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         Finnish Language:     more books (100)
  1. X fonetiikan paivat Tampereella 20.-21.3.1981 (Publications from the Department of Finnish Language and General Linguistics, University of Tampere)
  2. Brief remarks on the grammar of the Finnish language; by D. Ė Milanova, 1952
  3. The language issue in Finnish political discussion: 1809-1863 by Roberta Gifford Selleck, 1961
  4. The Finnish-language press in Canada, 1901-1939: A study in the history of ethnich [sic] journalism (Migration studies) by Arja Pilli, 1982
  5. Papers from the Eighteenth Finnish Conference of Linguistics (Studies in languages)
  6. The Language of Wood: Finnish Sculpture, Design and Architecture by MUSEUM OF FINNISH ARCHITECTURE, 1987
  7. Say It in Finnish (Language and Linguistics Ser.) by Aili Flint, 1983
  8. Berlitz Foreign Language Editions Phrase Books: English for Finnish Travellers (Berlitz Foreign Language Editions Phrase Books)
  9. Report on Hungarian and Finnish teaching materials (American Council of Learned Societies. Research and studies in Uralic and Altaic languages) by Thomas Albert Sebeok, 1960
  10. A practical guide to reading Finnish by Aili RytkoÌnen Bell, 2003-01-01
  11. Finnish: Language Cassette Course
  12. Finnish grammar (American Council of Learned Societies. Research and Studies in Uralic and Altaic Languages) by Robert Austerlitz, 1963
  13. Say It in Finnish (Language and Linguistics Ser.) by Aili Flint, 1984
  14. Kielikeskusopettajan ammattikuva ja koulutustarve (Reports from the Language Centre for Finnish Universities) by Liisa Lofman, 1986

101. Concordia Language Villages - Home Page
Offers language instruction in such languages as Swedish, Norwegian, and finnish.
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Language Villages featured on A Prairie Home Companion. Click here for details and audio! Concordia Language Villages is an internationally recognized and respected world language and culture education
program for young people, ages seven to 18. Our Web site is organized primarily by language. Select your language of
interest on the left and begin exploring our Village programs.
Summer Programs We are now accepting applications for summer 2004.
Click on any of the languages below to learn more
about session dates and availability.
Danish English Finnish ... Swedish
Our Mission
The mission of Concordia Language Villages
is to prepare young people for responsible citizenship in our global community. Lago del Bosco Lago del Bosco , the Italian Language Village After an inaugural summer that welcomed nearly 120 villagers to northern Minnesota to learn Italian language and culture

102. FINLAND AND RELATED PEOPLE: Finno-Ugric, WWII, Maps, Culture, Language
History, language and culture of the finnish related people, including sections on WW II in Karelia and Finland.
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Welcome To Osmo Joronen's

103. Suomen Ergonomiayhdistys
English language description of the Finish Ergonomics Society including goals, membership information and contact data.
Suomen Ergonomiayhdistyksen verkkosivut ovat siirtyneet osoitteeseen

104. Introduction To Finnish - Sitemap
Introduction to finnish Sitemap. Background Where did finnish come from? Uralic languages- Finno-Ugric language Group
Introduction to Finnish Sitemap

105. Welcome To Hariyawa, The Kingdom Of Free Tigers!
Tigers are humanoids who live on planet Pii. This site contains descriptions of Tiger culture and dictionary that translates their language to finnish.
Welcome to Hariyawa, the Kingdom of Free Tigers!
Hariyawa is a fascinatingly verdand and nature-friendly country towards the equator of the planet Pii. Her inhabitants, who are known as Tiger clan or the Tigers, speak Mango language. More accurately, Hariyawa is located between the mountains of Dizziness, Inshalla, Harisvitri and the Southern Sea. The pure rivers and lakes, the exciting jungles and the peculiar inhabitants of Hariyawa entice into them. Navigate using buttons on the left side of the page. Sama suomeksi, kiitos.
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This Scattered Tongues site belongs to Natalia Gruscha
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106. Connexor Oy
language parsers and taggers for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, finnish and Swedish. Online parser demos and limited documentation available.
Language is a natural code for knowledge. Natural language, with all its ambiguity and elusiveness, works for people but frustrates design of intelligent software. Connexor products, based on long-standing research on language and computation, relieve this bottleneck by enriching text with linguistic markup that helps computers understand language - to benefit you and your company. Computers enhanced with Connexor software perform better!
June 8, 2004 Connexor Machinese Licensed to Wordbreaker and Stemmer for Microsoft Search more... March 22, 2004 Connexor Announces Licensing Agreement with FAST more... February 11, 2004 Connexor introduces Machinese Syntax for German more... January 29, 2004 Connexor Announces a Partnership with Basis more... January 27, 2004 Connexor Announces a License Agreement with HIIT more... COMPANY SOLUTIONS PRODUCTS ... SUPPORT

107. Finnish Characterized (the S.c.nordic FAQ)
Vocabulary finnish is a nonIndo-European language and thus has a vocabulary which, by definition, is unrelated to that of English.
The home pages for the Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.nordic
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Finnish characterized
  • Pronunciation: Easy in the sense that it uses a small number of sounds which are subject to a surprisingly small amount of allophonic variation; difficult in the sense that the ability to speak and understand Finnish is crucially dependent on having learned to distinguish between long and short vowels and consonants , and learning to articulate unstressed syllables crisply without the slightest trace of slurring or reduction, this being the exact opposite of what an English speaker is likely to do. All Finnish words have their main stress on the first syllable , and the basic intonation patterns are easily learned.
  • Grammar: First the good news: no grammatical gender, almost no irregular nouns or verbs, there is usually a simple one-to-one mapping relationship between ending and function or meaning. The bad news is an extremely complex set of morphophonemic alternations known as "consonant gradation" which results in most lexical morphemes having at least two highly divergent forms: varvas "toe"

108. Kotus - Home Page
Studies and provides advice on the usage of finnish, Swedish, the FinnoUgric languages, finnish Sign language, and Romany, the language of the gypsies in Finland.

109. Translate Between 1,482 Language Pairs: Spanish German French Italian Portuguese
Can translate single words, phrases, sentences and entire web pages between 1,428 language pairs including to/from Albanian, Bosnian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, European Portuguese, Filipino/Philipino/Tagalog, finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Rumanian/Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Welsh.
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Our translation software and translation services can help you:
  • To translate web pages written in a foreign language. To translate e-mail messages into/from a foreign language. To translate letters, facsimile, reports and memos in a foreign language.
To translate manuals and books into/from a foreign language. For interactive learning of new words and phrases of a foreign language. To interactively learn how to pronounce new words and phrases of a foreign language.
About Translation Experts
Translation Experts Limited is a company dedicated to the provision of products and services that bridge language barriers. We manufacture a variety of translator and dictionary software for desktop computers and handheld devices. We have been developing natural language translation software, dictionaries and a network of expert translators around the world for a number of years and have a long list of very satisfied customers worldwide.
Select source language: Albanian Bosnian Brazilian Portuguese Bulgarian Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English

110. Mgert - Global Vocabulary Lists
Ten words per week for foreignlanguage learners. Czech, English, finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish.
Submit a Link
Do you have a favorite language site? Send me an email and I'll try to include it on my Links page. What would you like to see?
Is there a list that you would like included, send me an email and I'll see what I can do. When learning a new language, adding to your vocabulary is very important. Many websites focus on grammer, sentence structure, or maybe verb tenses, but not just on vocabulary. Mgert is all about vocabulary. In fact, Mgert will add a new vocabulary list each week, separated into topical categories such as animals, body parts, or the weather. The word lists will also be cross-referenced into as many languages as possible. Start by choosing your language to the right. Then, choose the language that you wish to learn. Just think, by concentrating on just ten words a week, you'll know over 500 new words in just a year, not counting all the other words you learn from different sources. Thank you and enjoy!
English ~ English

suomi ~ Finnish

Français ~ French

Deutsch ~ German
español ~ Spanish

Each week Mgert will feature a language with a basic wordlist.

111. Finnish-British Society Offering Professional Language Training And Cambridge Ex
Acts as an agent in Finland for language schools located in the UK.
Click here or on the building to enter! Click here or on the building to enter! Click here or on the building to enter! Click here or on the building to enter!

112. Connected To Finland
Website for foreigners living in Finland with articles on finnish culture and ettiquette, entertainment and language.

113. SKS: Kalevala (in English)
The official 150th anniversary site by the finnish Literature Society. Events, publications and a list of translations and foreignlanguage adaptations of the Kalevala.
Kalevala 1849
[text in Finnish]
Translations of Kalevala Report on the 150th Anniversary ...
The Kalevala in modern art

Updated 13.4.2000

114. European Hockey.Net - Ice Hockey News And Stats For Europe
English language information on finnish teams, players, leagues.
Welcome to European Hockey.Net
Our aim is to bring all European Ice Hockey together in a single site. We currently include
  • news player statistics games schedules fixtures tables standings scores results transfers team information rink information league information
from leagues all across Europe:
  • East European League - A Euro Ice Hockey Challenge Euro Ice Hockey Challenge - UK Euro Hockey Tour Ceska Pojistovna Cup (EHT) Karjala Tournament (EHT) Sweden Hockey Games (EHT) Pannonia League Siemens International Hockey League at : UNIQA Eishockeyliga be : Belgian First Division be : Beker van Belgie be : Belgian Premier Division ch : NLA ch : NLB cz : Czech 1.liga cz : Extraliga (cz) de : 2. Bundesliga de : DEL de : Oberliga - Südost de : Oberliga - Südwest de : Regionalliga Nord de : Regionalliga Nord, Pokalrunde de : Regionalliga Nordrhein-Westfalen de : Regionalliga Ost de : Regionalliga Ost, Pokalrunde dk : Superisligaen it : Euro Ice Hockey Challenge - IT lv : Euro Ice Hockey Challenge - LV fi : III divisioona Pirkanmaa fi : Mestis fi : SM-liiga fi : Suomi-sarja East fi : Suomi-sarja West fr : Super 16 Nord fr : Super 16 Sud hu : Orszagos Bajnoksag is : Icelandic League it : Serie A1 it : Serie A2 it : Serie B lv : Latvian League nl : Super Liga Cup competition, round 1

115. Kissa's Korner
Personal home page which includes photos and memories with pages on Waterford history, finnish heritage, years in an orphanage and American Sign language.
Until midis are again free, you will hear no music...Sorry...I will put the name of the song that is supposed to be playing and maybe you can hum a few bars. My thanks to all who sequenced the midis. FREE THE MIDIS!

116. The Official Värttinä Website
A finnish band that has grown from mostly traditional vocal music to combining traditional language and lyrics with modern music and themes. With biography, discography, and show schedule.
Design and Construction by Timo Lehtinen Last revised: September 19, 2002
is welcome.

117. UMass Amherst: Department Of Germanic Languages And Literatures
Offering degrees and courses in German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and finnish (not a Germanic language) languages
Egon Schiele, Last updated 7 June 2004
Since 25 April 2003, there have been visitors to this site.
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This site is maintained by Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

118. Karjalane Lehüt - Karelian Page (in English)
Information on the Karelian language and culture (in English, Russian and finnish).
New! Old photo Is there national extremism in Karelia? (in Finnish and Russian) Karelian language planning in the 1930's (in Finnish) Photoalbum New links Friends of Viena Karelia (in Finnish) Repola-society Ludic society (in Finnish and Ludic) Viena Karelian folklore villages Culture pages from Karelia (in Finnish) Tver Karelian cultural autonomy (mainly in Russian) Karelian page at Hosted by GeoCities Karjalane lehüt - Karelian page Suomeksi Po-russki Instructions
  • Karelify your browser - Instructions on viewing the additional characters used in Karelian texts (in Finnish)
Articles and papers on Karelian language planning

119. Concentric Dial-Up Internet
Comparative table presenting 60 basic vocabulary items (with English equivalents) in 4 Uralic languages finnish, Estonian, Sami, and Hungarian. Part of the language Museum pages. Not Available
The domain which you are trying to access is currently unavailable. This may occur for several reasons the name may have changed, or it may have moved to a new location. Please try to access the site later, or contact the site's administrator.

120. Intercultural Relationships - Finnish As A World Language
A humorous article by Richard Lewis.
Finnish as
a world language? an article by Richard Lewis Is it now the time for Finnish to take its place as the international language? It is obviously difficult to answer this question with certainty. At the moment there seem to be several factors which would hinder such a development. First of all, Finnish is currently spoken by a mere 0.05% of the world's population; secondly one cannot learn the language in ten easy lessons; thirdly, a large number of Finns still do not understand it. Although the advancement of Finnish has been a bit slow, there are Finns who point out the following advantages Finnish would have as a world language:
  • It is an essentially logical language. The rules are absolute and reliable in all situations, except exceptions. It is a good sounding language; in other words, it is pleasing to the ear. This has to do with its wealth of vowels, which rules out ugly consonant clusters. It was recently suggested that some vowels should be exported to Czechoslovakia, where shortage of vowels is imminent, and that
    It is a concise language. One Finnish word can mean several different things in English. Why lose time and energy saying 'the committee that takes care of negotiations concerning the truce' when you can use a simple little word like 'aseleponeuvottelutoimikunta?'
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