collection ... contains digitized visual images and sounds of Africa contributed over the years to the African Studies Program of the University of Wisconsin-Madison."

  • Africa Forum (H-Africa, H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences OnLine, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan.)
    • The full text article reprinted from History in Africa. 22 (1995): 369-408.
  • "History facing the present: an interview with Jan Vansina" (November 2001) and Reply by Jean-Luc Vellut
  • "Photography and colonial vision," by Paul S. Landau (May 19, 1999, Dept. of History, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut)
      Excerpt from "The visual image in Africa: an introduction" in Images and empires: visuality in colonial and post-colonial Africa, ed. by Paul S. Landau and Deborah Kaspin.
  • H-Africa Africa Forum Home Page
  • H-Africa Network Home Page
  • Africa's 100 Best Books (Zimbabwe International Book Fair, Harare; via Columbia University)
  • 14. Gambia
    gambia culture. fertility rate 5.76 children born/woman (2000 est.) Nationalitynoun gambian(s) adjective gambian Ethnic groups African 99% (Mandinka 42

    Site Index

    Africa Luxury Vacations: Call 1-415-662-2683 to book. Open every day!
    Places in Africa

    Gambia: Culture
    Population: 1,367,124 (July 2000 est.)
    Age structure:
    0-14 years: 45% (male 311,293; female 308,570)
    15-64 years: 52% (male 352,765; female 358,258) 65 years and over: 3% (male 19,099; female 17,139) (2000 est.) Population growth rate: 3.2% (2000 est.) Birth rate: 42.28 births/1,000 population (2000 est.) Death rate: 13.21 deaths/1,000 population (2000 est.) Net migration rate: 2.97 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2000 est.) Sex ratio: at birth: 1.03 male(s)/female under 15 years: 1.01 male(s)/female 15-64 years: 0.98 male(s)/female 65 years and over: 1.11 male(s)/female total population: 1 male(s)/female (2000 est.) Infant mortality rate: 79.29 deaths/1,000 live births (2000 est.) Life expectancy at birth: total population: 53.2 years male: 51.29 years female: 55.16 years (2000 est.) Total fertility rate: 5.76 children born/woman (2000 est.) Nationality: noun: Gambian(s) adjective: Gambian Ethnic groups: African 99% (Mandinka 42%, Fula 18%, Wolof 16%, Jola 10%, Serahuli 9%, other 4%), non-African 1%

    15. Gambia Vacation Guide: Romantic Gambia Vacations, Gambia Safaries
    gambia culture gambia Geography. gambia Vacation Planner gambia Luxury Cruise Planner.Worldwide Luxury Tour Vacation Planner. Luxury Safari s and Tours of africa.

    Site Index

    Africa Luxury Vacations: Call 1-415-662-2683 to book. Open every day!
    Places in Africa

    Gambia: Overview
    The Gambia is a developing country in West Africa. Facilities for tourism in the area of Banjul, the capital city, are good, but they are limited in availability and quality outside the capital.
    ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: A passport and visa are required. Travelers are urged to obtain the latest information on customs and entry requirements from the Embassy of The Gambia, Suite 1000, 1155 15th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005, telephone (202) 785-1399 and 1359; or from the Permanent Mission of The Gambia to the U.N. at 820 Second Avenue, Suite 900-C, New York, N.Y. 10071, telephone (212) 949-6640. Overseas inquiries should be made at the nearest Gambian embassy or consulate.
    Gambia Overview

    Gambia History
    Gambia Culture Gambia Geography ... Africa Tour Vacation Packages Submit Free, Full Service Africa Vacation Planner Here
    Click here to save money, time and stress planning, making reservations, or booking your Africa vacation with our full service Virtuoso Travel Consultants We are recommended, authorized Virtuoso Africa Travel Consultants, and will arrange every little detail to make sure you have a wonderful, carefree vacation experience at no extra charge! You may call our Africa Travel Consultants, but first- we'd really appreciate it if you complete our

    16. Gambia
    celebrate the richness and diversity of gambian culture and the also aims to bringafricans together to build africa. highlight of a trip to The gambia, a real
    About us



    Country Files

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    The Government
    Tourist Office Bernard Cloutier: Photos GO GAMBIA More Links
    Official Name Republic of the Gambia Located West : surrounded by Senegal Capital Banjul Head of State President Colonel (RTD) Yahya A.J.J. Jammeh Area 10,690 sq km Population 1.2 million Growth rate Language Currency Dalasi GNP per capita Inflation Airlines
    Fly SN Brussels Airlines from Asia: from USA: Hotels (advertise here) USAfrica Agent Afripromo/Conakry Country Advertiser If you want to become the Country Advertiser your logo comes here. USAfrica Research Information Enter your e-mail address to receive e-mail whenever this page is updated. Your e-mail address: JOIN AFRICA-4-AFRICA ©2001: Tourist Office Mandinka Dance ©2002: "De Vegtertjes" Banjul Named after The River Gambia which flows through its length from East to West for three hundred miles, The Gambia is a small country, 500 km long and 25 to 50 km wide. It has been made famous in the rest of the world by Alex Haley, author of Roots, tracing his ancestors back to the village of Juffure. "Roots" and the tv serialization of this novel directed the eyes of the world on to the plight of the Africans that were taken into slavery and their struggle for emancipation. This struggle lasted for over 300 years and at the cost of millions of lives. The Gambia not only offers unspoiled traditional villages and superb beaches but is also a stable political environment. Mysterious Wassu Stone Circles are located 25 km northwest of Georgetown near the town of Kuntaur. Banjul is the capital of Gambia. Until 1973, it was known as Bathhurst. Banjul is a port city on the Atlantic Ocean and lies near the mouth of the Gambia river.

    17. - Gambia: 'Culture Of Impunity' Decried
    and the Media Foundation for West africa (MFWA) while its staff, bleakly observedthat the culture of impunity was gradually taking shape in The gambia and the
    the Index News Update Opinion ... find: in Entire Index on Africa News Update Norske Sider English Pages You are here: News Update Archive October Gambia: 'Culture of impunity' decried Banjul - Following the arson attack on the offices of The Independent last week, various international media concerns have decried what they call the deteriorating situation of free press in the country coupled with a "disturbing culture of impunity" for wrongdoers.
    The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the International Press Institute, and the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) while strong in their categorical condemnation of the latest attack, which caused partial destruction to The Independent offices and momentary disruption to the editorial work of its staff, bleakly observed that the culture of impunity was gradually taking shape in The Gambia and the allegedly lukewarm attitude of the police to hunt down its perpetrators is far from reassuring. It reechoed the opinion of The Gambia Press Union (GPU) in accusing the police of tardiness in its reaction to the incident. The IFJ observed: "the increased level of violence raises very serious concerns about the safety of journalists, and the role of local authorities in safeguarding journalists' rights".

    18. - The Index On Africa - Culture
    Music Guide Listings of music and artists in gambia. culture A page on gambian culture;musicians and and subcategories the entire Index on africa More search
    the Index News Update Opinion ... find: in Entire Index on Africa News Update Norske Sider English Pages You are here: index Countries Gambia : Culture Culture Resources on music, art, languages and way of life. Afromix Music Guide
    Listings of music and artists in Gambia.
    Cora Connecti

    Ethnologue Database

    A catalogue of more than 6,700 languages spoken in 228 countries. The Ethnologue Name Index lists over 39,000 language names, dialect names, and alternate names. The Ethnologue Language Family Index organizes languages according to language families.
    Gambian Culture

    A page on Gambian culture; musicians and events.
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    19. Culture
    gambia General Data. gambia Maps. gambia culture. gambia History. gambia Economy. gambiaPolitics. gambia Provinces. gambia Time and Date. gambia, culture, Back to Top.
    Country Info Gambia Introduction Gambia General Data Gambia Maps Gambia Culture ... Gambia Time and Date Gambia Culture Back to Top The peoples of the Senegambia have not produced any significant art, though there were blacksmiths in all societies and a few drum and kora (a complex stringed instrument) makers. Dance and music were tied to village activities, and some songs were part of the repertoire of the praise singers called griots. The only newspaper, the government-operated News Bulletin, circulates mainly in Banjul. Radio Gambia, also government-run, broadcasts in English, French, and various Gambian languages. In Banjul is a small museum whose holdings are mainly anthropological.
    Albania Maps

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    Austria Maps
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    Write your own experience on Europe Travel includes each countries and cities, map, car rental, airfare, attractions, and hotels. Europe Travel Guide
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    20. The Gambia, West Africa Roots And Culture Tour: West Africa Ecotourism Adventure
    The gambia, West africa Roots and culture tour. Please, note! ThisTour is no longer offered by InfoHub. Find similar tours here. .
    You are here: Home Africa The Gambia Trip Listing Service ... Home Categories Active Adventure



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    South America

    Weekend Getaways Backroad CityEscape Unique Stays Castle Hotel Eco Lodge Outdoors Fishing Lodge Guest Ranch Hunting Lodge Resorts Diving Golf Naturist Spa Are you interested? This is tour is no longer offered by InfoHub. To find similar tours or other tours available, click for more information.
    The Gambia, West Africa Roots and Culture tour
    Please, note! This Tour is no longer offered by InfoHub. Find similar tours here
    The Gambia's greatest asset is a rich blend of ethnic group's, beliefs and deeply rooted traditions. The people of the Gambia are aware of their great cultural heritage and have proudly preserved it to this day. $999.00 per person double $41.00 tax. Air and tour from New York-JFK One free ticket for every 12 paying adults.
    Your Itinerary
    Day 1:
    Welcome to THE GAMBIA, WEST AFRICA Legend: (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner Note: Tour and Tour Information are subject to change.
    Tour Prices:
    Single Person Price: Double Occupancy Per Person Price:
    Airfare is included in the tour price.

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