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1. Famous Canadians Theme Page
guide and each is targeted for a specific grade range pulls out the biographies of those famous canadians born on this biographies of about 100 Canadian individuals. There's also a
Famous Canadians Theme Page This "Theme Page" has links to two types of resources related to the study of famous Canadians. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (lesson plans) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. Please read our Archives Time Machine: Women in BC History (Grade 11)
British Columbia Archives presents 11 curricular units (galleries) drawing heavily from archival information on BC History. Each gallery has a teacher guide and each is targeted for a specific grade range. This link is to a Women's Study unit which will allow Grade 11 students to learn more about Sylvia Stark, Catherine Schubert, Hannah Maynard, Emily Carr, and Judge Helen MacGill.
Canada Heirloom Series: Volumes IV, V and VI
The Canada Heirloom Series contains several hundred biographical profiles on famous Canadians organized under the headings of "Pathfinders", "Wayfarers", and "Visionaries".
Canadian Air Aces and Heroes
Articles on about a dozen Canadian air aces from WWI, WWII, and the Korean War.

2. Kitchener Public Library - Enter Section Here
for information on famous canadians, history, geography, and more First Nations and biographies of famous aboriginal people in for information on specific nations and individuals.
For Youth Great Sites
Canada's Trading Partners

Canadian History
Medieval Times
The Atlas of Canada
Find a town, river, or ecosystem; follow the route of an explorer; or print an outline map to colour for your report. This site contains lots of maps, facts, and other useful information. ( Canadian Encyclopedia
Good place to look for information on famous Canadians, history, geography, and more. Canadian Symbols
From the national anthem to the beaver, the Canadian flag to the maple tree this site has information on things that make you think of Canada. ( The Premier's Kid Zone
Meet the Premier of Ontario, take a tour of Queen's Park, and learn everything you need to know about Ontario, including how the government works and how a bill is passed. (

3. Research Guide To Canadian Genealogical Resources At The Connecticut State Libra
canadians in Connecticut. Canadian Archival Resources. Computer Resources. Serial Resources. Genealogical and Historical Resources for specific of famous individuals. of biographies of
Research Guide to Canadian Genealogical Resources at the Connecticut State Library
This research guide is an introduction to several major Canadian genealogical resources in the State Library's collection and how to best utilize them. The presence of many of these resources is the result of one individual, Robert R. Bisaillon. An avid genealogist, author, and teacher, Mr. Bisaillon amassed an extensive collection of materials dealing with Acadian and French-Canadian genealogy. After his death on October 25, 1994, it was announced that he had bequeathed his book collection to the Connecticut State Library. It is through his generosity that the Connecticut State Library is able to offer many of the following Canadian genealogical sources: Other Institutions with Relevant Canadian Collections Introductory Resources
A list of introductory books on Canadian genealogy at the Connecticut State Library follows. The list provided below is by no means exhaustive. Researchers should consult the library's main catalogs, the Manuscripts and Archives Catalog, and State Archives research guides to ascertain if there are additional resources. Baxter, Angus.

4. Social Work Library: Selected Bibliography Of Biographical Resources
Welcome to the Social Work Library at the University of Michigan. heading specific to individuals for further research using other resources. The Encyclopedia Britannica Guide to Black History. Brief biographies of famous Memorable canadians / Canadiens
Selected Bibliography of Social Work Biographical Resources
Scope note: This bibliography highlights some of the biographical resources available in the Social Work Library, on campus, and on the web. This list is not comprehensive. Contact library staff at for assistance in locating additional resources.
Reference Books Books Databases ... Web Resources Searching for Items in MIRLYNWeb Biographic and autobiographic books owned by the Social Work Library can be found by searching the MIRLYNWeb catalog using the person's name as the subject (last name, followed by first name). If you are not sure of the proper form for the first name, use just the first letter in that name. For example: dix, dorothea
dix, d All titles found will be about the person or their work. Those that are largely biographical will have a subject heading specific to that person, e.g., Dix, Dorothea Lynde, 1802-1887. Because resources on biographies may be found under a variety of related subject headings, we provide some suggested headings below, which can be used for searching the catalog. In addition, keyword terms might be found in the Encyclopedia of social work , available in the library's Reference Collection (HV 89 .S6 1995).

5. Biographical Information
For individual biographies of specific individuals try a REF 920.042 D561. Dictionary of Canadian Biography. owns Volume 1. Brief entries on famous canadians.
There are many biography resources which include Web sites, books and encyclopedias. Some biography sources focus on famous people while others focus on people who are related to a specific subject area for group of people. Select the resources you need depending on the person you are researching.
Locating Books through Web Pals
For individual biographies of specific individuals try a KEYWORD SEARCH on WebPals in the Library Catalog under the name of individual you are searching for. For example: KEYWORD: biography AND hispanic KEYWORD: biography AND scientists KEYWORD: women authors KEYWORD: afro american OR black writers
Browsing the Collection
For biographical information browse the Reference Collection and the Circulating Collection under the following range of numbers in the Dewey Decimal Classification System:
  • for general biography: 920 for biographies of scientists: 300, 509, 810 for biographies of authors: 808.8-899. Note: In this range, biographical information is often found with criticism of the author's work. See also the pathfinder Literary Criticism
Selected Reference Sources
If the individual is a famous figure in history or well known for some noteworthy accomplishment, s/he may be in a

6. Biographies
to complete books on specific individuals. In part, you is, a dictionary of biographies of scientists would be Women in Canada's History. famous canadians. Canadian Prime Ministers
Library Services

Your Name_ Teacher's Name There are many sources of biographical information ranging from brief entries in biographic dictionaries to complete books on specific individuals. In part, you must decide how much information you require and how many different kinds of sources [ie. books, CDs, magazines, dictionaries, encyclopedias, Internet...] A. Reference - Dictionaries
  • Dictionaries of Biography give brief descriptions of hundreds or thousands of people. These books can be found through the Library online catalogue, but generally are found in 920 or with the actual subject area. That is, a dictionary of biographies of scientists would be in 509.2, of musicians in 780.92, of artists in 709.2, of Canadians in 971.092. In the online catalogue, look under biography or biographies, or under subjects such as scientists, doctors, painters, chemists...

  • List here the name of the dictionary you used Dewey No
    Date of birth Date of death
    Famous for
B. Reference - Encyclopedias, CDs

7. Lives, The Biography Resource
Lives, the Biography Resource, linking to thousands of biographyrelated sites including autobiographies, journals, letters, diaries, memoirs, biography collections, etc. the not so famous. * Group biographies about people who Links to individuals point to posthumous biographies. Would you like The Holocaust. canadians. Australians and New Zealanders
It is time to say good-bye.
I am saddened to say that this version of Lives, the Biography Resource is no longer maintained . This site will still be available but I will not be adding new listings or updating it in any way. Many of you have written over the last several months with biography suggestions, broken links, and other questions. I am sorry I have not been able to reply. If you already submitted a change of URL to your site, I have saved these and will try to fix them soon. The good news, for those who find Lives useful, is that it is in redevelopment. Look for a brand new and improved Lives, the Bigraphy Resouce, in late 2004. Thank you for your tremendous support.This Web site has been up continuously since 1997 and still gets thousands of visitors daily. It has truly been a labor of love. Things do not change; we change. Henry David Thoreau
Lives, the Biography Resource The largest guide to posthumous
biography sites on the Web Links to thousands of biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, letters, narratives, oral histories and more. Individual lives of the famous, the infamous, and the not so famous.

8. Social Studies
the focus is on individuals who have shaped the twentieth Around the World famous Scientists biographies of famous scientists from the http// html
Sites for Children: Social Studies
On This Page: Other Pages: Biographies To Top of Page
Individual Biographies

9. Reference Books - Italian Campaign
Italian Campaign Reference books. A brief description of books related to the WW2 history. Histories CLICK TO GO. biographies and specific Topics CLICK TO GO many detailed accounts of individuals in combat and the names History of the 'famous' 34th Infantry Division" by Lt
M ENU S ELECTION: The Italian Campaign At The Front Books Armies ... Websites Dated: Mar 30, 2004
World War II - Italian Campaign My Reference Books are grouped into the following categories CATEGORIES of BOOKS:
Combat and Unit Histories CLICK TO GO
Biographies and Specific Topics CLICK TO GO



General WW2 Reference Books - Softbound CLICK TO GO These books are listed in no particular order as a quick guide for anyone who is searching material on the Italian Campaign from 1943-1945. The brief description is intended to help the reader determine if this is the book that is needed for their library. Some of the unit history books written at the end of the war are sanitized, meaning there are few references to US losses or casualties. I will be glad to provide a better description or any information from these books to assist in your research.
Many of these books are printed prior to 1965. Except for the booklets, very few are paperbacks. The booklets and manuals of last two categories are paperbacks issued to troops during the war. I've color-coded the Titles to indicate which books were printed before the end of the war, as follows:
Book Titles (in purple) = printed during or immediately after the War
Book Titles (in green) = printed after the war. However, some are modern reprints of older books.

10. English
8/2/indexe.html biographies of memorable this is a listing of famous canadians, from historical Contains links to EDINFO (specific educational information for
English General Resources Biographies Career Information Film Studies ...
Links to Internet Sites

Academics for Career and Employment (ACE)
General Resources calls itself the "preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference, and verse, providing students … with access to books and information on the web - free of charge". Contains links to fact books, dictionaries, thesauruses, and quotation books, as well as texts of books and poems. Glossary of Literary Terms
Gale Group has compiled an extensive glossary, or dictionary, of literary terms. Online Literary Criticism Collection

Over 4700 critical and biographical websites are listed here on important US, Canadian, and international literary works. Searchable by author or title and organized by country of origin. Biographies American Authors

11. Rutgers University Libraries: Subject Research Guides: Business: Biographical Re
selected membership directories and Websites in specific business areas HV 27 .N68) The individuals and families selected for Virtual Center. biographies of famous Chemists http//www
@import url(/rul/includes/rul-style2.css); Ka-Neng Au and
Yoshiko Ishii
Business Librarians

7 June 2004 Subject Research Guides: Business: Biographical Resources
Libraries Home

Hours and Directions

Ask a Librarian

Advanced Users
... Staff Resources
This guide includes the major biographical works covering business and industry leaders as well as selected membership directories and Websites (especially Industry Halls of Fame) in specific business areas. For articles in newspapers, magazines, and journals, use Indexes to Business Topics , a separate guide to resources. For book-length biographies or collections of biographical essays, use the IRIS Quick Search below.
Use subject headings such as:
You can also add the name of the country, e.g.:
BUSINESSWOMENUNITED STATESBIOGRAPHY Martha Inc.: The Incredible Story of Martha Stewart
Living Omnimedia . Christopher M. Byron. New York: Wiley, 2002. (DANA, KILMER TX 140 .S74 B97 2002) EXECUTIVESUNITED STATESBIOGRAPHY Swimming Across: A Memoir Andrew S. Grove.

12. February 2003 Excerpts
Thematic Links Nobel Prize; Canadian Biography; famous canadians. It doesn t champion a specific approach to encourage children to become individuals who will
Exerpts from Resource Links February 2003, V.8, No.3
Audio-Visual Resources /CD-ROM Resources/ Fiction Gr. 3-6 Fiction Gr.7-12 French Resources Internet Resources ... Professional Resources Picture Books: TAYLOR, Cora Out on the Prairie: A Canadian Counting Book Illustrated by Pat Stephens. North Winds Press/Scholastic, 2002. Unp. Illus. Gr. Preschool-2. 0-439-98840-3. Hdbk. $19.99 Rating: E How fortunate for readers that one of Canada's most established children's fiction authors has turned her pen to picture books as well. Cora Taylor's adaptation of Over in the Meadow has all the warmth of the original verse, and Pat Stevens, who has illustrated several non-fiction books, interprets Taylor's verse with beautiful acrylic full-colour, double page illustrations. Each verse begins, "Out on the prairie" and presents a series of mother animals commanding offspring to carry out various activities. As in the original rhyme, the animals number from one to ten. From the mother and baby antelope leaping in the warm spring sun to the mother coyote nuzzling with her ten babies as she softly admonishes them to go to sleep, the depiction of mother and baby animals is gentle, while the little ones show spunkiness that children will identify with. Meadowlark babies sing "Tweet-a-bow", tadpoles wiggle, baby deer mice squeak and squirm " 'neath a tangle of twine". The individuality of each baby and enjoyment of activities with the mothers is so nicely portrayed by Stevens, making this a good choice either to share with a child or to read aloud. The illustrations also give many details about the animals and their habitats.

13. Introduction
of Canadian Biography On Line hundreds of biographies of canadians who lived more likely to know they want to do a biography about a famous artist than
Introduction Task Process Resources ... William Lundy 04 March 2003 Return to Quinte S.G. WebQuests Page introduction Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation ... Teacher Time machines are no longer science fiction: you have been given the opportunity to bring someone from the past into the present day, and the chance to interview him or her. What famous historical person, no longer alive, would you select and interview? Top task Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion ... Teacher You will be working as a team of two, both of you becoming experts about your chosen historical figure. Use the internet links , below, to research your chosen person extensively, so that you can become as much of an expert about him or her as you can. On "Interview Day", one of you will be the interviewer; the other will take on the role of the famous person to be interviewed by his/her partner. Top process Introduction Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion Teacher First , choose a person about whom you will do your project. The criteria are:

14. OPLIN Genealogy Specific Genealogies
Welcome=1005337001 Links to many famous genealogies of Celine s ancestors, from the FrenchCanadian Connection biographies of all

15. Greenlease Library
are biographical books on many famous individuals (both popular DISCovering Multicultural America Newsmakers UXL biographies. covers US and Canadian history and
Online Catalog Electronic Resources Periodical Holdings Interlibrary Loan ... Faculty Resources
Biography Sources

Library of Congress Classification Online Catalog Materials in Reference Collection ... Citing Sources
Introduction Biography is the study of famous individuals, both living and dead. While there are biographical books on many famous individuals (both popular and academic), there are resources that encapsulate information about an individual and provide resources to learn more about him or her. These include biographical dictionaries and encyclopedias. Many resources will only detail the individuals the fit a certain category, such as women, latinos, Americans, writers, scientists, etc. Autobiographies are written by the subject. Care must be taken when conducting biographical research because the information may not be objective. Biographies written by critics may be unduly negative, while those written by fans may be too positive. To remedy this, find as many different sources as possible to balance out the viewpoints in the sources.

16. Deaf Biographies A Selected Bibliography Gallaudet University
1990; on reserve) Contains stories on 22 presentday canadians of all types, famous and not and comprehension, it does contain 25 brief biographies of noted
Deaf Biographies
A Selected Bibliography
The Gallaudet University Library contains a large amount of materials about deaf people and about hearing people involved with the deaf world. This bibliography suggests some books and other resources for finding information about those people. Only books and other resources containing information about many deaf people are included in this list; the Library has hundreds of books about specific deaf individuals, far too many to be included here. Use ALADIN to find those books about individual deaf people.
The best single place to begin is the Gallaudet University Library guide to deaf biographies by Thomas R. Harrington, a computer database of over 4000 references to biographies of deaf people and a few hearing people significant to the deaf. For most persons, a very brief biographical outline is given, followed by references to fuller information about that person in over two hundred books and/or periodicals. An ethnicity index at the end indicates which of these people are known to belong to certain minority groups. All the short biographies included in the "Books" section below, plus hundreds more, are included in this database. This database is available online. It can be reached through the Deaf-related resources section on the Gallaudet University Library home page

17. Business Biography Specific Individuals: New & Used Books: Find The Lowest Price
Searched in books for Business Biography specific individuals. in Changing Markets That Have Made Warren Buffett the World s Most famous Investor By Mary

Bookmark Recommend Us Enhance Your Site ... Help Keyword Title Author ISBN
Searched in books for Business Biography Specific Individuals More than titles matched your search. Search took seconds.
By Mary Buffett David Clark
Hardcover / August 2002 / 0684871742
Books Similar to The New Buffettology: The Proven Te...
Compare Prices
Book Reviews
The Trumps: Three Generations That Built an Empire
By Gwenda Blair
Paperback / November 2001 / 0743210794
Books Similar to The Trumps: Three Generations That ... Compare Prices Book Reviews By Douglas Brinkley D. Brinkley Hardcover / April 2003 / 067003181X Books Similar to Wheels for the World: Henry Ford, H... Compare Prices Book Reviews Trump The Art of the Deal By Donald J. Trump

18. Cyndi's List - Famous People
Genealogy and Local History ~ Ontario, Canada famous Brantford/Brant County People biographies. of Fame Digital images of famous individuals as they
Famous People
The index links below work best if you allow
your web browser to load the entire page first.
Category Index:

Related Categories:
Planting Your Family Tree Online
Preview the Table of Contents

Cyndi's List The BOOK!

2nd Edition
2 Volumes Netting Your Ancestors Genealogy Bookstore
In association with Ancestry Magazine GPC and Clearfield Company Genealogy Warehouse Submit a New Link Report a Broken Link Update a Link
    General Resource Sites
    • Contains 1930 census images of famous and well-known figures of the 20th century.
      • A book by Rhonda R. McClure.
      • A book by the editors of American Funeral Director magazine.
      • A book by the editors of American Funeral Director magazine.
      • A book by Adele Q. Brown.
    • Covers more than 19,000 notable men and women.

19. Biography
famous Hispanics in the World and History A page The biographies are organized in categories including sports, explorers for you to find the specific person you
92 Biography
Individual Biographies
  • Amelia Earhart
    Biography and photographs of the popular American aviator whose plane mysteriously disappeared off the coast of Howland Island in 1937. An attractive and informative site which also provides bibliographic information and links to additional resources of interest.
    Henry Ford

    This page contains the text of an article which will give you information about Henry Ford's life from childhood on, and the important role he played in building aircraft, tanks, armored cars, jeeps and engines during World War II.
    Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man

    This quick glimpse at the long life (1706-1790) of a complex man is meant to help you learn about Ben Franklin and to let you see how his ideas are still alive in our world today.
    Monticello: The Home of Thomas Jefferson

    Share a day in the life of Thomas Jefferson, tour Monticello, and learn facts about this famous American.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Learn about the role Martin Luther King played in shaping the America we know today. This site contains sound files, photos, timelines, and activities related to Dr. King's life. There are also sections on Martin Luther King Day and the Civil Rights Movement.
    Martin Luther King, Jr Website at Stanford University

20. 900-921 History And Geography
Great canadians, 920.071, Biography of Country. Biography New Titles, 921, Biography of individuals. famous Lives, 921, Biography of individuals.
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