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         Finland Government:     more books (100)
  1. Valtionyhtiotyoryhman 1993:n mietinto (Kauppa- ja teollisuusministerion tyoryhma- ja toimikuntaraportteja) by Finland, 1993
  2. Plan for trafiksakerhetsarbetet: Trafiksakerhetsdelegationens rekommendation 1981 (Kommitebetankande) by Finland, 1982
  3. Sjofartspolitiskt program by Finland, 1984
  4. Kuurojen kulttuurityoryhman muistio (Promemorior avgivna av Undervisningsministeriets arbetsgrupper) by Finland, 1985
  5. Economic aspects of smoking: Is there a case for government intervention in Finland? (Research reports / National Agency for Welfare and Health) by Markku Pekurinen, 1992
  6. Finland:the question of autonomy and fundamental laws, by N. D Sergi¸ e¸¡evskīĭ, 1911
  7. Women in local politics: The case of Finland (Communications from Institute of Municipal Science ; 1975/1) by Tapio Koskiaho, 1975
  8. The legal position of the grand-duchy of Finland in the Russian Empire by Wolf Osten-Sacken, 1912
  9. The rights of Finland according to European scholars: A rejoinder by Eduard Nickolaevich Berendts, 1910
  10. The origin of Finland's autonomy by Pentti Renvall, 1963
  11. Russia's treatment of Finland and its bearing on present world politics by Boris Minzès, 1900
  12. Finland, en politisk loggbok
  13. Finnish local government
  14. Growth to limits: The western European welfare states since World War II : offprint Finland (Series C--Political and social sciences / European University Institute) by Matti Alestalo, 1986

61. Finland - Government And Politics
SINCE THE ESTABLISHMENT of its present system of government in 1919, finland hasbeen one of the more fortunate members of the Western community of democratic
Government and Politics
Finland Table of Contents SINCE THE ESTABLISHMENT of its present system of government in 1919, Finland has been one of the more fortunate members of the Western community of democratic nations. Compared with other European states, the country was only moderately affected by the political turmoil of the interwar period; it passed through World War II relatively unscathed; and, although right on the line that divided Europe into two hostile blocs after the second half of the 1940s, it survived as an independent nation with its democratic institutions intact. This enviable record was achieved against formidable odds. Although the constitutional basis of their government grew out of long-established institutions, Finns had never been fully free to govern themselves until late 1917 when they achieved national independence. Swedish and Russian rulers had always ultimately determined their affairs. Finnish society was also marked by deep fissures that became deeper after the brief civil war (1918), which left scars that needed several generations to heal. In addition to class and political divisions, the country also had to contend with regional and linguistic differences. These problems were eventually surmounted, and by the 1980s the watchword in Finnish politics was consensus. A constitutional system that was conservative in nature had allowed these parties to work together, yet within constraints that permitted no single group to usurp the rights of another. Nevertheless, the variety of parties had made it very difficult to put together coalitions that could attain the strict qualified majorities needed to effect fundamental changes. Only since the second half of the 1960s had it been possible, though at times difficult, to find a broad enough multiparty consensus.

62. Finland- Government
finland. government. MANNERHEIM, Carl Gustav Emil Freiherr von (RK m.EL) (1867 1951) Sotamarsalkka (Marshal of finland) Born 4. Jun.
MANNERHEIM, Carl Gustav Emil Freiherr von (RK m. EL)
Sotamarsalkka (Marshal of Finland)
Born: 4. Jun. 1867 in Villnäs near Abo (now: Askainen), Finland (then Russia)
Died: 27. Jan. 1951 in Lausanne, Switzerland
President of the Finnish Republic: 1944 - 1946
Marshal of Finland: 1933 -
~ Ritterkreuz des Eisernes Kreuzes: 30. Aug. 1941 as Marshal of Finland and Commander-in-Chief, Finnish Army
~ Eichenlaub: 5. Aug. 1944 as Marshal of Finland and Commander-in-Chief, Finnish Army
RYTI, Risto
Born: Died: Career:
Honorary Doctor of Helsinki University: 1956. President of the Finnish Republic: 19. Dec. 1940 - 1944 Prime Minister: 1. Dec. 1939 - 19. Dec. 1940 Lawyer; supporter of Finnish Progressive Party. Postwar Prosecution: Tried for war crimes and convicted, 1946, receiving a sentence of 10 years' imprisonment; pardoned, 1949. Links to other sites on the Web Back to ABR Homepage

63. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Regional > Europe > Finland > Government
government categories, updated daily! 1. Kauppa ja teollisuusministeriö Site Info. 2. China - Site Info. 3. finland -

64. Suomen Hallitus | Finland's Government
Further background on finland s Constitution and government is availablethrough the Society Institutions portion of Virtual finland.
International See also Finland is a sovereign republic governed as a parliamentary democracy. Further background on Finland's Constitution and government is available through the portion of Virtual Finland Suomen perustuslaki Finlands grundlag Constitution of Finland The new Constitution of Finland entered into force on 1 March 2000, and is the cornerstone of all legislation and exercises of public power in Finland. The new Constitution is based on four old constitutional acts: the Constitution Act of Finland, the Parliament Act and two acts on ministerial liability. This Ministry of Justice website provides the text of the Constitution in English and other languages, as well as a history, The Finnish System of Government: From a Mixed Constitution to Parliamentarism by Jaakko Nousiainen, and a booklet explaining the Constitution's provisions.

65. Regional, Europe, Finland, Government: Military
Related links of interest SocietyMilitary. Finnish Contribution to Peacekeeping An article on finland s role in UN and OSCE peacekeeping operations.
Top Regional Europe Finland ... Military
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66. Regional, Europe, Finland: Government
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  • 68. Finland [government]
    pubilcation, finland. Coordinator Schools Governments Teacher EducationResearch Links Co-operation Publications. webmaster, 29 March, 2002.

    69. Finland - Government
    government, finland. Country name conventional long form Republicof finland conventional short form finland local short form Suomi



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    Home Countries Flags Maps ... Advertise with us Finland - Suomi
    EU Member
    Flag Introduction Map Geography ... Music Translation powered by Google Government Finland Country name: conventional long form: Republic of Finland
    conventional short form: Finland
    local short form: Suomi
    local long form: Suomen Tasavalta Government type: republic Capital: Helsinki Administrative divisions: 6 provinces (laanit, singular - laani); Aland, Etela-Suomen Laani, Ita-Suomen Laani, Lansi-Suomen Laani, Lappi, Oulun Laani Independence: 6 December 1917 (from Russia) National holiday: Independence Day, 6 December (1917) Constitution: 1 March 2000 Legal system: civil law system based on Swedish law; Supreme Court may request legislation interpreting or modifying laws; accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction, with reservations Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal Executive branch: chief of state: President Tarja HALONEN (since 1 March 2000)
    head of government: Prime Minister Matti VANHANEN (since 24 June 2003) and Deputy Prime Minister Antti KALLIOMAKI (since 17 April 2003); note - former Prime Minister Anneli JAATTEENMAKI resigned

    70. EU Business - Finland
    22/04/2004 finland s government hinted Thursday that it could consider relinquishingits seat on the European Commission when the European Union expands to 25
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    Next Finnish exporters ache under euro strength but nobody wants markka back The Finnish export industry is suffering from the strength of the euro, but despite intense pain, nobody is calling for a return to the bad old days of the former local currency, the chronically unstable markka.
    Record number of Finns running for European Parliament
    A record 227 Finnish candidates, including a number of party leaders and television celebrities, are running for a European Parliament seat in next month's EU elections, media reported Wednesday.
    Finland to restrict job market in enlarged EU
    The Finnish parliament voted Friday to restrict for at least two years job opportunities for nationals of eight of 10 countries due to join the European Union on May 1, among them the country's neighbour Estonia, the FNB agency reported.

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    Basic information, news and history. http// OfficialMinistry of Transport and Communication of finland.

    73. - Government Of Finland
    long form Republic of finland conventional short form finland local longform Suomen Tasavalta local short form Suomi. government type republic.
    Home Explore Pictures Stories ... Accommodation Search: Navigation: Home Explore Finland / Government Government of Finland Locations: A B C D ... Search Country name: conventional long form:  Republic of Finland
    conventional short form:  Finland
    local long form:  Suomen Tasavalta
    local short form:  Suomi Government type: republic Capital: Helsinki Administrative divisions: 6 provinces (laanit, singular - laani); Aland, Etela-Suomen Laani, Ita-Suomen Laani, Lansi-Suomen Laani, Lappi, Oulun Laani Independence: 6 December 1917 (from Russia) National holiday: Independence Day, 6 December (1917) Constitution: 17 July 1919 Legal system: civil law system based on Swedish law; Supreme Court may request legislation interpreting or modifying laws; accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction, with reservations Suffrage: 18 years of age; universal Executive branch: chief of state:  President Tarja HALONEN (since 1 March 2000)
    head of government:  Prime Minister Paavo LIPPONEN (since 13 April 1995) and Deputy Prime Minister Sauli NIINISTO (since 13 April 1995)
    cabinet:  Council of State or Valtioneuvosto appointed by the president, responsible to Parliament

    74. Finland-Government And Governmental Organisations
    government and governmental Organisations. government, governmental Organisation.President of finland, Office the Data Protection Ombudsman.
    Government and Governmental Organisations
    Government Governmental Organisation President of Finland Office the Data Protection Ombudsman Parliament of Finland Office of the Chancellor of Justice ... Add Site Last Update:

    75. Finland Information: Facts, Geography, People, Government, Economy, Flag And Fin
    MyTravelGuide. We also have a finland Tourism Guide. Facts, Geography, People,government, Flag, Economy and finland Map. government, finland. Country
    Friendly hotel experts by phone Hotels: Vacation Rentals: Europe:



    Rental Cars
    World Map
    > Finland
    This page provides up-to-date facts and statistical information on Finland that can be helpful for travelers in their trip preparations.
    The following Finland information can be found on this page:
  • a Brief history
  • Climate and Terrain
  • Elevation extremes
  • Natural hazards
  • Population
  • HIV Prevalance
  • Ethnic Groups
  • Spoken Languages
  • Literacy
  • National Holiday
  • Legal System
  • Economy
  • Poverty level
  • Currency
  • Telelphone System
  • Radio Stations
  • Internet service providers
  • Military
  • Transnational Issues For more information on Finland and its cities, check out our Finland Tourism Guide , found in the Destination Guides section of MyTravelGuide. If you have a question about Finland, you can ask it in the " Ask a Question " section of MyTravelGuide. We also have a Finland Tourism Guide
    Facts, Geography, People, Government, Flag, Economy and Finland Map.
    Country List World Factbook Home The World Factbook Finland Introduction Finland Background: Finland was a province and then a grand duchy under Sweden from the 12th to the 19th centuries and an autonomous grand duchy of Russia after 1809. It finally won its complete independence in 1917. During World War II, it was able to successfully defend its freedom and resist invasions by the Soviet Union - albeit with some loss of territory. In the subsequent half century, the Finns made a remarkable transformation from a farm/forest economy to a diversified modern industrial economy; per capita income is now on par with Western Europe. As a member of the European Union, Finland was the only Nordic state to join the euro system at its initiation in January 1999.
  • 76. Kunnallistieteiden Laitos Department Of Local Government Studies
    Local government in finland. The local government system in finland, as inother Scandinavian countries, is based on strong local selfgovernment.

    77. Finland
    finland s general position that the balance of power between the institutions ofthe EU should not be changed dramatically (finland s government 1996, 15).
      "Finland" By Timo Kivimäki , Ph.D.
      Professor of International Politics
      University of Helsinki, Finland
      Yearbook of European Integration 1997,
      Bonn 1997.
      Finland in Europe in 1996-7: overall popular foundations for integration
      In democratic Europe, popular opinion can be seen as the foundation of integration policies. Thus Finland's integration and relationship with the rest of Europe can be approached by first looking at the popular foundations and only then proceeding to the policies of the government towards the most important processes of the present European integration - the EMU process, the Inter-Governmental Conference, and the security integration in a broader context. Finland's domestic political position for further integration into Europe remained relatively favorable in 1996 and at the beginning of 1997. A majority of Finns continued to favor Finland's EU-membership - in fact the support has grown since the popular referendum in 1994. At the same time, monetary- and security-related integration is not viewed quite as favorably by Finns. Forty-five percent of Finns did not want to see Finland among the first members of the EMU, and only 23% considered it desirable. Yet only 21% saw that it would not be disastrous for Finland to stay out altogether if several other EU members joined the EMU (compared to the 43% who did consider staying out as disastrous) (EVA 1996). Regarding defence questions, the general attitude has traditionally been in favour of cooperation with NATO, but against full membership (EVA 1996). This position against NATO membership has even strengthened in 1997.

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    http// Rate It Review It of Transport andCommunication Official Ministry of Transport and Communication of finland.

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    Financial Supervision Authority
    Supervises about five hundred entities, including banks, brokerage firms, stock and derivatives exchanges, and management companies for mutual funds. Operates in connection with the Bank of Finland but is an independent decision making body. Rate It Review It Details
    Institute of Migration
    General information about international and internal migration. Immigration and emigration statistics. Articles on Finnish migration during the years. Rate It Review It Details Kela: The Social Insurance Institution Social security in Finland. Rate It Review It Details Ministry for Foreign Affairs Official Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland site.

    80. I*M Europe Legal Issues - LABNews 11 - 12 98
    11.1. finland government releases guidelines concerning the national cryptographypolicy and statements on the use of cryptographic products.
    You are here: I*M Europe I*M Legal Issues News News
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    Legal Conference
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    Policy Library
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    Legal Links Access to Public Information Audiovisual Policy Bonn Conference Competition ... Who's Who in the Legal Sector Mirror Site 11. Legal aspects of security and encryption 11.1. Finland - Government releases guidelines concerning the national cryptography policy and statements on the use of cryptographic products On 12 October 1998, the Finnish Government released a series of guidelines expressing their position on national cryptography policy. According to the guidelines, free trade of encryption products is supported, and use of strong encryption should be not restricted by law or by international agreements. The Finnish Government also takes the position that licensing systems for the provision of cryptography and safe certification services have to be created by simple legislation, based on voluntary action. In addition, saving the secret keys used in encryption for use by the authorities will not be made mandatory by law and mandatory key escrow will not be enacted. Under the guidelines the Finnish Government also mandates the Council of State to define and create the user identification solutions and certification services needed by the administration.

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