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         Felines Wild:     more detail
  1. CLAN OF THE WILD CATS A Celebration of Felines in Word and Image by D.; Ed. Landau, 1996
  2. An introduction to responsible private captive husbandry of wild felines by Dawn L Simas, 1998
  3. Draw 50 Cats: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw Domestic Breeds, Wild Cats, Cuddly Kittens, and Famous Felines by Lee J. Ames, 1986-09-01
  4. Saving the Big Cats: The Exotic Feline Rescue Center (Quarry Books) by Stephen D. McCloud, 2006-02-27

1. Cats Animals Beasts Creatures Felines Wild Life Friends
It s A Cat s Sassy Meow MAIN PAGE I love ALL animals. Dogs and cats are my favorite,I suppose, since I ve NEVER owned a HIPPOPOTAMUS or a CHEETAH!!
It's A Cat's Sassy Meow

I love ALL animals. Dogs and cats are my favorite, I suppose, since I've NEVER owned a HIPPOPOTAMUS or a CHEETAH!! This page which contains my very favorite Cat Rings, and the next "MANY" Cat pages, will be dedicated to cats, and in particular, to my two cats, Sammy and Tabu. You will find MANY pages on their 7 best friends; my DOGS!!
Oh, by the way, Sammy and Tabu RULE!
6/22/98 One of my two precious black cats is dead. He never came home again. Sammy had been with me for almost 5 years. Tabu and I miss him terribly and he will live forever in my heart and in this website, for as long as it exists.
Also, please REMEMBER that bunny rabbits and chicks are NOT plastic toys to be given out for Easter!! Buy stuffed ones.
You'll find my MANY of my animal Webrings on each of my 9 pages!
~Laverne's SECOND PAGE It's A Cat's Sassy Meow!

~Laverne's Sammy and Tabu On The Picket Lines!

~Laverne's Seven Dogs

~Laverne's Two Toy Poodles
SECOND PAGE To It's A Cat's Sassy Meow!
This Samz Kat Ring site owned by ~Laverne Want to join Samz Kat Ring Skip Prev Prev ...
SECOND PAGE To It's A Cat's Sassy Meow!

2. Animal Links: Wild Felines
WILD FELINES. The Born Free Foundation. Born Free USA. Captive Wild Animal ProtectionCoalition. Cat Specialist Group — IUCN The World Conservation Union.
WILD FELINES The Born Free Foundation Born Free USA Buffalo Roam, A Haven for Native and Exotic Wildlife Captive Wild Animal Protection Coalition ...
Cougars Eastern Cougar Research Center Florida Panther Florida Panther Society Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge ... TOP Tigers Global Tiger Patrol International Year of the Tiger Foundation (IYTF) North American Altaica Association Rocky Mountain Wildlife Conservation Center ... Close Window

3. From Mon Aug 21 170458 1995 Path
felines.snowleopards111 FIRST CALL FOR VOTES (1st of 2) unmoderated group misc.wildlife.felinesNewsgroups line misc.wildlife.felines wild and captive felines
From Mon Aug 21 17:04:58 1995 Path: uunet!bounce-back From: (Ed Bailey) Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups,rec.animals.wildlife,rec.pets,rec.pets.cats,alt.animals.felines,alt.animals.felines.lions,alt.animals.felines.snowleopards Subject: CFV: misc.wildlife.felines Followup-To: poster Date: 21 Aug 1995 21:04:54 -0000 Organization: Usenet Volunteer Votetakers Lines: 140 Sender: Approved: Expires: 12 Sep 1995 00:00:00 GMT Message-ID: Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: Archive-Name: misc.wildlife.felines Xref: uunet news.announce.newgroups:7386 news.groups:165346 rec.animals.wildlife:5561 rec.pets:50934 rec.pets.cats:110699 alt.animals.felines:2934 alt.animals.felines.lions:280 alt.animals.felines.snowleopards:111 FIRST CALL FOR VOTES (1st of 2) unmoderated group misc.wildlife.felines Newsgroups line: misc.wildlife.felines Wild and captive felines. Votes must be received by 23:59:59 UTC, 11 Sep 1995. This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party. Voting questions should be directed to Ed Bailey . For questions about the proposed group, contact Kathryn A. Smith

4. The British Columbia Philatelic Society
American Topical Association OneFrame Merit Award ribbon Matthew Padgham,North Vancouver, BC Fabulous felines wild Cats of the World.

Richmond, BC, Oct. 30 - Nov. 2, 2003
Roger Packer, President of the British Columbia Philatelic Society, host of VANPEX 2003, addresses collectors attending the Awards Breakfast on Nov. 2.
  • John Keenlyside, Vancouver, BC: Victoria, BC 1872-1899
  • H.P. Jacobi *, Surrey, BC: Gems of the Kootenays
  • Tom Watkins, Victoria, BC: The Postal History of Canada's Semi-Official Airmail
  • Joan Unwin, Bellevue, WA: Via Vancouver:
  • William G. Robinson*, Vancouver, BC: Canadian Participation in the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902
  • Hendrik Burgers, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON:
  • Ian McTaggart-Cowan, Victoria, BC: A Century of Law Stamps in British Columbia
  • Ian McTaggart-Cowan, Victoria, BC: Law Stamps of Yukon
  • John Keenlyside, Vancouver BC: 19th Century Post Offices of the BC Gulf Islands
  • Herbert L. McNaught, Thornhill, ON: The 1908 Quebec Tercentenary Issue
  • Ben Cohen, Winnipeg, MB:
  • John Jamieson, Saskatoon, SK: Newfoundland John Guy Tercentenary Issue
  • Luis Martin, Brentwood Bay, BC: British Occupation of Batum
  • Ron Battersby, Victoria, BC:

5. Mainely Felids
Mainely Felids is dedicated to promoting responsibility in private captive husbandry of wild felines. The power, grace, and beauty of wild felines inspires a level of awe and
Mainely Felids Mainely Felids is dedicated to promoting responsibility in private captive husbandry of wild felines The power, grace, and beauty of wild felines inspires a level of awe and respect accorded few other animals. Given humankind’s almost universal fascination with cats, highly seductive dreams involving what it might be like to own one of these magnificent creatures are understandable. Carefully arranged and artfully choreographed ads and movie scenes often reinforce already unrealistic expectations. A major goal of Mainely Felids is to help people considering ownership of a wild feline see beyond their fantasies and understand the true nature of responsible captive husbandry. If you are considering ownership of a non-domestic cat, are a first time owner looking for information, or are just interested in the subject, you are in the right place. Cordially, George Stowers Contents:
to Responsible Private Captive Husbandry of Non-Domestic Cats
Basic Information
On All 36 Species of Non-Domestic Cat
I Want a Cougar
- An interactive virtual ownership experience. Last Update: 02/09/97 (C5B)

6. Wild About Cats
wild About Cats is dedicated to providing responsible homes for captivebred wild felines, and promoting preservation of habitat for their wild-born cousins; with a strong emphasis on the
Wild About Cats is dedicated to providing responsible homes for captive-bred wild felines, and promoting preservation of habitat for their wild-born cousins; with a strong emphasis on the philosophy that education is the key that will produce results for both.
Wild About Cats is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organizaton located in Auburn, California, with activities that encompass a wide range of Feline Services . We are fully licensed by the county, state, and federal government to take in exotic and native wild cats that are in need of a new home. Our resident cats are fundraiser and educational outreach ambassadors. We sponsor and promote conservation and research programs, especially those that benefit cats that remain in the wild.
HANDS-ON RESEARCH ON LEOPARDS IN AFRICA Leopards in South Africa: Trapped in a conservation 'blind-spot.'

Click Here
for details on how you can participate in the African Leopard Study with Dr. Luke Hunter. Welcome to Mojo - The Blind Friesian
Mojo is a young handicapped horse that lives at Wild About Cats. Check out his inspiring story on

7. Wendy Presseisen,Folk Art,Folk Paintings,Folk Art Paintings,Folk Prints,Fine Art
Fanciful felines, wild beasties and charming country scenes.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
A great gift for giving PLUS two months free!
Country Living Martha Stewart M E's Home Companion

8. Bengal Cat And Kittens Galore In Free E-cards From Foothill Felines Bengals. For
Offers designs displaying both wild felines and domesticated cats. Especially features the Bengal.
HDW Enterprises and Foothill Felines Bengals Present:
Create And Send An HDW E-Card
(Especially for Bengal and All Cat Lovers!)
First, Select A Picture:
Themes, Page 1: Bengals, Big Cats, Humor
(For More Cards, Go to Page 2
(For More Cards, Go to Page 3
Next, Please Fill Out The Information Below:
Your Name:
Recipient's Name:
Your E-mail Address: Recipient's E-mail Address: Font Style You Would Like To Use On The Card: Arial BellGothic BT Broadway Calligrapher Comic Sans MS Georgia Impress BT Jester Metro Storybook Times New Roman Font Color You Would Like For The Card: white black red green blue yellow aqua fuchsia gray lime maroon purple navy olive silver teal Color Selection You Would Like For The Card Background: black white red green blue yellow aqua fuchsia gray lime maroon purple navy olive silver teal Greeting/Salutation: Enter Your Message Here: (For More Cards, Go to Page 2 (For More Cards, Go to Page 3 HDW Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 418104 Sacramento, CA 95841-8104 (916) 481-CATS ph/fax e-mail:

9. EFBC/FCC: Links To Other Sites
Go to Animals Big Cats for many posters of wild felines. wild Trax supplyproducts for captive exotic felines; wildNetAfrica wild life news;
Links to Other Sites
Ways to Donate to Us Online
    Affiliate Programs
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  • Book an incredible Namibian safari, or trek in Papua New Guinea, through

10. Cat House (EFBC/FCC) Home Page
A nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the world's endangered felines. Home to over 50 wild cats, representing 13 species.
Welcome to the Cat House!
The Exotic Feline Breeding Compound's
Feline Conservation Center (FCC)
EFBC's Feline Conservation Center (FCC), also known as the Cat House, is located in Rosamond, California. Cat lovers of all ages who discover this desert zoo north of Los Angeles are surprised and amazed at the variety of wild cat species found here. We are dedicated to the protection and preservation of the world's endangered felines.
Upcoming Events
- June 19 2004 Twilight Tour Order many new items online through our CafePress store!
Recent Births/Acquisitions
0.0.1 Amur leopard born 7 May 04
EFBC/FCC is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) institution. Volunteers are always needed, 18 and older, no experience necessary! EFBC/FCC is open to the public Thursday through Tuesday from 10 am until 4 pm. To visit, follow the directions on the map to EFBC/FCC in Rosamond, CA. There is an admission charge of $3 for adults, $1.50 age 3-17, free under age 3. Members and adoptive parents receive free admission. You can also direct a donation to a special project Use this form to become a member and help support our efforts!

11. Big And Wild Felines
Prowl around here to find some great Big and wild Cat sites. Learn about thesebeautiful felines and how you can help save endangered species too.

12. Screensavers
Screensavers of scenic water scenes, cats, dogs, wild felines. All come with over 100 page effects and have ten photos and some with fifteen.
Graham's Graphics Due to space shortage, I had to move my screensaver web site. Sorry for the inconvenience and I do hope you find something you like. With the more space I can make more screensavers and more free wallpapers. Screensavers will still come with over 100 page effects. Some will have 10 photos and some with 15, and I'm also trying some new effects which will be featured in some of the holiday savers.
To visit my new and improved screensaver site, visit Graham's Graphics.
If you have any comments or suggestions, email me.
Webrings On the following page is a brief description of the types of screensavers available. Also listed are webrings this site belongs to. Note: If you have a popup killer use it, the only thing bad about the new site is a lot of popups. Free Wallpapers Graham's Graphics Holiday Screensavers

13. Bengal Cat Breeder Foothill Felines Plus Cat Toys, Furniture, Beds And Accessori
Bengal Cats and Kittens bred to look like their wild Asian leopard cat ancestors; leopard spotted accessories; free screensaver; chat; feline fun facts, and MORE here at the HDW site!
Click on Image to ENTER
Photo Credits For This Page: Jim Brown, Holly Webber
HDW Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 418104, Sacramento, CA 95841-8104 (916) 481-CATS ph/fax. E-Mail:

14. Feral Cats (felines).
Feral (wild) Cats. Feral is a animal that has not been domesticatedor who has escaped from domestication and become wild. All cats
Main Home Page Search Feedback Picture of 17 year periodical cicada ...
Feral (wild) Cats.
Feral is a animal that has not been domesticated or who has escaped from domestication and become wild. All cats on this page are visitors to my backyard
Click on image(s) to enlarge. Black Cat. As far as I this one is a Tomcat. Also he gives the appearance of being crossed eyed but he only has one good eye. A Mom cat. A Mom Cat Tabby Kitten Oct 1999 AKA "jellicle cats" (after T.S.Eliot) Kittens Nov 1999. The kitten on the right is fascinated by common gray squirrel Cat News
Bringing you news about cats from around the globe.

Go To cats main page Date this page was last updated Birds Butterflies Flowers House plants ... Wildflowers Email

15. Wild Felines Find Fans In Hamtramck - 12/18/02
Wednesday, December 18, 2002. wild felines find fans in Hamtramck Rise and fall of CMS Energy chief McCormick is good and bad. wild felines find fans in Hamtramck
@import url(/includes/css/enhanced.css); Latest Metro/State reports
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16. Missoulian: Polson Women Take Part In National Campaign To Neuter Wild Felines
Polson women take part in national campaign to neuter wild felines. By JOHN STROMNES of the Missoulian two founding members of the Oscar wild Club set up tables at local
Thursday, October 16, 2003 Babies Brides and Grooms Uncover Missoula Church Directory ... Work for Us Polson women take part in national campaign to neuter wild felines
By JOHN STROMNES of the Missoulian Linda Crawford holds Squirt,
Photo by TOM BAUER/Missoulian
It is the day during which cat-loving groups and individuals scattered across the country join together to promote a controversial "catch-and-release" solution to the growth of free-roaming, homeless cats that now may number from 60 million to 100 million in the United States. Under TNR, or "Trap, Neuter and Release," some communities report significant progress in reducing feral cat populations.
Alley Cat Allies of Washington, D.C., is the originator of National Feral Cat Day. The goal is to stabilize and ultimately reduce the population of undomesticated felines in a humane, civilized and nonviolent fashion. According to Alley Cat Allies, history has proven that simply killing feral cats does not work to reduce their numbers, since reproduction rates far exceed the capture and kill rates of animal-control agencies.
According to Alley Cats, 17,000 healthy domestic and feral cats are euthanized each day in the United States, yet the population of feral cats has continued to grow.

17. Error 404 - Page Not Found
Visit my special oasis Persian Cats to learn about these beautiful felines,and you won t want to miss the Big and wild felines who live in the Forest.

18. Webshots Community - Wild Images : Fierce Felines (High-res)
wild Images Dunes (Hires) wild Images More Dunes (Hi-res) wild Images From Above (Hi-res) wild Images Sunsets (Hi-res) wild Images Majestic Leopard (Hi-res) wild Images Fierce felines (High-res)

Webshots Search 57,350,980 photos
to My Favorite Members
Album List: Wild Images : Dunes (Hi-res) Wild Images : More Dunes (Hi-res) Wild Images : From Above (Hi-res) Wild Images : Sunsets (Hi-res) ... Wild Images : Majestic Leopard (Hi-res) Wild Images : Fierce Felines (High-res) Wild Images : Blue Lagoon from above (Hi-res) Wild Images : Magic Easter Island (Hi-res) Wild Images : Icy world (Hi-res) Wild Images : Free as the wind (High-res) ... Wild Images : The Photographer
Wild Images : Fierce Felines (High-res)
Feline from Kruger Park (August 2002), Kalahari (May 2001), France


Under Kalahari rain
Crocodile attack ... Lion Cubs contributed and has sole responsibility for the content on this page. More Webshots: Auction Photos Affiliate Program Webshots Mobile Tell a Friend ... Privacy

19. Reference Books And Publications
Introduction to Responsible Private Captive Husbandry of wild felines Trifold brochure,provides a brief overview of private captive husbandry for those who
Reference Books and Publications
Casual Interest
Captive Husbandry "How To" Manuals
Heavy Duty Reference Books
If you would like to buy any of the following books I suggest you try looking for them at Just enter the ISBN number in the keyword field.
Books Music Video Enter keywords...
Casual Interest
Great Cats - 1991, Rodale Press Inc., Emmaus, PA, ISBN 0-87857-965-6, ~$40.00
Wild Cats of the World
Click here to order this book.

Tiger! - 1995, Simon Barnes, St. Amrtin's Press, ISBN 0-312-11544-X, ~$25.00 Click here to order this book.
The Tiger on Your Couch - Bill Fleming and Judy Peterson Fleming, William Morrow and Company, Inc.ISBN 0-688-08750-7, ~$20.00 This book compares and contrasts domestic cats with tigers.
Cougar-Ghost of the Rockies , Karen McCall and Jim Dutcher, Sierra Club Books, ISBN 0-87156-463-7, ~$20.00 Click here to order this book.
Bobcat , Hope Ryden, Lyons and Burford, Publishers, ISBN 1-55821-143-8, ~$10.00
Tigers , Jean-Pierre Zwaenepoel, Chronical Books, ISBN 0-8118-0143-8, ~$13.00
Kingdom of Lions , Jonathan scott, Rodale Press, ISBN 0-87596-550-4, ~$35.00

20. Cats: Felines Gone Wild: Feral Cats
Explore the animal world with s Dogs! felines gonewild feral cats. The face of a killer? Staring down into face of
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