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         Forestry Sustainable:     more books (100)
  1. Positive Impact Forestry: A Sustainable Approach To Managing Woodlands by Thomas J. McEvoy, 2004-05-01
  2. Restoration Forestry: An International Guide to Sustainable Forestry Practices
  3. Living in the Appalachian Forest: True Tales of Sustainable Forestry by Chris Bolgiano, 2002-09
  4. Wild Logging: A Guide to Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Forestry by Bryan C. Foster, 2002-11-01
  5. Defining Sustainable Forestry
  6. Communities and Sustainable Forestry in Developing Countries (Self-Governing Communities) by William Ascher, 1994-09
  7. Environmental Services of Agroforestry Systems (Journal of Sustainable Forestry) (Journal of Sustainable Forestry)
  8. Sustainable Forestry Management and Wood Production in a Global Economy
  9. Sustainable Forestry Handbook, 2nd Edition
  10. Sustainable Forestry in Southern Sweden: The Sufor Research Project
  11. The Business of Sustainable Forestry: Strategies For An Industry In Transition by Michael Jenkins, Emily Smith, 1999-06-01
  12. Harvesting Operations in the Tropics (Tropical Forestry)
  13. Common Sense Forestry (Books for Wiser Living from Mother Earth News) by Hans W. Morsbach, 2002-12
  14. Toward an Ecologically Sustainable Forestry Project: Concepts, Analysis and Recommendations

1. Oregon State University College Of Forestry, Sustainable Forestry Partnership
Sustainable Forestry Working Definition. Sustainable Forestry describes practice. Sustainable Forestry Partnership vision. The Sustainable
COF Home
National SFP


SFI Program

Sustainable Forestry Working Definition Sustainable Forestry describes forest policies, practices, and market mechanisms designed to enhance ecological, economic, and social sustainability. Sustainable Forestry flows from the goal of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
The Sustainable Forestry Partnership's mission is to document and promote innovation in sustainable forestry and help others integrate this innovation broadly into both policy and practice. Sustainable Forestry Partnership vision The Sustainable Forestry Partnership began at Oregon State University in 1995 and has grown to include faculty from partner institutions and organizations The Partnership engages an expanding network of partners including university faculty, industry experts, nongovernment organization representatives, government agencies, and landowners. Together they: Identify key sustainable forestry issues and trends
Design and conduct sustainable forestry research
Develop education and training materials and events
Assist organizations and individuals interested in sustainable forestry issues Research
The Partnership facilitates research on an array of sustainable forestry issues to make new information available to the forestry community. Input from the diverse array of Partnership participants ensures a comprehensive research approach.

Antalya, Turkey, 13 to 22 October 1997
Wang Fusheng, Zhu Chun
Many state-owned forest enterprises in North China are operating under difficult conditions. There is a forest resources crisis, which means that there are not sufficient forest resources to support the enterprises in sustainable development, especially in the increasing demand of local people. Greatly increased demand of forest resources resulted in over-harvesting and then over-harvesting led to a decline in the quantity and quality of forest resources. Hongshi Forestry Bureau has set up a new model of sustainable forestry development in North China. This paper concentrates on the structure of the model and regulations, as well as the management system. Finally, the authors summarize the conclusions and suggest ways to deal with the similar difficult situations for other enterprises. Keywords: Forest enterprise, difficult situations, sustainable development, new model, recommendations and measures.

3. SFI-What Is Sustainable Forestry
Sustainable forestry consists of management practices that ensure the health and growth of our forests for future generations.
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Sustainable forestry consists of management practices that ensure the health and growth of our forests for future generations.
As our population expands and our economy grows, responsible people are concerned about our forests. They want assurances that our forests will always be there.
The U.S. forest and paper industry shares this concern. Companies that rely on healthy and productive forestland for their livelihood have a keen self-interest in making certain that forests remain healthy and productive. The relationship between a healthy, productive forest and the forest and paper industry is elementary: no forest, no industry.
The U.S. forest and paper industry has answered these concerns with a bold new commitment to long-term forestry. It's called the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), a comprehensive program of forestry and conservation practices designed to ensure that future generations of Americans will have the same abundant forests that we enjoy today. It's the largest sustainable forestry and certification program in the world, encompassing nearly 94 million acres of forestland throughout North America and over four million acres in Florida.
Leading conservationists have already hailed the SFI. Patrick Noonan, chairman of the Conservation Fund, calls the initiative "a bold program" that represents "a substantial and meaningful commitment" to the cause of sustainable forestry.

4. MSU Statewide Resource Network
forestry sustainable Forestry Education for Loggers. MSU Extension partners with the wood products industry to provide training

5. :::::INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS GLOBAL LEAFLET: Congo Basin: Making Forestry Sustain
Congo Basin Making forestry sustainable by Melissa Othman. Forest Service engineer Rick Toupin assesses selective felling practices in the Congo.
Congo Basin: Making Forestry Sustainable by Melissa Othman Forest Service engineer Rick Toupin assesses selective felling practices in the Congo.
Melissa Othman is the Africa Program coordinator, USDA Forest Service, International Programs, Washington, DC.
U ntil recently, the Congo's forests were relatively unknown to science. While we know that the Congo has the second largest intact tropical rainforest in the world and that many people depend on its spectacular biodiversity for their survival-there is so much we don't know. However, our understanding of this complex ecosystem is changing, in part through the Central African Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE), a program supported by the

6. Agriculture, Fisheries, Aquaculture And Forestry: Sustainable Resource Conservat
Agriculture, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Forestry. Sustainable Resource Conservation Program (SRCP). working with the agriculture

7. APEC Network: Sustainable Forestry
Sustainable Forestry seeks to ensure that forest management strategies account for the full range of environmental, economic and social values of forests.
Sustainable Forestry seeks to ensure that forest management strategies account for the full range of environmental, economic and social values of forests. In order to advance the APEC Network's goal of enriching the knowledge base of sustainable development, building capacity and forging partnerships, the APEC Network seeks to facilitate access to educational and training opportunities and to foster informational networks that advance the development and implementation of sustainable forestry practices. The APEC Network invites you to use this site as an interactive tool to promote sustainable forestry throughout the APEC region. Please forward brief highlights of sustainable forestry training opportunities and information resources to the APEC Network. In the near future, we will compile this information in a searchable database for your convenience. We look forward to your thoughts and comments as we work together to promote sustainable development throughout APEC.
Sustainable Development Training and Information Network

Sustainable Development Training and Information Resources

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8. The Digital Library Of The Commons
Is Commercial forestry sustainable in South Africa? Tewari, Devi Datt. 2000. Is Commercial forestry sustainable in South Africa
Digital Library of the Commons Home Browse Search User Services ...
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Is Commercial Forestry Sustainable in South Africa?
Tewari, Devi Datt. 2000. "Is Commercial Forestry Sustainable in South Africa?." Presented at "Constituting the Commons: Crafting Sustainable Commons in the New Millenium", the Eighth Conference of the International Association for the Study of Common Property, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, May 31-June 4. Full text available as:
"Commercial forestry is an important industry in South Africa, generating considerable employment and foreign exchange. The industry has grown rapidly after the World War II with active government support. However, since the beginning of the transition to democracy in 1991, there have been increasingly vociferous attacks on the industry regarding its urban and big business bias and its role in damaging the environment. The transition to democracy has brought a change in the structure or make-up of its stakeholders which have diverse expectations from the industry. At the same time, the sustainability of the industry is a major concern for policymakers and has to be dealt with in conjunction with concerns from its stakeholders and society at large. This study points out a need for new institutional or policy reforms and suggests a set of policy guidelines that might defuse the tension in the industry and set it on a sustainable path." Document Type: Conference Paper Keywords: IASCP
common pool resourcesSouth Africa

9. Sustainable Forestry
Sustainable Forestry. Through careful planning Foresters lists articles on Menominee sustainable forestry practices. In the Menominee
Sustainable Forestry
T hrough careful planning, sustainable forest practices, and a respect for the land, the Menominee Forest remains a central part of Menominee life and economy. Many visitors perceive the Menominee Forest as pristine and untouched. In reality, it has been one of the most intensively managed tracts of forest in the Western Hemisphere. Visitors to the Reservation will appreciate the wisdom of the Menominee people in cherishing their forest. Nowhere else in Wisconsin can you drive along miles of highway lined with towering old white pines. Over the last 140 years the Menominee have removed two billion board feet of lumber. Even so, the volume of sawtimber now is greater than in 1854 when the Wolf River Treaty created the present Menominee Reservation. Foresters lists articles on Menominee sustainable forestry practices. In the Menominee language foresters are known as Metekukukiah Pemaenakuaq or "Keepers of the Forest." Essays contains scholarly articles on Menominee sustainable development.
Case Study
What is Sustainable Development
Please send questions or comments to:

10. Welcome To Sustainable Ireland
AGRICULTURE forestry sustainable FORESTRY, SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY. OTHER TOPICS. Permaculture. Organics. Biodynamics. Sustainable Forestry. BOOKS.
Sustainable Forestry
by Jacinta French
Forests are amongst the earth's most complex ecological systems, whose dynamic processes and functions we do not yet fully understand. Not only do forests produce timber for our shelter and fuel needs, they also support the largest proportion of the world's biodiversity and are an important source of food and medicines. They provide environmental services such as flood control, soil protection, carbon fixing and landscape enhancement as well as recreation and amenity facilities and socio- economic benefits. Globally, both natural and plantation forests are under threat, primarily from inappropriate management practices. READ MORE... Coppice Systems OTHER TOPICS Permaculture Organics Biodynamics Sustainable Forestry BOOKS Forests of Hope:Stories of Regeneration - Christian Kuchli Ecoforestry: The Art and Science of Sustainable Forest Use - Alan Drengson, and Duncan Taylor

11. Matt Holland - Sustainable Forestry
Sustainable Forestry. No longer on the edge. by Matt Holland. The Institute for Sustainable Forestry is also developing a certification process.
Sustainable Forestry
No longer on the edge
by Matt Holland
One of the articles in Toward A Sustainable World Order (IC#36)
Fall 1993, Page 8
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When is a forest not a forest?
According to people who really understand the forest ecosystem, like sustainable-forestry pioneer Merv Wilkinson, a forest is more than trees and underbrush. It's a complex web of interrelatedness. That web does not come into being in mono-culture tree farms, and new evidence indicates that it also is severely disturbed in areas adjacent to clearcuts.
Using data from Landsat satellite images, two US scientists found this year that while the total area of the Brazilian Amazon basin deforested by 1988 was smaller than previously thought, the area "severely affected with respect to biological diversity" totaled 588,000 square kilometers, more than twice earlier estimates. The culprit: "edge effects."
Edge effects in the area around a clearcut can reach up to a kilometer into the forest. In these zones there is a greater exposure to winds, the microclimate may be dramatically changed, livestock have easier access, and predator-prey relationships may be disrupted as some species move on to undisturbed ranges.
Since tropical rainforests are typically cut in a patchwork pattern (as are North American forests), there are many kilometers of edges affected this way.

12. Forestry And Environmental Projects
Generally, temperate forests are at a level where usually only small corrections have to be made in order to make the forestry sustainable.
Sustainable forestry Environment Forestry and Environmental Projects Forestry Project in Brazil Teakplantagen Caceres Florestal, Brasilien ... Environmental news archive
Printer-friendly version Taking into consideration the commercial and ecological aspects as well as the interests of the local population.
Forests that are subject to sustainable forestry can produce wood infinitely while at the same time ensuring the preservation of the ecosystem and securing the interests of the local population. Often, it will be the objective to have the sustainable forestry certified, thus ensuring the consumer that the wood products originate from well-managed forests.
Generally, temperate forests are at a level where usually only small corrections have to be made in order to make the forestry sustainable. In tropic forests, the situation is often a more complex one, and sometimes, considerable resources are needed to make the forestry sustainable. Especially, the social problems can be difficult to solve.
DLH has chosen to commit itself direct to developing methods for sustainable forestry and certification in the tropics through own forestry projects in Brazil and Ghana.

13. DEVELOPMENT GATEWAY_ Forestry Sustainable Development Projects In China
ChinaDevelopmentGateway. mirror site USA. News. forestry sustainable Development Projects in China. With investment totaling 1.9 billion
Home Feedback About us ChinaDevelopmentGateway mirror site: USA ¡¡News
Forestry Sustainable Development Projects in China

With investment totaling 1.9 billion yuan (US$230 million), a ¡°Forestry Sustainable Development Project¡± has officially kicked off in China according to a recent announcement made by the State Forestry Administration. The project is another major forestry construction scheme to be carried out in China, following three others ¨C the National Afforestation Project, the Forestry Resources Development and Protection Project, and Forestry Development in Poverty-stricken Area. The Forestry Sustainable Development Project includes donations of 16.9 million euros (US$16.78 million) from the European Union (EU), US$16 million from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and a US$93.9 million loan from the World Bank (WB). The project involves three major parts. The first regards the management of 210,000 hectares of natural forests in Hainan Province and is funded by EU. The second part is concerned with natural protection and management of 13 reserves covering 1.16 million hectares and will be funded by the GEF. The third part will involve the planting of artificial forests, and will use money loaned from the WB to support 250,000 hectares in 110 counties from 11 different provinces including Hebei, Shanxi and Liaoning. Preparations for the project began in December 1998. It has taken more than three years to conduct feasibility studies, pre-evaluations, evaluations, and negotiate plans and other procedures.

14. Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition - Coalition Canadienne Pou
THE FUTURE OF OUR FORESTS The Canadian sustainable forestry Certification Coalition presents sustainable Forest Management Standards - A Growing Need. L'avenir de nos forêts - La coalition

About 143 million Hectares of Forest Land in Canada Certified

Environ 143 millions d'hectares de terres forestières certifiées
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©Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition
©Coalition canadienne pour la certification de la foresterie durable
Last Update: June 07, 2004
Dernière mise à jour : le 7 juin 2004

15. The Sustainable Forestry Partnership Advances Forestry Innovations.
The sustainable forestry Partnership identifies forestry issues trends, designs conducts research, develops education training materials and events, and provides assistance to sustainable

16. SmartWood: Practical Conservation Through Certified Forestry
SmartWood s purpose is to improve the effectiveness of sustainable forestry in conserving biodiversity and providing equity for local communities, fair
SmartWood's purpose is to improve the effectiveness of sustainable forestry in conserving bio-diversity and providing equity for local communities, fair treatment to workers, and creating incentives for businesses so that they can benefit economically from responsible forestry practices. Initiated in 1989, SmartWood is the oldest and most extensive certification program in the world. SmartWood is a program of the Rainforest Alliance, an international nonprofit environmental group based in New York City. Though the program initially focused on tropical forests, today SmartWood now works in all forest types tropical, temperate and boreal and operations, including natural forests, plantations, large commercial operations and small-scale community projects. SmartWood has certified more than 800 operations and 25 million acres worldwide, and demand for certified lumber from these operations is increasing rapidly. Products crafted from SmartWood certified wood now include furniture, musical instruments, flooring, and picture and window frames. SmartWood's record of innovation and commitment to the highest principles of environmental and community integrity have established this program as the "gold standard" of certification schemes. SmartWood is managed by a headquarters staff of experienced forestry specialists and administrators based at Rainforest Alliance offices in New York and Vermont, in collaboration with a growing number of independent nonprofit organizations that focus on forest monitoring, evaluations, assessments and forest product certification in tropical, temperate, and far northern regions.

17. Forest Certification Watch
SFCW aims at enhancing the understanding of forest certification, particuarly regarding sustainable forest management, international forest policy, trade in forest products and consumer choice.
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to a thoroughly revised website

18. ISF: Welcome
Institute for sustainable forestry. home sustainable forestry. Community Economic Development. Markets, Trade and Policy. Welcome to ISF. Welcome to our new website. Although ISF was formed in 1991 this website is very new. The Institute for sustainable forestry promotes sustainable forest management that contributes to the long
Welcome to ISF
Welcome to our new website. Although ISF was formed in 1991 this website is very new. We will add notification of upcoming events, post ISF publications, and provide updates on activities relevant to our mission as they become available. Sustaining Forests and Jobs on California's North Coast:
An Invitation ISF believes it is important for both environmental proponents and industry supporters to have a clear understanding of the economic context which defines the financially viable parameters of sustainable forest management. ISF invites north coast residents concerned about either the economic viability of sustainable forestry or the environmental integrity of north coast forests to review our observations and to support our recommendations: Sustaining Forests and Jobs: a few words to the wise ISF's mission:
The Institute for Sustainable Forestry promotes sustainable forest management that contributes to the long-term ecological, economic, and social well-being of forest based communities in the Pacific Northwest.

19. SFI - Sustainable Forestry Initiative
Timber and paper industry sponsored initiative for sustainable management practices that ensure the health and long term growth of US forests.

20. Sustainable Management Of Beech Forests In New Zealand; Beech Index Page
Describes the controversy about conservationenhancing sustainable forest management in the beech and rimu forests of West Coast New Zealand. Contains prime scientific papers, letters to politicians, Press Releases, links to other sites.
Maruia, Okarito, Saltwater forest, beech forest, logging,
the beech scheme, rimu, Timberlands, Kit Richards, sustainable management of forests,
conservation, preservation, ancient rainforest,
all buzz-words of a vital and passionately debated topic in New Zealand in 1999 and 2000. Some more are; sustainability, Resource Management Act, the West Coast Accord,
Labour, Minister of Forests, Hodgson, Clark, election mandate, city greenies, nfa, Native Forest Action,
Sustainable forest management in indigenous beech forest
for fine timber production and enhanced conservation
in the State Forests of the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand.
I have involved in this debate for several months - so here is more contribution from me on this vital topic.
Link to site search engine search Search the whole site using any keywords.
NEW: I have recently completed writing a book on the closely related topic of the sustainable management of two small rimu forests in South Westland, Okarito and Saltwater, near the little settlement of Okarito. After ten years of very succesful and world-renowned operation, his work was stopped by the NZ Labour government. You may find out about that book here This is the Table of Contents of my pages on the beech forest topic.

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