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1. Harrold's Course Study Links For Students & Teachers, Lesson Plans & Curriculum
History soc.Sci culture of the 'Middle Kingdom' ( Chinese Studies WWW Virtual Library ( U. Melbourne) Eastern Europe Asian foreign homework help. homework helper study
Word search at OneLook X. Course Study/Teaching Links below from A-Z, including ALA Links, Art, Biology, Botony, English, Finance, Geography, Government/Civics, Holidays, Lesson Plans, Literature, Mathematics, Museums, Music, Science, Sociology, Writing, Zoos Big Chalk's Educations Portal More K-12 Subject Portal Pages and Houghton Mifflin Social Studies Textbook Support Distance Educator - Tools and News Distance Learning Video Conferencing (VC) ... Art Museums Jump Directly to These Areas Astronomy Biology Botany Civics, Government ... ELD ESL TOEFL
and WannaLearn's ESL/EFL/TEFL Links English Finance Geography ... Evaluating Internet Sources: by Janice R. Walker Internet Sources Citation Guide (Melvin E. Page, 1995, E. Tn. S.U.) Antivirus Earthquakes Free Genealogy ... Pacific Bell's Knowledge Network Blue Web'n Search the Knowledge Network Filamentality Wired Web Based Lessons by Content Subject or Search: Grade Level, Application, Content, Dewey #, Keyword or " Blue Web'n " Search Video Conferencing Librarian Workshops Library Web Pages ... Create Online Training w/ HTML+ for Teachers who can make A Personal Page Children's Stories Algunos Lugares en Español Grants/Scholarships ... MCLI w/ More Study Links Search MCLI Maricopa MCLI 1. Select a subject category:

2. Interpreting For Foreign Language Courses: A Case Study With Spanish
Interpreting for foreign Language Courses A Case study with Spanish1 help you decipher their attempts at pronunciation. Doing the homework is of the same culture, imagine trying to
Interpreting for Foreign Language Courses:
A Case Study with Spanish
David Quinto and David Bar-Tzur
Last updated: 6/5/2000 Nosotros estamos aquí:¡Óyenos! Preparation The task of interpreting for foreign language classes is difficult enough without having a previous knowledge of the language being taught. The interpreter really should have had at least two years of instruction in the foreign language he or she will interpret, even for an introductory course in that language. It may have been years since you used the foreign language you learned in high school, but with some preparation before each class it will come back to you. If you start by interpreting the first introductory course, you will relearn it with ease. As a last resort, interpreters with no knowledge of the language can start by interpreting an introductory course and work their way up. Increasing numbers of interpreters have a third language, besides ASL and English, and we believe that a third language, whether it's a spoken language or a signed language, is certainly an asset in today's world. Having the textbook for the class is essential. By following the syllabus and reading ahead, the interpreter can know which aspects of the language and which vocabulary items will be dealt with in class on any given day. Bringing the book to class can be helpful in a number of ways. If the teacher asks a question from the book without mentioning the number of the question, by checking your copy of the book you can tell them where to read, instead of laboriously fingerspelling the question which they may get faster by reading it in the text. If the students are reading aloud an extended passage from the book, it may be beneficial to let the deaf students know where the class is in the textbook and have them read along. Some (hearing) students are difficult to understand when they read Spanish or speak it: having the book turned to the right page will help you decipher their attempts at pronunciation.

3. Sri Lanka FAQ - Monthly Posting To Soc.culture.sri-lanka
Sri Lanka FAQ Monthly posting to soc.culture.sri-lanka. There are reader questions on this topic! help others by sharing your knowledge help others by sharing your knowledge. From Prasad Dharmasena Newsgroups soc.culture there a "study Abroad" program for Ministry of foreign Affairs Republic
Usenet FAQs Search Web FAQs Documents ... RFC Index
Sri Lanka FAQ - Monthly posting to soc.culture.sri-lanka
There are reader questions on this topic!
Help others by sharing your knowledge soc.culture.sri-lanka ... ,, , alt., alt.buddha.short.fat.guy alt.flame ... (location not certain) Also available in paperback - ISBN: 0-13-010778-6 c) "EFF's Guide to the Internet" by Electronic Frontier Foundation This guide is available free of charge from the EFF at i ii gopher:// iii Maintained by City Net. (Info - ... soc.culture.tamil and umich archive has a few mirror sites. (for the two previous fonts)

4. Guide Soc. Study Mullins
. 20th Century History Pacing Guide. 20th Century History Course Description. Virginia and U. S. U. S. foreign Policy since World War II basic knowledge of our American culture through a chronological survey of......Need help? Click here to find the answer to some frequently asked questions. Pacing GuideSocial Studies 1. HISTORY GEOGRAPHY. Class
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Need Help? Click here to find the answer to some frequently asked questions.
Pacing Guide Social Studies 1
Class Description 20th Century History Pacing Guide 20th Century History Course Description Virginia and U. S. History Pacing Guide ... World Geography Course Description 20th Century History SOL No. Week Unit or Topic Objectives or Materials Introduction - Westward Expansion Immigration, Imperialism, Progressivism Spanish-American War World War I Roaring 20's/Jazz Age Great Depression New Deal World War II World War II World War II Effects and Post-War Cold War-Korea-1950's Vietnam U. S. Foreign Policy since World War II Civil Rights Movement Civil Rights Movement 1970's - Nixon - Watergate Reagan - 1980's Clinton-1990's Contemporary Issues / Presidential Report back to the top Virginia and U. S. History SOL No. Days Unit or Topic Objectives or Materials 1 and 2 Colonization and American Revolution 2 and 3 U. S. Constitution, Early Government, War of 1812

5. Guidance Links
Prof Organ Pub. Articles. study Skills. homework help. Teacher Resources 1284 36951 00.html foreign Language Teachers and the Internet http//www.cobb.k12
Ecommerce Solution Free Web Space Free Web Site Web Hosting ... Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95
GUIDANCE WEB LINKS Prep for College College Home Pages College Rankings College Search ... School Safety
Prep for College
Getting Ready for College during Middle School Years: "Yes, You Can," web site: All About College: College Choice: Preparing Your Child For College: College Plan: College Catalogs Online Application Essay Writing 101: Mapping your Future: The NACAC for Students: Planning Your Future (9-12 Calendar): Higher Education Report Card: Going Right On (For 7-9 graders):

6. Internet Homework Helper HotPage
foreign Languages Online dictionaries Diario de Yucatan Latino china newssoc.culture.indian newssoc.culture.iraq. study Break The Internet Movie Database The
Internet Homework Helper HotPage
HotPage Table of Contents
Chapter 3: Links to the major Internet search tools!
Chapter 10: Internet Homework Helper sites

Links to the major Internet search tools!
Searching the Internet for information has never been easier, thanks to powerful new online search tools. These tools, known as search engines, are fast, easy to use, and, unlike your local library, open 24 hours a day for your use! Think of these engines as your school library's card catalog on steroids. If you've been on the Net, no doubt you've come across quite a few of these search engines and many of them have some pretty funky names. Use the links below to access the Net's directories and search engines to begin your quest for online information to help you complete your assignments. Several bonus links are included at the bottom of this list they'll help you keep up to date with the latest Net sites to come online every month! Internet Search Engines

Inference Parallel MetaSearch

Alta Vista



Internet Directory Services

GNN Select

7. 300 Teachers
Hotline. homework help Sites homework Center homework Press 3 foreign Language Press homework Hotline. homework HOTLINE study TIPS PROJECT IDEAS REFERENCE LINKS help The homework
Schools with their own Homework Hotline #2

Calmes #402 Deborah Kesel #403 Glenda Johnson #404 Nancy Maranville #405
Dana Stevens #406 Lisa Paulus #407 Kim Ballard #408 Karen Trana #409 Beth
Daniels #410Brenda

301 Homework Hotline
This system has been designed to provide convenient and effective methods
for the school staff to reach parents in a timely manner with important
student attendance, progress, achievement and school activity information.
The Phone Notification System
302 Homework Hotline Homework March 22, 1999 Science: Define on Notecards...hydrosphere, crest, trough, wavelength, wave height, breakers, salenity. CSMP: Workbook due Monday 3/29. Try all of N4. Reading: Chapter 2 on Ghost Cadet. Spelling: ABC order. sentences. Return to PCs 303 Homework Hotline Homework Help Sites Homework Center Homework Central Schoolwork Ugh! Alphabet SuperHighways' Homework Helper B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper Homework Hotline 475- 4006 The homework hotline will be on everyday after 4:30 p.m. Please do not call

8. Other Ethnic Groups, Carnegie Library Of Pittsburgh Resource Guide
For information and news about foreign countries, visit providing resources for the study of Swedish asked questions) FAQ for the soc.culture.scottish newsgroup
Select Library Area: Ask a Librarian Careers at CLP Computer Classes Directions Employment Genealogy/History Homework Help Hours Kids' Site Library Subject Guide Locations Renew a Book Request a Book Research Databases Resource Guide Search Subject Departments Support the Library Teens' Site
Subject Search:
Web Site Catalog Internet Search
Database Search

Events Search

Resource Guide:
... Ethnic Groups
Other Ethnic Groups
Pittsburgh Region Pennsylvania United States International For information and news about foreign countries, visit International Affairs
German - Pittsburgh Region
German Society of Pennsylvania
Founded in 1764, this is the oldest German organization in America.
Pennsylvania German Society
Founded in 1891, the Pennsylvania German Society is a nonprofit, educational organization devoted to the study of the Pennsylvania German people (also knows as Pennsylvania Dutch) and their 300-year history in America.
Germans - National/International
The German Corner: Deutsches Eck
"the first and only German-American Internet Magazine and Resource Guide in the USA"
German Folksongs
A website with words and sometimes the melody in a midi file.

9. The Harvey School Library Links levels- arts, business, English, foreign language, health homework help, science, cultures, music, health

10. Italian Language School. Art , Culture And Cookery Courses
All other students must obtain a study visa from permesso di soggiorno) at the foreign Office of preenrolment certificate issued by the soc.Dante Alighieri
Please select your language please select Deutsch Japanese Korean Francais Italian
Italian language school Unleash your passion, study Italian ! Home
Language Courses

Exam preparation

Cooking courses

Frequently Asked Question FAQs
How much Italian can I expect to learn during the courses?

Obviously this depends on the level of Italian already known, and the amount of time you spend with us. As all our courses are specifically planned to meet the needs of our students, and all lessons are held in the Italian language, you can be sure to learn the most amount of the Italian that you require, in the time given. What’s the weather like in Italy?
The summer months are very warm throughout Italy. The south is always a few degrees warmer than the Centre and the North. The average temperatures for the summer are between 18°C – 30°C (64°F – 86°F), and for the winter 4°C – 16°C (39°F – 61°F). During the winter it is best to bring warm clothes, also for wearing around the house, as Italians tend to turn off the heating at night, due to the high costs. What is the time difference in Italy?

11. Computers In The Foreign-Language Classroom
Another newsgroup, soc.culture.german is conducted in tech help for Teaching foreign Languages. Electronic Technopoly The Surrender of culture to Technology
Quick Links: Home Essays Teaching Sitemap
Course Pages: German 101 German 102 German 203 German 204 ... PRINT VERSION The Role of the Computer in the Foreign-Language Classroom: A German Webpage Class Activity
No one can dispute, of course, that the Internet can be a valuable educational resource. The great majority of educators have decreed that the rise of technology in the classroom is no less than a paradigm shift. They cite as proof of this sea change the fact that these new tools are "highly motivating, convenient to use, and task oriented," noting therefore that they appeal to "both foreign language teachers and learners." Although I cannot but agree that the computer is, indeed, a very powerful tool it brings a new sense of "interactivity" to the learning experience, enabling students to take more responsibility for their own education and allowing them greater choice in the process I must question the overeager educators who hail computer technology as the greatest educational advancement since the invention of the printing press. Is the computer, in essence, anything more than a tool, and is its place in the classroom all that different from that of its predecessors? As one analyst has written:
Educational technology, defined broadly, includes everything from blackboards and desks to books and computers ...Wax tablets, blackboards and pencils with erasers can be thought of as technologies to make the writing medium more conducive to trial and error, more 'interactive' than parchment, print or ink pen.

12. :: Ez2Find :: Society And Culture
designed to guide you through German foreign cultural policy Translate Open New Window A comprehensive study (current as soc.culture.german - Google Groups
Guide : Society and Culture Global Metasearch
Any Language English Afrikaans Arabic Bahasa Melayu Belarusian Bulgarian Catala Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Cymraeg Czech Dansk Deutsch Eesti Espanol Euskara Faroese Francais Frysk Galego Greek Hebrew Hrvatski Indonesia Islenska Italiano Japanese Korean Latvian Lietuviu Lingua Latina Magyar Netherlands Norsk Polska Portugues Romana Russian Shqip Slovensko Slovensky Srpski Suomi Svenska Thai Turkce Ukrainian Vietnamese Mode
All Words Any Word Phrase Results
Adult Filter Add to Favorites Other Search Web News Newsgroups Images
Invisible Web Metasearch
APC Music
Guides Society and Culture
ez2Find Home Directory Regional Europe ... Germany : Society and Culture Activism Bavaria Berlin Brandenburg ... Schleswig-Holstein Related Categories Regional: Europe: Society and Culture Society: Ethnicity: German
Web Sites

13. Homework Hotline Lesson Plans
art, nursery rhymes, history, crafts, foreign languages and Mexico covering its geography, history, culture, economy, and cyber.serv/academy/ace/soc/elem.html
Lesson Plans
21st Century Schoolhouse
A wealth of lesson plans are offered here, which include basics such as
mathematics and language arts, as well as topics such as astronomy and
Native American studies.

ABC Printables-Print Me's with Letters
Learn the alphabet with everyone's friends from Sesame Street.,1157,2163,00.html

ABC's of Jordan
Create an ABC lesson plan with facts about Jordan, designed and presented by students from Mrs. Habib's 2nd Grade. Click on a letter of the alphabet and learn about Jordan's animals, plants, people, and geography. Activities Exchange This site features many science-related classroom activities. Some topics covered are: The Mysteries of Aging, The Heart and the Circulatory System, The Discovery of Radioactivity, Development of Polio Vaccines, and much more. Activities for Kids This site contains lesson plans and printable worksheets for mathematics

14. Opportunities In The Department
Normally, the soc 250/350 results in one (or what it really means to study another culture. of the world are available through foreign study and exchange
Opportunities in the Sociology Department
Independent Study and Research
Wherever there are people, there are things worth asking questions about, and such questions and attempts at answering them are the stuff from which original research is made. Majors are encouraged to undertake independent research, either during the school year, over breaks, or at their place of summer employment. Student research projects may be conducted on an independent study format (SOC 250/350), or as part of a collaborative partnership project. Ordinarily, such projects will last one semester. Sociology 250/350 may also be designed as a reading course covering a body of material not contained in any existing course. Normally, the SOC 250/350 results in one (or several) papers. SOC250/350 may be taken for a letter grade or for credit/non-credit. Students often have taken one or more courses in the general field for the proposed topic; coursework at the 200-level is typically a prerequisite for 350 work. The student should submit a short written description of the project and must obtain an instructor's consent to be the 250/350 advisor and that instructor's approval of the topic and plan of work. Faculty in their first year at Wellesley should usually not be asked to be 250/350 advisors. Check the faculty resumes for research interests similar to your own.

15. Film Studies Minor Course Descriptions, Colleg Of Liberal Arts, WSU
To study representative samples of foreign film, including their soc 372 (M), sociology of Film • Allen. the impact of films on American culture and society
Film Course Descriptions
The courses are organized alphabetically by prefix: CHIN 111 (G) ENGL 150 ENGL/FA 337 ENGL 339 ... W ST 321 Chin 111 (G)- Asian Film (Taught in English)
• Lupke
3 Credits Themes for this course will rotate on a year by year basis. For spring 2003, the theme is "Art and Ideology in Chinese Film." The visual screen image is a powerful device for shaping attitudes and representing vast terrains of knowledge. Through a survey of a broad range of Chinese films, spanning all the decades between the thirties and nineties, this course investigates the dynamics of representation, nationality, gender, and identity at work in both the production of and the viewing of Chinese film. We will explore the tensions between the beauty of cinematography and the politics of ideology, notions of Chinese subjectivity and the tastes of a Western audience, and historical epic and lyrical moments in film. The course will help students develop the analytical skills necessary to discuss film in a sophisticated way.
ENGL 150 "Introduction to Narrative Film"

16. Untitled
soc 338 Final Project. learn the other groups language. The students in the study who excelled language is a big step in being accepted into a foreign culture.
SOC 338 Final Project
Table of Contents: Introduction The Town Research Approach The Class ... Analysis Introduction With the Latino population in the United States increasing every year, much attention has been paid to teaching English to Spanish-speaking immigrant children. There is the great debate over bilingual education - does it help or hurt? The debate will no doubt continue for many years to come, but it only address half of the population. What about the parents and older relatives of these Spanish-speaking children? If they did not speak English before arriving in the US, how do they communicate in this new environment? One solution of course is to live and work in a barrio where the majority of the population can speak Spanish. However, this can be limiting, with few opportunities to leave the barrio , and there is not always such a neighborhood available. Another option, only available to those with sufficient support, is to have children or other relatives serve as translators. This too is limiting, and does not promote independence in a majority English-speaking country. A third option is to take an adult education class in English as a Second Language (ESL). Again, this is not available in every area, but where there are ESL classes for children, there are likely to be adult classes as well. Even when ESL classes are available, not every Spanish-speaking adult takes them. The issue that I want to study is what motivates certain individuals to take ESL classes. Are there any trends among individuals who take classes in terms of age, gender, or goals for the future? Of course, taking a class is not the only way, or even necessarily the best way, to learn English, but they offer a more structured introduction to the language, and people in the classes can provide a glimpse into the direction that this specifically educated portion of the Latino community is leading.

Students could study multinational companies and show their offices on a world map. Ask him/her the importance of culture and foreign language in
About LADB Archive Search NotiCen NotiSur ... LADB Home
This lesson plan has moved to[0]=469 Your browser should automatically take you there, but if not, please click the link above.

18. Wakki Directory > Regional > Europe > Germany > Society And Culture
Germany A Country study A comprehensive study (current as of is designed to guide you through German foreign cultural policy. Usenet soc.culture.german - news
Wakki Shopping Auctions Travel ... Germany > Society and Culture Categories All Products Activity Accessories Binoculars Camcorders Chamber Music Featured Composers, A-Z PC Games Nintendo 64 Desktops Notebooks Animation Top Selling DVD Players Cookware Housewares Tableware Entertainment Camping Lawn/Garden Tools Pop Hip-Hop Rock Operating Systems Networking Electrical Hand Tools Lighting Action Figures Dolls Vehicles Classics Comedy Drama See also: Web Pages
  • German and Austrian Cultural Links
    Annotated links on Germany, Austria and Switzerland, including news sources, web radio, reference material, search engines, and book resources.
  • German Connection
    Germanbuds for Americans and Germans to meet and become pen pals. Jokes, music, and guestbook.
  • German Culture
    The starting place for exploring Germany and getting to know German cultural aspects.
  • German and Cultural Studies Links
    Includes sites on culture, feminism, the media, language, regions, business, and politics.

19. Moscow Travel Study Trips: Pokrovsky Discussion
From Nikita Pokrovsky Date opera etc.) and (iii) the unwritten culture of Russia more news and analysis of foreign stories, it is

The "Pokrovsky Questions" Discussion
(final update 07 March 1999)
I recently received the initial message below from Nikita Pokrovsky of Moscow State University. He agreed (second message) that I could share it so that he might also receive responses from others. My reply to Prof. Pokrovsky is the third message. I have posted this exchange to several discussion groups and to my own mailing list, inviting people to respond directly to Prof. Pokrovsky and to send a copy of their responses to me The Discussion
Pokrovsky to Fenster (1)
Pokrovsky to Fenster (2) Fenster to Pokrovsky (1) Bill to Pokrovsky ... Chevron to Pokrovsky So that this page does not become too large, the discussion continues on Page 2.
Subject: On your recent announcement
Date sent: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 11:12:22 +0300 Dear Dr. Fenster,
With best wishes, Nikita Pokrovsky Discussion Top
Subject: On Russia and US
Date sent: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 10:03:40 +0300 Please feel free to share my questions with your audience at your convenience. As a professor of sociology, I definitely can see a tendency of the public opinion in the USfrom an absolutely uncritical admiration of everything Russian in the early 90s to an equally negative evaluation of almost everything Russian in the end of the 90s. I assume it may become a subject for an open and productive discussion among those who well know both our countries. Discussion Top Fenster to Pokrovsky, 26 February 1999

20. Welcome To Germantown High Scsltd
WWW foreign Language Resources; Online Spanish Dictionary Page; Online Resource Center for Spanish Language, culture and People. Social Studies.
About GHS Calendar Departments Library ... School District Web Page
Hom ework Help General Information Fine Arts Foreign Language French ... Language Arts General
Fin e Arts
Artcyclopedia Type in an artist's name or work, a movement or subject, and this art search engine sketches out a list of related links
Music Notes Music history, theory and styles are explored here. There is also a glossary of musical terms and a database of instruments
Fore ign Language Fr ench Ger man Spa nish
Scie nce

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