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         Finland History:     more books (100)
  1. Finland's European vocation.: An article from: Scandinavian Studies by Robert Rinehart, 2002-09-22
  2. The Winter War Russia Against Finland; Ballantine's Illustrated History of the Violent Century, Campaign Book No 24 by Richard W. Condon, 1972
  3. Finland in Crisis, 1940-1941: a Study in Small-power Politics
  4. Scandinavian Music: Finland and Sweden by Antony Hodgson, 1984-09
  5. Planning and Urban Growth in Nordic Countries (Studies in History, Planning and the Environment) by Thomas Hall, 1991-06-27
  6. Executive Report on Strategies in Finland, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by The Finland Research Group, The Finland Research Group, 2000-11-02
  7. Finnish Moosic: "Come Hear, Finland" (CD & DVD: "Music Videos", "Pop & Rock", "Electromanica, Jazz & World Music") by NOKIA Nseries, The Finish Performing Music Production Centre ESEK, et all 2004
  8. The history of medicine in Finland, 1828-1918 (The History of learning and science in Finland, 1828-1918) by Bertel von Bonsdorff, 1975
  9. The history of physics in Finland, 1828-1918 (The History of learning and science in Finland, 1828-1918) by Peter Holmberg, 1992
  10. Modern language studies in Finland, 1828-1918 (The History of learning and science in Finland) by Pentti Aalto, 1987
  11. The history of geophysics in Finland ;: 1828-1918 (The History of learning and science in Finland 1828-1918) by Heikki Juhani Simojoki, 1978
  12. The history of botany in Finland, 1828-1918 (The History of learning and science in Finland, 1828-1918) by Runar Collander, 1965
  13. The science of education in Finland, 1828-1918 (History of learning and science in Finland, 1828-1918) by Taimo Iisalo, 1979
  14. The history of chemistry in Finland 1828-1918,: With chapters on the political, economic and industrial background (The History of learning and science in Finland, 1828-1918) by Terje Enkvist, 1972

61. Ny Side 1
Postal history from finland 1889 1918 Hjemmeside på engelsk om mit primæresamleområde - Russifiseringen og den uro der var i finland i netop denne

62. Postal History From Finland
Postal history from finland 1889 1918. Index Main - finland. From my period of Finnish postal history you find the following stamp issues,
Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918 Index: Main From "my" period of Finnish postal history you find the following stamp issues,
Finnish Issues in Russian Period : Latest update:
Patriotic Postcards
30. marts 2004
Links -
5. marts 2004
1891 Issue in Russian Value - with Rings
Emergency Issue - Letterpress First and Second Temporary Issue - Lithography First Letterpress Issue. Berlin plates ... 1911 Issue New Russian Types many catalogues do not include the following in their Finland section
- this is not correct ! from August 14th 1900 to spring 1918 the following Russian stamps
were the only valid stamps for any mail abroad from Finland ! therefore any Finland collection or catalogue covering this period
should also contain Russian stamps with Finnish cancellations !
Russian Stamps used in Finland :
1889 issue
1902-04 and 1906 issue 1909 issue 1914-15 Charity issues ... Co-runners
other : History Russification Patriotic Postcards Field post ... Links Do you know this book?: Finnish Censorship in ww1 want list Censorship Not all the material on these sites are my own - would love it to have been - some of it I have borrowed from old auction catalogues and internet auctions. For Cyrillic text I have used the font Times Cyrillic Phonetic - Times Cyrillic Phonetic red text should be written in cyrillic - if not the font is not installed in your system Thanks for your visit I can se from my Peak-counter that every day a few visitors take the time to go through a number of my Finland-pages - and from these visitors I would very much like some feedback

63. Forest Forum For Decision-Makers In Finland - History
history. that the Forest Forum for DecisionMakers would be the most apt forumfor considering nationally significant matters as forestry for finland.
The establishment of a discussion forum for top-level decision-makers throughout the Finnish society was considered in forest sector organisations already in the early 1990s. The idea had been floated as early as in the 1960s, perhaps even earlier. Two decades ago, in the mid-1970s, a discussion club for decision-makers actually convened for few years. Compared with the Forest Forum for Decision-Makers, it was only a dialogue between forest researchers and decision-makers, not an interaction between different sectors of society. The first concrete steps were made in 1995, when an advisory group was called together to discuss whether there is a need for "a discussion forum for the country's central decision-makers and opinion leaders”. On the basis on a preliminary study, where nearly 50 potential participants of the forum and relevant organisations were interviewed, both the State and the forest sector came to the conclusion that the Forest Forum for Decision-Makers would be the most apt forum for considering nationally significant matters as forestry for Finland. The Prime Minister of Finland, Mr. Paavo Lipponen, opened the First Forest Forum in September 1996. By the end of the Millennium, a total of eight forums have been arranged.

64. History Of Finland
finland. history of finland. finland history on the Seabed - history on theSeabed W ater covers more than two-thirds of the surface of our planet.
var c = "c2"; Home Travel Guide Flights Cars ... Adventure Tours USA users discount airfare and cheap hotels Finland history of Finland You are here: Finland
Your search for history of Finland returned results
FINLAND - FOREST Finland - Industry,Forestry,History,...
[Forestry] [Forest products and industry] [Forest Policy] [Organisations] [History and culture] [Current information] [Facts about Finland] [Finnish Forest in Brief] [Conservation] [Multiple use] [...
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FINLAND - History by Coins
Since there are already Chronicles of the influence of Astrology to Finnish history, we now give you... Finnish History by Coins. Click a coin to get more information. "Normal" links: Russian perio...
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FINLAND - Background Facts of the Migration History of the Finns
History of settlement and migration of Finland THE ORIGINS OF FINNS There are various myths and beliefs concerning the origins of the Finnish people. Some of them have been based on political pur...
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FINLAND - Finnish Beer - History - Article
Finnish Beer Finnish Beer The history The history Finns is very long, as is the history of Finnish beer. As a matter of fact, the history of Finns is just about as old as the history of Finnish bee...

65. History Of Finland
AN OUTLINE history OF finland. Jutikkala and Pirinen, A history of finland,Weiling+Göös 1979; Kallio Veikko, finland, Cultural Outline, WSOY l994;
  • Prehistoric Beginnings
  • Under the Swedish Realm
  • As Part of the Russian Empire
  • Fighting for Independence ...
  • Today and Tomorrow 1. Prehistoric Beginnings
    (Historical periods: The Stone Age 7000 - 1500 B.C., The Bronze Age 1500 - 500 B.C., The Iron Age 500 B.C. - 1150 A.D.) The first settlers of Finland came from the Baltic and Nordic countries and Russia in 7000 - 5000 B.C. The scarce population (in the end of the prehistoric period about 70,000 people) gathered by lakes and rivers and lived in small huts. Main sources of livelihood were fishing and hunting and to some extend trading. Archaeological remnants involve axes, arrows, bows, hammers and decorated ceramic pots (from 4000 B.C. onwards). Genetically the Finns are mostly of Germanic origin although Finnish is a Finno-Ugrian language. 2. Under the Swedish Realm
    (Historical periods: The Middle Ages 1150 - 1500, The Early Modern Period 1500 - about 1800) The Crown and the Church built stone castles and churches which became strongholds of Catholic faith and Western influence. The Reformation (in the 1520s by the King Gustavus Vasa) and following confiscation of the Church's property was a setback for the Finns. Hospitals and schools, maintained by the Church, were closed down because of lack of money. On the other hand, literary Finnish was created and the establishment of Duke John's Renaissance court in Turku Castle and University of Turku enabled the Finns still to be in touch with the Western developments.
  • 66. EUROPA - IDA Interchange Of Data Between Administrations
    eGovernment Factsheet finland - history. Main developments and key milestones(in reverse chronological order). June 2003 The Population

    67. AllRefer Encyclopedia - Finland : History : Early History To Independence, Scand reference and encyclopedia resource provides complete informationon finland history Early history to Independence, Scandinavian Political
    AllRefer Channels :: Health Yellow Pages Reference Weather SEARCH : in Reference June 08, 2004 You are here : Reference Encyclopedia Scandinavian Political Geography ... Finland
    By Alphabet : Encyclopedia A-Z F
    Finland, Scandinavian Political Geography
    Related Category: Scandinavian Political Geography Finland, Finnish Suomi E Pronunciation Key History-
    Early History to Independence
    Finland's first inhabitants, dating from about 7000 B.C. , probably followed the melting ice northward, attracted by a good supply of game. The first Finnish-speaking persons to enter the region, who were mostly nomadic hunters and fishers, migrated into Finland from the south. By the 8th cent. they had displaced the small number of Lapps who lived in central and S Finland and who were forced to move to the far north of the country, where they live today. The Finns were organized in small-scale political units, with only loose ties beyond the clan level. From the 11th cent. Christian missionaries were active in Finland. In the 13th cent. Sweden conquered the country. Under the Swedes, Finland enjoyed considerable independence, its political sophistication grew, commerce increased, and the Swedish language and culture were spread. In the mid-16th cent. Lutheranism was established in Finland, and in 1581 the country was raised to the rank of grand duchy. Finland suffered severely in the recurring wars between Sweden and Russia. In 1696 famine wiped out almost a third of the population. By the Treaty of Nystad (1721), which ended the

    68. Finland -- Primary Documents
    history of finland Primary Documents. A Selection of Documents on thehistory of finland Swedish rule, Russian rule, since Independence.
    History of Finland:
    Primary Documents
    The Prehistory of Finland in a Nutshell
    (Facsimile images and commentary) Nordmenn i italiensk 1500-talls plansjeverk
    Norsemen (and -women, including Lapps) as portrayed in 16th-century Italian illustrations.
    Tre forskningsresor i bilder
    Photos of Gustaf Hallström (1880-1962) from early 20th century research trips.
    Cultural history vignettes from northern Sweden, Norway, and Finland.
    Posted by the university library of Umeå (Sweden).
    (1907-1926; Photo facsimiles and diary transcriptions). The Gracious Manifesto of the Imperial Majesty
    The power manifesto of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia,
    removing "local" legislation from the Grand Duchy of Finland.
    (15 February 1899; English translation)
    The Act Passed by the State Council and the State Duma

    Concerning the Procedure to be Complied With

    Issuing Laws and Decrees of All-Empire Significance for Finland
    Consolidating Russian control.
    Also available in French
    (30 June 1910; English translation)
    Manifesto Reinstating the Finnish Constitution
    Signed by Russian officials following the abdication of Nicholas II.
    Also available in Russian
    (20 March 1917; English translation)

    69. Roads, Traffic And Society In Finland From 1945 To 2005
    Roads, Traffic and Society in finland from 1945 to 2005. A threevolume history regardingthe social significance and technical development of road construction
      Roads, Traffic and Society
      in Finland from 1945 to 2005
      A Thousand Years of Roads,
      Two Hundred Years of Road Administration
      This summary is based on book
      More information via email from Finnish National Road Administration/Museum Affairs, Ph.D. Jaakko Masonen
      From Rails to Asphalt
      T he motor car revolutionized Finland's road traffic in the 1920's and 1930's. Although the first cars had been imported in the early years of the century, they were mainly used for pleasure at the beginning. Commercial bus and truck traffic did not start until after the First World War. In terms of transport economy, motor vehicles surpassed horse traffic as early as in the 1920's and buses became a remarkable challenge to trains in the 1930's. The relay system was replaced by bus traffic almost entirely. In those days, trucks did not yet become a means of long-distance transport; instead, they were used in feeder traffic when, for instance, timber was transported to floatways or trains. The development of road traffic was interrupted by the Second World War. Road construction was at a complete standstill and in the area of road maintenance only the most urgent repairs could be taken care of. Even in Lapland, where the Germans systematically destroyed traffic connections during the final stages of the war, the wear of traffic and the lack of maintenance caused two thirds of all damage to roads and bridges. After the war, highways were in miserable condition. Transport tasks relating to evacuation, reconstruction and wood industry experienced great difficulties on both railroads and highways. In the reconstruction of roads and bridges the focus was on Lapland, because the damage was most widespread there and the railroad network only reached the River Kemijoki. The most rapid increase in road traffic during the first post-war years was thus recorded in Northern Finland.

    70. Terijoki - Class And Language In Finland's History (from Soc.culture.nordic)
    Try Altavista Babelfish service to translate this page . Class and languagein finland s history (from soc.culture.nordic). © Antti Lahelma.

    71. Scandinavian History - Denmark Finland Norway And Sweden
    history of finland Written by Pasi Kuoppamäki, this is an excellent history offinland from the prehistoric era until the aftermath of World War 2. The page
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About History European History History by Country Scandinavia Home Essentials Ready Reference Glossary of Historical Terms ... Quizzes zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); History by Era History by Country History by Peoples Famous People ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About European History newsletter. Search European History
    A long-standing union between the kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (including Finland) collapsed in 1523, after which a Swedish Empire rose to dominate Scandinavia until the early 18th century. Russian influence grew, annexing Finland in 1809 (until its independence in 1917), while Denmark and Sweden continued as rivals. Norway became independent of Sweden in 1905, and Iceland in 1918.
    Recent Battles from Swedish History This is an interesting site with several problems. The page summarises 23 battles dating from 1471 to 1641 (although the final two are erroneously dated to the 1940’s), twelve of which are examined in more depth, via links. Unfortunately, these examinations aren’t particularly well organised, or well written. Charles XII - From Boy-King to ‘Madman of Europe’ An article by Gary K. Shepard examining Charles XII, who became king of the enlarged Swedish kingdom at 15 and who fought Russia, and Peter the Great, during the Northern Wars of 1700 - 1721.

    72. History Of The Finnish Sauna And The Nordic Bath
    world s sauna sales are in finland. But when the world market began demanding saunas,the Finnish industry was illprepared. During their history of isolation
    Site Content Search All about digital imaging Favorite Project ... Return to main Sweat page MEDITERRANEAN BATHS
    Visiting the modern Hammam in Ankara and lstanbul

    Early Greek and Roman Batths

    Mass Bathing in the Balnea and Thermae

    The Islamic Hammam is Born
    Private Sweat Bathing Cubicles
    FINNISH SAUNA A Visit in the Dead of Winter
    History of the Nordic Bath

    Sauna in Europe

    Sauna in Japan
    Sauna in America

    NATIVE AMERICAN SWEAT LODGE Joining Running Foot in a Navajo Sweat Lodge A Guest at an Oglala Sun Dance Ceremony History of Sweat Lodges ... The Sweat Lodge Joins the Modern World RUSSIAN BANIA A Boisterous Bath in Leningrad History of the Great Russian Bath Bannik, the Spirit of the Bania The Birth Bania ... BUILD YOUR OWN F INNISH SAUNA History of the Nordic Bath A foreigner's view of the Finns savusauna in 1799. Giuseppe Acerbi, the Italian traveler, is shown peering in on the left. From Sweat The Finns go back thousands of years to central Asia when nomadic tribes began their migration eastward and northward, to populate southwestern Russia, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, and finally Suomi, as they call their land. ORIGIN OF THE SAUNA When BC met AD the itinerant Finns were establishing fur trade with Central Europe and gave up their wandering ways. As their numbers increased, they moved inland, turning to the soil for sustenance. Anthropologists know little about the Finns before the Middle Ages; therefore, the origin of the sauna is in question. Have they always had some form of sweat bath? Were they the progenitors of sweat bathing across Europe and Asia? Did they share the idea with American Indians before they crossed the Bering Straits?

    73. Museum Of Central Finland
    Specializing in cultural history, the museum serves both as the town museum for Jyv¤skyl¤ and the provincial museum of central finland. Features prehistoric and ethnological items, archives and library. Includes hours and location.
    Telephone +358 14 624 930. Telefax +358 14 624 933.
    Open from Tuesday to Sunday 11 am.-6 pm. Changes in opening hours are possible. Museum Building The museum was built in two stages. Alvar Aalto The museum has exhibition space on four floors, lecture rooms and a desk for publications on sale. The facilities also include a well-appointed auditorium, a lecture room in the old part, and a cafeteria, which can all be rented for courses, meetings and other similar purposes. Tel. +358 14 624 930. Exhibitions was opened at the Museum in March 1994. In a most illustrative way it spans the town's history from the 1830s until today. This permanent display is situated on the third floor, while another one concentrating on the history of Central Finland will be built on the second floor. In addition to these, the Museum offers changing exhibitions with themes related to cultural history. Displays of art are also on the Museum's programme.Tel. The Internet exhibition Finland 500 years on the map of Europe displays trough the information provided by the evolution of maps how Finland developed from a sparsely inhabited and remote Swedish province into a developed European state during a period lasting half a millenium. Education The Museum of Central Finland provides educational services for a vast public ranging from children below school age to senior citizens. Lectures of various kinds as well as exhibitions and presentations on the same are among the Museum's basic services. The staff prepare educational material, produce publications, and arrange special events. Tel. 624 919.

    74. EuroPark Finland : History
    Historia Euro Park finland Oy on vuonna 1998 perustettu Suomessa toimivapysäköintipalveluja tuottava yritys. EuroPark on Oslossa
    Indigo Invest AS Vuonna 1999 Indigo Invest myi Norjassa, Ruotsissa ja Tanskassa sijaitsevien EuroPark-konserniin kuuluvien yritysten osakkeet Stuttgartissa toimivalle APCOA AG
    oCMenu.makeMenu('top0','',' Etusivu','default.asp','','','','','','#A5BDD1','#82A4BF') oCMenu.makeMenu('top1','',' Uutiset','news.asp','','','','','','#A5BDD1','#82A4BF') oCMenu.makeMenu('top3','',' Me','','','','','','','#A5BDD1','#A5BDD1') oCMenu.makeMenu('sub30','top3','Historia','history.asp') oCMenu.makeMenu('sub31','top3','Liiketoiminta','our_business.asp') oCMenu.makeMenu('sub32','top3','Yrityskonsepti','company_profile.asp')

    75. U.C. Berkeley Library Finland Home Page
    The overview on finland s history finland 500 years on the Map of Europe finland sLeap Into Democracy 1906 Before the War finland, Stalin and Germany

    More about the Painting
    Kalevala: from myth to symbol Construction of a past
    (a very short extract) I am driven by my longing,
    And my understanding urges
    That I should commence my singing,
    And begin my recitation.
    (English translation W.F. Kirby, 1907) Mieleni minun tekevi,
    Aivoni ajattelevi
    Saa'ani sanelemahan, Read more about the Kalevala:
    Kalevala - The Finnish National Epic

    Kalevala - From myth to symbol
    The intriguing Aleksis Kivi Sunnuntai ainiaan muistan sen, miss' istuin ma neitoni kanssa, Me varjossa valkean tuomen istuimme ruohistoss', paisteessa auringon, ja loiskelit Ahtolan immet kultasell' santarannall'. Sen toisella rannalla seisoi temppeli korkea, siell' kuulimme virsien veisun ihanast' huokaavan, ja viimein, kuin jumalten maasta, temppelin kello pauhas. Ja katselin kaukasta vuorta kuin ihmeellist' Onnelan maata. Unien kangastus! temppelin kellon pauhuss'. Mut vait oli impeni kaino, katsahtain korkuuteen, ja poskellans kyynele kiilsi me varjossa valkean tuomen istuimme ruohistoss', sunnuntai-ehtoo tyyni. Onnelliset Jo valkenee kaukanen ranta ja koillisest' aurinko nousee ja auteret kiirehtii pois

    76. Country Study Finland Social Studies
    finland People history Culture. Home. finland A good overview offinland, history, government, statistics and more. illustrated
    Finland People History Culture Home Afghanistan Albania Algeria ... Vietnam You may find additional information about the country of your choice in the sections for Archaeology Anthropology or Ancient Civilizations CIA - The World Factbook Finland _ A Detailed look at Finland including history, culture, political structure, economics and many other topics. - From US Central Intelligence Agency - Colleges and Universities - Finland List of schools with direct contact links to each. - From Christina DeMello - Country Profile: Finland "Hundreds of years of Swedish rule were followed by a further century of Russian control. The country displays distinctive elements of past Scandinavian and Russian links in its style and culture." A general overview including history, political structure, culture, leaders, media, and more. - illustrated - From BBC -

    77. WHKMLA : History Of Finland, ToC
    history of Currencies finland Virtual Jewish history Tour finland, from JewishVirtual Library Article Finnland, Geschichte von (finland, history of), P.1
    Sweden Russia First posted on June 19th 2002, last revised on March 27th 2004
    Finland 1525-1809

    Finland 1809-1864

    Finland 1864-1914

    Finland 1914-1918
    Finland 1969-1990

    Historical Atlas, Finland Page
    FILES CIA World Factbook : Finland ; BBC Country Profile : Finland ; Country Profile : Finland, from Eurodata
    Virtual Library History : Finland
    Library of Congress, Country Studies : Finland Main Outlines of Finnish History, from Virtual Finland A Web History of Finland, by Pasi Kuoppamaeki An Outline History of Finland, by Joni Maekivirta Timeline of Finnish History, from Nordic Usenet , from , a website exploiting US newspaper articles, very detailed on the 20th century; from BBC News Chronology of Catholic Dioceses : Finland, from Kirken i Norge Biographies of Finnish Saints, from Oekumenisches Heiligenlexikon , in German Political Resources on the Net : Finland For the Record 2000 : Finland , from UN Human Rights System Wars of Finland, 1800-1999, from Armed Conflict Events Data History of the Finnish Red Cross, from Finnish Red Cross , in Swedish, many subfiles A Global History of Currencies : Finland Virtual Jewish History Tour : Finland, from

    78. History In Words And Images
    Pihlainen, Hannu Salmi (chair), Anna Sivula. Address Prof. Hannu Salmi, Cultural history, University of Turku, 20014 Turku, finland.
    Programme I Registration I Accommodation in Turku I University of Turku I The City of Turku HISTORY IN WORDS AND IMAGES Conference on Historical Re/Presentation
    September 26-28, 2002 University of Turku, Finland

    Since 1997, the Department of History and the Department of Political History at the University of Turku have organized conferences on the theory and methodology of history. These conferences have dealt with the themes of memory, time, space and change and have aimed at drawing together methodological debates. The 2002 conference "History in Words and Images" focuses on the debate over historical representation in recent decades. As historians have investigated the problems involved with the narrativization of the past, questions concerning non-literary means of representation in the production of historical knowledge and conceptions of the past have also come increasingly to the fore. The first day of the conference is dedicated to "the past as text," the second to "images of history" and the third to historical consciousness, to the question of how conceptions of the past ultimately form on the basis of cultural products and cultural practices not involved directly in historical representation. The lecturers of the conference include prof. Peter Aronsson

    79. Woman Suffrage In Finland (1906) Women's History Month 2003 By Sunshine For Wome
    Throughout her history, finland s main exports have come from the forests animalpelts, wood, lumber, and wood products, such as tar and turpentine.
    Sunshine for Women
    WHM 2003, ToC
    Home Woman Suffrage in Finland A hard land lying on the periphery of Europe and bordering on the Baltic Sea, in 1906 Finland became the first major European nation to extend women the right to vote and to stand for election. Essentially flat, the average elevation of Finland is 400 to 600 feet; the highest point, Haltiatunturi, at 4,357 feet lies in the northwest corner near the Norwegian border. Lying near the Artic Circle, northern portions of Finland experience 50 days of eternal darkness and 50 days of eternal light each year. Due to the surrounding water, Finland is warmer than might be expected, the average temperature along Finland's southern coast is 60 F in July and 16 F in January with snow covering the ground four or five months per year. Much of the land is forests although the southern coast has been turned into farm land. Sixty thousand lakes dot the Finnish woodlands. Throughout her history, Finland's main exports have come from the forests: animal pelts, wood, lumber, and wood products, such as tar and turpentine. Like other Baltic countries, shipping halts during the winter months when the Baltic Sea freezes. Pagan Finland was slowly subdued by Christian Sweden after a papal bull of 1172 proposed that Sweden hold Finland by building a series of garrisons. During the next two centuries, the parts of Finland subject to Swedish control gradually increased with Swedish noblemen holding Finnish lands as fiefs. Swedish speaking farmers, fishermen, and merchants moved to Finland to provide the goods and services required by the Swedish nobility.

    80. Departments Of History
    Departments of history in finland. finland Thesis and Dissertations in history/Historian opinnäytteet Suomessa. HELSINGIN YLIOPISTON OPINNÄYTTEITÄ
    Last modified 30th March, 2001 by Jari Sedergren
    Departments of History in Finland

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