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         Forestry Index:     more books (100)
  1. Estimating red pine site index in nothern Minnesota (USDA Forest Service research paper NC) by David H Alban, 1976
  2. Height growth and site index curves for western white pine in the Cascade Range of Washington and Oregon (SuDoc A 13.78:PNW-RP-423) by Robert O. Curtis, 1990
  3. Technical report by Robert L Bailey, 1984
  4. Site index curves for young-growth California white fir on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada (SuDoc A 13.78:PSW-185) by K. Leroy Dolph, 1987
  5. How to estimate red pine site index by David H Alban, 1979
  6. Site index and height growth curves for managed, even-aged stands of Douglas-fir east of the Cascades in Oregon and Washington (Research paper PNW) by P. H Cochran, 1979
  7. Relationship of species and site index to habitat in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (Forest Service research paper NE) by William B Leak, 1978
  8. Base-age invariant polymorphic site index curves for even-aged spruce-fir stands in Maine (Experiment station bulletin / Maine Agricultural Experiment Station) by Bret P Vicary, 1984
  9. Site-index comparisons for tree species in northern Minnesota (USDA Forest Service research paper NC) by Willard Handy Carmean, 1971
  10. Estimates of site index and height growth for Douglas-fir in high-elevation forests of the Oregon-Washington Cascade Range : curves and tables for field application (SuDoc A 13.78:PNW-RP-378) by Donald J. DeMars, 1987
  11. Oak site index on Belmont limestone soils in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia (U.S. Forest Service research paper NE) by Harry W Yawney, 1964
  12. Lake states site index curves formulated (General technical report NC) by Jerold T Hahn, 1982
  13. A site index table for aspen in the southern and central Rocky Mountains (Research note RM) by John R Jones, 1966
  14. Polymorphic site index curves for white pine in the southern Appalachians (USDA Forest Service research paper SE) by Donald E Beck, 1971

41. Southern African Forestry Journal Index 1-189
Southern African forestry Journal index Volumes 1 to 190. compiledby Sally Upfold, Institute for Commercial forestry Research, in
Southern African Forestry Journal Index
Volumes 1 to 190
compiled by Sally Upfold , Institute for Commercial Forestry Research, in January 1998, for the South African Institute of Forestry Updated 30 May 2001 Requests for articles should be addressed to The Secretary Southern African Institute of Forestry Postnet Suite 329, Private Bag X4, Menlo Park, 0102 South Africa Telephone / Fax: (012) 348 1745 [International code : 27-12] email: Cost R40 (US$5) per paper + postage
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Requests for articles should be addressed to The Secretary Southern African Institute of Forestry Postnet Suite 329, Private Bag X4, Menlo Park, 0102 South Africa Telephone / Fax: (012) 348 1745 [International code : 27-12] email:

42. State & Regional Agencies & Programs
Alaska Division of forestry http// . IndianaDivision of forestry http// .
Urban Forests
Link Center Home Sustainability Land Air ...
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Alabama Forestry Commission
Alaska Division of Forestry
Arkansas Forestry Commission
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
Colorado State Forest Service
Florida Division of Forestry
Florida Forest Protection Bureau
Georgia Forestry Commission
Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife
The Idaho Forest Illinois Division of Forest Resources Indiana Division of Forestry Iowa Division of Forests and Prairies Kansas Forest Service Kentucky Division of Forestry

43. Prince Edward Island: Agriculture, Fisheries, Aquaculture & Forestry
Agriculture, Fisheries, Aquaculture forestry. Hon. Kevin MacAdam MinisterTerri Wood Administrative Assistant Mary F Burge Executive
InfoPEI Website News Tourism Images Statutes Hansard
Official Website
Gov. Home

44. Mendel University Of Agriculture And  Forestry Brno
Czech version, wwwmail, Faculty of Agronomy, Faculty of forestry and WoodTechnology, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Horticulture.
Czech version Faculty of Agronomy Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology Faculty of Business and Economics ... Search This WWW server is maintained by Dept. of Computing Technology Contact: Zemedelska 1, 613 00 Brno, Czech republic, Phone: +420 5 45131111

45. Faculty Of Agriculture And Forestry : Index

46. Forestry Suppliers, Inc. 800-647-5368
Browse by Category forestry, Firefighting and Tree Planting. 3000 for measuring windspeed, temperature, wind chill, relative humidity, heat index and dew point
Register / Log In Edit User Profile Order History Quotation Request ... Site Help Browse by Category
Forestry, Firefighting and Tree Planting Browse by Category
Arboriculture, Horticulture and Landscape Browse by Category
Aquaculture, Limnology and Wildlife Browse by Category
Environmental Science Browse by Category
Meteorology and Laboratory Equipment Browse by Category
Browse by Category
Protective Apparel and First Aid Browse by Category
Camping, Hiking and Field Gear Browse by Category
Traffic Safety and Vehicle Accessories Browse by Category Home Log In View Cart Quick Quote ... Order Lookup Key Code Enter your key code and click here New Stuff!
Always the best and the newest for all outdoor pros... Check it all out here We got your special deals right here! Get the Book! 600 + pages of cool stuff! Order a copy for yourself! Contact Us! Sales Tech Support Customer Service International ... Portuguese When it comes to living quarters, the Red Cockaded Woodpecker is a discriminating tenant, preferring mature Southern pine for their nests. Once the perfect tree is located, these woodpeckers spend months sometimes years excavating a single cavity. At this pace, it's not hard to understand why, in 1970, they were placed on the federal endangered species list. Learn More about the new Magellan SporTrak , and be sure to check out our full line of Magellan products.

47. Welcome To MAF forestry Fact Sheet indexforestry Fact Sheet index. All or part of the Fact Sheets contained on Ohiolinemay be copied without permission for educational, nonprofit purposes.
Select Division Public Information Officer Inspector General General Affairs Division Agricultural Information Sta... Emergency Planning Officer Agricultural Policy Bureau International Agriculture Bu... Agricultural Markiting Policy... Livestock Bureau Rural Development Bureau

48. Florida Fire Weather: KBDI
index. Average 4km Resolution Report Archive . Select county on mapfor more information . Learn more about the KBDI. Florida Division of forestry
FIRE WEATHER: Fire Danger FIRE DANGER: Information Tropical Weather ... Contact Info Keetch-Byram Drought Index Average 4km Resolution Report Archive Learn more about the KBDI Florida Division of Forestry
Director, M. C. Long
© State of Florida Division Of Forestry.

49. New England Forestry Foundation
NEFF Community forestry. Come take a walk in our woods The NEFF communityforestry program welcomes you to experience a managed forest.
var LowBgColor='#006666';var BorderColor='#006666';var HiBgColor='#6A9C9C'; NEFF Community Forestry The NEFF community forestry program welcomes you to experience a managed forest. Find a Forest near you and come take a walk in our woods. Become a Forest Steward
You are invited to become a Forest Steward. Forest Stewards adopt a NEFF Community Forest in their neighborhood and monitor the land throughout the year. In addition, Forest Stewards serve as the community ambassador on behalf of NEFF. More Infomation» NEFF Conservation Projects Downeast Lakes Forestry Partnership
In June 2003, the New England Forestry Foundation and the Downeast lakes Land Trust launched a $35 million capital campaign to conserve 342,000 acres of forestland in eastern Washington County. This is the first northern Maine forest conservation project that is community incubated, community supported, community led, and designed to sustain a natural resource based, rural community economy and lifestyle of residents in Washington County, Maine. Prouty Woods Community Forest
On October 8, 2003 NEFF purchased the 107-acre Prouty estate, one of Littleton's most significant properties. The main house is now NEFF's headquarters and forest conservation center. Your support for this project is urgently needed.

50. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Forestry
WWW Virtual Library forestry. Dear users, please check that your We have started collaboration Commercial. Other forestry related lists and sites
WWW Virtual Library: Forestry
Dear users, please check that your bookmark or link points to
We have started collaboration with BIOME/AgriFor in the UK. What's new in this collection - The Add link button points now to AgriFor. Categories:
Groups and SINs
E-Mailing lists Events ... Topics in alphabethical order Separate Sub-libraries:
@Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding

@Soils and Substrates
Organizations and their services:
Academic and Educational
... Other Forestry related lists and sites Please, use the forms if you have anything to comment. A service provided by AWARDS
Comments: Jarmo Saarikko and Kimmo K. Kolari

51. FAO Forestry Department
International forestry. Events. World forestry Congress. World Congress ofAgroforestry. Calendar. Processes. United Nations Forum on Forests.
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52. Resource Centre On Urban Agriculture And Forestry
Provides resources for the integration of agriculture into urban planning. Website holds a number of papers and links to related sites.
l home l search ... contact l Website Last Updated: RUAF Information
About RUAF
Regional Focal Points

Support Group on Urban Agriculture
Information Resources

Related Networks
RUAF Products
RUAF Publications
UA Magazine

Urban Aquaculture Forum Regional Resource Centres Latin America and the Caribbean UMP / IPES Eastern and Southern Africa MDP West-Africa (Anglophone) IWMI-Ghana West-Africa (Francophone) IAGU South and South East Asia IWMI-India China IGSNRR

53. Timbergreen 2000
Information on using green techniques to harvest and process trees into various products.
As forest owners, our family here at Timbergreen Farm encourages other forest owners to experience; the satisfaction of seeing your forest become more natural and productive every year, harvesting your timber with Arthroscopic precision, sawing the logs into lumber, drying your boards with free solar power, and selling a variety of valuable products direct to friendly & familiar customers. Controlling the process from forest to finished floor is quite rewarding, but our advice is "Keep it simple" and "be certain to follow through the whole process".
You are invited to explore our website - and welcomed to visit Timbergreen!
Feel free to take any of these ideas and use them to better manage your business of forest management - but watch out - these ideas were already stolen once !!

Jim Birkemeier
S11478 Soeldner Rd May 2003 update
Spring Green, WI 53588 Check out our Website Index

54. World Forestry Libraries On The Internet
A PARTIAL LISTING OF WORLD forestry LIBRARIES ON THE INTERNET. written by David S. Rogers 1995 c list the various forestry Library collections around the International Directory of forestry
written by David S. Rogers 1995 c
The following document is an attempt to list the various Forestry Library collections around the world entered in the compiled by Peter A. Evans and mark A. Arizmendi, June 1991, and the Bibliographic databases available on the Internet found on Accessing On-line Bibliographic Databases by Billy Barron and Marie-Christine Mahe ( (c) 1994 Billy Barron, Marie-Christine Mahe. Many Thanks to Vicki Ritchie, Jason Cobill and Dr. Al Simard of Canadian Forestry Service. My apologies for any ommissions. Please feel free to contact via electronic mail at David S.
Click for the new WEB version:
Forestry Sites and Useful Links

55. Pennsylvania Bureau Of Forestry
forestry Recreation Forest Health Private Forest Landowners Forest Fire ProtectionEducation Information State Forest Management Publications Contacts.
Forestry Recreation
Forest Health

Private Forest Landowners
Latest News and Events:
See our
Contact FAQ
Find a Forest
Hot Topics State Forest Resource Management Plan ATV Information Snowmobile Information Quick Links Common trees of Pennsylvania Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Search Rescue ... Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program

56. Homegrown Timber
A tree and vegetation contractor providing services in forestry maintenance, arboriculture, management of railway, highway and environmentally sensitive land in the UK.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

57. Forest Certification Watch
SFCW aims at enhancing the understanding of forest certification, particuarly regarding sustainable forest management, international forest policy, trade in forest products and consumer choice.
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to a thoroughly revised website

58. Yale School Of Forestry And Environmental Studies
A symposium analyzing forest certification in 16 countries around the world willtake place on June 10 and 11 at the Yale School of forestry Environmental
For Prospective Students For the Media News and Events Site Map ... Contact Us
Business Executives to Address Sustainable Development
Yale Poll Shows No Need For Hollywood Hype
On the eve of the release of the global-warming disaster movie, The Day After Tomorrow
Yale Releases National Poll on the Environment
Yale Symposium to Examine Forest Certification
Information Session for Prospective Students
in Los Angeles by June 20.
Environmental Impact of Bioeconomy Examined in Journal of Industrial Ecology
Journal of Industrial Ecology
Leaders From Government, NGOs Among New
The international community must take urgent action to address global-scale environmental threats or face an era of unprecedented environmental decline argues Red Sky at Morning: America and the Crisis of the Global Environment Master's Students - Click here to apply online Environment: Yale magazine

59. Institute For Commercial Forestry Research - Projects And Services
South African research and publications services. Free to sponsoring companies.
Institute for Commercial Forestry Research
Projects and
Working Group
FREE TO SPONSOR COMPANIES The ICFR offers a service which provides users with valuable information. Sponsor companies have access to the library, plus borrowing facilities, and the following services:
  • literature searches
  • reference service (answering one-off questions and queries)
  • SDI service (selective dissemination of information)
  • contents pages of current journals
  • access to databases
  • access to books and journals
If you have any questions or queries regarding the service please contact Désirée Lamoral
Phone: 033-3862314
Fax: 033-3868905
Research Projects and Services
Projects / Services
Acacia research Bark study Tree Improvement Genetic improvement of eucalypts
Genetic improvement of pines
Genetic improvement of acacias
Site-species interaction Applied Silviculture Re-establishment research
Nutrition research
Vegetation management Forest Productivity Soil water research Harvesting impacts and soil tillage Mensuration of hardwoods Site classification and GIS Mensuration and modelling research consortium (MMRC) Site-species productivity Functional Support Technology transfer Library Computer network Laboratory Administrative Support Finances Reception Clerical assistance Cleaning service

60. Tennessee Department Of Agriculture
DIVISION OF forestry. The Division of forestry protects this resource andpromotes its sustainable use through sciencebased forest management.
Skip to Content. Home Forestry Regulatory Svcs ... Contact Us Main content begins below. AT THIS SITE WATER QUALITY


... * Free Adobe Reader DIVISION OF FORESTRY
The forests covering over half of Tennessee provide clean water, habitat for a wide array of wildlife, natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Forests improve our quality of life and promote tourism. They also form the renewable basis of a forest products industry that employs 78,000 Tennesseans. The Division of Forestry protects this resource and promotes its sustainable use through science-based forest management. Sustainable management emphasizes different uses of the forest in different situations, but always avoids destructive exploitation or lost o pportunities due to neglect or ignorance. Specific division programs include: Fire Detection, suppression and prevention, urban and community forest assistance, insect and disease control, statewide forest inventory and analysis, water quality protection, assistance to non-corporate landowners, forest seedling nurseries, forest products marketing information, genetic tree improvement

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