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         Finland History:     more books (100)
  1. Suomen valtameripurjehtijat =: Finlands djupvattenseglare = The Finnish deep-water sailers by Sten Lille, 1979
  2. Historical Dictionary of Finland (Historical Dictionaries of Europe) by George Maude, 2006-01-28
  3. A Moving River of Tears: Russia's Experience in Finland (American University Studies Series XII, Slavic Languages and Literature) by Temira Pachmuss, 1993-11
  4. In Time of Storm: Revolution, Civil War, and the Ethnolinguistic Issue in Finland by Pekka Kalevi Hamalainen, 1984-12
  5. Uppkomsten av Teosofiska samfundet i Finland (Religionvetenskapliga skrifter) by Tore Ahlback, 1995
  6. Sibelius and the music of Finland by Veikko Helasvuo, 1957
  7. Cold Will: The Defense of Finland by Tomas Ries, 1988-11
  8. History of the Finnish Temperance Movement: Temperance As a Civic Religion (Interdisciplinary Studies in Alcohol Use and Abuse) by Irma Sulkunen, 1991-04
  9. An Experience of Finland by W. R. Mead, 1993-10
  10. Finland between East and West by Anatole Grigorevich Mazour, 1975-12-10
  11. Finland and the Holocaust
  12. Finland, (Nations of the modern world) by W. R Mead, 1968
  13. Finland and Europe: The Period of Autonomy and the International Crisis, 1808-1914 (The Nordic series) by J. Paasivirta, 1982-02
  14. Let us be Finns: Essays on history by Matti Klinge, 1990

101. Maps Of Finland
A collection of maps and map links.
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Maps of Finland
Links to other map resources:

About the President and the official residences. List of Finnish Presidents in the past and present. Read some speeches made by the president.
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103. SIGCHI Finland - HCI-alan Osaajien Yhdistys
Ihmisen ja tietotekniikan vuorovaikutuksen osaajien yhdistys. Edist¤¤ aiheeseen liittyv¤¤ tutkimusta ja opetusta sek¤ j¤rjest¤¤ seminaareja ja muita tilaisuuksia.
ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction in Finland
SIGCHI Finland ry - suomalainen ihmisen ja tietotekniikan vuorovaikutuksen osaajien yhdistys
Yhdistys edistää ihmisen ja tietokoneen välisen vuorovaikutuksen tutkimusta ja opetusta sekä yhdistää alasta kiinnostuneita ihmisiä Suomessa. Yhdistys järjestää seminaareja jäsenilleen ja järjestää yhteisiä tilaisuuksia sekä harjoittaa julkaisutoimintaa mahdollisuuksien mukaan. Yhdistys on osa kansainvälistä ACM SIGCHI -järjestöä. Yhdistys haluaa kiittää kannatusjäseniään , joiden taloudellinen tuki mahdollistaa toiminnan. In English
Yleistietoa yhdistyksestä
Kevätkokous 11.5.2004 Helsingissä
Yhdistyksen kevätseminaari ja sääntömääräinen kevätkokous pidetään tiistaina 11.5.2004 Helsingissä. Tilaisuus järjestetään Helsingin yliopiston käyttäytymistieteellisen tiedekunnan tiloissa osoitteessa Bulevardi 18. Tilaisuuden ohjelma löytyy täältä
Yhteisseminaari VR-SIGin kanssa 2.6.

104. On Sport In Finland
An overview of sports in finland.
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On sport in Finland
Written for Virtual Finland by Joe Brady. Drawing: Pekka Vuori Mika Häkkinen: Finland's Formula One Champion
of the World, 1998 and 1999. The Finns, like any reasonable people, accept that some folk need folk heroes and they do not dismiss fondness for sport and its heroes as a symptom of immaturity. On the contrary, they generally see sport as a commendable form of human endeavour. This may be because in this small society top athletes of either gender tend not to behave like overpaid prima donnas. Even when they are overpaid they remain recognisable to the public as mortals, people who live next door. In the 1920s, the early years of Finnish independence, the dominant sporting hero was the long distance runner, Paavo Nurmi , whose name was turned into that yawn-inspiring sobriquet "the flying Finn." Because he was so famous in his day, his country's name became known, too. This was at the time when Finland needed to establish a presence internationally as an independent sovereign state after the centuries of rule by Sweden followed by the years under Russian domination. The winner of nine gold and three silver Olympic medals in the 1920s, and the holder of a myriad world records, Nurmi was a loner on the track, dour and remote in his prime, introspective and disillusioned with his athletic performances later in life.

105. Finland: The Foreigner's Guide To Finland
A satirical view of national traits and habits.
Finland: The Foreigner's Guide to Finland
Updated 2003-01-30
This is the authoritative, Official Foreigner's Guide to our fine country. Anyone planning to come here must read this and memorize the facts! You can send comments, suggestions, etc. into my guestbook
The Basics
To the left is the current map of our country. Note that Finland also owns the island of Bornholm Svalbard Islands in the Arctic Sea, the Aleutian Islands on North Pacific Ocean, the islands of Kiribati Line Islands , and Society Islands in Oceania, and a share of Antarctic continent , which are not shown on this map. First thing to know: Finland is not part of Soviet Union, although Russia is a neighbor - so are Sweden and Norway. Only the northernmost Finland is covered by glaciers, and polar bears are not common in the southern part of the country. Reindeer and lapps also live only in the northern part of the land. Even if Finland is not part of Russia, you will still see a lot of russians around. They sell cheap vodka, cigarettes, pirate CDs, videos, DVDs, clothes, and lots of other things, including certain services, at large parking lots in the cities of Southern Finland. You can always trust these honest Russian folk, who sell the products of their country to earn some Finnish marks. First thing you will probably see from Finland is a gray waste of asphalt, an endless parking place, and huge buildings - the airport. But it does look like the environment most of finns live in, the Finnish city.

106. Region Åboland - Turunmaan Seutu | Matkailu - Turism | Turun Ja Turunmaan Saari
Internet guide to the archipelago, including a picture gallery. Leads to services and events.
Tervetuloa! SUOMI SVENSKA Welcome! ENGLISH Willkommen! DEUTSCH s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer)

107. U.S. Commercial Service Finland: Home
Supporting U.S. business in finland with b2b matchmaking, advocacy, and market research.
BUYUSA.GOV U.S. Commercial Service
Welcome to Finland!
Situated in northern Europe, Finland is a high-tech country with an open market economy; about one-third of GDP comes from foreign trade. Finland's major trading partners are Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, the United States and Russia. Finland's membership in the EU in the beginning of 1995 has resulted in a further opening of the markets for international companies.
The Commercial Service is your business connection for doing business in Finland and in the United States. We offer comprehensive, export promotion assistance through a variety of programs and services to U.S. companies wishing to enter the Finnish market or use Finland as a gateway to Russia and the Baltic States. We also encourage inquiries from Finnish firms interested in importing U.S. products and/or services.

108. - The Finnish Corvette Registry
Suomalainen Corvetterekisteri ja keskustelusivu.
Replay Ad - The Finnish Corvette Registry
The Registry Has Moved The Finnish Corvette registry has moved to a new home at . Please update your links accordingly. You will be forwarded to our new location automatically in 10 seconds. If you do not wish to wait, please click here

109. Culture
Describes the ministry's role in promoting and developing culture and provides related links. Includes libraries, museums, literature, music, art, theatre, dance and film.
Mainpage Culture
Culture introduction
Administration ... Topical issues
In the European perspective, modern Finnish cultural life is fairly young. The golden age of Finnish culture began in the late 19th century and went on well into the early decades of 20th century. It was then that Finland "awoke" nationally, underscoring the importance of its own language and culture and creating the basis for the present cultural institutions. Finland became independent in 1917. Finnish cultural policy has been developed systematically since the sixties. The ensuing period marked a rapid growth in the cultural administration. In the nineties, the administrative structures have been streamlined again. The cultural policy of the nineties has highlighted the cultural dimensions of the information society, the utilisation of regional resources, multiculturalism, tolerance and international cooperation. Today the focus is on creativity and the cultural industry.

110. Map Of Finland
Shaded Relief, 1996. (371K)

111. Police
Organization, duties and license services.
Search the website
The Finnish Police maintain public order and security, prevent and investigate crime and forward investigated cases to a prosecutor for decision (consideration of charges). The police also provide the public with various licence services. The objective of police operations is to ensure that people can exercise their rights guaranteed by the judicial system and social order.
About this site

112. OUGF-home
Suomalaisten Oraclek¤ytt¤jien yhdistys.

113. Travel In Finland In The 1870s
Illustrations from the classical Finnish book of the same name by Zachris Topelius.
Written for Virtual Finland by Joe Brady
Illustrations from the book of the same name by Zachris Topelius
T opelius's most durable achievement as a writer was his success in opening the eyes of his compatriots to the heritage and beauty of their homeland. He was the archetypal nineteenth-century enquiring traveller: eyes wide open, observant, keen to learn and to teach. In Travels in Finland, (1873), from which comes our collection of pictures, Topelius's benevolent disposition, and the generous eyes of his illustrators, offered the contemporary reader a bucolic Finland, a land of sturdy, prosperous-looking country folk, tranquil landscapes and picturesque townscapes. This is a fair enough portrayal since the book was the product of journeys Topelius made mainly in the southern half of Finland, the most affluent and populous part of the country, then as now. I n the epilogue to a new edition of Travels in Finland (it appeared in 1998) Pertti Koistinen writes: "Topelius saw it as his duty to make the people of Finland aware of their own nationhood, their own role and their own land. As a journalist, writer and university teacher he wished to create a picture of Finland as the unitary homeland of the Finnish people. This is evident in all of his works but especially in Finland in pictures (1845-52) and Travels in Finland.

114. Gröna Förbundet I Finland
Politiskt parti. Om organisationen, historia och m¥ls¤ttningar. Principprogram och arkiv med valprogram. Medlemsorganisation Gr¶na Kvinnor r.f.

115. Nederlandse Vereniging In Finland - Alankomaalainen Yhdistys Suomessa
Stichting Nederlandse Taal en Cultuur, Nederlandse vereniging in finland en nieuwsberichten.

116. Between Australia & Finland
A weblog about life in finland by an Australian living in Vaasa.
Love and life and everything in between
95% answered Blue and White. You were right!
Finland has a total of 5 million people living in Finland although the population is dropping due to low birthrates.
Finland has borders with Sweden, Norway and Russia.
Helsinki is the capital of Finland. It is on the southern coast of Finland.
Who cares where Santa lives. It is the spirit and the idea that make it all so much fun, not his address!
Yep. I study international business.
The Finnish Flag is a blue cross on a white background.
March 2004 # 2 Ruka

March 2004
February 2004 Ice Fishing January - February 2004 ... August 2003 Happenings in Vaasa Rove Moments Rove Moments from Finland Meals Meals .....No. 4 Special Australian Edition..... Meals No. 4 Meals..... No. 3 Meals.... No. 2 ... Meals..... Old Albums May 2003 No. 2 May 2003 No. 1 Matts' Graduation April-May 2003 Australia No. 8 April-May 2003 Australia No. 7 ... July 2002 No. 3 Archives LIFE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE EARTH
Tuesday, June 08, 2004

117. Flags Of Finland - Geography; Italian Flags, Finland Map, Finland Economy, Geogr
Images in several sizes and links to country facts.

World Index

Flags Index


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Heathrow Airport Car Parking

ITA Home Page
The IMMIGRATION Superhighway Feedback ... Yahoo search
Revised 13-November-1997
small, medium and large Flag of Finland; Maps of Italian; Flag, Map, Economy, Finish Map Geography, Climate, Natural Finland Maps Resources, Italian Current Issues, International Agreements, Finland Maps Population, The paraguaian Map Social Statistics, Finish Maps Political System HTML Colors; Greece Italian Maps Geography Economy, people, Finland flags, maps

118. Suomen Akatemia
Expert organization on research funding. Includes a directory of ongoing programs.

119. | Information Om Finland PÃ¥ Dansk
Om landet og dets kultur. Fokus, turisme, erhverv, kalender og mailingliste.
Kalender over de "finske" begivenheder i Danmark. Fokus Finland



Information til dig, som vil vide mere om Finland som feriedestination. Kontakter
Info: Dansk Suomi English som startside

120. The Sami In Finland
Fact sheet with current and historical information. Includes two maps.
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The Sami in Finland
Sami flag
Sami - indigenous people of the North
The Sami ("sapmelas" in Sami) are one of the indigenous peoples of Europe, just as the Inuit in Greenland. There are over 75 000 Sami. They have their own history, language, culture, livelihoods, way of life and identity. The Sami homeland ("Sapmi" in Sami) reaches from Central Norway and Sweden through the northernmost part of Finland and into the Kola Peninsula. Thus, Sapmi covers areas belonging to the states of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. A people is considered an indigenous people, if its ancestors have inhabited the area before it was conquered or settled or before the present borders were drawn. In addition, such a people is to have their distinct social, economic, cultural and political institutions and to consider themselves an indigenous people.

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