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  1. Estimating site index in even-aged northern hardwood stands (Research note NC) by Gayne G Erdmann, 1982
  2. Height growth and site index curves for red alder (Research paper PNW) by Constance A Harrington, 1986
  3. A comparison of site index curves for northern hardwood species (USDA Forest Service research paper NC) by Willard Handy Carmean, 1979
  4. Height growth and site index curves for Douglas-fir on dry sites in the Willamette National Forest (Research paper PNW) by Joseph E Means, 1985
  5. Black cherry site index curves for the Allegheny Plateau (Research paper NE) by L. R Auchmoody, 1984
  6. Polymorphic site index curves for spruce and balsam fir growing in even-aged stands in northern Maine (Bulletin / Life Sciences and Agriculture Experiment Station, University of Maine at Orono) by Ralph H Griffin, 1980
  7. Relations between western white pine site index and tree height of several associated species (U.S. Forest Service research paper INT) by G. H Deitschman, 1965
  8. Site index curves for Virginia pine in West Virginia (Bulletin / Agricultural Experiment Station, College of Agriculture, West Virginia University) by D. L Kulow, 1966
  9. Some soil phases in the Missouri Ozarks have similar site indexes for oaks (USDA Forest Service research paper NC) by Richard F Watt, 1973
  10. Applying height growth and site index curves for inland Douglas-fir (Research paper INT) by Robert A Monserud, 1985
  11. Site-index curves for young-growth ponderosa pine in northern Arizona (Research note RM) by Charles O Minor, 1964
  12. Site index: A measure of forest land quality (FSA) by R. Larry Willett, 1994
  13. Site index predictions for red oaks and white oak in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas (Research paper SO) by D. L Graney, 1977
  14. Site index of even-aged hemlock-spruce stands in southeast Alaska by Wilbur A Farr, 1981

Information on network institutions (research, government, NGO's and donors), services, current projects, publications and personnel.

82. Saskatchewan Interactive - Forestry
Did you know that the Boreal Forests of Saskatchewan are part of the world slargest ecosystem? Explore Saskatchewan s forestry forestry Glossary.
The Living Tree
Forest Ecosystems

Forest Stewardship

Industry in the Forest
Did you know that the Boreal Forests of Saskatchewan are part of the world's largest ecosystem?
The boreal forest zone comprises 8% of the global forest land, and yields 28% of the world's industrial logs or roundwood. Russia has 73% of the closed-crown boreal forest, the Nordic countries 5% and Canada 22%. Most of Canada's forested land, 82%, is boreal. (ref: Stan Rowe Saskatchewan's forest industry is poised for rapid expansion and currently produces products in excess of $750 million per year. Over half of the province is forested (355,000 square km) with 121,000 square km under major commercial development. Check out our Virtual Forest - A series of high resolution Quicktime VR panoramas of the boreal forest prior to harvesting.
The Living Tree
Can we live without trees in our world? Find out what trees are made of and how they affect us.
Forest Stewardship
Forests are part of our environment and keeping them healthy helps to ensure our own survival on this planet. Find out what you can do to contribute to the green zone.

83. MAFF_Web_site
Promotes Japanese agricultural policies, trade protectionism and whaling for farm and fishing industries, and investigates problems on food, agriculture, and rural areas.
Policy Infomation
Public Infomation
Statistics Annual Report About MAFF Related Sites Links Topics
  • Minister Kamei's statement in light of the result of the March session of the WTO agriculture negotiations
  • Ministerial Recommendation adopted by the Ministerial Meeting on Water for Food and Agriculture Third World Water Forum
  • Minister Oshima's reaction to the Chairman's first draft of modalities for the WTO agriculture negotiations [PDF] Policy Infomation
  • Principles of the Environmental Policy in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries [PDF] Outline Full text (only available in Japanese)
  • International Network for Water and Ecosystem in Paddy Field ( INWEPF )
  • Biomass Nippon Strategy@ Outline Full text
  • The Basic Law on Food,Agriculture and Rural Areas (Provisional Translation)
  • Fourth International Conference on Non-Trade Concerns in Agriculture (at the ministerial level) ...
  • Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries Research Council line UP Public Infomation
  • MAFF UP DATE (The weekly update news)
  • List of Booklet and Video on agriculture,forestry,and fisheries in English
  • 84. Foxconn Corp. - Alibaba
    We are chinese leading exporter of gum rosin,tung oil and turpentine.
    Join Free Join TrustPass My Alibaba Help ... Products details (0) All Products(0)
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    All Products
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    World Alibaba: International
    About Alibaba
    Site Map Career Opportunities ... Safe Trading Tips
    (c) 1999-2004 Corporation.

    85. Ministry Of Agriculture & Forestry, New Zealand
    Comprehensive database of New Zealand agriculture, horticulture and forestry information.
    MAF Home What's New Site A-Z About MAF Choose Topic Animal Welfare Biosecurity Forestry Imports Jobs at MAF Library Links Media Centre Publications Quarantine Rural NZ Schools Sustainable Farming Statistics Unwanted Organisms Advanced

    Welcome to MAF - who we are, and what we do
    MAF is about agriculture, horticulture and forestry, safe food, a protected environment, the wise use of the land, the creation of clean, green product and the economic success of those who produce it.
    Media Centre

    Varroa update

    Strong export growth

    GM Maize
    ... GETS

    86. Welcome To The University Of Canterbury - Nau Mai, Haere Mai Ki Te Whare Wananga
    Faculties of Engineering, forestry, Arts, Science, Music and Fine Arts and Commerce. Specialties include Antarctic Studies, Earthquake and Fire Engineering. Information on or for courses and subjects, campus, students, international students, departments, centres, contacts, research, publications, vacancies and Hayward Thesis, plus site map and search facility.
    UC Home Courses Departments Library ... Search
    Prospective Students Current Students
    International Students

    Visitors and Community
    The University

    Departments and Centres

    Courses and Subjects
    university news
    4 June 2004 Canterbury University Press celebrating Squid as long as buses and gargoyle-like fish with needle-like fangs have surfaced in the list of finalists in the Montana New Zealand Book Awards for 2004.
    2 June 2004
    Nuclear terrorism within America a certainty says US academic A nuclear attack by terrorists against the United States is inevitable, according to an American international relations expert visiting the University of Canterbury.
    Nardin lecture - 10 June at 7pm
    Professor Terry Nardin (University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Visiting Canterbury Fellow) is to give a public lecture on the cultural impact of the September 11 terror attacks. The lecture will be held on Thursday 10 June, Room 108 Law School, University of Canterbury, beginning at 7pm. More News More Events Information Days Enrol Now for 2004 ... Mid-Year Examinations
    quick links
    Intranet Help Search Enrolment ... Vacancies
    search our site
    contact us
    University of Canterbury, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch 8020, NEW ZEALAND

    87. ANU Forestry
    ANU SCIENCE SRES PROGRAMS forestry. • About ANU forestry. • UndergraduateDegree Options. National Graduate Program in Farm forestry.
    Skip Navigation ANU Home Search ANU Faculty of Science ... Contact ANU Title:
    Page last updated: 17 May, 2004
    Author: SRES Forestry Program Convener

    88. New England Forestry Consultants, Inc.
    Consultants for the management, utilization and conservation of forest resources. Located in Massachusetts.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    89. ANU Forestry Market Report Project
    The following documents are in PDF file format (varying in file size approximately50500KB). The Project. An Overview (PDF, 13KB) The Market Reports. 27.
    Skip Navigation ANU Home Search ANU Faculty of Science ... ASSOCIATED WEB SITES ANU Forestry Market Reports
    The following documents are in PDF file format (varying in file size approximately 50-500KB).
    The Project
    An Overview (PDF, 13KB)
    The Market Reports
    A long term perspective on removals of roundwood and consumption of forest products in Australia Jun 2004 Australia's competitors in the Japanese woodchip import market Mar 2004 Market for Forest Products in India Dec 2003 Stumpage Trends in Western Australia Sep 2003 Cabinet Timbers Jun 2003 Exports of Australian forest products increasing fast Mar 2003 Trends in log prices in Tasmania Dec 2002 Stumpage prices over the next 10, 20, 30....years Sep 2002 Wood based panels - consumption continues to rise Jun 2002 What's happening to consumption of sawnwood in Australia? Mar 2002 Salinity Control Credits Dec 2001 Import Tariffs - An Impediment to Market Access Sep 2001 Firewood Market Jun 2001 Stumpage Trends in South Australia Mar 2001 Japanese Woodchip Import Market Dec 2000 Rents for Plantation Land Leases Sep 2000 Carbon Credit Markets Jun 2000 Market Trends in the 1990s Mar 2000 Market for Forest Products in South Korea Dec 1999 Trends in Sawnwood Market Sep 1999 Woodchip Markets and Prices Jun 1999

    90. School Of Forest Resources University Of Arkansas At Monticello
    Official guide to the degree programs and courses aimed to educate professional forest and wildlife resource managers. Faculty directory and forestry resources available.
    Text-version S F R
    Director's Message
    Newsletters ...
    Request Form
    Return to:
    University of

    Arkansas at


    Arkansas Forest
    Resources Center

    Revised by:
    Naomi Freeman

    School of Forest Resources
    University of Arkansas At Monticello, Monticello AR 71656 Main Office: (870) 460-1052, Fax: (870) 460-1092 Forestry and Wildlife Field Day Saturday, June 12, 2004 Pine Tree Branch Experiment Station Colt, Arkansas for more information contact Chris Stuhlinger Registration Form 2004 National NatureMapping Teacher Workshop and Conference June 22-27, 2004 at the C.A. Vines 4-H Center, Ferndale Arkansas for more information contact Suzanne Wiley Registration Form Undergraduate Education School of Forest Resources P.O. Box 3468 110 University Court Monticello, AR 71656 [School of Forest Resources]. For technical problems regarding this web site email the: Web-Designer

    91. Enhanced Forestry Program, British Columbia
    The EFP supports sustainable harvesting of British Columbia forest resources. The Ministry of Forests, in partnership with Forest Renewal B.C., provides training and resources to facilitate silviculture decisions.
    Silviculture Decisions Growth and Yield Partial Cutting Backlog Reforestation ...

    EFP Site MoF Enhanced Forestry Program
    Virtual Resource Centre
    The Enhanced Forestry Program (EFP) contributes to sustainable harvest by making investments to grow higher quality second growth stands faster on lands available for timber production. These investments enhance the productivity of British Columbia's forests, while integrating social and environmental values. Activities funded to date include improved silviculture planning, incremental silviculture treatments, reforestation of backlog areas, and forest health treatments. Other investments in alternative silvicultural systems, habitat, biodiversity, and adaptive management contribute to social and environmental objectives as well as to timber production. The Ministry of Forests supports the EFP program by working with our partners to provide training, information, and tools to support more informed silviculture investment decisions. This Website contains reports, training materials, software tools, and other resources to assist in the cost-effective design, implementation and monitoring of EFP incremental silviculture and reforestation projects.

    92. IA DNR: Forestry
    Iowa DNR, forestry. Search our site About the DNR DNR News Contact Us Site Map.forestry. DNR Home. forestry Bureau. Private Landowner Assistance.
    Search our site:
    About the DNR
    DNR News Contact Us Site Map Forestry DNR Home Forestry Bureau Private Landowner Assistance State Nursery ... Contact Us
    Caring for Iowa's Forests and Prairies
    The motto of the Iowa DNR's Bureau of Forestry is, "Serve the people by caring for their forest resources". To that end, the Bureau of Forestry offers a variety of programs and services that assist public and private landowners, both rural and urban to manage and protect their forests trees and related resources.
    Michael E. Brandrup, State Forester
    Information and Services for Landowners Private Woodland Management
    Contact Your District Forester
    Forest Legacy Program
    Cost Share Programs

    Forested Riparian Buffers

    The State Forest Nursery
    How to Plant Trees ... Click here to order tree and shrub seedlings. CRP Trees Forested Riparian Buffers Find out about the forested riparian buffer program.

    93. English
    Read about the school's history, degree programs, and departments. In English and Chinese.
    Nanjing Forestry University INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Add: Lonpan Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China Zip: 210037 Chinese Version

    94. Southern Maine Forestry Services - Home Page
    Provides full timber sales, consulting, and land management services. Contact information available.
    How do you get the most income?
    Skilled forest management practices result in a host of direct benefits to landowner, logger, consumer, community, wildlife, and our forests - a renewable resource. Good forest management is time-consuming, complex and requires a high level of technical expertise to achive optimum results, short-range and longer term. Southern Maine Forestry Services was founded in 1981 by Rene Noel, Jr., a licensed professional forester, to meet the growing need for comprehensive land and woodlot management. The company's primary objectives and guiding philosophy are centered on the desire to assist each of its clients in achieving their own individual goals. Southern Maine Forestry Services is unique in that it provides such a broad range of forestry services, all available through a single resource.
    Why is forest management important?

    95. SUA- Faculty Of Forestry & Nature Conservation

    96. Creswick Campus
    Established as the Victorian School of forestry in 1910. Offers a broad range of courses and research in forestry Science and Management, Catchment and Hydrology.
    [Map of Creswick Campus] ... Township] Creswick is the location for one of eight campuses that make up the University of Melbourne's Institute of Land and Food Resources . The campus is situated 120kms from Melbourne and just 10 minutes from Ballarat, Victoria's largest regional city. The Creswick campus was established as the Victorian School of Forestry in 1910. Today the campus offers a broad range of educational opportunities. It is the location for the 2nd and 3rd year of the University of Melbourne's Bachelor of Forest Science. An Advanced Diploma of Forestry Management and a number of TAFE programs are also offered on the Creswick campus and are run by the School of Forestry Ltd. on behalf of the University. Twenty-five to thirty postgraduate research students are also based on site undertaking projects in a range of forest disciplines. The Forest Science Centre , a collaboration between the University of Melbourne and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, is a new addition to the Creswick campus. The CRC for Wood Innovations and CRC for Catchment Hydrology are also based on site. These, together with the Forest Science Centre, provide state-of-the-art resources and a valuable learning environment for the University of Melbourne's undergraduate and postgraduate forestry students.

    97. Iowa DNR Redirect
    Please contact our webmaster with any site related questions at Department of Natural Resources, forestry Bureau.
    The Iowa Department of Natural Resources' web site has been updated and reflects a new and exciting look. Please take a moment to update your bookmarks after heading to our new home, located at We thank you for your patience during this change and invite you to read more regarding our transition . Please contact our webmaster with any site related questions at

    98. World Forestry Center
    Information about the World forestry education exhibits and programs at the Center's museum location in Portland, demonstration forests in Oregon, international programs and research activities.
    The World Forestry Center We educate people about the world's forests and trees, and their importance to all life, in order to promote a balanced and sustainable future. Learn more Forest Discovery Center Current exhibits Forest Store Newsroom Newsletters annual reports press releases The Forest Discovery Lab (Flash required) The Nagle Trail Take an online hike 4033 SW Canyon Rd. Portland, Oregon 97221 Events at the World Forestry Center Every Day : The exhibit Chocolate: Tree to Truffle continues! Come in to discover all you never knew about this extraordinary product and the amazing cacao tree. The museum is open every day from 10am until 5pm.

    99. Department Of Natural Resources :: Division Of Forestry
    If this is the case, the graphical navigation bars may be distorted. Use the belowlink to navigate around the forestry website. Go to the textonly site map.
    State Forests
    Vista from Jackson-Washington State Forest Indiana State Forests Click on a property for more information.
    Look for the for properties that have horse trails
    and/or horse camping facilities.
    Look for the for properties that have mountain bike trails.

    State Forest
    State Forest
    23,979 acres
    Clark County
    Henryville, IN
    7,023 acres Martin County Shoals, IN Deam Lake State Recreation Area Morgan-Monroe State Forest 1,300 acres Clark County Borden, IN 24,000 acres Martinsville, IN Ferdinand State Forest Owen-Putnam State Forest 7,657 acres Dubois County Ferdinand, IN 6,245 acres Spencer, IN Greene-Sullivan State Forest Pike State Forest 8,000 acres

    100. The Forestry Forum
    An interactive information source with a forum and knowledge base.
    Your browser does not support script
    Should NASA repair the Hubble telescope? Yes
    Don't know
    Show Results

    "In appreciation of your exceptional contribution to the future of Michigan's Forests."

    Michigan Department of Natural Resources
    Forest, Mineral and Fire Mgt Division Current activity: 7 Guests, 3 Members
    Buzz-sawyer ppeterson
    Random photo from within the Forestry Forum
    Search WWW Search the Forum Archives Forums Milestones Links The Forestry Forum is brought to you by The Timber Buyers Network The Michigan Forest Resource Alliance Michigan Sustainable Forest Initiative(sm) program var site="sm2timber"

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