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         Finland Government:     more books (100)
  1. Asuntohallintotoimikunta II:n mietinto =: Betankande (Kommittebetankande) by Finland, 1981
  2. Asuntohallintotoimikunnan mietinto =: Betankande (Komiteanmietinto ; 1978:46) by Finland, 1978
  3. Fifty years of the Communist Party of Finland by Annti Hyvonen, 1968
  4. Finland;: Its place in the Russian state by M Borodkin, 1911
  5. The Swedish nationality movement in Finland, by Anders Mattson Myhrman, 1939
  6. Scandinavian government and politics: A bibliography of materials in English (Minnesota papers in political science) by Robert B Kvavik, 1984
  7. Riksarkivets beslut om utgallring av kommunala handlingar by Finland, 1990
  8. Mechelinska senatens forslag till regeringsform (Meddelanden fran Stiftelsens for Abo akademi forskningsinstitut) by Finland, 1975
  9. Mietinto valtion paikallishallinnon kehittamisen periaatteista (Komiteanmietinto, 1972:A20) by Finland, 1972
  10. Laanien ymparistohallintotyoryhman mietinto by Finland, 1981
  11. Vuoto: Oikeuskanslerinviraston poliisitutkintapoytakirja nas. Zavidovon uutisvuodosta by Finland, 1973
  12. Valtionarkiston paatos kunnallisten asiakirjojen havittamisesta by Finland, 1989
  13. Uusi kunnallislaki ja siihen liittyvat lait: Kunnallishallintokomitean mietinto (Komiteanmietinto ; 1973:60) by Finland, 1973
  14. Gender and Politics in Finland

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Web Sites
  • Financial Supervision Authority Supervises about five hundred entities, including banks, brokerage firms, stock and derivatives exchanges, and management companies for mutual funds. Operates in connection with the Bank of Finland but is an independent decision making body. url: Get Site Info
  • Finnish Environmental Administration Links to the Ministry of the Environment and Finnish Environment Institute. url: Get Site Info
  • The Finnish Government The official site for the government and ministries. Basic information, news and history.
  • 82. Finland: Economic, Cultural, Government
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    Finland: Economic, Cultural, Government
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  • Historical Flags of Finland See also:
    President of the republic
    Military flags etc.
  • 83. Finland - Government Top Links
    Parliament of finland Finnish Parliament. Members, facts, election guide,and some statistics. government of finland - Section of webdirectory.

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    Government Web Site Links Finnish Radionavigation - Description on Finnish radionavigation services for maritime purposes, including AIS base station networks and DGPS station lists and coverage diagrams.
    Institute of Migration
    - General information about international and internal migration. Immigration and emigration statistics. Articles on Finnish migration during the years.
    Ministry of Trade and Industry
    - Official Ministry of Trade and Industry site. Information about technology and consumer policies, services to enterprises and news.
    Kela: The Social Insurance Institution
    - Social security in Finland.
    Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
    - Facts and figures about the countryside. Veterinary services, control of foodstuffs, fisheries, game management, natural resources and land survey.
    Ministry of Defence
    - Official Ministry of Defence of Finland site. Link to Council of State.
    Ministry of Finance
    - Official Ministry of Finance of Finland site. Office of the Chancellor of Justice - Official site for the Office of the Chancellor of Justice in Finland. Instructions for filing a citizen's complaint.

    84. Columbus World Travel Guide - Europe - Finland - History And Government
    World Travel Guide finland - History and government - includesinformation on the constitution and politics.
    OAS_sitepage = URL + '/Europe/Finland/HistoryandGovernment'; document.write('Research Finland hotels at TripAdvisor'); Contact Addresses

    General Information

    ... Europe /Finland FINLAND History and Government
    History: In recent years, the main change in the political landscape has been caused by the emergence of the right-wing National Coalition Party (Kokoomus, referred to as ‘Kok’). Finland’s long-serving President, Mauno Koivisto, the architect of its delicate balancing act between East and West, stood down in 1993, after two terms. He was replaced by the SDP candidate, former senior UN official Martti Ahtisaari. He was succeeded in turn by another Social Democrat, Tarja Halonen – the first woman to hold the post – at the beginning of 2000. The SDP has also dominated successive coalition governments. Paavo Lipponen, the leader of the SDP, assumed the post of Prime Minister following the general election of March 1995. Lipponen survived the 1999 general election, and finally ceded office following the most recent poll in March 2003. This was won by the Centre Party, whose leader Anneli Jaatteenmaki took over as premier, although the Social Democrats were brought into the new coalition government along with the Swedish People’s party, which represents Finland’s ethnic Swedish population. Jaatteenmaki’s tenure was short-lived. Brought down by a political scandal, he was replaced in June 2003 by Martti Vanhanen.
    Government: The constitution allows for a President, who is Head of State, and a single-chamber Assembly, the Eduskunta. The President is elected by direct popular vote for a term of six years, while the 200-strong Parliament is elected every four years.

    85. Worldwide Gazeteer - Finland
    Research finland yourself using our guided search grid. See our fulllist of US government finland information highly recommended.
    World Wide Gazeteer - Finland
    Sketches of Finland Try the CIA factbook . Visit Visible Earth National Geographic give geographical information. Try Atlapedia . Look at the map from National Geographic or Expedia or Map Quest or MapBlast Research General information at Research Finland yourself using our guided search grid. See our full list of US Government Finland information - highly recommended. Access BUBL information service for academic reference material. ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA on Finland always has much information as does BBC World News on Finland Read the papers before you go Browse through the national papers of Finland at the Internet Public Libraries Finland reading room . Visit the Yahoo News and Media page or the pppp Finland newspaper list or the Electric Library news page. Search ABC News or internetwire for articles on Finland. Business in Finland Look at Finnfax for economic analysis. Often good analytical articles at the eBusinessForum on Finland Read the articles on Finland in

    Geneva, 23 November
    The Ambassador of Finland, H. E. M Pekka Huhtaniemi, Permanent Representative of Finland with the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva and Prof. G. O. P. Obasi, Secretary- General of the World Meteorological Organization signed an agreement for the implementation of a US$ 3.5 million project "Preparedness to Climate Variability and Global Change in Small Island Developing States, Caribbean Region" (SIDS-CARIBBEAN). The overall objective of the SIDS-Caribbean project is to provide the necessary facilities in support of improved planning for sustainable development in the Caribbean region by strengthening the National Meteorological Services of the area. Damage caused by hurricanes Mitch and Georges underscored the ecological and socio-economic vulnerability of the Caribbean and Central American region. In the context of the project, the Caribbean countries will benefit significantly from the development of an early warning system for extreme weather and climate events in the area. The project will lead to the improvement of the meteorological infrastructure in the Caribbean countries, which will not only contribute to addressing climate variability and climate change issues but also contribute towards enhanced public awareness, preparedness, and effective mitigation of the damages caused by severe weather and climate events.

    87. Legislation On Local Government In Finland
    Legislation on local government in finland Finnish municipalities havea broad range of responsibilities. As selfgoverning entities

    88. Virtual Finland — Information About Finland — Facts About Finland
    Virtual finland — Your Window on finland, Picture Book. Look at finlandtoday, town and countryside. Urban images focus on the clean
    francais deutsch russian Mainpage NewsRoom Site Map Contact us About this site Search:
    General information National symbols History International relations Way of life Famous Finns Events in Finland Travel information
    Picture Book
    Look at Finland today , town and countryside. Urban images focus on the clean lines of city architecture whilst rural scenes display the natural beauty of the four seasons.
    Featured Site
    Finnish Dance Information Centre
    If your knowledge of Finnish dance is confined to the humble jenkka or polska, perhaps you had better read on and find out what's happening in the urbane world of Finnish contemporary dance.
    The economic concept dubbed "the China effect" arouses strong feelings, for and against. In VF's economic review Eljas Repo examines a recent case of the phenomenon in Finland. Finland is blessed with an abundance of wildife but all is not well; the Saimaa ringed seal is threatened in its natural habitat. But efforts to save it continue and a record number of pups were born this spring.

    89. Valtioneuvoston Etusivu
    15.5.2004 0250. Tervetuloa valtioneuvoston verkkopalveluun. Välkommen tillstatsrådets webbservice. Welcome to the Finnish government´s web service.

    90. Nordic Institute Of Asian Studies
    An international research institute funded by the governments of Denmark, finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Features current research, publications, links to related sites, and contact details.
    Who we are Research Sponsors Jobs ... NIAS LINC
    (Library) Sitemap/
    An Institute under the Nordic Council of Ministers Register in
    NIAS Contact Database
    Nordic NIAS Council
    Meeting 10 June 2004

    91. North Atlantic University Alliance
    Alliance of universities, the private sector and governments from Canada, Denmark, finland, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom on the North Atlantic Rim.

    92. Global.finland
    07.05.2004. Return to peace and democracy a prerequisite for aid effectiveness Nepal and donors met in an athmosphere of crisis. finland considers that the present situation in Nepal does not allow

    93. Suomen Eduskunta
    The Parliament of finland, a unicameral body of 200 members elected on a proportional basis.

    94. Phantis: Finland
    With the completion of the first round, it is definite that Aigaleo will facethe winner of the encounter between Fulham (England) and Haka (finland) .
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    About Phantis
    All Any of the words. The latest news Jun 08, 2004 BBC Gronholm out of Greece
    (BBC) Jun 05, 2004 Finland's Marcus Gronholm has been forced out of the Rally of Greece after damaging his car during the 11th stage.... Champions League third qualifying round draw
    Jul 25, 2003 Draw for the third qualifying round of the Champions League made on Friday... Three key players back for Panathinaikos
    Oct 14, 2002 The two days off that the Panathinaikos players got this weekend is history, and starting Monday afternoon (14/10) Fernando Santos is awaiting the return of three of his national players to the Paiania training grounds.... The Keeper previews Greece v Spain and other Euro 2004 action Sep 05, 2002 Keeper here - again! - on the Thursday before the Saturday that sees Euro 2004 kicking off. No games in the Greek Championship this weekend so your favorite Keeper will be bringing you, instead, his analysis of eight crucial... Aigaleo to face winner of Fulham v Haka matchup Jul 02, 2002

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