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1. Natural History Museum: Cats! Wild To Mild: THE MODERN ARK
facility dedicated to the preservation of rare and endangered felines. The EFBC housesa collection of fifteen endangered or threatened cat species, including
THE MODERN ARK For some species, the captive (zoo) population may be their only hope for survival. Captive breeding by zoos and other organizations is an important part of conservation and species survival. It has helped us to prevent the extinction of the Przewalski's wild horse, the Arabian oryx, and the California condor and to reintroduce these animals into the wild. Captive-born animals can also be used to supplement wild populations that are endangered. Currently two species of cat are being bred in captivity for reintroduction to the wild: the European lynx and the Florida panther . There are also plans to supplement the population of Russia's Amur leopard , whose population numbers only about thirty-five animals. Planned Parenthood The main obstacle in captive breeding is inbreeding. High levels of inbreeding produce physically abnormal or weakened young. Matings between closely related animals can be avoided if zoos and breeding organizations work together and share their animals. Zoo biologists keep close track of the family trees for each of their cats, and these data are used to develop a Species Survival Plan that ensures that genetic diversity is maximized. In 1985 there were only seventeen North Chinese leopards in North America, sixteen of whom were related. The following illustrates a program designed to breed and maintain this species through the cooperation of North American and European organizations.

2. Small Cat Conservation, Wild Cats, Andean Mountain Cat, Guigna
miniature felines are endangered or threatened are used to characterize populations. One category, Data Deficient, means that almost nothing is known about the species. Three species of (cats)
Small Cat Conservation Alliance Jim Sanderson
Small cat species of the world include: South America:
Andean mountain cat, Geoffroy's cat, Guigna, Jaguarundi, Margay, Ocelot, Oncilla and Pampas cat Africa:
African golden cat, African wildcat, Black-footed cat and Sand cat Asia:
Asiatic golden cat, Asiatic wildcat, Borean bay cat, Chinese mountain cat, Fishing cat, Flat-headed cat, Jungle cat, Leopard cat, Manul, Marbled cat and Rusty-spotted cat Europe: European wildcat The World Conservation Union is responsible for determining the status of cat species in the wild. Categories such as Critically Endangered or Threatened are used to characterize populations. One category, Data Deficient, means that almost nothing is known about the species. Three species of cats are currently listed as Data Deficient - all are small cats. Jim conducts his own research, focusing on the Andean mountain cat and the guigna, and collaborates intensively with local scientists and volunteers who are leading work on other small cat species around the world. Collaboration with local scientists and volunteers has been a key to the success of these small cat studies. Colleagues work in remote areas, collecting valuable data that can be compiled into a larger database of information on these rare cats.

May 1, 2003. Contact Information. GAINESVILLE, Fla. With 4 million to 6 million unwanted animals - mostly (cats) - put to sleep each year in the United States, some people might consider it more humane to free the felines into the wild. which are threatened or endangered, a University of Florida study shows. Feral, or free-roaming, untamed (cats) pose a

More UF News
Contact Information
GAINESVILLE, Fla. - With 4 million to 6 million unwanted animals - mostly cats - put to sleep each year in the United States, some people might consider it more humane to free the felines into the wild. But as these cats forage for food and establish their territories, they kill more than a billion small mammals and birds each year, many of which are threatened or endangered, a University of Florida study shows. Feral, or free-roaming, untamed cats pose a serious threat to endangered species nationwide as colonies of the wild cats have grown, largely because local groups provide funding and resources to sustain them, according to the UF study commissioned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In addition, although the study found those who release cats into the wild or support feral cat colonies are violating numerous federal and state wildlife protection laws, enforcement of the law in these cases has largely been ignored, according to the study presented in March at the Ninth Annual Public Interest Environmental Conference. “Cats are non-indigenous predators that compete in the wild with native predators like owls, hawks, fox, because cats, being subsidized by humans, outnumber these native predators and prey on the same small mammals and birds. Thus, cats reduce the prey base for native predators, making it difficult for native predators to feed themselves and their young,” she said.

4. Big Cats - Endangered Species
These resources are all about the conservation of big (cats) in the wild, throughout the world. Search. (cats). Big (cats) endangered felines. Guide picks It is related to the severely threatened
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Cats Advocacy Big Cats Home Essentials A to Z Cat Breeds Focus on Food ... FAQs About Cats zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); New to Cats Cat Breeds Cat Care Cat Food and Nutrition ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
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Subscribe to the About Cats newsletter. Search Cats
Big Cats - Endangered Species
Cat lovers love all cats, and most of us have dreamed about experiencing the "wild" by owning a big cat. Through the work of these conservation groups we can continue to experience the exotic beauty of endangered wild cats through films, photographs and books.
Recent Roy Horn and the White Tiger Friday, October 3, 2003, was Roy Horn's 59th birthday. It was also the day when his 7-year-old, 600 pound Royal white tiger, Montecore grabbed him by the neck and carried him offstage, during a performance of the Siegfried and Roy illusionist act at the Mirage Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas. Learn what happened and why. In Search of the Eastern Cougar Todd Lester, a 38 year old coal-mining country boy is on a mission: to track down and photograph a cougar in his area of the eastern U.S., to prove this "extinct species" still exists.

5. News-Online - UFLaw Conservation Clinic Research Wild Cats Threaten
consider it more humane to free the felines into the wild which are threatened or endangered, a University of Florida study shows. Feral, or freeroaming, untamed (cats) pose a

6. Endangered Animals
endangered Species. General Sites. Big (cats). Frogs. Marine Mammals Info on Rare, threatened and endangered Animals Snow Leopards. endangered felines. Florida Panther
Endangered Species
General Sites Big Cats Frogs Marine Mammals ... Webquests Informational Sites Alaska's Endangered Animals Bagheera - a Website for our Endangered Species
Discover Animals - Thinkquest Jr
Earth Endangered Endangered Animal Stories - by a 5th grade class
Endangered Animal Web Site - Thinkquest Jr
Endangered Animal Web Site - Thinkquest Jr
Endangered Animals
Endangered Animals - Thinkquest Jr
Endangered Animals - Thinkquest Jr
Endangered Animals at the Oakland Zoo Endangered Animals From Around the World - Thinkquest Endangered Animals of the World Endangered Explorers - Thinkquest Jr Endangered Exploring a World at Risk Endangered Mammal's Extravaganza - Thinkquest Jr Endangered Species - Thinkquest Jr Endangered Species Factbook - Thinkquest Jr Endangered Species of the Next Millennium - Thinkquest Jr Endangered Species of the World - Thinkquest Jr Endangered Species - the cry for Survival - Thinkquest Jr Endangered

7. Great Cats In Crisis, Your One Stop Solution To Solving Their Problems
exotic and wild felines that are endangered or threatened with extinction. The purpose of Great (cats) in Crisis is Resorts for all great (cats) that have been caught in
Home About Us Mission Goals Passports Resorts School ... Contact Us Your One Stop Solution
to Solving Their Problems
Mission of Great Cats in Crisis

Art by Barb Keith
Great Cats is an international affiliation promoting and creating public awareness for the long term needs of the Great Cats. Rescue support for the wild cats is standardized and available through Great Cats in Crisis and it's International Wildlife Sanctuaries™. Each site serves as a nature base learning and observation site representing and teaching the stewardship needed. At these Living Resorts™ we provide the needed assurance for the long-term survival of exotic and wild felines that are endangered or threatened with extinction. The purpose of Great Cats in Crisis is the development of these Living Resorts™ for all great cats that have been caught in crisis. Great Cats is "

8. Cats -- Supplies
(cats) don't discriminate; they aren't particularly politically correct about dining on endangered or threatened birds warning, many crafty felines learn how to
Cat Supplies
Collar Harness Beds Carriers
A flat collar is the law in some communities. Even indoor cats should have a collar with its rabies tag and identification, which should include the animal's name and the owner's name and phone number. Collars for outdoor cats may have a bell. The tinkle is meant to warn birds. (Cats who digest diseased birds may themselves become ill. Moreover, cats don't discriminate; they aren't particularly politically correct about dining on endangered or threatened birds. While the bell may offer birds an effective warning, many crafty felines learn how to hunt despite their ringing handicap.)
The safest way for a cat to explore the outdoors is at the end of a harness. Keep in mind that some outdoor plants may be toxic to cats. Most cats learn to tolerate the confinement of such harnesses; begin training gradually indoors before going out into the world.
There are all sorts of cat beds available at pet stores and through catalogs. Owners often get frustrated after spending big bucks on a fancy bed they then can't convince their tabby to use. Try to encourage these stubborn cats by placing toys near the bed, and lacing the "linen" with catnip. Location is also important; perhaps placing the bed near a favorite window will help. For some cats, placing the bed in a quiet retreat away from a window is preferable. Ultimately, the decision will be your cat's.
Some cats learn to behave when traveling in the car, particularly if they are exposed to this means of transport early in life. But these well-traveled felines are the exception. Imagine, just as you're about to put your foot on the brake, you hear "Rrahhh!" Instead of pushing on the break, you push on the cat. This is why most cats need to be restrained inside a carrier when traveling in the car.

9. ECES: Scientists Warn The Estimated 77.7 Million Pet Cats And 60-100 Million Str
says people often take the stance that felines killing birds is In California, severalspecies of endangered birds are threatened by (cats), including the
Healing ourselves and a dying planet

(Current category is Life Disintegrating (Earth Crash))
December 23, 2003
Scientists warn the estimated 77.7 million pet cats and 60-100 million stray and feral cats in the U.S. are having a devastating impact on wildlife, each year killing hundreds of millions of birds and probably more than a billion other small animals.
The Los Angeles Times reports that so many birds are being killed by cats and collisions with buildings and other human-made structures that the populations of a full quarter of U.S. bird species are now declining as a result, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Millions of birds die each year when they are confused by the light reflecting off glass and they slam into glass office buildings, windows or sliding-glass doors. Millions more meet their end on auto windshields. Still millions more die in collisions with power lines and communication towers, including television, radio and cell phone towers. And windmills in the San Francisco Bay Area's Altamont hills are taking a high toll on local birds, including golden eagles. [See related article But house cats are the slaughter machines. One study concluded that free-ranging cats kill at least 7.8 million birds each year in rural Wisconsin alone. And that excludes urban areas. Another study in Michigan concluded that a single pet cat killed at least 60 birds in an 18-month period. All in all, scientists estimate that free-roaming cats kill hundreds of millions of birds, and probably more than a billion other small wildlife, in the U. S. each year, significantly worsening the impacts of diminishing habitat for native wildlife. Wildlife populations isolated in island-like habitats, such as parks and refuges surrounded by development, are particularly at risk. Due in part to the staggering level of cat predation, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife's list of "birds of conservation concern" - a kind of early warning system for birds that does not include the 92 bird species already officially listed as threatened or endangered - grew from 28 in 1982 to 131 last year.

Home Page information about (cats) from the Zoological Park for endangered felines;CELLS alive; Digital Dragonflies; endangered and threatened Marine Mammals; & health.htm
3046 Alta Drive, Las Vegas NV 89107 Tel: (702) 878-6841 Fax: (702) 880-5758 Home About Us Technology Center What's New Contents: [ Museums Biology Chemistry Environmental ... Health Museums Contents: [ Museums Biology Chemistry Environmental ...

11. SchoolWorld Endangered Species Project: Ocelot
The ocelot, like most felines, has incredible sight funders to improve the populationof endangered (cats). View threatened and endangered species reports from
Submitted by
Eric Natenstedt
American School of Kuwait
Hawalli, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Source Unknown
Photographer Unknown
Common Name: Ocelot
Scientific Name: Leopardus pardalis The complexion of the Ocelot's fur is a sort-of peach colored background with many elegant black spots. Its tail has black rings all the way down which resembles the tail of a very shorthaired raccoon. The Ocelot has lines of black around its neck, long whiskers, and ears that have been covered in black. This scheme of dark colors helps the ocelot hide itself in the underbrush. The ocelot, like most felines, has incredible sight capabilities and is nocturnal. The ocelot can see six times as well as the average human. The ocelot has a very widespread, carnivorous diet of animals such as small deer, monkeys, mice, rats, birds, turtles, lizards, rabbits, and other animals smaller than itself. Females are pregnant for about 70 days and usually deliver around two kittens. Mothers are left to take care of their young primarily on their own.
Ocelots have a wide range of habitats including jungles, rain forests, bushy areas, and yearly flooded areas, specifically wet areas such as riverbanks and marshlands. These diverse territories range from Argentina to southern Texas. These wet areas are usually chosen because ocelots are great swimmers. The advantage of swimming gives them the upper hand when defending or hunting in their wetland territory.

12. Bibliography On Cats And Feral Cats Felix Catus
million domestic house (cats) gone wild. The feral felines are annually killing thousandsof birds and millions of small mammals, some endangered or threatened.
Bibliography on Cats (Felix catus)
Send us any additions at
  • William Fitzwater published an article entitled "Extreme Care Needed when Controlling Cats" in the September 1986 issue of Pest Control magazine (page 46)
  • Outcry Quashes Cat-Killing Program .c The Associated Press EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (AP) -AP-NY-01-20-00 2156EST This story is about how the Air Force is trying to save a beach mouse from extinction by killing cats and other predators. It was put on hold due to the outcry of so called cat lovers. The island where the work was being done is on 17 miles of Santa Rosa Island owned by Eglin, the nation's largest air base. The program was put on hold Jan. 4. This is yet another example of how animal rights activists work to stop protecting endangered species. John Coleman, Stan Temple and Scott Craven, "Cats and Wildlife: A Conservation Dilemma" Cooperative Extension Publications, Rm 170 630mifflin St. Madison, Wi 53703 (603) 262-3346. Cats Indoors! The Campaign for Safer Birds and Cats (Packet of Information)

13. | Wildlife Search Engine Directory
and 20 or more considered threatened Any thoughts? to the protection and preservationof the world s endangered felines. Home to over 70 (cats), representing 16
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Animals African Lion
There are no more subcategories Results 1 - 10 of at least 13
    50 lions in 3 reserves, and today the parkhouses about 1000 animals of over 100 species. We have been successful with breeding 30 speciesthat are considered endangered, and 20 or more considered threatened
    Any thoughts?

14. Great Cats Of Texas, A Living Resort
While larger exotic (cats) will also be featured, the site will share some of naturesrarest and most endangered and threatened felines originally found within
Site Index Mission Support Center Project E-SCAPE Great Cat School ... Contact Us
All About Great Cats of Texas, A Living Resort G reat Cats of Texas is a non-profit organization. Through the years volunteers identified additional needs for rescuing wild cats, teaching people about the environment, and funding wild feline conservation projects. I n January 1999 the Great Cat Vision was formed. Great Cats was founded March 15th 2001 and incorporated on August 30th 2001. Great Cats of Texas is being developed on a section of 9.8 acres of land as the nations first "Living Resort"™. The Living Resort will be located next to Great Cat Resorts T he site will represent a complete historical perspective of wild felines with an emphasis on tigers. While larger exotic cats will also be featured, the site will share some of natures rarest and most endangered and threatened felines originally found within the Great State of Texas. A few examples of such endangered Texas Felines are the Jaguarundi Ocelots and Jaguars G reat Cats of Texas is affiliated with Great Cats in Crisis, and our sister sites in Nevada, Indiana, Idaho, Guam and South Africa.

15. Insight On The News: Revised Military Policy On Feral Felines - Brief Article
of (cats) preying on endangered and threatened species. Seems the Department of Defenseis required by law to protect some of the creatures that the wild felines
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YOU ARE HERE Articles Insight on the News Sept 25, 2000 Content provided in partnership with
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Tell a friend Find subscription deals Revised Military Policy on Feral Felines - Brief Article
Insight on the News
Sept 25, 2000 by John Elvin
Authorities involved in pest control at military bases are having a problem with stray and feral cats. The major concern is that the cats may carry diseases including rabies, but there also is the problem of cats preying on endangered and threatened species. Seems the Department of Defense is required by law to protect some of the creatures that the wild felines consider to be good eating. The time-honored military solution to problems of this sort is "ready-aim-fire" but, as one official noted in an interview with American Forces Press Service, that approach can create a "public relations nightmare." Also, shooting around housing areas often is a safety concern. Current guidelines for base commanders who have cat problems are being revised to include ways to cooperate with civilian organizations that promote humane solutions. When possible, stray cats are to be turned over to shelters for possible adoption, and feral or wild cats are to be spayed or neutered and returned to their habitats. While some military minds favor poisoning, gassing or drowning the cats, officials say those options are inhumane. Shooting has not been entirely ruled out, but officials say it only should occur as a last resort in emergency situations.

Web that have something anything - to do with (cats), kittens or other felines. Allspecies of these animals are either endangered or threatened, and
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1995 12:03:29 -0400 (EDT) From: Doctor Bob rec.pets.birds The culture and care of indoor birds. rec.pets.cats Discussion about domestic cats. rec.pets.dogs Any and all subjects relating to dogs as pets. rec.pets.herp Reptiles, amphibians and other exotic vivarium pets. rec.pets.rabbits Bunnys online! alt.pets.ferrets These guys can probably help you find info too! alt.pets.hamsters Pretty popular rodent pets alt.pets.rabbits The alternative to 'rec.pets.rabbits' for some folk There are also a lot of specific dog groups: rec.pets.dogs.activities Dog events: showing, obedience, agility rec.pets.dogs.behavior Behaviors and problems: housetraining, chewing rec.pets.dogs.breeds Breed specific breed traits, finding breeders General information and FAQs posted here rec.pets.dogs.misc All other topics, chat, humor, rec.pets.dogs.rescue Information about breed rescue, placing and adopting As you can see already, dogs are the most popular pets for people to discuss on the Internet, though the cats newsgroup is quite popular and is probably ready to split into a couple of subgroups. One area of pet ownership that's historically been a source of dispute and politics on the Internet (for no apparent reason) is the care of fish and fishtanks. Instead of something sensible like '' or similar, the groups are actually split into the hobbyist and scientific heirarchies. Here's the scoop:

17. Wild Cats -
This site will dwell mainly on the wild cat part of the family tree; however, there are times when comparisons will be presented. The wild (cats) encompass all the big (cats) that we know tigers, for Life. Wild (cats). Wildlife. Wildlife News and the Wild (cats). The list of endangered and threatened wild (cats) is Wild (cats) and More! wild (cats), endangered, species, feline

Wild Cats
Search The Web Member Central Join Our Community! Login What's New Become a SuiteU Affiliate ... MemberUpdate Suite University About Suite University Suite University News Visit the University Course Listing ... FREE Demo Course New Topics SpiritWell Travel Book Reviews Agora News Foraging Wild Foods ... More... Suite Events Teacher Appreciation Event 2004 Family Focus 2004 In Tune With Johann Sebastian Bach More about Suite101 About Advertise With Suite For more information - Select a related topic - Aquatic Animals Arctic Wildlife Backyard Birdwatching Alm Birding Ecology Living With Nature Living with Wildlife Lizards, Turtles and Snak Massachusetts Natural His Microbiology Natural Horsemanship Paleontology Science of the Sky Snails and Shells Water for Life Wild Cats Wildlife Wildlife News and Humor
- Select a related course - Ecological Gardening: Org Environmental affairs - G Environmental Health Issu Inspecting For Wildlife D Our National Wildlife Tre Trap-Neuter-Return: Manag Visit Environment Detailed Topic List Home Science and mathematics ... Mammals (Mammalia) Wild Cats By Vickie Ferguson Topic Page Articles Links ... Community Bookstore Subscribe Related Subject(s): Felidae Our National Wildlife Treasures Enrich your knowledge and understanding of our greatest assets Ecological Gardening: Organics and Beyond Create an ecosytem in your own backyard Inspecting For Wildlife Damage How to detect animal habitation in a building

18. CAT-TITUDES -- Meet The World's Wild Cats!
JAGUAR Status endangered. NY 2) Some information included in this website was foundin Clan of the Wild (cats) A Celebration of felines in Word
"Make endangered species a vivid presence in the lives of people. Make it clear that every endangered species has a name, has a million-year history, has a place in the world. Bring us face to face with each one of those species. Make us know that they are our companions in the biosphere . . ." - Edward O. Wilson, Naturalist Now meet all of the major Species of the Felid Family. . . When you see the Lynx, you can click it to learn more. THE AFRICAN GOLDEN CAT
Status: Not on Endangered List.
Population: Fewer than 50,000.
Status: Endangered.
Population: Rare sightings.
No photograph
available at this time. ANDEAN MOUNTAIN CAT
Status: Extremely Rare.
Population: Unknown. ASIATIC GOLDEN CAT Status: Near Threatened. Population: No estimate. JUNGLE CAT Status: Not on Endangered List. Population: Unknown. Not part of fur trade, but hunted as poultry, livestock predators and for sport. KODKOD Status: Vulnerable. Population: Sightings extremely rare. BLACK LEOPARD Status: Stable in India; Population: Declining in other parts of the world.

19. Species Information
Feline Species. The six categories are Critically endangered, endangered, Vulnerable,Near threatened information on the different species of (cats) can be found
Feline Species
There are 36 species of wild cats. In early March 1996 the Felid TAG (Taxonomic Advisory Group) had a conference. At this meeting a revised felid taxonomy was officially agreed to. As you may have noticed in the past, many different books gave different taxonomies - for example, the snow leopard being in 'panthera' or 'uncia', all small cats being 'felis' vs many different small cat genera, etc. The new taxonomy agreed to basically divides the former Felis and Panthera groups into 13 and 4 genera respectively, for a total of 18 genera (13 in the Felidae subfamily, 4 in the Pantherinae subfamily, and 1 in the Acinonychinae subfamily). There are still 36 species (the Iriomote cat is officially a subspecies of Leopard cat, and the Canadian, Eurasian, and Iberian Lynxes are officially different species, not subspecies). Most species are further divided into subspecies, based on physical distinction and/or geographic separation. I have only gone into detail about the leopard subspecies, as these groupings are fairly well agreed upon. Most cat species' subspeciation is a topic of debate. Separate pages for some of the species below describes their IUCN (World Conservation Union) Red List status. The Red List takes into account overall world-wide populations, so even if a cat is endangered in one country or state, as a species it may not be listed as endangered. The six categories are: Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable, Near Threatened, Least Concern, and Data Deficient. (Information taken from the Autumn 1995

20. Big And Wild Felines
dedicated to the conservation of the endangered Snow Leopard sure to stop by theRiverglen Feline Conservation Park Wild About (cats) Conservation and Education.

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