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         Fon Indigenous Peoples Africa:     more detail
  1. Asen, Ancestors, and Vodun: Tracing Change in African Art by Edna Bay, 2008-02-08

1. Africa Indigenous People Resources Bangwa
africa, african Anthropology General Resources. By peoples. Bembe Berber Bidyogo Bobo Bushoong Bwa Chokwe Dan Diamande Dogon Eket Fang Fante fon Frafra Fulani
Bangwa Home Africa, African Anthropology General Resources By peoples Akan Akuapem Akye Anyi ... Zulu ArtWorld AFRICA -Bangwa "The Bangwa occupy a mountainous and part forested countryside west of the Bamileke in south-eastern Cameroon, near the headwaters of the Cross River. They comprise nine chiefdoms. People live in separate family compounds, sometimes with large meeting houses where visitors may be received." - From University of Durham - Bangwa People "Authority among the Bangwa was traditionally instituted as part of the Bamileke political complex. Like most of the western Grasslands people, Babanki political authority is vested in a village chief, who is supported by a council of elders, and is called Fon." You will find material related to Bangwa history, culture, arts, political structure and more. - From University of Iowa -

2. On Language And Development In Africa: The Case Of Ghana
the development problems of africa, students of african development have are others such as fon, Aja and Mina in neighboring seem to put indigenous african peoples at the center of

3. Enduring Rhythms- African Musical Instruments And The Americas
Yoruba and fon peoples of West africa fon peoples of Benin, with traditions of the indigenous Taino concepts and Spanish Catholicism. Worshipers from different areas of africa
Enduring Rhythms
Zairean trumpet made from elephant tusk and tap shoes worn by Savion Glover of 'Bring In da Noise, Bring In da Funk'
Descriptive notes by Ken Moore
Almost five hundred years ago, Africans began their forced migration to the Americas. They were first transported to the Caribbean in 1502 and soon thereafter to Central and South America. In 1619, they arrived in the colony of Virginia. Traditional African musical practices were either fiercely suppressed or tightly controlled. Gradually, however, African-American sounds entered the musical mainstream, notably in popular and religious genres. This transformation of original African musical styles and instruments throughout the Americas continues today to influence musical practices worldwide. The essence of African music is rooted in the concept that simple rhythmic patterns played on rattles, drums, bells, horns, and other musical instruments simultaneously form a dense mixture of polyrhythmic impulses that fade in and out, constantly renewing and recombining as a kaleidoscope of sound textures. Handclapping and jingles worn on arms and legs or attached to clothing accentuate dance movements and add to this rhythmic complex of layered sound. The music invites the active participation of each member of the community, and distinctions between performer and observer become blurred as the infectious rhythms demand that the body react. Many Africanisms languages, funerary customs, and foodstuffs were brought to the Americas, but it is the African rhythms, created by musical instruments, that have enriched and enlivened the world's musical vocabulary.

4. H-Net Review: Elizabeth Akingbola On Fiona Macdonald, Ed., Peoples Of Africa
Fiona Macdonald, ed.peoples of africa. 11 volumes. Tarrytown, NY Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 2001. 648 pp. Bibliography, index, pronunciation guide, timelines, maps. $ 471.36 (cloth), ISBN 07614-7158-8. The chapters separate indigenous african beliefs from Christianity and Islam as 33 the fon and Adja are described as "very poor

5. UCTP Excerpt: Maroons: Rebel Slaves In The Americas By Richard Price
called Maroons, mingled in mountain hideaways with indigenous Taino people Both peoples had much in common The fon and Kongo kingdoms of West and Central africa
- The Editor, The following excerpt was part of an article, which was originally published in the 1992 Festival of American Folklife catalogue; reprinted with permission from the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage of the Smithsonian Institution. ( " Maroons: Rebel Slaves in the Americas" by Richard Price The man who was to become the first African-American maroon arrived within a decade of Columbus' landfall on the very first slave ship to reach the Americas. One of the last maroons to escape from slavery was still alive in Cuba only 15 years ago. The English word "maroon" derives from Spanish itself based on an Arawakan (Taino) Indian root originally referred to domestic cattle that had taken to the hills in Hispaniola, and soon after it was applied to American Indian slaves who had escaped from the Spaniards as well. By the end of the 1530s, the word had taken on strong connotations of being "fierce," "wild" and "unbroken," and was used primarily to refer to African-American runaways. The following excerpt was taken from the Exhibition "The Sacred Art of Vodou" hosted at the American Museum of Natural History from October 1998 until January 1999.

6. AFRICA! For Girl Scouts
JUMP to peoples of africa. OAU ( Organization for groups, most important being fon, Adja, Yoruba, Bariba), Europeans People (World Fact Book) indigenous african tribes 95% (including
AFRICA! For Girl Scouts by Sandy Coy
Like this site? Visit Sandy's World of Girl Scouting and Scout Village AFRICA!
For Girl Scouts Jump to Regions:
East West ... South Jump to Topics
JUMP to Peoples of Africa
Organization for African Unity)
Country Profile Links
= WAGGGS Member
(North) Angola (South) ... Zimbabwe Topics AFRICAN GUIDES/SCOUT INFORMATION NOTABLE PEOPLE OF AFRICA ACTIVE LEARNING SITES CRAFTS ... FOOD MULTI-COUNTRY RESOURCES FOR AFRICA this is empty Africa Focus: database for sights and sounds of a continent Africa for Visitors Comprehensive travel info about Africa. African Studies - Country-specific pages (Univ. of Penn.) Anthems of the World (by country) Birds of the World (by country) Charities serving Africa ... WWW Links for Africa AFRICAN GUIDES/SCOUT INFORMATION NOTABLE PEOPLE OF AFRICA WAGGGS Africa Region - List of Member Organizations WAGGGS Arab Region - List of Member Organizations World Guiding Guide Zone ideas ( Africa Region Index of Activities More Ideas for African Activities Other resources ... Dr. Christian Barnard (heart surgeon) LANGUAGE 1000 Languages of Africa (kid-friendly site) Burundi and Tanzania (Bantu people of East Africa): Swahili Egypt: Ethiopia Ethiopic language - general resources ... Decode the Message Nubia: Use the ancient Nubian alphabet to decode a message "There is no modern political entity called Nubia. The area known by this term lies today partly in Egypt and partly in the Republic of the Sudan. A large portion of the northern part of ancient Nubia currently lies submerged under the reservoir formed behind Egypt's High Dam at Aswan."-

7. The Languages And Writing Systems Of Africa
in presentday SW Nigeria, French and fon, Latin, fon. Yoruba, Ibo and a number of indigenous languages are Ewe in the south and Voltaic-speaking peoples in the

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Other Editions
Africa The Languages and Writing Systems of Africa Country Language Script Algeria, Al Djazair, Algérie, (Democratic and Popular Republic of) Arabic, French and a Berber language. Arabic, Latin, Berber Angola, (Republic of) Portuguese is the official language, but a Bantu language is widely spoken. Latin, Bantu Benin, former kingdom, situated in present-day SW Nigeria French and Fon Latin, Fon Botswana, ( Republic of) English is the official language, but the population is mainly Tswana, who speak a Bantu language. Latin, Bantu Burkina Faso or Burkina, formerly Upper Volta French is the official language. Latin Burundi, Republic of Official languages are French and Kurundi (a Bantu language) Swahili is also spoken Latin, Bantu

8. Fernweh: Kooperationen - Informationen Zu Tourismus/Tourismuskritik
PO.Box 2637 SERREKUNDA Gambia West africa Fax 00220 IPDN - indigenous peoples Development Network. Samuel Munyi POBox 22449 NAIROBI Kenia fon ++220-462-057
Diese Site bei Google durchsuchen:
Internationale Organisationen und Netzwerke
Centre International de Recherches
Centre International de Recherches
et d'Etudes Touristiques
Member of the International Academy
for the Study of Tourism
6 Avenue de Grassi
13100 AIX EN PROVENCE (France)
ECTWT - Ecumenical Coalition on Third World Tourism
The Ecumenical Coalition aims to focus on tourism and the effect it has on the lives of people, encourage an awareness of the role of tourism in development models, provide opportunities for people affected by tourism to express their views and hopes, denouce unfair practices in tourism, stimulate and enable research and action for justice in tourism. Christian Conference of Asia (CCA)
General Secretary
96 2nd District, Pak Tin Village
Mei Tin Road, Shatin, N.T.
HONG-KONG China E-mail: E-mail:
EQUATIONS - Equitable Tourism Options
Post Box 7512 New Tippasanndra Post BANGALORE 560 075 India E-mail:

9. Fernweh: Kooperationen
Gambia, West africa. Fax +220 466 180. Email IPDN - indigenous peoples Development Network. Kenia. fon ++220-462-057 Fax +220-462-307.
Diese Site bei Google durchsuchen:
Internationale Organisationen und Netzwerke
Centre International de Recherches et d'Etudes Touristiques Member of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism 6 Avenue de Grassi 13100 AIX EN PROVENCE France Homepage:
ECTWT - Ecumenical Coalition on Third World Tourism
E-mail: E-mail:
Equations - Equitable Tourism Options
New Thippasandra BANGALORE - 560 075 India tel: +91 - 80 - 5282313 o. 5292905
fax: +91 - 80 - 5282313 E-mail: Homepage:
Gambia Tourism Concern
c/o Bungalow Beach Hotel, POBox 2637 SERREKUNDA Gambia, West Africa Fax: +220 466 180 Homepage:
ISGST - International Support Group for Sustainable Tourism
2985 West 6th Avenue VANCOUVER BC. V6K 1X4 Canada E-mail:
IPDN - Indigenous Peoples' Development Network
200 Isabella, suite 304 OTTAWA, Ont

10. Peoples - Encyclopedia Article About Peoples. Free Access, No Registration Neede
Amhara indigenous people of central Ethiopia; Amish - North American religious minority, of fon; africa; Kui; Kumeyaay-Digueno; Kumyks - Turkic people of northern
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition This is a list of names of ethnic group Ethnicity is the cultural characteristics that connect a particular group or groups of people to each other. "Ethnicity" is sometimes used as a euphemism for "race", or as a synonym for minority group. While ethnicity and race are related concepts, the concept of ethnicity is rooted in the idea of societal groups, marked especially by shared nationality, tribal afilliation, religious faith, shared language, or cultural and traditional origins and backgrounds. Whereas race is rooted in the idea of biological classification of homo sapiens to subspecies according to morphological features such as skin color or facial characteristics.
Click the link for more information. s. A group can have several names (e.g., names in English language The English language is a West Germanic language, originating from England, built from several local languages of 6th century Norse conquerors, with a strong French influence added following the Norman Conquest of 1066. English spread worldwide with the rise of British colonialism, from the British Isles to Australia, Canada, India, South Africa, New Zealand, the United States and elsewhere.
Click the link for more information.

11. H-Net Review: Elizabeth Akingbola On Fiona Macdonald, Ed., Peoples Of Africa
The chapters separate indigenous african beliefs from Christianity and For example, on p. 33 the fon and Adja Review of Fiona Macdonald, ed, peoples of africa

12. Africa Untold Radio Series Teacher's Guide
Some of the Yoruba, Igbo, and fon of West cases, Africans have continued to practice indigenous religious, while might be practiced and many peoples might have
Africa Untold
A Teacher's Guide
O. Patricia Cambridge, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
E. W. Scripps School of Journalism
Ohio Univeristy
Athens, OH 45701

The radio series Africa Untold is designed to provide a better understanding of the African continent and its people. The series is produced by African Studies in the Center For International Studies at Ohio University with funding from United States Department of Education. Africa Untold contains six 10-minute episodes: "Africa: The Beginning," "Religion," "Women and Children," "Politics and Economics," "Kinship," and "The African Man." News coverage of Africa often focuses on wars, health crises, environmental disasters, and military coups. This series gives a more complete picture of the continent, which has several climatic regions and is home to many nations, cultures, ethnicities, and languages. This Teacher's Guide is a resource with background information for each episode and a list of references that teachers and students can use to learn more about Africa.
Africa: The Beginning Africa. The name conjures up so many images. For some, it's adventure, safaris, jungle, desert, music, dance. For others it is war or famine. It may even be South Africa or Nelson Mandela or the motherland, the ancestral home of black peoples around the world. Yet for others it is the dark continent - the unknown. Obviously, none of these images by itself completely defines Africa. These incomplete images actually distort the continent.

13. List Of Ethnic Groups
Flemish Minority in the Netherlands; fon; French - western Zhuang; Zulu - of southern africa; Zuni - of the groups in Laos; Northern indigenous peoples of Russia.
Main Page See live article Alphabetical index
List of ethnic groups
This is a list of names of ethnic groupss . A group can have several names (e.g., names in English language and in native language, obsolete names, versions of spelling, etc.) A B C D ... Z

14. Fon Team End Product
the theological significance of the meal; The use of indigenous music, primarily meet the spiritual and physical needs of the fon and surrounding peoples.
End Product of One Team
Québec, Canada
Fon Mission Team Working Document:
Teams increase their effectiveness if they have the desired end in mind. The following paper is an example of the formulation of an End Product. This document then becomes a guide, along with church growth studies and evaluations, for regularly scheduled goal setting. This team is two years into their work among the Fon of Benin. This paper was written prior to their arrival in Benin.
End Product Discussions
This document is part of our continuing goal-setting and evaluation process. As we have begun to envision what God will do through us beyond the initial stages of language and culture learning, we have found it necessary to define more clearly the "end product" that we hope that God will produce through our work. This process will help us: (1) set intermediate goals that focus toward the realization of the "end product"; and (2) recognize when we have completed our work as church planters. These definitions shall not interfere with the right of the church in Benin to determine its own course. These goals, while extensive, represent certain theological and missiological fundamentals on the basis of which we must to work as faithful and effective servants of God.
Dealing with the Pagan Past
Because our evangelistic ministry will focus primarily toward those who practice the traditional religion (as opposed to some form of Christianity or Islam), the goals found here will affect almost every area of church life.

15. Tarzan, Indiana Jones And Conservation International's Global Greenwash Machine
indigenous peoples continue to resist the corporate assaults on southeastern Guinea s Pic De fon, giving support Citigroup in Brazil, Peru, and South africa.
O rganic C onsumers A ssociation News Events Campaigns Participate ...
Tarzan, Indiana Jones and Conservation International's Global Greenwash Machine
October 10, 2003
Tarzan, Indiana Jones and Conservation International's Global Greenwash Machine
By Aziz Choudry
Colin Powell says that its work is "amazing". In 2001, it received what the media dubbed the biggest ever grant to an environmental organization - US $261 million spread over 10 years. Its website proclaims: "A passionate few can make the difference in the world."
In interviews, its president, Russell Mittermeier, confesses to a lifelong Tarzan fixation. Its vice-chair is the actor who played Indiana Jones.
The organization is Conservation International (CI). Founded in 1987, headquartered in Washington, DC, its stated mission is "to conserve the Earth's living natural heritage, our global biodiversity, and to demonstrate that human societies are able to live harmoniously with nature." It operates in over thirty countries, in the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Pacific.
But like Harrison Ford, it does a lot of acting, applying copious layers of green make-up.

16. Umweltabkommen Vor WTO-Regeln
Translate this page Dr. Gerhard Timm Bundesgeschäftsführer fon 0 30/2 75 Australia eThekwini ECOPEACE, South africa Energy Club Support Group for indigenous peoples, Belgium Le
Appell: Umweltabkommen vor WTO-Regeln
Brief an den Bundeskanzler/ Aufruf
20. August 2002 Dr. Gerhard Timm
Fon: 30/2 75 86-4 30
Fax: 30/2 75 86-4 60 Herrn Bundeskanzler
10557 Berlin Berlin, den 20. Aug. 2002
Johannesburg-Gipfel: Umweltabkommen vor WTO-Regeln
Sehr geehrter Herr Bundeskanzler, Sie selbst sprechen oft von der Notwendigkeit von "Leitplanken" für die Globalisierung. Wir bitten Sie deshalb, sich intensiv dafür einzusetzen, dass in Johannesburg beschlossen wird, dass multilaterale Umweltabkommen nicht den Welthandelsregeln der WTO untergeordnet werden dürfen. Idealerweise sollte diese Forderung noch in das Aktionsprogramm integriert werden. Sollte dies nicht mehr möglich sein, ist ein eindeutiger Satz zu diesem Thema in der politischen Erklärung der Regierungschefs um so notwendiger. Wenn der Johannesburg-Gipfel die Autonomie und Autorität multilateraler Umweltabkommen nicht eindeutig bestätigt, wird die Entwicklung wirksamer multilaterale Abkommen zum Schutze der Umwelt und der Gesundheit der Menschen weiter "eingefroren" bleiben. Heute will niemand Vereinbarungen unterzeichnen, die potenziell von der WTO angegriffen werden könnten. Johannesburg muss deshalb eine eindeutige Botschaft an die laufenden Verhandlungen zum Thema Umwelt und Handel innerhalb der WTO senden: Umweltabkommen haben, sollte es zum Konflikt kommen, Vorfahrt vor

17. New Releases From Brazil - Brazilian Work
between Brazil and the Yoruba and fon regions of dances and divination ceremonies of africa and Brazil 1997); VIDEO BY AND ABOUT indigenous peoples (October 1997

18. UNDP - United Nations Development Programme
org Stop the Genocide of indigenous peoples in Cauca! Malaysian Daily Sun - Good News from Equatorial peoples. February 2004 All africa - Oku fon Visits Agric
Español Français Equator Initiative: In the News / Dans les nouvelles / Noticias / En las noticias
Links to Equator Initiative news items: 20 May 2004 - Straight Up with Jan Herman: We Have Just Gotten Started
19 May 2004
Times of India - UN Honours Community Projects That Reduce Poverty
19 May 2004
GTZ Press Office - GTZ Contributes to UN International Biodiversity Day in New York
19 May 2004
UNDP - UNDP hosts Global Dialogue on Biodiversity and the MDGs, Recognizes Equator Prize 2004 Winners
19 May 2004
UN News Centre - UN honours community projects that reduce poverty through conservation
18 May 2004
Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) - Press Release on Day 6 of UN Indigenous Peoples Forum
5 May 2004
U.N. Wire - U.N. Offices To Serve Sustainably Grown Coffee
3 May 2004
UNDP Colombia - Gran fiesta en el Cauca por el Premio Ecuatorial del PNUD
1 May 2004
El Pais - El Proyecto Nasa, un ejemplo universal
28 April 2004 Sustainable Development Issues Network - Forging Partnerships: Lessons from the Equator Initiative 28 April 2004 22 April 2004 Earth Negotiations Bulletin - Report on CSD 12: Opening of "Focus on Nature" Exhibition

19. List Of Ethnic Groups - InformationBlast
Flemish Belgium and the Netherlands; fon; French - western Zhuang; Zulu - of southern africa; Zuni - of the groups in Laos; Northern indigenous peoples of Russia.
List of ethnic groups
This is a list of names of ethnic groups . A group can have several names (e.g., names in English language and in native language, obsolete names, versions of spelling, etc.)

20. FTP Links
FTP East africa recommended!, very well organised and http// between individuals, NGOs and indigenous peoples and nations
X FTP Links X Other links
  • Taiga Rescue Network TRN is working to support local struggles and strengthen the cooperation between individuals, NGOs and indigenous peoples and nations concerned with the protection, restoration and sustainable use of the world's boreal forests.

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