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81. Science - General famous Mistakes Brief and clever accounts of A good percentage of Scientific American sexcellent articles and
Sites for Children: Science - General
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82. Instructional Resources
A virtual gallery of some of the most famous renaissance italian painters, featuring, Masaccio http// African. African American English.
Educational Resources A completion of Arkansas department of Education Web Site Links. If you wish to suggest a link or wish to suggest a link, please contact Belinda Kittrell. Other Resources WebQuests - A WebQuest is a learning activity in which some or all of the information that students interact with comes from sites on the Internet. WebQuests can focus either on a single topic, or be multidisciplinary. Filamentality - An interactive site that helps you build an educational web page! It is a terrific way for teachers and students to build web pages with no HTML coding. TrackStar - Creating Online Lessons - Very cool! With this great tool, you, as a teacher, can make a list of sites that is always visible and therefore accessible to the user throughout the entire lesson. SURWEB - Site includes many pictures of Utah and a way to create online presentations using those pictures. The Gateway to Educational Resources (US Department of Ed) Ask Jeeves for Kids! Bartlett's Familiar Quotations Color Landform Atlas of the U.S. ... The Annenberg Teachers' Lab
Experiment with new teaching and learning ideas in math and science and identify activities you can use in the classroom. This site features labs based on the professional development series and workshops broadcast on the Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project Channel. Each Lab combines online activities with background information and interactive polls or worksheets participants can use in their classrooms, plus links to related Web sites. And be sure to visit the Annenberg/CPB

83. Student Links Middle School
AHA famous Battles http// http//
Hempfield Area
Middle School Libraries
Student Links Homework Help Art Maps and Travel Current Events ... Homework Help Gateways Ask Jeeves SIRS: Guide to the Web http:// StudyWeb Carnegie Library Pittsburgh (Homework Help sites) My Virtual Reference Desk Homework LA Times Launch Point Big Chalk University of California at Irvine's General Reference Resources Virtual Reference Desk (THOR) Top of Page Social Studies General ... General: CIA World Factbook Teacher's Oz History Kingdon Geographia Vote Smart POTUS (Presidents of the United States) Return to Social Studies Current events National/International Local News Issues Weather ... National and International: Major Sources (remember to check the magazine and newspaper databases under Databases ABC

84. Search Results For Stuarts
and Stuart England Geography Religions Africa Asia Europe North America The British 00 hist 333. King James became famous for passing an act of parliament in
Copernic Search Results Search: Stuarts Date: Found: 100 documents on The Web Sort: Score
Tudors and Stuarts Rule England
...Tudors and Stuarts Rule England At the same time of all of the new......the Tudors came to throne. In 1485, England became a relatively...
Found by: FAST Search, Google, Lycos, Yahoo!
Tudors and Stuarts in England
Tudors and Stuarts in England STUARTS James I Charles I Charles II James II TUDORS Henry VII Henry VIII Edward VI Mary I Elizabeth I Previous slide Next slide Back to first slide View graphic version
Found by: FAST Search, Google, Lycos, Yahoo!
Stuart England - the later stuarts - The Later Stuart Monarchs The reigns of James II, William and Mary, and Queen Anne. English History Search Home UK Hotels Books on Britain UK Destinations England Wales Scotland London Destination Lib
The Later Stuart Monarchs The reigns of James II, William and Mary, and Queen Anne. English History Search Home UK Hotels Books on Britain UK Destinations England Wales Scotland London Destination Lib
Found by: FAST Search, Google, Lycos, Snap, Yahoo!

85. Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board; Good Quotations by famous People www The American Presidency; A E Online
< Back Teaching Information Literacy with the Internet
When we search the Internet, we often take too narrow a focus. We regularly turn to one search tool without thinking about what we just did. In that split-second decision, we may have doomed our search to failure or unnecessary amounts of time. Each of the following is a distinct approach that a library-media specialist might take to a particular search task:
This session will examine these different methods, trying to highlight when you might want to use each.
Educated Guesses
Many Internet users forget that they can guess the likely web addresses of many organizations or groups with the simple formula:
Suffixes include:
  • .com for commercial entities .org for nonprofit organizations .edu for educational institutions .gov for US federal government geographic suffixes for state government, public education, or non-US sites

This is the fastest way to find many sites.

86. Productive Literacy
U of Calgary Writing Tutor http// famous authors game http// American and british spelling differences explanation http//esl

87. Directorio Web -
Museum of American history include famous, unusual, and Past An extensive directory of websites about American history in
United States
Society History By Region North America United States
Categories Related Category:
Site Listings
Digital National Security Archive Online

A database of more than 35,000 declassified documents that led to important US government policy decisions. Jewish-American History on the Web
An online archive of original documents, journals, books and literature on the subject of Jews in 19th-Century America. National Security Archive
Document compilations dealing with U.S. foreign policy, military and intelligence, political events, and nuclear technology. Located at the George Washington University. United States of America and the Netherlands
Site with a focus on shared Dutch-American history. Answers many questions about colonization, trade and commerce, modern migration, and the other ties between the two countries. From Revolution to Reconstruction From the colonial period until modern times (Revolution to Reconstruction). This American history project contains outlines of American history and culture, source materials, essays, biographies and presidential information.

88. New Scientist Web Links This is an American site, designed for This page about Amadeo Avogadro (most famous for his SM http//

89. Inventors,
MILITARY Military Hardware history of Warfare The Civil War hist List of some famous African American inventors.Inventors

90. Related Links-Education
CA content standards for LangArts, Math, hist/SocStud, and American Memory Tieins to American Memory project Individual lives of the famous, the infamous, and

Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, and School Psychology
Related Links:
Internet Search Engines
Disability/Ability Related
Links only

Links with descriptions

Education Related
Links only

Links with descriptions

Museums/Miscellaneous Education

Government Related
... Y
A abcteach The purpose of abcteach is to provide educationally sound suggestions that help with learning and teaching. abcteach provides on line materials for easy and immediate use by kids, student teachers, teachers, parents, and other visitors to the site. ABC - Tagteam Access Excellence (AE) - Secondary Biology, Life Science The site for health and bioscience teachers and learners: News, About, Communities, Activities, Collaboration, 21st Century Classroom Aesop's Fables - Online Collection Self-explanatory: a collection of Aesop's fables. AIM Manufacturing - How Things are Made AIM has developed an introductory website for kids and adults showing how various items are made. It covers over 40 different products and manufacturing processes, and includes almost 4 hours of manufacturing video. It is targeted towards non-engineers.

91. Paul Pledger's Bookmarks
http// An Australian Articles,links to biographies of famous identities eg in US history, including the American Revolution, World
Web Links Homework Helper ISBN 0958562113
This file may be used on one school campus network, provided written permission is given and due acknowledgement is made to the author. Permission is not given for this file to be placed on Websites. Enquiries to: Pledger Consulting Ph (08) 83837381 Fax: (08) 83837391 e-mail: To search this file use Ctrl+F to bring up the search menu. Enter the key word(s) and press Enter. Use 'Find next' for further searches down the page. For subject searching click on the underlined coloured text in the table below. Use the back button or scroll bar to get back to the top of the page.
Ask for help
Atlases and Countries Biography Career Information ... Music
Ask for help
Ask An Astronaut
Visitors to this NASA site have the opportunity to read about and question astronauts about their space missions.
Ask Jeeves for Kids!
Kids version of Ask Jeeves.
Ask Jeeves!
Enter a question and the search engine attempts to find the answer.
Hotmail - The World's FREE Web-Based Email

92. New Page 1
http// Natchez Indians. An Outline of American history (The Colonial Period). famous Civil War People. 204-205.htm
5th Grade Web Page Email Mrs. Haddox Links Fun and Exciting Web Sites Religion We focus on the seven sacraments. Here are some useful links for Religion Class. Email Ms. Massey SFBGS Religion Math - excellent website dealing with Math A+ Math - make your own flashcards, play Matho and Hidden Picture in the games room, use the homework helper tools to check solutions, or get worksheets for offline practice. AAA Math - choose your grade level and check out the basic skills, activities, and challenge games for K-8. - cool site with math flashcards, multiplication tables, biographies of mathematicians, and a glossary of math terms. Baseball.... and Math - this ThinkQuest site lets you see the more mathematical side of baseball. BasketMath Interactive On-Line - think you know your numbers? Education 4 Kids - get practice on lots of math basics, such as flash cards, math tables, a magic square, and more. Elementary Problem of the Week - challenges elementary students with unique math problems.

93. Clarksburg Contents
in Google Groundhog Day Page H Hall of famous Missourians in and World hist. Sites Theodore Tugboats Center THOMAS Thomas Register American Mfrs Ticketmaster
An Index of
Individual Links on This Website
Clarksburg Elementary School
Return to Library Media Center A B C ... P Q R S T U ... W X Y Z 1492: An Ongoing Voyage 411 Directory Information A A to Z Atlapedia Online ABC News About Australia Accelerated Reader ... All Together Now from Dale Copps. Amazing Picture Machine Search for graphics. American Cancer Society American Heart Association American Medical Association American Memory ... Ancestors Home Page guide for TV program and links. Anywho Directory 800 and Toll Free AP News Wire Apple Computer Archive Search Address for genealogy lists at RootsWeb. Archiving Early America Caroline Arnold Arrangement of Books Ask an Expert ... Avi B Bad Science Bantam, Doubleday, Dell Bartlett's Familiar Quotations Berit's Best Sites for Children ... Black History Month Resources from Chico, CA HS. Black History: Exploring African-American Issues on the Web Blow, Susan: Information on Blow's accomplishments (scroll to 5th paragraph) Blow, Susan: Picture of Des Peres School, first kindergarten class ... Build a Monster C Cable in the Classroom Calamity Jane: Autobiographical sketch Calamity Jane: Article Caldecott Medal Home Page ... Catologing Internet Resources Census U.S.Census Bureau Home Page

94. Williams College Office Of The Registrar
Not Offered hist 365 (formerly 312) history of the significance of John Marshall’s famous but somewhat with Advanced Placement credit in American politics.
Addendum to the
Courses of Instruction 2004-2005
Last updated: 6/8/04 2:59 PM New Course:
ARTH 205(F) History of Photography
Format: lecture/discussion. Requirements: class discussion, a midterm, a final, and two short papers. No prerequisites. Enrollment limit: 40.
MR 2:35-3:50 DUGANNE New Course:
ARTH 207(F) Art and Modern Life in the United States, 1865 to 1962
This course will survey American art between the end of the Civil War and the appearance of Pop Art. How did this art relate to historical processes of modernization (industrialization, urbanization, the rise of mass media and mass markets, etc.) and to the economic polarization, social fragmentation, political conflict, and myriad cultural changes these developments entailed. In other words, what was modern art in the United States? Thomas Eakins, Mary Cassatt, Marcel Duchamp, Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, and Andy Warhol are among the artists to be discussed.
Course requirements include informed participation in class discussion (20%), two short paper assignments (40%), midterm exam (20%), and final exam (20%).

95. Prince George's County Memorial Library System - Site Map
Website by Topics AfricanAmerican History famous People; Internet Subject Directories; Language Arts;
Research Databases Pick a Research Database Database Descriptions (Available in Library Only*****) AccessScience***** America's Obituaries AncestryPlus***** Associations Unlimited Auto Repair (Mitchell 1)***** Baltimore SUN***** Biography Resource Center Business Directory/infoUSA Clinical Pharmacology Company Research - Mergent Culturegram Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos Encyclopedia Americana Encyclopædia Britannica***** ERIC Essay Finder Facts for Learning GED Test GPO Access Grolier Encyclopedia Health and Wellness Res. Ctr. Health Source - Consumer Health Source - Nursing Heritage Quest History Resource Center Hist.Resource Cntr:Modern World InfoTrac Lands and People LearnATest Literature Resource Center Magazine Index-Infotrac Magazine Index-Ebsco Magazine Index for Children New Book of Knowledge New York Times***** NewsBank Newspapers***** Novelist Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre Opposing Viewpoints Poem Finder Ready Reference Shelf Stat-USA***** Story Finder Telephone Directory Business Telephone Directory Health Care

96. People & Places
students will address American foreign policy (re China issues); they will impact and aftermath); Movers and Shakers (biographies of famous Chinese including
People and Places
Biographies Current Events Geography U.S. Geography ... Alaska
The Biography Maker
Biography Magazine

Almost as good as being there... step into history with these audio file speeches from the 20th century. Examples include Watergate transcripts, Martin Luther King Jr. speeches, and the inaugural speech of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Spectrum Biographies
Lives, the Biography Resource

Your students will be fascinated by the extraordinary life of Helen Keller. They will explore the major events in her life, her relationship with her teacher and mentor Annie Sullivan, and Helen Keller's accomplishments. Benjamin Franklin resources
Current Events
Consider the suggestions here for adding debates to your classroom fare at year end; your students should have

97. US Hist
U.S. History/American Literature 2001-2002
III. Forms of Leadership/Abuse of Power
Each Unit on this web-page has four parts.
  • Part One is a list of essential questions that correspond to various projects in the unit. Essential questioning is explained at the beginning of every unit.
  • Part Two is the list of web-based projects to choose from. Most are grade 7-12. The project list contains both history projects and literature projects for books in the literature list (Part Four).
  • Part Three contains supplementary web resource links for various projects. Most of the projects contain everything you need. However, sometimes web addresses move. The resource links are an attempt to alleviate this problem.
  • Part Four is the suggested American Literature list that corresponds to that unit. (Not all the books have projects associated with them in Part Two)
Prior to teaching, review the projects as if you were the student. Keep your students' reading level, interests, and performance levels in mind. Choose one project and use the corresponding essential questions from Part One. This is not a plug them in solution. It is suggested that you promote the process of inquiry and teaching for understanding by participating as if you were a student.

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